The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 21, 1936 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 21, 1936
Page 6
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six Ills baoKois proudly recited his exploits ! Level-liended Tarain lakes it nil with n grin, ami occasionally utters u monosyllabic orallon of four or five words. I Ills trainer £«ys Tarzan can te- come Die fastest Icne-iilitance liu- 1 man being. Tlie only handicap tlie Indian will lake with lilm to Ilerllu is a tendency toward Tireless Legs of Brave May ,.. Carry Him to Olympic * Victory (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Harry Gray son aggravated by an addiction to Ice srcain so<l&5, n commodity which ..... ..... \ _. ,. NEW YOHK, Mny 20. — Ko^rt homesickness, Tyre Jones, Jr., still bus the must I may not ii Germany, sufficiently plentiful liawless swing known. In the hist two Musters' Toum- Ion, Jones r.tlll lias the Identical style which won nil four m a i 0 r Uilcs In 1930. "If, us the fio-eiillcd critics hint Jones' swlni; has suddenly dlsln-! Iriiialed, how do they account for Hobby's lili lit Indian Creek, his W ut liota Kiiton. Ills C7 ul HelJe- nlrc, and his 0-1 nt Augusta Just before Uit> , Muster's Tournament "If he hail nil iliose alleged fiiults, liow could lie tcore like thill diirlin! Ills Florida tour? Ten rounds In thc (JOs do not suggest iiments, Jones Iws bn:n tin; vie-. niiytlilni! the nmttcr with Hob's lim of tlie stunly locution of thu li-clinlc. Ilj-KEA Sen Ice -PROVIDENCE, May 21,-H's a Idrig, loiu? troll from the primitive t&kwocds of Rhode Island to Berlin,' but there has emerged If&m the hinterland a young redskin to whose piston legs distance is*' nothing. When the America! Olympic marathon team sails this summer, Elllscn Myers Brown will bs among those present. "A. full-blooded Narragansett In- dSm, Brown, called Tarzan, has in IKS streamlined muscles an In- IKrited ancient lore In miming, lljd a Ijpicnl stoicism which forbids any admission, ever, that lie has run his limit. Tarzan came home In front onj April 20 In the celebrated Boston Athletic Asscclntton marathon, and nfter spending the afternoon run- lilng 20 miles 385 yards, he prc- fewed a picture show to bed. .The American Olympic selection committee weighed the fact that Tartan threatened lo set u new record for the B. A. A, run, and decided he could have a place on the marathon delegation without entering any more trials. This Ind of 22 is nn Indian right out of the story books. There jyfls,,n time, while he was getting his eight grades of schooling In trie"little village of Alton, R. I., Shell civilization threatened to flitch up with him, but Tarzan Lid lu the woods mid It passed him by. Jived Off Bounty of Nalurc wEvcn if the Indians of Rhode Island's wild and beautiful "South , ijotinly' weic still using wampum, /Turzan probably would have felt Jhe, depression. g Alton is a town of few employment opportunities, and the members of the Brown family couldn't 'connect, with them .often cnofigh to provide a regular callng rched- _ .ide. In the shack where Tarzan , \vas brought up. ' Unfeazcd by the depression, [rnrzan turned to the benevolent, .woods and streams outside -his (loor. I-,.Tlie icMilt sounds something like ci- leather Slocking novel. Trmnn lived off the bounty of nature. 1 .When lie wanted breakfast he went down to ft brook near Ills iicuse. In the brook there were trout. Walling- patiently until cor- pins. These are the opinions of Willie "Joins will have that THURSDAY, MAY 21, 193(3 I'pyrsi ill-lams' Single in Tenlh Provides Winning Run Against Batcsville' Team Mcl-cndon bunted and .the play nt second was too late to tab Dlllngs- ey at second. Both runners moved Jp ns Williams threw out Clark. Williams, younger brother ol Skip- aor noyce, drove out a long single to center, registering the tying tally and putting them one run a'nead. Thomas Intercepted Mills' flue but late throw and Williams was out trying for .second. Prom then on Thomas was the complete master, The By J. I 1 . Osreola ••Kir.N'i) ,.„,, - idlans made a B rtl B ,i If he lives to be 80. i^l ~- n ,,* 1 i™fi.. of . the . tTO £<"<><> «l Of 111: ' ' - Macfnrlnne, who brat Hie Imiuor- part of lib physical make-up. 1 iiiii'j "s-a battle* froni" 8 !!? lal Georijlai] in a playoff for tin; There is only one Jony .swln^i'sox 'ye'tcrdav it OcmH United Slatos Open championship Ni.:ody lies ever Imitated It sue-1 riovcc willKmi nmui i In 19-25. I ftrsfully. I doubt that wo will s w '"" l "'s PWI-J "Jones needs no alibi," says, ever Macfnrlane, ihe Seawaiie prolcs- Klonal, "but Ju:t lo answer Hie • hundreds of people Mho have lieim inc. provided tlie Takes Game While Wesl, ^Une me. "'What's wrong with Plnius lows Tics (or !Jobbyr ''" tcl1 yo " why llls i icimb LU;>L;>, i ici iui scores i u t | ie Mnste,;,' 'I'om-iiiiment SeCOIld Place -have run higher (ban his eveiy- 1 uay figures. Oonipellllve tension Is not the whole iinswer by a lull I another Hobby Jones." | ,,, 1(1 lllc 6core " IM al ^ Osceoln won while West Plains VJ.-R i;UUl VKUU VIJllllJ *1\ -llj I lit II LI i i . . lost yesterday and ns a result the .,'.,, B ' , Indians moved Into u tic with the Missouri club lor wcoml place In ° se su the Northeast Arkansas league. ta . [ "'f ue » Icwport won nntl continued in When Jones was "° se . e » ", 01 » "8 lo ho I Ainrrfean League Hew York nt Dotroll. vviiyliinglon at Cic'veland iloston ftt St. Louis, I'hilailolphlLi at Chicago. National I.eaguo Chicago nt iirootyyn. hjl. Louis (it New Vork, I'itlsbiu-Rh ni. ni'f'x'c Cincinnati at Boston, front of tlie pack. , the c ™ tcl ' " nlr Ol . , Osceola defeated Uatesvllle. 0 " s ?' ou """ lllei " °» "»>' colll - se to 8, at Osceol ' extra tnnlng ga straight from DatesvilL.. The game was decided In the tenth huiini; when Gates singled and Ecored on Manager WIlllouW hit 0 center . la in a Imrd fought I l0 !' " ve '; y " ly UKC - , ame, making it two 1 , w lut( ''"PPens when ^ V^- £l °" 111 to»""'n"-'''l ^> ' "-' 8 'cens connnltlce Immediately de- c "<*. lllut -, »° nls ls « oln . K of profession- show up thcii course by shooting in Ihe (iO.s. The 'AV'Ncwporl tlie loop leading' com !" lt , tco s l» t , 5 thc l"' ls '» ">Cardinals truunccd the Paragould' lnost ""Possible places on tht Rebels, 0 lo 2, willi Valcl starring ' srccns : ^ " lck " (or Ihe winners. He lilt a homer, double and single. I'iuiigould was limited to live lilts. The West Plnliw club lost to S1Q|W - mound tlie corner. They s.1 Ihem on the lip cf a bunker. They | plant them on a Irlcky .sldehli: Jcucsboro, 4 to 2, at West Plulat. I Campbell went thc route, for Jonesboro an<l held the Missouri- Mis lo eight-scattered lilts. Southern League W. L. Pel. Atlanta 27 li .818 Nashville 21 15 .583 Little Rock 18 New Orleans 17 1C .515 Chattanooga 10 Birmingham 15 Memphis 11 Knoxville 11 .411 .314 -trout entered - shallow if pool, Tarzan made it his habit to I 1 Iw'p them..ncally with stones. The i', lieu step" was tlie frying'pan. ••" [I , Such'h" life has Its qualities, but it does, not build 61iamplonshlp stamina Into a runner's frame ; Tarzan might still be legging It iiong the wood paths, sunlchlng hrsts in middle distance events, and comlnc In among the also- rrins-In the annual B, A. A. race, itjji evidence 11 ad n't been celebrat- Ipg Its ter-centcnary this year, f^ack Farringlon, A. A. : U. com- inlssioner for Rhode Island b.rought Tarzan's running ability io-.rthe attention of tlie Providence city council tercentenary commlt- Natloiml League. \V. I.. Pel- New York 19 10 .055 St. Louis 18 10 .043 Pittsburgh Cincinnati ........... 15 Chicago IS 13 .536 .484 .483 Boston' ';•:-, ..; 13 ie .449 Brooklyn 12 18 .400 Philadelphia 12 20 .375 Anierlcan I.cafirn W. New York 22 Boston 22 L. I'd. 10 12 13 14 .047 .567 .548 Cleveland 17 Detroit 17 Chicago 13 14 .481 Washington 113 is .411 Philadelphia U 18 ,31D SL U)ll ' s G 25 .191 Northeast Arkansas League W. L. Pel ..Scenting a.chance to publicize its- ; -omdertakiug. the committee! took.^ Tarziin on ns Its prolego. Tjftenty-rive dollars was nppropri- a|e'd'to buy him a new uniform rfnd a new pair of liaiul-made i (fining slices. ijif. one of, his moments of loquacity, Taraau admitted Hint,felt like wings parison with thc cheap sneakers lieVrhad been wearing. In 1935, 'Cfraan rmislied isiti in the B A, A. event barefoot, taking lite sneakers off seven miles from tlie fitllsh because they were burning bis. feet. Ire Cream .Tarzan's Weakness ' 'The gossnmer lightness of the flioes was offset to some extent by-the amount of advcrlbing ihe tercentenary committee inscribed In his : jersey, but Taraan was equal to the burden by race lime. • The committee provided him Vlth a physician who supervised .every step of his training, taking the utmost care of the runner's .diet, and ruling out even fresh- killed trout. The result was that, .Tarzan was able to make n front Jnce of It all the way. i In the process, of receiving due (icclaim for his triumph, Tarzan has. become something of a clly slicker, and frequently wears a shirt 'and necktie now. - Taran has shaken hands with tlie 1 governor, has addressed the Jfhode Island House of Representatives (Complete text: "I done it for Rhode Island"), and stood be- Ncwpurt 9 West Plains ::.•;. i Osceoln ...'......'. . 7 Paragoulrt 5 Jonesboro ; 5 Balesvllle •...-... 3 3 .750 1 .111 Putting Tcriilcxlne Problem "When they got through doc :orhi(j up the Augusta Niilloim links we contestants were luckj f we had three straight pults to: :he cup In nil 18-hole round. "Barnstorming profcsslonnls cai score pretty well despite such un fair pin locations, because the. are nccustomeil to playing course which lire stiffened in this link, fashion. They compete in nieilii )!ay events the year round. They mow that the committee Is goinj lo slack Ihe carils, or rallier tin. ilns, against them. "Jones now plays In only om tournament n year and iiiituriillj has no chance to get accustomed lo pulling at cups cut ii •sloping turf. Under the clrciinv stances, I wasn't surprised to fee him miss one short putt after nn other. He was ruined before h .ced off. A full campaign's experience nt putting for cups In tricks positions would give Jones tin needed confidence. "You didn't see anybody in tl>- Musters' Tournament shoot n G or a -29 for nine holes i\s Join (lid nt Augusta when the pin were fairly placed, * « * Junes lias Vateill oil Swing 'That's'all the bunk about rad leal changes in Jones' swing, played a round with him at An gusla and studied his form close y. - • '•',. . "So-called • critics claim Jones Is lifting Ihc club a faster on the backswing. They sa that lie has shortened his .stick choking olf the follow throng! Tney contend thai he has ci down on his hip motion and tin spoiled his free pivot. "It's mnusing to hear Ihe 'iloc loiV diagnose the snd cnse Bobby Jones, because I liuppc lo know llial the pntlent has 7 .417 healthier swing than any of h 9 .250 would-be physicians. In my oph ILLUSTRATION stow one of ttitrjl ttfts of coticrftt JJoor construct/oil, C*i and pnl are fl.icfj Hired!) on the coitcrelt, bat trooi flooring might haveheeii laii j mite manager-second sacker singled sharply through the box, ssndlng Gates the plate with Hie winning run. Thomas, Mlrd Indian pltehor, was the winning hurler, nUhoiigh he IMimltted the tying run. The elongated righthander relieved Mjisviiin in the olghlh afler the Happy F 0 re- man protege hud walked Bllllngsley •'/111 —"I" sixlh pass—lo start Ihc fraim 'You won't lose a thing by THIS < 1 1 Short-change!" Indians came right back nnci went well into the lead, garnering four In Ihelr half of the first and adding a Jlfth run In thc second. Bates- vllle counted I'hree In Ihe sixth but the Indians came back again with two In Tnelr half to lead, 7 to 4. Batesville kept shooting at 6s- ceola's. Jead, however, and scored two runs In the seventh and two In the eiglit'n to take the lead momentarily. Osceola 'tied the ball - .. ^- .j...,. .... HV" HIV UtllJ allowing no hits or runs, and struck game at 8-8 In Its half of the out the younger member of the' eighth ana then went on to win Williams family to end Ihc visitors' In the teulh, after a scoreless ninth Vialf of the extra frame. with Manaer Williams in th went the entire dis- lancc for the losers, but was ns wild as a Texas Jnckrabblt and gave up ten safeties. He Issued nine bases on balls and had Ihe mis- forlunc to have four of them turn Into runs, three In the Initial stanza. A> Ihe game progressed he iccmcd to grov. r stronger, 'hov;ever. Dntcsvlite scored first, getting one run In Its hair of thc hrst but tilt with Manager Williams in the lie- ro's role. Southern Prague Little Hock at, Atlanta. Memp'.ils at Knoxville. Nashville at New Orleans. Chattanooga at Birmingham. Northeast Arkansas League Newport at .Osccbia. Batcsville at Jonesboro. Paragould at West Plains. Baseball Results Southern league Chattanooga 7, Memphis 4. Knoxville 0-2, New Orleans 1-6. Nas'nvllle 7, Little Rock 5. Birmingham 7, Atlanta 3. National Brooklyn u, Chicago 2. Cincinnati 10, Boston 8. Pittsburgh 3, Philadelphia 3. Neiv York 10, St. Ixiuls 7. American ].t3jrue Chicago 4. Philadelphia 0. Washington 7, Cleveland 6. Detroit 4, New York 3 (10 In- liings). St. Louis 12, Boston 8. Norlhrast Arkansas League Newport 6, Ppragould 2. Jonesboro 4, West plains 2. Osceola 9, Batesvlile 8. Read Courier News Classified Ads IT'S high time to ait down on shorts E«ery lime you 'buy HAKES lhal you can't sit down in. Make Shoils, pick out HANES Shiils"to"ao a clmnge lo HjiNcsl lump inlo a with them. Light, cool, and elaii- pmr and button thorn up ... 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