The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 29, 1946 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 29, 1946
Page 9
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"i'"^*""*-'"^' 1 "" T""?* '"f-^' 1 ?;,*'-,("'•". ?-" 1 ' 11 f "' 1 i -':'i " iv.-; v; •'-'..''.' '-** ; V CHANGES IN TERRITORY „ The John Wciland Ithe east part cjf town :acated by thfc 0oh bfieit re{iap6fed and _„ |?aul Er,dni£in. The |ehtbn' family mtived or "Spb'H from their farm e'rrtbre to; this* hOlise '\vtil move to the ;.-,for Bentony Mrs. _ tfaby Pamela Hae have ^riei" parorital Mrs. ..Hy- Bme iiear Kanawha the - io, Calif etttia If. H. Gardner left Thurs- it by train for Chicago. He Visited her sister and [Itt-law, Mr. and Mrs. Will ' till Tuesday, when fjfor Saji-Pedro/Calif. Her is irTthe navy and ex- ',,aisbha v rge ; in April. Mrs. •.is .:.t.he. former Donna and :.~was'married October iytiar in, Anaheim, Calif, r been, 'here at 'her <par- KC."Haynes home several IShe also visited her sis- fWill Hood and family at Id Mrs. Ernest Kelch of |nos visited at the home ster Mrs. Julius'Matz the last we.el!:. They also vis- |brother Julius Kelch .and St Esther.yille! arid another Irs. Oswald'' Lallier and near Corwith. Matz family moved to the Briorth of town vacated by Br^Grubb, several days ago, [t: they bought. I'Matz has 'been ill and con- Ito his home for some time. yersity, • , ' Itebert Klfkpatrick of the Ma- fiftes came home Tuesday of last weeR to spend fl 21-day furlough here with his mother Mrs. Lu- jCille Kirkpatriek. He has been At a marine- 'base at Seattle, Wash. ' John Bauer arrived home last week with his discharge. He had been at a Veterans hospital near Battle Crock, Mich. John is the second son of Mi*, and Mrs. R. C. Bauer, the eldest son Ralph is still in Europe. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ricke of Boone are visiting at the home, of >his brother Ed Ricke aftd wife. Henry is assisting Ed at the blacksmith shop. The Henry Rlcke's will move on a farm near Boone March 1. . ' Mrs. Viola Studer returned home Monday of last week from Esthcrville, where she visited her daughter and family, the Julius Kelch's. The infant daughter born to the Kelches January 10 was baptized Mary Ellen on Sunday, Jan. 20.... Mr. and Mrs. Mike Erpclding were sponsors. 'Meetings American Legion Auxil- ill hold its regular meeting lay evening, February 7. i'|.' United Service Women ,eet Thursday evening, ilitary "ball .held in the 'ter hall Monday evening •eek was very well at- tft was sponsored by the Legion. ^ Vitzt/hum went to Pon,:last week where he will attves and friends a few i; f "ivHe was discharged from ny several-months ago. and Mrs. Lawrence Kop- ent to Des Moines Wednes- d broup''t their son Billy for a' ip^days vacation his studies' at Drake uni- LuVerne Live Wires 4-H Club Met Jan. 19 LuVerne: The LuVern&-r.-.Live Wires 4-H club met on Saturday afternoon, January 19 at the'home of Phyllis Nail /with four members present. At this meeting a talk was given on "Hanging of pictures, shelves and maps", by Phyllis Nail, and a report on "Health^Activities" by Doris Fett, also a-demonstration on "Choosing'hew'-wall paper" was given by Fleda Fett. The meeting was adjourned and lunch was served 'by the hostess. Fleda Fett is the new repdrter lor the club. Henry Tiemans, Fenton, 45 Years; Hold Open House IF YOU NEED rubber stamps fo. any purpose, you can order them at The Algona Upper Des Moines, 40c and up. 13-tf Gel "•'••••••••>' Home Com for I (hat Lull • Houielim* with ah ' EAGLE CERTIFIED ] INSULATION JOB Phont ui todty f .* ' p ' -, '•- • CowanBldgSupplyCo. Phone 275 4LGOJfA, IOWA Fenlon: Mr. and Mrs. Henry Tiernan celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary, Sunday, in, honor of this event open house was held in the afternoon from '2 to 5. Afternoon guests were Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Bollinger and daughter, Mr, and Mrs. Herman Dreyer and Ruth, Mary Alice Rossitter, Mrs. Elsie Dreyer and Dorothy, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Haase, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Gross. Mr. and Mrs. Pete Hayenga, Mr. and Mrs. Gaylord Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Rex Wolfe, Donald Weisbrod, Mrs. Will Weisbrod, Mrs. Herman Gade, Mr, and Mrs. Jack Hieman and Terry, Les Tieman, Miss Emma Kissner and Mrs. Art Tietz. Lunch was served to the guests. In the evening a group of relatives surprised Mr, and Mrs. Tieman. Five hundred was play-' ed, with Mrs. Earl Theesfield winning high prize for ladies and high prize for men went to Lloyd Sunde. Evening guests were Mr. and Mrs, Earl Theesfield, Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Christenson and family, Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Zumach and Gary, Mr. and Mrs. John Theesfield, Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Theesfield, Mr. and Mrs. Lester Theesfield and Dennis, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Theesfield and Larry, Harold Krueger, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Theesfield, Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Sundae, Fred Stigman, Mr. and Mrs. Art Tietz and Bobby. Lunch was served to the guosts. Host and hostesses were Mr. and Mrs. Tieman's children. They received many .ALGONA UPPER DES MOINES, ALGONA 10WA_ at the carnival last week Friday fcight. They wish to thank everyone fftd dlso the merchants for their help. Mrs. Erhil Biersterlt, w.?o has been a patient at the Kossuth hospital in Algona, returned to her home Thursday of last week. gifts in remembrance of the be- caslon. • First fcitihday Patty r Mrs. Lyle Newel and Mrs. Chas. Newel entertained at a birthday party Tuesday afier.'" noon in honor of their son iittd f randson Dennis' .first birthday, ight. little guests enjoyed the event: Barbara Hanifan, Pamela Weisbrod, Peggy Sue Vo/gt, Charles Kern, Terry Tiemari, Terry Johnson, James Weisbrod, and Billy Weisbrod. Other guests were Mrs. Dale Weisbrod, Mrs. Forrest Hanifan, Mrs. Lloyd Kern, Mrs. Jack Tieman, Mrs. Truman Johnson, Swea City, Mrs. Lester Weisbrod, Mrs. .Donald Weisbrod, Mrs. F, C. Preul, Mrs. E. K. Johnson, Mrs. G. B. Johnson and Mrs. E. J. Frank. A delicious lunch was served to the guests, with the eight little guests sitting at the birthday table which was decorated in pink. "500 Club" Parly Mr. and Mrs. Fred Jentz entertained the members of their 500 club Tuesday evening. Mrs. Chas, Newel won high prize for ladies and Chas. Newel won high score prize for men. Drive io Rochester Mrs, Ralph Weisbrod and daughter Kathleen drove 'to Rochester Wednesday to 1 see Ralph Weisbrod, a patient there. Band Carnival Neis $140 The Band Mothers .cleared $14 COLWELL BROS. AUCTIONEERS SALE DATES 111 Jan. 28—John Mtaahs Feb. Jan. 30—Emmetsburg L. S. Sale Feb. Jan. 31—G. H. Meyer Feb. Feb. I —Morris Finncstcad, 200 A. Farm Feb. Feb. 4—Alfred Grill Feb. Feb. 5—Mrs. Emilie and Feb. Erwin Siems Feb. Feb. 6—Emmctsburff L. S. Sale Feb. 13—Emmclsburg L. S. Sale 14—John McGuirc 18—John Weber Annual Sow Sale 10—W. I. Dodds 20—Emmctsburff L. S. Sale 21—'Ralph Laire 26—Albert Wittkopf 27—Emmctsburg L. S. Salfe AB I am ((uittiug funning I. will .sell the following described property on the August Hnasc farm, lo- catefl one mile east, and % mile south of Feiiton; 1 mile south, and 1 miles west of Lone Rock, , Jan. 31 SALE TO BKUJN AT 12'O'CLOCK 'NOON LUNCH 1VAGON 6> GltOUNIlS 64 Head of Livestock 64 Head of Cattle 22 ; Ten liitrlr grade -Hrown SwisM and Guernsey jnilk cows of which six are .milking, rest, to freshen last of jFel).; '2 springer heifers 2 yrs, old, to freshen ja«t of Feb.; r> pearling: Hroivu Swiss heifers; 4 Brown Swiss fall heifer cuKes; 1 high grade !}<} year old J-oroford bull. ; ' Head of Horses .One black gelding, 0 years old; 1 bay gelding 12 years old. Head of Feeding Pigs 40 Farm Machinery, Etc. 8-H.' bji»aeri MeCorniiek.peprlug \\ny loader, like now.}. Vftvo^sido delivery rftjiej Johu Jfcore inuimre spreudorj I5*fti IfeCJorinJck Devring disc? Mlunosotw 5»ft. mower} Hayes corn planter roils wire; C»so planter for arllHng? 4-iNec, '.ar»gi »'lt, Kover spring tooth} Haosjcr fft ;'3lt'('»riiiicli 8.|u, feed grJHUpr, like now! WcCprmk'k 10»ft, disc; Peering single row corn itt^ wagou with box, _,, truUor with "box; 8 single^r«vr»wrw plows} potato i»l«\v} siugle.liole Imnd shelier; t«iik hcutei »a s«w, cpjupietci sot brpochiwg harness, new; set Iwcjt p«d harness} horse collars} a rope """ if f 5JWtjijlgli speea endless bejtf ]KcC'ornilok.;Wefcrlug cream separator, Sip, 4i Surge £<yn!t milking iue, c«n>l>|«to; lulsteH^PPWMs ^WHU urtlvl«H|i hroo(|er house 12*18, hip r«of f 8 years old; broader listove }chicken feeders »«(! wwterers} rwtttry hog fef>rteri coinent lipg troughs} set Qlgood '"'" ' ' ' ••'•"( '•.,'. • • . - ."•:-. •;:'•"• .'••.. •••'.' ••'?.', ',',:' '; .:..-' " ','••. '•'•'.''• ^ : ' ''' .• '' ; ; - * • •-' • . V'"- v . '• ; ' '.••.« 800 b»los sttaw| 800 bHli>s red clover. a«d B||P|J|T||PE WWWPI §. Jjufletsi,.»8 ; jlfnfliU»yj* soiuij) loo^e a!WJf» h»y i» burw? rvlini iMIIii^W^i' •< 50 tuns oiisilage, .-; :..'-. v-?;;^';.^";•;^;v>^.^-";j^ :1 v^iJ; :.•!• •'•' IjlipjiljjjiSijjjg^^ Swea City Girl A Bride Of Veterans In New Hampshire Swea City: Miss Mae Peterson, Swca City, who spent her girlhood at the home of her aunt Mrs. David Anderson and is well known here, became the bride of Captain Harry R. Sycle, Nashua, New Hampshire, at that place, Jan. 6. The couple met in Eng- Towmend Flash By Mrs. A. M. Anderson Washington: Big business holds Up production despite inflation throat. They await June 30 end of price controls. High cost, low quality goods flood market and fixed income groups suffer. 4'/2 million arc now out of the army. Only '/a million vets have found jobs. Rep. Robert Daughters has assembled the 'house ways and means committee preparatory to taking up lull scale consideration of revision of the social security laws. He also promised to give the Townsend Plan Bill a full hearing during the course of deliberation. —-Adv. land, where both were.stationed, the bride in the army nurse corps. The couple left for a short wedding, trip, following which the bride Will remain in Nashua for a time. Captain Sycle reported Jan. 2 for two more years of duty in Germany. He wears eight battle stars, the purple heart, and other decorations. The bride is a daughter of Walter Peterson, now of Webster. City. Following the death of her mother, she lived in Swea City with her aunt, and was well liked and respected. BtJY your printed or e wedding invitations apd . nouhcements at the Algonfi u Des Moihes. 34jff. TO BUY OR SELL: You'll go a long way before you can better the reader coverage of Algona Upper Des Moines want ads! WAAftVVAVYVftVU'UWW'V'J Announcement Leo Mergen and Merle Webster wish to inform the •I public that they have formed a partnership in the Pninfing and Decorating business. For (juality workmanship in Wall Decorating, Wall Washing and Taper Hanging, phone 08-tLJ or 7 50. *l^^ Now to help relieve congestion and irritation in upper bronchial tubes, muscular soreness or tightness, coughingspasms—mostyoungmothers rubVicksVapoRubonthroat.chestahd' backet bedtime. AndatonceVapoRub to upper broncliial _ tubes with its special inedicina I vapors chest and back '.vanning poultice. So soothing, comforting .. .VapoRub invites r.;stful sleep and keeps on work: n(* for hours to relieve distress. And... OML.Y VAPORUB Gives You this spc- cinl penelrriting-Etitfmlatingaction. It's (lie bsst known home remedy for relieving miseries A AM 0* U'^t of children's %i(f ICKS colds. Try it! W VAPORUB ^/lr~^^ CLOSING-OUT SALE As we have rented our farm we will sell the following described property at the farm located 2 miles cast of Whittcmorc, or 8 miles west of Algona, 1 mile south of pavement on old Highway 18, on gravel road, on " Tuesday, Feb. 5 Sale To Start At 12 O'clock Noon Lunch Wagon on Grounds 55 Head of Livestock 55 20 Head of Cattle 20 2 Shorthorn cows, can be milked, will be fresh in spring. 8 Herefords cows will be-fresh in spring. These cows arc young and. well bred Herefords. 9 Hereford calves, wt. 500 Ibs. 1 purebred Hereford bull, named Intense J. Domino 38th, calved April 26, 1940, breeder E. O. Johnson, Milford, Iowa. Hogs 33 22 Poland China sows.wt. 300 Ibs., bred Dec. 1, 1945; 1 Poland China boar; 10 fall pigs, wt. 80 Ibs. All vaccinated. 2 Head of Horses 2 .1. bay gelding, age y, wt. 1500 Ibs.; 1 black marc, age 9, wt. 1500 Ibs. White Leghorn Hens and Pullets 200 Farm Machinery, Etc* Farmall F-20 tractor, rubber all around, new rubber in back; Mc^Deering power lift 2-row cultivator; Mc-Deering mounted No, 20 corn picker, good running order; Mc-Deering 8-ft. binder, new in 1945; Mc-Deering corn binder, like new; Case 2-16 in. plow, 2 yrs. old; Mc-Deering 6-ft, mower, new; also 5-ft. Mc-Deering mower; Mc-Deering 10-ft. tractor spring tooth harrow; 4-sectioii Galloway flexible lever drag; John Deere 15-ft, disc, like new; 36-ft, Farmers Friend elevator with wagon hoist; 3 h. p, electric motor mounted on 2*wheel cart with speed jack; Mc'Deering No, 8 corn planter; Mc»Deering manure spreader; Mc'Deering single row cultivator; Massey- Harris hay loader and side delivery rake; also 10'f t. dump rake; low wheeled wagon with hay rackj narrow tired wagon with flarpd b«3<; narrow wheeled wagon with box;4-row John Deere hfan or beet drill with 4?row cuUivatQr^pr- John Deere tractor; ift« ( in, International burr grinder; 8»hol» Jtihn Deere corn shelter; No, 4 weam: fejirstor; Hi. h, p. In tional engine; Hudspn electric SOQ-chicik brppder stove; set of 13-36 chains for tirastftr; John Deere gear pump jack : .- -.. . . ••-..•-. • •-•• s; ,- •• . _• .."• .-. ;.-. -.'.'• '..' ; '•' '••' 1 •'•'••'• .^ MISCELLANEOUS ARTICLES— 2 sets of breeching harness end ipolj|rs; 2 wte of leather fly netg; step ladder; blocK and tackleX2 tank heaters; 8 cross cut saws; buck saw; electric fencer; hay slings; num. bey of chicken waterers and feeders for old and young chickens; shop tools and wrenches; fiurtiber of S ^ft?^ $m forks; straw fork; hay knife; shovels; 1% bu, basket; 35 Ib, grease gun; also 4 jnisll greas© •fHWi5'p«il spyay pmwp; 3 fee4 bunks for silage; one hay feed bunk, holds a load of hay; 2 5Q*bM» hog feed' *rs; 10-bu, Rotary feeder; about 500 bales of wild huy; 200 bales of alfalfa; 200 bsiff ol ft?iWj "-^^^ : ^; or •-•- '•• 4," ' • pn approved Mrs* Emilie and Erwin Si

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