The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 12, 1946 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 12, 1946
Page 4
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•• DIED ON MONDAY WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY, FEB. 13-14 Constance Bennett Gracie Fields in "PARIS UNDERGROUND" There arc two women coming into your life! — FRIDAY AND SATURDAY, FEB. 15-16 , He only, wanted one girl in ::,._ his arms... > but ended with three in his 1 I hair! Ami Ills r<t»iil)' Though I He 117/j Still Such A Baby (P H EKE ttBOn NODIirail /.? Slij!f!i) ml S«M*I'! W SOIOMOH mil HMD IUCHIM /, (A '. 'riiminV'of «Robert BENCHLEY • Vera VAGUE • Conrad MIS ,%• Nanette PARKS • Janis WILSON • Jimmy 11010 • Enid Entertains for Sister- Mr arid Mrs. Wlllard Zlegler entertained a group of friends Saturday in compliment to Mr.. ana Wrs. Arthur Oaines of St. lioum vho have been visiting here the oust few days. Mrs, Oaines is a lister of Mr. Ziegler. — o — Birthday Club Party— Mrs. Ralph Brown was hostess o the members of her birthday •lub Monday evening at which ime the birthday of Mrs. Nellie Van Alien was honored. The even. ing was spent at cards. — o — It. N. A. To Initiate— The R N. A. will hold its regular meeting Thursday evening. There will be an initiation of four now members. — o — Serve Parents Dinner — Tire freshmen girls of the home making class entertained their parents and teachers at a dinner Monday evening at the high school. A Valentine theme was Surprise the eighth grade girls of the academy gave & sunrise dihrier Thursday evening for the Presen* tatiori Sisters .ana Miss AritoiAette ^onstetter in the School dining room. ' '' " Bel Cano to Met—' The" Bel Canto club meet* February 13 at 2:00 p. m. The program Is "Chopin's music to remember" by Mrs.-Sylvia Gunh. V. £. W. Me.ei!ngr- The'lL S. W. meeting has .been changed to Monday, Feb. 35 because of the for the Charity Ball. Circle 9 will serve tHe lunch, Mrs. Anna Torine and Mrs. Albert Fprsberg being chairmen.' Entertained at binncr— Mrs. J. W. Haggard entertained at dinner Wednesday evening in honor of her niece, Miss .Joan White, and her friend, Miss Doro- '/' • thc Broadway howl hit! Ms* ml SitcWIII IK* KOSS No Game With the Program Saturday Night SUNDAY AND MONDAY FEBRUARY 17-18 TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY FEB. 19-20 >>Sf ill! ERROL FLYNN UEXJS SMITH used for decoration. There are 30 girls in this class. Bridge Club Hostess— •Mrs. Bob Williams entertained her bridge club Thursday evening. High score went to Mrs. Bob LaBarre and second high prize was won by Mrs. Leighton Misbach. —o—' Bridge Club Entertained— Miss Irene Iversnn and Mrs. Marion Conklin entertained their bridge club Saturday evening at the W. C. Sleele home., Three tables were in play. High scoix prize was won by Miss Grace Miller The second high score wen-i to Miss Lulu Kohlwalke, the low score prize to Miss Mildred Bowei and travel prize to Miss Vera Hocke. —o— At Kin's Wedding- Mr and Mrs. H. W. Miller attended a wedding ceremony at the home of Mrs. Miller's parents m Owatonna, Sunday, in which Evelyn Kuckenbecker, sister ot Mrs. Miller became the bride of George W Teed of Webster City, Iowa. Evelyn had been teaching in Webster City .the past few years, and the couple will make their home f-Sef *tais Wiw •**>/ <|pp*—-Jl^^l /^ .^; \ %)•-&•.ijj \ fell 1 vvnue, an« jiei mcn*-*, .^no.* *^v*.» thy McMahon of Manilla, Iowa, who spent lost week'in Algona visiting relatives and friends. The dinner was served at Georges Cafe dining room. The Manilla ;irls returned ito their home on Saturday. Mrs. Powell,Hostess-— •Mrs. (Fred PpVeH entertained the E. T. W. bridge club, Wednesday afternoon The high score was won by Mrs. p. E. Hott Mrs. Frank Vera was guest of the club. Episcopal Gufld— The Episcopalian Guild met with Mrs George Benschoter Thursday aflernopn. Mrs. D. p. Paxson, Mrs Minnie Schick and Mrs. Gilbeit Benschoter of Whititemore were guests. Honor Miss Murtagh— " Mrs. Myra Griggs, 'Mrs. Theo. Chrischilles and Mrs. F. L. Tribon gave a miscelleaneous honoring Miss Jean Murtagh Monday evening. Dessert Lujichepn— Mrs H. f. Bunsofke entertained at a dessent luncheon Wednesday. Two tables of bridge were in play. ' - - • . « i^«. T\yr..t. TFrnri •there, where Mr. jewelry business. Teed is in the \vtiv.y uuomi-o.j. Mr Miller returned home bun- day evening but Mrs. Miller remained for a few days visit with her parents. ^ NTONIO /// Zecltnicolor ffl 5.^W) 1 WP ladles yi wuvs*- »Y-*~ "• T* j Htigh score was won by Mrs. Fred Bartholomew, second high score prize went to Mrs. Ted Larson and Mrs. Angelo Holta won the low score prize. Mrs. Vernon Jensen was a guest. COLUMBIA PICTURES present .„ RUSSm-BOWMAN FARM HOUSING h> f JIM POOL / -- "BOISFORt. LUMBER CO. "Hogs on Concrete" has become an Iowa slogan, and more hog- raisers nre installing feeding floors every year. Here's what U. S. Department of Agriculture Circular 701 says about the feeding floor: If feeding floors are used wnn self-feeders, a minimum of 8 to 10 q ft. per pig is desirable, with dditional space for shelter. Where elf-fed hogs arc confined on con- rete, a minimum of 10 sq. ft. per ADEtE JERGENS • CHARLES WINNINGER H»ti»D»venpoet'S»caHaden THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 21 FOR 6 DAYS Daily Matinee Birthday Party— Several couples of .young folks gave Miss Pauline Weisha'ar a.par- ty January 26 in celebration of hei birthday. They brought lunch anc ithe evening was spent .socially am enjoying music. ,;•*' ... _—O-*-^ %'• , « C. D. of A. Meeting— ! ; The Catholic Daughters .. o America will hold their regula meeting Thursday, February 14, a the Academy hall at 8 p. m. Otis Sanders Rites Funeral services for Otis Sanders, who died recently in Ke- mrs. Walter Spufbeck, died Monday morning about .JD o'clock at the home pf her si^ej--)^^^, Mi-s. C. L. Ingersoll. While she had been in failing health for Jour years she was beclCnst only a week, Mlowih'g. a bad fall 'which was thought to havt> been brought about by a stroke. Eunice L,;,Ingersoll,.the daughter of Barney and Eliza Ingersoll, was born July 10, IBM, in Brenier county, near Waverly. In .lbS5 she was married;to Walter Sourbeck and seven years later they moved to Algona. whore Mr Spurbeck established Spurbecl & Lambert, a-butter tub taclprj and creamery supply firm. • Mr. Spui-beck died about 3( years ago, but Mrs. Spur.beck and her brother, the late C. L. Ingersoll, continued the business another 12 years, Mrs. Spurbeck being active with the firm as bookkeeper, The Spurbecks 'had no children. 'After discontinuation of the firm; Mrs. Spurbeck operated a rooming house on east State street until four years ago .when she went to live with the Ingersolls. Mrs. Spurbeck is survived by a sister, Anna Ingersoll, Algona, and a brother Lee of WaVerly. fhe brother and family are expected here for the funeral. Services will be held Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the, IVJcCuUough Chapel with the Rev. N. A. Price oficiating. Initiate 25 New Legionaires, Wesley Wesley: Twenty - five new members were initiated into the local Legion post Tuesday evening which raises the present membership to 50, over half of them being veterans of World War II. J. P. Studer, service officer gave a talk on government insur- nce. A committee was appoint- d to make plans for observance f Decoration day. Another committee was ap- ointed to investigate the possi- ility of a new Legion hall. Law- •ence Youngwirth is Legion com- nanded and June Noble is acting djutant. James Draper Dies James Draper, who formerly managed the Singer Sewing Machine shop in West State street )assed away Wednesday, Janu iry 13, at his home in For Dodge. He had just recently moved to Fort Dodge from Spen cer where he also had a machim shop. Mr. Draper died of a hear attack. Wesley: ' Paul • Mgett, fioft Kvaus, Dr.'L. L. Pleffer, Uel ftool, H..H. Flom Jr. and• 4..P, Huder, numbers of Ihev local ,ions club, "wferiV to .Swefl City hursday night; whev>? they attended the initial meeting of that Following the business, nieeting a turkey 'dinner was served to the : 200 who attended from .Fort Dodge, Gahier, Forest City, Clear take, Livermofe Uud Wesley. "Supt. Chas. MiiVi ii is president of'the local Lions, club. P.J.KOHLHAAS Apartment Fire Smoke issuing from an over- heale'd refrigerator Unit m the basement flat of the Miller,apartments oh North Phillips St. Monday, afternoon resulted in a call 'tp the fire department. No sizeable damage resulted.'The apartment occupants were not home at the time. . Five New Vehicles Five new cars or trucks have been licensed In Kossuith county in the past week. They went to M. J. Ristau, Buffalo Center; Steve Murchland, Algona; Glen Crilley Algona; Algona Cooperative Creamery, and Erwin H. Eden o Titonk~a," all iFords. A private Phone 22 ^^^^^^^^^ \ CLOSING'OUT Wedn '«.: ft A »» (•• H i • f h >' »' 20 Free Lunch at Noon Sale Star(s at 12:30 Sharp Z2 HEAD OF CATTLE 10 head of milk cows. 12 calves. 40 HEAD OF BROOD SOWS Bred 16 fafrojy In April i BROWN MARE, 12 yrs.; wt. 150.)J^ system for Your Farm Think xvhat this means! The comfort ol a modern home broughl ;o every member of the family. Health and happiness with the utmost in sanitation now is possible through the installation ol our DIAMOND BRAND SEPTIC TANK. And the cost is so small. Easy to install, too. Any Farm Home May Now H?y« • Bath arjd Inside Toilet iiiict roar bom* modern I Itnjoj U« ••*• ootoforti th»t p»opU ta F. S. Norton & Son PHONE 229 BING CROSBY INGRID BERGMAN in UO M'GWIY'S 1C It. «4 JlllHiuiH"*- *-"• ••*•* —-J' * og should be allowed, .although ome feeders consider that 15 sq. t. is about right. Where hogs are land-fed, an area of 15 sq. ft. is ommonly used. These units are or hogs finishing at 250 pounds or The feeding floor should not be oo smooth as it may become slip- iery when wet. Control of rats is mportant. not only to prevent loss of feed, but also as a measure of disease control. The foundation boundary walls should be extended about, 12 inches below the ground, with a horizontal shell Protruding outward about 4 inches as protection against rats burrow, ing beneath the floor. The Portland Cement Associa taion booklet gives the following tables of materials required pei 100 sq. ft. of 4 inch thick feeding floor: 7.4 sacks of portland cement 0.68 cu. yd. ot sand 0.92 cu. yd. of gravel Shade in some form is importan for successful hog-raising. Tree: provide good shade, and well-ven tilated or open sheds are often adequate, says Circular 701. Fo sanitary reasons, movable shade are preferable in the hog lot, o temporary shelters made of pole covered with brush or straw tha an be burned at the end of th eason. A shade 10 by 12 ft. Wit minimum height of 3!fe to 4 f vill provide protection from in un for 8 ot 10 200-pound hogs. You might want to conside outting in a hog bath, or wallow | n connection with your- concrete ceding floor. I heard of a hog man n Carroll county who put in a •oncrete hog bath to keep his hogs cool and clean on hot summer days, and it proved a great success. Hogs, you know, have very few sweat glands. The Portland "ement Association booklet says that in experiments in Texas it was found that pigs having access lo a sanitary wallow averaged H Ibs. more gain, per pig, and required 10 Ibs. less feed, per 100 Ibs. of gain, than did similar pigs without access to the wallow. Fi«uring hogs at $9.00 per cwt and feed at $1.20.per cwt. (Pre, war prices), 9 n increased profit of $1.24 per pig was realized on pigs having access to the concrete wallow. At present prices, toe profit would -be enough to pay a good part ol the cost of the wallow Fn one year. Wallow-sizes are given as 10WS: Width in feet 10 14 18 2 ers, dondo Beach, Calif., will be held Thursday afternoon at 2 o clocK at the Baptist church with the ev R. F. Kittrell officiating. Mr. Sanders was formerly of wea City. Surviving: his wife, daughters, Mrs. Orrin Kinne, ode, Mrs. Ivan McLaughnn, \icson, Ariz., and a son Glen vho will accompany his mother ere for the services. Also sur- iving are three brothers, Doyle, wea City, Clyde, Lakota, and Billat Fenton. • . . Burial >vill be- made in the ast Lawn Memorial Park. The ody is at the Merrht Funeral ome. Important Notice! Don't be "taken in" by new-fangled vacuum cleaners or imitations of The Real Electrolux. See the GENUINE ELECTRQLUX CLEANER & AIR PURIFIER Pre-war quality and postwar improvements., For free home demonstration write or phone Don H. Hutchins Your Electrolux Man 619 S. Jones St, Algona, Iowa Phone 832-J Machinery second cutting; lOtt.b^Jes ,of straw; 4 IjuHdi.ngs.. TERMS:' Cash V ihake arrangements with your banker. No 'property to be remqvea until settled for. J Preston & Clark, Auctioneers .First Trust & Savings Bank, Armstrong, Clerk Legion Qiillropm Bancroft Friday, Febhiwy 15 Lynn Kerns Tuesday, February 19 SCANDINAVIANS Friday, February 22 CLIFF K¥ES Tuesday, February 26 "SKIPPER" BERG KNIT PANTIES 45$ r Medium weight panties, closejy Hat knit of the fiwst cotton yarns. Elastic in .waistband; double crotch, ribbed MOIL, Feb 18 AIGONA AUCTION SALES CO. PAWLJON JUNCTURE OF HIGHWAYS 69 AND 118 . » A}1 Are ^ni If your car ruha jvltH fits and inorts . . . chugs and chokes ... have your favorite i^ccjianic clean and tune the motor. Then change to Charaplin HI-V-I . . .the. new fighting aviation oil. It provide. 'OTPtojp' on the ground ... the positive lubnqat,on en'entlal Jn the «ky. Aysilable now in refinery sealed cans ftoni friendly Charoplin tervice »tatton» and dealers. And for quick rtarting,.smooth flowiog power, use ChampHn Ethyl md Ctawp- Jin Presto gasoline. ,CHAMP!,IN REFINING CO., Emd. Oklahoma. Producers, Uefift^i, "nd-OUtributow of Petroleum Products Since 1916. • The horses will be spW antees between buyer pn. Bring in your hordes a»4 mules »s there wilt b^ buyers for all kinds. Algona Auction Sales Co. Auctioneers: Qwinn, (5o»4pWW end Next time: Some .djta ,on l9«n homes. THEN CHANGE TO THIS AVIATION CHAMP LJH

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