The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 12, 1946 · Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 12, 1946
Page 3
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Xpect At^GONA fOWA fa;" I; Against Removal of Wai? I .do not favor such a.rttpVfii It would be of no lasting : berteflt felt either to the dead or the living, ». ^ ., now, before. and-: it : would be unfair to the I More Ihaitrturm Some home (parents of; boys, who lost 1 their ja\, The Algona tipfter I lives,at-sea,of were never found, es founded sentiment. Of *• *-•--•-' - —-•"-«-* — -•••-. ^ wo to one 6n the pa'ft;df' ffiti^parents in favor of letfinig, 'remains of th?lr song rest ere they are. The army has cqmnletedj plans. bringing the dea'd homo if congressional, -—-'-••• •-' a.good fight and dre •peacefully,, a>'f est, We love them Just as m,uch and mputn .them just" as 'deeply whetKer ; ',i;h6y be jiear;*,i5t'fari.' We-kn&w" that they were', .tenderly laid to rest. by those^ that .loved them arid .that „ „— .. is their graves will be well taken granted.; A bill den-'ng with the cafe Ofr there would be a ire- return* Of;war dc-ad has passed the house aria recently was before the senate military affairs committee. jOhe Algona mother said: "No,. niendbu*i expense which could be tieiier u$ed in feeding, clothing i educating a world thai is almdst lost, .tarn sure our children would? want it 4 so," . AhoiHet viewpoint, expressed. (by a mother from St; Joe, takes the opposite viewpoint, She says: "We are in favor, of having, our son's body, brought home-, as spoil- as possible. We Would apprleci- ate this Very much and t'hlnjt it would be very kind-! of- the gov? ernment." ' A Lone? Rock mother says: "I do not favor such, a move. If' the men could express, their views, I feel th^ majority would rather? stay where they fell. The Jnfl used in-such.<a projeel eowHd _ used more ialisfaciorlly in. pay/ ing pari of/the expenses for, any. gold star mother; or wlffr'. whft cared lo Visit itie grave 61: hejJ loved 6n»i"' •' "Let the matter rest where it is," Wrote a- Whittemore mother. "Why increase and rene.w the gi'ief?" From Buffalo Center, another mother wrote: "It is our desire that the remains of our son be returned lo the U. S. for reburial." A. sister of one man who died in action Writes: "I think if the boys who died could say, they would prefer to lie where they fell. It was hard enough to go through Memorial services without a 'body.without going through a funeral and reburial services with a body we couldn't recognize, or. in' fact probably would: n't be allowed to see, and if We did it would slay by us. the res! 61 our liVes . I do think we should make certain that overseas graves are kept up." "Our boy went down with his ship and shipmates," wrote an Algona mother," and the ques- 'tion is of course in the hands of parents whose boys can be brought home. It would stir up a lot more sorrow ..." A Wesley woman writes: "At the time we received word that want our boy home, and we have the lot ready and waiting for ihe day." Under present plans, no military cemeteries will be maintained in isolated areas, and tha war department is already planning removal of bodies from China, Burma, India, the East Indies, Central and South America and Africa except in the North Africa theater, the Middle East, and. most islands, except our son had been killed, we de-! Hawaii, the Philippines Cided not to have the remains] It was stated that disposilion shipped back and we still feel forms would be mailed next of the same- way about bringing kin within a reasonable time be home." fore exhumations begin, ii',con- From Algona, a mother says: .gress authorizes the bringing /'If it is the parents say so;'we I.home of. all bodies. . - ' ;. ' • V ....... -..-•-, '. ' Death Separates'Ex-Algona Publishers . atoove are. Harvey Ingham, left, and Gardner Cowles, in -one .of. the, most .recent: pictures ; taken before death separated the two^for•; Algona residents who . pooled their newspa- , . per, ^Knowledge to capture the Des Moines publishing 'field and build one of the nation's strongest', newspaper organizations. 'Funeral services for Gardner Cowles Sr. were held in Des Moines, a week; ; .agp .Monday. Mr. .Ingham waSj once, editor, of The Upper Des Moines; arid Mr. Cowles-owned : an interest in, the Algona Republican, both papers being evertt- ualy consplidated'-into'the 1 Upper Des Moines-Re- publicah, • now The Algpna- Upper Des Moines. Thus the .ancestry of this-paper traced back to 1805,. with anvillustrious'.list:6f,previous publishers and"editors; ;•"'•',..'";'.'-''.•'"' • • .• J|ined $5, Costs ; rflorOld City", was flned'$5.. :; !iind\costs in the pourt of- Justice J-rf.: B. Johnston; last Fri- day, on . a charge 'of not-having; i chauffeur's license." •"• - '• .;•'" .--•.' " - Jubscription— $2.50 :.per. iy ' ' . .. single '.copy. Adv'. 'rate .42c.1ftch Tuesday and IROUS RUSUBRS, AGAINST HONEST GUN*HORSE WHO TED CROOKS! Added ' /March 1445-16 || ;:; p|iA;^|pyfi|P3 Efeier pitswprth, 44, £iagle TwpV, Succiimb» * : Swe.a City: -Funeral 'service's for.' Elmer. "Ditsworth, 44, .'were held .Wednesday, Mar. 6, at the East- Chairi Lutheran church with. -Rev.' •.panier Edwards' -.'in .-charge. '. •: Mr;;. OD^ts worth,;, farmer ahc landowner '•', in '•• Eagle' township die4,v M&Jrchv-' 2: 'at:- a. Ealrmont .i h'pspital. after an. illness, 01 . . r s£Ver.aJt.n3phths; 'He was,, born- al ' ' • '• . 22,' '19.01 ; S,urv.iying-- are 'his •:•.• wife, ' two sons, Wendell- and'Arvin', and one ' M!rs. Robert ' ' ,'Q.-' B : ;..La5arre!'was. 'honored.'. at a,.;; t9siti.n>Qn;ial',; garty, : an'd .''-• office 'i '1'ais.t .' vteefc, .sponsbr.ed.^ by ' . 111., asv a . of : - . . br^tioh r ; manager ' ' The," ' . JBat're- w.Ulj/a'-plaiq(ufe %na.' a , desk clock in <hp'n.P'r -of- ihe .oc.casiori. A New Case Filed •Don E. Akre was 'granted a di' vorce from'Lepma Saturday^ in district court here. Judge Q; -^W, Stillowv. handed; 4pwn; tfte decree. . 7!he^ gjat^tlf I -;was also granted custody of -a minor daughter of the couple.. , Tvyp -new cases were 'filed, ones-a divorce.- v ., --.... , - ' . : Nora W.; Garner, Alsona, charging • non-support and- habitual drunkenness,'. is, seeking a divorce f rpro, Ruf u§ Garner* The couple %erei marriejj, .AVS- 28,. 19,44, at lips.'Angelesj; •• WTO. F.' Rustepieler is plaintiff in a. civil action over an account, with E. J. EeiterJrjg;' named as de^. e, Wesley: . tended the meeiung of , servatign • lle,a|\ie- Wfeld- Thursday, in., tijfc Jm\m Art Priebe, coun»r Hp ft J, P, L<jwe, Bounty sepre were prese . i|e moivii\g;- plctwre= (f rips at IB 271 VOTING; Ih keeping with the month of March, the annual election of the Algona independent school district s.tarted in like a Jamb, Monday noon, but-wound up like a lion,, at ..7. p. m. In .all; 271 ballots were cast and T, C. Hutchison and F. C. Scan- Ian were elected directors to serve for two years, and E. A. Scheme! was re-elected treasur- Ordinarily 25 or 30 votes are cast, where there is no competition on the regularly printed elec.tion ticket. In this case, however, the candidacy of Jerry Lewis as a "write-in" candidate started a ball rolling that ran the voting room in the high school out of'the original order of 100 ballots, and made City Policeman Tim O'Brien happy that he had erected two voting booths instead of one. The final tabulations: Directors for Three Years T. C. Hutchison, 226, re-elected. F. C. Scanlan, 188. Jerry Lewis, 75. ,- There were a few other scattered votes, including three for E. J. Hough, who is retiring from the board aftef serving 12 years, and who was not a candidate for re-election. Treasurer, for Two Years E. A. Schemmel, 233, re-elected. Scattered votes were cast for Gordon. Ogg, C. B. . Murtau'gh, Jerry Lewis,. Mrs. L. W. Keith and- Harold Hutc.hins,. none of whom were candidates, however, At the school board's organization meeting, next Monday, 'Scanlan will take the- place;,'of Hough.,, Other.',board.*.TOemtiers 'arrf ip.,;-^ Leffeint, ft Mis,; ,$&$. Mur.tagh and G. W. Stillman. Mr^. George St. John is secretary, an appointive office. ROSCH BEATS PERTL IN WHITTEMOHE BALLOT Whittemore: Ewald Kusch, with 06 votes, was elected to a three-year term as school board director here Monday, defeating L. H. Peril, who received 4<t votes. The refusal of Frank Bes- tenlehner, director for somej years, to run for re-election/ brought about the contest, John; P. Uhelnhake was elected treasurer. WESLEY RE-ELECTS TWO SCHOOL DIRECTORS : Wesley: Dr. H. H. Raney and; Dr. L. L. Pfcffer were re-elected; to the school board here Monday. Whittemore Cafe Sold Whittemore: In a deal made Wednesday Maynard Boeder bought the fixtures and equip? rhent of the Vaudt Cafe. They will remodel the place and will open their cafe for business Apr-, 1: Herman Vaudt has accepted 'a position with the town and will help at-the water plant and street work. New Family Now On Crowell Farm Irvington: The Kenneth McCoy family have moved to the John Crowell farm two miles south of Algona on highway 109j The Roy Fiitmuns have moved to the McEnroe farm on east McGregor. Mr. and Mrs. John Cox have received word from their grand? son. Paul Miller, son of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Miller of Burt that ho is now stationed at Schumacher, Gftlif., and .think before long he will receive his discharge from thk navy. •Mrs. Arthur Krause visited last week with her daughter. Faye, student nurse at Kirks-; ville, Mo. Car-Truck Collide A. collision between a car driven by Charles Hanson and a truck driven by Glenn Strayer, occurred. Saturday night. Some damage was done to the Strayer truck, and tha matter was settled between Hanson and Strayer, Monday morning. LONE ROCK RE--ELECTS MAHLQW.. NEWBBOUGH, Lone' Rock: Dell K. Mai-low and L. A. Newbrough were elected to the school board here for three-year terms, Monday, without- opposition. N. L. Cotton was re-elected; treasurer. LUVEflNE. SCHOOL VOTE VERY LIGHT MONDAY' Lu Verne: , Phil Henderson was elected, a director for three years, Monday,^ in the school election, and Dorothy Mi Lindebak was named treasurer. There ,was no opposition,, Henderson .received 35 votes, and 35 were cast fOK.- treasurer. TITONRA HAS CLOSE RACE FOR DIRECTOR Titonka: E. P. Hanson, director, and president of the school board foe some years, was reelected here Monday, getting 58 votes .to 49 cast for J. R. Schutjer. Mrs, Homer Dowas was named treasurer, : wvwvwwwwwwwwvw WANTED TEUPRQNE C^PIRAIORS ATM60NA Farm lor Sale IMMEDIATE POSSESSION . We have a 260 A. farm. that, is to be sold by April 1. 194 A. in, cultivation. Two, houses, one of which is modern throughout, thq Bother a tenant house. This farm is- on a paved highway, and has electricity and water to all the buildings. Priced at $95 per acre. Terms. •'.;;. , P. Ha & Son wBf Mrs. F. A, Is Portland; Hostess Portland: l^he Portland. Ser* vice club met last/week ThurS- day with Mrs. F. .A. Rjngsdorf. Eighteen women attended and did Red Cross sewing. Mrs. Ferri Drone assisted' and lunch was served. Shower, for. Bride A shower honoring Mrs. Geo. Sengebush was held March 4 at the Anthony, aridl home. Forty women, attended*' Contests were held, many gifts displayed and lunch served* Mr. and Mrs. Sengebush are living in Algona, where both are employed. CHAKI5 Featherweight, just to- waist-line girdle of batiste with generous sectibris-pi open weave elastic, Li'ghtr ly boned in front, zipper closing. Call 48-J for appointment with Charis Corse.tiere< A, Wilspn 6Q3:S: Dodget ' '' ' THWJ WJ&ddlhg Licenses Two licenses to wed were issued! during the 'past-week in the office of Helen White.,clerk of the district court, as follows: '' March 6 — Rprtald E. Heetland and Gretchen Rippentrop, Lakota, March 0—George Christensen, West Bend, and Eunice Rtdenour, Livermore. HELLO! HELLO! YoUTv Cargill Dealer, Is .Calling Another Shipment of Curgif! Feeds ized Chick Starter 3bw and Pig Meal Hbg; Supplement OFiheior pellets) 27% Poultry Grain Bala.ricer Eg& Mash - Calf Meal or Pellets Dog Food Mineral Carey Salt Pilot Brand Oyster Sheik D-X Products Corner South of Milwaukee Depot Phbhe 460i m : beautiful tHie glorious spring in fashions as new aind; dis- -tinctjye as this; vejijz miriutei Burst forth in a ga^ priii^ a chic coat, a startling hat; andaccessoriies that turn the trick. For the gmafffceat new-season wardrobe select '^j^t^^^Sy^^^-'S'K^S^^^^^IpSjsfs^* Good Pay i«gjilw! Increases Apply in person between Bode Man Hoftje

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