The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on March 5, 1946 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 5, 1946
Page 5
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iWlMLLYAI PRNEMAWS JpDAlTENlWNCE tSS&n^&l&.'y^ if* V»7«uj«j i, l '" I 've younj 'V «%»SW$? 4** sub - mi, Algona, Good Hope tVxi'J'i""!?**'. k'verniore and Lu- Verne attended the rally. Schnakenbergft Buy Farm— •burgh 1 " 1 ' 1 MrS> T!l?es Sonnake »- cated by Mr, and Mrs Georeo Mill. er. They have "*<•—<-—•?"•?- . With membership drive now in KoMflth county, to* Fly (o Decorah— the farm Ramus was state wned, but surrounded entirely by private land and no one would reach the lake with- nlfi ^ r f ?ass i n S- ^e state was urged to and did purchase additional land so the public now has access to the lake, and there is adequate marginal land. Slrearn Pollution — Continual j-..-il» T./™', B : ; °ert namus and daughter Sheri Lynn went by airplane to Decorah Tuesday where 4\;£u amus s P e nt. the week visit™£l er Q parents ! Mr ' and Mrs. Lawrence Selm,and other relatives. 'Mr. Ramus returned Wednesday. Daughter for Vaughns— •Mr. and Mrs. Jack Vaughn are Tm?m, ar t n K of ?,">"« and one-hall pound baby girl born Tuesday morning, Feb. 28 in the KossutH hospital in Algona. There arc Uvo other daughters Sally and Aharon Club Meets With Mrs. Cody"The J. J. club met Friday affer- orm at ^he home 'of Mrs. Merlin i thirteen members presi rTf".**? /•»_: _A i_ .? - ^._ CONSERVATION LEAGUE HAS ENVIABLE ACTIVITY RECORD As the Kossuth Conservation v ne W,^"^L? c l v »°«. « ««" TOe J. J. club met Friday after- pits have been used for fish rnrtv f-Ll ?u-T 116 ' of Mrs> ' Mcrlin itig and game protective ci gHHsi^stesI^s ness meetinff. A ,h™t,•„_.»"^_ *»opso Lake—In 1934 fhi= V iu—i , viuciscp, president of the club presided at the busl- "^ s meeting. A book review on "Mrs. Palmers Money" by Fannie ?hfrt W ir aS * g i V 1 n by i Mrs - H "g Shirk. Entertainment for the af ternoon was in charge of Mrs. uoetsch. Lunch was served b'y th> hostess at the .close, of the after- "opjV ' The: next meeting will be held March 15 at the home of Mrs. J. A. Hjelle. .- - , ,,j SJnCG xwuiiumgj --.-., gives concrete evidence . the many tasks accomplished y the organization. Here they •e, summarized: Union Slough—Acquisition and restoration accomplished, with a potential 2200-acre migratory bird refuge, the only one of its Kind in Iowa. "ils—Through coopera- . — county supervisors, the 1 have been used for fish rear- and game protective cover partially cropped to produce fpprf -fnr- ...,'v.l £ iT —:— --..-..w.» — v»urii.iuuai action has been requested to stop stream pollution, including helpful enouragement to the City of Algona toward construction of a sewage disposal plant. Dunan Slough—Leased from year to year by the League for bird cover. Bahling Slough Area — Leased from year to year for bird cover and bird rearing area, Bird Feeding—In severe winters, League members joined to provide feed for birds and bird cover building, Tree Planting—League efforts rom time to lime have resulted in various county plantings from the state nursery at Ames. Carp Removal—Tons of rough fish have been removed from lakes and streams in the vicinity, especially in the Des Moines riv- PP anrl TlMi«»-i CM,... ..i_ ' ed by unit activity. Predator Hunts—County unit, competed with points given foi crows, foxes, stagings, ;gopjhers and other predators. Stream Improvement-^Brough action resulting in construction of 11 low head dams in Kossuth county, impounding nearly 40 miles of water, and giving fish a chance to survive drought and winter. Fisher Bridge Rearing Pond- Fish rearing developed in the pond, and better river fishing has resulted. Boy Scouts—Cooperated to aid Scouts in constructing bird shelters, bird feeding, predator hunts, etc. . ' Union Slough Gates—Provided a necessary improvement to the Slough. Field Day—Developed from a bunday trap shoot, and now recognized as the outstanding sporting event of its kind in the nation. Harold Geerde* Of Hebron Twp* Weds In a double ring ceremony performed Jan. ill, 1946, Miss Mary Louise Lpy, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bert Loy of St. Louis, Mo became the bride of Harold H* Geerdes^ son of Mr. and Mrs! Henry Geerdes of Buffalo Cen ter (Hebron twp.). The ceremony took place at the Grace Evangelical Lutheran church in St. Louis. Mr. and Mrs. Geerdes plan to reside in St. Louis. Harold was recently discharged from the army air corps after serving 40 months, of which 34 months were spent overseas. is u a , ^aduatc of Lakota school, and attended the An annual 4-H Boys' basket ball tournament .will be held a the Hugh high school again thi year. Ten of the 11 clubs in th ,u WJ " ^ ave teams entered the first round of thre ,vr , Maeh 7. The second round and semi-finals wil toe held Fri day and Saturday nights, will the finals and consolation game' running over into sortie nigh' next week. Since there will be three games each night, the first game will start at 7:30. m , C ? e $ and Lakota . I 1 !?., f lT st . ? ame with Lone TO BUY OR SELL: You'll go" a long way before you can. better the reader coverage of . Algona Upper Des Moines want adsl WANT ADS BRINGS RESULTS! more the third. On the second night the Greenwood and Burt clubs will play winners from the first two games and Grant will play Seneca. Herb Hedlund, pioneer manag- ^ rnan l. c ? ach for the academy, will officiate. The Farm Bureau is providing two trophies o inactive duty Feb, , the Washington, D. C. Naval separation center states. " "ibvcuiiue jnovea r Th t SH VaCatTe K by Mr ' °nd. Mrs; Theodore Johnson. The Johnson's ^ a v e . m .oved to the Lavier farm which, they purchased. Art RUey accompanied by his Tan ji br other-in-law Mr and Berryhill of Livermore *day and Wednesday LV4*u TiT* father John Riley and ,with other relatives in Waterloo L^Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Hof of Des Momes, former LuVerne residents, have purchased the " ' ' r»," MI? X as marri ed recently to Gerald Holderness of Omaha, Nob Mr. and Mrs. Holderness will live If! H OM'tl/r/ilf- ..*!-,_„_ »_ _ r-ft Methodist Circles Meet— The circles of the Methodist W. t>. C. S. met Wednesday afternoon for their regular meeting. Circle one met at the home of. Mrs J A Hjelle with Mrs. Howard Smith as assistant hostess. Clftle^ two met at the'home of A*-- : ••*"-- : - — with Mrs. Warren Former Residents— • • Friends here have received word of the death of Mrs. Thomas Weig- gans of Remmington, -Ind., a former LuVerne resident. Mrs. Weig- gans died Feb. 11 in the hospital madrKdian°a d Cl0t " BUHal ™ '^^S^ C tt^ daughter to Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Baumgard of ^rewstcr, -Minn The cnijd was (born Sunday,- Feb. 24. 's. Baumgard will be rem'pmhor .as Anna Schipuli. lemoer ' ..rcii ; Mr. and Mrs. Georse Mliipr .. Hunt- moved Thursday rfrom • V ^,w •^^sg^^^l^^ : ^^ :£s jjg^gggg^^rfeSfeVfiwnPjiJ-touth^.taW «hfc*^. ., ; 4h'eSnonifev ofj^rp 'with Mrs. Diianei . 'Mr. and Mrs. Philip Dan«elser and .family moved recently to the lf rm . .'^cated by Mr, and Mrs Harold Reddel, the Reddel family have moved to the Gus R ' farm has been tenanted for several years by Mr. and Mrs. Oberhelman, who have now moved to a farm near Corwith. Mr.vand Mrs/William Schipull ceded a telephone call Thursday L r0m , th , ei . r son Sgt-Lyle Schip'ull who had just returned home from overseas. Lyle bad been stationed Under the jiars ar» pledged fives, (olned lo be perleci as a set of Kayna, >• • . . Here It quality ujpttmt, Begone* ol workmanship and design assures long lasling lalisfacllon. Prices' ttgln el $74 _. Jiff T,'*~ "****» r •«-* VH»*JV»*-VI J an ,o«'cers meeting of the Western I 'Mr. and (Mrs. Fred Gugger of Renwick visited Monday afternoon at the .home of .Mr, and Mrs. U. S Grant. • Bonnie:Ellifrltz returned home Thursday from Collirisville. Hi where he had spent a w»ek visiting relatives. -..<.' • ..'•• \ •Mrs. Anna Goetsch and'. Arti" aecompanied-'by Mr; and Mrs" WiUiam_Goetsch spent, Thursday in tort Dodge. .••.-••• ••••• •- • , •' ,'i Y. Ib ?- Brown of ;Ortiaha, Neb., visited from Monday until Wednesday at the .home of his grand-' parents Mr.,and Mrs.,U..S. Grant. •Mr, and Mrs. Alvin Weber went to Des Moines Friday a'nd they will spend the ; week end visiting relatives and also attend .the skating The Good Will Club will meet Tuesday afternoon, March 5 at the country home of . Mrs. William Goetsch with Mrs. Alvin Weber as the assistant hostess, District of the Lutheran Churches of Iowa on Tuesday at 'Carroll « I ?H ry u J> Hinz accompanied Rev. Wittenberg and visited his two sisters who live near Carroll, Gordon'Dimler and Joy Buck- ™8n am of Fort Dt>dge and Mr. and •Mrs. Maurice Espeland of Bode h!fi ted 1^5 dneBd ;ay evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs, Ralph Dim- Mns, H. C. Allen- is quite ill at ner home with the flu, Mrs iMar* gurete Smith ancjhw.two children of Minneapolis ar? visiting at'the •home of her .parents Mp, aiid Mrs. Dale Zenther, son of IJoydl Zentner of. -|fumbpldt, arrived home recently from; overseas. Dale |has been visiting at-tfe home b| L: Wil"—- v " re ' '' "* ~ l h Hwnpr '4'nHr^jay m hpnorl ^i^PliSfe ^S^^^i*^ P ' GEORGE'S Water Tanks Drive Belts Gas Engines Electriq p j ck Gram Blowers Milkers Separators Manure Loaders-Stackers 3 New Hamniew«jlls-~New Low Price Poultry and Hog Feeders and Waterers Wood and Steel Wagon Boxes .,•.•-. Folding^Harrow Draw Bars "TOWER" HI-LIFT SWEEP RAKES Sell-Out Price f Used Machinery '•^Mpwers, jp 1 "—- ***----- '- •.'-;:'•'•:•'.V'•.:• , «. ---.-«-, «.iiiA «ttujiut,'u uie University of Dubuque for two 'Oars nATr»T"ft >rrr\'fnrt i«« n *I_ _ _ *•/ — * *-v»i^t*vju(j j.ui IWt cars before going into the army ^ ~ M **,!*.-AJU- v ci tic Tjn second and Algona with -Whitte for Longer- Lasting Beautg COSMETICS Clara H.rru „ devoted to the bt.ut T nquircnimt, of the modern woman. Her fine coimeric., compounded of quality ingredients, are balanced with *e pre«cript,on.likc care of a .killed phamaeUt. These Syn-kro-nized Cosmetics define and Wird your particular brand of lovtlln*.,. •Po Cremei, Lotion,, Skin Fr«h«ner, UpVitk. ' . • — -r-.-« %,***• jcai, f\. single copy. Adv. rate 42c inch. ALLIS-CJHALMERS FRONT-MOUNTED Implements Bring in your tractor and implements now for thorough check-up, reconditioning or rebuilding. FORESIGHT is easier than HINDSIGHT Allis-Chalmers FRONT MOUNTED planters, cultivators and fertilizer attachments take the "neck cramp" out of field work, and permit you to' steer more accurately. "Foresight" also means having your equipment repaired and reconditioned BEFORE it breaks. We have the tools and mechanical skill to give you first class repair service. SA'iES AND SERVICE MOOART SHAMPOO or hair that women envy and men amire : '.-^-ti^^.'r,:: .'•'. ''-g^.j^^^o* 5 ,,/ ^ . . .if ' ' A M/Uff pROO«,? n ,,» M«s^y g flajris ; ;ilu^ ijiim 'CTI'^ sI«W|^ '.tpttt gentle care of Mo4art «-«« t "~- —*-H beauty to 4jJl JileJei, even ta Jj^r4 7 ,; i a special after-rfoie, It leave* iy*|^*PTtoW»Wge^aftMo4»Jrt ejcei farther, dpe» mQtf igi ypwr J HwH Give your old rooms new life and beauty with your choice of our lovely new WALLPAPER PATTERNS. Our stamp on the wallpaper you buy is a hallmark of quality which endures. We handle MINNESOTA PAINTS AND VARNISHES, Climax Wallpaper Cleaner, Soilax, Patching Plaster, Water Piitty, Sizing Glue, Turpentine and Wallpaper Paste, •'.' • ... ,'•••."•"•'•• " •'. We have just installed the latest type wallpaper trimmer. .' .'>.y'v:^-->'.\;''" KjlMiS ml viM sii asss SB mK&

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