The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 5, 1946 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 5, 1946
Page 6
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Iowa Clip out and save this ad for future reference. 9* Radiator Repairing Material and Labor Guaranteed V. 48-hour Service i ~!*t Chefs Used Auto Parts f Phone 371 jAlgona, la. FARM NEED*. Electric Fencers. lo Electric Pig Brooders clOO and 500-size electric Chick Brooders Oermicidal Lamps for Poultry Houses MetaJ .... ^ Hfen Nests v ^__^l _„ 29.95 fIJS to Deming Shallow Well Pressure Water Systems EMPIRE MILKING MACHINK— Double unit, portable Pipe line, double unit 11,95 and 78.50 SALUTE TO, LAKOTA Not since Abe Lauritzcn, then oach und superintendent at ,edyard, took his boys team to )cs Moines, has Kossuth county had a basketball team in a state tournament . . . the Lakota girls team, ably coached by Supt, J. W. Cook, who himself once played in a stale tournament in Missouri, have added a new chapter to Kossuth sports history. Tuesday night last week, Ed Thaves, who once spurred the Hurt baseball teams onward, and now lives in Algona but commutes over most of the county, played host to the team at the Chroma . . . n fine gesture . . . one of the highlights, was a season summary by Miss Vivian Strand, faculty member and team sponsor, who revealed that Knssuth'.-i slate entries: —Had to play in suits they borrowed from the Woden team in their first contest this season; their own suits had not arrived. —K. Murray, one of the team stars, created a controversy when some rival coaches said she, should be barred from the girl loom because she once played on a boys baseball team. —Broke the tradition of Lakota never having won a trophy; the girls have won four, thus far this season. —Loosen up before the game with an all-girl leg show, lots of laughter, and good-natured joking, before they take the floor. —Hate to take showers, and Miss Strand has to ride herd on them to make sure that all do— (reason:'Many of the gyms in which they play have poor shower facililies, and the girls want to leave as quickly as pos- sible.1 —For some of the girls it will be a "first time" in Des Moines. —The team will stop at the Snvery Hotel, and its first opponent is the team that knocked off last year's stale champions. Regardless of what happens in the state meet, which begins March 13, Lakota's coach, sponsors, team and townspeople can well feel proud. They have achieved something that only comes once in a lifetime, usually. And, oh yes, last week the -•mvcr coach brought his team over to Lakota and presented the district trophy—after that "score- leper's error", that nearly ended in a riot, in:the district final. '. ••',:. -;/•' ';-., *• i* * " led. then, but today the. area is one of the best in the mid^west . . . Rev. Kuypof's parents wore among those who joined the throng rushing to the","prclmised land." ,. T j. « <t «%'-'• If thes. telephone operators, voice sounds familiar, to you when she answers, it.TOflj&jbe be k cause she is youii fncSti*dp'o^ neighbor , . . betweert'wecfflih'gs, vacations and what not, the local force has been sadly depleted of late ... to. bolster the switchboard crew, the company'went out among its ex-employees atid> procured a few for temporary duty until the absentees return, * * * WEAR YOUR OWN CLOTHES BJ3PT.—If Harold Blinkman of Emmetsburg will return the; brown hat he is now wearing to the Upper Des Moines office he will receive in return a hat from Beebee's at Emmetsburg, belonging to him . . . the trade cattle about at George's Cafe, Harold, where you picked the \wrong topr piece off a coat hanger. * * * That Algona is getlino set for some solid expansior^lsBecornes inore evident every day M. new garages, new business$buildingSj new second-story hotejLMd sev--" eral other things coorcmg that are not ready for public an nouncement, total up to rea community expansion that wil certainly secure the IpcafflBbpuIa- tion at the 6,000 murk gf$ better in the next census. ' mmm THERE Sexton:. 'Mas, Mary,. Millet moved -her 'household : goods to her new home, in Storm Lake Fnda« morning of last week, All her old >fi'iehds and neighbors were, very sorry to see her £0 as »*••,! ., "L ' "v«zi was me Vli.Waukete depot agent here for 35 years prior'to his death a few yeai-s ago; "••'•'•vS ; Quaraifjfiin .- i T- 4 r ^ih 'Gallon'is ,ihe latest Victim of 'the. scarlet fever and it certainly caine at a hard time as he-children Had been sick with tt-and'tHey had; just been re- jj.eased from quarantine and were all packed and, ready to move, Came down ^vyith it and is again under quhr- Mr. : and: Mrs. Soren Didriksen were callers in Britt Thursday .afternoon, where they visited with Mrs. Ella Hartley Alfred CJpheini was having his house, insulated' With the Johns Mahvillf Mo-hie Insufation t and Satilrda.?. of l$st week/ Mfs. Pearl Seukema, Joh Donald and franttlih visited. day afternoon at tHe home' of" Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Ooege neaf Titonka, Mr. and .Mrs, Harry Merrian, Garner, visited Mdndny, and Tuesday of last week a't' tHe home of Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Steven north of town! Mrs. Merrian Id a'sistet of w. S.leVen, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Jennings were dinner guests at the home of his" brother, the John Jennings, Friday as they are mowing into their new, home which they purchased' from Mrs; Mary* Miller, Howard Lowman. took his father, Howard Lowmafe Sr., Al» gona, to Coif ax, 111., last week where they attended a: birthday, celebration for. the, elder Lowman's brother, Clyde Lowman, March 1, . A. nice crowd attended the exton W. S. C. S. meeting held at the home of Mrs, Ferd, Bret: iorst, southeast of town, Thursday afternoon and the next nVeot- ng will be at the homes of Mrs. Sarah Wise and Mrs. Drusio N6- :>le on March 14. ADDING MACHINE Rolls for sale at the Algona Upner- Des Moines If, in the process of expansion the business section infringes on the present residential district, it is to be regretted, particularly if it works a hardship. on anyone ... but such expansion is in* evilable . . . and as someone once remarked, "No community stands still; it either goes ahead or slides backward." Famous Last Line: The more arguments, you win the less friends you have. RE-ELECT TRIO OF .•22:5.10 .10S.K) GASOLINE SKID TANKS— 200 and 27"> pa. nipurity, and pumps at REDUCED PRICKS. Kossuth Courity Implement Store ,M)HX DEEKR AM) GENERAL ELECTRIC Alfjoua, Iowa More Fertilizer We have been successful in obtaining another car of 0-20-0 Please arrange to unload it from the car We also have 200 bushels Hybrid Seed Corn Suitable for planting here and territory north, 97% germination Check your needs and place your orders now Sargent & Co. 360 Homer Anderson, Mgr. IIIHIIIIIIH The State of Iowa, rolling in surplus millions like a war prof- teer, has decided to allocate 815,000 for a fund to help celebrate the State Centennial Year —Iowa became a state 100 years ago . . . we trust that this expenditure will in no way endanger tlic state treasury, and that it will not result in a tax increase. * * * Hoiarians and Kiwanians flooded Dick Keen and Station WHO with postals encouraging his program and praising his performance. Dick wrote back: "The sponsor is happy, too, and there's nothing like a happy sponsor" . . . might be a good time to get a raise, too, Dick. * # $ "1 hate ihe guys who criticize, and minimize the other guys. Whose enterprise has made them rise above the guys who criticize." + * * Theo Hutchison can relate a series of misfortunes the likes of which make one shy from travel. We reported several weeks ago that the family turned back at Humboldt, to get most of their clothes, left behind. But it seems that at nearly every stopping point, things were left. Now, two weeks after returning home, articles arc still coming in from over a 6,000 mile itinerary, returned by kindly inn keepers, hotel men, and sandwich shops. * i * We are slill awaiting word from Dr. W. D. Andrews explaining how come that his recent 41gona visitors there arrived five minutes ahead of a big snow storm and temperatures of just freezing, down in Albuquerque, Rev, Gilbert Kuyper, new Presbyterian minister here, tells a . go ° d . storv of "getting rich quick" in an area around Hollandale, Minn., from whence he originally came . . farmers were induced to pour in by droves tp capitalize on a plan to promote truck farming . . . the plan fizz- CREAMERY Ottpsen: The annual meeting of the. Ottosen Crea'm'eryF,.^ssoci- ation twos, held at'AHe* hlgh^s'cMstota auditorium on Saturday,' Feb. 23i At noon a lunch was served to a large crowd, after which the,' following program was given: Welcome by Percy Watnem. George Washington Songs by grade chorus and Mrs. Reynolds^ Fred Kampen gave the Review of 1945 in behalf of the board. Vocal solo by Greta Fowler. Saxophone solo by Donna Capesius. ( Words of appreciation were given by Manager Jens Bjerg. Vocal solo, "Little Gray Home in the West," 'by Paul Watnem. Trombone solo by Byrl Lehnus. Reading, "Bedtime Story," by Mrs. Ralph Richards. A piano solo by Mrs. Norgaard of Rolfe. The minutes of the last meeting were read by Secretary Al- ; bert Hermangen. Auditor Frank FitEgerald of Fort Dodge gave, the financial report of the creamery. The State Creamery, In^ spector B. O. Brownlee of Des Moines gave a very interesting talk on the benefit -oi^selling. cream to the local creamery and keeping the skim milk on the farm. Mr. Loverin of Humboldt, local dairy and food inspector, gave a talk of much interest. Fred Kampen, Percy Watnem and Oscar Oppedahl were all re^ elected on the creamery board for a term of three years. 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Be ready when spring, work time rolls around. Be first in the field with reliable, repaired machinery. Let us give you an estimate 011 your repair work and then do, the wo/k the right way. SEE US NOW! We have the tools and the know-how. Phone 714 Algona H. W. POST DRAY AND TRANSFER STORAGE OF ALL KINDS Long distance hauling. Every load insured against loss or damage. Equipped to do all kinds of draying and hauling. j • -. : :;T»» MAN HAD BRICK IN HIS STOMACH FOR 10 YEARS One man recently stated that for 30 years he felt like he had a mck in his stomach. This feeing was due to the lump of undigested food he always had inside of him. He.was weak, woro out, headachy, swollen with gas and terribly constipated. Recent- y he started taking SYS-TONE and says the feeling like a twictf n his stomach disappeared the second day. Bowels are regular now, gas and headaches are gone and he feels like a new man. 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Just say you. wa.n,t; gqn,peo,N?f"u¥>t9r oil »"beca,uje yp« wajRt mjnimwn carbon and sludge, plus fat mile' age. Those gains depend largely on wear-resistance, and that's what OI&-PI.ATWQ is for. Here is bqiw it worts * • < .Jn, any maj$e, of n^w car--Qr wey in yeuj 914 car^ > ."•''•" tion to inner engine surfaces. That's where it's fastened duwh bly—across the pjitjb, ofwear,.^ ; by Conoco N<* oil's magnet-like action. This power to OfyPLATB and protect cpmeV &QJI\ the added Conoco J^Wi jn.gredient. !t will add; tp ths safety of yow new car investment,;, . . ^ w^l* a^Jd {9 ypu> veteran qar's chartcqsj t« * And, th(?,cQst; it adds is a few centfl G$ jfbur c^Qt ^de Q| qono?o I0-0U fo* Spring; see Yoiw Qonepo MileagQ €ontiner»|a]|OU Company ;-j$e :>WfS' CONOCO '\W /A Knuht's Conoco Str¥lt« ana ' ' ^;;«ww«

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