The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 29, 1946 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Tuesday, January 29, 1946
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' SWEAGAME 6ft I itself " Ht, downing the visit* .4, hi a game 1 that dls* iie good and sortie po&r jlory gave Algeria a ialr- flttlld>oft second place In oncei '..'.-• •••; -'""'.."' , ' • ». the first tiuart&ri things |F roni rosy. The locals Uhe opening tipof, and JfsBed. it in for & quick EAfter that Hampton step'< in front, and not until «hg seconds of the quarter Kma' clfck. Theft the Red Kck took a 9 to 7 lead. Ithe first quarter the-.lo- Isdd easy setups, and their I was spotty. . '. — i Pick 'Up Be second quarter, home fgan to sec-:more action. Bn's defense broke down, 111 Crapser and Butts con- llthe rebounds, managed Ifihto.a 22 to 13 lead. The fbjso drew a healthy sup- ifenallies, which helped Jlong locally. t third; quarter was the K ^Coming back on the fUgOna staged a scoring running wild, and tallying V At the end of the'third «. : the home team was 138 to 16, with Hampton I'oniy one field goal. ..he final frame the visitors Wo starters via the personal %ute,» which cooked their jfor certain. lumboldl Here Tonight Hp) fans saw some nice work during the second find an even division of the. th Gene Hertz inserted a |of replacements as.' the Idrew to a close. The en- Karting .lineup played good jftcr they got going, and if spick up tonight where (left'off Friday, should'be ito take Humboldt in the home' game, •score: Eona (49) ... FG FT PF er , —„—— 3 43 ftson I- 2 2 3 33.1 ,6 1-4 V 14 Bi-qn - —-0 "0.: 0 *"Dn —.-:-— 0 .0: .0 ling ———-0 ,0 0 - 0 0 0 hey- —- 00 _0 nptcm r (22) ' FG : " V ':FT" PF |eks ——'.----.- - 1, ; 0- : 5 icmcr' ---------- 2 • 2 1 'erson :•'_•'__—ji'i'^-i'-": ESTABLISHED 1865 600AT First Section^Twelye Pages MEETING •m Fenton Couple Solve Housing Problem Neatly For a Fcriton young couple, the housing problem has been solved '•>—temporarilyat least. Arid they solved it by their own ingenuity. : ' ' In fact, so successful has .their venture been, that they receive visitors nearly every day who 1 are interested'in finding out how they did it, with the thought of doing likewise themselves. The >Fonon couple is Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Voigt. Mrs. Voigt is the former George Anne Geigel, daughter of Mr and Mrs. Fred Geigel of Algona. : Wanted Home—Got One. Married four years ago, the young couple began thinking' about a home of their own at onc^, and in 1944, war or no war, they solved their problem. With a corner, home site in Fenton, they received approval of the FHA after- a month of dickering, to put in a basement for their future home. They began building the basement in Novem- •ber of 1944 and it was completed in 'May, 1945. And then they moved :irt. It was as simple as that! The 'basement is 35x24, with cement floor. The laundry tubs were installed and then converted into a sink. A coal burning heater provides the heat. Lavatory facilities (were figured in on the basement construction. Cost About $1,500. Gerald Voight, 30, employed by the Fenton Cooperative Creamery keeps a good set of figures, anc can tell almost to the penny how much the home has cost thus tin- He places a round figure of $1,50( as the cost of construction, no, counting the lot of shrubs. His wife, teaches band, English and music in the Fenton schools has decorated the walls will Christmas cards, placed cUrtaii partitions which provide hanffa space in'lieu of a closet, and he husband is completing the placin of insulating board ,along the base ment ceiling, ";.,/-.:. There is plenty'of normal ligh from" ' ...-•--.••----.---.. (TEA CITY AGAIN DOWNS IGONA. 29 TO M .. Swea City, Tuesday of last ck, the'Algona high cagcrs lost fir second game of the season Ithe north end quint, 29 to 22. it until the closing quarter did gona begin to hit the rim, scor: most of their points in that Irter. • ..'•' -•' .-,••••<• •.-,-""" Box score: |ona (22) "FG FT PF V 7 r ___,-i— 0 25 vciison .--- 3 1 ,0 Its: ...——_.i- 1 0 3 V: — -,2, 0:2 hn ;» .;;-:-.—- ',,.,. 1 ••' ' 3 '•, 4 ncy -. -.*-,- 1 0 2 : 8 6 16 pa City (29) FG FT PF 4l — 4 1 5 hdquist 1 14 prtenson ,-,, 222 Iceten -,—— U 1 0 1 ew — 31 5 Bbb — -.:.. —,4-- 0 2 1 .Georga Anne says'she is*S,p'me -times called "The. : Cave Woman uJrieh'femanyl.otji5*6J«d«i IPth^^g'^irftF^ulaiay' The e'ouple.keep/a.;- gueft:,, -book /'The regulars don't sign anymore,' said Gerald. • Above is,an outdoor yiew of the Fenton "Cave.Home" of Mr. and Mrs.'Gernl'd Voigt, which solved their housing problem neatly; - . ; Here we see the. Fenton.couple tidying up after their Sunday din r ner.' Ger^fd Voigt agreed'to wipe a'dish in this picture. Trie sink is a converted laundry tub,. . . :...'. ll FARM AUCTIONS IOOKED IN RECORD EASON OF SALES Nino farm sale dates have been listed with this newspaper for the near future, two of them for Thursday of this week. The sales are as follows: .Thursday, Jan. 31 — Goo. H. Meyer, 2V4 miles cast of Whitte- morc, on old highway 18: sale ad carried last week; full line of stuff.' Thursday. Jan. 31 — Herman Gadc,,milc east, »,4 south of Fenton; complete close-out; ad in today's Algona Upper DCS Moincs. Monday; Feb. 4—Alfred Grill, 5 miles south of Algona on highway 169; 53 head of livestock, and large selection of machinery; ad in today's paper; Colwell Bros., - auctioneers; Iowa State Bank, Algona, clerk. • TuesdiyTlfob. 5 —• Mrs. Emilic Sicms and Erwin Sierns, 2 miles west of'Whittemore; a large sale advertised: Idst week and again in today's • papery complete closing out sale! Colwell Bros., auctioneers; Farmers State Bank, Whittemore,. clerk. ' Tuesday, Feb. 5 —J. P. Trunk- hill, at north edge ot Burt. Selling livestock, cattle, machinery, household goods; ad in today's paper. Stewart & Flaig, auctioneers; Burt Savings Bank, clerk. Tuesday. Feb.. 5—Mrs. Anna Hillcnga, 4 miles south and 2Vi 'miles .east of Whittemorc; 11 head cattle,, farm machinery, etc.; ad in today's paper/ Lou Ma- .tern, auctioneer; Security State Bank,.'Algona, clerk. . • Wednesday. Feb. 6 — Charles Patterson, 2 .north on 169 and '/a mile west of Burt; livestock and Igrge. listing of machinery; ad in today's patobr;' Stewart & Flaig, •auctioneers;' Burt Savings Bank, Oves 4,000 Pieces Clothing, Shoes Donated to UNRRA —Alffona Upper DCS Moincs Flashfoto KossuUi citizens—always generous—are again responding to a serious need in foreign countries for castott 'but useable clothing. Shown in these pictures are volunteer workers, part of a large group who daily are receiving, sorting, mending and packing garments and shoes for shipment to an east coast gathering point. Mrs. Henry Johannsen and Mrs. L. S. Muckcy are the two ladies shown, who were on duty at the time this- picture was taken. Mrs. Muckcy was chairman for the day, representing the U. S. W. A. and Mrs. Johannsen was a volunteer worker. Mrs. Veda Murtagh is at the sxtreme' left, just contributing clothes. Since the local drive started, 3,087 articles of clothing have been 'urned in, as of last week, plus 429 pair of shoes, 79 pieces of bedding** iiid 124 miscellaneous items, firs. Sam Medin, general chairman of he drive stated. . . Collections will continue until Jan. 31, at the Allen Motor Co. here. comer • Tms corner, i^we ,uivii»B-;iobm" of the yoigt'.basement'hoTne, with Mr. and Mrs, •Voigt.^njoying/a Sunday afternoon radio program. ..:..;.. -i-;- ' .- '-.v'f .'*;-. —-Alsoiia Upper DCS Molhes Flashfotos 1 .ThuMdir. Feb. 7 — S. J. Es- aroy,' 1 Va. miles • south of filling station at^Vcst. 'edge of .Burt;. .3.5 •U J L_j; „« 1 '"-~-*'"^lc,l.-Ppland China ; rnacliwery t i a DOWNS ST. JOHN'S jfE OF BANCROFT .edyard; The Ledyard bas- ball team defeated St. John's f Bancroft, last Wednesday |t on the letter's f^oor, in a | game, 33 to 3,2, 'An ovqr- i period was necessary to de- k the contest. Nordeen Strand thigh point man for Ledyard, t|hg.18 points, Eugene Blome b back to bolster the lineup being out with a knee in' n* *#^«np**^ <»*#•?^*(w»ij> w» |5 TIR9T QAM5 VS6AR : The independent t'eam , m i met it§ first defeat o? the Prt, Tuesday of Jest week, »»g;, to Emwetshwg tli?re, §5 F4J. .Thursday evening the ; team gain* " " l iu ~ sn^g of the vever, §0 to 2 1946 AAA PAYMENT PLAN ANNOUNCED Kossuth county has been allocated $136,900 for use in rc-im- bursing county farmers for taking part in approved conservation practices, in 1946, The qounty office now has basic data on the 1946 intention sheets which will be used in listing the intended production practices for each farm in the current year. Payments wil}. be piadovpn the following: ; •.- . n 1—Green m;-nure crops, $1.50 per acre. 3—Ditches for tile drainage, -10 cents rod. . . 3—Establishing sod waterways, 75 cents per 1,000 sq. feet. . 4—Harvesting hayseed, $3,50 per acre, 25 acres per farm. ,5—Limestone, as listed by townships with committee.- 6—Fertili?ers. The most popular kind of fertilizer used on conserving crops js 0-20-0 on which the credit rate is $16 per ton. Credit rates on other types of material vary according to the ratio. It is necessary thai farm plans be entered by both landlord arid tenant, the county office states.. , Burt Junior Play Draws Much Praise Burt: The junior class play, ('Let Me Grow Up," was present' ed Wednesday evening o! last w«?ek, with an appreciative a«di» ence enjoying the performance, ^aHing•'part in the.P 1 — ™~ Eugenia Riedel; Stella „_„-„„ Joy?e, ,Geilenfeld, Marj? Grjese, ""Irgafet ' Office?,' poris • 3ali8» _ jry, Ariet Cherland, J»4on DW can and James Harvey, Between ttie»«ts» ft ; trwcpn.f slsting • &f Sheila Rachufe Msry 0Mper and. B^thfr "Hjiige, |jpnj the Tpnette S^ndler^^'y^r Charity Ball fete Set For Fejbr^airy..18 Algona will again have a charity ball. ; •-The date set for the event is Monday, Feb. 18, and QVB. Laing has been named as chairman. The! event; discontinued during' the war years, will probably be- held in the high-school auditorium. , ",. This will be the fourth chanty ball, the last one having ' been held in March, 1941. !: •,;.... Money raised is turned over to Algona Charities; Inc.J and -used for the purpose of providing funds for health purposes, especially for children who are not county charges but whose parents arc unable to provide the ntcessary care. '••'•-., There will be «» program, followed tty a dance,", Mr. Luing stated,: . ,.,"'., MERCURY DIPPED TOlvBELOlpERE With a temperature of 16 degrees toelow zero, JC«ssuth county shivered, in the winter's coldest weather, last Saturday., But Old Man Wjnter soon relented, and Monday's temperature had moved to 35 above and snow and ice of last •W^Jt were melting away. £' Week's weathqr: Date Hi ^2 January 22 :, ^....,....^.-28 -3 January 33 ...i&f,. r ..~.;,..3Si -1» January 24 ....',.;.i.......,.;,-2« » January 85 ...,..,,.v,;, v ,^...32 ;5 January 26 ,,,...,.. v ^,,,,,;..v. 3 •-*; January 87 i.^,,;.^A&----W ;3 January 38 ...:..,:...,^i,»^" V 35 18 Weatherman Hurry Uolte re-, ports that the lowest temperature liver recorded for: •fta.wary^ here, was 38 fe^Qw ' " " highest was 66 ! went 19 week," aji* Ipst 8S to Twelve new „ were weeH office, (jary KJenitz offered:ft,|9»0 * , .. -.,-,- ^, t • - . - -• MAY HAVE COUNW ATTORNEYCONTEST Possibility of the' -first primary contest thus far evident, became likely this week in the race publican nomination for county attorney. ' . • • "• H. W. Miller, incumbent, announced that he would'be a candidate for reelection last week. Nomination papers were .also taken out for Robert J. Harrmg-: ton, who is now on the east coast, still in the army, tout who expects his release soon. He practiced law in Algona. prior to entry into the service. Harold J. MeNertney, new lawyer here, is in the field fpr the democratic nomination for county attorney. •'• For other offices, the republicans and democrats each have a candidate.out for county treasurer. Ed Chambers is the publican candidate at present, and Wm. Barry is a democratic candidate for nomination. Leo Immerfall, county auditor, will seek reelection on the democratic ticket, as will Art Cogley. present sheriff, and Mrs. Clara Walker, recorder. No statement has been issued as to candidacy toy Mrs. Helen White, republican, present clerk of coui't. There have been no other an- nouncements'of candidacy for the Supervisors whose terms expire are W, E. McDonald, Myron Johiy spn and Jack Quinn, but no announcements have been made toy any of the three, pr of any opponents either, for that matter. 5 WedcUn? Weenie* I»*ue«i% Clerk Five licenses t9 wed have been issued in the past week by the district clerk of court's pffice here, as |oUqw^i.'-< Jan- 22^-jerooie Ha.rogrove " Margaret MUfe Algonaf Hegarty an4 A4el}» Dav»£, ,.^.,,,8j. August/Sankey, Hurt, and Anne Frost.' Minneapolis,; Wro, $, MqGuUucij, fiyer, Ind-, and A4a-M. FaWel, Whjtte—- JlPh 23«r,r«Uus Baas, Jr. llgglW; CalhoWJK; feotb JW, 257-^ C. *^i MW 'Buift '•Savirigs -Bank," clerk, ad'in next,,-week's Vpapch .'. Monday, Feb. 11—E. M. Tooth- am, 2 mi. north and ] /2 mi. west of Burt, selling 36 head cattle, other stuff. "Ad to rUn next week. Lou Matern, auctioneer; Burt Savings Bank, clerk. Thursday, Eeb. 14 — John T. McGuirc, who lives five miles southeast of Algona, will hold an auction of all of his registered Black 'Angus cattle, and sell his 300-acre farm and all his farm machinery; ad to run in next week's''paper; Lou Matern and • Colwell i Bros., auctioneers; Col. Roy G. Johnson, Belton, Mo.; auctioneer'of Black Angus; Iowa State bank,-clerk'. •'...';..' Monday, -Feb. 18 —John , F. Weber, 2 miles cast of'Irvington, a sale including 170 head of livestock; ad to run in future issue. Colwell Bros., auctioneers; Iowa State Bank, Algona, clerk. With farm sales as numerous as they are this season, sale dates, should be selected well ahead of time, and, printing and advertising likewise. The Algona newspapers provide complete rural coverage in a 35-mile radius, and good prices in recent sales have been due to reaching thousands Of potential bidders through the newspapers. • FORMER ARCHITECT HERE WINS $1,000 Edward W. Hanson, for six years architect and building superintendent for the- Botsford Lumber Co. here, under ^ Jim Pqol, was recently the subject of a story in the St. Paul Pioneer Press, after he had been awarded $1,000 in a Chicago home designing contest. He now lives m StiUwater, Minn. He was one, of 24 winners, Hi| design was for a home using fewer than 1,700- square feet*suitable for a 75x150 foot Jot.- and accommodating a family Of five, . " HnB the war,:Hanson was esp^iter for Rupont, pro- mat^riate and eauipinent M«*attan. prpiect, whwh recall twrned owt to be ^"-"i.; At the end of t« . service Failed to Hear Son's Broad cast Whittemorc: Mr. and Mrs. Peter Schumacher were sadly disappointed when their neighbors told Ihem, a week ago Thursday morning, iliat Ihey had heard Iheir son, Eddie, on two radio broadcasts from, fhe west coast, one the preceding evening, and one on Thursday morning. '' •Eddie, seaman first class'in , the Navy, was'.pn the ; Kay • Kyser. phjflratij''.in.-'the-:'*ycnr , ta^'-.Md_.v.pii5ih»'"B?eakf_«st;[J!A'.^ . _ddio ! , sWaa''piaichlng : ; h|5'' wits in a.musical knovrledge, contest. 'Neighbors who tried to call the Schumachers could not reach them. ACADEMY QUINT LOSES 2 GAMES St. Cecelia's cagers. dropped two games in the .past week, one to Whittemore high, Tuesday night of last week, 40 to 25, and the second one Sunday afternoon, 34 to 30,' to Emmetsburg-Catholic high. Boln tilts were played on, the Academy floor. ', In the Emmetsburg game, score at the half was 12-to 10 for the visitors. In the third quarter ; the vis- iors pulled away tout a late rally almost enabed Algona to catch up, but not quite. Winkel, with seven lield goals, led the scoring for both teams. • The second team also lost to Emmetsburg, 18 to 7. In the Whittemore game, score at the halt was 22 to 10, and Winkel again took top scoring honors for tooth teams, paced closely by Voigt o£ Whittemore. Game summary: SU Cecelia's (35) FG FT PF Wirikel 7 2 B. Winter ...:. 2 1 Weydert 0 0 Holtzbauer , 0 0 D. Winter .'....0 4 9 7 12 Whittemorc (40) FG FT PF Maahs .'....... 1 ° Voigt - 3 9 Wehrspan 4 1 Rusch .- 2 0 Weinhold 3 2 Wiehtendahl -,.:.-0 0 Vaudt 1 ° ALGONA HOST TO 8-SCHOOL SPEECH FESTIVAL, JAN. 30 Algona -will be heist,. W<xlnes- ay, Jan. 30, to the North Cental Conference Speech Festival, 'he event wil fee held at the Algona high school! ; Eight schools will be preseiU- d," Clear Lake, Iowa Falls, Hampton, Humboldt, Webster City, Clarion, Eagle Grove, and Algona.. There'will ; .b.e about 50 tudcntsi participating. '.Banquet in' ~ iSpeCchjjCpri. ijSe^ntfe^Sraifp^isB^apwiw contejsta^s^inSdraw #£te-.'sub'jee1. one hour: v" before ; the'y,.'. airje i to speak; and : in""another will read )rbse or poetry ' to the '-group rom the works of unfamiliar au- hors, as assigned. Judges will be from Iowa State Teachers college. Algona-gentries Wednesday are as follows: . ( Extem.p.oraneous — Harold Teeter, Dan-el Larson arid Dean tfeinc; interpretive reading: Pat Seelcy and Vernon Voyles; after dinner speaking—Don Potter." There will be a banquet at 6 3. m. for the contestants, who ,vill then pay. for their meals by laving one representative of each school deliver • an after dinner speech. . ' Debating in Revival Debating is also being revived in the schools, after a lapse during the-war. Ecccntly, Algona sent contestants to Mason City, where Harold Teeter placed fourth in the individual speaking contest; Other Mason City entries were Dean Meine, Don Potter, Marvin Leigh, in class A, for experienced speakers, and David McKim, George Pollard, Nelson Price, Marjorie Dewcl, Bill Dau Jr. and Bill Jenkinson, for Class B, or inexperienced speakers. A number of public speaking contests. will be held Feb. 16 in the state, one in Algona. And Garver is the school's speech instructor. RITES FRIDAY FOR REELECT OFFICERS FOR ANOTHER YEAR IN ANNUAL SESSION The first banquet With an annual meeting since pre-war days was held Saturday by the Algona Cooperative Creamery, at the local 'high school. Attendance, due to the extreme below zero weather, was not as high as usual, but about 600 wete present for the noon meal, served this year by the Catholic ladies. Schoby, Mawdsley Dlr*ct6rs. At the annual election, held in the business meeting, Chester Schoby and Edward Mawdsley were reelected as directors for two years, their terms being the only ones that were expiring. Following adjournment of the business meeting, the board of directors -met and reelected Sim Leigh, president, Harry J. Bode^s vice president, and Mads J, Christiansen as secretary and treasurer. Total sales of the 'association for the past year totaled over a half million dollars, as shown toy a financial statement which can. be found in this edition of this paper. • The statement of condition also shows that better than $400,000 was paid to farmers in this trade area during the past year for dairy products by the creamery.: Show Annual Statement. ; Sim Leigh presided at the art. nual .meeting, in the high school 'auditorium. Minutes of the last annual meeting were read by Mads Christiansen, .and at that..time an explanation was .made regarding the financial status of .the-cream-: "i-y and oil distributing business. O. M. Richards of Chicago, manager of the American Dairy Association, was the .main speaker. From his Wide 'experience artu (.ravels, he presented an interesting talk on problems of the dairy farmer.- : '.'.'' ,'"::'.' ':••'' ••••'• . ,,. : Frank, Barker, DCS Moincs, secretary of'the Iwa Dairy Industry Commtssiont ;antf;-a" former cpxinty agenf'Of Kossuth icounty,-greeted* his many friends-and .told sorrier : thing. of v the, work of f the. dairy,;/ commls'sipn., 14 12 1 Tonight (Tuesday), the loca Academy travels to Sacred Heart Fort Dodge, for Us next scheduler game, Magazine Article C, R. Scbopy, who lives si o( Alepna.iis leatwed Jn a story i n the F^brwary jgsue of Cappe/? Farmer, entitle^ " A Cnance ! pr Ey^ry Heifer." ^Mf. Schoby be- lUweg that .mvg f Boners are tqo l^eifers and §P SI? WUVU,.Mf¥ff^y* J - . ^1 sim trying ^ injprovfii w ;r4'« he, t«W a ; wvrter fpr >he »»?•„-.. ~,,*~,.,.,.„.-,_-„.,,-.„- .„.,,„,.,,..,,....,§ i| ; ,'^?' Last rites for Ignatius Wernert, 89, were held Friday moming at St. Cecelia's Catholic church. Father J. M. Mallinger conducting the requiem high mass. ; Mr, Wernert cited at his home here last Tuesday. He was a resident of Kossuth county for the past 70 years. Pallbearers were Win. Barry Jr., Jos, Bestenlehner, Andrew HoUztiauer, Charles Gilbride t E, C. McMahon; and W. W, ~ "" van. Burial was 4n Calvary etery, . • • ; • ; . • • . • •, giirvivinS are the wldowi -Mrs, Theresa Wernert,'a son, Mft JS- nati\js J. Wernert of Pittsburgh,, pa,,who took his mother hopie w'ith Wm far a visit this week, the foUciwinfi si«tevs Q| Mr- ^..Ml's^Wfy,^^' Lakota: Joe Meyer, 'oil truck driver, noticed '.a fire at the buildings -'on- the Dave Friets farm near'Genled wrhile driving by, Tuesday of last week. When he went up 'to notify the family, : he found no one ihptrie, so turned in an alarm at Lakota.. ,. The truck 1 and:^volunteer' .firemen responded at once; but, the fb-c had uuch .headway that the- ;; building, a hog house, was dc : , stroyed. Adjacent buildings were, saved, however. ... . v. - f ! A heater in the,building >s be-,; lievcd to have caused the fire. ;,. TAXSW^HBOARDS HERETOCAPACFrY; If your local telephone calls , take longer to complete, or if you wait a little longer than usual,, for an operator, it isn't because ' the operator isn't there, or does-; n't care. 5 It's just that the local switchboards are so 'busy that at times they cannot give service in toP* usual manner, : , v Fred Tirnni, local manager, 'said that the -local, Northwestern Bell office was installing phones ordered during: the war years as rapidly as —•--•• sible, but that as a result, switchboards , at present about JOO mpre phones thai were originally set up to As soon as it can be done, ^^ cilities w^lU be espan4e4 to J^fefe local iriore actM before in its loeal history, " Cherokee la Afttr

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