The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 12, 1946 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 12, 1946
Page 2
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Be sure by bringing your cat- complete check-up. in today for a Skilled Mechanics Chevrolet-Engineered Parts Finest Tools and Equipment WE SERVICE ALL MAKES Kossulh Motor any Chevrolet Sales and SerVice Joe Harig Phone 200 Don Nelson North Dodge 5 ^';^-f;i^'~-;''^v,;:V'-::' : -'"-!: ; wr l^^.^^fe^flflt^f^^^S^'.^llfej^i^^-^ ' F ' • - : ' : - -,-•'.-.-J •'.-"•-;;.'•;,•"'•' -•'•"%," •'---•- .• ."'.'• v;. 1 .' .--f'.'y #,£-•? ^^i'^.>;.Vj ii ;-^..^; J i;.';;^vj;; i i : '« ^o y -'. *?'-.• v ; : ':.-'•'•P" : "' ? --'''.&!/&•'","• -••" 4v£&i,«-' '• ' I : :;| : flfe : y .^•...•^.^a^jiiVmatiHi 1.1< a. i• i wr -r---^"" a i'' '- 1 ^flrffl if?- • **• --•••• •"•;••- 1 '•.-"•'li.v*it*i; j -. * rir^Bniiii II.I.I..I _ _ . ..... ...,.. _,.,>, .,.. if, ,... t n. -,/. ....... ...... ...,.--; aft-fiimflMif ' ""^ft i ' , SpdftSfcwf frftftl ts Mrs. .T. A. Itariff 'lias linen confined to her bed the past few weeks 'because ol serious illrtess.. Mrs. -W. B. Rae of MaSdn Cify spent, the weekend with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. N. TaylOr. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Thames attended a mooting at Mason City,' Saturday, where a luncheon was hold by his insurance firm. Betty Jane LaBarrc, who is attending Boloit College, was recently initiated into Pi Beta Phi fraternity for women. Betty is in her junior year. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Wolcolt and family enjoyed a visit from Saturday until Sunday from the former's father, L. G. Wolcott of Kagle Lake, Minn. Mr. arid Mrs. Maurice Morfen- son of Hampton were weekend guests of Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Hanson. Mrs. Mortenson is a daughter of Mrs. Hanson. John Wood began Work ai the liquor store Friday. Until an apartment can he rented, Mr. and Mrs. Wood are rooming at the I... C. Hanson home. Mr. and irtrs. J. C. \Vimmcr and Mr. and (Mrs. Wilbur Steven re- lumed Wednesday from Minneapolis where the men had been on a 'buying trip 'for the Woodward store. Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Krcscnsfcy and A'lice went to Nora Springs, Friday, to meet (heir daughter, Ardis who came home for a ten day spring vacation from McMurray college, Jacksonville, 111. Rev. and Mrs. G. M. Webb were in Sioux City from Tuesday through Friday, where they visited with the former's broth'er Marion, who has been with the army of ocupation in Germany. Mr. and Mr'Si ftuagell Cdeifc tortained at a family .dinner, Sunday. Guests weft Mr. -afrd l.'lrs. Henry Johattris'eft, M>. 'aftd Mrs. M. L. Duttoh tit Burt, Miv and Mrs. Glen Te'etSr of Lone Rock, and Mrs. Florence Sdfliehtl and family of Burt. Mrs. Carl Weiner and daughters Shirley and tforis of Burt came the latter part of the.week Se met Mrs. Bp^gpri TOO ftfd visiting .hef'stm VefWSh aUd .... wife in my&tiSiittm J»st- 'week. Mrs. Vernbn Spongberg has been ill but is now improV* I. Mr. and Mrs. Jf. 6. Aliwagg 'an'd 'cniletfeft Ffa'ftce^ Ann, JinV my, and .Gary 6f iRedfleld, la., Iwer'fc WfiekeM tflMliS of'.Mr, and Mrs. W. S,-Wlflaen^.iMrii.i.Alt'- Wfelg is :the iormeir IrWft Wen* daughter 6f Mr. and Mrs. for a visit at the home parents .Mr, and Mrs. of her Frank eMs. The 'family .is nipvmg to a farm near Princeton. Mo., where Mr. Weiner fias ftlrfcady gone. Mrs. Weiner and tnesiclvil- dren will join hiiin in about a week. Mr. ahd Mrs.^ Warty Larson ainid children Danwi'n and Greta May, Forest City, visited the la'tter's mother Mrs. C. F. Specht, last Sunday. They were joined 'for Supper and the evening by Mr. and Mrs. William Specht. Mrs. Lyle Reynolds returned j Friday from Mason City, where She had spent a week with her mother, Mrs. Margaret Kinsella. On .Tuesday 20 relatives gathered at Mrs. Kinsella's home to help her celebrate her birthday. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Phillips and the latter's mother, Mrs. Sarah Wise, and sister Mrs. Drusilla Noble, went to St. Ansgar, where they attended the 30th wedding anniversary celebration of Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Wise. Mrs. Mary Miller accompanied her son George and his nephew Tommy James who have been here from Flint, Mich., as far 'as Grinnell the latter part of the week where she will visit her son Dolf and family a few weeks. by m. arid Mrs. ftay- Westling and faniily of Hurt went to Fort ^Dodge Sun- 'day, where they Joined in 'the 'celebration of the 40th Wedding 'anniversary of Mr. and Mrs< John Wgs'tling., ... _ Mr. and Mrs. Homer To Hie find 'children, , .Marilyn and Richard, went 'to ties Mofffe's, laSjt WJ$ft, jvvhefe.t'h'ey visitM Mr. a-ftd. Mfs Blair Su'mwfers a¥i'd,Mr. arid Mrs. ' Ml 'i/oft Mn. Mtlrtsgf, whb fiaf fcfK ; tM% tire fast sWrtl, weMs. They £16H to be there' tlBetSt two Weeks. Mrs..Ev J. Mur* tafh received U card from thtffi sent from Columbus, Neb.,, say- 'grtfi'S M^.WSS t^ing ntifelys. .'. M*, flftd Mrs, JaiHeS Grlfillii of Des MfiineS'stoem tfte viriififhd with the fbwhm pr — and MrSi .Mart., Me were jotnM '6h and Mrs.;i%hk W^Bgter. 'City, tH sister 6t and W. Q. Wijlfoths. Mrs. and Mrs. Williams 'axe sisters of Mr t , TUttle., ... Mr. aM M*«. Don Sunday dintfer 'gtfestsjof Mr. irtd Mrs. Robert Wood. . Robert f fe- cetitly began \tf6rk at the Kent motor garage. . For tHe , .present they are. living With Mr. and Mrs.. .Joe, Besteftlehher until ah apartment .is available. ' Ran In the Algona Papers During ike Sale Season, Now Drawing to a BTIRT Melvin R. Abbas David McGregur Chns. Patterson E. M. Tootham John & Gen. Bahlins S. J. Esarey .J. P. Trunkhill Luther Fairbanks R. F. Elvidge Wm. C. Kifhn ST. BENEDICT Vincent Kellner WHITTEMOIIE Mrs. Anna Hillenga Mrs. Emilio Siems Geo. H. Meyer John Maahs Georse Balgeman LOTTS CREEK Albert Wittkopf LIVEUMORE Lela Heiter I.IIVERNE Paul Stahl Frank Sanford Lewis Wildin SWEA CITY J. J. Theesfield WEST BEND Thns. B. Wieggans Henry Wolfe Estate CORWITH Julius Hanson TITONKA Fred Menken ALGONA Carl Hutchins John T. McGuire Ray Haugen Mrs. Mary Lenlsch D. N. Gerber C. A. Gcilenl'eld Ray Pitman Wilhelm Geilenfeld R. H. Skilling R. W. Sankey Amos Angle WESLEY Harold Carlson Roman Wilhelmi WEBSTER CITY V. H. Wehrheim BUFFALO CENTER Joos Brothers ST. JOE Aclolph Fuhrmann IRVINGTON Ralph Lage John F. Weber Alfred Grill LONE ROCK Alex Krueger W. I. Dodds Reuben Fuerstenau Arnold Dreyer Floyd Duncan Hiram Ackerman BANCROFT Francis Doocy A. J. Berens KANAWHA Bert Roskamp FENTON Dreyer & Willrett Herman Gade Herman Struecker HUMBQLDT Arthur Parsons RENWICK W. H. Helmke ROLFE H. F. Olerich WHY? Because Over 4,000 Families a Week Read One or the Other—or Bbth—of the Algona Papers, an Unexcelled Kossuth Coverage. Semi-Weekly News and Advertising Service The Algona The Kossuth Upper Des Homes County Advance Tuesday in 1946 Thursday in 1946 ft^f^^^^t^^ by e*det of UeHrtfi. 'a ti and son-in-la'w of Mr. dtofh^er and Mrs. Scn'foeder. Beverly . Joyce, jtiaughle* of Mr< and Mrs. Harm Helfners, tinder-. W%n't her^Bcend dp'ei'ation Friday at Iowa City where she has been for the past, month.., , She ' Ker BailMrt, . fftr tW6 Week^ aM 'Mi}. Tier: . t6 AlgbHa. SeWrly, who is a s'tUdieftt fit tlie.BrylTi't ScTlfibl, is : ' Wrn 'dauildriS : -of . Rosliftlt, S. ti., ,. ., restfectfvsiy t. Wedflestfay w'i't^Mr. aftd ( - . Mrs. ,B. H,. Potter. . , ( Wiey, 1 -Were Joirted by Mr. - '' '' Jbhn's'en -for , -Mrs, Tn .me, • fcobbfe ,iRicWardii6n, six-year- old Son of Mr. 'aifid Mrs. flgib'ert RibhardSon, has I'e'c'OVer'ed from his illness Mth chicken jpo^c .and Was able to return to school Monday. Thursday his. little sister Donna .Kay, age three, c&m'e down With,the disease.. JVfr. ,'kri'd Mrs.. W. f. Giossl a^d on Billy a'n'd 'Ruby Murtha, returned Sunday frorn a trip to 'Chicago and .Milwaukee on a buylhi 1 trrp for the LUSUy & Giossl store They expected to return home Friday but were caught in the heavy snowstorm in Milwaukee. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Wllkins returned Saturday from Hot Springs, New Mexico, where they have been since the 29th ol January. Before returning home they took a trip into Old Mexico visited the Carlsbad Caverns and plapes in Arizona and Texas. Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Tickers and daughters Barbara and Carolyn came Sunday for a visit >at the home of Mrs. Reker's mother, Mrs F. A. Corey. Mr. Rekers returnee Monday to their home at Ce'dar Falls, 'but Mrs. Rekers and the children will remain for a week. M-Sgt. Clement Amunson and wife of Black River Falls, .Wis. were visitors Tuesday and Wednesday at the home of the former's cousin Dr. A. W. Amunson. Sgt Amunson has been in England the )sast three years, and Was enrout'e to an assignment at Denver, Colo Mrs. . Harvey Johnson spent •fi'oni Saturday until Monday Wiih her daughter ahd her husband,, Mr. and Mrs. John Rich .0 heir Hobartph. A..! dinnei w« I-given 'Sunday in lionor : 6 1 T; '•Jbtihsofff-bir'tttday. 1 ,O'the 'guests wore Mr. and Mrs. Georgi Lee. . ,, Mrs. Raymdnd Reid has iecely 'pd word that h'er cpu'sih, Lloyd Bartlett oif Titohka, has been taken to the Park hospital in Ma son City suffering with virii pntumonia with which he was •afflicted .last , year and from which it took him some time to recover. Mrs. lEdythe D. Dailey, former Algonan arid owner of the Mari- 'gold Beauty Shop, now living ^in San Bernardino, Calif., has recently •accepted the managership of a large shop in Redkmds, Calif. She has been operating a shop of her own in San Berardino, but has leased that. James feeid Is Tea vine the fore part of this week for his home in Bartlesville, Okla. Mrs. Reid will remain in Algona for the next two or three weeks with her mother Mrs. E. J. Hodges. The Reids came to Algona the first of last week, called by the illness and death of Mr. Hodges, Mrs. Fay Minard, formerly of Algona and now living .in Fort Dodge, who was taken 'to Fort Dodge hospital in critical condi- tion'is reported as being improved after having been given oxygen followed by treatments. She had suffered a severe heart attack and also has. pneumonia i>r. and Mrs. A. J. Miller and Tommie of Granville spent Sund^y wi'th the former's sister and her husband, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Schilmoeller. Sunday evening the two i'amiiies went to. Livermore, whe,re. they celebrated the birthday of Martin Miller, brother of Dr. Miller and Mrs. Schil- moeller. Mrs. ftlarc Moore Is . expected -jiTie ', \yednesday or Thursday frorn Fprt Dodge where she has been spending p ifew days with her daughter Mrs. Emmert Dean arid family. The Deans are parents of a new daughter born February 28. She is the second child, and has been named Mary Marguerite. The other ; child is a son, Marc Willis, Capesius, Kosswth county rppriesentPtiVe, who is vacationing in pajifornia, is enjoying the sunshine there and expects to be home th> Jatter part of this month, life has been making his headquarters in Los Angeles,. Jle writes, "The natives say it has been a cqld win- They should come back to , ., in|t Mr. tfnd Mrs. Ray .Fitch, and ' ' Mr. ¥n'd Mrs. 'Leo , t>f -Britt . . Vam'e to visit, With thfe gr6tip, who iv'ere school friends Several years . _.-, Mrs. Mayine yin M . IT. 'Stei'hnyfi'fl dauBnter Mrs., Ntfte, Pa'rr : 6f 'Auis,- tih to Rdcn'est'erj Ttiesday, ^arid returned ., .nonVj&' Friday. Mrs. 'Stein'rn-an.n'as. Seefi- 'hiVln'g s(5rn'e trou'bie \vith'heVuh'fp. "which w : as diagrfoSed 'as Srthritig 'arid shis was •assured v :h;er £ia's"e W^is not "as S'erious as She'Had fear'fed. ^She will 'riot haVe.tb .return ;to the hbspital. ..... '.. ,s^,, v .,.,. -;.'\. ..,'.'< Mr. 'and.Mrs..wiuia'rh Tellman of Fort Dodge came last week for a visit at the horrie of the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dale Stockwell, and to see her sister Mrs. Marie/Nelson, who was a patient at the.General hospital and was released .Tuesday. Mrs. Nelson remained with her parents from Tuesday until Saturday and then was able to go, to her. own home. . ^ Mrs. Glen Sdott and 'children Sharon and Phyllis of Mason City spent the weekend with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Stephenson. On Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Len Mitchell arid daughter Alberta and Mr. and Mrs. Lee Cole and daughter Mary Lee, all of Corwith, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Stepheriso'n'. Mrs. Mitchell and Mrs. Cole are sisters of Mrs. Stephgnson. Mits. Kalherine Scherer arid daughter, Mrs. Leslie Gari'rio'n. arid son P'v't. Adrian Scherer of Mitchell, S. D., .were .guests, .of ;Mrj .an'd, lijrs.- /A'jffjed 1 ,ScHerer, a 'few/days last week., 'P.vt.,Sch'er;- er has been a patient at the veteran's hospital in Carson City, Colo., and came to spend a 30- 'day furlough with his mother. Alfred Scherer is also son of Mrs. Katherine Scherer. . Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Vohs received a letter from their son :arl of West Bend, in which a notice was enclosed, telling of the Formal banquet given at Ames last week, at which their daughter Janice was one of the nine students so honored by Mortar Board. Miss Vohs is president of the Sigma Kappa sorority and treasurer of the Pan-Hellenic council, and is a junipr. Mr. and Mrs. Vr. 3. Sigsbee arid son Harl'ari went to Fort Dodge Thursday, where the men transacted business. They also visited their son Bob, who Is a student at Tobin college. Bob will be horrie for the weekend and Ruth Ann will alsp spend the weekend with her parents. She is ta'kirig. a nursing cpurse at Omaha and April 1st wijl be transferred to Hastings, Neb., for a three months course,, ... Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dilaworih returned last week Monday from Los Angeles,' where they have be.en visiting at the hpme of their daughter and .family the. past three months, Mr. Ditsworth has been ill with the flu the .past few days and confined to his bed. during the absence of Mr, arid Mrs. Ditsworth the former's nephew and his wife, Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Koepke, have been occupying their house. Algona was well represented at Estherville. Thursday evening at the basketball game between Algona and Bancroft's St. Johri's ;earii, Algona corning out on top. Among th'ose attending were Vfe.ssrs. arid Mesdames Dr. Karl fjoffman, Johii Kirk.. Don Miller, Seriry Johanriseri, Jajnes Allen, Ray Cook, Frank Roscpe, IVed Shilts and E3 Thave,?., Ed Wolcott, R. B. Waller, Pat Cullen, Fred Deikman arid Theo Chrls- chi)Jes, . v „. . • Mr. end M>$, Dennis Goeders, who have beea in Afoultrie, Ga., since early fall, have 'gone to phicago, wheye Mr. GoedWs will enter .St. Iy«k.e's hospital. Their da.ugh.ter Helen, Mrs;. Nortnan Wackier, and., her. family live in Mpujtrie and because 6t Mr. ter. Iowa and find really means." put what winter Mr?. T. F. Q'SWre will return to her home in Pes 'Mo|nes the middle of the week after spending a 1 few days with fier father H. f, Risfc whfl was jll for two pr days with th,e >f lu. Her sjstejt. Alice ' are in _. ^ hjcitiil where th.ey r^ve been ing the P«»4 ten days. Pirf, We4nesd.ay , she spent three, n>pntJ»? wltlt " Qeorge an^ ffnaMy- .He e4 m l«rmer position his ed in to bi$ home in Papa na, Goeders not .being fn particularly good, health they, wanted to spend the winter in n ipiider climate, ,No details of Mr. T -T._ ^-lf •*. '.'; ' ' .> ... "-™. , . . era decision to enter the Chicago hospital have been Jearned came TuesdayI^^R} TOpeka for a visit until Monday With; the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Post,, ajid 5(r!?fher gick and family. Hp is.pi| termirial leave 9p,<lJi,8S, beeR Jin sepyice in the ^^prPSJ»t r ^ina, Thle, ;i'^j_- *i-"ii-. <j, Vj::j Pi B n ^f».,«9te»f* »;« -l^sa| cbmgtp di4 '*- " fee is try, t,he Ipst. hsve pl3 UPil I don'Thoid you"indjs lettlricj^ at health M Ma «an't«e felped ysur: . i Atm tion *>nd neW. Com 'J \ I tfti fetJY Fdfo 'CASH> OR TRADE > " ' v .'• .-• '?,./(•'-' '•' •' •-,"¥*',;:.' ' -. . .'• •'•'••.-; ; •. , '• ••'' .»./'&'/," Late Mode! Used Cars * £hbrte3di West of Court HOU& senice. 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