The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 26, 1946 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 26, 1946
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^'j^t'^'^--'.^"'^?'?'^^*^ • "'•"''•"• '•-/ '•';''•• i' .;•'-• -v -; - --;: 1 ,"!'••'" J . '. 'Iy"', ' ; • .- ".':.. •: •''••'•/ ,*^f,^;(if-;t?&.^fy»'-':'':^' • •> : ,/• • ' -,•;•••'<;•',•, •'. •.'•; ; , • : • I iWil .fhe Algdna high School' bas* LCtball team Woft SdiBOfid place in hir North Central Cdhfefeneii I fttday highk by triowlrtg down a I fiobd Cleat Lake teath hetey 41 ,o 34. ;• ••••' - •<••• ••• /.,. •-•;•• . 'Only one hight in Which | ilampton defeated • Uie locate, ' in the Reason, kept the ,_ from winning the coh> title. They had two con- ffe'rence losses, ono to Webstc? ICity, the othef to Hampton. P Webster City's only load was fto Algona. but tho Lynx lost no 1 other conference titles. Spectator* Go Wild Friday night a packed gym: of Ispectators went .crazy. Half of IClear Lake dtOve over fof the /contest, and when the first quarter ended with the visitors ahead, 16 to 7, it seemed as though, their drive had been worth while. But Algona began to click, and at half time the tally was 21 to 16 for Algona, the Lakers scoring but one point in the quarter, while Algona c^rne to life with a ibang. , •At the outset the Bulldogs offered some good team work, but their setup Shots refused to drop, while the visitors; were sinking them from everywhere.; they got a chance to toss one. Garth of Clear Lake proved to be the thorn in Algona's side during this part of the fray. • However, as the game prog* ' ressed, superior Speed, passing and team' play began" to tell.- •' , Long Shots Clielc At the start of the third quar- , ter Bill Allen tossed in.a Couple of long shots that" threatened to turn the contest into- a 'pretty one-sided-, affair, but it must be said for the visitors' that they never quit trying, and after the third quarter ?nded 37 to. 25 for Algona, they pulled up to within 41-34 at the windup. Algona played a good game, and a deliriously happy crowd swamped the floor and team after the game. , • To try and select an outstanding player in basketball is rather foolish.; It takes five, men to make a team. -However, Allen's play was sparkling most of the time, while Butts and Crapser performed notably in general defensive: play tinder the basket, and in offense as well. Howie Stephcnson's point total .wasn't large, but it was his feeding of the ball, at the right-time and his sucking out of the defense that made possible '.more than ti one Algona field goal. Kijhn ' played; a whale ,-of, a game throughout, especially pn defense. ;' ., •'.' .' . '. ;/:;.-; .-.'..^' i. One Clear Lake : fan'reitiarked that VI am looking-at, ;the .state. ments, there is _,....that Algona might-: fei ; to fifie state meet at that.', i- V. :. ,. •'!>' . The G»m« Summary Algona (41) , ' FQ FT PF Crapser -.-- 4 0 , 1 Stephenson _..,_— 0. A.- - 2 Butts ..... -l.ji.^ 4 . '--'0 3 Allen .-..'8 ;2. 4 Carney -_--_- ;0 O 1 . 1 Clear Lake (34) , ^FG 'FT PF j'Ott ...;...^...ti^i;-;-./vsi./;-;.. v iDi. \.Johnston _,,..—;.; 1^ 11 : Gai'th. ——i..'..;."4 : • 4 3 'Bieber: — -v—:,i; 1; -1 2 Jacobson ..'l^,^., Q.'.. 0 2 Swanson _.. T —^j.; t' ; '..0/ .1 Olson •..-.—.i',.^--!;' '1 0 9 J.N. HOLDING RITES AT BURt FRIDAY Burt: J. N. Holding died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. W. W. Boettcher, jn iBurt, Feb. 10, after an illness of two days. Funeral services weje held at the Boettcher home 'Friday, Feb. 22, with Rev, Ray Hi^- oJflQtet- . ing. Music was furnisjied by Evelyn Becker an^tJ Kenneth Patterson, who sang i"The Old Bugged Cross." and "RocKpf Ages," a,ocompanled by I^uth ..Hodgson. Pallbearers were Cecil, Bow- and Harold Lpngi.Kaye Holding, Billy? B9et*9h«r Pleml, Burial Was 1 at ville, la. '''>V ^,«es N. HpldiB AugT 24, 189Q, in came to America pjdj and grew>t? prla, 111. ! Jn the " to Iowa and ' was united in gkiniier of born H? ESTABLISHED 1863 ALOONA, IpWA f .TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 26, 1946 Twelve Pages VOL. 81— NO. 8 LAKOTA GIRL CAGERS IN STATE MEET Garage In City With announcement . that the City of Algona had given a third reading to a now and 'expanded fire zone regulation and ordinance the Kossuth Motor Co. here announced plans for erection of a new .$40,000 garage on the corner of East' State and Minnesota streets* The local firm, of which Elmer Lindhart of Humboldt and Don Nelson of Algona are members, has already applied for a building perm,lt from the city, and architect's drawings are in the process of being .prepared by Chevrolet Motor Co. The,firm handles Chevrolet cars. In the meantime, a complete de- scnlpUon ol the new fire zone is carried in an official city legal no- lice to be found elsewhere in this issue. Tho new ordinance considerably widens the business district. in effect ill means that frame buildings now in the district can remain as they are, but that any new buildings in the area must conform to the ordinance. It also prohibits the moving of any frame building in the area from one sJte to anoth r _ er site in the new fire zone. This angle of the ordinance stopped « plan of Frank Vera, whereby 'he intended to move u >house he recently purchased on the corner of No. Dodge St. and Call St. ,to the rcf» of the lot, facing Dodge, and erect a garage on the corner, He can still erect the garage, but cannot move the frame building as planned. It can fee moved completely off the lot, but not placed on the back end of the building. Mr. Vera said he would probably live in the house now. Originally the garage he intended to build was to be occupied by the Kirk Auto Co., local Buick and Sludebaker distributors. City councilman held the final reading on the mew ordinance last Friday, They expressed regret that in passing the ordinance it might conflict with some viewpoints, but pointed out that Algona's present business section is like a barrel with tight 'Staves—no possibility of expansion despite an obvious need for it. The ordinance actually outlines a new. expanded business section. WQAIAN SERIOUSLY INJURED SATURDAY WALKING ON ROAD Mrs. Jens*Khudsen, middle-aged Algona woman, was seriously injured last Saturday evening, when she was struck by an automobile driven by Peter Hegarty. : The accident occurred on South Phillips St. near George's Cafe, where Mrs. Knudscn was walking on the pavement. Hegarty was going home, driving north on Phillips, from ihis work at the Algona •Rendering Works. '.It was about ,7:15 p. m., late dusk, at the time of the accident, city police said. ; Arm, Leg Fractured. •Mrs. Knudsen suffered a severe fracture of the arm and leg, and was taken to the Kossuth hospital by 'ambulance 'after the 'accident She >also suffered -many bruises A bone had to be removed from Mrs. Kniidscn's leg at the hospital. •' 'How the accident happened' is not definitely known. •"' Hegarty, in a statement to police, said that ihe was driving at a normal rate, and within speed limits. He said he did not sec Mrs. Knudsen, and believed shp may have started to cross the highway just as 'he came along. Girl Hurt in Crash. Another auto accident-' within the city limits of Algona resulted jn injuries, but not believed to be serious,; 'ito *a young girl, Marjorie ' v? V ':..'"..••'.•' .• riding .With ; her to| -church, on Minnesota St., wherd Marjorie was to attend choir practice. '•The .Meyer machine collided with one driven by Chet Cook, with the latter machine striking the right side of the Meyer car. Marjorie 'was bruised, and both machines were considerably damaged. ; MASONS HELD A ITORTGAGE EARTY The Algona Masonic temple was the scene of a "mortgage- burning party," last Friday .evening. The burning of . the mortgage of $5000 represented final elimination pf the debt assumed when the lodge purchased its present site from the late Dr. M. J. Kencfick, . D. D. Monlux presided at the ceremonies. Musical numbers were offered by Marilyn Tuttle, Mrs, Thais Bueghly and Don Hutehins, accompanied by -, Mrs. Doris Pitcher. A skit was presented depicting i meeting held .prior to the purchase) of the building, with the oros and cons being argued. Taking part were Max Miller, Dave Leffert, E. W. Lusby, D. D. Paxson, J. A. Freeh, G. D. Shumway,' Guy StpHes, Al Spongfoerg, Albert Gransow, A. W. Behrends, W, A- Dutton and L, W, Hanson. , The closing number on the program was a choic rehearsal frQin IQ95, In costume, in whldi former Algona talent was imper- gonete^, 'Cora Setchell was im^ personated by Mrs. .Dprls Pitcher, 'Dtmt Smith by Pon Hutchins, Or, A. L. Rist:by W. Q. Cuc- tl?, Mfe Crete. God4et d .' b y M r§, l Bourne, ; xe, eyening Closed with the s?f vinf Teaching Preachers Form Unique Team At LuVerne —Algona Upper Des Moines Flashfoto ' The Lu Verne public school system has a pair of "teaching preachers," who in the words of Supt. of Schools T.- A.' Hjelle have "not only helped us out during a serious teacher shortage but have been a definite value to the school because of their outlook on life. and . their high caliber of characters." .In the above picture, Rev. Paul H, Bcckman," left, and Rev. 'talk it Charles .Patterson, prominent Kossuth citizen, who recently retired fro mf arming, will be a republican candidate for state representative from Kossuth county. Mr. Patterson, .who" has recently moved to Algona, had nomination papers v circulating this. week. ..... The present state, representative, Edward .Capesius, Algona real estate and land -man, a democrat, has not announced himself as yet. He has been on a vacation trip out west the . past few weeks. • : ' - . . Mr. Patterson/will unquestionably make a strong republican candidate and '. will , greatly bolster the republican^ ticket in this area.* . v There were: no .other candidates for county office that had announced themselves as of Monday. SENECA HONORS OLD TIME COUPLE Seneca: The. Sieneca Lutheran congregation honored Mr. and Mrs, Jens Halverson last Thursday, who will be moving away soon, after living 1 in this community for 25 years, .They will move to Ringsted, , where they have recently purchased a house, At the same time 'the congregation. staged a surprise on the Otto R. Jensensr who will also be leaving the community soon for their home in Fenton, recently purchased. • The program in honor of the event included grpup singing. musical selections feyMarlys and burg and Jack ^ LpofW and read- Jng« by Evelyn, J G,ftedabl and Winds OlsonV' «9vT;«. C, Mol, stye acted as ma^tep of ceremonies. ••-, •- : •"'•• ; •;• ".'^'.. -..;'•••' .'-'•' Mr, and Mrs. -Jfllveyson we/e presented with aQ'releQtric table Jainpi end We Ot^Meflsens wer? given a purge, taJten? of esteem, f r<>m the over in Supt. Hjcllc's office between classes. To insure that their own church work is not interfered with, the men teach morning classes only. Rev. Beckman is pastor of the Evangelical church and Rev. Phillips is pastor of: the Methodist church. ., ' • Taught Three Years. Each has taught about three years. Rev. Phillips teaches mathematics. He .is an aeaden)ic •graduate of Penn colege, QskiK loosa.'-in addition tp ; , his ^ 1 ^^' . graduated front at LeMars, in addition,: to taking his theological courSes. Each has been in Lu Verne about, three years, each is married, and Rev. Phillips has a family of two children, both in school, while Rev. Beckman's boy .and girl are not yet of school age. Supt: Hjelle said that three years ago the teacher shortage was so bad that he did notjuiow how school classes could be carried on. Ht hit on a happy solution and .called upon the newly arrived ministers to help out. "We arranged the classes so that \ve could cooperate. to, give them plenty of leeway, \ so their church work is not neglected," explained Supt. Hjelle. • Both ministers say .they have enjoyed • teaching, and,, pointed out that they have been, enabled to come in, much closer touch with young people than would have otherwise have been the case. Make Church Improvements In addition to their regular church and school duties, each pastor has been instrumental in church .improvements. Rev. Beckman was instrumental in putting in a church basement in his spare time, and Rev. Phil- Jips' church is undergoing the same improvement now. In addition, both preachers have helped out on neighborhood farms in past harvest seasons, as needed. Supt. Hjelle, who, is now in his sixth year at Lu Verne, three of them as superintendent, can well feel pleased with the solution of the : teaching problem worked out .at Lu Verne, and both ministers 'are of the opinion that their w k . with , the stu* dents has been of definite value tp them in a religious sense and from the, standpoint of youth, un- derstandtog, = . ',..- ^-^-^t^-f -f^v- li~B.CJ*T j Dr. J, N, Kenefick Receive* DUcharge ; Cmdr, JoJitV N. |?en4fl?k. will arrive home /|p|ay sfter being recently seswited from the navy in LPS Angej??i : Qa)if, Mrs, Ke ejick, and thejy .three sei, Ste-pjien' «n4 TtwiH him in Ajnes las,t night, Keneftpk^haii;^^ ft.t Rbout thrte ; yesFf. Ue will resume Ms, practise One B$W fcp '•& If listed in ' '~ w^^^m^^sy*:^- ^ijii&ff - : ^ ^K^tt lift^BlplaialtlSIII^ I x^Sf "S; $ J'fSSli^S|l i; ^jj^^yjjjjj^ .^.v^S^^i'lEsS^l^v;,^'•.:, BENWINKIEJO YEARS A RESIDENT, PASSED SATURDAY I Behjamin Henry Winkic, rc- 'tircd :f gjrmer who has been living in Algona since 1919, passed away'at his home on West McGregor r street early Saturday morning from infirmities due to iadvanced age. He lacked only a jfcw weeks of being 92 years of jage. ; Mr. Wmkie had been confined ito his bed for about a week, and •had been active for his age until then. He was born in Dodge county, '•Wis.;- March 19, 1855, educated ;in the • Wisconsin schools, and moved with his parents to a farm, in Plum Creek township now owned bv'the . Charles Klamps, in 1876, 70 years'ago. . He is believed to have been the oldest setllei remaining near Algona. In 1881 he married Ida Mae 'Potter, daughter of William and Harry P6ttcr,who lived near Scx- jlon, but came to Iowa from Illi- •hois in a covered wagon. The Ceremony took place in Algona on Dec. 25, 1881. They had one : 5on, Clair, who lives in Algona. ,i . Wife, Son Survive / The Winkles moved to Algona feom the Plum Creek farm in H885, and entered the dray busi- tie%s with the late W. E. Nau- Mr. Winkle continued in' jness,,,urvt,iU1905 when; he ,^ r .,,,,,,^i*teMMi»i^^p snip at. the Black Cat - 'Creek, which the, Presley Sarchets now own. He retired to Algona in 1919 to spend his remaining days. He enjoyed making frequent visits downtown, was a good neighbor, and a quiet and unassuming person. Surviving him are his wife, now 86, his son Clair, and three grandsons, Ward, Wallace and Sayre. The latter two served in the army in the past war, and Sayre is still in the Philippines. Services Held Monday Two brothers and sister also survive. Ed Winkie of Algona, Henry Winkle of San Jose, Calif., and Gusta Winkic of Algona. ; Funeral services, were held Monday at the home at 2 p. m. with the Rev. A. English officiating- Burial was in Rivcrview cemetery.' Mrs, Casey Loss and Mrs. Vaughn Rising furnished musical offerings at the services, Caskettoearers «were sons of former old time friends: Floyd Gardner, Roy and- Robert. Sar- ehet, Vallo Naudain, Harry Ward and Lloyd Schenck. Fred Baumgartner Rites At LuVerne LuVerne: Funeral services were held Friday afternoon in the Pres* byterian church with the Rev. A. R. Smith ofjiciating for Fred J. Baumgartner, son of Matt and Cora Baumgartner. Mr. Baumgartner died at 'his home in Estherville following a short illness. He is survived by his wife and four children. Matt Baumgartner of Coi-witti and Fred Baumgartner of LuVerne were uncle's of Mr. Baumgartner,,Two hymns In The Garden and Abide With Me were sung by Mrs. Irviin Chapman of Des Moines, Mrs. Walter JSngel and Mrs, Jajne$ Doak <ft LuVerne. Mrs. Aaron Steussy was the accompanist. Interment was made in the LU- Vej-iie cemetery, Complete Sellout Of 4276 Press Run ,„ yuji of 4,276 last „.„ Algona Upper Pes _^,,^ wa^i-completely sold out of ipapers test Friday. JR* estimating ^ number of pafff§ ppipted. the .paid-inrad- Yiyie^ ^bjscription Wst is the basfe y§go, pljjs the Wpwev of l~$9 esUjpate4 for counter fid;.. |ile purposes. The sales in tne Upper Pes ajjjUss 804 at The Smoke "" JJP every be well to point Hvfay. of W$SP:^M toy fip^r^w,\ •£tlill^i( : o^'^'- ?,;^;^^ivt.^;?V i':/ !'•..'• • \ .. '^W5SisSK!;fiSSJias 3 ViH ; Just Call Me Mister . .. Says This Returned Service Man (A Weekly Review With An Overseas Veteran) A belated military honor camn to Jesse F. Reynolds, above, son of Mrs. Bernice Reynolds of Algona, last week, when he received an army bronze star award and a citation from General Krucger's command in the Pacific. Sgt. Reynolds, subject of our weekly sketch, ils now out of the service. He and his wife, the former Norma Payne, are living in the Miller apartments on North Phillips St. The citation just received reads as follows: "For meritorious achievement in connection with military operations against the enemy on Luzon . . . Sgt. Reynolds, while occupying a direct fire artillery command post, efficiently performed the duties normally expected of officers when officers were not available. On several occasions this soldier operated the command post and directed f>ire against the enemy duiing the absence of officers. On one occasion, he and another soldier computed firing data and directed enemy fire to silence an enemy battery. The superior manner in which Sgt. Reynolds performed his duties' is in keeping with the highest traditions of service and reflects great credit on himself and the. military, service." Jesse went into the army Dec. 15, 1942, and overseas in August of 1043, serving in Australia, New. Guinea, Biak, .Luzon . and in the Japanese occupation army for four 4 DIVORCES HERE AS COURT GRINDS Four divorces were granted in Kossuth district court, in the past few days, two of 4he cases involving ex-service men. Three of the divorces were granted Saturday by Judge G. W. Stillman, in cases all uncontested. •Minnie Gregory was granted a divorce from Homer Gregory, after 32 years of marriage. The couple were united Dec. 15, 1913. at Urbana, 111. Mrs. Gregory charged cruel and inhuman .treatment. They live south of Algona. Lauretta Morton was granted a divorce from Charles R. Morton, on grounds of cruel and inhuman treatment. The couple were married July 1. 1939, at Ringsted, and lived together until the defendant entered the army in November of 1942. Custody of two minor children was granted to the plaintiff. Mary Bruns, plaintiff, was granted a divorce from Thomas B. Bruns, also on a charge of cruel and inhuman . treatment. They were married Oct. 26, 1941, and lived together until the summer of 1942 when the plaintiff went jnto the army. Custody of a minor child, three and one-half yeans old, was granted the plaintiff. The couple's home had been Algona. Feb. 18, Clifford V. Schrader of Burt was granted a divorce from Hedwig T. Schrader, on a charge of cruel and Inhuman treatment. They were married March 3, 1938, at Burt, and lived together until January of this year. Carl Hammerstrom Family U Honored Seneca: Mrs. Carl Hammer' strom, Mr. and Wrs, Lu Verne Hammerstrom, and Mr, and Mrs. Ralph Hammerstrom were guest? of honor at 8 7 o'clock dinner party, held at the Roy Jensen home last Mpnjjay evening. Mrs. Otto Jensen was the assistant hostess, .... ;;,. In aaaitlon to the families of the hostesse?, other., guests, were Hans M- Jenson Ind Tena anij Mr, and Mrsj, ^ssell Jensen, The Harnmerstrpims will be leaving rtjeff. present •jpcatioii March |. . Cars driven by. E. J, Bailey, » last er, were invpivfft H* at a Pent** 4ay mpfiwa rather severs to —Photo by Long's Studio WARMEST FEB. 25 IN COUNTY HISTORY Monday, Feb. 25, was the warmest ever recorder for. that day, Harry, Nolle, .weatherman, reports. Local' snow was nearly all gone after a weekjof : warm weather, but fprecasts- are for ev wc : . ~: Date '?- j. ' : - V .•'. High:.i;Low February/49:-.;— '^i-'XWfay 30. February 20 _-— --- '--32 ' ' 12 February 21 ..... — — 46 28 February 22 —— ____ 38 26 February. 23 — — ____ 47 25 February 24 . ____ —.37 21 February 25 — — v — 54. . 28 The. 54 : above, Monday, was the .wannest day in Kossuth county since last Nov. 1.6, N.olte added. 15 BOWLERS TURN IN GAMES OF 200 Gail Towne with a 600 average for three games turned in the best score of the week in the Kossuth pin loop on the Barry alleys. Roney of the Tanvilac team had the highest single game, rolling 224. Other high games were recorded for Goodridge (202), Cotton (210), McMahon (215), L. Winkel (200), Waldron (210), Fred Davis (204), Peterson (203), Intermill (200), Potter (212), Julius Bass (223), Thaves (222), Cronin (207), Pech (205), Dailcy (203), Townc, '219), Lampright 201). Team Standings: W- L. Becker's — ..... ------ ,55 25 Old Style ____ ...... ____ 47 25 Tanvilac ........... —46 28 Wesley Co-op. ........ ,43 29 Titonka _____ .......... 42 30 Burt ..... - ........ —42 30 Lone Rock ,_„ _________ 40 32 K of C. — — ____ ....... 40 32 Wesley Auto ____ ...... 40 32 Pioneer — ---------- -37 35 Barbers ... ........... 32 40 Council Oak ........... 32 40 JayCees' ............ ,,29 -13 Percival Motor — ---- ,-21 51 Kanawha .,— ....... 18 54 Whittemore '•.„ ....... ,16 56 The Druggists Mutual girls team held a substantial lead with 36 wins and 27 losses. Fern ney's were in second, Lucby Sf Giossi third and the Modern Pry Cleaners fourth. High scp^es for the week in the girls', league were turned in by K, Keiley .(158), A, Kelly (185), Pickett ' (150), Paris' Col* burg MO), Valeria Bu,tjts (308), and Mary Frances Carney (19Q) 3 New new apartments in the bHildwjg on_ s^ife street are. nearjflg cpnipletion. . It was i$iat §11 • are already " ''' - ' ' II MI: Iflffi* KOSSUTH TEAM WINS DISTRICT IN A WILD TUSSLE Kossuth county will have an entry in the slate girls' basketball tournament which begins Marcn 13. Lakota hieh school's girl team went through the district tournament at Gruver, last week end, defeating Cylinder in the first round, and downing Gruver in the district final, 26 to 25. The game nearly ended in a riot when a scorer gave Gruver a last second basket on the scorebook by error, giving Gruver the game. Coaches, onlookers, and others who had been following the contest point by point, however, finally settled the matter correctly. Gruver was ahead at the half, 15 to 13. K. Murray was the spark plug of the Lakota offense, tallying eight field goals. Coach and Supt. 3. W. Cook used a total of 12 girls to take the game. In honor of the Lakota team, Ed Thaves of Alffona and Mrs. Thavcs are to be hosts, this evening (Tuesday), at the Chrome Cafe, to the Lakota team, coach and sponsor, at a victory dinner. Lakota, as might be expected, was in a state of wild excitement this week, and preparations were already underway to send practically the entire .population to support the girls in the state meet. SECTIONAL TOURNAMENTS FOR. BOYS START TODAY Three sectional tournaments will get underway in Kossuth county today, (Tuesday), as the first step toward the state high school tournament. Swea City, LUVerne and Algona will play host to the teams. The Swea City and -Algona tourneys will \include both class "A" and "B" seams, while the Lu Verne meet 'is for "B" teams only. At Swea City, "A" teams arc Estherville, Tttorika, Buff alp Center and St.. John's of Bancroft. . Class "B" entries 1 are Swea City, 4 ; Seneca, Ringsted, Rake, Maple Hill, Ledyard, Lakota; Haifa,.: •Gruver, Grant, Dolliver and . ; f At 1 ' LaVerhe««compefing?-,:*e^ms?j' -Will Be Livermore, ; RUUahd.t flen^ wick; vOttosen, Corwitfij' Br^dgaJ^'f St. Joe, Bode and: Lu Verne. '•* ^M In Algona, competing class; "A'' r r teams will be Britt, Humholdt, ', West Bend and Algona. Class "B" entries are Whittemore, Woden, Whittemore Presentation, Wesley, Rodman, Lone Rock, Fenton, Cylinder, St Cecelia's of Algona, and Burt.. ''.•'•' ••'•;. Peculiarly enough, there will be two class "A" and "B" teams from these tourneys who will go on to the next round. There are no finals in these tourneys, just a completion of tho pairings as bracketed. ' '•''•'• '•'••' : ' Admission will be 50c for adults, and 35c for students at the games. LAKOTA GKILS WIN TITLE PLAYOFF PROM WESLEY In a playoff game between the "... north and south half county winners, a week ago Monday, the Lakota girls defeated Wesley, south half champion, in the Burt gym. 60 to 36. Jdhnson was a standout for Wesley, wfiile Lakota's all around play featured the contest. — , , . *Four Couples Get Wedding, Licenses Four licenses to wed have been issued in the past week by the county clerk of court's office here. They were issued as follows: Feb. 18— Wnv G, Becker, Bode, and Kathlyn M. Kunkel, LuVerne, Feb. 19— JSdward L. Lichteig, Wesley, and Johanna Recker, St. Benedict. Feb. 21-rr-Ga.rman H. Adams and Mildred Sehmalen, Algona. Feb. 23— rCarl ,G. Peter and Pauline S. ^eishaar, Algona. •Leslie Miller Rites ^ I Held At Lu,Verne; . er LuVerhe yesidwt, died deiily at his fcftme :ln DHf Colo., liist twesdayi ftcewding ts; word received by }»*§ Miller pf Ljr Verne, ... •„.• ••. ; Leslie was 59 years ;pf Burial wa§ to %.«vwYert last Friday; plwf ' hs<J W9l.; ' : ' H.e Verne scljppjlg ing in th> ' Also Lyle of ' of

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