The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 15, 1946 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 15, 1946
Page 2
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PAGE TWOi- Did you say they're here? Yes... the NEW MAYTAG S! II Handsome new nioJels . . .exclusive MAY. 'i AG features Important "Post-W.rr" improvements... new eAiuemy) quality, rugji'ilnt-ss. See a t/emnlisfatlon uoie at ALGONA MAYTAG STORE Plione Mfl CSIrini OII1.V Tuesday and Wednesday January 15-Hi "BILLY ROSE'S DIAMOND HORSESHOE" —Co-Hit— "FIGHTING LADY" Robl. Taylor Narrating Thursday, Friday, Saturday, January 17-18-1!) —Co-Hit— UUGHING tOVmi SINISTER SUYERI '' f.,-,.,n, WONTROMKESS -Ij nUr CDOAR C. ULMCR " V? Serial "Federal Operator" Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Jan. 20-21-22-23 PAPA" MANV SERVICEMEN, AFTER PLACING FINGER- PRINTS'CH-WSCHARSE PAPERS, Mi WCAPPlNS THEIR THUMBS IN'SCOTOI" TAPE ra PRESERVE PATEFUL INKSTAINS LONG ENOUGH TIS SHOW THEM TO THE FOLK'S BACK HOME. SWEAGHURCi^ $7,875 TOWARD; A PROPOSED BUILDING Ssvon City: The annual business meeting of Immanuel Lutheran church was held Tuesday »t Luther hall. The report of Pastor A. M. Yotingquist showed that 22 adults und 24 children had 'been added to the membership during 1945. The present membership is 445 confirmed members, and 124 children, -ir a total of 509. The Sunday school enrollment is 130, not including the Bible classes and the 14 teachers. The Ladios Aid has had a net income of $1,140.34. The Woman's Missionary society has taken in about $800. The new year starts with a nice balance on hand, and a total oi ! $7.875 toward the building fund. Of the $5586.82 for expenditures, $1495.05 were sent to the conference and Synod for missions, education and charity. , '• Officers for 1946 wore elected as follows: Secretary, Mrs. Os-" car Lindc; deacons, Robert Pehrson and George Wallentine; trustees, Harvey Larson and Milton Peterson; Sunday school superintendent, Rudolph Peterson; assistant supl, Mrs. Albert Swanson; organist, Mrs. P. A. Hoi- comb; assistant organist, Mrs. A. M. Youngquist. Nominating committee, J. .T. Anderson, Lloyd Thorcsoji, Mrs. Selma Anderson, Mrs.. Sever! Holm, Vornon Pehrson and Mrs. Algol Swunson; delegate to conference, Robert Bexell; alternate delegate, Mrs. Ann Larson; delegate' to district, Ted Wallentine; alternate, Myron Johnson; auditing committee, Wilfred Carlson, Martin Dahl and Monford Peterson. Plans for the coming year were discussed anil the congregation "dtod to buy two $100 war bonds in memory of LeHay Peterson and Wilbur Geerdes, who gave- their lives in service of the county. POSTAL SAVINGS IN SHARP RISE HERE A summary of 1945 statistics' by Postmaster W. W. Sullivan brings to light a number of interesting facts about the increase in volume fit the Algona postof- fice. Chief among the figures is the fact that in G05 postal savings accounts, there has been an increase in deposits now on the books of from $540.469 as of Dec. HO, 1944, to $714,239 as of Dec. 30, 1945, or an increase of $167,770. Most people think of the post- office nurely from the standpoint of mail service, which is natural, but the postoffice also includes postal savings, bond sales, tax stamps, licenses and what not in the past few years, in addition to the regular mail service. The cash business during the Christmas period jumped from $3,500 in the 1944 period to $3,809.49 this last season. The total quarterly postal business dropped, however, due to a decrease in overseas mailing. During the year 1941 the post- office had an increase of 120 clerk man hours, and 93 more carrier hours. Algona Sailor Was In An Auto Crash Robert Wayne Peterson, son of H. W. Peterson and Minnie Peterson of Algona, reported as injured last week, was hurt in an automobile crash near Oakland, Calif., it was learned in further word from a navy hospital at Oakland. Young Peterson, in the navy, had been stationed, at Treasure Isiaud, after his return from thg Pacific ijr.ea. He is 10, and' suffered a cranial injury of a serious nature, his parents learned, in a telegram last week. First Speaker At Rotary Forum Here Tuesday, Jan. 22 SIMON D"ST ID I A'N, above, Cleveland, Ohio, traveler, lecturer and specialist iYi international affairs will speak in Algona next Tuesday, before a high school as- Hc-ni'bly in the afternoon, end at a public meeting in the evening in the h i g Ii school aduilrorium. The public forum insli'tulc. of which this is the first of four in the series, is being sponsored by The Algona Rotary Club. Davidian, of Armenian parentage, was born in Constantinople, but educated in this country, graduating from Yale University. He has traveled extensively in Europe, and has an intimate knowledge of Russia. JUNE STRAYER IS BRIDE IN MICHIGAN In a ceremony performed al high noon on New Year's day, Miss June Virginia Strayer, daughter of James A. Strayer of Alt-ona, became the bride oi' Lewis Bailey dough, at. the' First Methodist church of Hartford, Mich. The Rev. Lester Clougli, pastor of the church and an uncle of the groom, oM'iciuVed at the double ring ceremony. Dr. Robert E. Reagan of Benton Harbor, cousin of the bride, gave her in marriage. The groom is the son of Mr. find Mrs. E. M. Clough of Higman Park, Mich., and was recently discharged from the army. He plans to attend a college of mining engineering at Houghton, Mich. He is a graduate of Benton Harbor high school and was in the army for the past four years. The bride graduated from Algona hiah school and had been ; i commericia! artist at Brown's Studio here. Mrs. Ada Bean of Clear Lake left for home Jan. 1 after spending ten days at the George Lee home. The 4-H girls were to have an all-day meeting Saturday. Jan. 12, at the Henry Muller home. Man Without Home Land Now Has One; Visiting At Seneca Seneca: Karl Peterson, who gained some fame as "the man without a country" on a vis : t with relatives here, three years ago, is back on another visit with his aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. Peter Peterson. But he isn't a "man without a country" any more. He is now a naturalized citizen, and also in the U. S. Navy. Karl was a seaman on a Danish ship when war broke out, and Denmark was overrun by the Germans. His ship was eventually sunk, but he got to America, and came to Iowa, to visit relatives. La(.er he..was. ad.rajtte.d. to citizenship and joined the navy. He is now on u short leave. INDEPENDENT LOOI Burl's, entry in the f»aio>AlC6- Kossuth b'asketBait MKue has ifitfe< • w; first L .,compiled this Wfeefe Team standing of pendent loop follow'.' Town Burl _^---iul4 l Emmetsburg _—.'_ '3' Mallard '...u-'iH Hiivethclc --..--2 Lone Rock, ~ —; Graettinger' ^--4 Algonn _-_-* ..^ili Wh'iUemDi'c :*.:.--*.(>. ....... A league tournament is; tO> be held at IHo end of the .season 1 . Anyone wishing 'games,, should contact lite team managers?; who Ttoari Proceedings Auditor's Offlpp, Alironn. lown, ' lifM'plnl.pi- .'I. tniri. S:0fl oYlni'k A. M. The Itmird or Supervisors of TCos- KMlh I'mi lily, lon-n, mnt in regular KPR- slufi pui'Minnf lo adjournment wllli HIP rollowiiiir iiinniliPi'H (irPS'Ptil: Sitpprvl- Mii-N .1. II. l-'riinpr; W. K. Afi-Honnl.l, \V. A. Sehrnni, .1. P. Qiilim ninl M, I/. .liihnsnn. • . . MnHiiii inniln liy Rplirnni tinil si"'- r.iiilnd hy .Inliiison Hint'Itin following final enilnmteH fnr in'nlnleniince K,\\.\ vcllntf ol' HIP I'.npley J.CofhjiftiiPHiYt^ Cnnipariv IIP npprovpil; NJJ,' i,'"No. Jv, Nn. n nml Xo. 1.1.- .'. .^,^ } ,1? ;. .;/,: A.VPR: All. IS'nys: None'. ;11"- " ,. • . ..,' Mnllon uimlo liv Mi-Pomili^ nnrt sen-' omlpil by Kramer Hint. IIt^-Ponrd of' Siipprvlsurs nsslcn lux anlo per.HII- i-nlPS Xos. SIX)!), 2010, 20)J 'AiifVj2ftl2. tW Help 11. nnnilns ns provlflpif -'for- In Kni'llnn 72C."i of HIP Iftnn: Coif«-.,nC lown,' upon pnvnipnt. of tlip fni-n^of.'tlip,i'iT- lirii-iites, pins InlPrert mirfpr-nnlllps In ilalp In full nml Hint ,,I|IP Counly Anilllor IIP ileslRiintPil to Poirtplplp snlil nsslirnniPiHs In helinlf of '.Knssiilli ("oiinly. 'A\''< Ayes: All. Nnys: Xonp. ,»'- • 'il'ollon inr.ilp liy Johnson . nml nei'- Mided liy Selirnm Hint ..Hip. njnnnl of Supirvlsors tipprovp. v'owiir'omlRC i-lalm f,i' Knssnth Cniinly, Town. In.foll, upon |i;iviii'.|il "I' .f."i n .llO. for sums mlvnni'cil liy'snid County for Ilin support of Mrs. NYldii Uni'iks while 11 imlln.nt nt HIP Him.' .'•'an.lnrluin, Onkdnle, lown. A vex: All. Xnys: None. Motion innilp liy McOonnlil nnil PPP- nmli-il liy .loluiKon Hint'tlm-Hoard of Supervisors npprovn llin ; eiinrHlnllon of Hint, pr.rllnn of HIP ml! lux or.rmil .•mil lOrinn 1'nliiiPi' In HIP ninoiint of .fl.L'S, miller Spi-llnn r.flH.17 of the Code of Inwn, MS I'pi'iiininpinlpil liy HIP Cily of Algnnii, lown. Ayes: All. Nays: Xonp. Motion inntln liy Mi'llnnald mill-sen- onili'il liy Frnsor tlinl Sell ram IIP up* polntoil lo nmkp npcpssnj-y rnpnlra on drainage, illstrlrt No. 12-t.' A VPN: All. Xnys: Xonp. -. Mot Inn iniiiln liy SPlirnin mid r sonj niiiji'il liy. .Irilinion Hinh Qnliin IIP np- poliilnil In iniilcp necessary 'repairs on Ilin following drainage dlslrlnls': Nu. I, Xo. ::!) nml Xo. fiti. Ayns: All. Xnys: Xonn. .Mnllon inniln liy l-'i-n.'-pr- nnil sen- onili'il liv Si-lirmn Hint .I'filinsnn he npiinliilpil to mnko iipr-pssni-y vopnli's on tin! following dnilnitge dlslr'els: No. SI) nnil Xn. ir.fl. Avns: All. Xnys: Xonp.. Million inailfi l>y .lolinson'nml KMV nndnd liy Snlirnin Hint the official luiml. of Klili'llii K. Sliinv, IVpuly County .SlipCTlnienilcnl of Schools, in .VK: ono.^._ .,,,, * hy AfePoiinljl iind ; .seel am Hint n 1 refnn'V rj to .loe Arndorfi-r' oil . mm pm rrh. Ayos: All. Nays: Million nindp hy ohdnl liy Si-hrnni Sf'j.m lie inadp to .. ............ i ..... mini of having TIPPII fluippnil and p'lld on i-rronons dnj; lax in f'rese.o 'Piiwiishl|t. A ves: All. ".iys: N'nnp. . Mot Inn made liy Mplionajd nnrt se.>- muled liy Johnson Hint the County Aililltor IIP optleped to dPPlroy all IIKP- less dncnini'iits of HIP viirloii.i rMiinly iiffli'e« III HIP Court lloiisn-ns provided for In SPI-HIUI MSfl. Codn of Iowa. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Mollon made hy 1'Vntiep mid see- rindeil hy Mi'lioniild thai Hie Hoard of SiipervlwopM approve thp i-lalin filed niRiiiiKt l!ny (lordoii, owner nf the SKI/, nf Seellon I, Township !IH. llnnifi' ••s hy the Hoard of Trustees nf Ledyard 'Township, us Penee Viewers, and iliut s.Md ehiim In- cnlleoleil as prn- vlileil fop 111 Seellon 1S!H, !!>"•!) Code of Iowa. Ayes: All. Xnys: None, Million innde hy Sehram anil se ondi'il hv MeDoiinld that .lannnry 1 Itilit nl 1 :•'!•> I'. SI.. I" herehy fixed us Mine for hearing ml Cnninilsslonei-:.' report, on Hr. I'd. and that the Conn Inslrneted lo pnMlsh lnnlin To|ile. first *<"' •to Jnll itrdilhails Itnriiwnfp, Slip. Vt.-R.SolmltK, mtg KollnSP.h, 1-iiHvln WlpIllPfiilnt . OhnR. Dnrmnnn, mtff. '. • IV rnlitily Knrfn npliroprlntlnn. .Innlnn. A; IT. SPlinlPf, Oil Poii. Oii>l,silfr .,fHi>HR«| Tim M'rmOfs tfrtvpiR. Oil FllPt ,««:*.. ..... , .* ..., I .*4*»ii»» k- ilHimiR Rprvloi*; Oil 1 06i ; .. RII p« ly Allilllnr l«> sfinic In Ilin 10 hi u*. Ayos: All. Nnys: Nnnn. (Si>n Hni-nrrt fur Itpsoliitlon), Motion niailo liv .loliiinnii nnil snn- omlpil liy Sclirnm Hint i) ."•. nnrcpnt »«- KosKiunni IIP IPV|PI| on ilrninii!. r « ills- trlct Xo. SO. nnil Hint siiran Im sprnml on HIP lux lists for iKillecllon wllli HIP 10l."i taxes tn IIP palil with nml ^('l•onll Imlf of III.VCH In 10III, A.VPK: All. Xnys: Ts'onp. iSnn Itp'-oril for UcxnlnUnn). Motion innilp liv l-'niscr nnil nniloil liy Sr-lirnm Hint I IIP Coniily An illlor IIP nml Is linrpliy InKlmnli'il l» nnllfv HIP Township f'lni'ks lo rail 11 mnnllnif nf HIP Township TriiHlnns ol 1 Hiplr rpsppplivp lownshlps. In i,rili-i- lo prc'pnrn their lon-nshlp rnnil pro (irnin for tlm ypnr Iftui, nnil sph'fl n n-pri-si-iilnlivo to niPKl wllli Ilin llnnfl nf Siipi'rvl.'.or.s fnr llm purposP of ;iiUi|iitnv: Ii rnnil proBnim for KMI'., n» llm Hlh ilny nf I'YIirnary, Ifltfi. m HiilHI nYlin-k A. M., In HIP Court Itnnin, i Alifonn. lowfl. Ayes: All. Nnys: None. fin inollon lionril jiroc-ppilcil In nil i!li mill nllow i-laiins ns per "Si-lifilnli of I'hilin.s" licroliinl'lnr wrllli-n. Cnnnly I' .Vin-Hiwi-stprn Hell Ti'lftnlionc I'niiipiiiiv. tPlpphonn norvlPn.ij! I'iiy nf Alifnmi, llBhl nnil .W'li- li-r >-i'i-vli'p I']!! 1 ;!!]!!!' KollllSI'll, Allilllnr iioriilhy Mi-r(rpii, Anilltoi- ..;. Mnrjorli; Wi-liPi-, n^slst £(\. Trnnsiirnr /.>• Mnry Ann Mnrprmi. iisslsl: Oil; Ut-conlct- W. \V. Siilllrnii, jioslaRK I" sin-riff's nffli'i- i... C. \\', I'f.-ir.son, nilv. lily., etc .1. II. I'mspf, foniin am< UPS- elfins W. [•'. MI-|IOIIII|I|, i-diilin Jinil si'sslons , t... \V. A. Si-hriini, i-ninni anil -'jtoa It', ,ti ttrnlpy,' intR. ,!.','...... Ay.'Ai nnllnn. lionfilofiSoiilnl WtilfnVn Mtc. iliil-lntt ItHn,. Mrs. KH'H-n Mnfilnx. linArtl, of Soplrtl. AVoirtlrft' Aftp? 1DJ.T Almn C!. .Iiinlinrmplnr, nllPiiO- ln* «pltonl- of InM.nlrlldn- . .Trthn niilp.niihUn, .|rfPtn on n, 1 II, Monnys nnil SOP Bonil .. KosRiilhDo. Wnr Aft', tjommv nffli-p nxp. ...,-•••'...-•'.• P. W, ,.r*i>nr.inn, Trons.. sppc (!; ('. Si'lihrlai'li. I'ntnin fpps on \V. it. Imrtitnl, rniii m . frc.i ofl nr 1il»' .'..i Olnf l.'iinnpmnrk, onmm- fnns, on lir. .17fl •• rnnrl I'nnil fL .W. I'pnrson, (vrnnil Jury \tl.t- lins.1 fl'PS I'nlr (Ironnil I'nml Kossnl.h i'n. Kiilr 'Assn., up- prnprlnllnn Mhrnry Fund Thn Mnnmlllrtn f'ompany, KPllOOl llOol.'S ,,,.......,,,... town rnplls' Ilpnillns 1 CMrpln. liooUs ., Ifnllpll Pnlilldlilhtt'. Ho,, Iion1,-q Fti'otl:, Foi-psmnn * <!o,, liookH How. J'Plprson &•• f'o,, lioolts I'.pi'klpy-Ciinly f'nmpniiy, hooks Miiplpwooili llnol: IJInilPrj'. rn- lilnillni; hooks !•:. M. Ilnli) ft- fJotnpnny, i-nd. inns hooks InMHiilo I'll ml Xntlonnl Kfliii-ntlnn, Ansn., IIIPI.hi^r.slilp nttil hooks .... Snwyrr'M, fill pi lo\v:i Stiilf t'ollpRp, snpc Mi'flrnw-lim lloolci (in,, Inn,, hook .. f i, .'. Thn Mni'inlllnn (In., honks .... llnrpiin of Visual InslriiPllnn, sup, ...' Ooiinty- J'uiid^ Kllplo TiolJ-sp Ijnnf' f!o,. sup. (linn & <'.»„ Hi>linnl lioolcs- .... Tin? Mai'inlllan Coinpnnyt pi-hnol nooks Mi'l'iirnili'l^MfilliPrs Pull. (In., si-lioo'l lniokK :....^..* Row, PnliirKon *t On.,, school LnuliH Kollnti 'rnliHshlni;: f'o., sphool, lirmks ' Sfolt I'or'psninn Co., siippllnx .Si'Oll, Korpsninn &•' I'n., si'llool hooks ; Ivllptn LOOSP f.Piif (lompntryv sup, ...., l-'lillnr & ChmnliPi-s (In,, siifi. Si-nit. l''orosmnti >t C!o., sohool hiioks Tlii! Mneinlllnii Company, work hooks lroi|iuils I'uhllslitnir Go,, work; hooks MI-( 'iirnili-K'-Atiit liors I'nhllsli- inu' ijn., work hooks Klnli,. liiKlttiittim Kiinil ; HflPll \VhltP,. nlnrlt- I'I-PN' ..i... *'. II.»ypr.' physi fpn.s T. 1 I.'. IlntPlilson, ntlornny fpi'H Jrin !•;. Lyni'li, nHnrtii-y fpps . A. .1. Cot'li-y, sliprlff fops ... . lli'lr-n \Vliltn, i-lork- fnoa ..... I' II. f!rntxiiii'.vnr, pliy«. I'PP* 11. I', llllti-hl.son. iitlnrnpy, fpps llnlnn \\'hl|p, I'li-i-k 1'i'i's M. n.- I'.iiuriiP, )ihy«, I'PPS .... T. I', lluliililsnii. nifoi-iii'y I'PPS A. .1. (.'ourlcy. Hliorirt. fi'iw lir. \V, !•'. Unnislrpi'l, wllnos.s n.p.s I'liiiHlruclion 1'nnil. Ilplon [.plprli. nsslst (!o. Knur II. ^f. Snillh, snlni-y .Inlnv. Uni-wcllor, s\i|i Hurry h. (!nllpr, Inhor .r. Jt;itivry.Wiin,')n|i.rtc- nnil .use-. of' liilils". j I IIUIIK'H lllKCUHfl l>'tlll<l XiiVi-n ,V Xnrrn, Inili-ni. cnttlo I'Miiinnil C. Vnskc,- Imli'in enl- H.> .' •I'. II. l.'iinil lir. 1'nnl C. lii-llPiifi-hlt, Insp. .I-'. I!. Kv.inls, Klrlp|iln)f, ionil- Inj; iirnvi-l,.i-li- 1 l.rro.v Crapsi'i', .sliiip'"niPt-ltiin'i: .lni\ M. KHM-I', .opi'rnrfii!,' ilr«»t- f (,'iirriini "ii'iii'nVos'("piii.i-i'ii" '.'.'.'. Arnnlil \\'p^iinr, snuw fpiif-lnpr, I'Yi'iliniiinl .Mcynr, simw fnnnliw 'l.'MMIliP Hull.--!']!,, SIIIIAV fl'lll-lllff i-tc- '... . , llpi'l: Klinlliunynr, snow li-nr- lii!i nnil I'lnii-kiiiK t r rnvp| .. f'hirpii'-n l|piilf.'ps,, pmrol. .... Mn.v Itloi-k, snow /piK-lns .... l-'rnnk llanlropf, pulling lip snow'i'S Mnx linn, pull'.nK up snow IVll"Pi ' Prpil I'l-i-Rrtnilo, pnlllnt; up snuw I'PIII-PK. llnrnlil K. Wnrl.y, liinillii); ' snow I'PIU-H ..... .1. - \v. Wui-liy, Jr., hn.iillii(t .'illOtt- fl-tH'P r.ilwnnl Niiiunnii, KIIHW lYiw: Im; S. 11. .Mi-lionalil, patrol Knlpli Alnrkln, |int up snow I'l'llCCS, ' <'tl- ., , An-liin Doihls, snow fpnolng IdiKspll r:. I'nipspr, mow I'cni.-' IIIK .., Xiinc IE. lioilils, snow fpnptnu .Oliri'l- Yniing, piilrol 'A, .1. Illlilninn. i-lini-klncr Bruvol I'rhnn XiMii-nlli, pntrol I.ini Sloi-kwpll, patrol jllfl: Ilnnilp, pntrol.' t'. H. fnopiT, pntrnl DwlKlii F, (iralimn, sn»>v T.'fff KWtO.OIl S.fil 17.22 in,-. 1 ) 2R.!in 2.r.7 21..W +-f 0 i!nl! 2.0U l.flR uz'.no ni'io ra.nn "2.70 40.1!) n..i2 T.M.'* 2.1.M :i'.K» in.'mi 'V,!no ".no :i.nn 4. -m Rl.flO 247.W 248.2: nn.nn 111.10 1 84.00 17S."B I (12.20 1(12.20 1S4.40 25I..10 BJ.OO 8.1.-IO TfliSO 0.75 71.40 jooinn lT'J.".fl U^.'SO 11)2.20 Sfl.M) V.'.l.lKl KiO.10 nscm . i - C'o. * y * .('o. rinM "M.'M S-'.UI fr-MII . Ki.SO l-\ CJnlnn. conun an,d sessions ................ ...... . i,. Johnson, conun and scs, sinus ' IS.-i.iil l»t.7.-i ' 22I1.IUI i'lilella J.'.iriin Siipt. A id is Snnt. A. !•:. skow, liiielt Itiibilkr, iishl in C eiiiin Co. illSWOI'l ll, IIHslsl ('il. islpy, liivps.t I'iM's uml OB ninl VlsiflhK CoKlny, bnii jrliiK pi-Jsoners K. liniirltzeii, ScllflOlS' ..................... II. W. Millet, otfii-o exptiisc Tim Bancroft UegUUr, board -Ml.-'.-, WI.IKI .•i-j.on as,ao 102.ST1 C0.12 SI.US 82.SS Algoilil Upper Pf-s MoJttPH. lionril nroi-epiHngii iimj offii-o suppllos 7S.!«I Ailvmn'C PHhllshljig Co., del. tax list mid htunK'H Malt t'arrolt & Soiis sun ................. • Kllpto I.goeo \.eat Co., Irviii Wlrtjes, blv c. S. Jpnnson, sup, ..., ' 4.-'. S. Norton & Son, 02.72 u.oa 7.7J ("leu. !•'. (JrahaiiiiMiow feneinff Huh n. Spurn-, labor 10. M. llnwiis, snow t'eiK-lnir ,. Itrherl Opptidal, snow ft'iiclnu Clias. Ania. snow feneliitf .,.. Andrew Kroiuiiifii, piurol ... JmnoH M. l.iintf, pulrol William I-', fti'linnler, piilrol . K. C. Ohm, snow feiu-ins . .,.. ClmrleA \V. Thompson, patrol licn.-ilil Hlersledl, Inullini,' snow fences ,. Wllhml TJinnipsnn, snow feni'- IllfC Cliarli'H I". Ilnwks, snow- I'eni:- Clydo smider»i,'clieckliiB Vrt'iin Mollinlnr, pnlrnl r.oi'll'.- K. Mlllitr. putrol Alvln .Kwlnts, piMrol Hoynl .SnnilorH, pulrol lltirohl Hlnli*, pntrol ,lobn H. Aiulumon, pulrol .... Andrew X. AIII|HI-KOI|, pntllilt,' ll|l snnw (p.wcx Win. ClirislciiHpn, patrol .... liniiald It. snnilprs. limillnK snow fcni-r , Xiii-Iluvn..sti.rri Ili'll Tcleplioon Co., li-li-phonit scrvli'u City ol'.Algnim, wale*, light and jiowcr (ifi-vli-p Jlngloy Construi'tloii Co., load- Ina nnd limillntc gravel C, \V, 1'curnoii, adv. J'rolKlit ninl i-xprcsw Itajrji-y Constrnrtloi) C.n., load- Inj; and limiting gravel .... Ci-nlriil Sliilpu JoTi-c. Co., dee ncrr ; .Centml Iowa Toln.' Co., li-le- phono Kurylta ..........,',,. Alpliurm l|p|'te. luhor litigley Construction Co., sup. 1'hi) Algona llunlwurc, sup. .. Algotiu Implement Co.. .sup. . It, U. lintzell,' gus ........'...'. KolillifldD IJanJwarfl, mip. .... R K. Nort/jn it Son, sup .Vofton Miiohlni.- VVorks, sup. nml rcoalrs 0. K. IlulibiT Welders, repairs Si'tiulU llruH., KUP JUfoti ilaixdaui. sup Hli)i C. lylPlity JJariJsvare, HIID. jT'ctrless Oil Co., Kiip. ,,. ;ftlaU:li Garttgs, HUP ""-•"""^'Cqop. Society, Klip, Mf*) •U5..TU ] 113.11) 1JH.70 15,'I.Oft 328.00 .12,53 sw.m 17J2.SO 170.00 102,'JO ISIi.OO 121.00 150.30 T32J..'ia 211.17 1S8J7.03 1.02 Mi U5.00 5.S8 •(.is S--..T4- S.. - J9 ibiso 76.87- i.wi 1.00 a!w 1'.08 1.43 13.48 •13.00 MV&Vftt- WU- X • ••"•" ?JrB * 1 '; fnpleuiont Co., r,«p.ojrs *.,, t'r«du*:(8 Oprp., SIIB. ' " war 8,83 W« 36,70 msi Iteir' fllSrli. ftitow P. II. Pntercen, nbnnklnff gravel • ;........-. .i.i, i.. ii.i ii •• l*uar Van d ftnrnnsnti! Orbcniy ro« pr»,v... 'ItnniinkPpJs Kooil/ !Nf kti, iirnvi .'. Ueil Arrow Ornent-y,, prnv, .... ... Mnrf 111 Upofe., pror ..... ...... llertiikn's Rtopn, pfnv ......... Paul Krnst ( prov ......... .... Whlltpthorn', WKinors Cnott. '' F. Sr Norton; &' Ron, conl» ..... OP. f)..n i ntTli>.inr'yni- ( .tnc»1. nnil nfflen enlln ..... »^.. ...•.-.;••« Oioeknnr! Stinnlnrlunl ;K Ilnspi, hORp.. nnrn.i .................. F.. S. Norton: *' Ron, fllipi,.'... . 'I'V H-. >fortnn;* Son,.sup........ (*.., Ii. CnvniinuBNt nioili .slip. ... ' Hnrtri-:.T» atw. «<4,fni Hint). in;o ; lir. (f.\ Hi. Or'fltjihoyoiffiwell'- <*tH 31 nn illltl^trnm's llnpti of' HocthH Wilfntei. nltU ln\ lillhtl:,..!.,. ....i'; .*•'.,. i j- - npp,t? of Sirti-lijl' 1 ,\Yelfni;o,',: pIB.* to'i ilpnendiHitM eltttrtfc'rrp.;'......" i.««iiiii»v,'11iir'nkn V ••'".''•: •-' " -c'rti,. lemjiltonn^isnr.vU-b '..i ; ft." F. llro<»k(ir/',.hullr....; i..... •'In B. HtcpJlfiWfvisVw 1 : Sprvli'P' , ' lti>ii ( llnUknm, nnlilry-' „;.....'. 5 liy lo filelnh«ok> ;j?hl4rj-.'.........;. — * AiKnnn. "'"•' - ---"•'•' ' :ai ino.oo ififliOti slining:'A-' Mui'kby'i..snp. ..';..... :Itpyn nneeliBimnns. .Tir., linulltifi • hiiJh ............................ < Dr.. I\ \V.lnhniv. nind. narc'... .- ^Slilll/. Hltnn KtoM-i slt'oPF- ..».. i AlKonh . !*•*> Oreum: ft'.. Oijndji- '.. KaPtory, U . MS 7,0t 2.40 Itfil) . n .n.T-i . Almnti'. <!n-op,, Orj\: Oo,, sup;. 'Alirrinn'Itnklh^Ciimpnnyi prnv;. M. S. .lohnsoni,prow. ^jj'Af ilny'R .liink; sprat,-, 'pro.vj- .... Hnscop'H.Mal-kot,,prov, ...,...; -;i.04 P.. K.' N^rtotr.*' Sow-, sup. .,-.. 20.2h Norton' Miinhlno 1 : Wor.ks, to- null" rnrttliKir, 2.03 UK I.'P. UKSOIiV.Rm.T.lint'.tlip OOIHI-. ly- Anilltor- in liernhy- 1 nitlliorlxcd nnil illfni-ted' to'-'Issun ' wnrriinlsi for,' itu i-lnlms nl'lnwoil nt: this. mentlrff, ns sliowtt' liy tlm': "RHwdttle- of Claims!' hi'tnlnheforp' wr.lttnn;. On motion'- adjournment/, .vrnx- tnfce.n until' |.:"0--nVlo.elfi I*.M:, Ilpppinhnr- IS,. JO-IS/. 1; .]-.• IMJri'JUPAT.Ij, .1., V. . Cotinly Auditor, • •• Chnlrmnn, Board of SupervlHoM Auditor's Office, '.'; ' : Algonii, lowp, ' ; 1:;iO O'Clni-'lc'. P.: M,'- , Tim Itonril .of. Supprvlsorn 'of "nullt C'*(untv." town,; rt sePsiOD',^niljoiiwiniflnt. ..-,.-.-. • Viii' iiiHowiutt niemlicrs"; iy-n.soiit:'. Sit,- ! pprvlsors J. if. I'Vnsnr,'W, K. Mnlloii: nId, W. A. Rvlmim, .1. J>'. fjulnn'. and M. fi. .TohiiRori. Million ''innde liy, Johnson nnrt Mm- or.ilPd hy Kru-^pr thiit the flonnl of Rnpprvlsors ndnpl, n rnsohiiliin i-on- rtrinlnj.- asspsHtiiPiils on Hie. following .lolnl J)rnlniij,'C l>lsirli-ls us ni-loil nn liv 'tlm Joint lloiirds of, AVInnehmfn County and KbKSUtli HonnlK nnd If'ia liii'tlr County-, and, Ilnneonk- f!Jniiitjv mid •Hint snlil ntispsSiniMit-s lie' wltli llm 1OJ5 tuxes pnynble in, 1IMO.; , ^ : rMSTItin-PS ' ' ' ORKHNAJY AS8M1V .llnn'-oi'lt No. W-KoKs«t|r No. !I ; .,. 1:%" ;iliincni.fc Xo. l'.'0-Koxi.'iiHi Np. 7. .10% Wlniinlingo No, ;Bi-Ivoflfiiitlt No, 8(1 2%; Wlnnnhago-No. -Itl-KoKsijtli No..104 1% i\V.tnrinhflp:o. No. 1 tMS'lvowRiitU.No.-1!{0' I % Ayes: AH. Nays: None. • (See-- Ilpporil: for Resolution). .' Motion', made liy JbuiiKon and RCP- 'ondeil' liy- Krnwr. tliiif" u'. non'Toftdi'iit . neilw lie served on Kmll; Si'Iinonilykiv imil. fmnlly nnd- UU-iiurd • Wm. 'i'lioinp- son inul i'« nil ly. Ayes: All: Nays; None. • (in motion Hoard proi'epded-'to ondlt, and iillow: dnmnslln. unlinnl i-lnlms an iinr. "Sniiodiilir of fnnltns" I Animal:- Kaad; '.M. ('.,- Krosplf,. sticnp' fclllert hy- (louii ..... ...... ...... ,. Not Ailowcil Allinrt: lljas; -slipcp tllleil !!>•• ilog* ,. ...... ........... Not Allowdil 'llonitin It. Willii-lnil, r-ow.ltllM . In- ilbfc'n ....... ..... .. Not Alloweil Hilwaril O. Wolf, fihe*-ii klllnil liy ilotfs .....,..:..... Not Allon-oil, Kinly II, harspn, Klicpp killed ' Ii/ doffs ,....,.......;..- "2.00, Mnyniin'l \VIilte, etippp killed ' 00;0ll (ittotr , Harlan.'I'lioiiiptiOli, l>y iioffx ,.,.,,, ..... .....; Avi-ry-' l«lt('|i. slrwp klllpil l iloBS ...... ,,,..,. •..•...,;,. IV .v.- l>ronp; sh(>f p, ' InllflU.' l itoe.s ,...,..',«....,.,••.,*.•. Will. 'fi,'. lillllll, HllOI'p ....... Alllft- I'Viertsi'h, doB« v..;.,.....,.,;-.^'.;.... JunieH Oolan, ohlnkens Ullled.-. hvdpKii ,,..,, I,. >...;, ,;,.,,• ypr,. i.lii-«(i Wll^Uliy; otfs ..,..,,. .......,,....,. f rlir Oplielm, sltepn ,, kltleil . opi ........ ;~ ,.,,.,., < Ji'ltcli, slit-pp; Ktll«iV-' liy- liy If. A. HJnersdnrf, sheep. Killed. b'y tings ..... .,,,,,*,,,,,;,,. C.. ICi Kolilliuau, sheep tilled hy dog*) ....,...,,.....,,,.. ChitiH l^nnlelM, nln?ep Ultled. liy; •loss ,.,,.,.,,.,,,.,. Mi Or .Simpson, slieep, WH^d l)y dogs ..,.....,...., MliiiiT Kiillnscli, fihoep VlllPd hy- dops ,,.,;,,..,..,,.;.. Cnrroll'A. rimr|Kon; Htteep Kill- n'."'w!*Qu°lBn;' Vh'eep'Vl'liart' by fiO.<»' •;• 22.IW ••'-• 10.00 120.0» 2t,0« lft.09 40.00 18.00 a. |l. (-Igeuilttl, Ktjw>p kjlled liy ilncs ' ..... ..... ...... ,'. . ..... , . • riurlnn l.onu, tthepp killed l>y Harrjr-KeUbi slweR kljleil by dogw ...,...,.,......,...,.... Anilrew Oallneri sheep killed hy does ...... ...... ........ otm'rieg jieiBon, siiwp killed by ' llOlf* ........... ....... , ..... Viiu'unt Dlionbucher, sUosp kjf- Ied» hy. *io .,,,,,,...,.,..... Aiiifaist i~ S.luder, sheep WH- pil hy do«ii .,..,.;........, Howard, i killed b>: fiur! 0- jrro* by dfljps . I'Dmer Ktie • e-1 by A)£r«l J cd liy ilo«ti ... . ,,.,,...;... Robert Sanforr); cuickfos kill-' Ml by dogrs . ..... ,.,>,,,.,.,. 10.00 W.OP .,,•., . diji-ks ' C. HVflft IWf 'm» Millions of;children like: thlj^one face; »; wihtw of? wjfferingi ff6mi'«posuf« iWMf? tmt YWI »MW I THAT THtY CAM WSAK? Clothing that you may consider old can - war.'b'rougKtidiipairiilnd'destiltution. •.•'. Vouc:ip»re','clothi<ig;'wll^be distributed free,- witHoutdlsctiminBtidn, to vie- tinUfOf'Natiiand Jap oppression in Eli? rope,';thePhilipp.inM(,and.i'thpiFar East. ,.. ..di'g.putall tH^dbthingyou ' ' For Overseas Relief January 7 to 31 Aller. Inyentory SALf FURNITURE — HARDWARE 'j-t Ll A I i'-t ''' ' '"- ' ''J* .'- : '" ' " ''•••:'''' •'''' ' '-*' '' *" ' "'•""*''*! i'' *; ',- I / .., ( HOUSEHOLD GOODS! to MOTOR &IL, SAE 30j in 2 gallon cans. gal. 89c 5-8 in. SISAL ROPE, 15 ft. lengllis, gpvi, stoclt. .75c 3 TINE HAY FORKS..:. 1 ........,...;.: 69c SPADES, short handle type... ...69c RED BARN PAINT, good quality, in. 5' gal. lots, per gal.... . ...... ....... ..... .,.-....'. ........ .$1.19 (Buy Now For Next Spring) TURPENTINE, gallon ....... ........... '.',,... .......... ........ ; .S1.19 TRAGTOR KITS, all style tractors, with generators,...,. ...... .".?...;.;.''..;.-.;.... ..... :,...... ;.$19.95 ANTIFREEZE, reg, $1 seller, "gal;.. ... ..... ... ......... 79c. 6:00x19 RELINERSjalLrubber :...,. ........... ........ $1,75 IHOUBLE. LIGHT, heavy duty ....:. ....... ..... ..$2.95 PAIfcS, 10 qt. galvanized, eaqh;, ................ ...... ...,.....29c CREAJVT CANS, 1G qfc.,..;. :r '.- r .: ...... '...'.,.'..'. .................... .-.69e 1 plate ELECTRIC STOVESl. ,..,..,....,. ...... :.....„.. ..$1,98^ Opiate ELEGTRIG STOVESt...:... ;.. ..;. ..... ........$5195 CAItrSEAT COVERS— for- Qoadies, front 2 and back, quality straw,, complete ............. - $9*95 "MABTEX" LINOLEUM* RUGSj all style ^~~~ • patterns . ......... ,.„....'.'..'..,.. :,.. : ..:,',..;..,....l.". ........ .,,,.$3;98 CHICKEN WA ! TERERS-i-bil heatedi ; 5 gallon size ........... ............ ...... .....: ....... ........ .$3j98; ELECTRIC ROOM. HEATERS— for extra heat* in yowr room-' ..••-— r -— ,/...,..., ...... -, ^,,:;. r HOUSE BROOMS, ^ II «^^^^L^W^^s,T^iiK^KSS.-^^ m :!fiat§

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