The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 9, 1938 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 9, 1938
Page 2
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PACE TWO (ARK.)' COURIER .•-.,-,. COURIER NEWS COJfPLIMjEjVTARV TICKET tills Ticket .Will Admit W. \V. Cary,; and, companion Manila, Ark, —10 (He— ' itlTZ "GOLD IS WHERE YOU FIND JT- FLAPPER FANNY By Sylvia Social Calendar ,,THURSDAy:S INVENTS. Mrv, B., A.; Ly^ch cnterlainini! tlie Mid-Weck Bridge club. . Thursday Luncheon club meeting wilh Mrs. Ross D. Hughes. Business. Girl's Circle ol the Wo- manV. T Mifslonary Union of First Baptist church meeting at church at. 7:?5p, in. MI.-S.;- A. T.' • Cloar entertaining •Thursday Afternoon club. Thursday Contract club meeting wilh Mrs. G. ; G. Caxidill. ... Uniled Daughters of Confederacy 2:30 p. m, at home of Mi's. James B. Clark with Mrs. A. M. R. .Branson, as co-hosless. FRIDAY'S EVENTS Slated meeting .ol O. E. S. at 7:20 p' m. at Hall. Mrs,-;,Rcnkcrt. Welenknmp entertaining the Golden Rule Sunday school class o( the Fii-st Christian church at 1:30 p. m. Literary Department o f Woman club L ineeting at club house at 3:00 O'ClOCk', , Elm.wood Cemetery . association meeting -with Mrs. J. W. Shonsc at, 2:3.0 .p. m. . Fidejis . Sunday school class of First, Baptist church meeting with icamp ft new ineiiiljer of the St. Mrs. : Alvm .Huilmnn, 1123 Wcsl \ Eleven's Guild of tin Episcopal Osccbla Society — Personal Mrs. Wallers Entertains Sixteen guests were entertained at bridge at, u spring Daily, in the home cf Mrs. I,. W. ..Walters.. on Friday afternoon. A color,,niotlf, of yellow mill green was carried out, hy a profusion of jonquils ami other greenery, and with tlis flowered .lair lies.! Mrs. Joe Cromcr was awarded a double, deck ot cards fori..hlgh score i)iid Mrs,:Frank William a vault/ for second high.Mrs. diaries. Stillcnger. wits presented linen handkerchiefs for consoltillon. Hold Family Reunion . . . : j. ,. , Twenty-live friends imd ( relatives were guests of Mr. and MrB. A.;D, Little for , dinner Sunday ir) honor of the; C2nd birthday of Mr, Little \T"" S , T | and' lhc G3rd birthday of a. brother- j street 'ni moved to-Osceola and are ut homo III the, Mrs. Nora Borum, house, on Hale avenue. MJ-. Davidson Is' engineer for drainage district 17. ,/ Mr. and Mre. L. L.. McDcarinaii visited relatives in Halls, Tenn.. Sunday. Mr.- and Mrs. U W. Wiiltas accompanied J. L. Williams to Litlle Rock Sunday for the week end wilh Mrs. Williams who is attending (he bedside of her daughter, Mrs. II, S. Wilson jr.. who is seriously ill -In Trinity Hospital In that city, -Mrs. Wilson is to undergo a major operation this week, Mr. and Mrs. J. Ncwbinu'r and ton, Bernard, of Indianapolis, 1ml., arc lien; for a week with Mrs. New- baurr's parents, Mr. and Mrs, William Nichols. Mis, W. B. Hunt drove lo Eiulora, Miss., Tucsdiiy , for a short visit with her, .mother, Mrs. Hughcy, and sister, Mrs: R, ,V; Thomas. .,.. .Mrs. U R. McEivcu, of Memphis, sprat the week end molher. Mrs. I.ena Grey. her More, Crape. Myrtles Are Offered fcy Garden Club .One hundred more watermelon color, crape myrtle .plants have been secured by the niyllicvillc Garden club, which may be obtained hy calling at Ihu home of Mr. and Leech, 10-13 West Main "Fivnny, do you Imppcn to know where my rollcv-skates are? I think the ice-skating season's iust about over." Walnut street, at liQO. p. 1 m. Dorcas ..Sunday school class of First -.Baptist church meeting nl 2:30 o'clock. at church .for monthly business -and social meeting with Mrs...W. M; Blaylock, -Mrs. T. L. Cassidy, . and hostesses. : Mrs. Epperson as Have Supper .'Meeting Eight nieaibers of the Glad Girls' class of the; First Baptist clnirch v:ere entertained with a supper given by'Miss -Marjoric Varacr and Mrs. Marlori. Williams at Ihc nustic Inn last night. During the business mcstinj, the meinbqrs : .-dccldCvl -to cliaivge the name''of^ their, class. .In the future they wilt tie known as the L.'IJ. L. class which will stand for love, live and lift. vMlsg: Amiie Mac Saliba was.clBCtea-vlc'e president and Miss Roselli Leach \vas appointed group captaiii. ' - Sliideuls .Receive Honors .Word was received here to<lay ol' Church »t a meeting of this uroup MtTOlny afcrnoon nt the home of Mrs. r. L. Bugler. . Followiiu; a review of an mllcle from the Literary Digest given by Mrs. A. G. Little,'the hostess served a dessert course :0f Lady Baltimore, cn/;c. ami fmll punch. The next inn' ing ol Hie CiuiW ' p. BlW nlcc, jr., were in Memphis « „*., l "' ° °" le ° f MlS ' »'»l--i»Blit fur it dlninrdnncO'Kivcn °- °- «««l««-ny- < ^ at. the. Hotel Clarldgc by Russell ! - : ," * Williams, of ll,.s Ciul. Party Mr nm | ^ Mrs. J. W. Adams, si-., cntertniu«l n.n;l M rs n. in addilicn to the, family here, out of.tou-ii visitor^-.wcie.Atr. ami Mrs. G.'C, Little andi daugh,- H-r of Memphis; Mrs. Alvl.n. Hicks ol los- Angeles; Mrs. Qry.Ulc Pop! and two daushlcrs ol Tyler;'Mo.; Mr., awml Mrs, Maurice. lillit,„of. Kelscr; Mr. and Mrs. J. Roy O'Neal of Wilson. .•. < . .* • * * Is Kolary :S|ieaker , ;,. .,.,:. "1 he Individual Citix.en's RcsponsU, Willy ; for. G$c;l; l 6ovcrnmen.l',\-.was. Ihe subject of the.:addi' given at thn Rolnry club . yesterday;i^by r Oeovgc Doyle, i Guests \vere ; Hivarn' Cox. I(.-;K,; llnnv.irg,-.Leon ; Hpss, 1 J. W. Rhodes. : Dr,H.' A. .Taylor and Cecil Shane, of Blylheville. ,. ;',.•-.?.., • • l.wds rrosvarn . , . , :i ;;,., ' Early .American .artists was tljc subject of HID pnjjrnm J. P. Relnmillerat the Literary [De T . p.irlment^of: thc,.progi;essivc .Club the.home. o;,Mrs,.-bi ,UT Ulnckvvcad 'Ititsdiij^aflcrnoon,; P,ent, Blossoms combined'- wilh- jonquils ..... _. _ , . In, silver ami black bawls were-used Mr. ami Mrs. J. H. Smart, jr..' 1 " lhc dwprution ot Ihe rooms,top Bits of News Mostly Personal Miss..Watwnc Brownlcc .and M. T. . Worthy spent (lie M.members. The life and works of Homer, .Martin, and Wyant were wcrc reviewed by Mrs, J. B. Bmm. .Mrs. vvll]1 E. IV. Packard inirt Mrs. G. llarlsili Banks, members of her club wilh.nn after- yesterday in Memphis, nctm purly.ycstndny,nt, her home. M,-, •„„] Mrs . p,..,; S! , liljn . Sprni-c llon-crs dccorallii" the liv- f n Memphis Mondny to be ing roam provided n back r Mrs,, Snllba's mother Mrs „, grsitntl for; the;bridge Mines which Cicoree, who .is lu a hospital there: U-ei-c played.. -Of the eight, gucits, . - M!ss Virginia Martin,.who arrive:! H:UT Sn " Mrs. A. M. Butt held high score Monclnj- to be the guest of her Ml '' antl ^oi-slhe nfternqoh.. . . . r.areuls. Mr. and Mrs Tom Martin avo lUc iwcnls.ot a,son born yes A-EhlatLplato. |f;« i.','ei-vn.:l by the (- fo«.-',» short, lime, relurncd lo Pay- toll '«X in tl^e ( Dlyllieville hcspltal cttcvlllc last )i|»ht where ^he Is ' lhc "nuy^vcjEhctl ciqlit pcuiids-nm Mr. and Mrs. M. F;. McDearmar the tjamcG. Htis.Club , .. : Mrs. Russell Pavr played cards \vilh members of the Young Mu- hpnqnr. which , had .been received li't-n's bridge club, when they v.vrc by .two students Irom tins tcrri- cnlrrtaincd wil'n nu altcrnoon uar- toiy.,who arc aUending Arkansas \V yesterday al Ihc home ol Mrs. State colleg^-at Jonesbqro. .1 Jesse .Jaylor. . .... MlssiKalliryn . Gill, daughter or! ! Jonquils decorated tho house, and Mr, aiid. : Mrs. J. R... GUI .of Dell. tllc spring scheme was anther cjr- was chosen Second Battalion spoil-*™' 1 ollt '" nllrncllvc tallies in the sor of'the Reserve Officers'. Train- j ' crm ° r tulips. . Ing Corps of the. college and Ira I Al ' il( ^ conclusion of ilie.Uridije Gr;iy'jr.,- of here, BUS..appointed 8-imcs in.\cliie)i M«. Doyle Hcndcr-, of .t'lvi program commit- j *-}\ ''fccivcil a piece cf pottery for tee for.the.second annual Engineer's Exhibit April 2, .at Arkansas State college, Jonesboro. Miss.' Gill,, .freshman .and : member of;. Alplui. Eignia sorority, will be honored wilh thn oilier" sponsors oil, April I, when she will be presented lo lhc !!.,O. T. C. quoeh at the: Sponsors . Day parade. In the evening she will bs a guest ol honor at. the second annual dinner and mililary ball for cadel officers and sponsors. .. , Mr. .OraVj a .sopiiotnorc. hai bren a member .of lhc Engineer's, club two years. He is an honor & Indent and iyas recently pledged. hy I lie Phi Ihcla Kappa, a scnolastlc Iratern'ity. Wgih. jirize, Ihe hostess served a wind jiialc. Son Born , A son was born lo Mr. ;ui:l Mrs. M. 1£. AT.oDearmon. jr., ol OjCi'nla. yostci'lay morning at Ihc Blytheville hospital. 'Ibe bat,, who weighed eight fcuiulF and live ounces nt bivth, has been named Thomas Kciivard. t.'1'ti.'rlaiu County l.cnrjur Rrjnosrnliitives from Dell. Ui.\- ora. Manila. Osccolit. Kmcr, atul Lake Btreot Jlcttmdist clmrchcs ^crc entertained by membrrs of Ihe Youny; People's Ds-parlmpnt of Iho Fii-st Mclliodisl church last nljht when Ihey were hosts to the Mississippi county league. Colcman St?vens was lender of lhc n student at Ihc^Univci-allv of Ar- lms l>ot bci:l1 "«»'«1- Mr. McUeav- kansns., , '...,' | ma|i Is, connected with the Missis- The liqv. and Mrs. J. Allan Webb, s ' m ' 1 counl >' bn »k here, of Wrlghl city. Mo., arc here visit-' - 'v: ' * " 1113 i j - T.. Alford at, the home of Ko " !iov " Cl. IT. circiir and other relative.'! for a few days. Mr. ami Mrs. Hugh Dillahimly arc lhc i parents of a son born in Daniel Bcone has arrived from | tl>e Methodist hospital in Memphis Hnnnilii|l.,Mp,, for ,a, visit here. ' Ol1 l r cl>. 28. The bnby weighed eight Mrs. Rupert,crafton is ill at her |mml(ls a " d llas l)cc » named Hugh home o-.i Ciiic^asawba avenue I-' 1 " for Ills ffttllcr - Mrs - Diibhimty AH'., iliiti Mon-mhan f !""' ^, relu1ril f (1 llo » lc ycsleriliiy ..Hi .d.ughlers, Barbam »^noS-1'" " ™^™™; nwry,: : nre in Momphii Uxluy to ,,,'"," „£ see -Snow \Vhitc and (tie Seven, c s oflit '" s Dwiufs" Mrs. A. : F. S|nese was re-elected Mi'- Altaic-1 in i ns. president of the Presbyterian sistorTMrs. C rTwrot , " ! Cleve" .V"" 1110 ', "f, tllclr , la - sl 11Icoti "S ° f ' . Vn n- 1 • vefu ' ncl<l M° 1Klil > '" the coun- W. I,. Boyd, of Spriugfiel:!, Mo.. I Mrs. J. Y. Jones as vice-president' has arrived here lo become assist- Mrs. George Doyle, secretary Mrs' ant .manager of Hie, J. C. Penney Ulck Crcmcr, .treasurer-"circle store-. He will replace Paul Brown, chairmen. .Mrs. C. I). Driver and who has been transferred to l'i\- Mrs. Guy Driver;Mrs. R. c. Bryan, tliicah. Ivy,, where he will become secretary of religions education; lhc assistant manager of 1'enney .store there. Ancient Festival To Be Observed At Temple Soticly Has Silver Tea. ..^=.,«,,, J , Jl cmmvy teague Pm - .. Fca6t Qf L| Eighteen members of the Wo- Cc ' cm:!!1 Strvens was lender of observed in Temple Israel man's' Missionary society of the "™ l )10 3 r; ™ "" which Pat. Uonahuc 's,mdi>y nfternocn at 2 Lake Street Methodist church andl^Jil^'rA^^l 1 "^. 1 !!!} 111 *'""*"' »>»«!' "* orlKli. hi the not. missed First Methodist church, where lie lakes an active lead In affairs. . . He started out to attend services for one year wlUioiH missing whe.ii he was enrolled nt Helena. Ark. His record lias been kept by his attending Sunday school in- many places— as. far south as Alexandria. Li,, as far north as Chicago and as far west as r.,0:; Angeles. Calif. i'er (| a y Record n Rimer has school. He year Sunday school at lhc Mrs. Leo Allen, recording secretary; Mrs. Sidney Dostcr, corresponding Eccretniy; Miss Elizabeth Anne Gardner,-;;, local treasurer; Mrs. Paul Wiggins, wissioiiay treasurer. The other .officers are to be elected at the March 7, meeting. The first and third Monday of each >nontli ivere voted regular meeting dates, to be held in the Community Building at bycss WEDNESDAY, MARCH 9, 1938 west of Stcele. Mo. H. B. L. Smith, president ot the Pemiscot comity singing convention has invited everyone lo come and c "joy an afternoon of singing Ijflrs'. .Lloyd Cox Heads New Missionary Group at Dyess DYESS, Aiji., March K.~ '1'wcnly- one .women of tlie Dyess Methodist Church, met yesterday afternoon nt Ihc Community Building for the purpose of oi'uiuming a Missionary Society on tlie Colony. The meeting was called to oi'dei' l>y Mrs, W. P. Brewer, of Blytlievillc, Zone leader, with the .singing of "Take My Life and Let, it Be." An inspiring, message These plants .arc being sold, at wholesale cost, by 11: iii a project headed by Mrs. make Blythcville a "crape myr- tje -city." Already -100.have been planted with 27a scattered in.ynrds " .residences and 125 massed al Walker park and In other public places,;,,, ,. , ,. . - . ;• A : number of people werp disap-j ppintcd-bx-.not obtaining plants in' the iirst:shipment so the club mads repeated; efforts to get more, but only ,]pp could bo. obtained. S,It has. Veen pointed put that a " c " c and only those tp\y who have? purchased the plants believed .,[hcy : were. dead. Crape myrtles are dormant and look as if Jead. wl)en,lhey.,are not. They will be .a little,s!<W..m,developing, as is true or i: such: a. ; plant, .but growers :akl they-.,would bloom .this year snd Itint.tlie plants should only be ilanted and:,walerecl and they will develop In lime. brought tlie woman hy H. Lynn Watlc, Pastor of the First Methodist Church, _.. „. prayer by the Rev. Lymnii T. B:ir- Ber, local Pastor. Officers of the new organization arc; Mrs. Lloyd Cox, president; Mrs. ,1. R. Echols, vice prosicienl; lii''loviii(f memory of ". W. Units-lord, «In away Mm-cj, 9, 1937 It was hard lo give .,„„ „„, father, and we miss you so much not only most family cierycne misses <*•<> o»c knows the lost can tell of the' grief that' is •t'M'lHl i.-, -M , . . ""*« 'J •jorne loved. silence for. the one I —Relia Sanders. odist Church, .which is now being built, is completed. To Meet For Singing Sunday At New Survey An afternoon singing will be held at the New Survey community building Sunday afternoon at liOO ' WAKE UP YOUR IIVIR BILE- Wilkwl CaloBjI-And Tou'JI Jump Out of Bed in IBs Moininj Ruin' lo Co « T , h , e ,',',"-, r "''""III I'Our oul Iwu nmiiiji of S i n 'i'" 10 , '""''"""Ixl.ily. if tl B tilt li not flowlllBfrtch', your fooddoejiridigpsl It just tr e ™ four r,»im«ti. You B ct coiulhialnl Your S° '*, «,"' ia l " >lMnc ' 1 or " 1 «" f «l«» " «unk nnil the world loots punk. Mrs. Simniel. C, Owen and 111- funt |.\i'tn daughters were removed 'rom (he Blytlicvillc liospital this fternoon lo their home i Adorns.. Mrs. George Dysingev presided over (ha business session and Mrs. A. L. Reagan was in charge of the devotional. Mrs. George S'.iamlin secretary of chil- <y.i record and attendance. was appointed dren's 'wflrfe. Spring flowers formed the centerpiece of the tea table wfcich ivar. covered with a lace cloth. The hostess' was assisted in sen-hit; by Mrs. O. 0. Rodger who preside:! at the tea table. Approximately 1UO people ultcml- cl Ihc meeting. The Late street ycunj people received the foamier which ic ;i monthly award b:\scd Hub UK Guest Mrs. R. F. KirslmtT v.,i., Lt;r S'ir.'t r/I Mn. W. Li-on fimilli when she cnilcrtotncd member; of tlie 'liio.:-irtay Bridge club v:ilh :> lim?h- r.on at her home ye.stTii.i-). Th<> llviiij rosm where tlie .two course menu \va:; served at. :,m,iH labls.- \va5 decorated wilh jonquils. Have.. p. .4. B. l.unclicon _ Mrs,.;. F. . B. Jbyncr and i Charles, Perm were hostesses to] In 'keeping with the members, of , the Cliarleyoix chap- 1 scheme of (lie parly, spriii- (Allies ter or the. Daughters of the Am- 1 wave used. erfcan ,' Revolution at, n luncheon' In the bridge games vliirh fni- yaterday at the home of Mr;. | lowed, Mrs. Harry Kirby was hi»h ' and Mrs. Floyd Whits, second Joyiier.: Jonquils _ and peach blossoms were arranged throughout (he W'M H.ive houH. They were also used as the Bstek i! f . v i centerpieces of lhc dining lable nml! Mr.-;. Harry W. Hnhies « tlie small tables al which lhc IS guests ;were served a liirec course luncheon. . . • , .. It was decided that this grotip \vlll. observe. Ai'bor day by contributing' flowers and shrubs to the garden • club. For tl c the Colonies." "Victoria Kegina" at the Hireling of the Litllc lheater in the court room of the city hall at -;30 o'clock Thursday night. An invitation Is extended lo all who are planning lo altcnd (Uc Helen Hayes' performance in this ... Mrs. C. E. i lla -y a'- the Memphis auditorium "Witchcraft ini tlle toiler part of the month. J. C. Mrs. Gc-crgc Edringtan, secretary of spiritual lite; Mrs. E. s. Ch'lles. historian. Mr. and Mrs. .IcUie Driver mo- lorcd .to Hot Springs yesterday lor a visit. ol several days. . Ulllc. Peggi- Jane "Driver, il,iu;h- | ler pf.Mr. ati.-l Mrs. \v. J. Driver jr.. this j is quite ill from measles. Mrs., Julius Wlgdor ot Charleston. Mo.. Is here for a visit with her mother, .Alre. nose Goldberg. Mr. and .Mrs. II. C. David sou and . two daughters, of Blythcviile, Juvr 1 n n Holt . . Pat Patterson, who was severely voinulcd February 17 when his head was seriously cut. was dismissed from the Blythcville hos- lilal today. W. B...-.Cnlto,.. 1 or . .Osceola. who «is seriously injured in : a • hiyh- fi\y accident Fetoiiar.v H, was removed from the Blythcville hospital to bis home today.- i i ;?£rs. -Jack. Wood, of, Lcnchvillc, underwent a: major operation today at Ihc Blythcville hospital. Mrs. Elihii Tosh . was admitted lo r the Blythcville hospital today. .Miss iMarjorie.Gill was removed from the Blythcville hospital to her home at Dell today in a Cobb ambulance. Miss Gcaigia .Amiable, of Osce- olu, is n patient at. the Memphis Eye, Bar, Nose and Throat hospital. . ' . . Mrs. B. S. Simmons is a patient fil the Memphis Baptist, hospital. Mrs. Colombus Kneiives, of Car- ulhcrsville, has been admitted to the Memphis Baptisl hospital. checks COLDS .anil . FEVER first day Headache, 30 ir.inutcs. Liquid, Tablets Salve, Nose Drops Try "Ilul>-aij--'r>sm"-\VorWs Besl Liniment NEW SPRING YARNS AND FASHIONS , ,,, By ncrnal , FREli INSTRUCTIONS •Mrs. I,c.slic Hooper 1103 Chickasawba 1'honc 7S2 — program s. under (he direction of Mis. Mas Eorousky. of Manila, and Mrs S S. Stmibcrg. teachers. l-cllo\vi!i<5 the program, refrr.sli- inenls will te .served bv member,; of the Ladies' Aid, , Head The Courier News want ads. i ARE YOU Pale, Weak? niurh n;,,,-( ii.c I;.,M C ,I . ,::. 1 DUnvtry niwl i! m.vlr r«r fcrl net st> ni»,-li « !mtitrr ami my npprlilc .."««>'"•':" '<«:-il in Ijiliuil c,r Irrm y,«, r "IriifsM l.Kiiy. Ste'lu.w r 7< >"" '"I "del usii.s .lt l)i>o,vcry. IK? New Mrs R, L StOcSctt, who'rtcent- mo\cxl lieic trom Memphis, tx>- TOO LATH TO CLASSIFY Elcclric WcstiDghousc -Cooking slovc. $25. Walpole Elcclrie Shop.' ...... 8-ck-16I . At A Savings Shop" an;d Save Here We IMV Iligltest Prices on Poultry, at all Times. 118 \\. Slain SI. 1'lionc 2 or 3 Piece Men's Suits Cleaned and Pressed Top Coats Cleaned and Pressed 50c 2-Piece Ladies' Suits Clesriefl & Pressed SO.c Plain Dresses Cleaned and Pressed 50c Ladies' Plain Coats Cleaned and Pressed 50c Ladies. Hats Cleaned and Blocked 56c Hats Cleaned and Blockei ' 5"6c Skirls or Sweaters , 25c 411 W.Miin Phone \H c'clcck. New Survey is three miles AT LAST THEY'RE HEftE , . . THURSDAY, FaibAY, SATURDAV tiuiltcs bearer lo one of our $1,50 lo J2 00 CROSS NECKLACES m plain or iviili beautiful SIMULATED GEMS ic fad lias uikoii Iho country by norm and' due In o Weal demand. WB could oblaln only a numtM nf (1HU.SS NECKLACES ... NEW STREAMLINED DES1GMS Tlicsc H-jutlful CHOSS NECKLACES art bclnit "ora morntns, afternoon, and ctciling. A varittv of alunntnft stylcs-lor women and girls—in plain, "r more cl3bor.ilc ihsijns. ... CHOICE WHITE OR YELLOW KOHINSON DRUG CO 30(1. W. Main SI. Bljllicvillc, Ark. . ... A STARTLING DRESS EVENT AT Bright Prints! To Give You Ttitil Fresh Spring Ferber! "Polly 56 Only liram! New Siiring- Wash Presses V:\(. Uyctl; Guarsinteecl Fast: m For Misses dud Woiiien Gay ;us a. liuks song . . ,. hi mutti- «ilornd .lloralti and viviil lutlcrns • . I'olly Ann l-'rorks interpret Ilic season («i(h. coicr and imaeiiialinn. Tailored lo Irim pcrffctinii . . enhanced «i(li fiisp tnnchcs of -.vliile riquc or -coiilriislinjf lianilinRS. . . they ciimliiiic smartness n-iiii pract<- cabiliiy. C-hoOsc from Xirpcr models, Ccal \cisions, swintr E i;i r [ style a'n-.I many .ntlicrs in. ;i varicly lo ffive your iiHliviilinil prHneiicr: free roign. liiivs' and Girls' Playsuits ; 3 io 8.,.I limit 2. It) customer. Only ;t few doxcn lo (jo! It 20; 38 (o 52 1-1 Clianniii); Stylo So New! So Smart! For Toibri, i'oiintry or Sports! 'Peggy Palmer' Spring Classics In Wash Frocks GENUINE 'TAI,ON" KLinKJ-'ASTKNIiKB lilhcr in melal or plastics— 2ip -and it's closed! All wanted lengths and colors! 'IHE FIRS't' WITH A COMPLETE STOCK IN THIS CITY. , .300 Yards JVcw S8 Inch Silks and Acetates! Lovely prints in LARGE FLORALS! SMALL FLOR- ALS! MOSS Crepes — rial Crc ties — p c b b 1 c c rcpcs — Dough crepes.. 39c I'CM'l.lNiJ! ' '"•isr>;i; - fa-stuou t.IN'-SIMX 1 MNKNS! Irrsh a . s ,| lc first-crdcus— intrisuing- di!tailr<i at strategic 1 paints for sheer iMit ..they, sum im the newest iremls.for spring.' Brilliantly; Cclcrrd (,r in I UP JI -paslcls— they'll Hash' Uj-igiitly amler . your coat now and als- lj l! >y .ihcjj- iare charm in the' warmer 1 days to come! '„-, Yd,.:,,,- .">()() Yards Only New Spring Prints 500 Yards Only! 36 Inch Broadcloth Smooth Finish B!ytheyille, Ark. Shop Dunlaps and Save the Difference

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