The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 1, 1934 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 1, 1934
Page 7
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THURSDAY, FEBRUARY BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.V COURIER NEWS PAGE SEVEN' { CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION to!y rale IXM- line for consecu- \Vr- pay mom fj- ;x?«ins, lurs, hides, brass, coyixr, radiators Uiimlmmi, lead, LiiucrUs. I'hoia I7C, Wolf Arlsn, l'J8 E. Main. 2c ka-23 'five average words to a hue) O::c- time per line J'Je Tno times per line per da J' •• op « Tlnce times ptr lln° i>sr day .. Ofc Six nines per line per day .. (toe Month rate per lln« 60c Minimum ch&rgc 50c Ads oi-ilewl So- three or six imics .ami stopped before expira- t-on will be charge for tlie num- Ur of limes the mi appeared ana cdjustmenl of bill made. AH classified Advertising copy submitted by persoxc residing outside of the city irust. be accompanied by cosh. Hates may Ut ttiHly compuR'd fr^rn above inblc. No responsibility will be taken ;or more tnan one incorrect insertion of any classified ud. Advertising ortocd for irregular insertions take 1 the one"' tune sate. ~- 1'OR SALE—10 acres, aU in culn- v.itfor-. Otic mile south of Cos.(11. Roland Green 6c kli FOR SALE 10 acres near Lnkc City, Afk. hly improved, food buildings rice orchard. Made L'.ilc of cotton per acre, 50 bushel of corn aim big hay crop (his year. $50 iwr sere, $500 cash, small annual payments, 6','f interest. Possession a( unce. THOMAS LAND CO. 31c k3 BUSINESS DIRECTORY Dairy and Mill Feeds Grain anu hay, at Miirkev Prices Cash Feed Store 112 E. Main Free fijurc diagnosis in your home. Mrs. J. J. Davis, 1'iioie 421 Spencer Corsetiere 26c\t2-2i tXPERT Typewrite t and Adding hiiic KtpairiKE. I.'. S>. Blank, 110 E. Kose. Call 165-J. 21c k2-21 Plows sharpened — Farm Implements bought and sold by John Wade at Tom Howard .Machine CARPENTERS H. J. 1'clcreoll—SdO N. 21st St. Carpenter Work of All Kinds lie k2-ll AUTOMOTIVE Auto Glass All Kinds Installed The Ark-.Mo lumber Co. lOc K2-1U LAHGEST STOCK USED FART! Between Memphis and St. Lout .. AJso Auto GlaJE—Phone 66 JACKSQN AliTO PARTS CO. " ', • 3c k2*: Call ,C» When- In Need of Guaranteed Merclnrdise fires- Ratteries-Ke^liiccment Part HUBBAKU HARDWARE CO. Automotive Dept. Ic k2- RADIOS All Radios, including R. C. A., a bcicg closed out at cost for CASH at lluob.ird Hardwaie Co. 12ck2-iz FOR SALE J-'HESH RIVER F!SH—Buffalo 10C Catfish 15c, Cu.-p 7c. Whiteheart Fish Market, East Main St. Ip k5 I-ORDSON Tractor equipped with disc turning plows Paul Byrum I7c kZ-24 HAY FOR SALE 1 have for sale at my barn V- mile south ol Burriettc 50 toils hay at $10 per ton. C. w. Kamey. Ely theville. 25-ck-2-2; HAY, CORN. SOYBEANS tor sale U. S. DeMoulin farni, '• HenEon Wo. Phone or see J. M. Steward Mgr., on farm. , '-29ck2-29 COAL & WOOD rilONE 107 BUCHANAN 1 "Oar Coal !s Black But We Treat \im White- PC k2-9 HATTBK1ES NCR- Fci-.l Uiitlcrics Krnfiil - Ucchargir,. - Repairing I'll TIRE & BATTERY STATION 2Cc Ki-26 KOR l.KASB I-'or [.case—10 acres cut over land Two jear lease. Will build house 5 miles vicst of I'.lythcville. Con«»}• i- Houchins. 15c ktJ FOR KENT LTGHT Housekeeping room and bedrooms. Ross Heavers, 123 5th. 25c ktl Two unfurnished rooms, 510 Chick' IM. Hiss Minnie Lee Jones. . I'hone 1026. . 26ck4 STEAM HEATED BEDROOM, 514 W. Main. Phone 08. 2c V Beautifullj- furnished btdrooni.mcn preferred. 5ig w.Main. Call 303. 24-ck-3I FURMSHEn bcd-oom. 1017 W Walnut. Mrs. Ed Hardin after 5 I'- M - 29c kll WANTED TO RENT FIVE OR SIX ROONt HOUSE close in. Possession immediately. "CCP" Conner Nesvs WANTKD WANTED TO BUY .lood Baby Bi.ggy. Must, be reasonable. P. O. Box 3115, Luxoia 29p Xi REAL KSTATE MAYFLOWER WALlTpAPER KYBHV 1-Arra.N HAl.K-IW AM, AITKOVBI, B, ralT ,±±£ * "fT •*"» KVKUY PATTKKN FADK-l'KOOl' AND A Can Save You iMoiu>> on WiUI '» (iOOl) H()(JSKKKKJ»IN(; AND 40 acres mile of Blythevillc, on iavfl load. Good residence with fire, lights, bora and (en. house. ?3000. lont time paya«n(s. slon now. THOMAS LAND CO. FOR SALE: 20 acres unimproved valley land near BARSTOW, ALIFORNIA. Will trade for properly nearer liojne. Walter S. Lee, tenant o. Ark. 30pk5 POULTRY & EGGS Flesh eeis daily, rtirrtt from hen- ne»y. Plckard's Grocciy, KM* Chlclusawba. Gp k2-li SEEDS & PLANTS rt.ok seed with 115 now for March delirery. Tlrey are sure to be higher. Hulobard Hc'-w. Co. c k2-5 fcOY BEANS, FfKL-D PEAS. Tested seed. Social prices. Earl Katchcr. Call C35-J 22c k2-2U S'onevilte No. 4 COTTON SEED, price $1.75 hundred. Sec P. Black or Clarence McDcrmolt at, Bly- tiievUle Gin. • 5c k2-5 STRAYED STRAYED from Tomato—2 black horse mules. 1 b:o-,vn mid l bay n:are mules, small bay mare. Liberal reward for .'^formation lead- in? to recovery. C. E Pugh, To- Muto, Ark. sip ANNOUNCEMENTS Mrs. L. M. Burnette announces the unerinr of short Imnd, typewriting and bookhcepini,' classes. Spel Prices. Call 8^4-W. Ic W-l NOTICE .. January-35 sold-mv "iitu-c. slock and fixtures to R Gouid, of Caruthersvllle., ^^o., and I assume aU liabilities against the "lock of merchandise !ip to that day. 27-I1K-2-8 I, Lansky. Slarried 76 Years MACON, Mo. (UPi—A 161year- olri marriage ended recently with the death of Mrs. A.'G. Wither, fi2. at Glencoe, Okln. The couple v«is married 76 years ago last Dec. 22. Wither, now 97 years old, and five children survive. ^February; crowned. of E issued -for screw propeller V.'ANT TO SHAPR-Crop -10 or SO I •icrcs. Can fun isn mys-elf. Flrat '• class refeienccs J E. Rninos. RouK J, Holland, Mo Ip k5 GOOD COAL IS THE CHEAPEST COAL Itffk^ Tlicrc is no noal, 17 " r ^ Wcs.1 of the Alle- elicrj- Mounliini, as high in heat and as low in ash as the CUPREMEV ' *^ Super-Heat •• YPC« That "* •'' bold *^ slalcracnt, but It is clhical, bcraust it's true. \Vc have aulhoritatitc analysis on file on all coal and prove this claim. .SLTKEMK .Supei-Heal is Ihe only coal of i( s kind and sold only by this company 6x3 Medium S>ze Lump Ton - Si.50 A Rich Man's Coal at A Poor Jinn's I'ricc Superior Coal 8,- Mining Co. 304 W. Wainnt - I'hone 701) OUR BOARDING HOUSE — AND.Vs'HE.W 1 GST N\V $ SOI' re.WKWO. Jiff TJONT GO C:;T TW "FORTHK ARRf.iT AND CONVICTION OP* V| W1THOU1 SACKS^ •,, CAPTAIN SMANLjYGAT-P,or-CO'.JR9EI VvULL {[ KNOW,GOLt) OP ' •^ GIVE A POJ<ViOf-J OP TU& NAONfcY TO fvYV ' "N NUGtbtTSTtAV "FRIEND,T;rnCCTIYkTUENDEAlJ,YWO MADE WITH POCKET UINU THE ARREST-AND ^l\\\\ THE 'BALfxVJCEj 'BETTER SPfcND T T WtLLTAKc ATRYF OUT TO f^Y SQLX? ( "&G&EST PART OF NINvS 'R-^OVEKTY \N COLORAIDO^ y £ c, >>\ YOUR T*EWA"RD fATN -VOU "RcCAV_L.,SALA'D,"Tr\E (SOLD fv\\Nt' ] "^ on &ACV<ft TO 1A.K i -BOUGHT VROM MY 1^^ WITH vou —T IN Till'; HANDS 01-' Till: KNUMYS I'M OFF TO COHBAL AI.V.W OOPS COR VUII.' ANU,WIIH.U I'M W H I'LL f>BWi 1OOZ.V AM' PUT 'IM WHERE 1IC CAN'T MOT^E AH HAH/, GOTCHA / BOOTS AND IIER HUDDIES i WHAT BAKE WOULD UKK!~ WASH TUBBS Bv CAVtt ^ \.fv MOOt.V^^Vi^. ICt .CUSTNRD. CARNMtV. KViOTHBR 9\tCV. 0V CV\t >s ONE OF TH6 L1F6BOMS IS M1SS1M',/. HK'.~ TrtkT 510 I SIR, Hlf WE CAN'T FIND HIDE NOR./ T6U. VoO, WELL, 1 RECKOK THM JUST ftsoui SOLM6S OUtt UTTLt SPOOK /TUVMG. HE FOUND MSTERV, EH, /OUT V4E W£Rt WISfc V_, *ON? 'f ID tt«\ N« l SK\?VED. "S--iT. THE AI,' HOY IlliUSlOhn fC« V. O I3M tritA scnvicc. u, «n.ui.ritT,wr,.., 5«t. fVQUl&Gi.^ VJO.S P.T TH' BOTTOM or tMEM- SAI.ES3IAN SAM ^^ L 3 ^t>. R \ . 5E^. T)tS 5 SUMPIN LOCXEP IWMDE FRU\T tOC,K(\, /\N' IT'S kViyr , rUL &G.T ^fER. BOSS 7 L'_\ ^{Hp\H A 0G. SURP(i>SeD iXHCTM I I'LL BESUP.- Vft WALK IM UJlTk / PRiSEO.lF I TMWT K£&- o' s^jos 1 . y ev^a G-&T THERE! "~\ FRECKLKS_ AND HIS FRIENDS r SO.MK ['AST THINKINC! 'I HELP\ STOP !T| I '93C 8Y HE* SI-T.'tE ISC REG V 5. ?AT. OCF. By Cranu A "^"/aT , : 4^1^ n - ~*- \ T • ^ ft .- O ^ VGLL.J MOTS ) unw-eR-un- 6.--4I j , ^ is our BJ MASSE To SEE ir K'UTTV i RWLLY HAVE OMaTHiiv'G ON "Vic BALL.... FR(KHDf. V;E HAVE KO WAY OP GUARANTEEING TfiiT OUR | . l1 LLV ; ORK...IP|rDO£SK7\ W X,P!.EA^ I » - '^l' 1 ^ EXC.,5Ee AL^y, •Os:T LAL'GIJ AT MY KS:E^ /NUTTY Coo|< / ; tH • r-LACIfJC F*Hi IM .4 GUY ME5 VA3Ri;ED AWFULUj' )4Af!P ' ' L ' kE W7 " F Y-- SAY M-3 .'/.SjT,- k.—^ TDVik'^r -r>, -i—.. i^^*s '• LOO'-^ ! ll/F LJ->"i U^L-.' i'- r -i HARP -. TRYif.'G To PERFECT IT :.• •7 - -^-^---iiC^SiCii^Cirr; ~TilK DEC KI.iCR! By Ulosser sToppeo m-.>'M PRE.T2.eLSl I J5SS * L5W ^n| RE V.LY V.«^ S : 3ET vb'jV ~' j AM1> HIS EY&S I HE H^DfJT KOTICi;? TV.'£ f • -r*- MiM UiJTIL PL-: C /E3 - YOU A RSACOM !' T-v-^^r ;l ^%^Uji ^tf|^ ^.-^.EaJS^' ^'^ •^:^ :T 15'JT 6 >'?JV '«;[ AGE V.'k-O C/ 1 -! DO V t^NH*...M= LL f/^'^c b^^DY5:i>= 1 I KMOV/ ' P50U3 op (JIM I AND CO.-JT / IT...THAT / INVENTORS ARE BORN ' ' ry -• - } \ TROUBLE k - "-: i: f-~ By Small HAS Hew .'I KUJTTY' AMD j FRECKL5S. X^RE OH THE- SPOT '.!

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