The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 12, 1946 · Page 13
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 13

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 12, 1946
Page 13
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New B.F.&ofldricN Silvfrtflwn Tire OUTWEARS PREWAR TIRES N6W "Rowl Level" Tread puts mote rub- bet on the foad... more rubber to share the wear. No wonder you get more mileage, better traction, more skkl-resistnnce, and greater safety. Come in today. Soldier In Switzerland; Takes A University Course $15 20 plu» »«« 4.00-It •allable P. K. Rubber Welders /Phone 308 Lester DeBolt 118 N. Thorington •rt «»/» Colttet" tvtry Thundty on ABC at 9i30'P,.M. B.T.- ) B F Goodi-ieli . FIRSTT IN R U B B E R V I UPPElt DBS MOINES, ALGONA TOWA. You don't want to walk in THESE? Probably'it would be more accurate to say you don't want to walk at all! So, take good care of your CAR! Your neighborhood Phillips 66 Dealer will be glad to help. How? By providing fine quality Phillips 66 Motor Oil and the new, postwar Phillips 66 Gasoline. Also by welcoming you to many Car-Saving and Tire- ' Saving services—at the Orange , and Black 66 Shield. Drop in regularly. Charles Kraus Jr., auove, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kraus Sr. of Wesley, is now attending a university at Basel, Switzer- in connection • with his army duty, he writes his parents. ,He is living with an aged couple, who have quite a time exchanging information with Charles. Prior to his induction into the army, he attended Iowa State College after graduating from Wesley high. In the army he went from England to Belgium, then to Southern Germany, into France, and now Switzerland. He entered the service Dec. 23, 1942. (Cut courtesy Mason City Globe- Gazette.) Support Price On Soybeans $2,04 Bu. A Department of Agriculture news announcement was received by the Kossuth AAA office last week, regarding the support price on soybeans. The telegram follows: 'Because of tight situation of protein meals and edible' and industrial oils, 1946 grower support price on soy beans will be same as for 1945. Base support price for 1946 crop green and yellow soy beans grading No. 2 will be 2.04 per bushel. Same differentials specified under 1943 program will be made for other colors of beans and for variations in quality. Method of supporting prices to producers will be announced later." HARMS OIL COMPANY, Dist. Harms Super Service Station Frank Haldeman, Operator and Manager Phone 74 State and Jones Harris Phillips Station Albert Haag (Formerly Klamps) ] (Formerly Johnson's) State and Jones - : On Highway 18 Hurt Eastern Star School Held Feb. 26 Burt: Mrs. Alma Freeman, Clear Lake, district Eastern Star instructor, held a school of instruction here Tuesday afternoon, Feb. 26. A luncheon was served at the Marvin hotel .before the school, at whidh" the officers were guests, also Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Raney, Algona, and Mrs. Charles Jones and Mrs. Roy Morgan, Buffalo Center. At the evening meeting Mr. and Mrs. O. H. Graham were initiated into the order. After the meeting a short program was given. It consisted of piano solos and a duet by Jimmy and Jerry McMullen, two flute numbers toy Shirley LOCK- wood, and two vocal numbers by Evelyn Becker, accompanied by Erna Baans. Following the program a luncheon was served in the parlor at small .tables decorated in tine Eastern Star colors. Mrs. G. M. McCullen is this years worthy matron. On Wednesday morning she and Mrs. E. P. Fredrickson took Mrsi Freeman to Armstrong, where she held a school of instruction. Bart Man On Way To Post In Korea Hurt: Capt. Clarence Sehra- der /arrived Wednesday from Charlotteville, Va., where he had just completed a two months course at a War Department School for Military Government Officers at the University of Virginia. He left Sunday for Marys- vllle, Calif., and is to leave from there for Korea, where his work wil be supervising city and state government there. He expects to spend at least a year there. COUNCIL PROCEEDINGS February 11, 1046 The City Council met in adjourned session with the Mayor and Councilmen Herbst, Harris, Hutchins, Fox and Bohannon present. Huenhold was absent. A mo'- tion was Carried that a 30 acre tract of land in the southwest part of Algona be purchased from H. Ferguson for the sum of $2,200.00. The meeting was adjourned to February 14, 1946. February 14, 1946 The City Council met in adjourned session, Mayor Kohlhaas and the following Councilmen were present, Herbst, Harris, Hutchison, Bohannon and Huenhold, Fox was absent. Building applications were approved for R. Richards, and F. Vera. The Fulton Iron Works Company bond in the amount of $107,697 was approved. F. Vera's applications for builders permits on Lot 8 Blk, 5, O. P. and for moving a house from the south end of Lot 8, Block 5, O. P. were tabled. The meeting was adjourned to February 15, 1946. ,,-. February:.'15, 1946 An Adjourned meeting was held at 5 P. M. Ordinance No'..280 wa. read for the first time. The meeting was adjourned to February 20 February 20; 194C The Council met in adjpurned session with Mayor Kohlhaas and Councilmen Herbst, Harris, Hutchison, Huenhold and Bohannon present. Fox was absent. Ordinance No. 280 was placed on file and given a second reading. The meeting was adjourned to February 21 at 5 P. M. 5 P. -M. February 21, 1946 The Council met in adjourned session. Mayor Kohlhaas was present, also Councilmen Herbst, Harris, Hutchison, Bohannon and Huenhold. Fox was absent. Ordinance No. 280 was placed on file and read for the third and final reading. K. S. Cowan made application for a building permit and this was approved. The meeting adjourned to February 28. 1946. •February 28, 1946 The City Council met in regular session with Mayor and all Councilmen present. The minutes since the last regular meeting were read and approved. Building permits were approved for F. Vera, E. Lindhart, R. Irons, C. Morrall; and the application filed by J. 'Riddle is to be approved if the rexmire-^ ments for (building in the fife zone' are complied with. The application filed toy B. Thorpe was not allowed because of not complying with requirements for 'building in the fire zone. The Mayor was authorized to sign application, for Federal Hous- 1.60 3.9S 3.69 1.02 40.92 27.74 50.76 17.68 5.10 12.19 20.85 Daii Gnrage, repair Algona Creamery, gas Kohlhaas Hdwo., mdse Algona Hdwc., mdse Arnold Motor Supply, mdse Algona Upper Des Moines, service 51.87 Advance Publishing Co., service Water Dept., parts Frank Kohlhaas, expense.. C. U. Pollard, expense Burroughs Adding Machine Co., service Addressogmph Agency, service Telephone Co., service WATER FUND H. Barton, salary: 94,05 F. Ostrum, salary 81.50 R. Barton, salary 61.15 C. Pollard, salary 30.00 J. Kohl, salary •. 27.50 L. Mitchell, salary 71.47 Iowa State Bank, tax withheld 21.00 Social Security Fund, tax 3.33 Iowa Machinery & Supply, mdse 545.66 H. W. Post, service .88 Dutch's SupeY Service, repair 2.21 Dau Garage, repair 2.65 Electric Dept, mdse 22.26 CONSOLIDATED FUND T. O'Brien, salary 87.57 C. McGinnis, salary 87.57 A. Boekelman, salary 71.47 A. Weishaar, salary 81.67 Telephone Co., service 4.6' Dau Garage, repair 25.99 Harris Station, gas 36.87 J. Lashbrook, salary 93.65 E. Skilling, salary 96.87 G. Gunder, salary 58.97 John Bahr, salary 61.87 C. Harvey, salary 63.32 P. Helmers, salary 58.97 All-Wheel Drive Co., mdse. 981.39 Botsford Lumber Co., mdse. .•..; .91 Chrischi.ljes Store, mdse... .94 Kohlhaas Hdwe., mdse 34.37 8.2.t) Algona Electric, mdse 18.35 Algona Mach. Shop, repair 4.58 Norton Lumber Co.j mdse. 27.64 Miller Lumber Co., use of truck t 5.00 Dau Garage, repair 2.37 Algona Implement Co., mdse ' 1.77 Arnold Motor Supply, mdse 1.79 Kent Motor Co., repair 14,78 Dutch Super Service, repair : 23.16 Conoco Oil Co., gas 36.73 K. Foster, labor 54.45 M. Jones, salary 39.60 Adv. Publ. Co., printing.... 64.98 Algona U, D. M., printing 65.20 Buchanan Abstract Co., services i... 3.50 Iowa State Bank, tax Transfer, refunds 55.00 .withheld ,-., 27.90 Social Security Fund,, tax ; : >-8.62 SEWER FUND y \ C. U. Pollard, salary..... ./' 20.00 FIRE MAl'NTENANCEiFUND W. D. Allen Mfg. Co.,. , : mdse ;. 23.10 Franltl Station, gas..; .;..... ; 4.69 Botsford Lumb. Co., mdse!- 1.25 Kohlhaas Hdwe M mdse..M 1.63 Telephone Go...service ,. 4.34 DEPOSIT FUNfi Sec. 2. This ordinance shall take effect and be in force from and after its passage and approval. Passed and approved this 28 day of, February, 1946. FRANK KOHL-HAAS, Mayor. Attest: ADAH CAttLSON, City Clerk; Ham* Com/or J ttiif Li<U • H*u*«itimft with an EA(SU CERTIFIEb foSULAf ION 101 Ptaft* u« tedty CowanBldgSupplyOo, Phone 276 AtOONA, IOWA BROODER HOUSE INSURANCE On BUILDING, CHICKS i AND STOVE L.S. BOHANNON OverS. &L. /* They're HUSKY! They're HEALTHY! They're HARDY! Yes, Swift's Baby Chicks are really profitable! They're from strong, vigorous, high-producing strains of popular breeds. Hatched from selected, tested flocks, Swift's Baby Chicks are bred for high livability—fast growth—fast feathering— • early maturity! :: It pays to start early! Get your Baby Chicks nc-w/ Swift's Hatchery is ready to help you raise an early-maturing, money-making 1 946 flock! Swift's Hatchery, Algona LOTTS CREEK look AHEAD with I ALLIS-CiHAlMERS FRONT-/y\OUNTH) Implements FORESIGHT is easier than HINDSIGHT faster if you w Ji Pays to Ipok ahpafl -i'nqf only from your factor ,s§ at, but Jnypur planning ;too, That means bringing in your tractor and i«ppie : |^e||tS-y^!^',,:|fo¥ a complete checkup, ' recondi^ tjonin^ or rebuilding, We have modern tools and skilled meeli for adjusting py rf conditioning or rebuilding. 1 We have modern tools' and skilled mechanics for adjusting op rep«jring your tractor, WP Bjipr pflirt| made in the r t<* tm ' • Wilmar Wichtendahl ha£ been laid up with a lame back this week. At this writing he is feeling some better. ; Mr, and Mrs. Martin Meyer helped with butchering Tuesday, Feb. 6, at the Lewis Scheppman farmjiear Irvington. Lenten services were conducted Wednesday evening and will be hereafter every Wednesday evening. The school children of both rooms sang in three voices, "Beautiful Savior," On Wednesday, Feb. 6, Teacher Lusmann showed movie pic- tures.which were educational for the larger children, and comical for the smaller on'es, Mrs. Melvin Pompe and baby visited Thursday at her folks, the Ernest Muellers at Fenton. Mr. and Mrs. H. F, Mittag visited Thursday evening at the Herman JJintz.hoine, Mr. and Mrs. Ed'Web and Mr. am* Mrs. Albert Meyer drove to Fort Dodge on business Friday, Kossuth County -ss. IN PISTBIC? fcQ No. 5434. January Terms, 1946 AW* WHOM 'IT MAY CON, . YOU AllE «BRg!ay NOTIFIBP, That en instrument <rf writing purporting 'to be ; the last WiJl and Testament of Burton J3. Norton, peceased, 4ate4 .Feb. 8, iagO, h«v^ ing jjeen this ^siy^filftd, M>iene4 51)4 read, Mppdey, the 85«i *= day of March, 1946, is .toed for hesr}ug proof of ?sme ^thg g^uit Bous? lows, 'bBf9b the of g«id «?9MRtyj pp of §9i4 C(?Mrt{ ana at ten A. • Ordinance No. 279 was given its second reading. Appropriating Ordinance No. 663 was passed. The meeting was adjourned to March 11, 1946. Appropriating: Ordinance No. 6C3 An Ordinance appropriating monies to certain persons therein named. Be it Ordained by the City Council of the City of Algona, Iowa: Section 1. That the following sums ^are hereby appropriated to be paid to the persons hereinafter named. ELECTRIC FUND L. Bellock, salary $ 89.6 F. Dailey, salary 96.0 Tom Halpin, salary 89,6 C. C. Wright, salary ; W. Ludwig, salary 93.6. Ed Graham, salary 89.1C A. Hill, salary 65.K P. Newsome, salary 73.3C A. Lindquist, salary. '•'•'" 79.62 H. Stephenson salary 89.6s C, Webb, salary . 83.62 E. H. Gerber, salary. 77.20 C. Pollard, salary. 119,62 I. Kohl, salary 56.12 A. Carlson, salary. „ 93.60 H, Passmore, salary 63.3: Iowa State Bank, tax withheld 77.20 Social Security Fund, tax 14.93 Diesel Service, oil 321.99 C. M. St. P. Si. P. Ry., oil.... 234.84 Fulton Iron Works, mdse. 760.76 Iowa Elec, Supply, mdse 317.55 Nprth.,Elec. Supply Co., mdse, , 237.20 Terry-Durin Co., mdse..... 263.28 Globe Mach. a? Supply Co., mdse 4.73 Theo, B. Robertson Prod. Co,, mdse. «......:„ ; 15.15 Algona Machine Shop, repair 2.60 Bptsford Lumber Co,, mdse.,..;;,..;..,; 32.19 H. W- Post, dray,.,... 13.J4 Express Agency, express.... 6.61 Public Auction Because of illness, IJiave decided to qui? farming and will sell the following described property at my farm located 2 miles east of Sexton and 3 miles north; or 2 miles west of. Wesley and 3 miles north on 226 and 1 mile west; or 7 miles south of Titonka, on '- ; ; . s Thursday, March 21 Sale to Begin at 1 O'clock Chick* ft J. Turkey breeder 4SNI*. .•'' djisks $nd poults BABY CHICKS, 'Lunch Wagon on Grounds €3 Head of Cattle 33 4 head of cows, just fresh; 4 calves; 25 cattle on feed, wt. 800 Ibs. 19 Head of Hogs 69 15 head of Spotted Poland brood sows to farrow about May 1; 53 head fall pigs, wt. 140 Ibs.; 1 Spotted Poland China boar. pure- Head of Horses I bay team, smooth mouth, well broke; gray horse, smooth mouth. Farm Machinery All the following is pf John Deere make, all new power machinery: Model A tractor, cultivator with power lift; 15 ft. disc; XQ ft, binder; 999 corn planter with fertiliser attachments; hay loader; 248 $9,4 R plow; 6 ft, mower; 10 ft, field cultivator; Model E manure spreader; dump raise; single row cultivators McCprmjck'peering flexible harrow with folding draw bar; McCormick'»e'e«ng corn binder; McCar- mickrDeering 244 plow; McCormick'Deering endgate seeder; Kover spring tooth harow; Emerson side > delivery rake; Lets roughage mill; wagon and ruck; 3 wagons witfc bo*ej« pptata plows I 89'gil ind ti 30*gal, kettle; allsteel elevator, Pejbavai cream separator with electric nj&tjjr; tank hfaterrsell|gf4erif;l heg troughs; feed bunks; sjat cribbing; barrels; pump jasJsnm? mjtfor; set «f brejjchijig hsrftffijj Ji«^s|ingiSt and fork; hand cprn sheller; post drijlf set of teps *wd ditfj yiiej grind stonejjset of soeke.t/wifmfefcojtl waterer; numerous other articles too numerous to mention. * /, ' • jSf •40 20tonsl00jsehj|y, AMOS ANGL ijfc Jk» Mitent. AwptUmet f

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