The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 15, 1946 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 15, 1946
Page 7
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i : :»»^r w«» m »mmw»rmm lAilii lit ftbfeki fid llahchard. and loUlftgcri- BeKalb Seed ... __Sler of FentdnV attended lAwafd, Banquet In h&n6f : of 'eatiftt^- wlnnefs 'in th& 1945 iUj»NaU6hal Corn,. Growing " Mason City Thursday, Slftftchafd, whose yield of ' '"Vi-^it acre won county tsnlp; /was awarded a Mth his name, the yield ^y68;e engraved in gold. He 14.146.':' presfented with A; bill- I; from the company. |u£ Kraft, of Algona, spent Irsday ,at the home of his son, B Emll; Krafts. he Befftard O'ponnoll family 'fWesday evening at the Flail home 1 . Ifc :andMrs. Henry Schroedor Jt, Thursday evening at the flyswoldt home. id Mrs. A. F. Krueger, of i'tnont, spent Thursday at the (uic6 Martin home. Jh and Mrs. Willard Menz_of jiton .spent Thursday .evening £he Clalr Bellinger home. to. r G. J. Staudcr and Master ; Cecil Bolster, Bancroft, J vis- : Friday afternoon at the M. IBlanch'ard home* tr, and Mrs. Kern Blair and y, of Des MoineS, and Francis pie, .visited- at the home of " /Jessie Stebritz, Thursday. Monday evening dinner gudsts IMf, and Mrs. Ralph Thompson |re the Walter Thompson, fam- md Mrs.-Lillie Thompson and &•'• •'!''' "'. '••'"" : fier'e fwiil be ; a cafd party lursday evening, Jan. 17, at the [i601.;. gym sponsored; by the ihd Mothers club. Everyone is Hted. lit: and Mrs. J. M. Blanchard • Gene and Mr. and Mrs. Alf fiultz and son were Wednesday ining guests at the Harlari anchard home. ; Irs. Elmer Krause and.daugh- and' Ruby Cherland spent iinday and Tuesday at the Sme 1 of their cousins Marie and TJela: Jacobson,-- Humboldt. * lira. Marie O'Brien has been Sable to continue'her''duties at j$e Beauty Shop because of the HQUS illness of her mother, {Lrs. Frank Bahling of Burt. f Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Hurlburt hd family and ( -Mr. and Mrs. Don iurlburl of Algona spent Sunday Ije ,6lh at the honic of the men's parents, .Mr. and .Mrs. Irie Hurl- iiirtj Fairmont. 1 ... ' " : : TVIn and Mrs'. N. L. Cotton cn- ertained at a birthday dinner on Monday evening for their; son ViWSf Guests besides the: Wil- pte" Cotton family were -Mr. and Angus Cotton and Mrs. atiramann..'..' - '" ; '' ; . .,.•';'•.•••'••. : /.• • '*" : •Mr,;; and; :Mi's. -.Russell Rentz of JiolTipsons'. and MPs.^Tlip.mpsibn's .not'her Mrs. Emi|y Hcide'hwitjj Bf; Algona ipent SBturday- at the ^eo Sahkcy home at! Britt. ,,A Senior high school musical, tie Gay Nineties Revue, will be irescntcd Wed nesday eye 1 ning, January 16, at the school gym |nder the direction of Miss lone The Band Mothers will jjll lunch after the program. i Raymond Nelson loft Thurs- Sy.fqr a,visit at the home of his 'jrte'r' Gladys, Washington, 111. tC ; Wni. jNelsons spent-the day lursdflySat the home of their aughter and son-in-law Mr.: and Ifrs.-Wilbur Shoopm^n, Cylin- |The card party sponsored" by Auxiliai-y on Tliursday. night ell .attended/ nihp : tables in flay. Fred Genrlch^ won door a-iz'c, Mrisi Thpmscn :hJgh for |omen, arid Mrs. Melvin Hawks, Sigh for men; Ralph Thompson DW for men to Harry Hobson. v Mr, and Mrs. Wm. Christenson ook. their granddaughter Joan Jiwelfel to Fort Dodge on Friday |o consult Doctor^Chase there, loan has been quite sick the past jeveral weeks. Her many friends |ope she will soon be well and ble to resmne her school duties. The U.S;W, A, meeting was eld: Friday, afternoon at the pine pf Mrs,>Art Prieb?, Jt wa.§ jted to send $25 to'the execU" ve secretary to;,be sent to some gspUal, The l> next mating will Feb. 8 at the home of Mrs." " Genrich, Mrs, Sdw, BJanch- jd38ssjs^lng. ;--.:'•'.:,';;.;-L.; : -.••;<'•"•. ' !r. and Mrs, Dean Jergensoh loved to a house in Upbarton |ie J,ast W«?H, Mrf,; Jergenspn has i living .at; th's', horo^PjChw sints, the;:?r9nkWiitp/vWhUe . • Jenson,, 'rfC^DtJy •• discharged ^ ;seryjqe ; riw>§*)iway;;.:/HeJen ?hk spent frpmvThyrsdey t° •»••__ • T_*A»_ j !_:•_*_'•.it-'. ",.--• ft - ,. - • • ; 4«y>to t»H9 of s, Jn'th§ east ESTABLISHED 1865 ALGQNA, IOWA, TUESDAY, JANUARY 15, 1946 Second Section VOL. 81—NO. 2 TitonkaChiirch Anniversary ObservanceHrfd on Sunday • Plan Church Sale* Fairville^ Jan. 31 Fcnton: The Fairville Ladies Aid met Thursday afternoon in the church parlors with Mrs. Fred Frink and Mrs. Ervin Bruhn. Mrs. Walter Pertl was a guest. Mrs. Gcrhardt Hantlcman had charge of the surprise for which Mrs. A. D. Bleckwenn won the prize. , It was decided on at this meeting to hold a white elephant sale in the church basement January 31. Logan Out Of Navy .' James N. (Logan, S2-c, 409 E. <; North St.. was recently discharged S from the Navy; a Great Lakes news release stated,'as of Jan. 7. Thclma J. Kinseth, Bode, Hal-c in .the Waves, was also discharged The .congregation of 'the Good Hope Lutheran Church, Titonka, and friends, observed the 45th anniversary ot the church's founding, Sunday, \vith special all-day services, and a noon dinner for the congregation. : Plcturp* 1 ^>>ove is the church, which has also just completed a job >t redecoratioh. > < Rev. Allied Mardorf is the present pastor of the Good Hope Church, and was assisted in the ceremonies by Rev. M. A. Schulze, former pastor, and Rev. H. W. Siefkes of Waterloo, president of the Iowa district American-Lutheran churches. (Cut courtesy Titonka Topic). SSI Rev. Alfred Mardorf ing will be Jan, 24 at the home of Mrs. Lawrence Hutzell, pot luck lunch to be served. , ; Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Cotton cn- t'.Ttftihed .at a 7:30 dinner- Tuesday, evening. Guests wore Mr, a,nd Mrs. -Roy Jensen, Mr. and Mrs. Don Houck, Mr. • and Mrs. Angus Cotton, Mr, and Mrs. Alf JorgenscnV Mr, and Mrs.' Ernest Jensen, Mr. and Mrs.:: Alf Krue- gcr, and Mr. and- .Mrs. 'Arthur Priebc, Bridge was played and prizes ,were> won by Mrs. Angus Cotton, high for women, and Mrs. Art Priebe, low for ,womcn^ Art Priebe'high for in en, and Angus Cotton low for men. ALGONAMENON CRpTfROGRAM County Extension Director, A. L. Brown and NTLA, Secretary, Gene Hu(chins of ,' Algona were among the speakers at the annual meeting of the Emmetsburg Pro' ductlon Credit Association held in Emmetsburg r Tuesday afternoon- January 8th. ,•..'. .•:..;: •'-,.-: •'•',; .':•.; i The reports of this farm co-op showed 1Q45 to be their best year as to total earnings and acpumU' lated surpluses. H. J.. Bode of Algona was reelected to the board of directors for $ three-year terin : as represeji- tative of thftKpssuth county farmers, E, 'K, Johnson °f- Cylinder wap elected to represent Palo Alto county. ' v .,• . • "., •;.•-' - ••;•=•.• ; Chfls, A,.;NeweJ, p/esiclent of the National, farm w>an Ass'ri at . Algona, a}sfl ^tended the jpeetlng, Me WW? °t ^9 association in* elude farmer? froiRKpssuth.alo Alto, Effimett <^}ay! and " • Leona Brandt Of Titonka Bride, 10th Lf.kota: The Hev. F. F. Darnauer and wife were .among the f.uesls at the marriage of Walter Christ, Lakota, and Lcona Brandt, Titonka,.at a candlelight service in Good Hope church January 10 with the Rev. Alfred Mardorf officiatiiig. The b'-irlr was (it.tondcd by her i sisters Vcrla -anti the 'groom 1 ' brother Paul was he«t man. Rol->-' ert Addy and William Christ were ushers. A reception was held in' the church-.' parlors to about 150 relatives and friends. Thp newly weds will live on the groom's father's "farm Washington: One ; oC the Townsend organization's .most valued workers is Mrs. J. A.. Ford, tha 'first -woman ever 'sent to Washington to serve ^is a legislative representative. She is a business school and accountins gradual^. Her husband is owner of the Irn- san chemical products laboratory at Cleveland, Ohio, " Nine members of congress are women. Women must half lead the fight for greater, economic security. , '.'.'•:'.: '. - Afnerlca is right now, entering a -period in which congressional option on principles of'the Town- pend Plan is certain if we play our •cards right.—AdV. ••-.-'-'. .; 4 peeling -T^f^g'F -' Wftrn Plum H. W, 1ST DRAY AND TRANSFEK STORAGE OF ALL KINDS Long distance hauling. Every load insured against loss or damage. Equipped/; to do all kinds of draylng and hauling. Happiness The happiest days oC my life were spent in the urniF ol another man's wife—"My Mother". When grown up, in order l.o be happy you /irsl muiil. make someone else happy. A kind act always has its rev/ard. The grouch that grumbles is never happy. He hates himself and everbody else. The business of grumbling is easy to start up in. It does r.ot take any .capital, any brains or any sell respect. JrH-hc pioneer tlHys-1-liore was very little gossip. The neighbors young and old would- gather in for an evening. Father got his old fiddle. Mrs. Lane rat up to the orpan and the : shin-dig was ; on—singing- dancing and visiting. At 12 o'clock mother served lunch, home made Fiuisago, buckv.-hcnt -pancakes, donuts, hot coffee- etc. Then for the bob sleds ; and home. The whole affairs did not cost anybody anything and everybody was happy. Happiness is one of the Ihings money can not buy. ' The man coming in from the f'clcl or factory aflci- his day's worjc, is the happiest man in the world. He comes home to a good honest wife. No skeletons in the closet. Qod bless these wives and mothers^ They fill a home full of happiness and sunshine. They are not trying to raise the neighbors children. They rock their own babies an- care for them alone. For many a man rocks another man's baby when he thinks he is rocking his own. • DuriiiK the -.war high prices and poor quality matlc lots of people rock the other man's baby when they bought, goods at the stores. But there is a Si-owl day coming. The stores will be full of goods. Then we will have competition and as water finds its level competition will stop inflation. We. have $4000.00 worth-of shoes to be shipped in January—every paii; standard quality and the latest styles. Shoes that will wear and make satisfied customers. As things Bel back to normal we will fill the shelves mifl have the shoes you wfinl when you want them. "Happy New Year". Jimmie REAL BOY STUFF! What They Like-The Way They Like It-For Winter Wear Cattfe Hides! CALFSKINS HORSE HIDES HOG SKINS SHEEP PELTS We Pay HIGHEST PRICES Clagg Hide & Fur Co. V _"."• . . Operating Under New Management 301 Central Ave. Ft. Dodge, Iowa Do Not Confuse Us With Any Firm of Similar Name Specialist in the treatment of JOHN DEERE 0Hr^o|Msin theK«ndsi5ffa<ftqryi- nothing 0ro|tted, and; npthtys un- i airiediimechVniC§'wfip§tM;lass -jaif? •';.'. "flcswswy aditedf It means the work , the special training thit will be 4on^« *« shortest ppssible expert knowledge <jf 8 U ..tiiWB^iW €f|t fQr fb^ time |O.MR' Peffe farii^. eflWPine^tt tfajned jnefhaoic ^wastes • in finding the H koaw how'* lhai how to do - : .fbs.-job*^ Aftd. roost iin'. ppoant pf aU,^ it 'Wfa^jS^tfisf yowf Jphn Deere Uswir^wiJint wiM be^in ""'•'•'•" Ijuon to delivef fuli, un« ifvlctiwhes tbj BWft WimSK^$^iM ^Iraik; ^^Jgft^pW; £•-«'.:»(-ALftvrs-.'.SJ-'.T-v.- :»-: •• - •••--•. - •---.--.• BG)YS' Gabardine; shells in teal or -tan shades, red and black plaid • lining; a good garment for dress or school; drawstring at waist; .saddle pockets. Sizes 10 to 16 Shearling Lamb-Lined SHORTY COATS Laskin Lamb Collar m $1350 £ Insulated for warmth with shearling lamb lining to protect him from the cold. R inforced armpits . . . storing wristlets ... full -belt in style for durable hard wear. Sizes 8 to 16 MACKINAWS PARKAS Wide selection of boys' mackinaws in fancy plaids and plain fleece patterns . . . half belt or full belt; with or without zipper parka hood. Sizes 4 to 20 HI 95 SPORT SHIRTS Knitted shirts, fancy basque stripes; with short or long sleeves; a good shirt for dress or school. Sizes 2 to 1G BOYS' SUITS Sturdy but dressy, 2-piece suits; single and double breasted; styles to meet approval of a critical junior taste. In powder blue, light and dark brown. Sizes 6 to 16 to Zipper front; heavy, warm material; ideal for hard^: outdoor;; use; slash pockets; plain or plaid patterns. Sizes 4 to 18 : COTTON ' '' '•'• ; FINGERTIP COATS For Junior Boys This popular fly front coat' is tops in .quality, style and tailoring. He will be well dressed, cozy and warm in the "big brother" style all juniors want, Sizes 6 to 80 JACKETS, flannel U»e.4» sanforized, :, v .,; v :..,;,^^ * ! "'" " ; " " ' uissmifi

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