The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on February 5, 1946 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 5, 1946
Page 7
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EASE , Anniversary far Four Corners Couple, Thursday Four Corners: Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Withnm entertained their daughter and husband Mr. and MJ-S. Pete Helmers, and a few relatives Thursday evening. The occasion was Mr. nnd Mrs. Hel- rners' first wedding anniversary, TThose attending 'were Mr. and Airs. Leo Ramus. nnd two boys, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Lowmnn and three children, and Richard Hel- n>ers. Five hundred furnished entertainment, with Leo Ramus and Iris Lowman winning high scores and Elmer V/itham and Mrs. Leo Ramus low. Mrs. Lewis Bvopsdrv spent t.hc> day Friday with lior mother Mrs. Violet W:ilkcr. L. J. Lowman spout the clay Tuesday at the Louis Lowman home near Fcnton. . Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Bjustrom and boys spent Sunciay, Jnn. 27, at Mrs. Violet Walker's. The Otto Harlan family attended a card party at Ark- Dilt- mer's Thursday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Schrauth of Bancroft were Sunday, January 27, guests at the Christ Jensen home. Mr. and Mrs. Peter Helmers spent Tuesday afternoon and evening at the Louis Lowman home near Fcnlon. Mrs. E. C. William and her daughter Mrs. Pete Helmers tied quilts for Mrs. Helmers Friday afternoon at Mrs. Hal.tie Witham's in Algona. Supper guests at Mrs. Violet Walker's Friday evening were Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Brooscler and family and Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Bjustrom and family. The Robert Walker family moved Friday to Mrs. Walker's parents, the Joe Pnesler farm near West Bend. The Priesters are moving to West Bend. Evening callers at the E. C. Witham home Sunday, January 27, were Mr. and Mrs. Louis Lowman and family. Mr. and Mrs. Pete Helmers. and Mr. and Mrs. Simpson. Jan. 31 was Mr. and Mrs. Q. A. Bjuslrom's wedding anniversary. Mrs. Bjustrom's sisters and family gathered at the Bjustrom home at noon with their dinners to help the Bjuslroms celebrate. Mrs. Howard S.-irchelt received a telephone call from her husband Thursday evening saying that he was at Jeferson Barracks, St. Louis, and expected to reach home Saturday with his honorable discharge. 'Mrs. Ralph Witham, who was brought here by ambulance recently from Gaieshurg, 111., now has a baby girl born Thursday. They are at the Kossuth hospital. The Withams now have three girls and two boys. County Board Proceedings I .'. ll'l i I IT'S ' ifl'lee ' Alu-otia. Inu-a > I ici-i-mlicr ::l, 111 IT, !);no nviMcit A. .M. The lioaril 01' Supervisors n!' Kos- siilh County, liiwa. mei in icunlar MPssldil pursuant to ad ii.ilriiMicii I with the rollou-int; nil'ier.-: |.r.--.- Pt:t: supervisors .1. it. Kius,-r \v K Mcl'ioiuild. \\'. A. Sehram .1 !•' yiilnu and M. I., .lohiisiui. •Mdtliui nia.I.- liy Mciii.uatd and 2».! hy Sehram I ha t . i ,.• l,.,ar.| |.r..e I 1'i aiulii claims. A\,s: Ml \ay.-: Nnr.c. On nidildii I ioa nl a.l iniii ii'ii "Slue Cde". .Jllesl: 1.. .1. IMMI'.Kl-VM.I.. Coiiiif.- Audllnr • I. I 1 '. i.H'I.V.V. I'liairiuaii Hoard o!' Supi-r\ f ior.s. .Minnies „( la.-i Ifeuular Session and all adjourned .- .ssi,,i « \\-i-re approved and read .Atlcsi : I.. .1. IM.M|.:i:|.'A|,l.. Secrelarv. J. P. i.ifl\.V. i 'I airman lioard in' Super\ isors. Audlmr's iil'l'iee AlKdlia. Iowa. .la n na r\- :'. I!) |ii S:iui (Viuck A. M, The linanl of sil|n.rvis,,i s ,,|' K.,S- suth i.'diiuty, lo\va. met in i-eu-ulai- Hussion \\'ilh lh,- f nlo\v ini.-- nieinliei-s PI'eKert: Sllpcl'Visoi s .1. II. l-'raser. \V. K. JIi.'l>iilial.l. \V. A Sei.ram .1 K Qiliun and M. I,. .1 ..hnson. Srnllcill made I,',- h'raser and 2nd by Sehram thai ihe Seri''1.1 r\-. i-ead tile minutes dr Hi- |; leunlar ses- s'id/: and all a.l iniii ne ( | -...-sion Ayes: All. Xays: \,-,ne. .Motion made l,y Mi-liMiiald and 2nd hy .lol.nson \\, n \ I,,, nniiun-s of Ihe ri-Kiilar -.••-sinu ai.d .-ill ad- .Idlirred session-; si;.-id approved ay road. Aves: All, Navs: \,me .Motion made l.\- .I..U1'-,,,, :iu ,| j,,,l liy .Mi'lioiinld thai i !•,. i i.i n -'f. r made hv I he ( 'onn i v ,\ n,ii i ,,.• I > n-ai h..r ill. I flt.'.. from l!>.- toad e.iuslruetii.e fund to i he r. ia'l nr-i in i i";a n. >- fund in I he a moiin I i.l .< 1 K. ! ' i I.,- a n- pt'oved. Ayes: All N i \ .; : N,,ue .Million made ),- I....I -.MM and "nd l.v .Mellona I.I II,al See iai'v Una,I I'elition N'o. i',l .; I ,• idaeed ,,n I'i', Aves: AH. .Vi, . v >; .Motion made l,v \l, I MII ; , |,| and 'Jnd liv .lohrson ll -il K,.,-,.| t,,. ,n,!,,,ini- cd lo ma K-,- n.-i !• —,i I ri i,:i i ' s i.i| .lolni I ira inaye I ii - • i, ' I I ,v K \',,. -• Ave^: All. .Va - -• N..I .Motion made I,,. I,,',, .,,,, : nd "ml liy Kraser thai i .11.; • • i • 11 n,. ,i M i ,1 III Illalie U.'Ci II . ' ,n.. Ir- ..n 1 he fol!o\ein.;- ,lr:, in;,-.,- ,i -.,.,: ~ : y,. J and !•:. I' \ K' 'I', i - I \ I--- VII Navs: \,,ii... Moilon made In- M, ! a M a n,l -.'n, 1 liv l-'raser II:;' 1ir.ll , . I In! ,i [:• X" 1 nf ihe I la ^ !< ..- < '. n, -1 i u ,-ii,, n for main tena n, e erav. I;, ..- |... a I ipr, ,\-,.,l. Av.-s: All. \-.f. s- \.,|,.'. Mot Inn made lo- .M' |ii,n-i ' I and 2nd I'V Selira ni M. i i • -1 ,•-. id -i ! iio- llee be served en I . IMS M.-Vav and family. Avs: All. X-v.. Mdlidll mi'de l.s- l-'.-.-.-r and "nrl bv Sehram ' hat ' !:•• ' M I'o-ia I I'ond ,,f llcnl a !•:. .lid.r.--.,' . \--,-.-.--s,.r f,,r Al- (rnnn Ineorliora led. in l!>" amolH'l of */i«0.(U) ll" .'llilil'ol'ed a'i.1 Idaeid oil fib' Aves: All Vav-: N'oiie. Mdlidll made lA Sehi-.-,,-.| a.-d "nd liv l-'ras.-i' thai t 1 -.- i',d I,,\\-ie;:' 'lit qunrlei-lv re]i,,ris it,- a ni .r,,\-e,l: I;e- f.ClVtlev's C.-lmrt ,.f (•'•,-- t'nv ^S"^ t -, nierl<'s i; i ,,r r, . •- r..i- * 11 -n <>:,• AU'lilOI-'s I,'. I..I'-' .,!' I'..,'S ai-.l (•olleetions I'm- «|M'> M :••••! Si-.ei-i I'f's Tleprirl to I'"- I 1 ., ri-d ,.!' Stl !,erviso|-y. .V-i: All. V:.---- N'.e.e. ' Mellon mad.- I".- I-'' a-.,-r and '.'".I bv .Inlil son I I,a I He Kira llcl.i t Klnlelllenl. of l''e K",-^--i 11 I ( I'.nut'- .\H-rleilllllral Ass,., i .lien iCoiitite Iftiirl fin- Ih e year I'M.", be a i,,,.-, ,yed a'l|(l idaeed on file. A vi -;: All. N'a'.'S' N'.'".'. \[\ Imsine-.: !,. |,e In- Itlcold Hoard havine. I.e.-n e.imideled OI) .Motion made le, s,-' ,,-101 a"-' :.'i>d I|V Praser i|,-ii n Id I :,ia rd ad- iOiu-ii Aves: \ II \'a> s: Xone. 2:0(1 O'einel,- I' M. ' TI.P Hoard ef Snner\-i-ors of K'of.-. f.dth (''onulv lovea. it',-1 as a new tjnnnl for the vear I !i I,; w|(b Ihe fill lOWil'!!- me'l,lie's lireS'"*' SUpef- \VlfiiM-s .lob" n l-'i-a'-i-r U'llllni" K. Mrllonald. U'litliiii) A S,-lu-iiii. John If. Onlnn and M-.-rmi I lo''.ns<,e. " Sup^rylsdr eleet .'"ini H I-'raf-a-r ni\t} Super^'isor eleet WjJIeini A. ScliraiP of lie 1st and "rd dislrlets rfsppptiyelv were dulv <i\vorn It: for the tcjm of-throe y.ears, Motion mrtde hy Qnlnn nnd.Undby Frnser thnt Wllllnm 10. McDonald he nppolnted (o net ns Chnlrmnn of Ihe lionrd of Supervisor!) of Kossuth County, lown. for the. year I SMB. Aves: All. Nnys: None. Mollon mnrte hy Qulnn nnd 2nd, by .lohnson that .lohn 1:1, tj'rnseft he appointed to act ns mnnnK'er. of the Kosstuh County Farm for the yenr lltlt;. Ayes: All. Nays: None,, Motion made hy tjulnn nnd 2nd hy Schrnm tjint the Ronrd of Supervisors approve the following; amounts ns rnsli counted liy the hohrd nt:d found to lie on I.nnd In the vnrlotts county offices on January 2nd, 19-19, t'liitnly Auditor, None, t'nnnly Itoeorder, Cnsh $.1.00, t'nttnty Trensnrer, Cnsh -lil.' Clerk of Courts. Cnsh $1*>.OQ Sheriffs Office, NniK*. Motion- innde liy Johnson nnd 2nd hy Frnscr thnt Ihe Hoard of Supervisors approve (lie followlnR huilKCt estimates of dip vnrious county offices for Ihe year 1948: Auditor's Office, $10,300.110 I'eeordcr's Office. $S.50(1.00 Superintendent of Schools Office, si.eritTs ori'iec, js, Treiisill-er's Office, $11,800.00 Clerk of Hie District Court Offlee, $ 1.8 is.(in County Attorney's Office. IL.lL'M.OO Ayes: All. Nnys: None. Motion mmle hy Qnlnn nnd 2nd hv Sehram Unit the Kossuth Connly Advance and the Algona Upper IVs Moines of Algona, lown, nnd the llnnerofl licRlslcr of llnrieroft, lon'.'l, be arnl nre herehy nppolnted nhd ilesl.mialed ns official n-e\vspapers fur ICossiilh Connly. lown, for the yi'itr l!t|t!. Ayes: All. Nnys: Noire, Motion made by .lol'.nson nnd 2nd hy Schfam 11mI \V. A, Mutton and Mrs. Klvirn Monlux of Alffona, .lown, iinil .1. F. Qulnn of (lock, Iowa, 110 mut lire, hereby appointed, the. members of the Kossuth County lion rd of Soclnl Welfare for the yenr I'.Mii. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Mntlon made hy Johnson nnd 2nd hv Ioniser thnt the Certificate of Membership nnd Annual Flnnnelnl I'eport of the Kossuth County Farm Huron u he approved nnd pincPd on flic and Hint mi appropriation of J.~,.01111.01) lie made lo the Ivossuth Coiinty l'"iirm Hurpnu for the yenr in in. us provided hy the laws of the state of lown. Chapter 1.18 of tr.o l!i:i!i Code of Iowa, snld anproprln-. lion in heirln January 1st'. 1946. Ayes: All. Nnys: Nnjip. .Motion made liy Qulnn nnd 2nd hy Schram Hint the following resolu- u'on IIP ndoptPd: TIRSOI.rTlON \V11H11 HAS, it Is necessary that I'ublle l-'undK collected hy the County Treasurer lo lie paced It; vnrlotiH depositories, and WIIKHKAS. Chapter 17.1 of the list iienoral Assembly. Slate of Iowa, a in liorlncil adoption of a. State SinkiiiK Fund wltliln Ihe Slate for iHiileeiion of public funds held wlth- 111 Ihe ilesi^-i-.a ted deriosltorios. .VOW TIIKHKKOH UK IT V.F.- soLVHl*. by the Hoard of Supervisors of Kossuth County. Iowa, that ('. \V. I'earsun. County Treasurer of Kossuth County. Iowa. Is hereby di- lertcil to deposit funds in Hie dc 1 - )iosltoi-les of I'ublic Funds of Kos- sinl County. Iowa, to^wil: Iowa Slate Itnnk, AlKonn. lown Security Stute Hank, Algona, Iowa Hurt Savinifs llanli. Hurt. Iowa Fanners c Trailers Savings Flank, P.nncnift. Iowa Farmers Trust & Snvlnfrs Flank, Huffnlo Corl-pr, Iowa (Lakotn. Iowa. Office) Fanners Slnte Hank. I.uVerne. Iowa 'I'lie Hock Hank, Tjoch, Iowa Farmers State Unnk. \Vhlttemorc, Suite Hank of I.pdynrd, l.edynrd. First Trust & Savlnu-s Hank, Armstrong. Iowa tl-'enton. Iowa, office i Tllnnkn Saving's Hank, Tllonkn, Iowa F.yclinniJte Slate Hank. AV'en.ley, I own and that nil public funds now In • HiKwiiKlun of sHhl Counlv Treasurer nf Kossuih (,'ounly. Iowa, shall be ilepiiSJlled'lh said banks be re In before iieslu-jiiuetl ar.d the saM. Courtly Treasurer is'luri'M' aiftl.orl^ed nnd i-ei|iiii-e ( | 10 usi> said hanks as such deposit orh-x, Unit the, maximum anionnis of County Founds aiithnj'l»t>d' lo he ileposhcd in said hunks, which are hereinbefore apnroved as depositories for said Counl.v Funds !-'h:i II In- as fololws: . Iowa Stnle Flunk, AlKonn, Iowa. Seeiirltv Slate Ilniik. AlKonn, town. $r,un.iioo.oo Hurt Savings Bank. Hurt, lown. $lin!,ttOO.00 Fnriiicrs ,*i Trailers Snvlncs Hank, Hnncrnfl. lown. |1",0.000,00 Fin-tilers Trust & Snvlr.RS Bunk, Huft'alo Center, Iowa (Jjikola, lowu. Office), tr.0.000.00 Farmers Sint« ilanll, F.uVerne, Iowa. $sr,.oon.on TI.e Hock Flnnk. F-one. T'ock, lou-a. $100,000.0(1 ' . Fnrini'i's Slate Flank, Whlltomore, lo\va. $100.0110.00 Slate Hank of Lcdynrd, IjCdyard, Iowa. Jir.0.000.00 First Trust & Snvlnps Tlnnk. Arm-, strong;. Fowa d-Viilon, Fowa, Of- flee) $.'.0,000.00 Tlionku Savin'-'s Fiank. Tllonkn. Iowa. $l.",0,nOO.OO K-xchniiKi' suite Hfink. • Wesley, luwa, $100,000.0(1 and hereinafter Hui said Count v 'I'i'easurer shall keep the )iubllc t'imils htlnuKiucc to suld county It, said deposlloi'les not exceedlni? the maximum amounts hereinbefore autlivu'i'/.eil in anyone hank so de.flp;- n." led. Hesiilmlop declared adopted Ills ?inl di'iv of .lanuary, 1916. Ayes: All. Na-s.: None. Motion made hv .lohnson anil L'li.l In- (.iniiin that ibc l'ollowlt:« resolu- lioil be adopted: I1F IT llfoHIOtlV nk'soi.VKI) hv 'I:.- Hoard of Supervisors of Kossuth Cuttutv, lown. lu retcvtlar session this -ml dav of Jnnimry. 1941. pursuant to and ii: accordance wllh <'liu|,i,-i- :' of the Acts of the 41th lieiu-riil As.--.euiblv of the State of luwa Hint Ihe Iowa Slate DanH nnd the Securitv Slate Hauk, both Uank- in«- corpora lions ilointr Imslness Ir. Ale i. luivn. he and are hereby .lesiynatei) and iipprnvi'd as the ile- |i,,siioi-ies for nut,lie funds from and at'ie, nua i".' :'t-d. I Hill, and that the m;i vi iniint amounts wl.icb each pa v - lieuliir collllly Office (if K'OSSUlh i',-uni.>-. le\\-a. shall de|,osll in comiili: > with (lie!utliiu shall bias follows: Midlmr's riffle.--. >10 OdO.i'Mi 1'iiciii'd-cr'x OITice. til,0011,1)11 ci-rk of ihe Kisidlct Court Office. £ i a ami (id '•'berilTs Office. $:,.(iOO.OO Hesoliilion declared adotitfd th's "nd ilii" of .liuuKiry. HMU. Ayes: All. N.-i'-s: Nun,-. ^l"lior made li\' Sehram nnd -nil b\- l^i'nsvv tbut tin* fiitUivylnf-' tvp- •i.iiiitmi-nts he anproved In tic vnr- iniis conniv offices nnd the salaries be fixed as follows: John .1 Fiestf-n If liner. I "'I FV-ptity Ai.'liioi' $l'i(1.00 per month. Iw' n. Scttt»hnm. 2nd Pe.pnty \n-iiior *1',0,00 per monlh, Slelh. Mae Hre.-n. Clerk In Auditor's Ofl'lep, *!:!(!.00 nc-r month. Mai-'- K sands 1st Deputy Treas- u re r * i I I no ner month. l.'oselln Volorl. ?nd liepuly Treas- ui-.-i- Jl I J.OO rn-r month. Almu .fuul<L-run-k-r. Clvrk In Auto l,i,.,.ns-e Iient.. $ir!9.0fl pei- morth. Cia.l.\'-; Hi^r'rstresser. Fleputy Fler ,.,-.t,. r f.t•'*,.((() j>c-.r month. ,\lma Pearsrui f)pou*'' Clerk of ('mti-tv $111.00 ner montl".. |.'i>l,-il-i v Skii<" Poputv Count v Sit'u-.rintepib'tit. $1110.00 ner month. |.>-1 ra clerical help in various eonni- i,(Tic,,«. $t.fiO ner dnv. iM',1 i1,c Count v Auditor \,c Inslruct- , ,| D is.uii.. warrants for filprlps o' e.-iiniv officers. ilPiiulles, clerics nnd oiiif-r conniv employees n' thp end .,f inch month. Ayes: All- NAVS: Snne. Minion mado hy Qulnn atu] 2nd hv Sehram ihat IF; i(. Smith tje artpojnt- ed flounlv Unelneer for tho yenr 1!)4H nnd his salary \,f fixed at Ci'iU.flA per month. Ayes: All. Nays: None. \fotior made hy Qulnn nnd 2nd hv I-'vuser ttiat .1. n. Fraser be appoint- vd Assistant County F^nglneer fqr Ihe vear-'1SJJ5 nnd that his saJoj'*' l>6 fixed nt $200.00 per mlnth. Ayes: All. Nays: None. , Motion, made, by .Tohnson., and .2nd hy Qulnn thnt Marvel, Sola he appointed ov-erseer of thfe pbor for the y-enr 194(1,and that her snlar.j' he fixed nl JJUfv.oo'not- month, Ayes: All, Nays: None. AFoiiprtmnde hy Quln.n ifnrt, 2ml ; hy Frnser llia.t. Ijiloytl, Fitdtthneh hfl «m- ployed as Janitor In the Coiirt House for the. yehr.W-lrt.nnd that.hls salary he, Clxert at St4irviOO>nc\n mnhth. .\yes: All. Nfljf*'. Hone. AtoiIon made hy. Johnson nntl 2nd hy ITrnR.e,r, thtit the npimlntmonl of »C. H. ostwlnkle. ns delinquent, personal pt;flp)er,ly Inx eolleelor In Ivos- siitn County for- the yenr 1919 he approved, ns re,c,omme,r,d«d by C, \V. I'enrsohi County Trensurer, nnd Hint the deinquent personal (axes for. Ihe year 1.944 nnd nil prior years bo (teslKmtled. as Ilipse. lo he collected by said collector. Ayes: All; Nays: None. Motion made, hy Qulnn nnd 2nd hy Frnser tl'.rtl the following cash nnd enrp.nllownhces he,fixed foiv the yenr.. IDHii and that the County Auditor.' be nhd Is herehy directed lo Issue warrants for snme nl Ihe end of eneh month: l.era Oodfredson. $10.00 per rnofilh; Minnie Stelnman, $20.00 per month on contract; BiUlh Smith, $24.00 per month oh contrncl: Mnf'- tlift Hen In. $11.00 per month for en re of her mother, Mrs. Anna Tlet?.; \Vm. !•:. Huff, $10.00 per month; Win. O. Finis 1 , $1i".00 ppr month for rare of Helen Spt-ank; Strs. Myrn 1'elt/.1te. $20.00 per month on content*!: Ncls I'edersen, $in.0fl per month 01: contrnct: Mrs. KntheMne Flnhscn, $12.00 per mohth; Mrs. Dora Flnle. $20.00 per fnontl, on contract. Ayes: All. Nnyc: None. Motion mnde hy Qulnn nnd 2nd by Sehram. Hint the aHRessdrs snlnrles In the following towns nnd town- sltlps he fixed nl $£.00 per tiny for the yenr. 1911, nnd not to exceed the number of days hereinafter slnl-ed, Ayes: All. Nays: None. Town* AlRnr.a, Herthn 10. Johnson, 1411 dnys. $7.10:00 Hnncroft, Joe CoBJey, ^8 dnys. $190,00. Hurt, Floy A. Clark. 29 dnys, $1 -Ift.00 Fenton, Pnul \V. lOlxler, 21 days, $120,00. ' Ijakoln. J. K. Smlll. 2S dnys, 1)40.00. ' ' • F^edynrd, IFnrold FFerxoa'. 20 dnys. $.100.00. Fioek, Ppnnlil Houck, 17 dnvs. $Kri.OO. F.uVerne, l-'lorence M. IFof, 20 days. $ 125.00, . • ' Swea Cllv. Cleorffe K. 13utlci'fleld, K dnys, $180.00. Tllonka, Cnmllln Cooper. L'fl dnys. $ \Vesley, H. .1. Hrnley. 2S dnys, $140. on. Whlttemore, Frnnk \V. Klherl, P.o dnvs, $ir>o.(Hi. Htiffnlo, Andrew C. Hanson, i"9 dnys, f29n.ln). Hurl, (Jet). I 1 . Ilinvcott, i"i:t days, $2iiB.i>fl. Crescn, John P. Simon, r,r. days, $27".00. lOaKlc, Floyd. Oilman. 42 davs. $210:00. Fenton, A. I\ NpwbrouR-h, r,7 dnvs, J2S5.00. Llnrfleld. Mlcliiiel Itendcrscheld. fiS days, $290.00. Gorman UoberL Hunkofske, fi9 dnys, $2!ir>.flfl. ('Irani, Illchard I. AndPrsor., -I" days. t2U,.00. (.Jreeiiwood, F.inus X'nsk^. Til dtiy. 1 ', $270.00. Harrison, Itlchnrd M- Anderson, fid- days. $2f,0.00. Hehron, H'elnicr llniifte, .",! days, JrvlnSton, U C. Htitehlr.s, (il da.vs. l.Rdynrd, John Hnrtsl.orn. 19 days. Lincoln, Hello Mi Koppen, »1 days, $2r,r..oo, F.otls Cre<*k, Hil^o J. Fnulsllck. 'i.'i da vs. $27(-|.00. l.uVer'ie, (1. Mi Will.- Ti2 da.vs. $2110,00. ' I'liirn Creek. Art-bur A. nisen, fi'l. davs. $2(-iO.OO. Portland, ' .Donald Hlnffsdorf. :',0 davs, JjjriO.QO, I'rnlrle, diaries NVIson, lid days. $T,nn.oo.. Humsey. I-.e.ander Vnslw, ,',0 Uay«, $2r.iCoo. I'lverdale. ^\'m. Hammer, M days, ".S«nern,! Joseph n. CrowleV, r,7 davs. $2S'i.OO. 'Sherman, Joseph A. Klhert. Ti'J davs, $2CO.Ofl. Springfield, Dale T. F'acker, 4.:. davs. $22r,.np. . Swea, C. F.'PR'or fi."! day«. t27.-.:oo. ' 1'nlon, F», c. finrdner, r,7 da $2R.-,.OI). Wesley. Henry C. Nelsoi:. r,7 dav", $28.',.OO.' ' \\'hll lemore, F'nul I' 1 . F.tidw.lrr, '• On' mptiop Hoard proceeded I audit nnd nllow elnlms as per. "Schedule, of Claims" herelnaftor written, Cniiillv TTnuil Fowa £jlalo Banlt, Wllheld Ta.x-es ..•...'.. $ 403.SR ^Fhl\vest FilndPrv I'ehlndlnfr Tiooks 919.00 NW Hull Telephone Co.. Tele. Serv 108.99 C. IF. Ostwlnkle, 'Del. Per. Tax Ool. fir,.It; Cliv of Algona. T.lshl nnd . Water Serv H' W. W. Sulllvnh. F'ostntfe lo Co. Supl. Offlee 27..Mi Midwest Hindurv & Supply Co^. Jncketw for record. bool<s .,,..• W. W. $\iUfvnn. Box Uent.. ('..TiO Ulennor FColla.sch, Assist. Ami. Offlee S7.SO Mnrlorie .1. Weher. Assist. Trens. Office SS.r.n F'lvelvn Voljfl. A,sslt-'t. Trens. Offk'H ' Marv Arn Menren, Assist. " Fifcconler.'s Office S.'.lli) l.orim T!uh|ikP, Assist. Snpt. Office At'.lls Homvorlh, -Vsislst. Snot. Office ..'..' :i:s.:,n C. W. Pearson. Co. •t'rea'-'.. siomiis. stamped lOuvcl.. Time F.c>ek S"1.fi2 I)n.-oiiiv ^1eru;en, Assist. And, Office sn.Sft N"' Hell Tele. Co., tele. Serv lul.or, C, \V. I'PIH'KOIl, TlVi'S., AdV. HM.-.. Laundry. lOxpress. pic .12.79 J if Fi-nser, f'omm, ,1 Sessions 22l.:l'i W. H. McDonald. Comm. .t Sessions ioo.i'.ti \\'. A. Sehram. Comm. & Sessions 32S.IIO J. i-'. Ouii-.n, Comm. S/ Sessions 2 in.M7 M. L. .lohnson, Comm, & Sessions 207.10 C. IF Ov'Wln'tli', Del. Pel'. Pi'.ip. Tax Col :i:i.ll A. J. Coirh-v. Honrdiiif? ^* I.odflni- Prisoners f,"i.12 A. .F. Coi-t.'V. WjlleaKP ,*i Fnvpst. F-V-es m. 17 A. J Cosrli-y, Slicrlff's Cuti- vi-niloi- SO.00 A. l{. r,aiirtlxcr. Mileage % A. K. 1 iiiirll/.fir.'Mil'en'ffe'fr" Cnnfe*-pncn l!).7il Ff W. AH Her, Off. F'lxp. fi- Per Cenl on Fines 2:10.S"i Advance F^ujill'-'V.Int? *^o., Hrd Proppedlr rj -s, >ti> S^.ftH Clark fr Clark. Flrd. pro- M"it F'arrott & >>Sons Co., Sun 1-">..TI\ F<l|nto FjOOde T.eaf Co., Sup. 90.37 fl'Jhir Sf Chambers Co., Hup. li'J.SK FC. FX Jumes. Sup .77 Swea City Jfenild, Bar ,t,,-\y. noiiig, MIR. .......,,. ' 4.01) Chris Uahl, Mlg,•....,,,,., 4.00 O. W. Fllelch. Weed Comm. l .frxp.. Riirt T«'p. 12.00 HdVV'ln tt(ii\|ielmnn, Wood Comm. MX p.. Shnrmnn Twp 7.50 TllonUn Topic, Noltc.e. of ; Assess. No. 179, elc... 2S,05 Mrs. Clnlllda lltttcliison, Botsford Co., Sup ..10 Stanley-Sareent Co., Sup... l.BO Funk & l>eim. Heps 5.4} lliiri-oiit'lis Add. Much. ('»., Sup 2.99 Fldlar &. f'hnmhers Co., Sup. Fred yute.s, IJepaJr'nK Adding Uoghlnn 0.00 Frlden f'nlculatjn 1 *;- Mach. Agency, Malr.tenafe & Inspection Service Sfi.OO F' 1 . S. Norton & Son, Sup..... 170..'! I Dlclf Sw.atison Bly, l.Otk W^M»m Sml'dt, "ffc".'... T.''.'. l'.OQ Raymond fferzoe, Flty 1.00 fieorec C'. Rlppentrop, nty. 1.00 o:. o; Andersott, Uty 4.00 R. A. Kvans, Coroner Fees.. 9.15 Delia Weter. J. P. F-ets 4.00 A, J. Cogley. Sheriff Fees... B.OO Franfe Knb)hAa$v M.ay.or Fees 8. H1 O. R. Jenson, Mtg 4.00 Leo Enges&er, Mtg -J.OO FtnsS. Co. Wnr Act. (Jnni- mltlee. Office Mxp Hlfi.Sti l:'tntrt |,'nmt AFnilhew 0. 'irler, Cotirl. Reporter , . . 4,1.115 Slnle liiMHiilldii Ftinil Helen \\'hlle, Clerk Fi'ees... n.2S <!!. I.F. t'relstnveyer. Physlelnn Fees ,. i,.('.',.. .1.0(1 T. {.!. lltitchlsou, Attocnfiy'. Fees -.,,. Jt.OO, A. J. Ooffley, .sheriff. 1'**ISM'"' l(! ' : ' (l l>(ll|K-Nlle AlllllllU Iflllld i C. S. Shlplcr. Hl.i-ep klFled hy dnBs -. . . , . .12.10 fleo. L. Simons, Shee|>-tclled ,. hy dof^s ,,.,.,.,,,,..-,,, In,00 Olio Wllherf?, Sheep kllleil hy dciKS , F.lmpf KliK'Plharts, Sheo'n killed by doK'S ....'. 21.00 T, tl, |,'llll«l FFoeomh ."!;. WnllfMillue, Imloni. Cnitle , H.l.Tl Ftichnrd Xulske, Indetti, Cnl I In . .: 17.S-I IliniuV IliNcilNi' l.'nnd .\Fnurlce J,. Illlshoroiiirh, Indem. Callle , , . .' 2ii-.nO Cniistriipnnn l.'nild lown Slnte Hank, Wlthe.ld- Taxes fi,"i.20 H. M. Smith. Snlary «0;|.SO Winston O. LnrrahPe, Urnvel Land 400.00 Mrs. Aiinn Kalsplm.'dravel . . I722.BO. J. -I. Merr.\'mnn. lisp of . Tools t ,«i- Labor 7.S(!..'!0 IVliiliileitiliK'e l^tinil F.eroy Ci'Hpser, shop Mecluiiilc ,i. 200.70 Arcl Ic Dudds, Patrol IM.llO John llelnduvfor. 1'utlluK up snow fence Sd.SO Lem Slnckwcll Patrol 19B.40 Iterliert W. Sehram. Labor.. .10.70 .lop M. lOsser, Op(?rnliiiy DrilK'Hne 179.20 Clifford Holmes. Palrol .... 1IIO.:io Arnold WeKiii'i-, 1'al rol ..... lilO.BH Ferdinand Meyer. Patrol .. I'.IS.fiO Hasmlp llnnspi:. Shop Work. ' Snow Fence, etc 141.90 Her! Shellmyer, Patrol .... 1,'iS.r.O Clnrpucp llplilffps. Patrol... MS.90 Htisspll I*;. C'raspcr, Shoj) Work, 1 Inning- Oravel, etc US.(in S. I). McDonald. Siiop Work 172.20 Iliilph Mnrkla. Shop Work *. Plow Snow 171.iiO Kdward Nnuman, Shop Work & Snow F'encli.-ur. . . . 1!1".1D Ollvpi- Vouni'-. Cut Hrnsl., liepnlr Tile etc 101.10 A. J. Hlldmnn, Patrol isri.nn l.'rlian Netinilh. Patrol 179.An l>lck Haade. Shop \\'ork. Plow Snow, etc 12!!.9'l C. II. Cooper. Lllliur 1(1.20 C!en. F. (irnliani. Plow Snow L'L'. 10 Amlreu' Kriimin^a, Sho)i Work, etc ir,7.r,0 Holi II. Stiear, Labor r, 1,00 I-:. M. Downs. HridK-e Work, I'liirn Hl'tlsll. elc 1,1.1.(10 Jerry Stockwcll. Shop Work Hi.Ill) James .M. LIU:M-. Pjitrol Hit.IIO Wllllnm F. Schrader. Slinp Merwln Miirhiw. Shop Work 107.10 \\'ork. Ciil-Hi'iish. elc 135.S.1 William K. Marlow. Plow- In K Snow Sn.OO Donald Hlersledl SI.op Work & Cm Hrtisli fl1.2rt IP. c. Ohm. Palrol 150.110 Clyde Saiu'ers. Patrol 111.90 Verne, iU/F"Hml.'r, Patrol .... iri(i.2(i Hoelf R Miller. Putrid l'ln.81) Alvln Kwlntr. I'HlroI Ifi.'l.SO Doyal Sauilers, Palrol 1.",(i.10 John S. Anderson. Labor.... 49.SO Win. Chrlsleiisen, Patrol .. MH..10 John Snear, Labor ....'.... 5.20 l''!vln O. S\\','nison, Labor.... 12."." llaroM (i. Sv\'a nsiiii, \\'ork on Snow Pkiw 12..'l"i Iowa Public Sel'-.'TCC Co.. lOlecti'lc Serv 1.02 ' F.imillni? K Hauling: (iiavel 1279.10 Ce" i nil Stales Klec. Co.. Kleclrlc Serv 1.02 Iowa Slate. Hank. Withheld 'Tuxes NW Hell Teleplionc Co.. Telcpl e Service 19. IS Tr'-asurer of Slate of Iowa, TTse Tnv tv.Vr.O CKe ,,f Aimma. Lln'hl. (* ;' : 1'ower Serv 1".^'7 F'cerleKs oil Co.. Fuel Su'p.. . ISS. HJ. J.a i -'li:\' ('oust rue!Ion ('u., . v ' Oravelili,;- , 79.-.S.SJ N» r Hull Ti'lepl one Co., Tc.lo. Serv. ;..v: ., . C. \V. Penrsnr, Tn-ns., Adv. Fri-lK'hl 7.2( I,'. It. l-:vanls, (iniv.'l 177.71 c. W. Klheri, PullliiH: llrnsb !S.»0 (leor«-e Looi't. l.alior ni.or I), fl. Maver. Labor i:i.nn Hay A. Mamuis, F.nlior .... Mrs. Pauline Mc(!iiire, Levelinn- fliavel I'll :iOii.(iu Central Iowa Tele. «.'o., T-ele. Serv fi.-ll Aluona Machine Shop, Ueps. 2.7^ Arnold Motor Supplv, Sup... 1.",n."'! Hotsford Co.. Sup 19.(M Funk & Deiin. sii|) S..'IO Oreenliei'K Auto Supply Sup. 19H.H:! Harms Oil Couipanv. Hat(cry '. 11,n I Kohllntas Hdwe., Sup 7,:i'i Kossuth Cnuntv Imp. Store, Sup 1.r,R Kossuili Motor Co.. Sup l.i'l ' nlt-L' & Muckev. Suii -- Jl.9.1 John Larson. Shnrpon Su^'s 'j.o^ l'\ S. Norton .*> Son. Sun j'l.' :! H.'C. Tinue.r, Sup. '. .'.' .'...'.'.'. ri]l7 Lease £ l.cnse. Sim ::.22 \\"e«lei- Amu Co., Sui> ' SO.:!'I S. H. French Lbr. Co.. Sup. l".r,1 'Oni 1 1 Sum Ifdwe.. Suii 111.70 .1. M. lltiinchiird Sup i.i? .Veinmers Ff-Hvp..' Sup 2(1,0 I . linmpso'i ^'ari's. Inc.. Sup, I'.'i."" Oitrcns Service Station, Sup, 12,C7 Lynch oil Co.. -up ,' A. O. Kiwrs. Sim 7.Crt A. H. llumlchv. Sup :',.t)7. Jllclf's I >. X. Service. Supplies & Hcpalrs 9. f. Sam llvstnd, Sun 1.1'', Fred Peterson. Labor ls.i;n ' MaVliine .' '.'..'..'. L'l.l-' Curnhv Auto Supply. Sup... 1 I..';S Paul V. Harclav. Sun ::2.!UI TTconomv U'eid. & Mach. Co.. Sup 1 I.OS Mason cily 'I'ent .^ A^-nin 1 ^ Co.. sup i!.".H; Merle Hrowr. Sup. 127.27 W C. Hi-own Supply Co., Slip 2:',.III Sietr-Fori I lod^e Company, Sup 2.',.-,.Til Furl liniUf... Much, fi- Sup. Co.. Slip lili. HI IVull'tll Auto F.I,-,'t fit- Civ., Sll|)!) TI.e AII-\Vliee-|l| iVe Co.. SUP ' riOn.9S tTlll.lis-c,,,,If Tractor & Kniiip.. «np .109.91 siaiiduril Hen rlnirs Co.. Sup. xi.or, llei-iuan AT. Hroii-n Com- iinnv, Sun!) lo-a ?iael.incry & Hup. Co.. Sup i.... "S.7.1 (jiobi! MnchliH'i'v & Hup. Co.. Fiepnli'H ,<• Sun fi2.:i'J Dnkehart Hughes Tr. &• Koiiln.. Sim US."H, Ni'i'l liflcld Iron Coiupni-y. SUP 110. I'i KilleVtle Weld. Alloys Co., Sup 21.21 FFai'ins Oil Compan>', Fuel Sup r,70.1S Brtfi'c'rbftv'Oli' Gompan.v, i •• •' ',:.- .; Fuel Sup Iti.Vn MnVtiim & 8'ins oil Co, , Ktiel Sup. .;. ,- ,,i .>.;,,. 2SS.7S inter State Oil Oo., SHnVn- ,.. SS.-ifl Vnndeil lirlnk llrni*.," HKttil- - liiff, Ol'hvel ., ..i.. i,;'..;.-. .Sa.fiO' I'tto* Ijttftil MnrA-el D'ole. Trnv«mj!r Rxp', ' 12.26 llood.'s Super, F'(-n<'.., . 4.00 MnWilll iJros., V-'fov. .j \.-.\ .., ; / SO.ttff Whlllpimirn Fiirmal's Cpop. ' : 'cry,, Prov •';:, ,,...'; . ,.,„„ l-ntil Krnst, I'rov. ;:......... .8.00 Denn's l''ond tMk!;V : Pl;ov.,:, l^.OP John Waldron, Pro'V; ',..... J04.00 John Wnldrnp. PlirjVi 98.00 Dr. (.'. 1,1. Orelxmeyer, t)f- flco Cnlls * MeillnlHh...... 110.0(1 OloektlUr Sfiuntnrtttnv Uopp. Cure .......,,,,... SI. Joseph Mercy ,F4.ospHnIi ITosp. (.'nre ; .'.•. .... 69.tB KosHiilh t7o. Mill. Fire Insr QUICK BELIEF FROM Symptoms of: Distress Arising from STOMACH ULCERS °ueTO EXCESS ACID FreeBookTeU»ofHonieTreatm«ntth«t N|H»I HsJp Qf It Will Qos* ViBM Nothing Ovtr two million bottlo«.o( the W)iy|vARD TB^ATME NT hftve be^n spld ror relief of tym ptoiiis of distress urislog from St(n« and Pu«d«nil U)c«ri dii or __ tge" «»plalna tUFs truatment—lr««—1C Algona: BOECHARDT DBUG STORE QHNBSOBQB DRUG LuYerne: LUVERNE PHARMACY Ass't:,- Ins, Premium..,,, 2,10 lown Mutual Tornado Ins. < ; Ass'n., Ins. Premium ,.., S.O.I Frank Ueslenlphn-er, lienl 17,0'tl FFeury J. Kline, l!ei:l.. . .. . 10.011 Swan Lttnernl Home, Amhu- Inhco Scrv n.Oft Depl. of Social Welfnrc. • Aid lo Dependent CLldrcn 19S.9.1 Fieiit. of Social W.elftvre, Aid lo-Hllntl . HI.77 Counl.v Fit nil Fo\vu Slnte lint-.k, Withheld * Tnxes '. H1.HO N\\' FlPll Telephone Co.. Tele. Sprv ' ,S2 C. W. I'parson, Trens.. ' Kxpress .S2 Louis Sclieppinunn, Alfnlfn liny 200.41 Lnulu Scheppmnnn, Dellv- pi'lng F-lny .,' .1(1.36 Flennl-e Hnkken, Sitlnry.... IfiO.dn, Lyle SleliHieck, Salnry'. ... , x F. S. Norton.& Son. Slip '108.-10 c. S. Jobno.son, Prov. 7.0ii Altvoun Cooperative Cry, Co.. Prov. '. . . , 33.S6 Al'i'onn IfnklnR- Coiup.'iuv, -. Prov. 27.02. HOSPOP'S M'nrkel. Prov....'., 7,f,"i flrnham Depl, Store. I'rov. 1L°7 l')r. P. V. .Inusp, Medical - _Cnro _ :. 21.00 Drs. 'KO'X &• AVInkei.' Vetcr- ;' Innrv.Serv. '.' (lO.fli" John'Lnr.son. Labor...;.... :i.0fl Nu-llnll Mfs', & Rosen re). Lab.. Spray I.7S 1 nf".T ifl: AFticke>'. Sup. ...... • .7(1 Kohlhnns IFardvvnre, Sup.... lfl.S-1 l\"o l 'sulh Coutil\' Implpinpul." Co.. Sun. '. ,. .,1.1 HnrmR.OII Co.. Fne.i Sun... .1:1.02 RKSOljVRD:. Thnt 'Hie County Auditor Is heroUy n-ulhorlxed avd directed ,lo l"vue warra'iils for. nl| clnlms nllowod nl tills mppiliiif n« shown hv tl;«i "Sviu-dulp (if tlla.lnns" On niolio'n ndjourr-niPiiI was lnkr i ri until-1:.',» o'clock P. M.. Jnniinry'1*i. 19 111. .-. \\r. 10. McDONALD. Chairman Hoard- of Supervisors. ATTTTST: L. .1. I.TVFMIOH FA LL. CountN' Auditor. Auditor's Offlc'.* AlK'ona. Iowa .liiniiary 1S, 1946 l::in o'clock P. M. ' The Hoard of Supervisors of K'o"- suth County, Iowa, met- in .regular session piirsiitiiil to nd.iourliment with the following memhprs prespnt: Supervisors .1. II. Frnser. W. M. Me-' Doiinld, W. A. Schrnm and M. T.. .Johnson. Absent: Suppr\'fsor J. .F. Qulnn. Motion mii'l.' by Sehram ni:d 2nd by Johnson that resolution be adopted .eonrirmln;- r assessments on drainage, district No. 179 as per commissioners, report. Ayes: AH. NnyH:" LESTER DeBOLT Phone 308 118 N. Thorington (8m . Metlnft imnrife fiy 'Sftlifftm Mit 2nti l)y t-'rilsprv.thnt; itie .tjoit,lia»nf .-. fa ,o'.>2,riO nMWfiihR'' .fan'ti- rtry IB. I94(). ;Ayes! AilV NjSJ'S: Ntif.«. by ifrnAfer. ihii,! Mrs! f^ijrtJijjitne Onuftt.y. Hotfld for t.hft-y&,fclfl46, tlftd thnt lion hilmr.v Ite nfit Hi. WfiO.OO Wiotjlli lief liirtln)? its. tif,,;;ikpnry .oo per 1046, Ayes: All. Mptlpn/iiTnde hy FfflAiir-tlhtlj 2nd hy :• AND Sf '.. BfiNEfilCT PARISH; Mj4LL Sunday, Feb. 10 Sponsored by .Mrs, Get). Artl- dorfer and Mrs. Lahdo Mishak, to - «{ tivfe! Bfitt'rn. ot feh)'Oi-tiJftrS-ftft •-•:.• Oft\adjortWjViijtt: .& rtrttri, Siflfff o'rtloclt A. M.v^l •' • •' l,.v,vAttdl(or, tf»MJtj'Wil|-ite you a seuvicfe ttien;:ife;ite foe dctriil^ about the oi>erting we lifive in AlgOMH to \ ; CLARENCE G. BLINK, GENERAL AGENT Snellr Building Fort Dodge, Iowa AitieHcaii Mutual Life Insurance eompaHy Desi Moines, Iowa 4:5 mm ,^»ETj?:.. N iffi^ m& mm For lasting appeal you can't surpass jewelry as a Valentine's day gift. Here you w,i 11 find a choice selection of quality gift je"\v- Glry at reasonable prices. We invite your" '.nsnP.c'Uon. New pin set - 5-00,to 25.00 Lovely Cold Chokers.— ___~ 1.00 N^y Clip Type Earrings ;_2.00 to 3.50 New Rosaries in Sterling Silver 8.50 to $12 Others from 3.50 to 25.00 NPW llhinKtbno. TJracelets f* 00 New Rhinstone' Pins.. $15 to 25.00 Just Arrived— i Dron/o gold pin and nan-ings sets; now slylfiH. -.'.-.' .' Pearls, all types—Choicer aniTPonrtant : Silver nx]>a.nsion \Va(.ch Bands. yijjl teiiF i* m •««., m. 7-i-^asd '^9i^i^!Si^^^^l^li^m£fM tQW motor fxsmsr smwwffi coW wefttber protection,.

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