The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 15, 1946 · Page 11
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 15, 1946
Page 11
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UPPER ..ftlS rttOINES, IOWA pEcrrf GB| Ibsen: The First-'Luthe i rfin lh in Gilmore ClW.ySs the Rg,.Bf a pretty wedcHlig Sari- Iftefnoon, December 1 30, at-3 Jfck, 'Vvhert Miss Lp HeHl' Slef- i;daiighter of Mrs. Cornell* xtyt{ 'Gilmore City, and Egah |r,:Ottosen, spn of .Mr. and '} ..Thomas. KjtSfer, BrfidgaCe; 4?tth4ted in marriage. .The fv'HefbcrT'Stefrge, pnstor of Church, .officiated' jtt.H dou- tpfcKjeei; 1 of'Spencer • served ftrttther as best rrianV'Ushers' I'gernard Siefken,-nephew of jritle, and Merle- Johnson of lead!'' n nephew" of : the Allowing i the ceremony a pb-course, dinner /Was s.eiVed fche chuiJcti' ai'ninf r>om \yith nit 50 gueslsf A^shSft'pfograni I? presented with Mrs. Arderi '"hensen -acting, as 'todstmidt- K .The' dinner was prepared Jladys Sjtohe. Helen Schnell lEsther Wlliiard. •, Table' \vait- Jes were' Helen Christehseri, fft Roach', Evelyn Acktertrinri,' gha Johnson' and Henrietta >off. .,'-.;,. .V- '• le bride 'is a graduate'.of th'e Aore City public, school.'Shis >|>d,ed Buena Vista college" at "'"*)' ,;Lake- and , Ipwa. . State ,..6r's" ^ t . Cedar" -Falls". Fbt 1 ' raT years she tuaght rural bblS:.aroUnd Gilmore Qity and at the present time first and " nd grade. teacher at Ottosen. fimediately following the din- the couple left on a shor Sding trip and are now a He in Ottosen where ' th bm,.is manager of the Farirt f:Co-op. Elevator. Mrs. Kjee (is to finish teaching thi |e, Coyle. Second tike 'Cbyle attended the 194 lional DeKalb corn growin; (test meeting at Mason City fstirsday; He was presentee th a leather billfold for having If second highest yield.'in' Kos fh county in. ,19,45.: ..IW.AliHci rson, Ottoseri? •• deajel? • 'for .De" fife, took Mi'i'. Co '"' '-"-•-•—' ' •' |y. ^J Jogressive' Glii}>;'jf< f'The Ottos&i'vPi-i &nie of Mrs,r? (Sliver','Kins'eth lib call. A repoftf;onlitha.lunc}i ales at Elmer El,li^gsbn': .farm ale 1 -cleared the club <; about! $75 Tie rpeort on "Are We Starving Death" was given by Clan 'lacrg. The movie report; on jiina Sky" was given by-Doris jjpley.^. Guestsr w'ete'vMrsiVRpj bckson, Mrs.' - 'Chester' "' Alrrie Irs. Eugene Hof ius, Mrs. t Mike Ipylo and Mrs. James Bartjer nd^Dennis Ray, "West Bend. The bcl,meeting will ;be-January' 2' i the Presbyterian church par- rs-with the first seven nienibers hostesses. ( WT. and -Mrs; Ralph Richards Ere dinner guests, at the Mrs plcn Rasmusson home one ening last week, and • Mrs. Eugene Hofius |d*Mrs. Alfred Lee and daugh- ?.''Barbara were Monday call• at the Mrs. Cora'Bacon-home 1? Lloyd Els,tOn home in Al- .!&. ''.'. ' ' ''• ' " : ' ' • ' •' Wrs. Warren McMahon and ighter Carrie Mae returned to Sir home in Algona • Sunday "ej- spending a few days ; at the ental Oliver Kinse^h home. 18 ^6r Dorothy* [ergen, Vern PliathiB St. Joe: Banns of marriage ere jpublished 'for the 'first tfnie 1 St.' Joseph's church, Sunday, r - Father Geo J, Theobald for* Irrion Plathe, son of Mr. and |s* Charles Plathe, and Mergen, daughter of'Mri and s,= Nick Mergen of Whittemore, r. wedding will be January 29 3t, Michael's church in Whit- ftore. ,-bB Bprrpann,. daughter of I and Mrs 1 , -Nick; Bprmanri; has ^ned- her position at the Liv- |jjre State bank. , ! gphael Faber, son.of MrV an'd ijMatt F-aber, arriyed.;. home nesday discharged from the Merseh apent the d with her siste'r Mrs. at Armstrong. Other f flsW '.eriiMr, a"nd Mrs. Lyle JC<MV ahd iMmily. of Esthervine. TW''iai% family accompanied Mrft 'Peterse'ri?<h6me otl Monday arid- Spent Hhe-'dny with her, Then bK*ft$8aay. Ih8; Emma and Clar- SlWfc -fMfeftien 'family accompanied by- the ? Skttws' drove to Fairmont. . r , >Mfifi"ql;eHn Crosselywas hostess to the iM^dern Mixer: club at her Htfrnfe'.'; Wednesday afterhoo'n, Jan.' 9. Mrs'.',' Alfred Godfredsbn had chargeio* the entertainment. Pros-' •eht-w^re • Megddfftes Emma, and Clarence Peterson, Roy,ond Caleb •Hart&tiWn.' Ce6ll''BaMwin, Slella ; N01an',XAt-t r antt Okn Paulsoh,. Jens' Pe'tersen, ' Charles. Osbprn, ; ' Ri <L. ddwari and Heftry .topft. Guests were'-Mr's,: Larson'.. Mils. Crosley's mdtherValsi'a'si.rter'iin^lawr, a Mrs. Larsons' /. .. "f . •'• ' Mr. and ! Mrs. Herman Madsen- of Riflgste^ spfert't; Sunday at the' home of 'her daughter 1 the Clarence ' YOUTH )cys of Seneca . ar«, th>' ihter ' end'gttfest d;;Mrs. Jaintis ta pf a paby Kossuth >h0s» mprfilng, Fran<?t|i ''' s a daughter, the.Fred Hut- rot • nm^wwwnm morning .ito. Help eap^ fpr a IS: Irvingtoni. Mr; and Mrs. E. O. 1 Ch&niberlain hSyeTeteived word froh\ : v thfeir" s6ri ; P. 1-c Merle 1 Gharfi^'er't^iij' that* in" sortie manner HeChlf(d ;; fallen 1 and ; broken 1 Sortievibbiie's 1 'in-the arch^ of his. foot. - THis.'.occurred on Nov. 27, 'itf'hittb^vJri^^tAtiidtf' placing ;/ the 1 fp6^ ; inivti^past which would'not be.'.rehjp.ved'for a "period of eight YAi: : .pfeMit- he' is' at' Nagoya, dfap4n,Vwajtjng for a hospital ship arid^he/^did not know at this tiriie :i "wfijat' his'--' future status wojildi- Abfe •«. otherwise than he W.buld^be'^headirig back towards the States. ,,. : • • ^..MfSiVW.' 'A. Woods left last M;6tidayX';%' week ago) for Roch- :ieSter, tMirin.;' to receive medical 'aid;V; ••"'•/*-•'•.•• < .Tlie-I^adijeS,' .'Farm Bureau met ; January!.!9^at-'the home of Mrs. •Roriald^JI'nRins.. '•.'-£-.l^rjrs,''.^A'iviri Weber and son Chai-les; Visited several days last wefek ^ivith/'Mrs.' Weber's mother jMrs.'iVfL';; Jordan at Waterloo. Xif-Ms^Dudne Kollasch, and son •GSryi/rW^jielrlopi , are • visiting" at ^he^M^vlfc-Parson^ home. Mrs. •Kolla&hlVisv.the former Phyllis .M&XWe^,-''granddaughter of the ^'''.'.MisgV'M^ry .Anderson started te.abHirigSiji.'.'.th'e local school No. 9 : last MOndSy.' -,-The I ''Aid,met in the.;• church parlors.yjahviary 15. . Th'ere was a : .c'o.yer.ei.. dish: luncheon; charged; from'the- army. Letter From. Borneo .;. Iti.,a refifi\t"letter, from Donald Borinto¥F/r*eni'an il-c. to his parents •JVirlVana^Mrs.'-'Matt, Bb'rrrian' he' has-JdjSiilpfed ; that. he is' : .sta- tioned''n.4'w ;! o ( n i the)'jsland of Mor- ataL't- east » of Borneo. They .w^e'--|iaving: lots of ''rain and .everytfifng was practically flopded.i-. He was very fortunate to ,] the, 36 naval men presertt.')\vheh*;the.|| peace; • treaty for /tli'e'.'East', Indies*.was signed. . ; The- j'.^Balph.'. Persons family hidye'dsihtp'-Algbria : ojle day last week -and'Mr. Parsons 'will' be employed'. at;' Sargehts. : The - family have-been' working for Her- man.;QBecke5 .on th'e old Frank y*efnpntRjtfbispn^has gone to W.aterj^oo anjd-'has.Ei position in a CEMETERY AltUVEWM ANNUAL MEETING Lu-Verne: The Cemetery association met Thursday after' noon itv the city hall ; with 33 members present. Hostesses for the afternoon • were Mrs. Albert Genrich, Mrs. Olla Godfrey; Rubye, Godfrey; Mrs. Emily Guy and Mrs. Gottlieb Hanselman. During the business meeting election of officers was held and the- following officers were elected for the coming year. President .Mrs. Ervin Barton; vice- president'Mrs. Elsie Steusfsy, Secretary Miss Florence Hof and Treasurer Mrs. H. r E. Peltzko. Reports-of the year's woi'k were' given. Presbyterian Ass'n .. The Presbyterian Ladies Association met Wednesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Art Riley, with her daughter Marjorie as assistant hostess. Mrs. Howard Smith and Mrs. Chris Anderson were guests of the association. Rev. A. R. Smith led the devotional period and Mrs. Frank Chapman'gave ?the lesson. Mrs. Guy Trauger had charge of the business meeting. Presbyferian Ass'n The Presbyterian Ladies association met Wednesday after* noon at.the home of /Mrs. Art Riley, with her daughter Marjorie as assistant hostess. Mrs. Howard Smith and Mrs; Chris r ?CTiderson were guests of the association. Rev. A. R. Smith led the devotional period and Mrs. Frank Chapman gave the 1 lesson. Mrs. Guy Trauger had:charge of the business meeting. Band -Mothers Parly ' .; '• The Band Mothers club sponsored a card party. Wednesday evening in the school gymnasium, bridge and 500 was played. Prizes for the evening went to Mrs. Ed Dehnert, high, and Mrs. Andrew low in bridge, Mrs. Aaron Steussy high and Mrs. Albert Schipull low in 500, prizes for 500 in the high school group went to Doris Jean Goetsch high and Robert Pergande won low. Mrs. Edwin Hefti won the travel prize. Wedding Guests Mr. and Mrs. Art Riley and Marjorie, Mrs. Anna Sankey, James Doak, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Warmbier, Wayne, Maxine and Joan were guests at a 6:30 o'clock wedding dinner which was held Tuesday evening in the Algona Hotel for Mr. and Mrs. Rasmussen" who wer£ rndr- rie.d Tuesday afternoon at 4 o'cWck 1 itfi th'e' Pr'eSby teflaft'- parsonage.' TW flew Mrs. 1 Ra.SrnliS-'. sen is the former Doris. Sankey, youngest* daughter of Mrs. Clara Sankey. . on Visit Jbhh'pevine" of Eagle Grove received his honorable discharge from' the army recently , after* spending : 30 months overseas ift the Southwest Pacific 1 area. Jbhh was employed : in Lu Verne before he entered the army. He called on friends here Tuesday; Sirfall Rdof Fire The Lu Verne fire dpea'rtmcnt •was calledV to the Emil Heine home Friday morning to'piit out a small roof'.fire. The blaze was brought under control in a few minutes. Rob}. Sanfords Have Girl : Mr. and • Mrs. Robert Sanford are parents of a 6V4 pound baby girl born • Thursday morning, January . ,10 ' at their country home. This is.the first child'and she has been named Cheryl Dee. Mrs. Sanford is the former Verna Giddings, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Guy Giddings, • Mr. and'Mrs. Dale Ulfers of Des Moin'es spent from Monday Until Thursday visiting at., the home of Mr. and Mrs. Bert Ramus. ^ Mr/ Ulfers recently received his discharge from the' Seabees. S. 2-c. James Trauger returned recently to Great Lakes, 111., after spending : a leave with his wife and also his parents Mr. and Mrs. Guy Trauger. D. F. Schwietert pf.Burt visited Friday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Art Riley. Mr. Schwietert Was an overnighl guest a,t the country-home of-Mr; and Mrs. Gerald Brace. i Mrs. Emilie Behnkendorf spent Thursday visiting relatives in Algona. Mr. arid".Mrs. Fr'an'cis' Sanford and family of Badger were' ovet 1 night guests Wednesday evening at-the home of his parents 7 Mr.' nnd Mrs. Frank Sanford. ! 'The Evangelical Woman's Missionary society met Friday afternoon at .the home'of Miss Hulda' Fritzeme'Je*-" With Mrs. Emma SchmidtVas assistant hp'steBs. Mrs. William Marty had charge of th'e devotioriql period and Mrs. Fred Merkle had. charge of the program. ..'.-.. Mr. and Mrs. Art Riley and Marjorie an'd 3im Doak were visitors Thursday evening' at the home of Mr. arid Mrs, Judd Berryhill, LiverhiOre. BUBBLES StZ— 1 • The first thing a-sweater girl learns is that wo61ens thrive on soap and water. But with, soap so scarce, we must keep turning In USED PATS to help make 111 Remember, where there's fat, there's soap; So keep'on' saving—help make more soap! •ymm<& } .'V.K.>i««' ; *?" mi FLOCK " yew : m¥&KK&:< I PouHry arid *hctgffeeders and waterers; Water tanks. Tank heaters. Electric pump jacks. Milk- ers. Separators. Gas engines. Manure loaders 'and stackers. Wood and steel wagon boxes. Small' corn'••'-shelter's; Harrow draw bars, folding. End- gate seeders. Grain blov^ers. Drive belts. Air compressors. Crearri separators, good. Seeder. Mower. Drsc. ,• Tractor tires. Wajfan. Tanks. Tank heaters, jase-'spreaders IHO-hammermill. Plows; Punip' s jack* with •. motor. 15^80 tractor; Model 'A Ford/ ; s 3-pi«Bce--straight wagdit*'box. . PARTS SALES Allis-Chalirfers »• Oliver New Idea Massey-Harris GMG Tirucks DeLavat fp'airy Equipment "Firest6nb'» BRADLEY iBROS. Jhone^li^ Algona, Iowa "Hydraulic F»rro Hiind" ' FARM HOUSING h i JIM POOL / " 80TSFORD ^IJMBFO CO Thei-e's a lot of talk going around among the women-folk about better-planned kitchens; and no wonder, because the housewife 1 walks literally hundreds of extra miles a year when her kitchen'is not a compact, labor-saving work center; Ahd she also does a lot of .unnecessary stretching and bending. 'Rightly; the kitchen should be the best-arranged and most attractive room in-, the hOUse. Too often. it is a mere make-shift. NowV wha't are some of the model kitchen's nefeds? ; As a food .production center) it must be sanitary. Crevices' and corners^which collect dirt and are J Hard to clean should be eliminated. Materials for work surfaces alid 'storage space musl •be durable and -washable.- Closed cabinets for staple foods and-supplies are cleaner and save steps. There should be plenty of fresh air. An exhaust fan will carry off odors .and vapors all the year .'round. Light is important. There 'should be at least one large window, preferably over the sink, and so located that the farm wife can see the men' iri ; the fields, and keep an eye on' the- stock. Color is very important; because it adds so much to the cheerineSs of the room. The modelfkjtchen is divided into three main work centers: The Sink Center; the Range Center, and the Mixing Center. These three units, properly outfitted with utensils, should -be related to each other so that work flows conveniently from one center to the o.ther. -.- ..; The Sink Center should be legated, centrally both to the Mixing Center and the Range Center. A counter about 24 by 36 in. is usually adequate for stacking soiled cUshes'at the right of the sink, and qne about 24 by 32 in. at the left i^jthe sink should be large enough ffgf iWwv, dishes .placed there for drying. .A, recent survey by the itrniversity-df' Illinois showed that most women prefer a height of 32% in. for'fhe'bbttom of the sink, if the bottom of the sink is 321/2 in', from the floor, the side-counters' should be at least 38% in. in height. >";The Mixing Center should be convenient to the sink, refrigerator, and range. The work counter shbuld be at least 3Q in,"'long, and there should be wall and base cabinets. The'wall 'cabinet should be' at least 16 inches above the working surface, so pn • <slectrin mixer can be used. The working height of the Mixing Center should be'about 32 in. The Range Ceiivei.- should be near the Mixing Center, adjacent to.the Sink Center and convenient to "the dining .area. Work counters should be level with the top of the range, and have: heat-resistant covering. Such, a counter on either or.'both sides' of the range is con. r nient for placing and serving hcit -food. Base,cabinets should include drawers or sliding- shelves for cookingXVltensils, A full height cabinet (fro'nv;flo6r:to,tpji of wall cabinets) is'.useful for-storing ar- tiples relat'ed -to cooking. :The wall cabinet capacity of the kitchen is based on square feet of sh?lf' space,''with an allowance of 6 'sq. ft. per. adult in the family. Base cabinet''capacity Is figured on linear front feet of cabinet, not iri- clijairig the'rahge and refrigerator. Here .are some: examples: .•-. -.- SheU Shell - ' ' . • '' Space Space No; of No. of in Wall in Base Bedrooms Person Cabinet Cabinets ' . sq. ft. lin. ft. 2 3 30 4%-6 3 4 36 6-7% 4 '5 42 7%-f ^ext time! Insulating Concrete Floors.- itetd§N^ 4,000 d p^s^wfsi-. : ^lm^m^': THE KOSSITTH COI Gagers f rijivSt. Jde, 38-29, Ik St. : Joe: , th6' LiveHiibre high scfi'6'61' basketball • team defeated St.'JoS rrl'day flight' at Si. Jo<e by a scorfe ! «f 38^29.' This was the sed- ond defeat for St/ Joe 1 thus far this season. The"jurtSor High team also lost to LiV«frtiore's junior high 1^16; Sunday St.- Joe plays SI. deeella at Algona. Relatives and frlertds, frotri StV ,Toe' attended the S"al*iB^Sdh bedding dance in Whittemore Tuesday night. fttiss Marjo'rie' Gates, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Gales, left Friday for Watklns, Minn., where she" will tod toflcfeSmaid for her cousin Genevieve Fabbr. Mr. and Mrs. De'lmar Plathe took their infant sort-to the Fort Dodge Mercy hospital Sunday for treatment ot an ear infection. SeVterfe tte'aft Att^cft .Burt: Mrs. F'-attit fered a . seVera. FiCHi-t oently, but is tiow s provdd. Wesley Teams SplitWesley: The Wesley basketball team defeated t Tuesday night of last week,' , the boys lost. Both garrteS wefi at Woden. >; Notice of the Annual Meeting of the Stockholders anil Paffims df na Co- ALGONA; IOWA NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN;- according to the Articles of' Incorporation',' ^ that-th'e "regular annual meeting of the above named corporation willbe held in the 1 Algeria High School Auditorium on : Saturday, January 26, 1946. Th'e meeting will be called-to order by the Chairman at 1:00 o'clock P'. M. for the purpose of election of directors for the coming year and for receiving and- 'if appYp^eafratifying and corifirming all the acts and proceedings of the Board of'Directors of the Corporation done and taken during the preceding year and-" for the ^transaction of such further and other business as may properly come be'- fore' the meeting. Algona Co-Operative Creamery Company M/ P. CHHISTIANSEN, Sec'y and Treas. f ^ Wt/K^.>Wt/Wt^*^/W%^ < ^ l »ig| Water is ! ' Your Cheapest Feed Get it to Them in Winter ^:,,^- : ,^lj:r^ Elofetrlc wn'tftr Jieiaters- — cither tank, -}>i\te 'line, -for cliickcns and lio£s. Tinsy <o in- stni^thcrni'QsInt controlled. lO-gal. .lieater' wHJi 7 ft. of_ (Irinklngi'^ witolr sjtnee'for chickens.' All styles on liand-for immediate delivery. Oil liurrilnp' ,<ahh, heaters — need neither fireincnXiior wntehinnnV Flame can't' lilow out, safCvCPOnoinicnl,' simple to o|»erate, will melt'a 10-ft. : -tarik' of ? soU<l" '''' ' :: ofNiiiu 'tank heaters as low , $15.75 i>d"br coal l^rnlng tank Iieat- ers,- coinplele M'itli prate, as IfW:" as ''_._-_J - $l2;50 : ' ' 10-gttl. •clilckoii'.watfiroi's, heavy fralvani/e(l, : oil lient $ «i«5' Jlogv ivaterers—oil heated,- as low as $ 9.25 -Itfftre water consumed moans -more weight, and limi-e profit' .to 1 '' you.- Slake sure your stock gets plenty of-water. It's cheni». .ill iii mm THE OLD JUDGE SAYS... /i I • : sSfc??«|S I' " Ifli •y ipTiiSH

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