The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 22, 1946 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 22, 1946
Page 5
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tft»!»feB"ttlSS MOWES, ALGONA IOWA. Lays Sight; Quft&r* Egg 3S ANQELES, CAt.tF.—Sound Photo—"Mom •when I get back i's just one thing I wont—an honest-to-goodhess egg that comes jihell, not powdered.". When Mrs. Louis Heitman rend that letter :her son in the Army, The Atom, the interesting pullet shown must have been looking over her-shoulder -because ft layed an t weighed eight ounces and measured. nine and three-quarters , . A normal egg weight one and three-quarters ounces. Her glll'not be horns' for some -time' and-Mrs/ Heitman will place the ". storage and hope for the best. • Iowa as nor or as fnay foe hereafter amended. Section 3. VIOLATlON- -Who- A. Weishnar, salary ... A. fioekelman, salary._ J. Lashbrook, salary ._ fcC.TOASK RAIL DEPOT meeting of the directors fi.e Algona Chamber of Com- 3, Wesdnesday morning of veek^ it. was decided to' re*; the Milwaukee road for ac|with regard to construction [new depot in Algona. Che present' depot is incon- f|nt enough in its location. • 'cannot be helped by the d, "said one director, "but |od, modern building would sspme.' 1 fighton Misfoach, secretary, Instructed to start action to- bringing the matter to the Stion of the railroad. The ^ _ & Northwestern, with passenger business from Al", recently completed remod- of its local freight and pas- ger station, consolidating into one building. * ''budget committee composed Joel Herbst, W. C. Dau and Kresensky was also appoint- preliminary to the annual ibership drive. A new' bud- is to be prepared in keeping th post-war planning. Directors are John Kohlhaas, io is also president, Frank Zen- Ray Beamish, Roy Christen- Joel, Herbst, W.. C. Dau, O. I'iPeterson, A. E. Kresensky, .M. '•Pool, and Perry Collins, and |D. Lowe and John Bieser were Samed/ directors -to re'place Dr. £i|i>. 'Andrews arid Brail.Wright, recently moved ; fr6m the Dennis Becker Is Home From ETO Dennis 'Becker arrived home Thursday from the E*TO to visit his., parents, Mr. and Mrs; 'W. J. Becker. He sailed .from lieHavre, France,' on the "Hood Victory" on "December- 10 and landed in the States' 'Jan: 2 -after' £t rough crossing with the ship losing its rudder in the storms. A sergeant in the ar,my, he .has been, given his .discharge after 1 '"serving in France's Luxembourg, Germany, Denmarki Belgium, Austria, Czechoslovakia, Switzerland, and England, .While hi England he married -, Phyllis Merfield of Tundridge Wells on August 9, 1945. Jlis wife expects,to join him here, as sdon as transportation is available. ever shall violate any of the provisions of this Ordinance, which includes all applicable portions of Chapter 78 of the 1939 Code of Iowa, ns now or as may be hereafter amended, for which a fine and/or imprisonment is not' otherwise by Statute specifically provided, shall be punished by a 'fine of not less than $10.00 nor more than $100.00, or by imprisonment for not to exceed thirty (30) days. Section 4. ENACTMENT— This Ordinance shall be in force and effect from and after its passage artel publication as provided by law. PASSED AND ADOPTED this 10th day of January, 1946. FRANK KOHLHAAS, Mayor SEAL ADAH CARLSON, City Clerk. Upon recommendation of the Airport Commission a Resolution was passed in regard to purchase of a tract of land for the airport, purchase price to be $26,400.00. A Resolution was passed making application for a temporary transfer of $26,400 from the Electric Light Fund to Airport Fund and a permanent transfer ol $10,000 from the Electric Light Fund to the Consolidated Fund Appropriating Ordinance No 660 was passed. The meeting was adjourned to January 31, 1946. ADAH CARLSON, City Clerk 71.47 93.65 E. Skilling, salary ".... 96.87 C. Harvey, salary 68.32 Bahr, salary - 01.87 Q. Gunder, salary 58.97 Helmers, salary 58.97 owa Slate Bank, tax withheld —- ' 24.40 iocial Security Fund, social security 7.67 Clerk of Court, costs... 31.95 Paul Hudson, refund .- 37.50 SEWER FUND 3. Pollard, salary 20.00 FIRE MAINT. FUND owa Mutual Casualty Co., ins. i ' 7.50 Ry. Express Agcy, express 1-78 DEPOSIT FUND Work Fund Account, transfers 15.00 Passed and approved this 27th day of December, 1945. FRANK KOHLHAAS, Mayor. Rwo Minor Mishaps County Reported !TWO minor accidents were're- orted to Art Cogley, county, beriff, in the past week. In one, tin. 10, on Diagonal St., a cream- truck driven by Edwin H. oyd and a car driven ;by Ches- !r Harmon, both of Algona, col- led. Damage of $50 was eSti- a'ted to the truck and $200 to car. • In a second mishap, Jan. 12,/% lie north of Whittemore' at the fehway 18-44 intersection, cars aven by L. L. Zwanger of Bsori City and Alfred Schlie of Sb'dell collided. Damage of $150 |s> reported on each machine, "here'were no injuries in eith- laccident. loof Fire Sunday If A' roof fire called out the fire lepartment, Sunday morning, at me J. A. Strayer home, on North tones St. Some damage was done, gut .the fire which had been nouldering for some time, was ought under control. Gordon Graham Of Burt Is Now Home Burt: Mr. and Mrs. O. H. Graham drove to Mason City, Friday, to ge>-their son Gordon, who had just' been - discharged from the army after serving 32 months, 21 of them in the Pacific; Gordon wears a combat infan- tnyrnan's ba'dge, "bronze arrow, three battle stars, and several other ribbons. He was a sergeant at the time.of his discharge. " COUNCIL MINUTES . >,, ' ' January 10, 1946. The Council met in adjourned sessiopi Mayor t and all members '' ELECTRIC FUND L. Bellock, salary $ F. Dailey, salary 89,6f 96.0! T. Halpin, salary . 89.65 C. .Wright, salary W. Ludwig, salary E. Graham, salary A. Hill, salary P. Newsome, salary — A. Lindquist, salary .:. H. Stephenson, salary._ C. Webb, salary _ D. Johnston, salary — R. Barton, salary 61.1 93.65 89.10 65.10 73.30 79.62 89.6J 83.62 60. 61.If 55.10 116.30 55.10 92.20 .62.60 108.90 581.46 227.50 D. Johnson, wages C. Pollard, salary I. Kohl, salary A. Carlson, salary H. Passmore, salary • Iowa State Bank, tax '.' withheld Diesel Service Co., fueL E. la. Bride Co., fuel — C. M, St. P. •& P. R. R. Co., oil 441.2ft Fulton Iron Works Co., mdse 535.75 Sfcony-Vacuum Oil Co., oil -,— 374.00 Hona-Crano Corporation, mdsc. — AlRona Machine Shop, repairs Attest: ADAH CARLSON, City Clerk. 8.V9 7.00 ium 11.73 R. S. Blossom Ins., premium .__ 60.72 CONSOLIDATED FUND C. Pollard, salary 119.62 I. Kohl, salary 56.1 A, Carlson, salary _ 93.6( H. Passmore; salary .._ 63.3 E. Thiel, wages' — 36.8 Iowa State Bank, tax withheld 78.4 Social Security Fund, social security 16.03 Diesel Service, fuel 320.87 C. M. St. P.' & P. R. R.' Co., oil - 423.82 Glenn Strayer, trucking — — 4.50 H. W. Post, dray ___... 1.23 R'y Expr. Agcy., express -— 3.01 W. W. Sullivan, P: M., box rent _ 1.00 WATER FUND December 27, 1945. The regular meeting with the Mayor and all Council members present was held at the City Hall. The minutes were read and approved. An application for selling cigarettes was granted to Mrs. Raymond. Pettigrew. The automobile insurance policy was renewed. Russell Crapser was granted a builder's permit. The Resolution filed toy Eugene Murtagh in connection with the construction of Storm Sewer was approved. A Resolution approving contract and authorizing Bill of Sale of Water Softeners was passed. A Resolution was passed appointing an Engineer in connection with the purchasing of a Diesel Engine Generator. The plans for new generator were provisionally approved. An Ordinance entitled Licensing of Electricians was placed on file for the first reading. Appropriating Ordinance No. 659 was passed. The meeting was adjourned to January 10, 1946. ADAH CARLSON, City Clerk. Algona Flour & Feed Co.. salt 75.75 Line Material Co., mdse. 169.78 Iowa Elec. Supply Co., mdse Northland Elec. Supply Co., mdse. 394.14 Thco. B. Robertson Products Co., Inc., mdse. H. W. Post, frt. Ed's DX Service, gas ._ Dutch's Super Service, repairs T -Algona Cooperative Co., gas 59.79 72.47 3.61 30.16 3.00 C. McGlnnis, salary ... T. O'Brien, salary A. Boekelman, salary— A. Weishaar, salary — N. W. Bell Tel. Co., ser- 1 vices Ken Frankl Station, gas Ed's DX Service, gas .. E. T. Moe Station, gas. J. Lashbrook, salary ._ E. Skilling, salary C. Harvey, salary J. Bahr, salary G. Gunder, salary P. Helmers, salary Iowa State Bank, tax withheld Gamble Stores, mdse.-. Kossuth Co., mdse. Algona Hardware, mdse. Wm. C. Dau Garage, repairs Kent Motor Co., repairs Funk & Deim, parts „_ 1.00 1.70 The Algona Hardware, mdsc. .51 Remington Rand Inc., typewriter - 128.52 Burroughs Adding Machine Co., ribbons 3.67 Addressograph Sales Agency, services 4.21 Brown's Studio, prints.- 3.68 N. Western Bell Tel. Co., services 23.44 ...'..-...-.;,...'' A buildingi .p'erijnit was . allowed toj.Misbach! Estate. The City purchased a used Motor Patrol, Caterpillar for $1525.00. Ordinance No. 280 was passed: ORDINANCE NO. 280 AN ORDINANCE REPEALING ORDINANCE NO. 222 OF THE ORDINANCES OF' THE CITY OF ALGQNA, IOWA, AND PROVIDING FOR THE ISSUANCE OF PERMITS FOR THE SALE AT RETAIL OF CIGARETTES AND CIGARETTE PAPERS ,AND PROVIDING PENALTIES FOR THE VIOLATION THEREOF. BE IT ORDAINED by the City Council of the City of Algona, jlowa. Section 1. REPEAL. That Ordinance No. 222 of the Ordinances of Jthe City of Algona, Iowa, be'' and 'the same is hereby repealed. •: , Section 2 t PERMIT— That no persoii shall isell at "retail any cigarettes or cigarette- papers within the corporate limits of the City of Algbna, Iowa, without first haying complied with all of the necessary" requirements of Chapter 78 of the 1939 Code of H. Barton, salary F. Ostrum, salary E. Gerber, salary __^-._ C. Pollard, salary _ I. Kohl, salary — L. E. Mitchell, salary — E. Thiel, wages Iowa State Bank, tax • withheld Social Security Fund, social security. —. — R'y Exp. Agcy, express 94.05 81.50 77.20 30.00 27.50 71.47 25.55 19.80 3.48 .58 CONSOLIDATED FUND C. McGinnis, salary — 87.57 T. O'Brien, salary 87.57 RELIE? FROM Symptoms of Distress Arising from STOEVSACM ULCERS >UE TO EXCESS ACID •reeBookTollsofHotneTreatmentttut Vlust Help, or it Will Cost You Nothing " "'ivurtwo million fK E ATM I8NT lift veheun «oIU for relief of iymplomsof distress urlsltig from Stomach u|(l Duodanal Ulcers duo t() j£xc«*i Ac,lrf— toor Dlgoatlqn, Sour Qr ,Vp««t JtwmtWh, Sasslness. Heartburn. Sleopleunets, «tc, luo in Exeosf Acid. Suld on 15 days' trial' \sk for "Wlllsrd't Masus*" wblcb full} this treatment, — lr»« — at Algona: - BORCHAKDT DRUG STORE OHNESOEGE DRUG LuVerne: LUVEUNE Public Sale At the Charles Patterson farm located 2 miles north on 169 and i weet of Burt; or 5 miles south on 169 and 1 mile west of Bancroft/ •. , ' : , ^"•"•-.••' l .* -.••.';. : . :' : ' ' l February 6 4 HORSES 1.GUERNSEY $GW ELECTRIC FUND L. Bellock, salary 88.50 F. Dailey, salary 98.50 T. Halpin, salary. 88.50 C. Wright, salary 60.50 E. Graham, salary 88.20 W. Ludwig, salary 92.60 A. Hill, salary 64.30 P. Newsom'e, salary ___ 72.20 A. Lindquist, salary _.. 78.4C H. Stephenson, salary __ 88.50 C. Webb, salary 82.60 R. Barton, salary ._ 60.50 86.40 86.40 70.10 80.90 4.80 25.68 1.83 •31.77 92.50 96.40 66.30 (11.40 58.40 58.40 44.30 2.04 6.98 2.91 9.58 Continental Oil Co., gas 24.86 Dutch's Super Service, repairs A. Fisher, haul, gravel- R. S. Blossom Ins., premium R. S. Blossom Ins., premium Algona Ins. Agency, premiifm ---— 389.02 Minnie Jones, salary — 40.00 Stanton James Secretary, dues Homer Nolle, labor ... Dr. F. E. Sawyer, rent-Kenneth Foster, salary Advance Publishing Co., printing 41.02 Algona Upper DCS Moincs, printing C. A. Momyer & Sons, plat SEWER FUND C. Pollard, salary H. Nolle, eng, assistant- 36.87 353.50 46.92 240.20 5.00 30.00 25.00 55.00 2.00 20.00 22.50 R. S. Blossom Ins., 5.61 premium 6.26 4.34 FIRE MAINT. Hooker Supply Co'., supplies ~- •---— Thompson Distributing Co., mdsc. . N. W. Bell Tel. Co., services R. S. Blossom, prem- i;;j Sum W.jw E. T. Moe Station, gas-- • ,3M Algona Fire Co., calls-- 266.(JO SWIMMING POOL FUND .;> R. S. Blossom Ins.^ t , premium A ^^'M STREET IMPROVEMENT FUND Howard R. Green Co., eng. services Chapman and Culler, legal services DEPOSIT FUND Work fund, transfers ._ Passed and approved this 10th day of January. 1948. J. FRANK KOHLHAAS, Mayor. Attest: ADAH CARLSON, ,£..'• City Clerk. 155,40 iM 100,00 10.00 Alcona Insurance Co., ins. 194.82 Matt Parrott & Sons Co., mdse". — 4.98 R. S. Blossom Ins., premium 203.53 R. S. Blossom Ins., premium 43.83 Buchanan Abstract Co., services Algona Laundry, laundry . Wm. C. Dau Garage, repairs WATER FUND H. Barton, salary F. Ostrum, salary E. H. Gerber, salary _C. Pollard,. salary I. Kohl, salary L. E. Mitchell, salary-Iowa State withheld Bank, tax Neptune Meter Co., parts Iowa Machinery & Sup- 4.85 34.04 33.79 93.10 80.10 76.40 30.00 27.50 70.10 27.80 10.30 ply Co., mdse. 284.63 Ed's DX Service, gas.— 13.48 Dutch's Super Service, ; repairs 1-01 Funk & Deim, parts .- .83 Electric Dept., supplies. 22.82 Algona Ins. Agency, premium 194.81 <R. S. Blossom Ins., prem- fiiiiiliiiiiiiiiiliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiim | Get Your Spring Plumbing | | Needs Now! | I We HaVe A Limited Supply Of— J | Steel Septic Tanks-Stover Water Softeners | | Pumps—Deep Well cmd Shallow | | Domestic Stokers Coal Furnaces g J 82 Gal. Pressure Tanks and Sink Faucets = S Oil Water Heaters SE 2§ SSB | Laing & Muckey j I North Dodge Phone 464 | iiiiiiHiiiiiiiiiiiHiiiiiiiiiiiiiHiiiiilliilliilllW At the farm located 4 miles east of Bancroft on the Titonka road, and V* mile south Thurs., Jan. 24 Sale Starts at 12 Noon 61 Head of Livestock 34 Head of Cattle 34 Two registered Brown Swiss cows; 9 purebred Brown Swiss cows; 1 purebred Brown Swiss bull; 10 purebred Brown Swiss calves, ranging in age from two weeks to yearlings; 12 white face feeding steers, about 7<W Ibs. 27 Head of Hogs 27 6 brood sows; 21 head of feeder pigs, wt, about 130 Ibs, FARM MACHINERY AJlis Chalmers B<5 tractor, complete with rub- lijg:ht§ «nd starter; A. C, cultivator power lift; C, 15 ft disc; 36 ft. King and Hamilton all steel n elevator, jwst like new; other machinery, gyqine Control oats and some com. $ PHILLIPS £ONTROUEP VOLATIllTy MEANS THE MOST YOUR MOTOR/NO MATTER HOW HOT 0« Harms Oil Company, Dist Harms Halderoan, Operator »i«l 74 'Harris jpo State H 1: .t

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