The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 2, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 2, 1930
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Served by the United Press BLYTHE VILLE COU RIERN THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI vni VVVTT v/, 110 Blythevllle Courier, BK/thevlHe Dally News, Jt_uii. AAV1I — »NO. no Blytheville Herald, Mississippi Valley Leader. RLVTIIKVILLK, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, AUGUST 2, l!WO HOME EDITION C. M. BUCK IN CHARGE SINGLE COPIES FIVE O Bike Gives Out, Bringing End io Endurance Ride HAYTI, Mo.—J. C. Johnson and 1 Aubrey Alters, Hayti, youths who jtook off Moiulny night .it nine I o'clock on n bicycle In Hie main As Giant Dirigible RilQO JNeaml Montreal Robbery of CouiUrv Bank! "> imrc Il?re f " a " a t'<? m pt T I I /T c • 'break the Scutheasl Missouri bi- IQday iS UimaX to JCriCS ; cycle ridim; endurance record, call_/ A * i ed the ride off early loday when UI WUirdgLb. : tna . |,icycle broke. down. The • sprocket chain and bearings vrear- ^ lEMDWTs. Ti-nn.. Autr. 2. (UP)— j ng ollt brought 111? bicycle io an The robbing of a west Tennessee official standstill after 75 hours tuuntry bank by three youthful! am i 15 m | mi tes continuous riding, holdup men today caused police , OvL -r 317 miles had been covered and sheriff's officers to begin a i according to the mileage meter on flinty wide search for holdup nwn,; (he bicycle yeggs and gangsters who have In-! Johnson 'and Akers My that as limldated citizens here for the pastj EOO n as a new bicycle arrives from several weeks. j a dealor they will set out again j The bamlils, driving a machine i lo i,Veak the record. Much interest 1 stolen yesterday from the negro I ln ,|, is scc tion was shown in the chauffeur of Mrs. M. E. Carter,; r ;d e Memphis social leader, robbed the Oakland Depositors Bank ol Oakland, Tenn., yesterday, of $2.997. ' Miss Laura Pierce, assistant! cashier, and P. D. jlenry, cashier. I v.we threatened by the holdup I men. The abandoned machine,; found here last night and identi- ] fled as the bandit car by the bank j cashier, bore license plates issued i to Fred Crook of Lexington, Tenn., I'M p j- i , M Crook reported the plates were Many Candidates Here 111 1 Person; Judges Will Be Announced August 5. BflLLDI PLflutS stolen from his garage last week. I While county officers searched i for the bank bandits local police j continued to round up suspicious characters in an effort to curb ban dilry. Candidates for couty and town- ( ship offices in Mississippi county on Recent depredations here which | she Democratic ticket gathered here I spurred police to greater activity I this afteroon to draw for positions included a daring holdup of a pro- j on the ua i| 0ts Qn \ v hich the vo^'i minent Memphis physician and his j w ill indicate liieir choice at the family as they were driving through ; primaries to be held Augusut 12th. downtown streets, the robbing of : Tile ,i ra , V m 8 was conducted by private homes by a nude negro, and j Bruce Ivy of Osceola. secretary of a 'series of house robberies. ; the Democratic central committee. Unemployment was given a s the j A mimbcr of candidates were rep- cause of the trimo epidemic by po- j re ( entet i by proxy but many were lice commissioner Davis. here in person for the drawing. The Central committee will hold ill. S. Waints to Share in Rum Profits MEMPHIS. AUK. •> (UP)—Federal fNiTi-., iinlay Wed suit itgahm Frank Marmn, mirporU'il kini; (it!,, . •• I ti:a!lci'.|..i'rs, for Sfi-l.UflO whlcli pro- : Olll'VP.y O) WOl'K iNCCCSSai'V 'I hllilllun ugdit.s dt-clare Is due from • •' ' " pr<l!i!. r.l) I - A..i]"_,.;_ '11 p ' ,• T " i Au.tlion?.cd. by Lout'i ; ia.x . . At in,- >M V .C time liens nicd in ; Change May Conie Later . ty court house on i J * _ Me "' is Man Has Bible I ils lnost - >mi»'tant session TUM- i ftp v i I day, 'August 5th, when election of d JlD I ears AgO ; judges and clerks for 'the precincts '"'" '•••• " " '"'•• "^ -•j-throiigKout the country "Tvrn~Be~ This is the first picture to reach the United Stales of the giant British dirigible the R-100. after .It had spanned the North Atlantic and. flew slowly down th.2 St. Lawrence valley toward Montreal. It shows the big ship as It passed over the Hivlere'du Loitp. which Shrlljv county ;-.,•.,• iiH.pniy owned by Marlnr, will, cl!llrcllll| M ]!ud , , j|:m,.u in, liniisferof the proper- ; wy ^ ,„ ,,,,,, Qf t|)( , Uy. frd'-ral milhoi !lic:( said. r ,f Drainage District n today hav- MM-iiK, K ri-piiu-d to have made „,., mk( .,, nm (h[ , ^^j,. ^ duilnis ihn past year in sets of ,,, e d! , lrlct shol . lly atu , r his apnolnlment as receiver yeitrr- i day nftcrnotm by'Chancellor J. M. • Pitticll al Paragould. -, Mr. liuck said last night that If ! ivould In- Impnsstble for him to make a detailed statement at llils time of the program hs woulld foi-. low In his effort, to rehabilitate the -'I i district, but lliat his first concern ' , would be toward putting the dllch- I ' es in a shape lhat will assure mow.- jLi'ncl Owner Participated 1 " 1 ^"^ drainage. ' Ultimately, he Intimated, it will tv. ncees-ary lo obtain modification of some of the assessments In-order lhat lands nou p charged with >. •.<•..-»• r. —;i ,nr» * T l» cilen ls far in excess of any they MACON, On.. Aiig 1 1UP '" A - L ; \ arc receiving may be restored lo Patterson, prominent Macon land „„ mcomc , )r(X | llclni; slnUls j owner, was jailed ' - '"-'.inn: Ajrcr on Appointment; chaigc of murrtr . of a, Rumors of an impending fight.' si)pclncular mm battle on nis prop- ; ovei . tn(! receivership, current her* city iate last night in which a sps- yesterday, failed altogether to ma- cla! prohibition officer ami an al- terlalize. and Indications lodny were. lescd rum running negro were • lhat nil elements having interesls. : slain. i in the district were well pleased The dead agent was Herman! with the appointment., - ">' :Wnrr, shot twice In the chesl when j Mr. Buck's '.-appointment; II was ."•-... Ihe and deiiuly prohibition admin-, learned today, was 'mjide almost: -| islrator Fred Dlsmuke of Macon without opposition. He was recom-. With Negroes in Battle Wilh Aocnts Is Claim. empties into the St. Lawrence, near the town of that name, abou I 100 miles northeast of Quebec. An arrow points to the damag-xl '• If d a raiding force which captured | mended for the place by the dh- fin. which greatly delayed the last lap of the night. The picture wa s tak Service and the Courier News-., and it was necessary fcr the plane to chase more than an hour In a stray wind, while the motors were off so that the damaged find could be repaired. The ship- was almost sta- j tionary when this picture was taken. It was rushed to New York by plane, reaching there before the R-IOO arrived at Montreal, and distributed ovsr the country by telephoto. •• '.' ,ken frcm a chartered plane by a staff photographer fc r NBA ! ™ gallons ol liquor allcj.-edly en; ti let's board of coininlssloiieri. con- I lase the dirigible back io™ the St. Lawrence as It drifted for ! "«** ««»- ^^^•^.fo^^^^^^,-- MEMPHIS, Tenn., Aug. 2. (UP)— I named. A Scotlsh printer in 1615 produced I Drawings tor positions on the a Bible which the Rev. C. W. .Me- j ticket for county offices and Chick- Cann, Memphis pastor now owns I asawba- township resulted as fol- The Bible, 315 years old. came' lows: into th? possession of the mints- i County .and ;Prolnto Jud»e ter's ancestors shortly afcer ils • oiiblicatirn by Robert Barker, Scot- ] ish printer and subject to His | Majesty, King Jamcp.IV. It is Ihe i St. James version, printed in bold- j faced typ.e, believed by the Rev. i McCann to te the only one of it! kind in existence. The McCann family "lost track" of the Bible tor 70 years, until the j present owner discovered it in the j possession of an Ohio woman 14 ' years ago. Establishing his right j to the sacred book, the minister requested. the privilege of reclaiming • it. It was willed to him by the woman on her deathbed. j In what may be its final public j exhibition, the Bible v,-as used by j the Rev. McCann in scripture read- 1 ings at the home-coming services I at the Gospel Tabernacle church • here recently. ! Former Ouchita Head ] Answers Edison Query G. W. Barham. Zal B. Harrison. ,Counly Treasurer Joe P. Pride. \V. W.' HoUipeler. .Sheriff'and CDlleelnr W. W. Shaver. Kcpresentative E. E. Alexander. W. Paul Marsh. Circuit Court Clerk K. tj. Gaineo. T. W. Potter. County Court Clerk Mrs. JOiMi Long. County Assessor J. W. Wstkins. J. o. .DillalHiniy. Jim Fowler. County Survcym Win. R Overtoil. J. P. Kincarmon. County Coroner W. H. St-jvali. Justice of Teace, Cliickasa I "Sole Owner" Dissatisfied | With Peters Lack of Re| organization Plan. MEMPHIS. Tenn., Aug. 2 (UP) — Dissenlation in the handling of the affairs of the Clarence Saunders j i itore.s appeared today and brought I ! from Clarence Saunders. militant Report >Two v .-Dead ,.;> •~ in Train Collision MCNEIL, Ark., Am 2. •tui'i — Two Cotton \Be\i freight trains crashed, head -on this afternoon • two miles from here. Two mfn were -reported killed and several | -^ . ~ injured. Details of the accident [UeSpOIldenCy (JVCV ! e rt. •.«ell of Manila, whoJ.weiit to lhe -J j Bloodhounds from Mlllcdgeville : Paragoitld .hcaring.'aflcV.taking .an 1 'slate prison were employed today i active- part In the taxpayers mest- .-I o track down another negro, Frank - «W '^Id .here yesterday morning, -'I who i ttiSmlltcd lhe name of "A. Or. Lit- -,* 4 * mtfctliiB that he dl(f-;- [Free Kiel (f Sure"'" " for One or Oilier i In Manila Race ! was. Wlleycd .badly ''wounded., hi Ihe; : *J? ''TifHTb'ui who managed to'^llKfirtttiJ',':* ', In the darkness. ' " ; f. : A negro witness of the fight lold : £ j down a road, declaring he had been : ! - llot - i di ; Patterson, helel Inconimunicado. . . Will!' were not learned. : o v ; business lender and founder of the Eilher "Kid" Wright nr Wright, candidates lor consla 1 UU Lake township, will hr whecjbarrow ride through streets of Manila at the expense cf . Ills opponent immediately after ilw ,. •pnEKMONT,: O.. AUE. 2. (UP)—; election, August 12lh, unless a third !, * ai P- Km( • ----- -- - - ; battle. ploymenl Blamed Triple. Killing in Ohio. ChaVles A. Boyer, 55-year-old bak- j candidate tpoils the part' er, killed his'wife, and 18-year-old -Kid" Wright. wh:> K FI son -witii a 'razor here today then committed suicide. election, result .of a suit filed against th? ' eiLslrict^ antl its board of connuLs- '; . , , ., ... ',""'; slor.eis • uy E. Harper, .as 1 a bniiil- oentcd any connection w.m "•* • ii 0 u! a -. ,nnd C. E. Crigeer, as" ic. ;0 f,|gim battle on his propertiv Me in-, i an j owncr . E Harper \:. secretary-' , B ', slated he knew nothing of the- al- ln w R aalicrficld cl Mfmpliis, : ' (nt , | lr?.ed bontlcg operations to break i nll 01Hc(!r 0( „,(. chirngo Mill anri '" hip which last night's raid was or- | Lumbe- coriwr.ition, anil-Mr. Cris- -" gani/cd. AKCIUS however Insisted i gcr is „ farmer and manager bf'- 1 engaged in lhe - tho Lee Wilson interests at Arino- :rel. ' -.••••' " Their complain t recited the'fi^ ; hnd"will"wright"a?rcr"d : Dare-Devil LoSCS Life .nanclal history of lhe dislrict.'ahc seeking re- I ; that Ihe loser should haul the win- Endv-rance Honors. I Tennessee corporation, the an: nounci'nicnt that he is ready to [ fight for his name. . The difference in opinion arose ; when J. R. Peters, New York busi- ! !ness lender and ro-rcceiver of the! • ! defunct firm, announced New York I ROOSEVELT FIELD, L. 1.. Au.f. i business intercsls had no reorgan- I "• • iUP>—Wilh nine new spark i izalioii plant in mind and that sale I P lu B s in its en E ine ihf endurance cf seme of the stores was probable P :BIIC carrying Louis Rcicherl and .. .burden placed upon taxpayers by. i ,"'.| The dead: Charles A. Boyer. 55- , ner tliroimli Manila u la «hc?lbar- When Parachute tails the district's foreclosure- on certain : rvry • i T-i .1 . ' Alice Bover, 55. and Roy Boyer. 18. I vow. They claim that the ll:ird ! lands lhal have failed to produce U Brine and Jackson Also I Boyer'was out of work and po. j candidate failed to enter into the! ATLANTIC CITY. N. Y., Aim. 2. any revenue, the- general i»"e«.-; - : | - - - ' n , > nee believe that despondency over! proposition. The Wrlchls. who avi-1 <UP)-HarvTy Powers 47-year-old ; in t.ix deniquency, lhe inability in KaCC tOl i j , f k cal]5cd ,, im to cu . ] n ol relatives did no- c-nsldcr what darr-devll. win had risked his life • of tlle district pic-pcrly to mam-. Sale of the stores would be made R. L. McKnight. R. L. Robinson. George J. Walker. Oscar Alexander. John Walton. B. P. Brogdon. Ed Walker. I ullhoiit further payment of the ! royalty on the name. Peters said. i The royalty is paid to a licensing • company owned by Saunders and EL DORADO. Ark.. Aug. 2. (UP) : s—Scntiiitfjnt and "mankind's ad- j vance" would guide Dr. Charles E.. Dickens, former president of Oua- ' chita college, in answering the fa- | Constamc inous "desert question" included in; „' ' Tivinr the questionnaire given youths! " n "^ „;'',; seeking Thomas A. Edison's schol- ] ^' ""r'-"- "I would save the elderly sclent- [People Doilble CfOSSed 1st- because major discoveries in sci- • ence have been made by men pas', sixtv," Dr. Dickens explained. I . "Next I would choose the young j GURDEN. Ark.. Aug. 2 .(UP) — man who gave promise in Ihe field i The administration of Governor of science, and then I would let I Harvey Parnell was sentiment sway me ond I would j last night by Joseph K. Mahoney i send out the girl I was engaged to | of Eldirado in an address in favor | not involved in the bankruptcy. by Parnell Says Saunders claims that if any of I the stores are sold royalty to him | must continue if his name U re- iTrmt'shin laine<1 - 1( llle stores are sold and * i tire of his name is dropped he contends thai he has the right to reenter such communities with new- storey of his own. Insistence upon jSiich rc;tridions would make it i possible to dispose of any cf the 1 stores on a satisfactorv basis. Pelers is raid lo hold. Roberl Black droned past its 300th hour in the air at 8i30 a. m. loday. Retchert changed the plugs yesterday "just for practice." Th? ciew of the refueling plane nolic5.1 the endurance plane's windshield had been broken but no explanation was forthcoming. the threats of his wife and son just before Hie family was to have hmrh. Boyer walked into an adjoining room and slashed his own throat. Ttic boy was a paralytic. of Governor in i- i mr-i • n awaited herejKepiiCa Oi Viking Visits St. Louis ST. LOUIS. MO.. Aug. 2. (DPI — Foresl O'Brine and Dale Jackson had passed the half way mark lo- day in their attempt to shatter the refueling endurance record of 55' hours held by the Hunter brothers of Sp.irta. III. ; O'Brine and Jackson passed thr half way point lasl night, and r* | II a. m. had been aloft in their 1 endurance monoplane "Greater Si laiiis" 230 hours. It was estimated loday lhal the flyers had covered 18,000 miles since laking off. KINGSTON, N. C.. Allp. 2. (UP) --Charles K. Bailey, 52, murdered his witc. Irene. 40, and their foster son, Henry Clay. ST-ye.irs-oldj lit their home here loday and llicr committed ?uici:le. Formerly a wealthy man. Baiir\ recenlU had suffered reverses i.n had a pcsition as clerk of UK- police courl. Ihev would do sl-ou'tl ilic third call- ! countless times lo give spectators tni:i its drjiiuvjc syfteni. and ^ho -. ri'irtnir. »mn'i>i>°vii-iniions I" thrill, was fatally injured last recent default n payment of Inter-.; eliaaie cine.go MI.OIIOIIS. i ^^ ^ h ._. ^^ spec ,.i cmlbr fst to uondholdcrs. and asked that : „ _. . ,. «"" li'unt a receiver be nppohUcd and 'or- Foe Slain as Al Capone j s powers. Returns to Old Haunls! billed as lhe ••human n receiver be npiwinlcd and ordered to ascertain the malnlona.ncft> canncn ball" wns shot from n ran-: work immediately n3cessnry with I nun attached to an airplane half a . a view to a suOseo.uenl ord:r to CH1CAOO. AUK. 2 iUP) -Murder-marked -Scarfacf' Al C^pone returned Io his eld haunts loday. While ing in Ci relurn with a bul the : iirocecd with such worn. DIslrir:! Joins in . the gnne lender was rest- , [a|| o]ih . sl | ght | y icero after rr-lrhriitlns his j ' fjc ^ ( ' |c ^^ w - p.irty for 100 sur-sls. , ' I uonl camr- frmn Dflalic'.il. WIs..: ^ '. I .1 Bani; attack ' hcur bier. that the victim u .1 Bans :...=.« ; . ,,,, ,.,„„. ^ My liieip in the niiihi had bfn iden- | ^^ lined lentallvely a-, .luck Zuta. one ] ' ' ^ ol Capone's mo.-l militant enemies. | _.,. „ As bitKineu manaSM' of the Mor- | D1DD bfaVCS 0 in ' an-Aielln gan-j and wie siispjcled Hood Control rrOgram S r.r the nnmlrr of Alfred J. Lln?le. ! Chicago'Trill-mo polici- reporter Driver Outlines Valley [riflitl /.lltfl mile out over [lie ocean, IpiuachiMe on which his life rie- i pendccl did not r,[vn he was fifty , The defendants, the district ami water checking the | its commissioners, admitted thc'al- ' legations and joined in the plea Ilh such force i for a receiver. -' t . ... .. hospital half an -, Tu his order establishing the re,. ' Powers had been On- rcivcrshlp Chancellor I utrell 'sara for several - "'at lhe receiver is "authorirs:! to-- talte charge of the properly, funds . and affairs of the district and ail'-_. minister the same uud;r thn orders of the court." • • '-• Mobile Honest Election! ^T?^^. ^"ascl^m'^: quickly as possible the work that is imperatively demanded to re- 2. (UP) — Civic a banquet meeting Chicago herc Timrsday eenlng. outlining j marry." Little Rock Planning of Brooks Hays, opponent of Par-, , nm o \,,,. , , rTD i -n, n i ^Matn^^gedTaT^^or-deri-^ ^'Su.^^'*^ Little Rock Poke Hold !,„, „ T± .»S nC e at a Par-1 replicn o[ tllc vessel Licf in plans for proposed legislation con- Cl lllMi C 1. W pw cerniug MLssissipirt River now! con- ^lyfifS »«ll! OCeh. lltw trol and involving drainage dislrlcts i RoUnd-thc-VVorld Record In this and neighboring counties. . He also gave a most interesting ac- ' ccunt ol the recent tour of LITTLE ROCK Au» 2 (UP)— \ partment have been ordered to Little Rock is planning a warm . "bring In a bunch of farmers and wvlcome Icr Lt. Lee Gehlbach, win- give them a good time and have all paid." Mahoney accused Parnell and | *r **u r v !>»1 n , • ^^^J call I'n *Jfc. i nui in ivi, uojo Justin Matthews of Little RMk.|i 0 participate in a Norwegian cele- ner of the all-American air derby which ended yesterday In Detroit when the pilot and his plane the , "Little Rocket" return here next '• highway commissioner, of "double Wednesday. [crossing" the people. A public reception and banquet! will be given the flyer. A parade | . from the airport to town Is plan-!Japan buffering from i Severe Flood Damage TOKYO. Japan. Aug. 2 <UP> — ^ , ip wnich arrid ^ K aft . er visiting Mississippi ports in Arkansas, Louisiana and Tennessee, •sets sail for St. Paul in ten days i sheriff of Mobile county, made pub- : :] 1P canals and ditches from lunc- |lic here loday a letter from Gov. t i 011m g. ant j threaten irreparably Bibb Graves in which the governor : ; u j ur y to adjacent lands, and to said Alabama slate officers will be - e port in detail to the cctirt the. sent here for lhe August 12 prl- pi acc s, character, amount and" cos', ' mar jr. . of such work. ROOSEVELT HKt.1). L. I., Aug I Every available officer, the lelter.. ..j t , s further ordered that tho . (UP)—John lieiiry Mears, aerial j fa id, will be sent to insure a square." receiver shall pay out no funds ex- C JE V. 1 Cn , * ," I" 2 <UP>- - , . Suspected Embezzler I ion made through tlle valley by , b t ,,,.,, Hr ,. ]V j. c i cctl on In Mobile. \ cepl upon order of the court or 01 r Mm ^miL>rncc.inif>i rnnimition ^n i s - .* < .LITTLE ROCK. Aug. 2. tUP>- Thomas Powcil. alias Thomas Pollack, was held pending investigation following his arrest on r charge of embezzlement today. Powell. 25, and said to be a musician from Indianapolis, was arrested al a railroad shop here. Tho i man gave his name as Powell biu was receiving mall as Pollack, police said. His description and fingerprint? he congressional committee on lood control, of which he Is a member. The banquet was attended by a I Huey Long Will Open „ J _" . — . . HIS description and nr.gerprim? Senate Campaign I Onight have been sent to Indianapolis for further Identification. ST. MARTINVILLE. La.. Aug. 2 iUP)—With more excitement than t \T,.t:_, in .1'Fifteen persons were killed out- ] t 'his small 'FVc'nch\inag'e has'kiiown lOr Victims Of UrOUtH i right and many more were believ- f 0r some time, crowds began to |ed drowned by heavy floods that gather early today to hear a former CLARKSVn.LE, Ark., (UP)—Aid I inundated parls of central Japan farm biy who Is now governor of the state open his formal campaign tor farmers whose crops have been! today. _,_,^ ruined by the drouth was promised! It was estimated that more than for the"unifed States"senate here last night by Gov. Harvey .... Parnell who is seeking reelection. Parnell said he would use every practical means to help them In their present plihct. 1,000 houses were entirely nr partially destroyed by the sudden overflow of water. Communicatlori lines from the stricken dislrlct were destroyed The one one time, (arm boy, Gov. Uuey P. Lon, arrived in St. Mar- tlnville early today after spending the night with friends in an ad- Jacenti village, Cigaret Butt Fires Air Field, Destroys Plane MONTICELLO. Ark,, Aug 2 (UP> —When a yoxith dropped a ci?ar- et in a landing field the plane of iicy Lawrence of McGehce was destroyed by fire. The cigaret immediately set the entire field ii f ames. number of oul cf town guesls, be- meinbers ol Iho club, incluud- ng W. W. Warren of Tyronza. H. B. Holland of Marked Tree, Judge ieo. W. Barham, Paul Cooley and and Rev. Marsh M. Callowav. air mail pilot. foV. off a'. 5:40 a.' A special grand jury this week ! (he chancellor ill vacation." m today on a fl^lii around Ihe ; returned nine indictments en c'.cc-, immediately upon his appslnt: globe In which they hope to break ! tj r ,n frauds allesedly c.-miniitted in mcnt Mr. Burk mane a SIOO.OOH ' •' Graf Zeppoim's ;ocord for ihi': the recent Dauphin Wand bridge ' surety bond anci took the oath "•• circuit. Their speedy Lockhead-Vc-ga rose : bond election. ; mile jcmr.ey. ,f ?,'ivvc,"« New"!Georgia Pailroad Head "'• ----- '• , { r o m Hotel Window .« f ««• 17.775 Population Figures for [Heroes Die in Bed, But Third of States Complete j p e t er Breaks Collarbone cAiriMViu r- j,,o i (rim SAVANNAH, Ga., Aus. 2 (UP)— , Charles Maloney. 60, of Dublin, Ga president nf -ihe Wrighlsville and receiver. The drainage district and Its commissioners were represented In the proceedings by W. Leon Simth .rrisoii. Smith and Taylor, and represented bv Charles Coleman of Coleman and Too di « cusslng tne tuture of ' WASHINGTON, Aup 2 (UP1— j With the oficlal state populations, BLACKDURX. Lai:c?sl:!re. .. his i life here today by leaping out of a ! fourth story window o! a hotel. ^^ '• district Mr. Buucfc said last night. (Continued on page three).' -,. awaited with interest inasmuch as | j {h \ w ' o( 'R.^CU they constitute figures for reap- i —Until a short u:r." -U- 0 - residents j He was accompanied hore by his believed Dcr sonal ars ol I pCrSOm " WEATHER portlonment of seats in the house! of representatives, the census bu-! 1 Peter Lar.c.u!iirt\ .' yer.ra old, I He \fd a 7ai e ,e,''fr 0 ,, a bedroom i Plans Sea-toSea Flight , ARKANSAS — Continued warm 1 tonight and Sunday: little cUangp . »** *,».., m,.v.. — i - . -in temperature. reau announced today that final re- window several time*, fallen into i' turns from one-third of the 48 L canal, "been kncciied down by a I LOS ANOELES, CM.. Aug. 2 'UP> ' It was 61 here last nisht with rt states have been received. Arkansas' population In 1930 Is! tor I horse, by b'y a bifyr:c. and by a ins- | George H. Hutchinson expects to maximum temperature of 9-1 de- J ar n ' nt j pi-ifi-Md wttliOHt In-1 leave Mines Field tomorrow a! 2 grees yesterday, according to ths 1,853,981 and in 1920 was 1,752,204,1 ji lr y. Then. h» roiicd nut of bed ] p. m. on an attempted non-stop . official weather observer. Francis a percentage gain of 4.8. ' ar xj fractured h'J- [flight to New York. • Carpenter

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