The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 29, 1946 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 29, 1946
Page 4
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m- iM?:;tf?w a S"-Ws%^ Farmer Hobarton irmaker Dies ."'•Joe? BloomSter of Armstrong pSBesd 'away Friday .morning at hi&ppullry and buying station for SHjby's. Mr. Bloomster was for- rtt^rljrthe butter-maker at .Hobart- dm wheft, the creamery was in operation, He is survived by his Wife and dnitghter, Mrs. Mary Soifensen, who were living with With in Armstrong. Funeral 'ar- rartgements are incomplete pend. iti^ word from his grandson, Bob Soitensen, in California. Calif mat Stebbins Of brnia Buried Here ^Funeral services for Harriet Stebbins, former Algona resident, were held Monday afternoon at the McCullough chapel, here, With tourial following in River- view cemetery. Mrs. Stebbins passed' away Jan. 22, at Santa Ana, Calif. Her body was accompanied here by Mr. ,ahd Mrs, Lee Hallj the; latter a .daughter. Conrad Herman of Algona is ai brother-jh-law of. the deceased. A son, Harry, lives at Wolf Point t Mont. Rev. A, English officiated at the local 'services, Sgt Robert Humphrey Promoted ! In Europe Word was received here that Sgt. Robert L. Humphrey, son of Mr. and Mrs. C. N. Humphrey who farm Vi mile south of Algeria, had received his top sergeant's rating. He is novy in charge of a large garage in Frankfurt, Germany. Sgt. Humphrey has been in the army three years, with 15 months We wish to announce that ype are the new deal ers in Algona for the CARGILLFEEM ' formerly handled by the Algona Implement Co. We carry a full line of Cargill Feeds and will be glad to help you with your feed problems. Inquire about our new Crumblized Ghick Starter. Our store is located on the corner south of the Milwaukee station. Fitch Feed Store Phone 460 Mainland Commercial St. dverseas. Sfe \ wMt6S that Many; recreational • facilities fire- beiirt^ 'built for soldiers, including an ihside swimming •• pool 4nd ski jump. ' He recently went on> a pass, to Switzerland to spend a;fe\^ days in the mountains. Htowever, he idoes .not expect to be home before April. 5 We»leyan« At Des Moines Meeting Wesley: Ed Hlldman, Alfred Erdman, Will Friml, Victor Loebig, and Henry Arndorfer attended the three-day state grain, dealers' convention at Des Moines, Friday and Saturday. Hildman is manager of the Cooperative elevator here, and Erdman is in charge of the lumberyard. fhe annual meeting of the Cooperative Elevator Co. will be held Saturday, Fob. 2, in Kleinpeter hall. The annual meeting of the Wesley Cooperative Creamery is also slated for the same day in the same place, starting at 1 p. m. Joins Fraternity Rae Curtis, son of Mrs. Anna L. Curtis of Algona, has been pledged' to the Lambda Chi Alpha national social fraternity at Coe College, Cedar Rapids. ''••ailtta.Vifir' %'jfihrMtit^alila.a..a r 'aa.ff "" ' &l &•* ~'^^&.^^^S' •' "pP'WllNf^^^ OttosettJ Court OfttL ; The January term of . court in Kossuth coUnty SpMfd* slVtoftday. Judge ftarry^&wj|jo£ Spirit Lake will preside. fh6 petit.jypy has V>6eft ofde*6tl> :ttt report. Feb. 5. No. gt-attA. jury wil}' .report, however. GdUrity Attpf' ney tt. W, MUler has two, Crim? ihal, cases which rriay cofrte .tip this terJrtt however. 'QttHi oi the accused^ "Sergeant O'tedry," is now confined in. ''the Kossliih' Hospital. , ' '., Ld Verne Man Now ; liarry^Mut*ay,, and Want ads brine: results! No Restrictions On FURNACES Some Models Availablt Now Many familtn will be cnjojini tont that new pre-war quality Or«n- Colonial Furnace they've been waiting, for. HAVE YOU! PLACED YOUR ORDER? If not, do it quickly; the demand it heavier than the immediate. supply — but you'll alwny* be Klad you waited for a Green Colonial Furnace. Set in today. Whether you prefei coat, oil or fat- there's a ipecially deiigned Oreen Colonial Furnace to imur* your comfort. COAL Laing & Muckey Phone 464 N: Dodge St Alfiona. Iowa GREEBCOLOm'fll FURRBCE SERVICE partneiv in. -an engineering; pany, recently; .organized; therViHC; tHs tetttekV'i Murray of 'La Vettie,; ' The firm is Itnbwri, and ' Murray Engineers they have an of ice 'at' also. Murray is a, graduate State College, and his recently been appointed city gineers for Estherville for the purpose of acting as a planning, board for that city. . of Iowa'. firm has This newspaper i» an official; paper for Kossuth County and the City of Algona. A good quality cotton hemstitched towel. Size 18x24 in. Stamped design. aftdttd*^ was a dtectw'bf.the farfflefs Grain,.JOealfifs of Iowa, at the ! stafe convehtJftrt held Friday and Saturday jtiVrbes Meihes. Stuaftt .widv^tuaft is quite ; a well'-kiiQw.n! cftjftblhntidn. ini Chariton. itter/jtlle thlrtf timd ih aS ,years'- -the) name bfv father and> soft: tsrjs combined, in. one firm, f-lie presentf Sluarfe..£(ridi Stuart law; H^aflvmade up ot William Cl •Stuart,; ju&t': released from the ,inayy/i andi His- father, George C; Stuart; : ' .'{' •.-.. i Wrong Party. ft, Si: ITndetkofler, owner-of the frtttft . , fijfiefs fl, ffirteel' ^ of jJffrts f6r Mis ;0ttr beitii assured • tft :avnilabje» the caller sola ft&. would* ;be In- after suppef and' pick alps Mr,'Uhdefkt5fler; thliaiy iprised, askedvif He wasn't eo ;quite a long ways tp.get cofii pock ,er parts. The far.mer,.als6tsuBpftl8* itid,. said it.. was. no distance: at all. jtflhally they got , it straightened. iOut. fHe call, intended; fbr the 'Sancroft implement company at iBanaroft), Nebraska, <e«jbyed Ifltjng It* .th'e w?ofk';':Waf ea- a h6v;di htw««s N«cdedi Barl Vosseler of near {brought h6me«tho bindHhe. othef Iday—arid didn't use<a; gun either. ,A pheasant was scared out. of iU hiding place by the-tractor and corn, picker operated .by Vosseler. The'bird" flew straight into hia-la,p and Vosseleji wasn't- too. surprised to lose 1 such an opportunity of having.pheasant.for his supper. deprived Of BitbeingS' oh lei, took) r&ftiget 1 tt & tthe Another , spfitt* 41 BCllfet^sppftciM*>tKf'- fttjtt'Si thei tfWovdogs .MfeijUp'iiiJp' «;<iomtriofiori that sl^ro ^dS\jSUt 6fr he, -question.. ftthd : )& SttipK tbjts post, even* when th&pipe be*, ing cOlledi around^ dhd:'fllpped.i.lH' the air by the dogs*-A^pbllceman fifttilly, cartie ; .to the^jfescurit ^' •' ^ dfj-the-dogs; lefU.-: A4>ia;;ssf e ; the rabbit, scurriea ioii; cpv6ri ; he ^an -Buren , wis oalled to. Jnvestfgattvihe dfr a- Mvf fputtd-; lyltap.M as E^Jd6fltiy ^tha.cow. had.been JtWWt by- an, aUtonioblliT; Pft ! there was glass on- t and ;bpth of, the ; animal were broken, At,4ast : pwnef hadrbeen foundi f or, : the«T|d , cow, nor. hadv the driver, of .the ,v«- hlole been 1 located; >/';,f , diasslfied advertising. —•< low^flSSJ. read .by over..4;OtH). f amilles>weemi!. B»^/V*^«^/l^'^^/lr«'^V.>'*^^/V i f jatflBKaak. •• .jgflK^. ^|M^. CLOSING-OUT As I have sold my farm and am moving to town, I will hold a closing out sale at my farm on the north I. edge of Burt, known as the old Gehart place, on Tuesday, Feb. 5tfi Sale Will Start at 12:30 Lunch .Wagon on Grounds 19 of Livestock 19 6 - Head of Cattle - 6 2 cows, 1 Jersey, 1 Guernsey, due to calf in April; 2 calves; 1 Holstein heifer; 1 Guernsey heifer. 13 Pigs 13 3 brood sows; 10 or 12 fall pigs, weight about 80 to 100 Ibs. 200 WHITE ROCK PULLETS STARTING TO LAY. Farm Machinery, Etc. Hay rack, new; 20-wheel disc, good shape; 3-sec tion drag; John Deere corn planter; 2 McCormick 6- ft. mowers, 1 nearly new, oil; rubber tired wagon; John Deere low wood wheel wagon;:hand corn sheller; elevator, horse power; walking plow; 2 broo der houses, in good shape; 4 rolls slat corn cribbing; manure spreader; 1 set harness; 16-ft. feed bunk; forks; shovels; wagon box; No. 10 John Deere corn picker; spring tooth harrow; set back pad harness; wagon and box; John Deere 10-ft. disc; John Deere tractor; 12-ft. hay buck, new last year; John Deere 999 corn planter with tractor hitch and 80 rods of 3 ft. 4 in. wire; narrow tired wagon with triple box;, set of back pad harness with leather collars; McDeering mower, 6-ft.; Mc-Deering endgate seeder; Mc-Deering No. 4 cream separator; Minnesota hay rake; 4- wheel trailer, good tires; hay rack; Massey-Ha*ris disc, 15 ft.; John Deere 14*inch 2-bottom plow; Me- Deering flexible harrow, 20-ft.; single row cultivator; narrow tired wagon; 1x12 boards 14-16 ft, long, new. Other small tools. HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE—Kitchen cabinet; buffet; cook stove, good shape; circulating heater, new; wool rug, 9x12; rocker. .«** ., &>.* ^^.^ iK^: »!;*' «t|Hl||itllk'i4V««|<|iMlHpMi TERMS: Cash, or see your banker. Stewart & Flaig, Auctioneres Burt Savings Rank, WHY ?—Because the Algona newspapers are tbe only : publications: that givet countywide news, coverage exclusively with \\ each issue. The Algona Upper Des Moines-Tuesdays in Kossuth County Advance-Thursdays in GUARANTEED CIRCULATIO1KS OF OVER 4,000 EACH ^' **Qpi HH^»I» n^/t«i i.i^.i'i.VU"'»*fU" t»V^»" »"^ftF*'^*^V^." i'.|i^'.. i *' i.y»M*'V.i**i ""jl Because of Hie death of my husband, I nm forced to sell the following property on tjie farm located \t\ 2 miles nortJi. and Similes east of West Bend; or ft miles south and ft}£ mllfis west of Algona f or 4 miles south and 2^ east of WlvHteinorf!, on "~ , , , SALE S'FAIW 1 !* AT 1 'O'CLOCK 11 Six milk COTCS, nil milking; 2 2-year-X»ld heifers, "both In calf} 2 s'liiall roaJiv;helf«r calves; 1 good roan >»ull, 2 yrs,-oldv '•.".•>'.'.• *; *>''• Gray gelding, smooth nuwthj liay gelding, 10 years. 200 WHI1IE LEWHORX HENS r urm J. D. tcaetor, model B; J. D. manure ^pr«.wJ»r» wsdel E; J, D, cultivator; J. D. 4*sec, flexible drag; Ji J>, cor» pl*Wter, 999} Mev nilck-Deerjiig endgftte seeder; wagon wttto l*ox; tmek wagon and ,-, 5»ft.i 5rc(!ormjck.J)eerl«g hand corn sliellepr CowJw)) funk heater; 10xl2i Jamesway brooder stove; set ))nck pw* h«¥»«ss; gal,| hog feeder, 45 l)ii»ho|s. n,} » J*» 2-row traiotor l()-ft. disc; HcCor*' e grass mower, tftftk; brooder house, hog waterer, &0» SOME HOUSEHOLD GOODS «nd othaif 4oo numerous to <a»wit|oji, •' . ' , •• :. - : v-'f'VSs;i-i;t.( 1 i<>'> or see your ^,&" Urn! LOU ;

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