The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 19, 1946 · Page 13
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 13

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 19, 1946
Page 13
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1 tOWA_ Named Head ifle Club Lesley: A rifle club was organ- I here Tuesday of;, test week ph-36 men on the initial mem-' rship roll. ''-, "Italph Hedges was elected pf'e*U it; Dr. H. H. Raney, vice 'presl- 6nl; Roy Kollasch, executive of> ber; Carl Fr-oehlich, assistant (tecutivc officer; Don Kraus, Sec* Itary; Wilbur Loebig, treasurer. f The group will join the national 5-ganization when a charier is ob- ftined and will also assist in or- anizalion of a junior rifle club for boys 14 to 18 years of age. Guns will he furnished by tHe government. Lone: Wedded lAtc. ? On February 23, Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Sweny of Moritozuma celebrated their 64 Ih wedding anniversary at their home. tMr. and Mrs. Swcny have eight children, nl living. Both were born in Mon- tozuma and were married on a farm nearby and have lived their entire lives in the community., t XOTICK or PIIOII ATR OP Wlt.T, 8TATIO OF IOWA KnsRiilh County. ."». IN IHSTItlCT COT I IT No. MHO April Terms, 11)10 TO AI,L WHOM IT MAV CONCMItN: YOU AlllO IIKIIKI1V NOTIFIMI). Tliul an Instrument nf \vrIilnK pur- fSVW 11 '" 1 "* '" ' 10 ""' '""' Will si:d /J V'TCNllimellt nf K/l-n .1. UoclR-es. 1)P- cpit.spil, dnlpd .Inly L'l!, 1!).'!7, Imvinic V-i-f-n (Ills dny flleii. opened und read, Monday, HIP Kill; dny of April, ID-IC, l.i flxeil for lieiirlnfr prmif of snino at I IIP Coilrl llouso In Al^onn. Inwn. before Hie DlKlrlcl Court of Hnlil Counly, or HIP Clerk r>r snld Court: nt (en n'clnelt A. M., of (In; dny nlmvo nir-ntliinnd nil persons hili-v- efled are l.preliy niitlflpil nnd rcqnlr- pd In appear, nnd show online. If nny tli-ey Imvp, why s.'ild liiNlrument Nbniild nril lie prnlinted ai:d nllowi-d ns nnil for Hie last Will and To.sln- mi'iit of said dcccnspd. Dated lit AlKonn, lown. March 11, IT UNION WltlTK. Old-It of DlKlrli.-l Ciinri. illslrtd Xo. S'O. A.VPS: All. Nnys: None. Motion mn ile bv fjnlnn ded by- Kl'nwr thfll HIP Offlrlnl lie- (KKA1,) QUATiTON Alffonn, Iowa. . AltoriM'V 11 BOARD PROCEEDINGS Ainlltor'H Office, Algona, Imv.i. Februnry 1. .1910. S:00 O'clock .>.. V. • j Tito Board of Supervisors oC Kos- sntli County, I own, ihet In regular session piirsunnt tn adjournment with llii> following luoinhors present: Supervisors .1". II. Fi-aser, \V.. K. Me- Donnld. w. A. Schrain, ,\. F. (Juinn and .M. Ii. Jolinson. Motion made liy Qulnn and seconded by .lohnspn Hint tlie Itoiinl of Supervisors approve the petition filed by Frank Took-y. cr nl., to widen tlie public highway l.o (HI foot nloni: .Sections IT tind IS, Swen Township. Ayes > All. Xnys: Non<;. Motion iiiiule by l-Vascr and second- ci! by (Jiiiini Hint mo I.onrd of Su- porvlsora approve i In; application and liond of Wallace C. Iltiwluy tor ulaas "C" beer penult. Ayes: All. .VnyHi Nun.;. Motion innilo by , Fraser and seconded by .loliiiKon Hint J.'nlph \V. Llnd- horxt lie, appointed Uciintr Sherlli' . bejfiaiilnt,' an of Juiiuury ^'Stli, IIH'J, ' mill Hint his salary lie set at .flM!.'!:! i mid Hint his bond be minroved in tin- L n HIM. nf jji-OUU.UO. I Ayes: All. Nays: V.ino. I .MulMjn inndf) by Hehriini and sect onileil by l''rnsi>r, that, the ICossiilU, |T!3CoMnt.v. Uiuliret i-ton reliiibiirneinent to • .'vtlie .Slate l-'und Cor Aid to iJopundont • Children In tlie amount of $:io»l.:ii!, for • .Ihu yenr !!)!«, as siibmllted by the • Stnto Jlppiirtment. nf Hoeliil U'elfare lie I npprorcd. • Ayi-u: All, Nnys: None. • Motion mndu by Qnliiu nnd seconded I by Krasur tliut the Kossuth County I MiidKi.'l for MlSlbiirKriiiuni to the Htatc I Fund for A lit to the lillnd In the I iiinouiil: ut Jji2.'i1.:i7 for the yenr ]!HO, I UN submitted by Hie .Stnte Depnrtincnt • of Soelnl Wolt'nre lie approved. • Ayes: All. Xnys: Noll?. I .M'litiun made by Johnson and socon- 1 dod by Sclirnm Hint the 10-15 1'ennii I neiit. Ki'hool Fund ][i;purt be li[iprov I ed and plnced on file. I Ayi's: All. Nnys; None. I Motion iiiiule l>y (Jnlnn mill sceon- • dnil by .Inlinson that the following R resolution be ndoptcd: • UKSOLUTION f WIIMltHAS, Kossuth C'oiinly, rown, • has on blind 1'erniatient School Funds I In the sum of $7500.00 over nnd ubovi! I the nmotint (Ids l,)onrd of Supervisors i has lieen niilp to loan .out and keep I loaned out and secured by First Mort- k K«K«S on veal estutu us iirovldud liy m Inw, mid whli'li In the opinion of this f linnrd cannot be safely Invested In I such reiil estnlo inortKngcs nt thin I time, nnil f WIIKllKAS, for n consldernlilo per| lod of time this Hoard hns found It 1m- I possllilo anil ImprnctU'ablu to otituln \ Biil'ii Invcstuicntu In Itondn of thu l\ Stuto of Joivn or any political sub-dl| ' vlslnn thereof. I , IT IS THKUKFOKE moved that this I Hoard of Knpervlsorii invest the sum C of $71>00.00 of Hie 1'ermmient Sehool I Funds nf Kossuth County, Iowa, In I United States Savings Hands Defense f Series "I!" forthwith, nnd that the I Cmiuty Auditor of Kossuth County, I Iowa, be nnd Is hereby directed to e£I feet siild Investment., I The vote thereon result Inir ns fol- I lows: Ayea: Supervisors J. VI. Krnser, I W. K. McDonald, W. A, Schrnm, M. U k Johnson and I. F. Qulnn. • Those vntlng Nay were: None. •l The foregoing resolution wns thero-. • iipim declared adopted by Hie Chair• mini of thd Hoard of Supervisors; of • Kosnuth County, lown, on this 1st • ilny of li'cbruary, 1010. I "Motion innilo by Hchram and sccon- • 'tied by Johnson Hint the official bond • of Kldon I^iverne Slinw, Treasurer of • tlie KoKsnth County Farm llureuu, In I the amount of $20,000,00 he approved ft mid (ihieed on file. • Ayes: All. Nays: None. • • Motion made by Schrnm nnd sccon- • ded by Friiser tltat a refund of. J80.15 •.bejinmlu to Itiiymond Schutjer on nc- • count nf liavlng n double assessment • nud iilno nalil n double , tns on the • 'HW/i of the SWVi, Section 2.1, Buffalo • Totvniililp. • .\>' l ' S! A"- Nays; None, f- Motion nmde TJ.V Qulnn nnd seeon t ded by Fraaer that u refund of $1S.OO I bo niado to II. ]0. llnusen In Section 7, I Hyvon Township, on nepiint of hoylua I ptild Bntil sum au peruonul taxes tuut I belonged to « II. K. Uannen who lives f - in, Sci-tlon \, Sweu Township. " Aywif All. Nays: None. I .Motion inude by Jolinson and sec, I ;pinled by Selirnui that. Hie st«temen|' I .ot^receljitH of County SiiBetJnj«Bil«nt.'» H(J ; Cf.|cp for the year 1IH5 bp 'jofltl placed on file. v , U-'^yes: All. Nays: None, -iitotlun.inudo by Qiiinn ,nn<l 'itetl by T'rnser that SecoHdary Iloud I J'ejtlllnn No. (SU bu pluefiOj o^ (iiji. I ^y«s: A|l. Nays; Noiffe * ,?:;,:, I , .Motion m«de by Qulnn aiid sepo»r • ded Uy JoUiison that, the Board of SM." R ervl«oru approve tho petlilpii filed y 4di Helen Vogel, et al., for re, f 'pairs an Drulmigc i)lK|r(ct I^'o. 81, and that Jf W. .Sinlth," a Wffliiete^t eli- by- Kl'n purl of II. Mi Smith, County Hlffliwny F.nftlnwv Vov llonil nnil Itriilgp \Vnrlt on Counly Trunk nnd Nocnl Counly ubnda In Knxsuih County, from ,Tnn- illir.V Ii KM3, ID Iipi/phlher, ill, IDIB, be nppi'nvpil and plftpnil on flip, A.vnn: All. Nnyn: None. Moilnn ninde liy .lohnson nnd «oe- ntidpil liy Kciirnm Unit (he Spinl-An- nnnl Itpprtrt of County Trenstirer lip nnproved nnd phiced on file and Mint tho Coiitily Audllor be illiwtcd lo hnvp siild I'pporl published tn the Offlcliil Nnwstinppr.i of HIP Cohnly ns pinvlded for In Spi-tlon illll, Code of I own. Ayes: All. Nnys; NOIIP. Million mhde by (Jii'lnn nnd seconded' by .lohuson Ihnl Ine Sptnl-An- nital Selllemeiil. of Hie Hnnrd of Hn- Jiervisors of Ko-jsiilh County, Town, wllh C. \V. I'enrsou. Colihly TrenKiir- er, be nptiroveil nnd idnced on file. A'.vns : .VII. Nays: None. Motion made bv Scbram nnd ,i>con- ded liy Fraser Ihnl Hie Anliunl He- port of County Treasurer for inin bo approved nnd plnced on file. Ayes: All. Nnys: None. Motion iinide by On fun nnd seconded by Johnson Ihnl Pnul \V. Klirler of Fenlon, lou'n. be nppolnted nsses- Ror for tlie Town of FPnlon ln'clnn- Inp MS of .Iniinnvy 2nd, 1tl!ft. (ii fill (he une.vplred lerm of Henry I-3. Hedners, dccenseil, nnd Hint his Mond' In the sum of .$."00.00 be npproved mid plneo.l on flip. Ayes: All. Nnys: Now. M!olion mnde by Si-hrntii mid seconded liy FniKor that (he f*dlo\vlnn An- nnnl Keporls of Justices of Hie I'encp nnd Mnyors lie approved nnd placed on file: Delln Weller, .TiiHtJwf of Ille 1'ence for Algotm Towrtslilli; ' J. II. JohiiHlon. Jnsllce of thn J'eiice for Algonn Tnwiislilp; W. J. DftvlSon, .fun- tlee of (he I'eace for Hurt Townshtti ; Fred K. Dullon. .lustlce of" I lie fence for 1,1'dynrd Township : Mililred Fox, Jusllce of Ilie Pence for \VefdoyiTowu- ship; Frank Kohlhnns, Mayor -In. City of Algonn: T. .T. Hgun, Mayor In Hie Town of Unncrofl: A. J. Chrlstenson, Mayor In the Town of Swen Clly. Ayes: All. Nnys: None. Motion innilo by .Qnlnn nnd seconded by .Tolmson Hint the petition filed by Tlnco II. Moyor, et nl,, reiiiiestins Hint the Hoard of Supervisors proceed Immeillntcly to repnlr the briilKc between Sections S nnd 17 In Whitte- niore Township be plnced on file. Ayes: All. Nnys: None, i • Motion inndc by Frnsdivofid, seconded by .Tohnson that tho Bonnl of Supervisors piirchnRc one Hough Front Knd Louder wllh power take-oft lor International Model I-fi trnctor for district No. n. Ayes: All. Nnys: None. On motion Ronnl proceeded to audit and nllnw clnlms «s per "Schedule of Clnlms" herclnnfter written, County Fund W. W. Snlltran. cancelleil slnnips lo snperlnlendeul: ... Iowa .Stale Hank, withheld tnxes M'. W. Sullivan, postage to County Sunt. Offli-e ---- . ____ Treasurer of Stnte, Use Tax Heturn ....... • ................ Cllv of Algonn, light and wn- li>r to jail ...... . ............ Klennnr KolhiRcli, nsslst. Co. Auditor ............ . ......... Mnrjorle ,7. Weber, assist. Co. Treasurer ................... Kvelyn Volgt, assist. County Treasurer .................... Marc Moore, nsslst. County Treasurer ................ . ---Marv Ann Mergen, nsKlHt. Co. Recorder .................... .T. H. Frnscr, coininiltcc and Sessions ..A .............. . .. \V. JO. McDonald, Committee nnd Sessions ... .................. W. A. Schrnm. Committee nnd Sessions ...................... .T. F. Qulnn, Committee and Sessions . ... ..... . .......... M. Jj. .Tohnson, Committee and Sessions ..................... C. 11. Oswlnklo, del. per. prop. Tax- Coll. ............. ... ____ A. K., visiting schools and mllcnge .... ..... '. ..... :.' 02.00 Lloyd II. llftrileli, meeting .... Henry Itiislcmler. fnecllng ,,.. Leo M. (Ini'he, ineellng KInrlau Hellman, meeting .... riporge Ilorniann,'mpctlng .... John J-'rltlPtPfi, meeilnir Peli-r Knyser, aicellng John llormann, mpi>lfnfr 0. It. JptiHon, meeting .1. W. llolllg, meellng Leo Mngesser, meellng Chris Iliihl, meellng Louis AiiderKon, nieotlng .lens Sorenson. mcellng Henry. Tjaden, • meeting Floyd flardncr, meellng tilen .lenklnson. meeting II. F. SclinllK, ineeilng l-'reil Kollnsi-h, niPi-tlllK Kd. Wlchlimdnlil, mceUng .... Chns. Itormann, meeting (iotllleb tlauselinnii, weed commissioner, Town of l.ii- vcrne S. P. Powers, weed Inspeclnr., Kdw, (!. I.oofl, weed Insp. ..... 1. K. Worlman, local, registrnr (I. n. Curlls. local reglslrnr .. II. II. lircypr, local reglslrnr . I-'. P. -Newell, local registrar . II. A. Thompson, locnl registrar Win. Itnvken. local registrar , I!. 11. l-'lnnell, locnl reglstrnr . I-'lorcni-c llof, locnl reglstrnr.., Fri-il Dleckmnnn. local registrar Mrs. Mac Lai Miner, local registrar Adnli Cnrlfmn. locnl roglsitrnr . Kossuth Cnunly r'arm llurenu, npproprlation .T. .T. . /I. Ull 10.00 4in,l(i Ol.Cil -11.07 0-'.70 S^.22 02.7'J 07.40 80.2-1 22.S.12 201.10 2ilS.20 257.00 220.02 lodfc'Ing prisoners 112.70 A. J. Cogley, investigation fees mill ndlongo 110.40 II. W. Miller, office expense .. 7!i.!l" Algona Uppiir. Dos Molne-s, hoard proceedings, blanks & supplies 20S.P2 Koch Ilrolhcrs. supplies ....... 00.11 Fldlar A- Chambers Co., supplies 30IUII Kllpto Loose Leaf Co., supplies 03.83 Mall. Pnrrolt it Sons Co., supplies Keystone Knvolope Co., supplies Frlden Cnl. Mjich. Agency, maintenance and Inspection service 33.00 II. U. Hopp, supplies 1+.50 liiirroughs Adding Machine Co., nervier on Hurronghs Machines .K.flO Funk & .Dcliu, supplies , 0;!HI Western Chemical Co., supplies 3.14 The Algona Hardwiire, supplies 1.88 Kossuth Hospital, hospital cnvo 10(1.00 C. -II. Cretumeyor, medical nld 54.110 Algoua Klectrlc, supplies 0.70 Joe Anderson, kindling lo sheriff's resilience .1.00 Otto ScKinldt, nsslst. County Sheriff : 1.T7.40 Lning & Muckey, repairs ...... 7.1U C. W; Pearson, Trens., ndv. bty., freight and laundry 48.35 G. O. Anderson, bounty 10.00 O. O, Anderson, bounty 10.nO G. O, Andersoir, bounty 3.00 Frank Ivohlhnas, mayor's fees • S.50 Hortha K. JohuBou, meeting Joe Coglny, meeting Hoy A. Clark, meeting Anderson, f|iinrantlne exp, olyd II. llarilelr, nunrnnllno ex p ...» H. Drcyor. qnarnntlne cxp. n.rt. Shoo itonitlr. ropntt-lng louiil.y aHSOssors' bngs^ ,.,.. I!r-rt Cronln, Janitor service . Good Hope Lnthcrnn Church, use of church basement II. II, Meyer,-rent of city hall W-llinn Strayor, hnullng chnlrs KoHsntli County War Activity Comm., offlco expense Mrs. Clotilda Hutchison, supplies Scott, Forosmnn & Co., school books Frances l-.'nson, school- book . Olnn and Company, BChool books .... Kllpto Loose Leaf Company, supplies McCormlck-Mnthors 1'ub. Co., school books Kllpto Loose Leaf Co., supplies Lorlng Supply Company, supplies Metropolitan Supply Co., supplies Wcbslci; Publishing ' Company, school bonks Tho MncMIIInn Co., school books Scott, Foresmnn & Co., school books Lyons & Cnrnnhnn, school Chnrles 10. Merrill Co., Inc., school books How, Peterson it Co., school books t MeC'ornilck-MnthcTS Pub. Co., School hooks Court Fund lown Stnto Rank, withheld tnxes Klcnnor M. Jones, court reporter Lorraine Veldcn, court reporter Library Fnnil Treasurer of State, Use Tax He- turn Ilonghton Mlfflln Company, books Webster Publishing Compnny, books How. Peterson & Co., hooks . Hand Mc.N'ally & Co., books .. K. M. Hnle & Company, books Allyn and llncon, hooks Scott. I-'oresmnn >fc Compnny, books .' Iowa Pupils' Heading Circle, books , Laldlnw liros., books O. O. Waffle Hook Co.. books .. Metropolitan Supply Co., hooks . •1.00 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.on 4.00 4.00 4.00 4.M) 4.(Ml 4.00 1.00 2.00 2.00 2.00 2.00 l.on 4,00 4-.(Ml 4.00 . 3T.fiO: 37.50 .75 4.7 2.T 410.0 2.01 ,<r 1.10 .1.75 7.CI .1.00 3.00 05,ir 1,05 254.04 1.00 1.18 0.18 l.OS S.Ofi 11.72 0.31 2.70 2.02 2.7( 2.51 1.U3 LOT 5.94 10.5,' '240.04 30.5." 4.00 22.20 1.07 40.72 8.21 St.51 4.30 23.07 lO.tKt cs.on 01.20 11.111 D.29 94.84 CofpnralloH, Colnmilh mipplles Wheeler Nnmlier Bridge & Hup. Co., supplies ................ 1300.31 Socony-Vncnnm fill Co., supplies .......................... Harms Oil Co.. fuel supplies . llanerofl Oil Co., fuel supplies 1'eerle.Hs (HI Co., fuel supplies Slandnrd Oil Co.. fuel supplies Slnndnrd Oil Co., fuel supplies Inter-Slnle Oil Co., supplies .. (ilhbs-Cnnk Tractor >>i F.rmlp. Co., supplies ................. 400.1R Herman M. Drown Company, supplies 11,21 488.20 220.20 HM.IW 14(1.55 107.38 1'uul W. Klgler, meeting .7. K, Sinltb! 1 meeting Hnrold HersiOg, meeting Don llouck, meeting Florence llof, meeting lieo. K. BiitterflcliI, incctlne .. Cumllla Cooper, meeting Frank W. filbert, meetlirg .... Andrew C, llnnsoii, meeting .. Ceo. I*. Ilawcott, meeting John 1'. Simon, meeting , Floyd Oilman, meeting A. D. Newbi'ough, meeting .... Michael lleldcrscheld, meeting Robert Biinkofskn, meeting O.NO 0.00 7.00 8.00 7.80 0.50 0.80 7.80 7.20 0.00 7.00 0.20 5.00 0.00 o,su O.fiO 8.00 H..I. Aiulerson, nicKllng B.ilO Linus ViiKke, ineetlng ......... 7.011 Klchunl M. Andormm. meeting Ilelmer Ilnuge, meeting L. C. nutchlns, meeting John Hartshorn, meeting Hello M. Koppuiii lili'i-tllifc' (!. M. Will, meet In); Y.. Arthur Olsen, meeting Donald HlngsdoTf, meeting ... ('buries Nelson, meeting Leander Vaske. meeting ...... Wui. Iluiiuiicr, meeting Jon D. Crowley, meeting ,,,,. Joe Ijlbt-rt, Jr., meeting II. T. I'uckor, meeting C. F. McGregor, meeting I). C, ijardiiei', roeuHng .,..,,.. 'Henry C. Jt'elKon, incut lug .... I'a u IF. Luilwlg, nicollng ..... K, G. Kwpldt,.meeting fl, W. Itlulch; meettue , K. H. Ilnnim. muotlng .,....,.., 10. It. Woltx, meeting ..: , T. l>. Tliori>on, meutlng , HU.-lmrd NewtMH, luec'tlljfc" ,,,.,. Ante Oatorifuu'rd, (Iitetlng',;..' 1*. H. Clii-Utcusoii, uiectiiiB .... Alex Itudlf, lueetliig ......../.. Q. R. Juhii^un, meeting ,..<,.. 'II. IJ,pr»yer, luectlns. ,.,,,,,.. Ifoboft; :»u»Ji n>eutlu# \.,.,.., John Ooritedt jnoetlutf .......,,. l'}eil floVrK'H, meeting It. W. filiisrldi, mefltliiB , \V. ip, |5ng»trom. VV.-*. :BuK«oldu t 4', M i liolfaiicli, iiMtat 1 u« I,. \V. johrlch, lueetliiB Thouius ilerif, nici'tiut H. O. Larspn, uieetius Wu». 8.20 0.00 MO 7.00 K.llll S 7.40 5.80 11.70 0.40 7.50 11.10 7.50 7.70 8,30 5.70 0.20 4,00 4.00 4.00 2.00 2.0U 2.00 2.00 8.6(1 8.00 8,00 8.00 8.WJ 0.00. 0.00 0.00 2,00 8.0IJ, Follett PubllHhlni; Co., books. f linn anil Company, books .... The Qnnrrle Corp., books .... Institute Fund ChnrlPK K. Merrill Co,,- Inc., books . „..„„...«, 1.24 Charles B. Holh nnd Assoc.,!* hooks 30.00 McGraw-Hill Hook Co., Ind., books O.,' Stute Jnslllutlp'118 Fund Helen White, Clerk fees 13.25 C. II. Cretumeyor, physician's fees 9.00 T. C. Hutchison, attorney fees O.OtJ A. J. Cogley, sheriff fees ..... 23.35 Slate Comptroller. Stale Instl I u I e. Charges, Woodward .... 1503.0.' Stale Comptroller, State Institute Charges, Cherokee .... 2400.17 Slain Comptroller. State Institute Charges. Council ninth 20.21 State Comptroller. State Institute Charges, Olenwood '..... 777.28 Stale Comptroller, State Institute CI ges, Oakdale 458.24 Slnte Comptroller, State Institute Charges, Davenport ...» JS4.40 Stnte Comptroller, State Institute Charges. Toledo 50.50 T. It. Fund K. Woodward, Indem. Dr. H. Insp. 44.80 HUIIK'S Disease Fund C. Ackermnn, Indem. Hiram cattle .17.50 Thomas F.. Cogloy, imlcm. cuttle 12..1Q Thomas K. Cogley, Indem. cattle 125.00 Conxtriictlon Fund John D. Frnser, assist, Co. engineer ., '. 15.40 Iowa State Dank, withheld taxes, 411.20 II. M. Smith, salary ....; I 010.30 John D. Fraser, salary ., 170.04 Herman Volgt & Vern Mathahs, cleaning off snow 12.00 Gco. W. Xyman, tiling anil labor 25.28 S. H. French Lumber Co., supplies ', 1400,00 J. I. Merryman, use of tools and labor .804,05 \_ Mulntemince Fund Iowa State Bank, withheld taxes 120.10 Iowa Public Service Co., elce. service , ' 1.02 Central States 10|evtrlu Co,, elec. service , 1.70 Central STutcs Klcctrlc Co., e|ec. service".- 1.21 34,0770.00 0.80 140.CO' .07 J7.24 7.fi8 332;42 1,81) 20.45 •1.47 1.02 210.7S 2.SI 48.20 «.8S 3,00 378.60 1.02 12.TS 1S.14 002.1:) J1.K5 0.10 102.WJ 8.05 8S.OS Interstale I'owor Co., clcc, scrv. Uwlght F. (iraliiini, labor Calvin Householder, plowing snow , Kvorclt Householder, hauling dirt and snow fences , John Fuhr, supplies Fred Flnig Garage, supplies ,, iHU'i'stttlu 1'ower Co., elee. serv, C. i- X. W. Hallway Co., freight Treasurer of Slate, line tax ru- turu City of Algona. light, water & power service ....,, , Central Status l^loetrlc Co., dec. Iowa Public Service ' Co., eloc, service , Arnold Motor Supply, supplies Interstate Power Co., elec. scrv. C. W. Pearson, Treas., ndv. The All-Whcel-llrlve Co., sup- Slpg-Port Dodgp Company, l''i|iilp. Co., Supply Co., Co., mi p. & ''.'.liu'lp! \Vnlprliii) Sli>p| i SllppllPK rllobn Mftrli. * SltpllOft , ,. (Vnlrnl Aulo Kloplrlc (!o,, \V. <!, Tr. suppllos llrnirn Slifi|ily Co., ' 1110,31 3.S2 48.10 n.irt 11.1,1" W. A. Sehrnrn, ouppllp.t Thompson Vnrilfl, ino,, supplies Charles flntvkSi shop wofk ... 20V15 Loroy CMpRon shop incclmnle 208.21 Joe Xf.'Rsscr, plowltfK. snow am) shop work I/if,I. Clifford Holmes, pntrol 1B0.23 Afnold Wegncr, patrol ., 12G<OC Ferdlnnnd Meyer, plowing snow shop work, ele. ., 132.97 Hastnln Unnsen, pntrol , 108.00 • Urirt Shcllmypr, pntrol 152.83 Clnretico Hontgcs, snow plow- Ing and shop, work 128.00 HnsseU K, Crapaer, snow plow Ing and' f-hop work 140,11 Kdward Naumnn, snow plowing 1 and shop work 133.S1 S. D. McDonald, shop work .... 100.02 Hnlph Mnrkla, patrol. 102,85 Archie Doilds,. shop work, etc. 140.11 Oliver Young, plowing gnow anil bridge repair ....,...,,.,.... A, ,T. Hlldrnan, pntrol 155.02 Urban Neural Ii, patrol Ijorii' Stockwcll, patrol 187.80 DIek nnndo, shed work nnd plow snow 108.80 C. II. Cooper, shop w6rk anil . httiillng eonl 3I>,64 Ocorgc F.- Grnhnm, nlowfng snow 80.8.1 Andrew Kromlngn, patrol .... 180.31 Bob If. Spenr, labor. 83.28 Jorry H. Stockwcll. shop work 2.57 Jnme.s M. Long, pntrol ........ 108.05 William F. Schroder, cutting brush,-shop work, etc 1.11,02 Merwln Mnrlow, shop work ., 128.00 William K. llnrlow, patrol .... 130.11 Donald Illerstcdt. cutting brush 12.2.1 K. C.- Ohm, shed work and cut trees , 147.70 Charles W. Thompson, plowing snow and cut brush ... 84.20 Charles W. Thompson, plow- Ing-snow' anil cut brush ... 107.0S CltnHcH'Hnwks, cut. brush .... 5.70 Wlllnrd Thompson, Inbor 3.1.80 Clyde Sanders, pntrol 150,a~> Verne Mnllnrtor, pntrol 300.04 Hoelf Miller, pntrol lflfl.00 Alvlii Kwlng; pntrol 378.10 Doyal- Sjinrtors,. patrol Win. Chrlslensen, pntrol Klyln Swanson, .work on snow plow Harold, f!. Swanson, work on snow plo,w Mnre Moore, work on snow plow Andrew F.lhert nml Win. Mur- naeli, cleaning tile ncross rond Poor Fund Mnrvol Dole, traveling cx-pcnse Deno's Food Marker, prov, .. Merrill I,ros., provisions Whlttemore Farmers Cooperative Creamery, provisions .... Paul-Krnst, provisions Sorenson Grocery Go., prov. ... Herlnke's Grocery, prov. W.'.O. Woodward Co., shoes ... Dr. C. II. Crctdnieycr, office calls . nnd. medicine Dr. .It: At. Wallace, mcdlcnl care. Dr. IIoger-M. Mlnkol, medical care ...' Dr. M. G. Ilourne, medical care Dr. H. I,. Wllllntris, mcrtleal care K. M. Chrlstcnscn, SI. D., medical care Lnsby '.Si Glossl, supplies ...... Koasuth Hospital,' hospital cnrc Jjtitlif.rnn ^Hosplfnl, -hospital 1 " criro . 100.32 2S.OO 7.0.S 0.00 11.110 30.00 no.uo 10.00' 2-1. 00 2.S.OII 2.01 irct.oo 20X10 30.00 110.00 00.00 50.00 - 204.00., 347.00: St. .fosoph's Mercy Hospital, hospital, care " 72.15 Itliodn--Honnr,. rent ..; 15.00 McCiillongh's, ambulance serv. 04.00 Leotn Coiik, enre and keep .... Ilo.OO Mrrf. John Martin, hoarding home care 2i>.0fl Department of Social Welfare, aid to dependent, children .. 217.07 Department, nf Soclnl Welfare, nld to blind 14.0 County Farm: L. 10. Slehens, olee. serv 3.",.5I Iowa Stale Itftnk, withheld taxes ,11.31 T.. P. Stephens, elec. Herv "0.0 Ileni llakken, snlnry Lylc Steinbeck, salary Algona Coop. Cry. Co., prov. Consumers! Food Store, proy. . Sorenson Grocery. Co,, proy. . C. S. Johnson, proy. .'..' Algona;Icc Cream & Candy Factory, locker rent, etc Algona linking Comppny, prov. I'.'lhert Shoe Hcpalr, repair work Hub Clothiers, supplies 411.4 Dr. C. H. Cretzrneyer, medicine Dr..P. V. Janse, rails and medicine ; Foster's Furniture Co., supplies Algona Hardware, supplies .. Laliig & Muckey, supplies ..... Kbssuth' Connty Imp. Store, supplies Algonn Implement Co., supplies K. Ill - Thpmas, two Ilerkshlre ' boars Bert Olson, four head of cattle 500.SO •slug's Mill.and Klovator, supplies , Andrew Miller, hay 180.2; HESOLVKD: That the County Auditor la hereby authorized and direct ed -.|6 Issue' warrants for 'oil: clalma allowed, at.this meeting as shown by :he "^.chedule of'Claims" hereinbefore written. Oh. motion adjournment was -taken mill, 10;00 o'clock A. M.,- February 14, 3040. 13S.4Q MS..TO .1S.R4 in.or 123..14 n.t: 40.71 24.:« O.8.- •20.00 3.4t 5.7i 2.0 00 4.38 W.'B, McnOXAIiD. Chairman, Bonrd of Supervisors, Funk «St Dolui, Cities Service Oil Co., supplies IJuxtablc's Flrcntone Store, supplies ,,...., Algona Klectrlc, supplies Thompson Distributing Co., uupplics Kent Motor L'ompauy, ,Dwch'» Super Service, „,,. .. Alfe'ona Implciuent Co.,isupplleu unil rcpulro ..,,,..,.;..,,,.,. Ivotiiiiuth O|l Company, gas .. Algona Mncbliiu Shop; repairs . Sihultii Urou,, suppllea ...... Pratt Klcctrlc Co., tupplles ,. \S V, Nuudal|i, -MipplK's O, K, Hubbep Welders, »uiin|les und repairs .................. 150.00 aretujhcrg Auto .Supply, supplies i. ,.....,.,.,.., 60,00 V. S. Norton $ Son, suiipHe* , S8.ttt Heury TJudcu, ItllKje,.......... 14/.00 (Jeo. .F, OrahaB). «i!pp!l«s to exainlitiij ind. and, report, ou the - Wttlter y. Kosenw, S. J 1 . I'qwers, ujujstlns .'i.iV.f-J II. .1. llolcQiub, mectlu.if ...... 4.01 Kdw. Looft, jucuUujf ....%,.... • 4.UO Jerry ilectiuud, peetlng ...... 4,00 C. W. pl.b*rt','w«B'Hwl ..',.;.,.; i,00 4.00 u.«r«' Kluv. PO,, «4BMlJi«A ... I, j mn\ Ktec, cSSwiMyst, ;>[ iiuliersSlp ou elwSifiSf \ti»e J 0« , )i;trvlsors nt the A>cV: All, Nays; Mptlua ma.du by Vfw/ff ' ftjn.i} secon T by ,Tft|)«Kj)jj tbp CJ.Bin» ()9 (,b ill/ike jBccisssury 'r«pjiJri| . dralnngu ilistrlct sub U of DMiu No. Ayes: All. Maya: None. Karl phtim»«r«, E. Kt Tl)oi)ja A, Co lint y A nil I tor,' Coiirt Itooin, February 14,'10 40. 10:00 O'Clock A. SI. Hepresentatlvcs of-the various town- hips nnil IJodvd. of Supervisors at Kassuth County, lowiii met as ii Hoard of Approviil with the fo pernons presents- Members of thn Hoard of Supervisors and County Officials present were Supervisors J. II. Fraser, W. K. Me Donald, W. A. ScUram, J. F. ijiiinn and U. L. Johnson: County Knglncer II. M. Smith; and County Auditor, " J. Imuierfull. Iiiiffalo JUirt C'rcsc-u . 1'Vntou Ourflelil K. C!. BwoliU ...... Harry Sablu , T. lj. Tliorsoii I'. M; CUrlstensgH }{.. II, Grunt ---- ....... ..... , fc'lyv Audttrsou Oreenwogi] ........ ;.,.,. A, .T. Benger Harrison . . , ....... pavlrt S, A.ndcrsuu Hebron ...... ., ...... .. II. O; Jiitrxmi Irylileton ,,,.,.,,,„. K, it I.eiljnrd ..,..,,:,.,,.,,..,. Liucolu .,.,,.,., ....... J' Lotts Creek .... ...... ,, 0. K. H»Uuke LuVt'tuu ..... ........ Karl Chambers I'liliu Creek ...... Cllftnu IU>n«ebott>r I'prtiand .... ....... ..,.. v. ^'..Vfntw- Prairie ...... ...... ., JJlefc ^ndprtsr. Rituiiiey , ............... lieoV: OocUa Blvercllle , ........ ...... I'eter Ka Seneoa, ........... ...... . top Bpgessfr Sfcerwun . .... ....... H. A. NVurmbier Sp.rli|gf|eW ,•;•-...,...,, S, F. Blome l.v MhgliiM-r proceeileil to e.vnlilltie tunps of HUH fond prngrnin submitted by the various townships, nud upon completion of snli'l examination. ;i mo- lloii wns inndc by I 1 . M, I'lirlslcnson find sprnnOed Uy T. \*. Thorson Hull the following resolnllnn be ndopied : IIKSONI-TION ADOPTI.Nf! KNIII.N'HKIl'S IIKI'OKT WIIHIUvAR. II. M. SmIHi. County MntrliU'cr, urcs-ciiled his rcporl to the Mount of Approvnl nnd enHi repre- senliillvp for his township VVHM given nn opportunity to cMiiuine snid report in regiird lo Hie rond progi-nni for his rcHpeetlvp township, nnd WHKIIKAS, HIP County Engineer Imvlntr rend I lie rond report, recommending (he ronds lo be Improved during the your 101(1, therefore I IK IT HMSONVKU, by this Hoai-il of Approvnl Hint the Knglner's report be npproved ns read. All members present (Vollng "Aye." Those voting nay were: None. Hesolnllon declared ndoptcd this J4lh day of Fehrunry, A. 1)., 1!ll(i. Motion made by Kly Anderson nnd seconded by 1'. M. Chrlslenson thur. the Board' of Approvnl adjourn subject to call of Board of Supervisors. Ayes: All, Nnya: 'None. ATTEST: W. K, McDONAU), Chairman, Bonnl of Approvnl. I/. J. IMMKItFAr/L, Secretary Hoard of Approvnl. On motion Board of Supervisors adjourned to 1:30 o'clock P. M. 1:30 o'clock -p. M. Bonnl of Snper- TUors me,t nnmunnt (" niljournmcnt wllh nil members present. Motion tnailb by fjiilnn nnd secoiv ded by Johnson tlm( the Bonrd of Supervisors cnncel .1014 lax sale certl- 1'lcnte nunihor 2139 covering pnrt of Sec. 24-00-28 on account of same Being Stnte owned property. Ayes: All. Nnys: None. Motion innilo by Frnser and seconded by Qulnn Hint the following Secondary llond I'etltlons for gravel W plnced on file: No. 015, No. Olfi ami No. C17. Ayes: All. Nnys: Nemo. Motion nmde by fjulnn and occon- ilcd by Frasor Hint the Board of Supervisors approve the appointment of A. Kmnnucl Anderson ns township trustee of Swea Township an recommended by the township trustees of snld township. Said appointment to run from Jnnunry 2nd, 1040, to. the ucnernl Election In the yenr 1040, or until his successor Is elected nnd quul- Ifeld. Ayes: All. Nn.vs: None. Motion made by Frnser nnd seconded by Schrnm that the Bonrd of Su- 'pervlsors approve the Annual Reports of II. B. Woodward, Mayor, within and for the Town of. WhllttnWe, i»wr. nnd J. If. Sherltlnn, Junttce of til* I'ence, within nnd for tlln Township of Ureenwood. Ayes: All. Nn.vs: None. Motion made by Qulnn and seconded by Johnson thai; the Bonrd of Hu- pervlsors approve Hie eaiieollntton of the valuation mid the trtxos on ft tract of land locnted In the sB'/t or SW/4. uf Section 24-07-20, ilcsdtlftetl an follows: Cominonclng 223 Ceet Wont of ft point where the North line'of. Beech'Strtat of Hurt, lown, crosses tho Went lino of filh Street of Hurt, Inwn; thence West on (he extended lino of snld Bbecll Street 75 feel; thence North IfiO feet: (hence Knst 73 ('net; thence SonUi 1BO feet to plnce of beginning, Snld can- '•ellntlon was recommended by the Town Council of Hurt* lown, on an- count of same being property owned by Hie Hurt Full Gospel TaOcrnncle of Hurt, Iowa. Ayes: AM. Nn.vs: None. Motion made bv 'Jnlnn nnd scnftnilnd by Schrnm Hint, tho 1'etltlon for tllo Kslnlillshment of Drainage• IMnti-lM Nn. ISO signed by .Tnlln W. S toting and Danlrl Fogmly, land own«rK Id-til* dl.-trlcl. be plnced on fllii nnil that 1'llil .1. Kolilhnns. n Professional Drainage Engineer, IIP nnd Is hereby aii|iolriif;l Kntrltieer to exnmlne and survey Hie Inmls described In said' petition and lo t.nke such further aotlon and mall* such report of his findings therein at provided by Inw to IMo Board of 8n< pervisors nt thn curliest nOBBlllKj Ofltri Ayes: All. Nn.vs: None, (See Uncord for Resolution). .Motion mnde by Qulnn nnd seconded' by Johnson Hint the Ollirirmnn of 111? Ilonnl of Supervisors lie nnthorlxeil to sign contract to purchase one Star- mon-llerrlngton All-Wheat 1 Orlye Truck i-ntrol from the All-Wheel-Drlvo Company, Davenport, lown, for Sunerviaur District No. 5. Ayes: All. Nn.vs: None. Motion mnde by ,;o;inson, nnd sec' on dod by Schrnm that the Chairman ol the Ilonnl of Supervisors ua authorized to sign contract to purchase. nne Caterpillar D12 Motor Oradar from the Glbbs-Cook Tractor & Equipment C-)., Dns Molnes, Iowa., for tne sum of ji.S207.20, for Supervisor District No. 1. Ayes: All. Nnys: None. On motion adjournment was taken until S:00 o'clock A. M., March 1, 104U. ATTEST: ' W. K. McDONALD, Chairman. Bonrd of Supervisors. L. .T. IMMTOnFALL, County Auditor. IACOI SCHMIDT IHEWIN8 CO "THAT I5EMINDA ME, STANISLAUS/ LETS WlNtJ TWlS UP AMD SO OLIt AMD HAVE A COUPLE OP BOTTLES' OF CITY CLUB/ HfiRS , FOLKS/ 6ETVOUR ICE- COLD BfeER. HERE/ ICE- COL.D BEER/ Reynolds Pens Guaranteed to Write Two Years Without Refilling NO QUILL NO SPILL NOFILO The Dramatic Pen Which You Hold and Use Like a Pencil, But It Writes With Ink Like A Pen. $12.50 Including Desk Stand K. D. JAMES •jo;' K-'mtii'ic. f)i, : ir) v/oThe Rexall Store Look j^... AHEAD ALLIS-CHALMERS FRONT-MOUNTED Implements It pays to look ahead! Not only is foresight easier than hindsight, it saves time and effort every way you- look at it. FORESIGHT is easier than HINDSIGHT •This is also a reminder that your tractor should be scheduled early for repairs and overhauling. Whether your tractor is one, two or more years old, it will pay you to have it reconditioned in our shop k A simple carburetor repair often saves 3- to 5 gallons of fuel per day. Bradie y B roi^ Phone 714 Algona, Iowa * • ! To Any Kossuth Boy or Girl Who Joins the ... Algona Swffi's Chick Club BEFORE SATURDAY, APRIL 20, 1946 YOU HAVE TO BUY NOTHING? FALL POULTRY SHOW Next fall, probably in early November, Swift & Co. will set a day for a .poultry show. At that time club members will be notified and will bring in the chicks raised to maturity, and any 5 birds they wish to en- tej- in the judging. 4-H ! club members who enter will also have an opportunity to win one of five sterling silver medals, a chance to enter state competition and awards, and perhaps gp on to nationalcompetition. Any Kossuth Boy or Girl Can Receive 50 Chicks, and Make Money in the Bargain This Summer. Here are the Rules: 1, Each member will raise 50 chicks or more and. compete for prizes tube awarded at a club chick show to-be held when the chicks are approximately 6 months old. 2, Any Kossuth boy or girl, between 12 and 15 years inclusive, is eligible to inin. 3. 4. 5, 6. 7. join. Swift & Co. will furnish 50 chicks io each club member, on their agree, ment to carry out the rules of the project 1 and return in the fall to Swift & Co., 36 Ibs. of live poultry in payment of dues, AH poultry in excess of 36 Ibs. is the property of- th,e club member, and represents individual profit from the project. Bteeds available will be WHITE ROCKS, BARRED HOCKS, NEW HAMP< SHIRES, and WHITE LEGHORNS. Club chicks must be of a different breed than any other poultry on the farm, and an attempt will be made to supply members with the breed they request if they are available, Applications for membership must be signed, by the prospective member and his parents, Parents must agree to furnish sufficient feed to raise the chicks to maturity, ' Applications should be signed and taken or sent to Swift S/> Co., Al?0»»> Iowa, not later than Saturday, April 30,1946, Applicants accepted will be notified when to call for chicks, which will be available during the week of April 30 to May H. ,, 8. Applications can be secured by writing or calling Swift * Co., J^tnypowUry Classifications and Prizes Will Pe Offered a\ the f^U Show, Boys an4 Girls! Make pjn|^ Summer and Also Become Eligible for g Fall Poultry Show Pwze,, ; ^ JOIN mw Swift & Co. Afeona, . .sp t va<%fcy

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