The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 26, 1946 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 26, 1946
Page 7
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I ona Upper Des Moines Second Section Feb. 26, 1948 Livermore Cagers Win 23 In Row, Then Lose The Livermore-baskfetball team, above, after ^Winning 23 straight games, met defeat last Tuesday > night on the Livermore floor, when it tost to St. ; John's of Bancroft, 31 to 29, in as close a game as the score indicates. John Devine of the St. John's team dropped in the winning basket .in the final seconds of play. ' (Cut courtesy Humboldt Independent) However, the Livermore team is champion of the Boone Valley conference, the Little Nine conference, and of Humboldt county. On the squad arB Bud Monsori, Link Hughes, Billy Davis, Mike Miles and Allen King, D. Dudley and B. Gronbaoh of the 'substitutes and reserves. O. J. Cayou is coach of the team. with the following results: President. Myrtle Priebe; vice president, Mrs. Lawrence NcW- brough; secretary, Mi's. Jack Quinn; treasurer, Mrs. Edward Blanchard. Mrs. M. O. Richards and Mrs. E. M. Jensen were in charge of games played afterward, Prizes were won by Mrs. Eldoft Marlow, Mrs, L. E. Hutzell and Miss lone Lease. The next meeting, March 20, will be at the home of Mrs. Art Priebe, with Mrs. J. P. Quinn ad assistant hostess. This will be a benefit card party, sponsored by both the Band Mothers and Auxiliary. Sprains Hcf Wrist Mrs. Roy Keen of Algeria sprained her wrist in a fall on the ice last week. She was forced to forego her duties at the Kre- sonsky store for several days, and the injury is proving quite a handicap at a time when she and Mr. Keen were packing to move into an apartment at the Lathrop .home. GIVE FAREWELL IN ST. JOE FOR FOLKS MOVING SHORTLY §t. Joe: Friends and neighbors gathered at the Delmar Plathe home Sunday evening and gave a surprise farewell party for them. The Plathes moved Wednesday to a farm oast of Galbraith; The evening's entertainment consisted of playing cards. The group presented Mr. and Mrs. Plathe with an electric table lamp. Those present wei"e the Matt Kirsch family, the Raymond Thilges family, the Pete Reding family, the .Matt Fa'ber family, the Norbert Frideres family, the Nickolas Weydert family, the Anton Wydert family, Mrs. Rosa Stattelhian and family, ;tbe" Pete ,Mertz family, the .Harold Friderps family, Arthur Plathes, Vernpn Plathes, "' ''" "'"" ly$£ H ~ Fi5? *es Brand New Teitan ,>; ; } i V \ •: • ' Relatives haV6 : 'received an- nouncemant of- the birth of a boy, John Michael, Feb. 13 to Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Fuhrmann, Lindsey, Tex. The Fuhrmanns moved to Texas in December from St. Joe. Lorine Berger, Wesley, is attending to household duties at the M. T. McGuire home. Marguerite Becker came Friday from Royal, 'la., to visit her mother, Mrs. Ida Bcckei', for several days. The Casper Kohlhaas home was quarantined last Sunday for diphtheria, i The Kohlhaas son Wilfred is ill. Mrs. Anna Erpelding of Livermore, is at the John Reding home in St, Joe after being released from the KossUth hospital last Wednesday. Nick Klein, janitor for St, Joe school, had the misfortune to I fall on the ice and break his left elbow. His son Raymond has taken over the job, Mary Ann Bradley, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Bradley, Algona, spent the past week with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Thilges. Adam Berte, son, 1 of Mr. and Mrs. Nick Berte, arrived Wednesday on a 36-day leave. He was stationed in Porto; Rico and came , via aii-plane to Ames. Pvt. John Capesiws arrived Wednesday from Camp Grant. 111., to spend a U-day furlough.; with his parents Mr, and Mrs, : ' ; ' Julius Capesius, relatives an;.friends. • , >t* Relatives and friends attenud a miscellaneous shower at St. Benedict Sunday for Kathleen Kunkel. She will .become the bride of William , Backer, of St. Jpe Feb. 26 at St, Benedict. Mr. and Mrs.). J*j$s Thjlges, Martha and Bernard imd Mr- *w4 Mrs. Raymond Thjises and fanv ily visited severs} day* the past : week with Mrs, Ntek , TWlges's parents, Mr. and Mrs, Jqke gel* 'hjr at Waterfown, S. D. They : helped Mr. and Mrs. Zellaf aele- prate their §7th w«4«Mj}g ^ LpNE ROCK Four Corners Folks Moved Saturday To A Home In Algona Four Corners: Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Witham helped their daughter Mrs. Pete Helmers and husband move Saturday to a home they have bought in the northeast part of Algona. They have been living in the Metcalf house. Mrs Eldon Shaw had a home project meeting at her home Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. Eldon Shaw and Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Eisenbarth went to Ames Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Lindc- man were Sunday night, Feb. 17, supper guests at the Will Drayton home. .Mr. and Mrs. Orville Holdren and children were dinner guests Sunday, Feb. 17 at Mrs. Violet Walker's. '. ' "• .-•..'•,„_/. • 'Mr. and Mrs. Russell 'Walker and children were Sunday; Feb. J.7, ; dirin£i^£u^t&-atkMiv'<f and • Mrs. ''' •"'' '' ' . . Mrv.and Mrs. Harvey Rath and two daughter .of : Lone" Rock were Friday night suppe'r guests at the E. C. Witham home. Word: was received by relatives that Mrs. Phil Baker of St. Cloud passed away .Saturday morning. She recently had an operation. Mrs. Otto Harlan : was hostess Wednesday afternoon to a Stanley Tea, There were 11 ladies. in attendance,,.. Lorraine Bock is the demonstrator. Mrs. Otto Harlan and Mrs. E. C. Witham attended a Farm Bureau committee meeting Monday, Feb. 18, at the Burt hotel, where a 1 o'clock luncheon, was served. Mr. and Mrs. Art Alexander and children were Sunday, Feb. 17, dinner guests at the Louis Lowman home near Fentom Mrs. Alexander returned to the Lowman home on Monday and assisted Mrs. Lowman paper. Mr. and . Mrs, Ed Rich were Sunday dinner guests at Mr. and Mrs. 'Glen Cowing at Bancroft. Mrs. Rich and Mrs. Cowing are sisters. The two parties went to Whittemore for supper to the ladies' mother's home Mrs. Minnie Wilson. Mrs. Nettie Rich received word Saturday, Feb. 16, that she had a new great-grandson, born to Mr. and Mrs. Howard L. Vaude Grift, Albert Lea. Mrs. Vaude Grift is the former Harriett Light. The_ newcomer has been named Gleri Allen. Mrs. Keith Stephens and daughter Sue Ellen spent from Sunday until Wednesday evening visiting at the M. N. Jacobson home at Emmetsburg. Mrs. Jacobson is Mr. Stephen's sister. Mr. Stephens and son Lance went to Emmetsburg Wednesday evening and brought Mrs. Steph- ens'and daughter home. •• Myrtle Priebe To Head L-Rock Club Lone Rock: Mrs. W. G. Flaig was hostess, with Mrs.* Ralph Thompson, assisting, at a meeting • of the Lpne-9 Rock Band Mothers club, last'week. Election of officers .vyas held D« You Liko Compliment*? 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