The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 26, 1946 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 26, 1946
Page 4
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" , Cooper, Algona, were business vis SPECIAL! CAR BATTERIES Frtr t'MO-1941-1942 Ford V-8 Chrs Only. 5.1 plate, 2\ tttotiths guarantee, $8.95 cxch. COAST-TO-COAST STORE ifoc Bloom FOR SALE (Modern G room house with built in, heated garage, $6250.00. Modern 7 room house, $7250. Partly modern 6'room house, $3250. 120 Aci'es unimproved farm, $120 iper acre. 135 acres, improved farm, $200 per aci'e. Electricity and water to all buildings. P. J. KOHLHAAS Phone 22 Algona Algona WAVE Now Out Of The Navy Mr. and Mrs. Fret) Plumb, son Walter, and Laura Mitchell drove to Boonc, Friday morning, to moot the daughter Winifred, Y-2c, who recently'' received an honorable discharge from the WAVES. Winifred served two years and three months in service. • After completing Specialized training at Stillwatcr, Okla., and receiving her yeoman rating she served at the U. S. Naval Auxiliary Air Station at Los Alamitos, Calif., as copy editor of "Scuttlebutt," the base paper. For a time she was on temporary duty in Los Angeles training as a van-type operator. In September, 19-15, Winifred was transferred to the Separation Center at Terminal Island, San Pedro, Calif., wMiere she worked in the records office until receiving her discharge at Camp Elliott, California. Seeds White's Market We Carry a Full Line of Henry's Garden and Field Seeds 38-75 Hog Pasture Mixture Contains Rye, Sudan, Rape and Millet. S10.90 per 100 Ibs. Timothy, Red Clover and Alsike Mixture per 100 Ibs. We also have Rape, Tiniothy, r Millet, falfa, Sweet Clover, Brome, Canary and Lawn Grass. 50-50 A Pasture Mixture Containing Six Clovers and Six Grasses S10.90 per 100 Ibs. Nitrogen for Clovers and Beans Certified Seed and Eating Potatoes New Farm Equipment Spring Tooth Attachments for Farmall Cultivators: 1 type B 10" I.H.C. Feed Grinder; Double and Single Unit Milking Machines; 1 4-can Electric Milk Cooler; Electric Cream Separators; Umbrellas; 1 Pick-up attachment for No. «2 Combine; 1 No. 46 Plow Fertlizer Attachment; Tractor Wheel Weights; Farmall II. & M. Power Take-off Attachments; Electric Pump Jack; Knife Grinder; 3 Types Hydraulic Manure Loaders; Flare Type Wagon Boxes; Tractor Trailers. Used Farm Equipment 1 Regular Farmall Tractor, overhauled and painted, with gas manifold and 221 cultivator; 1 15-30 Tractor on steel; 1 F12 Tractor on rubber with cultivator; 1 No. 6 McCormick-Deering Hammermill; 1 10:00x3fi tractor tire; 1 9:00x36 tractor tire; Cream Separators. A Mystery Meriio From Lawrence Copp From L. A. Copp conies a little yarn about Mr. and Mrs. Fred Shipley. The newspaper clipping .says that they have taken over the management of the Sunny-Slope Cafe, but he doesn't say where, and we can't tell from the clipping just what paper it came from, although it doesn't look like the Spencer papers, which is where Mr. Copp has been working as telegrapher on the Milwaukee. Next time you send us something. Lawrence, tell us where it came from, but we were glad to gel it. anyway. Treat Seed For Oats Yield Boost Results of several years throughout the sUite have shown Mil average increase of throe to six bushels ni' oats per acre as ;i result of seed treatment. To do this will not only pay big dividends to the grower,' but'wilf contribute materially to the feed .supply. Dusts for treating seed can be secured at most any drug store, elevator or from most dealers handling seed. Directions for treating are always on the containers. Seed can bu treated anytime now and '.'hen will be ready to put hi the .around when planting time comes. According to A. L. Brown, County Extension Director, there is apparently enough of the new oat variety seed to plant all of the acreage going into oats. These varieties arc Tama. Boone, Control and Marion. These new varieties have out yielded Gopher and Iowa 105 on an average of 21 bushels per acre over the last five years, says Brown. SUlSTO,(Sft6ENSKEEPER AT AN OAKLANO,CALI>. GOLP fLU8,S'N M'AOE 3 suecrssiv/e tee < 5MOTS THAf DR. RUSSSLL, Of 6OIN- ' Buftsw, HIT A BALL 30'6 vos. BACKWARDS bURiNS THE 1913 BRAIDS TOURNEX HE ACCIOENTALLy HIT THE BALL ON A'BACKSlVlN<3-fr BOUNCED OVER A F^NCE AND ROLLED DOWN A HILL. OROVE MORE THAN 200 YARDS WH/UE BLINDFOLDED AT PINEHURST-/929/ Just Call Me Mister . , . Says This Keturncd Service Man (A Weekly Review With Ah Overseas Vctcraii) Warm Weather Is Wet Corn Danger Unseasonable, warm, damp, weather this past week has w creased the danaer of high moisture corn spoiling in the crib, A. L. Brown. County Extension Director, said this week. We are not having the kind of veather that drys out corn, he xiinted out. And corn that con- ains more than 20 per cent mois- ure is likely to start molding. Recent surveys indicate thai mich of llic corn being held now n the county is above the clanger loint. •Mr. Brown emphasized again Ernest W. Anfinson is the subject of today's "Just Call Me Mister." He is 22 years old, a son of Mr. and Mrs. Lars Anfinson of Algona, and served with the third army overseas in Europe from Normandy through the Siegfried break-through, into central Germany and south into Czecho-Slovakia, winding up in Austria. All this traveling was done with an anti-aircraft outfit, in which he was a radio technician. Ernie, who is single, got home shortly before Christmas and is again employed at the Pratt Electric Co., which firm he left to enter the service. He tells of a trip to the Riviera, alter the war ended, as a highlight of his European travels, and while there he stopped at the same hotel that Milton Norton stayed in during the last war while on a like furlough. He ran into only three local fellows, Bob Stevens, Tommy James and -Dean Clapsaddle, WhUe,overaeasi:or-£Ogroute there. H<fstw- the"Tatteronlne'-"ship but had no chance to talk to him. "European girls can't hold a candle to the U. S. ones," said Ernie. "They just don't have it, and that includes both German and French," he added. to supiMeffl&it'thbttte'lbbd . This year the goal will fee lor victory ovter want. A feHbft 'Irbfh 'tKe lOWa gency irfrdeh 'tftee'HHg held in vtoines states that eVSry gafdeft fttea Mil} sm\te a htlitttfti Hfe In rope-itKttt " AUCh 'Mbf e 'f bod Mil be tivallable -tdt 'Shtpftieht to the ahilne-tHrerftehed countries where- he war itfffii fought. . The 'lifted fdr home -grirdens -Is reflected in the processed 'food. supplies which must "be shipped by America Ho Europe and Asia. These s'urip'llb's 'are none too -great. If every family will raise a'garden, ctihs'erve : its 'bWft prbdilce and cut down on 'pUrcMSBs'o'f cb'mrtiercial- y 'p'roceSs'ed foods. It will help solve the food problems. Iowa farmers 'have dttne. their prirt In the past, said ; Mr. -BroWn. A survey showed that the average stee'of the-medium fhrm garden in Iowa was 3,40t) 'square feet as compared to the ; ave'rag.e city garden of 1 V 250' square feet. Farmers have the land, fertility or soil and the necessary eqtiipm'erit to do the job Should anyone 'desire a bulletih giving recommeridfed varieties to grow or disease and inject control measures <to usfe, ask the County Extension 'Director for one, he says they have them. Licenses Are Mrs. Clara Walker, county recorder, calls attention to the fact that fishing and hunting books her office In tht and depositories get their books to Any others who can now get them also. are now in court house, may call and sell licenses. want licenses at her office, 'Wilfred "rflia were Alg6hF&tfiipW cart ! Kern is week at hSr dfttogHter eftfe Yager's, 'Des flMfies. ' laf- ine rtoy neweio* A*«I ncj-f,*» supper guests Sunday 'nt c. &T« V.* kit Edith, LaaBe, **—* «.—...--, r «the,•weekend nt ttfe fiarentorc. and'tors. J/Itirtln * * for {he jllCity— miu «w ™ =— ^ ft6S - Oftfe'day recently, their summer cottage nt TWfh 'LflkSsfitii'Hett. The day fol-» toWlttg'Ws'ffre, Himdft acbBiripah- led by 'ArtKUr wblff was drlvlhR to $6eMest&vMlHn. TMfey ^trueit ^ some lt# Jpsvettlerit and the car landed ln-tfie dit6h. A hew fendei t ahd door W.tll soon adorft the Ford, a new cottage will replace the one destrbyedrand things will be back* to rtoi-mril for the Hlntbn family. >L)C* «f tif. M, vauff -AH- W FENTON that farmers who plan to keep keep their corn through the spring and summer should take immediate steps to have moisture tests run on corn samples. Moving high moisture corn from Ernie Anfinson one crib to another while sorting out moldy ears, husks, silks and shelled corn, will do the most good, Mr. Brown said. Corn extremely high in moisture can be chopped or ground for ear corn silage and put in either a temporary or permanent silo. Extra water must be added to the silage, and the diameter of the silo should be small enough to allow for feeding from 3 to 5 inches off the top once the silo is opened. iMr. and Mrs. Merald Christe'n- sen, Minneapolis, came Friday lor the weekend at the R. C. Goetsch home. The visitors later returned to iMinneapolis, accompanied by Mrs. Christensen's mother Mrs. Gene Murray, who had been visiting at Fenton the past two months. .Mr. , and Mrs. Bert Schulke, Storm Lake, were overnight visitors at the Rev. A. F. Rehder's Thursday. The Schulkes are pa- rdnts of Mrs. Rehder. Florence Weisbrod, Des Moines, .sp'erit the weekend at W. J. AVeis- brod's. She was accompanied to Des Moirtes by Her parents Mr. and Mrs. W, J. Weisbrod. 'LaVonrte Newel, 'Inez Brunsvald, Dale Ott, : and 'Richard McCarthy, all of Hartley, were Saturdoy night and Sunday visitors at C. H. Newel's. Mrs. Gerie Murray, Agnes Goetsch, Mildred Goetsch, and Lyftn^Des-Moines, were-Friday evening dinner guestS'-atithe George 'Goetsc'h's': ; Mrs. C. H. Newel, Mrs Lyle NeWel, Mrs. E. 'K. Johnson, and Mrs. Forrest Hanifan, daughter Barbara Jane were at Spencer Saturday. 'Nan Hewitt, Hanlantown, and PONTIAC SALES AND SERVICE See us for Pontiac auto repair work. Spring is motor tune-tip time. We have the personnel and equipment to care for your car. Algona Implement Co. McCormick-Deering Farm Machinery International Trucks Phone 52 Walt and Deb Hall State and Jones To Serve Our Many Customers Still Better— EXPANSION at the Nealy Hatchery at Burt! Two New Jamesway Brooders Just Arrived QUALITY CHICKS Year -'Round Service Guaranteed! (95% Liveability21 Days Old) ON HAND:' ffS'l that new -the washer your heart's on Come m ortc/Wa if of See Us For tre Itef rtge J-atofs Me<fti«ic Ganges Clean ttrtd 'Perfection liine Machlilcs. 'loiVa •tdrs Scparfi- Discs €i*eani ! Cbdli«g Cafts Hot Water Heaters •(10. gal. capacity) lec'tric Motors 3-4 -h: p. Electric Brooders $8; 50 *Ele<ftric 'Space Heaters ; Garden T?lbws— The lighest all steel garden -plow in America: — with -all -attachments, •$12:95 ,t Electric Tloor Fans Toastmastcfts Eleifttic ^Rftcheh Blocks) Coffee Makers All Steel'Medi«i«e < eabiHe'ts / If 1 ^nd 2iBcfrWr Hot s Plitt^s " /IF AH Copfrer Whistling (Teaketfles Kitchen fluorescent-Li^Kt Tixturels, 7 Ttibe *€bnsdle Radios Granulated Sfcap, 25 Ib. pail Zttfbe \ Algona Phone 399 Ston ; Glerin CrilK ^^^^^•UiM^U! mfmm 600 Leghorns Hatched March 23 600 New Hamp Reds Hatched March 22 100 Leghorn Roosters 250 Leghorn Roosters Hatched March 16 Hatched March 23 Plenty of NUTRENA FEED for Customers Jamesway OIL BROODERS /See These ELECTRIC HOVERS In spite of the bad weather last ; Sa'tjird|«y — : the day of o«r Grand Opening—hundreds of JTritfWdsan'd customers visited^ our store.'It warmed our heart? r to-h^ar'3*'ur'fav6ifdble corn- merits on 'the store and our WeXv jewelry stocks. We hope you will drop in whenever .you'/ate..i'h,'Qtir vicinity—if only to 'browse around and see what is .tiffi *r». Jewefay. For you who-haven't seen' the new store, wp : 'arjfsfisting ; HeVe swfme of the things you Will fhtd at SHARP'S: V ; Glass 'Gifts teartis n fighters Elgin Wa'tches Holnjes'5f Edwards 'Silver- Hamilton Watches w n ^ a l e -.. ^-. a w-j«*- ;;S^?sr a " ! '- Men s Jewelry , • •'- ' --Ladies' Jewelry BabyJewelery Marvella Pfearls Deltah Pea^s Richelieu Pearls Parker Fountain Pens Elgin American Compacts ' •- Reynold^-Fountain Pens Traub •& : Garland t)iamoncfs '^."Wedtlmg Rings (Guarwteed-PlijiwJfciss') , - ^'^ Again, f hank Yo«« We Are Proud to be i Part ^ «e Comsunity

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