The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 12, 1946 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Tuesday, February 12, 1946
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EAGLEGROVE f ihigh school bfiiketijall lim tttfried in one of its test TfdfMa'ftees of the year, Friday :ht- on the local court, to de- Eagle Grove, 56 to 30. the sftme time, Clear ..Mla^a Falls,,to rtift..._... , second place tie in the North ifttfal Cbnferenee between, Al- &ria and Clear Lake. The two fSmYineet hefre in the final con- ice gatfte, Feb. 22. ie Algona second teftm also .ed in a victory, in the tore- Mary, while an independent n, recently assembled, todk a .fiftg Humboldt five into camp the evening finale, making it clean sweep for the' local Eagle Grore Not Siren? |efore extolling the virtues of f Bulldogs, however, it might Iwell to point out that Eagle 'e: is. well down in the stand- arid definitely did not have km on a par with some others IJiave ployed here this seas- iOtlly their ability to sink li from well out on the floor Jed them to tally 30 points, pever, the team work of the i miiht was the .best, at Or the season. With Allen a'pivoted man in the of- wlth Crapser, Butts and r -.ensbn running the Eagle ye defense ragged, and with L ;playing his 'best game of ear on followups, the locals Ly looked' good. " Ktihn,' and perhaps Stephhave: shown. • the greatest lividual improvement of any " on the team, and Kuhn Fri- night made the most of cv- opportunity he had. ie jteam, looked and acted as igh it wanted to win the e^ and it did. Entire Team Clicked Crapser did some nice shooting, and when Coach Gene 'Hertz took out Butts for a time In the third quarter after his fourth 'personal, the team showed a definite slump, Indicating that Butts' presence rounded out ;the club. Howie Stephenson ad- *ded an 'aggressiveness in the offense that rah circles around "Eagle Grove, while Allen played ihis ; usual steady, hard driving igame. , : - • . •' .- ' • ~" .' - Tonight the Algona; team plays Immetsfourg high, there, and riday night goes to Webster fCity, conference champions : and leaders again this season, for u return game. Only two conference games remain, Webster City and Clear Lake, first and second place quints;, If "the Bulldogs continue their-Friday "pace, ithey have a chance against Webster City; 'previous' wJhner of a |hn ; ob fon,: ESTABLISHED 1865 'ALGONA, IOW4 TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 12, 1946 Twelve Pages VOL. 81—NO, 6 llfilflMCOHVEHTIflHCOMlNGFRIDAY Was >dropped, S 'pair C.oi^^tncs, since running its iwln streak to 13 or 14. f 'JBox score: Algona (55) FG FT PF Crapser '_--. -5 0 3 Allen ' - 54 4 Butts ,— 2 0 4 Kuhn ;- 71 3 IStephenson -s.—-- 3 3 4 Carney. - .- 0 0 0 Johnson _—.—— 1 0 0 ISkilling . .-.-*..,. r :0 1 0 ' Dutton ——c—— 0 0 0 Waldron — .- 0 00 23 9 18 Eagle Grove (30) FG FT PF Mellgren — 4 2 5 Lister '.....-•- 1 0 1 Hanson .'-----: 1 13 Shoehair ••.—1--—— 12 5 Harlan ...,..- 2 I 1 Shaw — - 0 0 1 Tanner -„.--.- „-.! 1 1 Strain ,-..^,—Cl''" ! l 0 U 8 17 SECTIONAL TOURNEY HERE STARTING FEBRUARY « One of the sttte high school sectional basketball tournaments will be held In Algpna, starting Fefo'. 26, and l en<ilng.M8rch 2, The pairings for the tourney here follow: ''•-;' " •- • .'• " . •;• •-"Class" A••••'.•' " • Algona vs, West Bend (Sat., March 2); Britt vs, ,Hum!boldt (Fri., March IV ; , Class B Whittenvpre vs. Wqden; Wh|t- temore Presentatlpn Academy, Wesley, Rodman, Lone Hock, Fenton, Cylinder, all byes; St. Cecelia's, Algpnai ys. Burt. 'At Lu Verne, a. classi B sec- tlpnal will be held Fep, 28, 27, 28, and March I. CITV PEFJ5AT8 . . Jim.Tice, at the right .in the abpve;pict.uj?g;^( dent'at Pillsbury Academy Owatonna, "the; toantamy/eslght. tijie. : hr the head of his final opponent, also a Pills- He wonthg fight m one mm. watbnna,,Minn.; ; ;wpn^^ weighs in at 118 Ibs. recehit ! :Qblden,.*Qloyra^;^;S4H^^g]^ ftd'f a'B^ the state stoutriaWent.^setf ' 'now represent ; the district in the state stoutriaWent.^setf • :>•• 'in the aboye ; picture'he s is shown landlhg^a'har'dr'.'apolis' S;ta'r-J6urnal.) TO REVIVE FIELD DAY; MEMBERSHIP iDRIVEJJNDERWAY Postwar plans for a resumption of activities, and election of county officers, were the main items of business attended to last Thursday/cvening at the annual meeting of; the Kossuth County Conservation League, held in the officers club at the prisoner-of- v^ar camp. • : Art Priebc of Lone Rock was named county president, Hugh McDonald of Burt was selected as vice president, and J. D. Lowe of Algona .was named seretary- tt'casurer. A nominating committee consisting -of' Wm. Dau, Algona, Ey- cfett Dryer, Fenton, Alton Pettit, Lane Rock, Julius Kunz, Wesley, and Dr. H. I. Torgersen, Titonka, presented the nominations prior to the voting. Twelve Recommendations A 1946 Field Day will be held. By unanimous vote, the League decided to resume this main function ,of the organization, which was dropped during the war years. Other recommendations adopted as a guide to the League's activities in 1946 were: 1—Repair dams in the river. 2—Encourage work on water ontrol at Goose Lake. .3—Purchase fish rearing pord ji-operty '4—Encourage and promote pre- d^itory mints in unit competition. '5—Encourage state 'control of Mycr Slough in Winnebdgo :ounty. G—Encourage" " completion of Jtiion Slough, Feieial game pre- ervo. 7—Secure more cover on shoot- ng ground at Goose Lake. a-~Promote interest in the '£..*'£» •>•-*•'•;«' ; '-,'*^'. Lone Rock Mem Named Conservation League Head Algona Boy Wins Golden Gloves Title Bout City deleated v tu Verne i last, Wiednegaay evening '$wea City, to win w» e cpunty playoff between north . halt TAYLOR ENTERS A NOT GUILTY PLEA IN DISTRICT COURT Don E. Taylor, now better known perhaps as, "Sergeant O'l^eary' 1 entered a plea of not guilty in Kossuth. district .court, Monday, to a charge of embezzlement, arid if no change is made in the plea, the 'case will go to trial sometime in the near futm-e. Taylor, who is charged with misappropriating radios while con. ducting a radio repair business here, told the court last week that He would not have the services of an Algona attorney. The defendant is without lunds to hire his own attorney and the.cpurt had to appoint one. Taylor saked that Wm. J. Fisher of Emmetsburg be' appointed, and Mr, Fisher was in Algona Monday at the court's request. County Attorney H. W. Miller will handle the state's case, i( }t goes to trial. Petit Jury Called. The petit jury had been ordered to report today, Tuesday, Feb. 12, but the matter was pending yesterday afternoon.. The trial of Donald M. Heifer, AJgona, charged with obtaining money under -false pretenses, ,was also pending. Heiter is also being represented toy Mr. Fisher of Emmetsburg, • New cases filed in district court last week, but not for court action In this term, were: H. O, Chambers vs. Harris W. Bhler, et al, a petition in equity, involving settlement pf the question of a fence line, Harry J, Burke..ys. Fred Merkle, petition at Jaw, in a damage action in which; the plaintiff asks.$in.2?, ciamages from 'the defendants, as result «f an automobile accident on State Steet,;Dec, 38, 1945,; , > Stueve Divorce granted, One divorce was } granted '. }pt week toy Judge G,W>"-' 2 fehtoh sence, recently, the Francis Fo} tP find « jmv their honje imlly return, "•""• purning A- Stweve was granted divorce . the defewiant was ordered to pay $i9 -per month for ftif care p| ' '' Church, WhitUmorc -in time te ie fajnijy.ret put the A private was also 7-^P(lbur Daley Betty Am ^^^^M^^&^^j-^^^^^^^M^ On Icy Streets Fenton: • Alvin : \ -'.-. Zumach Had the misfortune. to slip on some .ice and • crack his hip bone. He wM';|B.Jcj»ii, to the Fort. Podge : hoipitall, Thursday, relu'mingr:-; Friday, bwt will be confined jo'his home. Earl Dean al«o had ihe misfortune io slip on ice and broke his knee cap. He also is at the Fort Dodge hospital. OPERETTAllBURT SCHOOL, THiSDAY Burt: The first six. grades of the Burt school will'present an operetta, ".A Jack and Jill Valentino," on Thursday evening, Feb. 14, starting at 8 p. in. in the school, auditorium. .(;' Admission prices,are 20c for students and ^Oc fqp., Adults. In the cast^ of "this.'interesting juvenile production are Daryle Leeper, Larry IMding, Donald Reimers, Max BaqrY\ ;: Mary Officer, John Ha,ase,f Hehry McMullen, Sheila-RachutVlpavid Christ tensen, Myrna Weisky and Larry Hinckley, . : -- r :V • , There will.-. fljsp! 1 .-be several chorus, members, •«•? siicn as the chorus of laces/ hear* 5 ' verses, roses, daisies pin}5? and children, RETURNJiifl) FARMHOllFIRE; Seneca: A|ter||jlwb*h,pur al? E'BURG GROCERY FIRM TAKING OVER AiP FRONT HERE The first major business change in Algona for a good many months took place last Saturday, when the Atlantic & Pacific Tea Co. slope here Closed its doors after the> day's .business. The A. & P. is leaving :Algona. In the meantime, the store on State Street has been leased by Harold Blinkman and Harold Wohl of Emmetsburg, who together have operated Harold's Food Store. . They will open their Algona store .under the same name and will continue to maintain their store in Emmetsburg. The building they have leased in Algona, next to the Iowa State bank, is owned by J. W. Haggard and Mrs. Al Peterson, The A. & P. fixtures were .purchased by the two men last week. Harold Wohl is still in the navy, stationed in Minneapolis, but expects to be released shortly While complete plays were not worked out, the men believed \\ likely that Harold Wohl woulc operate the Algona store and Harold Blinkman the store in Emmetsburg. Both men were originally in Algona in the grocery business here, working for other firms. Commenting on the departure of A, & P., a company otficlai said last week that inability of the firm to supply the local store \vith- necessary items during the war years and since the war ended, had forced the company to jnake its decision !tp clpse here In the meantime, remodeling , work began on the building ed several months ago :by WM- jiam Sharp, on State Street^ in }he McEnroe property, and until rpcently occupied ;t>y the V» S, Q Mr. Sharp, a navy, vetf van, wji ppen a jewelry sieve, jn tht^oeft jtion abPUt March 1. ? The above change^ leuye A* gona without a single empty tms ' Just Call Me Mister .. Sa,ys This Returned Service Man (A Weekly Review With An Overseas Veteran) —Algona Upper Des Moines Newsfoto Gerald Ollom, lett, and Roy Ollom, are two Burt brothecs with plenty ot service behind them who are quite content to settle back into the business of running a filling station and garage. Gerald went into the Navy, May 22, 1942, and was released Sept. 30, .1945. In the interval he served in the Atlantic, Mediterranean and Pacific theatres, and had ihe dubious thrill of having two ships sunk under him. At Oran, North Africa, Nov. 8, 1942, his transport went down from a torpedo hit. He was later assigned to a destroyer, and that loo went down off Okinawa. Roy, who served a hitch in the Coast Guard in the 1920's, enlisted in the Navy in August, 1942. He was attached, eventually, to a destroyer repair unit in the Pacific. He was released from service last August. He has a son, Wayne, who is now in the army. Both Ollom brothers, sons of Mr. and Mrs. James H. Ollom of Burt, are graduates of Burt high school. They recently bought the Burt K. & H. station. British War Bridte Pleased Jticourage ;:the\City c,f Alto install'a sewage disposal ilant at an early date. 10—Secure a permanent place !or county League meetings. • 11—Secure sporting goods' company displays at the next ""ield Day. 12—^"Conduct an active membership drive with dues remain- ng at 25c a year. Seek 2000 Members Before the war, total county membership in the League ran between 1500 and 2000 and a drive is to get under way at once ,o sell 1946 memberships. Membership cards were distributed at the meeting to those present. There were about 70 in ittendancc. The treasurer's report showed a bank balance of $608, a slight gain during the war years. All league property was stored during the war at Squeeze Field, With the holding of the annual meeting and election, county units will now hold their elections. Represented at the annual meeting were units from Wesley, LuVerne, Ldne Rock, Titonka, Whittemore, and Fenton, as well as Algona. Floyd Morley, Forest City, state' conservation officer, M. D. Lewis of Des "Moines, state lands commissioner, and G. L. Ziemer, state conservation commissioner, were all present, and spoke briefly. Movies concluded the program, with Bill Dau presenting them. TICKET SALE FOR CHARfTYBALLON With 15 organizations or more actively sponsoring the atfair, ticket salesJpr the 1946 Charity Ball gPt under way here this W The Charity Ball, dropped during, the war years, will be held Monday evening, Feb. 18, in the high school gymnasium, and is " " ! n»ajpr social events pf an' American soldier, ithe = first few days after you arrive from your home in England to take up residence with him in Iowa, has some huqiorous aspects. So Mrs. Lewis Kent found out last week. Mrs. Kent and her. 15 months old son, Lewis Kent III, arrived Wednesday, Feb. 6, at the Kent home, four miles west of the Doan church, after a rough voyage from England via the liner Argentina. When Mrs. Kent went to the season T .j4§ will gP fpr char- wprk in aiding underpnvr „_„ children, £pC8l' orfani?4tlons that have already volunteered their sup- port-'WMl have had representatives at the pre'.hainury meetings ' ' " the'<3iian*!ej!: pf Coih' Junior Chamber of Con}' ytottiry cluib, J^iwanis clibi 1 Itioos e^»b. American •^ m4 l^pxiUary, Veterans of -- Ministerial ami Phi, _ 'Iptern §t»A P- Cpjnjfy' * frfer iited ...... elite MMiWi Bd.:Canta cl«b. l|||i«|f>M9M|' HOUSE ON FRASER FARM DESTROYED The tenant 'house on the John Fraser farm, five miles south and one-haft mile west of Hobatton, was destroyed by fire, Sunday morning. Tenants in the house were Kenneth Fraser, son of John, and Kenneth's family. The Algona department was called and a truck with six men responded, but by the time they arrived their efforts were turned toward preventing a spread of the lire, as the tenant house was 'beyond saving. Kenneth said that he arose Sunday morning and went out to do the chores. In his absence, his wife smelled smoke, arose and found the kitchen -afire. She managed to get the three small children to safety, but the fire . had such a start that is was impossible to save any personal.belongings. Even the family clothing went up in flames. The tin roof on the house, a one- tory frame (building, kept the smoke inside, and hampered efforts to save the belongings or fight .the fire from the interior. BASEMENT FHIE IN CITY HOME MONDAY NIGHT A basement fire was subdued Monday evening in the Mabel Sorensen home, after firemen battled their way through chok- FIVE COUNTIES TO SEND DELEGATES; HEADLINESPEAK'RS Between 200 and 300 American .agion and Legion Auxiliary del- gates are expected to toe in Alona Friday, Jan. 15, for a fivc- ounty meeting of both organiza- ons. The sessions will be held in the fternoon and evening, with both roups holding simultaneous meetings in the afternoon in the cgion hall, and a joint program t the high schoo} auditorium in ie evening. ' Noted Speakers Coming Noted Legion leaders will be- n the evening speaking pro- ram, including Frank Miles of Des Moines, editor of the Iowa cgionaire, and Ralph R. Stewrt, of Hampton, state command- r, who gained considerable news ttention recently by taking ex- eption to the view of National Commander Stelle on the con- uct of the Veterans Administra- ion. The summarized program of toth organizations as announced y County Commander Walter V. Engel of LuVerne, follows: American Legion—Afternoon 1 p. m.—Registration. 2 p. m. Assembly. Call to order, advance of the colors, pledge o the flag. Invocation—Rev. F. Earl Bur- :css. , Address of welcome — Kay Jetchell, commander 'Hagg Post, Algona. Message—William B. Nugent, lead of the Veterans Administra- ion in Iowa, DCS Moines. He is former Algona resident. Auxiliary—Afternoon 1:30 p. m. Registration. 2 p. m. Call to order. . Address of welcome—Mrs. H. E. Lampright, 'president Algpna: post Auxiliary. ••..••. Response-—Mrs. ^Lester Stille, Klemme. '• ., .,';;,,;;•• V-- •'<••;..•,'!.•..;.;••.•>>; faster -of ^ one• : df 'the^girls was reading -a newspaper article- about the first English brides reaching the U. S. and the comments rattier amused Mrs. Kent. Later on, she and Lewis went to a local store and one of the clerks was reading a paper and called out "here's' a picture of Lewis Kent's wife and baby." They were right in the store and no one recognized them. While Mrs. Kent was waiting for a train for Ames, the conductor jokingly told her to be careful or she would have all her hair pulled out, and she quickly answered, •- "Well, these girls here should hold their men." Mrs. Kent is very pleased with the prospects of Iowa farm life, and relief from the rationing ol everything. In England, no rationing has been lifted. Mrs. Kent is a friend of Mrs, Paul Egel, also a Watford, England, girl and saw her just before leaving England. Mrs. Egcl wil" come over as soon as possible When she and her son join Paul who will farm northeast of Irvington, Mrs, Kent will be only a few miles from Mrs. Egel — strange coincidence. Lewis last saw his wife and child in Sept. 1945, before he lef or home, reaching the states in Oct. 1945. ing smoke to the coal bin. the- blaze in Lakota GirU Going To SestiQpal Meet The Lakflta girls baskettoali team will &e> the only Ko county entry to go into the ' . 4}fbrict touroey in sirfe fjijal, ft? to m »-. - . ^,. r^«,^,. 1-^1:-- og ^± 24, Wj%- :W*-'»?-ST •„•:•.•• «|rte tewji alse COMMANDING CAMP OFFICER TO LEAVE Lt. Col, and Mrs. A, T. Lobdel plan to leave Algona about Feb. 15 for Fort Leavenworth, Kansas where Col. Lobdell expects to bi released from active duty in thi army. He 'has been commanding offic er of the Algona. prisoner-of-war camp for the past year pr so, Following his release from ae live duty, he will re-enter th highway department Pf the state of Nebraska, with residence a Lincoln, Nep. He was connectei with the'higtiwy idepartnient ther before entering the arroy m March, 1841. The active duty force at th. prison camp in Algona has now been cut to a njere handful, • "holding force" to maintain th eamp until s«0i time as final dis po?»l Tnay I* made Pf we ' ings and. l«»i • • . ,, Hundreds of bidders, in th raegnthne, hftve entered |)ids i or TOeJchjindjge ft:tfi9,e*rap ^ has gp far-: been pf f erea fpr • Pan' v Atterica'ht.iSMdy' -4 Earl Ellsworth;- Emmetsburg. •; ; Message — Mrs. Thomas 'R. Car'r,-.' Des Moinen, department president. Message—Mrs. C. L. Strate, arner, eighth district president. Evening Program—High School 7:30 p. m.—Call to order. Adr vance of the colors, Lu Verne unit; pledg? to flag, Rev. F. Earl Burgess, county chaplain; music; nvocation. Master of ceremonies—Walter W. Engel, LuVerne.' ; Address of - welcome— Kay Setchell, commander Hagg PosV Algona. Response —D. L. Elwell, Den-,/' ison, eighth district commander. Message—Ralph R. Stewart, Hampton, state commander. . :' Message—Mrs. Thomas • R. Carr, state auxiliary ^president. : Message — Frank Miles,- Des Moines, editor Iowa Legionaire. HARRINGTON OUT FOR COUNTY ATTY. Robert J. Harrington, recently returned veteran, -announced Mon day that he would be a candidate for the republican nomination for Kossuth county attorney. •He is a son of-the late Mr. and Mrs, T. P. Harrington, a graduate in law from .the University of Iowa in 1933, and practiced in Algona from 1933 until 1942, in association with J. D. Lowe in the firm of Harrington & Lowe. He will oppose. H. W. Miller, present county attorney, who }s a candidate Iftr re*eleetlon. Mr. Harrington took advanced military training while at the State : University and in. July, 1942 was : called to active duty Uv the;,army ; . as, a .ist ! Lieutenant of infantry He was promoted to Caetflui jn Oc^: toper, 1943 and jn:t9«went"«ve seas, He. served Persian Gulf Cpmmand an4 promoted to the rank p| Majoy 4ft i; May, W«, He/returned United States in ^fp and war an 4«ty in the DireciSr pf Army

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