The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 22, 1946 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 22, 1946
Page 7
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REAL ESTATE TAKE PLACE IWOPERTY jM6Mi : Burt {fltopertlfeg have Jl;Hahd6 within th« past few pi«%'-ft TrUnkhllls '.Bought ' i Carrie Larson 'home finri e. In soon. The Allen » J-hftVg bought the Trunk- pe (ft which they have been %! The fffunkhllis Sold the $Mfn on whlcft they have ting to the G. O. McFar* ,^ho will move onto it as i the Tunkhllls vacate. The JUishes bought the hduse In ftft&tf live, which had be- td Mrs, John Recker, h* Club Meeting;— ; > Woman's club met last fty "everting at the Marvin WltK.Mrs. L. E. Riebhoff w** 3.'W. 'Reynolds as hostesses, jrogram consisted of ,a book |of "A Lion irt the Streets" ?-L. Langley, given by Mrs. JV ydgel. The club will spon- ||brary tag day on Saturday, eats Seneoa^- •toeek Tuesday evening the 'basketball teams played [j|ere. The Burt boys won by >>26 score, but the girls lost tan New Jerscy-i— ; > jlaee -Hawcott called hfs pn- |Mr'. and Mrs. G. P. Hawcott New; Jersey Wednesday ev- > where he had just arrived Europe, whewi he spent more a year , and . .Was .wounded pHe was to go to Camp Gant His ;digchargc and is expected weeki , • ower was 'held in. the Meth- IchUrch parlors last Tuesday niooh ••'.;' tot Arlene . Nelson. ; 7? ;iguests were present. , A o^ram. was , given', which : :seyeral .readings by Joan Softer and several vocal duets ; Rachut ••',- and' Evelyn Br;..MrSi Ronald Ortman-'con;' a floral romance contest. ivrenx Home— ; 'j; . : Raymond ; 3bavreriz arrived ^Thursday having received ilscliargo fr6m 'the army, at Leayonworth, Kansas. He ' iii "the Pacific with the en- br corps about a year and a ;•: :•'' He was stationed in Now ea;. the i Philippines and Jap- He had 'three older . brothers |he • sdryice, all o£ whom have -; received their discharges. 'He son of Mr. and Mrs.:,Fred Lav- '' it. Calvin Bristow" arrived midday -on a furlough. He re- itly, returned from" Germany. rhe'Busy; Bee elub^entertained Vjt aftiilies of the members at an hiijig meeting at the Jess Dugan lip of -ladles : Stva5Stariley tea mirsday . af tornpon'. Stanley pro- ,cls Were demonstrated.,;; - : |he 'U. S. W. AV Will: meet, 'for ;• '^ ^monthly business mdtihig fittrsday evening. The sewing eling will be. Friday afternoon. 3erald Riedel, who is 'a student -WartbUrg college, Waverly, int the week end with his pa- fits Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Riedel. dr. and Mrs. I. W. Hanson, Gil- re City, spent Thursday evening phc Walfer Sorenson home. Kir son Ira Jr. visited Gary Rey- Bds. '•.:• ••• ''.- ' . • " ' apt.' Ed .: Stewart arrived homo "Wednesday having recently ned from Japan, He received fdischarge from Jefferson Bares, ,Mp. <".,' •' ' •.'••• -.•,' ;•> post-nuptial shower for -Mrs. ,;hert Leeck, nee Marjorle Baas, f: held in, the Lutheran church ,emfnt Friday afternoon. A go crowd attended. &r. fcnd Mrs. Gail Peterson and -fighter, Paton, visited from fesday to Thursday at the G. H. hpme. .Mr. Peterson is Uen's nephew, McBrlde arrived home -i ok ago Sunday having receiv .•discharge from the army air ps at Lowrie Field near Den: Colo, He jvas in the service nonths. ! • he Roy Morgans, Buffalo Cen- i'spent Thursday evening at the h McDonald home. The Mor, formerly Uved In Buct, but run a restaurant in Buffalo •'•'.': . A- G, Heddle and five OS people atsjnded a sub-dis- I'Youth Feljowship rally at Tirk last week Monday evening. Bey Locfcwood was elected !tary-treas.'urer. -H. R, A. fiartlet^, Slbiey, spent Rday at the home of her pa- j Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Schroedr (Irs, C. I, .Mansmit}}, Bancroft, pent that afternppn at the eder hoine.v4, Vi) ^. garrlie targen at)d Mr. and (Glee .Bullock mpveti back into -flros over the l^rses cafe last .'They will reopen the cafe pjt haft %>eeii olojeft while Mr. DfesH was w the nivy, Sr?. Jay 8. Crjrshain returned veping wn\ Mason sh,fji)S(J spent a few g hsr gone ahrt daugh* ^fht home het ESTABLISHED 1865 ALGONA, lOWA^f OfiSDAY, JANUARY 22, 1945~ Section Two—Six Pages VOL. 81—NO, SOKossuth Men Officially Listed As Casualties In War Wa« - ' A, s. <3Qdf rey in , ran W>4 FIRST RELEASE OF STATE HISTORICAL DEATH SUMMARIES Eighty men from Kossuth county lost their lives while in the service of their country in World War II. A summary of the Kossulh "Gold Star" list in the war was recently compiled by the State Department of History & Ar- ehives for The Algona upper Dos Moines, and the list that follows is the first complete listing of county war dead following the cessation of hostilities. ' If the list is inaccurate, or if any names are omitted, please notify this paper, or Bessie B. Wilson, war records division, of the department named above, Historical Building, Dos Moines, to insure having a correct and complete record of Kossuth county's record of lives lost in the world's greatest war. In sending the following list, Miss Wilson gives much credit to Zeigler of Algona, American Legion Auxiliary member, who has supplied the state department with data on Kossuth men all during the war. KOSSUTH'S WAR DEAD Alexander, Everett Sherman, Pfc. Killed in action in France. Parents: Mr. and Mrs. O. S. Alexander, R. F. D. 2, Lu Verne, la. Sister: Mrs. Luther Nygaard, Lu Verne, la. Alt, Elmor W. S.-Sgt. Killed on Mindanao June 10, 1045. Mother: Mrs. Katie Alt. R. F. D. No. 2, Burt, Iowa. Aman, Leo Edward GM 3-c. Killed when SS Coston was sunk Feb. 25, 1044. Sister: Miss Laura V. Aman, 4551 Anthony, Cincinnati, Ohio. Uncle and aunt: Mr. and Mrs.'Henry Aman, Algona, la. Barger, Donald W., Li. Killed in plane crash, May 27, 1943. San Pablo Bay. Parents: Mr. and Mrs; W. H. Barger, Rt. 1, box 111, Swea City, la. Bail, Richard W., Pfc. Killed in France, Sept: .25, 1044, Parents: Mr: and''Mrs. Wm. Batt, 314 W. McGregor, Algona, : Mechanic. • '•' Buried in New Guinea Oct. 4, 1044, where he was killed. Par- 1 ents: Mr. and, Mrs. A. W. Behrends, Algona, la. Wife: Mrs. Anna May Behrehnds, 11.2 W. McGregor, Algona, la. Bjuslrom, Wayne O., 2nd Lt. Missing over Yugoslavia. March 20, 1945. Parents: Mr. and Mrs. R. O. Bjustrom, Algona, la. Bland, Paul E., Pvt. Army dead, European crca. Mother: Mrs. Gladys S. Wortman, Lakota, Iowa. Bormann, Irvin N., 1st Li.. Died of 'wounds received in Italy Feb. 1,, 1944. Parents: Mr, and Mrs. Mike Bormann, St. Joe, Iowa, postoffice Bode, la.- ' ': " : ' .-..: • ' ': •'. Bosma. John Edward, Pvi. •, Died of typhus 0-8-44, in San. sapor, Dutch New Guinea. Parents: Mr. and Mrs; Albert Bosma, Lakota, la. Breen, Harold James, Pfc,, Algona, la. KUlecl In 'train acjidurit lp Georgia, 7-28-44. Wifo, Mrs/ V, Opal M. Breen, 543' 53rd St., Apt. 3, DCS Moines, la. Mother: Mrs. Jennie Breen, Titonka, la. Sister:' Miss Stella Mae. Breen, Algona, la, Carr, James B., Pfc. Killed in action in Belgium, Jan. 4, 4045. Father: Allap G. Carr, Titonka, la. ... ' Cink, James Joseph, Elec, Mate 2-c. Serving on LCT sunk off French coast 10-1-43, Parents: Mr; and Mrs. Frank A. Cink, Algona, la., Rt,"l. Combs, Robert H» 2nd Lt,. Killed in action in plane crash in Aleutians 8*10-43. Parents: Mr..and Mrs, W, J. Combs, Rt. 1, Bode, Is; Dearchs. Harold Pfc, '• Killed in action in Belgium 8'2'45, Parents; Mr, and Mrs. Claude'Rearchs,'Algona, Ja, Pudding, James Donald, fgt, Died in hospital at Algeria af*. tep sutQfnppUe misnap iltSS- 44, Parent?; Mr, and Mrs, M. F, Pudding,,88ncjQft,-lg, Puran*, Kenneth WnVPh, M, 3-c Killed at Q54ad8lesna{ Ngy. SJ, 194?, Fetft^r; Qlplomoij ^.'Pu* rant, Algona, Is. ; -V; Enaesser, Panlel, pfc, < f ,,:•.,, Pied, erf wounds l»17?45 in Belr (glum. Wife, Mrs. Pan$fl gngesr seiy WhityemorB, Parents: Mr. $n4 Mrs. L;, F. croft, Is, l W4. W>lei Mrs. ,|ief«| fete LMjyajd, Ja,.;.',-:, ttph^Itylt'IuVPI^. ':-;: : -:- , Kifled in action feRacilii? May B JW&y ?ftflMr& MS: Re«w l.:;.Il», -Bt, lMmm*: »"• - A Grad, Kin Of Lu Verne Folk* Awarded High Honor SGT. JOSEPH P. JORDAN, formerly of Algona, a son of A. L. Jordan, who makes his home with the Alvin Webers of Lu Verne, has been awarded an oak leaf cluster by the army, for gallantry in action in Germany. He recently visited his father, and sister, Mrs. Alvin Weber, before reporting for his discharge to a post in California. He served overseas two years with the 36th infantry division. He also had been awarded a combat infantryman's badge, bronze star, bronze star cluster, silver star and purple heart. He graduated from Algona high, class of 1031. falo Center, la. Goelz, Lawrence, Cpl. Died of injuries suffered in fall from tractor plane Apr. 17, '42. 'Parents: Mr. and Mrs. M. P. . Goetz, Wesley, Iowa. Hammerstrom, Harold R., Pfc. Died in France 7-31-44. Parents,- Mr. and Mrs. .Carl Hammerstrom, Lone Rock, la. Hanna, Charles Wm., Ensign. Lost at sea 7 ' ! in v plarie crash 11^, 11-42. Uncle: ;J. G. McDonald^ .. . . , . Halisen, rDaryltf Kerniil, Cpl. -. previously missing, now declared dead. Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Peter Hansen, Fenton, la. Higgins, Win. B., Captain. Killed in action in Germany 2-11-45. Wife: Mrs. Wm. Higgins, 3330 E. McGregor, Algona, la. • Hundsness, Theodore L., Sgt. Swea City, la., Drowned in naval battle with Japs 1-25-43. Parents: Mr. arid Mrs. Goodman Hundsness, 821 2nd avc. N., Estherville, :Ia; John, Donald W., Burt, la. ; Killed on Saipari June 20, 1944. Parents: Mr, and, 'Mrs. R. S, J6hn, s Elmore, Minn- Johnson, Glen Killed in action in Italy 3,14-45 Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Johnson, Adel, la. 'Wife: Mrs. Alice Johnson,- So. 8th St., Adel, la. Johnson, Harry J,, Pvt. ; v Killed in action inUtaly 10-2343. Mother: Mrs, Harry Johnson, Swea. City, .la,. Father: Han-y Johnson, "Ringstcd, 1». . Johnson, Virgil, Pic. ; ' Died of wounds 11-0-44 received in T "Vfimbourg. Mother: Mrs. Ada -U, 418 N. Minn., Algona, Io\vu. Karsten. Vincent, Pvt. > Killed in New Guinea Dec. 7, 1042. Mother: Mrs.. Margaret Karsten, Sw^a City, la. Kelly, Omer A, Killed in South Chicago 8-3-44. Wife; . Mrs. Eileen Kelly, Bancroft, la. Mother: Mrs. Mary Kelly, 202 S, Wooster St., Algona, la, Kennedy.'Wm. Henry, ' Titonka, la. KjJied at Pearl Harbor 12-7-41 aboard USS Oklahoma; Mother: Mrs, : Elizabeth M. Kennedy, Garner, la. Knudsen, Carl C.. Pfc, 1 Killed in action in France 828*44, Parents: 'Mr. and Mvs. Chris G, Knudsen; Burt, la. , Kohlhaas, Thomas K>, Lt, -j. . pissing jn Bctjcm r pver Germany officially deelared dead, Parente; M* 1 , »ri4 J4rs. :jphn Kohlhaas, 309 N,* Podge^ gona, la, : ••::•:'•• .: • ' :; Kun? t Julius Jr., 2nd W, Killed pver Bn{o«oB, Jlaly, Apr, 9, W5. M«th,w; Mrs, Jul Jus ^nz, Wesley, la, Leonherd, C»rl • KJlled July 28, 1949, in motor accident Jji 'Qfpipspy. Sister; Mrs. L. E! Wi^Vrt,^es%, L9W»«, Virgil 'fcffflM ' ' t,ft!*9ta. Is, WifpT'Mw. Do 7-45. Wife: Mrs. Thclma McVay, Algona, la. Matzener, John Frederick, Signalman 3-c. Lost his life when his ship, the USS Monoghan went down 1218-44. Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Zielske, Ledyard, la. Wife: Mrs. Marian G. Matz- encr, Elmore, Mlhn. Medin. Howard Milbutn* Lt. Killed 12-30-42 While on patrol duty at Mills Field, Calif. Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Sam Medin, Algona, la. Montgomery, Harry Hftlph, Ht. Lieut. Killed in action in France 7* 13-44. Parents: Mr. and Mrs. James Montgomery, Swea City, la. Wife: Mrs. Bculah Gladstone Montgomery, Lone Rock, In. Moore, Frank, Pvt. Killed in action in Belgium 1223-44. -Wife: Mrs. Vivian Moore, 509 S. WooStcr, Algona, Mosbach, Cleius James, CpL' Killed in So. Pacific 8-5-44. Parents: Mr. and Mrs. John Mosbach, Whittemore, la. • Muller, Harold W., Pvt. Killed in New Guinea 12-31-42. Mother: Mrs. Grace Muller, Whittemore, la. Murray, Thomas A., Pvt. Killed in action on Luzon Apr. 19, 1945. Parents: Mn and Mrs. W. A. Murray, Bancroft, la. Nfl'on. Albin E., Pvt. Killed in European area July 9,1944. Father: Albin E. Nelson Sr., Fcnton, la. . . . ' j Neuroth, Lawrence J&hn, Pvi. J Died in No. America, due to drowning, 8-7-43. Parents:-Mr/ and Mrs. Albert Neuroth, West ley, la. Paulson. Albert Howard, Pfc. Killed in action in France, 9-: 2-44. Parents: Mr. and Mrs; Axel Paulson, Swea City, la. ' Pfdorsen, Paul A., Li. Killed in airplane crash 'in England. Mother: Mrs. Marie Pcdcrsen, Algona. Peterson, LeRoy, Sgt. Killed in action in Belgium •!3-45. Parents: Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Peterson, Web'ster City, la. Aunt: Mrs. David Anderson, Swea City, la. (with whom •• he lived). , .. Plumb, Oliver, Mi M.y?-c. ;j.. f • Officially'-declardd' deacl:^|ftcrf being missing in action. Parents Mr. and Mrs. Fred Plumb. Algona, Ta. Raho. Erwin M., T>Sgt. Declared dead after being missing over Italy 2-17-44. Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Jos. Rahe, Bancroft. la. ' , Hanney. Wlllard E., S.-Sgt. Killed in invasion of Italy 1-13 44. Parents: Mr. and Mrs. O. J.- Ranney, Fcnton, la. ttuhnke, Arthur, Sgt. Killed in action in France Aug. 27, 1944. Parents: Mr. and Mrs. John Ruhnke, Rt. 2, Whittemore, la. ....-,' Schloiter, James Robert, Radar- man 3-c. • .....:. Killed in sinking of the USS Indianapolis July 30, 1945. Wife: Mrs. Jennie Rae Schlotter, Johnson St. Rd., Keokuk, la. '' , •" ' , Schmeling, Lewis, S.-Sgt. Killed in action in Italy 7-1144. Aunt:' Mrs. Dorothy Lauck, Rt. 2, Whittemore, la. (with whom he lived. Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Schmeling, Windom, Minn. (formerly Wlxittcmorc). Schoby, James Franklin, Lt. (J.g.) Killed in bomber crash, I'lO- 44. Father: C. R. Schoby, Algona, la. Schultc, Daniel Godfrey, Pfc. Killed in action in France 8-1044, Wife: Mrs. Danny Schultz, Burt, la. Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Godfrey Schultz, / Lone Rock, la. Smith, Walter Rfcljrti Jr., Pvt. , Killed in action at Munda in Pacific 8-21-43, Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Walter R. Smith. Bancroft, la. Wtfp: Mrs. Dor* , 'othyH. Smith, 1716 Delaware St. S. E., Mason City, la, Stebrilz, John J., Pfe, Killed in action in Belgium !'8,44, Wife; Mrs. Donna p; Sterbritz, 1421 B, Elm, Algona, la. Father; Frarik Stebritz, Algona, la, '.'-« . Steph6n». John W P yl - w Killed in action in Qepmany 4' •: 18r45. Wife; Mw Be^y C?eeF! ing Stephens, Atopa, la,, Parents; : Mr, and Mrs, J-esHe E ' Stephens, Algona, la, , ; % SJeven, Wilbur ql*o. tt, (j, g») Dipd in Hawaii j4*l'4s. Par* ents, Mr, find Mf«» .iwWt, R ^ Steven,' Sextpjj, IB, Siotl, FJayd, U. K v , , Bvirt,,ia, Killed IA ssttgn in Belgium 42,27-44., Ferentf I anC Mrs, WyoUgWtt, t|1?»i ; Mo- Sister: Mrs. l*?o Um Titonka, la. Died of wounds suffered In action April 9, 1945. Parents: Mr, and Mrs. Frank Tryon, Austin, Minn., Rt. 5 (formerly of Titonka, la.) Turner, WillUm G., PVI. PSMC. Injured at Pearl Harbor 12-741, died 12-12-41. Mother: Mrs. Jessie B. Turner. 2150 W. Lawn ave., Madison, Wis. Ve«rkamp, Hefman Jr. Killed .in action on Okinawa April 9, 1945. Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Herman Vecrkamp, Rt. 1, Oltosen, Iowa. Voiffht, Altori, Pfc. Killed in action 10-23-44. Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Robert Voight, Burt,. la, Wagner. Thomas George . Killed in action at Pearl Harbor 12-7-41. Mother: Mrs. Peter Schmitt, Bode, la. Weber. Wilmer, Sgi. Declared dead after being missing Dec. 11, 1944. Parents: Mr.-and Mrs. Simon Weber, Whittemore, la. Williams, Hatty Blaine, S.-Sgt. Killed in action, in Battle of Saipan 6-21-24. Wife: Mrs. Harry B. Williams, 418 N. Jones, Algona, la. ,. . YounerWlrth, Ambrose Killed in action in Italy 6-2644. -Parents: Mr. and Mrs. John''Youngwirth, Wesley, la. Zoller. Vernon Died of wbunds received in action in Philippines 11-30-44. Mother: Mrs. Mary Zoller, Lakota, la. as a new member. Duo to the fact that Mary Ellen Parsons has moved to Algona Arlenc Hagg was elected to act as treasurer. The next regular meeting will be held February 18 with Laura Jean Barr. Ardis Bosworth is club reporter. ; land EARLY 1RV1NGTON RESIDENT IS DEAD Irvington: Word was received here' last week of the death of •Mrs." Clara Mbore, who passed away 'at her home on Jan. 12 at Kewance, 111.,' the funeral being the following Monday. Many years ago the' family farmed in the Irvincton community and lat- 'er lived in the house now owned by the' McLeans in Irvington. Mr. : Mborc passed away many years ago 'but there arc four living children, ; namely Alice, Ruth and Lois of ' Illinois and Scott of Amos. Mr, .Albert Buttcrfield, •'Xormerly ; of, this '.vicinity, : was & Faim Buropu Meeting The Irvington township" Farm Bureau met last Wednesday evening , at the home of Mrs. Belle Black with Mrs. Matt Borman as program chairman. County- 'President Wayne Keith and Robert Mayer both spoke on Iheir recent trips to Chicago. attending the National Farm Bureau cbnVentipn. Mrs. Stevens of Sexton gave a vocal solo. Ronald Jenkins, township . chairman, presided. ' • Iryingtbn 4-tt Girls . The Irvington I's 4-H girls club mpt' -Monday evening,. Jan. 14, .at the home Of Donna Chamberlain. Because p{ Illness, a homo furnishing tallt by Louise Sorensen and a demonstration by Ardis Bosworth which were held over from the December meeting were given at this time. Margaret Hansen. and Donna Chamberlain gave a talk 'and demonstration. Bonnie Gronbach was welcomed and Jos m jM,i&." dead after ^^F-1P^_, •• %W^*W^- ifflSM^srtfra Sgt. Wesley W. Lee was discharged on Dec. 7 after four years in the service. He was with the Aid Transport Command in the Caribbean and S. American areas. Mrs. Arthur Krausc and Mrs. Harold Hunt represented Irvington township at the county officers group meeting held last Monday (a week ago) at the Marvin hotel in Burt. Cpl. Josephine Lcc, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Lcc, was discharged from the WAC's at Camp Bealc, Calif., on Dec. 18. She arrived home Dec. 24, She returned to her former base at Santa Ana, Calif., last week to work as a classification specialist. Subscription—$2.50 per year; 7c "ingle copy. Adv. rate 42c inch BUBBLES SEZ- • Ever think how much it takes to keep a house and family clean? And getting the. soap Is almost harder thnn doing the work. Remember, where there's fat, there's soap. So keep turn- ing'In USED PATS needed to help make more soap I I'KHSCRIPTIONS SLOWLY OUR i'lianna- .'ci.«t knows tlial "liasli make* waste." Thai's -why he'll ncvcri ' hurry * prescription. Yet lie; knows Iht urgency of liis job. That's why you can rely tin U.S. for dependable prescriptions . . . dispensed as quickly as accuracy will allow. , W IOHT. I A Kegintered Pharmacist Ohnesorge Drug Phone 318 3 E. State St., Algomv SDru.cj WE'LL LUBRICATE YOUR CAR AND LUBRICATE IT RIGHT DRIVE IN NOW... DRIVE IN REGULARLY There's nothing like regular lubrication to help make your car last for the duration. Expert service. PENNZOIL AND DIAMOND D-X OILS AND GREASES Kossuth Motor Co. Chevrolet Sales and Service Joe Harig Don Nelson Algona Phone 200 NIW MACHINERY Water Tanks Tank Heaters •Milkers Separators Gas Engines Grain Blowers Electric Pump Jacks Manure Loaders-Stackers Small Corn Shelters Air Compressors Endgatc Seeders Drive Belts A WORTHY CAUSE THAT MERITS YOUR SUPPORT! County-Wii! Saturday, Jail. 26 .j' • Proceeds to go to "March-of Dimes" Infantile Paralysis Fund. Do your bit! Sponsored By KOSSUTH COUNTY INFANTILE PARALYSIS ASSOCIATION Poultry and Hog Feeders and Caterers , Wood and Steel Wagon Boxes Folding Harrow Draw Bars •*.! Used Machinery 5 Cr^wm sepwwtorp, goad, Seeder. IWaw^r? Trnctor ;; tiyes^ Wagon. T»nk8,; Tank lioR^crs, Case spccaders, rillC^WiimwiniU, Plows, Puirip jmk with motor, J§.JM> jrsctor. M«d01 A Ford. 3'piccp straight w»go» boy, 1 Wttrd's hmiimprmill. r "i SERVICE SHOP-REPAIR 1 ^s,»Ch«^ Oliver ;- ;.;•' Massey.Jlarris '-.:=•. ' q t K JPel^rvpl IMii New Idea e«: v ; «:, Your for Early Delivery OF The New De Soto AND ^^^^w ^^^w ^^^f f^^^W^^W^^W • .^B||S^ . /^(JpJIflpBl ;.^JP»1BBPH W^S*^' Them '" : --i-'' i x^&K^&&XSK^^-&'^g^s^gmMgM m

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