The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 29, 1930 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 29, 1930
Page 2
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m/rTHgVnfcE. (ARK.) 'COURIER NEWS ,-^tfifrcu. ... "W'-We 'Firsl .Prifbyttrian church at 7:30 o'clock 'at ,tb(t Eprum hs-mf.--...., .. .Wptnan's auxiliary ^bf First Pres- byferitq church at fa church at ''"' 'Lafeiv Street.;''Met'jjodisl church I's. irUssmsryjiiclety at the ...... . ... Ulislonnry urikih of First Baptist •;. churf 1). ^t, : church. > .-;;.. .., : : . v,'}4rsivE. ,Mi. T^rry ^arid -Mvs. W. W. .Shiw will entertain mUslon- . Vary.:, society .--0^ -FJrst Christian at.-ihe Terry, home. ' ..Sirs. -J, Louis 'Cherry to hostess to 6t:, .Stephen society of Episcopal ..-• church. . ';.... . ' . . . Mrs. " Hunter C. Sims Is hiving • Taesday Bridge club. • /Fuesday Luncheon •: club Is meet. Ing: with -Mrs. Edgar Borum. • ' :Mrt; E.'.'C. '.Pattqh'i-ls entertaln- nr- Wednesday Bridge thib.- • . . . . .. Jewish ..Ladles Aid soolety will meet; wjth .lirtj,*SltM-. Rosenthgl . 'and Mrs. Anna ]weln»erg"&t 7:i>0 .•>:'ff-S •.:,->-' »n "K- . ' ' •"' '' .-. . . . . . Benefit -bridge ,a^d i; roook party hy.,the Ajnerieantieglon auidllar}' : at ,the home o<-Mrs,-,C.. H, Babcock •• at, 8:30 .o'clock,. ,,„- . .• , . . . . Fei-Whai . ; /^'.-'.'V .- ''., ' .' -i 1 ^ 5 ^'""s ' : -'.Rw, 'formerly of Blythevllle "and.|Gsceola, and now '-..-• 6J ; Memphis, will be married to Mr. .' A. W. Johns -it, th«- Bellcvue Bnp- .,t|st church of- : Meraphl» Sunddy nf- . temooh: The,.;- Rev. Robert O, Lee •' ••will perform -the ceremony at S;30 .OCjOClc. 1 . .."' '••'?• .'- . Mrs. W. A. Hollingswortrr. ol "J,,?! 1 "/ 011 -'" Yarbl'O »'hft"'le"i«VTH*»alIti '111 "iwt, n.-,. ! PfCSlUeliV. CHUKCH OF THE lit Cherry Street , •' A. t. McAnally, Pastor The Rev. J. S. Wallace of Jonesboro .will preach at tfie morning hour. Sunday school, 9:30 a. m. C. E. Cobb, supt. We have a'class that is I i looking for you every Sunday, Preaching, n a. m. ' N. Y. P. S.'meets at the'church at'6:30 p. m. Subject, "What I Give _____,S£rURpAY,' NOVEMBER.;20^ V -"Orturvstv » nctasw ^ -....• • •/ f • , ? SUNDAY $til60L LESSON Making Business Christian Kcnnet " • ... .. .- . -.•:' The brtde, : who. Is the daughter today. S!ie Is the daughter of Mrs. "• •.. Stlckmon. .. w. Adams .Is leaving'tonlglit for Ills home In peKalb, M.ISS'., after visiting Ills daughter, Mrs. D. O. McLtan, and .family, for'three weeks. '"•'.'-'". j'. ; '.!' Miss Minnie Matthews, arftf Ifraiifc Whltworth .have',''Vet urned: 'from Birmingham •wliera.-.ithey attended Uie Georgia-Alabama;- football wine Thanksgiving, -..'.•-,' J -\';:t;-. >. . ( Mrs. J. Meir Brooks Van d ••''J.frs. Charles Alford nre spending-""{cday 'in Newport. --:• j"^ ' Misses Pauline and 8ari ; '"iniig spent Thursday In Memphis/;' ' Mrs. Charles F. Wood -Spent Thanksgiving with relatives.lri< Ca- rulhersville. ,',-. •' : ; '.t. Mrs'. L. E. Hamner is <ju'it*',\ll at her home on Doug an-. avenue', - ; Mrs: • George Christopher Us visiting relatives In Floririce.'iAla i Mr. and Mi's. St. Louis, were Prayer meeting and Bible study each Wednesday evening at 7:30. The Iftson to lie studied, Isaiah 4lh chapter. Christian Science Church .Services • are held -each Sunday morning, 11 o'clock, in room 103 of the- Hotel Noble. Subject for tomorrow: ."Ancient and Modern hecroioancy, Alias Mesmerism and Hypnotism, Denounced",- oeldcn text: Romans 12:21. .'-Be not overcome o! evil but overcome evil with Bcod," Wednesday evening service, 7:30 o'clock. Sunday school, 9:45 A. M. All are cordially invited. Lake Street Methodist Church W. J. URoy, Pastor Sunday school, 9:45 A. M. i f 4m£imr, 'Am • ..-....- j u...>wv., w.-iu ii. ivA. . Dajia aibjon cf Church, 11 A^ M. ' Subject: guests of : &fr 'ani i"Most Of Us Are Up A Tree. What AifArH •</;•(,;: 'j... 1 Mav We Exnect? . ous, were guests of &fr 'ani ost s re U Mrs. . Charles Al'ford.'VTruirsdjv Mo >' We Expect? Mrs. Gitison . was •formerly.'- Mist I tpworth Ltaguc, Marlon Shirley. : '.T' : '. ' '•• C P. M. ' ;J Misses Kathfyn Dentbn.vLuna 8. —i. WUhelm, MjTry EJJen Bttiyfesflmd —I Margaret Mllner spent'-yesterday ; In "^ ' MPTnrilllc lt\ u.-^ {..* v_i \ , . ' , . . Church, 7 P. M. 'Subject: "Let Mtll;s fex !" mlt y Be 'God's Op- P^wn'W'-' '" •"' •- ' chiiareti's pageant The International Uniform Sunday School .Lessen for Nov. 31. Making Business Christian. I.ukc 19:1-19. * * • By WM. E. GILBOV, D. D. Editor of The C<mfrtgattenall«J No better lesson upon the theme of "making business Christian" could be chosen than this story of Zacchaeus, for whatever interpretation we place upon the story Zacchaeus stands as a great exapiple of the business man consecrating himself and his wealth to high Christian ends. If Zacchaeus all along'had been striving earnestly and faithfully in conduct his course honestly and fairly In a profession which was given over to extortion and dishonesty, that example strongly commends him. Whereas, if Zacchaeu; on th* other hand had been unjust- and extortionate the completeness of his readiness to make restitution marks itv.tho surest and most definite way the sort of revolution that alone can establish Christian conditions where formerly cor.dlticns of selfishness- and evil prevailed. These two interpretations, it ihould be stated, have been placed upon the story as it reflects the character and former course of 1 Zacchaeus. For the conception that i acchaeus had all along been a ! man striving in an unpopular and morally dangerous calling to conduct himself honorably, the finest statement is to be found in a great sermon by Frederick W. Robertson -bf^ Hie i '" connectlon - *" h this service. '•") 1 Al1 nrc cordially invited. : Hcr'oeafily.'found' royal.'.javov wiien H. R. H. the Prince of .Wales was 'of Mrs. B. S. Smith, who lived 1 iri . Osceola before moving to Memphis several, years ago,- is well known throughout northeast Arkansas. A musician of note she sings and playes the piano frequently and Is " reeking lalent for the'tableau staged for the benefit of-.his personal fuiid for. the British Lejlbn. Lady .Moila Combe, shown here in her alcs'l portrait, .was selected' by the Prtnce to take n leading, rmrt in • Ihe revue, which was held in the London. Pavilion. Memphis in the .interest high school annual. • . , Mr. and Mrs. H. o. wi'ek'ham | „„ ... wore visitors in Osceola 'yestefdnv i ' "enm Lutheran Church Cburtland king and J. w, Jaa'inp-! "• J ' Klelndlenst, Pastw ton, of Troy, Tenn., were "visitors-n I Services are held at the St xne city yesterday as guests dlV-Kcv • Stephen Episcopal church, ert E. Lee King and his sister,- Mrs I Sunday school, 9:15 A. M, J. D. Woodburn. They '.-were cn- ruote home from 'Clarendon :slid .. ,v. , .Mrs. TV E/Tate of Armorel, prcs ' *"?y*-» l "y pv*u\i iicnuemiy ana. IS *• *• -.^..iu canrniu a-regular performer for a Memphis Edu»ll«nal Leaders ;- : .radio.station.•{'•:. '' • : . * k -' T---^' 'm.*^ ~r ., | For the tereiipny the 'cliurch will be attractively decorated in tall stand*. -hoHlng •'. cathedral candles :,-.- : *Jft W arrangement of white ehry- ; .-*f?™** 1 ™*, lerns.jialats and'oth- . ; J''A musicar'prijpjirai.ttlll Include ' * T." ~~'"V§MK' > «Mt & "4pi • I'lftj*" •-r. w ~- AloerU^Jifison/ cimrch organist," and Mlfe';NeJJ* 7 Mo Water will sing "All For You." The wed.. ding inarches.from Lohengrin and ,.-.. . Mendelssohn are. to be played for • the procession. •'..- ' • . ..: ,jjThe ; brlde wU] : W ear. a frock of royal blue chiffon velvet' fashioned •'•' ll ??vf. i ? i:e ? Slifle 8tld a 5Uvl « r met » l cloth turban trimmed with touches .; Her shower bouquet will be :qf pink roses and lilies of the. v'al- ^Ha- r maid of honor, Miss Jeanette aiglert, ; will wear beige chiffon-vet- vet.and carry/Pern«t roses. >The bridegroom .will have for 'hi- {•After an -extensive' southern trip including New' Orleans, they win Swt^' r ilonle ln Fairmont, North -Dakota. Aeihttfc» Are ' ' the'Fiist Bap'- wc - ' P'» nnln B special S Su " day '** an incentive ' .for- good attendance,.-. T. A. .to Eirttrtufn 'otner points in' "tnat part "or M. kansns where they had beeri'look- ing alter land interests. Mr Kuie Is Cc-urtland King's 1 uhcfe. 7" ; .Mr. and Mrs. Ernest''Hoe""'a]i:l family are moving to'the'doSiwifi tuagilow in the 1000 blot* bfi'WMi Ash street. Mr. and Mrs. Marcus Evrard and . . . . 7. ••"•-""»"•'. Marcus Evrard and erctte B. Oee receive the electric' S?' V 6 '. ™' e v| sitors In .paragouli! toaster so'ld. - • . ^wksgiving. . < :•-.•_: . toatfer sold. . .Hostesses servert caramel .Airs. 1.1.- iaie 01 Armorei, prcs- ;- i'« .HOMCSSCS servco. caramel dent of the county council of'Par- } charlotte rusae, 'cookies and coffee nt-Teacher associations: 'was tho • -— •— : — • nt-.Teacher associations, 'was the!- —r: • • ^J^ "*$$§£ \ G °* nen :^ BMl Carnival oon. She "spoke oh "Cooperation." Mr. Ivy; principal, also made a «Uc on, ^e'same subject "^ -ItLias voted to extend an Invi- ation . to .the ,'siiperintehderit and rlncipa'l 'group' of 'the Bounty Ed- cation Association to-riiceVat this choblfof the January meeting.:. Obstrre Week of Prayer. • .' The women of the First Baptist hurch' will'.-observe, the. week of irayer for foselgn 'missions in a cries of three priiyer services Moil-, day, ..Tuesday and Wednesday af- crnoons.. at the -church. Mrs. "J.'W." Bishop is leader of Monday's -program- Tuesday JJrs T. E. ; .King-will be. iri charge and' Tin Wednesday Mrs: Herman Wai- pole is leader. The offerings taken will go to he Lottie Moon offering. • •»- * L!»ES Aid Family As their special Thanksgiving activity, ffombers of,th6 -Bcrean Sunday school class of the First Presbyterian church "adopted" a needy family In the -city which was provided with a. dinner nnd'oth'cr gifts. This family ^-ill be assisted in the future by this group. ... - • * .» Complimented.- Miss Dorothy Foster of Paris- Arkr, was tho guest..of Ixaiir'at a bridge parly given" Friday after, noon by her sister, Miss- Eileen loster, who is entertaining her lor the week-end. Mrs. J. D. Barks'dale's 'home where the party was given, was decorated with lovely, yellow and lavender chrysanthemums, and a uniijue note was seen In the silhouette tally cards in black and As the 12 guests played bridge they were served hard candies and he refreshments were a salad purled olives, toasted crackers, Iruit cake topped with whluoed cream and coffee. .Mrs. C. U. Babcock won the first prize., .a. hand painted jar tqwdtr. and second honors a double deck of cards, went to 'Miss Gladys Hardin. *•'.''••'•'* • Have Slumber Party Miss; Artie Eaton, a student at Jonesbcro college at JoneEboro was the guest of honor for a party glv- her. sister. Mi5 S iren: Eaton. ,_ !ai>t- evening. '• ^?, ! .t M ?. W;:ts P'"ent danced and ts unti! 12 o'clock when and hct ch3c:late was „ tcryed. The 12 girls remained for i- a jlumtcr party. They made candy '• before retiring and this morning ^,f n ;: rt «»fPi'rtWn j breakfait Attracts Packed Hoose . ; .. ' . . *. . -. . Tte sclicol carnival Qo&nell cchcol Friday rtlghl"uvus enjoyed by all who attended. Patrons and friends «f Uie school nil- cd. the aud|lorlum, halls and most of the rtibnis. ':-.:." ; . The doll..racb.did Vtnrivhiji biis- iness,- : Many laughs .were Iward by the {people vvh6 entered the slde'- sliows. rThc question, ofl who gave IK-'.'T.yeddirjg. Preiant" was finally decided.i The '.'Prize Fight"-wns'de- clared^a-draw, although.both' Nolnri LnlnberC c'nrt Don rburtc-n felt that irc''hBd-.rjecn-up'agamst a real ma'n. .Grsat'excitement was shown over Ihe .'Chrleston contest but the I'l3 Elio» r .-,ol the evening was the "Negro Minstrel"'Mrs. Bella' Marcum drew th/:,.quilt. Although the attractions only.cost each pAtrwi a few cents the carnival netted the school" '$38.67. ' Midway Notes E. M. McDKiaW was a Memphis visitor Monday. '-Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lind,were Blytticvillc visitors Tuesday. V • Miss .Orenc Cole was the guest -of Mrs... A. J. Hill Saturday. i' Mr. and Mrs. E. L. Bcnhlck announce i trie 'birth of a son Tuesday v.; Mr;.-and-'Mrs. L. B. Cannaday 'Visited 'Mr. and Mrs. A. J. HID Thursday.' . L. H., Antry. of Burdctte spent Saturday in Blftlievillc. ,'J. C. Jones of Bragg city. Mo. and. p. Randolph of Clem Lake visited" A. J. Hill 1-Mday. '•Mr.:and M>s. Smith of the Meadows ;larm 'motored to Memphis Friday. Half-Moon E - B - .Is' a. >'« ... Klrby; v. c t th !. Mem P nls "' fiipiist'hoipTt'a; yesterday, will uncterfrj an- bawa tlon tohay.'.Mrs. Klroy ana jiTrs Harry Klrby accompanied him.'&! »TiiL r . y ' i ^ rlly P, lans 't*',return 'io- night. . • - - ^ .. t ' . Artie Eaton "wilj rc'lnr'ili'to tbmdrrovv where she ij a '---•---•-•- ~M K *-• Bible class, 9:15-A. M. Divine worship, 10 A. M. Ser rr.on topic: 'Thy ,Klrig Is Com"'«". . ' .... ' . A series of lectures on "The Flmdamentais.xdf • the Christian Faith" will .begin"Friday, at 7:30 P. M.-' The first lecture given at the/home of Mrs, Fred Relchel, -300. North 'Ninth -Street. Everybody is cordially invited to attend these free lectures. Immediately -preceding the lecture there will be a rehearsal of the Sunday school ' children for tiie Christmas "program. Firtt Chrutian Chnrch • E. K Latiner, Minister Bible school; 6:45 A. M. Christian Endeavor societies; 6:30 P. M: Chnrch, .'7:30 ere s student at Johesboro' ccl!eg spendingthehojldays : w' 'v......ato Miss Mary Blakemore :;• of FiC- ' The Difference''Between .Sinners n' The Church and Sinners Out Of The Church". All are cordially invited to -the •gular cervices and to the evan- slisllc services now in progress. h' , , r "??•*!*"••-**. -s »> sce y -Instructing. Uie class of cachjrs.whtch meets therein urdnys for a study course" ' Mrs Paul L. Tiuton " Mo-, yesterday. """"'° - '" Mr. and Mrs. A. Canecr of Ser nth s Mo.; were visitors- at'the'aji trvjvilie hospital yestcrda5 ; . \' Mr and Mrs. Hay Worlhington and daughter, 'Miss .Thelma. Mrs r. E. Cpoley and : .daughter .\ilss Marion, accompanied by . Martha \Mr.'and Mrs. Onral were the Sii'nday evening. .Mr.' and'• Mrs. P. B. Jnrrett visit- Mrs. Delia Nalley,,forine,i-ly' -of here and now of the Maurice Hotei at Hot Springs, Is-spending the week-end with hcT-iaaughter • -Mrs B. J. .Allen, and family.. , , Miss . Lucilc Harp has fetched from Charleston, • Mo., where' she spent several days. Mrs. Byron Morse and Nancy Klrshner were visitors in Memphis yesterday. • ', • • Mr -and Mrs. W. M. Burns and daughter, Mrs. Lo Roy wood.'spen' Friday In Memphis. • The Rev. and Mrs. . Marsh M Callaway'and soil, Marsh M jr Aflss Leone Calicolt and her guest of,. Flat River, Mo., motored t< Memphis yesterday. Miss Jane Buck, a student at 'st Mary's in Memphis, is | holidays at home. . Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Buck, Mrs : Francis Carpenter and Polly Anna ! *£:.'£* ^i?!^. tn " em P h «« : Mr. «nct Mrs. P. B. Jnrrett visit- M Iss flallie Wlico«n <ii11 , W- £» R ' L ' HaWWm B ' >d ' ^uiTlonJh^ne^eeK f & S B".BL is the gu,,t of his'^i ^ r ve oWlor 0 L C r arrtWC "' M ° •on.. J. T. Bass and family. lhls: ^^'jcV^ng M^ John , lnj,";the 'Rev. W. J. LeR/,y. i - . , '' Th . e .; c J a5S '_ of "P?r;-, Mrs .L E.1 Bensfil. Party Given : -<»y/:in,2%ferit; ife O, J: Rodge'rs.l-UAl the benefit- bridsc and rnnk ; ; - vke pnsfSnt te. B^h'WigsIns,! forty to the Church of he ~^ :-.., secretary, and treasurer, were B lvci j maculate Conception spm-w-d bv :.. ^yotepf.trmnksfor their activities Mrs. w. M. McKcnzie^nd Mr' T •thl». : v.«r '. Tt. trac o,,,..,,,- n j >v.< n c.-i t_ii-. i."• I " la -' lr! - '• alkcr H. Baker won was .-. .- Mlfe:^/; 1} - was ancunced that j O. SealVriday'^^n'al *!,"•»: .;• at:tornprro» J ti class meeting there' cia\ hsli Mrs WMkt -"-"riK.'an election of clficers for] the fir E r v -, z , ' He *•>'*?'•-',' .'. : \ "an* made pillow cases" ... ,,,tr. the. affair, flowers, a Mn» E. D. Gil!--.i rccclvM -• , - frem_Mrs. E. J. Heaton, m&d».c-:n-) gandie fprcn for s - ' •:»ff^r.-'»Tr-i'»4i : -bti(itan.(Jlrig ; ' : •'toclal I broiaefed VauekaxWcf -,v --.- Gladys Duncan' ^ ""jj^ *£**'•.°[ °™<« wers. visitors in ,1ns community! "SoTMhSf ''is ' Icing „ Brcwnsville this afternoon Ui thi Mr. and Mrs. Sunday. Miss' Addla Hampton of Stct-lc.! Mo'-is. visiting Jier aunt. Mrs. Tcm AliitancTjr, for a fciv days. Miss Helen'-Delbrirtge and Mi Earl ShaneyWt were married S.:'n day. Nov..22^nd, the Rev. Willi^ni-! —,.,.«., of Gosnell-pcrformed the ceremony ! w ™ tft Mc »'l>nis .today lor th Vlntbn'JSaVatlended to buslnsi; w< * m(1 - ' Oscar Hardawfty and Fred Mat . thews will spend the neekend ii •"• M nnphis. - , r Mr ' andMrs - Chapel, In Half' UboniMonday fivnrp ».TI(/IC frj-thk tr. . Miss Margaret McDcarmnn. ^D i 1-uxora, Is the guest of Dr. .inci Mrs I. R. .Johnton today. She is ; B ! for the holidays Ircm Unioi i university at Jackton, Icnn. Rev. L. R .Volnier of Oscvla fili- i "Absolute" xcro is put at 273 ed his appointment at Driver Grove g ,ccs t.'low zero Sunday, Nov. 22nti. _ .Miss Irene Russell. Lcora Moody " > end '-.WAlter. Boles were diniKr;'^ llc >' "^ niaklng their home a guests of Mliecs Lavcrne and Uubv Goincll. *: Seltrn."Sunday. ' ticck Overman was thp gut-it,o . Charles . Springer jr.. spout s.v-' w - L - BijTliam and family. Siin "viviy with. llEiny G.unc^ at K--H--I - !l ''y . .. , Misses .Aline Bo'.i-s and Mr. IM\ litlilli Hall is improving -.iltcr b 1 n /V ' clu i Misses .Aline iwses ana Mr. fciii t,mui nil" i» nu;:juu!i! n Grt « l »cU. Mrs. Ev- ' Meadows were married last Sunday.. Ins ill for jeveral days. -P. M. '''Subjecti ' of Brighton, on Hindrances Over- Tried to Live Eight against the imputations that have been made against his character. Ted: Luke 19:1-19 ' •; And - Jesus entered and pa'ssed through Jericho. • '. '";. i AnS, behold, there was a man named Zaccheus, which was-trie chief"; I among the publicans, and he was rich. . •' "'•' This great preacher~of"ihe' last! And h* sought to- see Jesus who he was; and could nol for trie century in that brilliant and power-1 press, because he was little of 'stature. ' : '•* ful sermon defends Zacchasus , And lie ran before, and climbed up into a sycamore tree to ssc liinj; >r he was to pass that way. . | ' 'j And v;hen Jesus came to the place, he looked up, and saw hinvtiiid He represents him as a mm who through his unpopular calling as tax gatherer for the Homnas, and possibly in some other way, had become overwhelmed with an-evil reputation, yet who, In spite bf that reputation and with all its overwhelming handicaps, had striven to live honestly and according to his best ideals. . There is much warrant for that representation, for if Zacchaeus had been a purposeful extortioner he could hardly have restored fourfold the things that he, had taken from the people dishonestly. The natural conclusion would be that his very statement, "If I have taken anything from any man by false accusation," suggested that he was not conscious bf having done so, but that if he had In any ray overlooked'any extortionate action, he had the strong purpose to make the matter, right. • Acc'ordin'g to the Jewish law, the restoring four-fold of anything taken unjustly was the obligation of a said unto him, • Zaccheus, make haste, and come down; 'for must,abide at thy house. • -...-_ . v . And he made haste, and came down, and received' him joyfully;V..,. And when they "saw it, they all muvmured.-saylng,- that he \rsS:gonfc to te guest with a man that is a sinner. • ' ••'' J And Zaccheus stood, and said unto the Lord: Behold, Lord, th'e liallj of my goods I 'give'to the- poor; and if I have taken anything 'jrpnj, any msn by false accusation, I restore him fourfold. : • ' " "'' •And Jesus «aid unto h'ftn, Tills day is salvation come to th::; foris.Tiuch as he also is a'son of Abraham. • —.v-a •For the Bon of man is come to seek and to save that - which 1 was' ! 1 tost. ' ' -'• •'•'•••„'£;, Whether Jesus was vindicating the 'does not mean that there.atd..nK|. moral purpose that Zacchaeus had displayed all along and was bring ing that "former purpose to its supreme place,,, or whether Jesus in that moment beneath the tree brought to Zicchaeus' the glorious vision 'of a transformed life, 1 the resulting experience wiis all .that Christian privilege -.caoi-..suggest. Zacchaeus,-a man of sniail'pHyslca] stature,, stands forth as a man of en unjustly was the obligation of. a giant-like proportions in-his riforal liief, and Zacchaeus was facing the ! and religious life. FITIST METHODIST CHURCH P. Q. Korie, Pastor Worship -and sernton 11 a. in. nd 7:30 p. rn. 'Morning ' service broadcast over KLCN. Evening service on subject of he Home. '•*• •' " ' • Sunday school, 9:45 a. m. ' situation courageously and honesty by saying virtually, "If I have used my ofBce for extortion, I have been a thief, and I restore the :hief's portion." ..Whatever interpretation we put ipcn the incident, the one striking hing Is that Zacchaeus in his meet- Ing of Jesus found the true triumph of all that was best in him. , . 'Junior, Hy • and Senior :31). ' leagues Regular meeting board ot.stew- ards Monday 7 p. m. Prayer meeting: Wednesday 1:30 p. m. Choir rehearsal-Wednesday 8:15 p. in. Increased interest, m all tiic services of the church; largest Sunday school and church attendance lost Sunday during year 1030.; SECQ>'p UArriST..CHtRCK E: jfi. Newman,'.Pastor Sunday'school 0:45 a', m., W. M. Blaylock. Supe'rlnfencYmt. Church rtrvlcc 11 a. in. and 7:15 p. m. by the pastor. Morning subject. "Tiie Gospel Treasure" Evening Subject "Sin the Leprccy of th: Soul.". 13. Y. r U.'s G:i5 p. m. - "Everybody is going to Church Sunday. Let's make Sunday church going day. "We .think, "we. have one of the best Sunday schools in ln\vn, conic nnd help cur gold Superintondeas mak,: it better." . a tiny spray of bluebells has been added for her birth-place. • Princess Mary accepted rattles for'each of her sons. They were hand-made and crocheted in silk and wool. ' . All .Can Be Saved The salvation that Jesus brought to the house of 'Zacchaaus • is the salvation that he can bring to every house and to every Individual. The notion that business cannot be touched with righteousness and truth is economically as wrong and unsound as it is morally. More and more we are discovering that. This issues in business life where a.omjifj,;! has lo choose very definitely, b>-"l tween a right course of action, 'a lidY probable, or certain, ecMouiic.'V ••More than one individual,i been compelled to make such' 'p\-.... cial decision, and. it. Is ,no more., true • that- the loss /lim;, . been willing:,to accept,ijfar-,:righU;i| •eousness take hne had.sonie'icorresr" ponding (economic gain -than• i£iV true that th eway of the cress,,'forj Jesus was not a way of real.loss,,., ' What is true is that as in 1 the-.' case of the Master's going to .the cross, so with .every man wrKxrin; business refuses- even- for -thc'-.sakei. of gain to do-something dishonest! or dishonorable, there Is somtSmngi of the resurrection triumph.- 'Kj',. gain can compensate for thc.lbss'-bii;! a man's self-respect or any gaihirf il fortune for the death of his s " English Pilot Flies Over 600,000 Miles in 16 Years LONDON. (OP)-Six hundred thousand miles of flying in 16 years is the record of Captain • Walter Rogers, Imperial Airways pilot on the^London-India air mail service. ..„ „„.„.., vuu _. __ncgcrs joined the Hoyal Flying a stool and bridge scoring pads, Corps in January, 1914, served Queen Ena of Spain also throughout the war, began piloting cross-Cliannel air liners in .Febru- Ay, 1020, and has now established the longest unbroken record of service in British air lines. He Is exceedingly popular with passengers and his fellow pilots. LONDON. (UP)—The unusual event of three queens shopping together was recently witnessed here at an exhibition of the work of dis- 'abled ex-service men at Londonderry House. • Queen Mary of England purchased a velvet lined beauty casket, vanity case. Queen Maud cf,.Nov r ,, way ordered .a number of dainty, articles and all three bouglil wi}ri-- bags with tortoise shell . .»• Read-Courier News Want Adi ).,,,, 666 is a doctor's Prtscriplion , Tor"',,', Colds and Headaches: IT IS THE MOST SPettf*' .BEMEDY KNOWN. '' : ;' ; -' ; 666 ALSO IN TABLET§.v, Hospital Notes "Mrs. Frice Douglas, Senath, Mo. ivaV 'admitted arid Robert L'ec Black'ard, 'peering, ^Io., dismissed Baby Princess Given White Rose Rattle LONDON. lUP)—A dainty toy j has been made for Princess Margaret Rose by a woman who, ever since the birth of the Prince of Wales, has designed rattles for royal babies. • The one made for the Prince was of anchor design, those for his brothers represented • various flowers. Princess Margaret's. Is a white rose ol York, and at the end JJATERNITY HOSP1TAT,—For nn-' fortunate girls; secluded,.private, rates rca.'onable. For Information write Fitinnoiint Hospital, 4311 East 27(h. Kansas City, Missouri. [ I !f you to Hvs- for cost Sen WEST BN'JJ 1--URNITUKB CO.WANY Com; cut of businc«. •21112 WcM .Main St.- December 6th at 2:30 Do you know what happens then? If nol you had belter find out at once. Call Tlnb- bard Fufiiilure (lonipany and we would suggest you pay on your account or make any purchase you are figuring on by that time. :, This is to your interest! H Furniture Co.

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