The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 1, 1934 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 1, 1934
Page 6
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iPAGE SIX i IS FflSlESTfiflLL They Play Tennis and Handball at Same Time ;Hit Peloia With Cesla If ^ You Can See II—That's ', Idea rXv NEA Service . MIAMI, Fin., Feb. 1.—You Wt "the pcloia with the ccsta. The pclola bounces from the fronton nnd somebody else hits It. That's Jill alai. But that Isn't the whole story. Jai .".Inl ipronoiincccl hi-li) Is the worM's fnstcsi and most exciting ball game and has been iittrnct- ing capacity crowds nightly to Biscayuc Fronton where 30 of Lr-tin America's lopnotcli players are jwrfortnlnE. The gnme Is a combination of htindbftll and tennis. It (s played In n court or fronton closed on three sides by high cement \valls. Thc playing field Is 175 by -id feet. Principles of thc game are similar to those In handball but nlal is mucltj faster. Sirapped to lhc right hand of! the Ja! alal player is a long, narrow basket, the "cesta." it resembles (he quarter section of an f.utoniobllc lire nnd is the Instrument with which the player carries n fast rebounding toll and hurls it back again ngaiml :: slone wall. Constnnt playing has I made many a player's rluhl arm n quarter of an inch larger htan j his left. I The pclola or ball, about lliei size of a baseball and doubly ns flnn, : Is driven against the "wall' not unlike a handball. Ii ;nlns tremendous momentum while in motion and spectators at times find It difficult to keep (heir eyes on it as It Is hurled tlnoush the There arc spllh and ibrill: Although jai nlni players, "pelo- tnrios," nrc young, their ages ranging from 20 to about 28, they are seasoned veterans. Their train- 01 !•>! Models Game After Professionals, Western i earns Draw Growils iiv r.vKiioT s. DI:A\ l!:^ki>lh:i]| Cnarh. Imll.-rin l',,i- ver-illy : l-iiis'.iniL'h Uii|-.-c:-.suy ri-ci-ntlv' ^iisplK-d KOI re Damc'.s winiiiiis .-Mc:ik and (hereby hi'ipri! liic- '•:*( to hold its own '.vitli th,- msi.l recently nuuli- :. trip i-:, '. while I'lincelon was in iiu>' ••"''-.•! liiiih teaiu.s siifn-ri'ii •,;»--'.MM- (:i].'s '.vhich wns moi'i 1 D- !i .-••; .•\n.vt<-d bi-caii-.,- ni-ith,.,- 'i..:,!ii •*:'- -i! flil! .Stri'ISSlh .III- t,| ;,,,•;!•'•'•• Illllinilll SVils >-|LCCCi=sf!ll nil i!.-. •-a-;;-in [,-ip, winnliii.: tlirfi- : -i:d. Ii: i-o:Kpni-!iiii r.isiern a:ui •.•-,-•.•- i-ni basketball. I will iiie,i!:r. ; i ,hc; '•iiiMHiidinq fi-ji'.iires ol n|,-v us !:r.tti-:'d by thc wi sterner .^ hi 1 toes eas;, and by Hit- easlern. r ,i.~ !"• plays in the middle wes''ern taski-ib;,!] has b--r n influenced mnro bv ilu- .^tvle of I--- ;:<-ibi,ll as used by tin. p.- 0 f, :!,',] 'cams. A fcatine is ; 1: i i-xo, l!u:t pa-ssing grinu', Mijieric.,- to th;<i of the west. It feauirc.s ;eacl in .--,••i'.V. ipcedy train play witii much innvtng nlxmt. witii son:i- i::r.ural I blocks. A pass and rat game de JH'ilbm it besl. ; The o-ie-lin.inre dribble, posscs- • s.nn of the ball and claw-In shots , are Ptlicr features. One in the ex- •cpllcm passim; ultnck, it is riot nn'r--.:iary to lose the ball In a !«•; ; .hot attack, hence.' tin- short •»<>' '!?ii:e. Our experience has ;>>•(•" tliut their defense i< soine- •ul'iir runiihiT llian dofensi- of t!v> Wl".l. Wi-steih basketball is more col- i-irlul. The actliin is differ,-:!! r-ist' '"'•akinir. niori' dilbblini:.' more >i'[iollng makes a more tiirillini; ;.,i!ie 10 iihiy and to watch. Otir v ri-k plays ure somewha'l dirfi-rent and more «ei th;m ihi-lrs. lioth «TIJOJ:>- UMC the man-to-miin de- • fen«i' in iiljont tlie -.rune clesree with lhc fhcoti-r HHliji;; more pro-- inTiosi in the west. J:ie ii'ticli-r may ritaw hi« own 'Micliiijoi] from ti;,. coinnarisun. or Mvlcs. Western bn^ketbail car'-' li'.i ii: iis play colorful action that i i 'nakini? crowds fr om s.rjoo lo! ll.Oto ivople n common ovnirrcme. L - J: L ^ __J2L l ^ SD Ay. PRBR JjAHVl. 19.-M Brtrno rip- - t?l-_._ n r» \. . '- rr - :: ^-" ZUTT". Eleven Reasons Prove ; Sufficient {or Divorce! , e ,j ,„ s , x ^ranted. '" Tlu ' " ivoiw sr. Louia CUP. _ W) , CI1 Mls . »-'-ry K. l)ii-k,-r,- .jo, decided she wanted u divorce, she appeared "' Circuit Jud^e iioffiaei-ster's «,ut i,, K | •.mmie.-.Mal 11 reason:, •anted'' ' S "°" lc! ' : ""' V '' " C1 ' |mi!icli .e ei husband (li-.'.rr.d she l,au -t^!;. a tank :.?., u -n !a! , U ed tin- 'Iwo-v/hfii she iPfu^rj (o .-vi- Turk Reporter Proves Begging Is Profitable; • ISTANBUL iUP.--l;e g «ins is J •pn/ilr.bie profe.«iOi! j,,' Turkey. (!•:«!:•'.••' wc:isiomil (irtc-inion by. tl 1 .'- 1 |:olicc which entails a beat-' i:i': n :. the station, i .-.-.• bp-^gars earn food money. _ A -rurkisl] rej-crtc-r dlssiiised >!_'ir.sell ar, n !:c»cai ami solicited' i«.::-.s v.ith the i\f.m.\ formula, call- .liK down the We>s::ig of .Allah on. He Mcsviful. He was twice ar-'< :-.Mert and heater, but his ei\m- i'-.!_s avcragwl about SI. 25 an hour. | Students Are "Al. On News Personality V Q U ; Z SETTLE <w7I. A i.. '.h;- Unil-Cl ,!ty. (,/ W^liJr.'.igi, \-fn-."* i F V?™bi-i''" e h} - vwal i^yV'^v.riil^cter? :i ^'^ \ Who ib Chai-cs Evans HI ,\ ,.-, /;'is-.'. r : A ','.ri'.c;- of pojjii. 7'(TI'"!!: i.n ,:iito:i:ol)l,c clealr:.'' c " U'lip is ;-'crci:j:r!.i..; I'^cor^v _AI im-re: A wcjld-L Lssa-.-ni 01 j Fj-csidi-m Hcosi-'.f'i: :i inemtie:- of i 'tM'l until 3 A":,: ' ' ' r> Who !:; Fion-;ia 51. I.a Guardia? i:-i'r t;iv,-i!i l;(-toi(. s:/cr was l«-»n: j :;:Juin : •> Sjmnisl rl.inrcr. Seven —in- Hirer trued !•'•••• 'it- : Who is H - G- \\V!).sV Ar.swtr.s- i'-i'd-si! times. ' ! •'' county worker; an a:itc:noijiic- £k'hL lie rill'r 1 -ii. -•, •! •'''-cJicy i.amrs." ' " ' <K <•'''•""-•: W!io i !; Aiancn Zioncluri: <con- MJII-—When vis'.M->- cau , e ( ^''I'Minau from Wi-ri-.injjU)!))? Aiis- n.el then, ; ,t l): , , too! . am , told, ,4mn »"" V^''" 1 ' dl - v «>""- il'i-m to get Ml /..iii-in, New Vorl capitalist, and TOH-H,. wouldn't ™,k and e.x-1 '.^"to,^ " n! "«"V °< Wash! vctco I:IT lo supi-orr. Win. ! _ _° l ''Wits. •'•'i-"''.'i-—He itnuik continuously.* /irn-r << f "~ "And. j lld|! c." :,,„. Uirkc! . 5!l u i ,' : , cm - ^ui^t coSc'x,^";,-cS'"" •is i!:oi:thb. '^"'cc^rf .- co^,,,, ... begins' !n~ chlidhootrmiT's'o ^'"T-™ "I"'"""" V' ' """ ""strenuous is the game Hint n play- °" fl 1<U28 lo Sl ' c lhc iUM ' er at 30 I. 1 ; no longer nb!c to com- wprv „• 2GCO reservations already made for n basketball came to he- petc. They - practice constantly from early morning until late afternoon playing nightly, six days n week Thc careers of many players at the Miami fronton have beer, col lhc Universi'.v of Iowa iittractin" i ""'' or bo) " i ami sir's ta^elbnll r-n rrirt . ". .. _ . _ ° M nnrnnniftni i >•,_ :_ . . i..i _ CO.OOO jx-oplc for its first olglil bas- J.' t,T»llnll ^Il»\nl: I K lorful. Goyo was formerly a prominent bull fighter in Spain and Mexico. After seeing his first jai nlnl game he became an ardent "' Tan. He played as an amateur ml become so proficient tha! he forsook, bull fighthur nnd joined a professional jai nlai team. Hernandez, Mexican champion, has played In .practically every fronton tn thc world including Hie yell patronized one at Shanghai, Oh Inn TT« J~ . I. _ , ._ A Tough AssUnment Barney Ross will establish him- . China. He is the most tempera- A .„ _. t jnu.ii, tLijjj^jiii- iunt iiirUAUII [llP lrrf?iltO^' 1)1 If]l/"-r mental of nil the Jai alal players, lhat ever ll«vi There arc snd upon missing shots, he has 13CO bull rima In Spain Po- ocen seen lo punish himself lir — J ' • ' • the heat of his wrath by smash- In? his bare fists against the stone fronton wall. Llano was a court reporter In Havana when he was induced to join the ranks of the players coming to Miami. His father Is a prominent Cuban politician. Luis, n National policeman In Havana was given a leave of absence tor the whiter season by the Cuban government. • ^Fredcrlco was born In Chicago of Cuban and Gemini: parentage, and Is thc only American playing professional jai jilai. Mlchclcna, con of n noted Havana attorney. h the "Babe Ruth" of jai aln'i. Michelenn. like Ruth, is heavy, weighing 225 pounds, but his less find ankles are thin and he is dangerously swift on his feet. Osccola, IrcasurcY. ler. JmiesbDvo. lea man. . . . Hawrfovd is i:-, c only college in the United States «'llh a L-ricket team . . . Not only are -Jimmy p 3xx nl , (i Rog( , r C;m ,, cr ' hsldouls. ln:t Connie Mack has de- l.uslv Centenarian vcloped a hook tram (!,? i ec that- MAYPIELD. Me. ,UPi -John s disturbing the ,wace of mind of Jackson, 100. has had only one "'" lean nj,d kindly leader ol the' .'rain ride in his life, has never oclor. Hooks Slides Biil Brauchei Cut to the Quick: The Tanforan phn— a. receiving .bam where horses must be delivered to the stewards an hour before each race— worked fine during the recent meeting at t!-.c Cali- 'fornta track . . . trusted o;>cra- tives report there was no !to;)lns • . . The saliva test for narcotics doesn't always register. f o » Rescuing Fj,hl Game — Jack Sharkcy says some cf Ihr - showmtauhip that i s makino wrestling so successful should be applied to boxing . . . .i ic mlglu 1)ave gone a bit farther. ofTc™s |,i s 0 \vn - ring career as evidence. • * * Nice Work, Charley! . That bland and afJable o!rt walrus of the ring. Charley Harvey •is congratulating l-.imsclf and hU .boxer, Steve llamas, on the bou; Charley negotiated lor Steve F-b 13 at Philadelphia against Max Sc.imeling . . . Says Charley "We are getting 20 per cent, and t would nave taken the fight for string .but the chance to knock Schmelinz •out." . . . Just velvet! • * » iA Crowd Angle - Promoter Scotty Monticth attributes to CWA a sports revival in DC- troit ... and cites a crowd c! -14,000 at a hockey game between the Detroit Red Wings and Toronto M»j>)e Lf 8 fs . . also gooj, for .amateur hockey . . . p i us 15.000 *o see Ion** and Joe stecher put In jai :.',,. K that has taken Miami by players, or ••pelotarlos" is S |,o W n above..-. 'n:, man with the "c-sta" Is hi tan--f -he -mmton, or wall .. Mo ,,, Olx 01 0( (hc .. storm A ero,-, ' ' D!S| «,M, i 1 hletic Ass ' n - 1 Says CaRada Will Meet at Jonesboro Capture Russian Trade .. UL.UII.-IUUU ijujijt .MlllVL! IU IX?- mi- , . tween Notre Dame anil Marmictte , " n " :i vv " erc the s;n!or iMIlwankoot .,nr ,» ......ii«., i wliool literary and track in«p not lo mention [erirry and track m?ec. the kelba!! games. - • — c ..... -j.«.-n ournamem. th c senior R !rU bas"- .-i.t,j-ji J/J;|> Oils- ^' I.It. ,«ll'-^tuW It ball tournament and the senior I !l 'c "world's worst TORONTO. Out. (UP) _ Canada's Prime .Minister, Rt lion R 1). Bennett, is listed in the record of t!ie Moscow foreign office ""'""' revolutionary. Ketch itm. . • -..* .l.m Ul(; .T^-lm^: I •"•- >\IJ1.M.^ rtUl-SL TCVOIII t lOll'l l'\ boj-3 of n-wthoaM Ar- I ncconiiiii! 10 Curl J Kctch-t'in kansas will be held, is to b: de- \ F :cei Street war cor respond" m elded at a nice/ling ;,f the executive Cauaila now stands, hn "id '•>-- commutre of District -! of the Ar- tho only on,- of 40 lendlne nation l-ITtC.ic A r lil^.< :, . ,. t. ,,,l,:«u .1:.]..-. , . .. - >-«>nuji Athletic- Association dollar's worth ;elf. says a commentator, as one . A thc Ri-eatest li e lit«-el S ;il s of all! l . nn -", s Athl8l| t tli---.e . . . whieli s-cms to give i .,, ° ^'""'"y- , of '"isim-ss in Russia last year. Barney plenty to do. with the j comities of Crittsmlen. I'oin- ! Ketchum :-aid that he believed Messrs. Gnus. Lavistne ami Ifm • ""' Cirl - Vl Orc enc, Craighead air! """ " r ' n """ '""• " • • - ' Mississippi arc included in th| 5 dls- jirlct which has Hies:-cvenls'-?»ch | spr:iip. The juHio,. ),)„), wnool | it _ ; ci-nry and track mccl If an Inviln- lion affair in i v :,| c :-, Jonesboro ird ahead o( him jusl a trine. Sln.i^e SrjitpiKTs Honus Wagner rates ind somti America . The number 32 will not be worn by a Dnkc being .set aside lhat Dennett was attempting to fMncale himself frorii the strnigh: jacket of commercial isolation nmi flint the a])i)roa,ching visit of Russia's Ambassador to tlsc United States Idit siutiificance to li;e the- -,.„>.- 1,.,,-uci- ° ry tlinl Cn "i"J« would won ai- ite. and Is no', arraiiawl by this ,' cnipl to shcll ' L ' lllc Russian mar- group. ~ ' ' ' kft. Haragoiild and Blyth-vilic ii.irticl- llntA nl.rl l_ .,„. . . Members of the executive coni- mil'.ce are: M. E . Bird. Earle. i " ' dent; Mellon. ortrc " Deere KTO.I i-«i ' '' kc! - Deer Joins Army FORT DOUGLAS. Utll'h HJPl— \ young doe. treHtcd by physi- a mountain lion, likes the army After recovering, she was reli'a Inn refused to leave the ion. ny eaer ol theran re in his life ha wi ' T,; S' CW= Cfoslm Sllys hc wlu bft '" '" cno "Sh to need a ulL -J411 I fir hi c f i-inii/l \ T :*•._.. HWI rnn/4e \t-li \, «..> -.._.. .340 for h| s f,.j. cll( i lMiclccJ . :ochrane land for Gcwse Goslini . . Herb Peunock. who u sturl- mg his suli season in the majo-'s this year. Ims extensive grcenhaas- c.s near Kennelt Square. Pa and raises Rowers and vegetables for market. ! ^Head L-jurier News Wnm Ads. i Slated as U.. s7 i Envoy to Persia liead Courier News Want Ads. r.d rends without • | The Missouri river is tlie longest ' river In America: It Is 29-15 miles I long. CUSTOM IIATCmXfi Marilyn Hatchery We liny Poultry •-ilia,,, n. City, 1( |« w . wll , «?M u. s. mln1llcr to ^, ''is at.polntir.eal is approved nv l.o s I,ai, He h« been named ciitailvely to BUCCJcd c Hart In the Tehemn post. Horn' "look, a publisher, once served as L. S. mlulsler lo Slaro, "If you want your money to go 30% farther, here's my advice— "llreak in new tires ,u this Un.e lu-c-.nrse cool road;, toufthen ruhl,,r-cold-c, « U I rlhor'th* "",1 °" "° W "'"' n '" '"'""I V% Lirtlicr tli-.m the same tires sv.utcd nff new mi hot summer roads. Tl,-.,, ,, lra , ls yol , fict -Wo more mileaftc plrrs i mn.ediatc ,,«,,. s ku safety. At today's Imv prices isn't tin worth thinking iib SHOUSE-LIHLE CHEVROLET CO KlythevilJe, Ark. Eiptn'Tire'Vulcanizine In Reply lo Your Classified Ad" SUPEP.TV/rST CORD TiR£5 Cueianiecil by tlic W'nrltl's tii'-.•<• Ritt'ticr Cnmnany " ' Good Used Tires i..,,,..^. . -,. . . -"'"utl). tu-o hoart-ln-nkcn swcct- -unls .,, n-iemls uwlill . A tolcphonc slorv, focused nto t fn ( .] wlVt ( , TOnomiM | wor{ , s |)v ,. hel|irt|| a(| . i.ihi.1 ---.imi ihr smnitl door bark liiuk a roomer, IJMie liucls ;i now garagL'. Johnny linds Iiis terrier. fv-'^.'f'i- ^ ;!1lls -. f'VPi'ytlay wants.. \vnnt< tirfront and lUMiii .in;, .1 VOHV and an answer in the Cntifier News lassi.inis—;,,,(! t,,.,,,^ (i) n .^ fy (;oll| . ioi . Now , reru | c] . ., •n n'p'i.',,P-r,-s- '' !Mla oft( ' n - W1 ' th lhrit1 -' ofi-asinnnlly, wiin ui i UKI ( .\n i) n| W ays. COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADS

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