The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 15, 1946 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 15, 1946
Page 1
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''•'. v&mm ^S,:}' Bank Deposits Run Ifiar 1-7 MiHiott Mark, Survey Shows 1HI sftape 'tddSf " 111 hlstdty, if ;fc:'suw- depositsn building postal- savihjfB ae* over. the cduiity are *•«.§lUifriinary made last weiek i irfdfAlPha Upper Des MolnesV I will' 6v;er '16 million dollars is |no,w> s tin Deposit in this above'in* . . ?SEfil8:tb.tal docs not include arty ' deposits outstda of the ndr does .it include. ''any ;.;Biivlngs accounts other " ' ' ^ Bank ffbrn '.statements carried last .vcfek Jlfi <C6Urtty papers', and 6b- ft||ihed* directly 'frbni the banks [t|'em¥elves, the following ft igUreS ;bbtairicd as to bank, depps- io^fstate,' Algona:$4 ( 784;326.27 Stcurfty :Statc, Al- :., ' ' ' IgbM/ ^-ii— - 2,333)140.83 Titoiiifei 'Savings',,.«: 1,509,208.55 Stat6i;Bank,: Ledyard- 1,533,783.14 (Including Swea City, also) , Farmers, Lit Verne 002,709.51 Exchange, ^Wesley. ^ 003,160.70 ft it Tii; Bancroft ';_:. 958,343.10 Farmers; Whlttemoro 934,598.56 'FirstTrUst', Fcnton.; 36.5,000.00 (Branch bf, First Trust •& Sav- lings of 'Armstrong; figure applies 'to Feftton 1 deposits only.), Farmers Trust, La- ! kota office ...:... .700,000.00 ' '.;6ther Savings Deposils In 'addition 'A.o strictly -bank dc- isitsi the following figures ;,are ileased/by the Algona; Federal Savings & Loan, and the Algona \posioff ice''' postal savings accounts: .... - - , ' Bldg. & Loan .—$1,254,591.56 Postal Savings .700,000.00 f The: postal savings totals fluc- tuate'but; the figure quoted is conservative, Postmaster ,W. W. Sullivan; stated. ' • ' P The gtfand total of figures cited Shovel is $16,980,871.22. ; ; J This dqcs not include deposits y Kqssuth customers liv-banks outside:of trie-:county. For- example;:-West Bend's Iowa, State lank has deposits of .$1,087,038.45 'hich is not included, and. in- lludcs a number of, Kossuth•depositors. ';"• • .' ; ' r -:';'''> V History's Highest Total Old. .timers, in the banking lusincss'iand otherwise, ;aro,: all [f thci;b'elie'f 'that : ,the • p^ciCnt':sit- jajil&irH.of ''cash^in-lxandVivis ,.the litest in the .county's .history. ^ " |p^fficep*^jmted: ;oftt, /are j rtiSt';spending'-ipoA- ssly, eyen'StHoillijvJthey y^hayb; plenty : of ^it," .'ihS'vpb'lrit- ^ed.56ut; ':"! think the' memory 'of Iwild'iand reckless spending of the »102Q's r js still in the minds of i-nany..; They are not afraid to !;uy,rand will buy more, but they expect value for'what they get, tU^fn<£f,wilt not toe buying just for ^Tlho-'sake of spending." •;. , '' The total in Algona, alone, is I $8,836,492.66 in savings of vari- j OUS;>tyPCS. '-;].- •',--. • I ESTABLISHED 1885 ALGONA,! IOWA, TUJESDAY, JANUARY 15, 1946 _i_^jj_qiLLdjLijtcajifirr'j^ :: --~-f*^^-^*^->**±^*^*^ —^— ^.,^^^^_-^_- a -j^^_^ —^ T _^ J ,... ri _._ Section One—Twelve Pages VOL. 81—NO. 2 >A> BARRY RP F0|(;0. TREASURER William A. Barry, resident of Kossuth county for the past 46 r-years, announced Monday that he ".would bei a candidate for Kos- fculK nftiintv tron'atlr/ir • nn , the ticket, : Hts finnouncement brings to bur, the total of- candidates .al- fcady in the field tor the 1946 county elections. -The other', thrae arc all; incumbents, Leo Im-mer- fall. .auditor; Art Cpgley, sheriff; and.,'Mrs. 1 Clara Walker, recorder. AH^re democrats. I 'Mr. Barry was until recently in Business here, having turned the Barry Recreation over to-his son as of Jan.,11 He is well known, ^popular, needs no introduction to the county, and is certfiih to be a strong candidate for the position, ;,.'C> • W,; Pearson, present county treia?urei>, who has served several terms, was undecided, whether or not the ivpuW be a candidate tp yi£$, were is- court's office ;' ^ ; ta; the following ' - PLAM SALE OF P-O-W SURPLUS STOCK Dairy Explosion Pictures ShqWh-here: ar.e' f pictures c na'ilJiii&tt;^^^^ being used to supply ipower at ^pictures of;resul?£. ; of i;he boiler M,the/Blant'f''v's^-- -'.'y.;..',: •''->•••'• /•';•• •'-:''v.:..'-i\, C'y -.-j 's^ Dairiv ; Sbuth;*hUlip>t Street, .i^fciA'ipflnia^mjc^ bhe^formefly in ,,,,, !C ._.,,, ,„..-. vTheWre, dcstroyed'by l 'flre some yeargj'agd;! ," ; Sidq^hcf'dairy, off ice; '<•' < Loren ; Brown,--creamery; owner,; had li |s plant ( •'••• '"'• " : 'Had-the' explosion , occurred 'during working in'Operation'the day after the r explosion, and in- lioiirs,,'Instead of at night, loss of life ; would have tends to rebuild the damaged building'. A portable ' been almost, inevitable. , " : COID WAVE HEADS INTO IOWA TODAY A cold wave is coming—or so weathor forecasts predict. However, weather of the past week has. not been too bad; but the thermometer -dropped to ten below last night. ;'- ; .;.'.; High January 8 _.._...-...28 January January January January 12 January 13 January 14 9 ..,.._.26 ,,-...... r 38 Y-~.".~~~"-2fi Low •14, It! 14 25 4 -•2 -io .—..-— .20 December, 1945; averaged :the coldest for that month since 1927, with 14 below nstlie 'coldest day, and H'/is inches of snow falling, Weatherman Harry. Nolle cred from his records. PRESBYIERIANSTO INVITEMNISTER Hey, Gilbert Kyper, of, Teke- mah, Neb,, was selected' to fill the Presbyterian church pulpit here, at a meeting of the pulpit committee o,f the local. chureh' held after 'Rev. Kyper ..'. had preached-herb'Sunday, 1 The post ha,s been vacant since the departure of Rev, C. A, Rich' ardson to Storm Lake, " • : ' V Joseph Skow and Walter Kfmpley- were insitrweted. to^pre'- sent the offer, to Rev, Kyper. The prospective 1 new minister. $*'$' yoyrtg married; man : with; »'|on. two years old; IJe is a gradate of -Central College."; 1 "Pejla, - 'a^jd too}? hjs theplQgJcal work,: |n Qmahs; and flStMtlonal sludife Harvard. His parents live iri AI' '" TWP. CHAIRMAN NAMED IN DRIVE FOR SOIL DISTRICT ^.•.Appointment of ' township chairmen in preparation for a move to have Kossuth county be declared a soil conservation district, has been announced by the courtly oficcrs, elected last week. George Patterson, Burt, is chairman , of . a temporary committee named- to proceed with the ^organisation of a district, and has| indicated that drainage will be fhe principal Kossuth consideration. A : Soil Conservation dis- tric^ has ho', authority to issue, bonds or levy taxes, but will have for Its use,/technical help provided by the soil conservation service. , On County Committee. ' Other members of the county committee arc George Hagge, Ledyard; Art Murray, Bancroft; W. J. FrimmL Wesley; and Carl Elscnbast, West Bend. Township chairmen who will nssist in the organization are: John Tjelsrud, Eagle; Wallace Reynolds, Grant; Earl Haasc, Springfield; Ray • Eichhorn, Hebron; O. L. Thoreson, Swea; Lawrence Mcnkc, Harrison; August Klinksick, Ledyard; Hcmy Patterson. Lincoln; J. W. Bollig, Seneca: Frank Droessler, Grecn- woo'd; J. H. Kemna, Ramsey, H. Dreesman. German; Louis Reilly, Feriloni'E. E. Hanna, Burl; Hans PreKthus, Portland;'Lester Eden, Buffalo; Henry Muller, Lotts Creek; Harley Troutman, Union; C. E. Priebc, Pltim Creek; W. J. Frimml, Wesley; Ervin Scimsj \Vhiltemorc; Julius .Winkel, Crcs- co; iHugh Rancy. Irvin?ton; Her- vniai Studer, Prairie; John Fras-; er. AJRivcrdSile': . Jbc ' AJgona Vet Adds Invasion Money Ser/es To a Valued Collection i/ Verne. !rNeed 20% Signatures V The first step in getting organ- feed is to secure on a petition at least 20% of the land owners of the county, requesting a hearing on the part of the State Soil Conservation Committee. The above named temporary township chairmen, together with six or eight additional land owners will be called in to two meetings, one at Bancroft at the Legion hall on January 17 and the other at the court room, Algona, on January 18, the purpose of which will be to explain the district set-up. Both meetings 'will be called at 1:30 p. m. ';• • , •-'^•'' ; -'. • —Algona Upper DCS Moincs Newsfoto PEPSI-COLA'S'.'trarisfer »> n d storage plant, adjacent <tb Brown's .Dairy, also suffered-dismage from the blast. Above a workman-is starting removal of concrete and a large.section pf the boiler which were blown from the' dairy through the Pepsi-Cola plant roof. WHAT I!/MEWENEO JP the puHdmg at Brown's Gtlry is shown above,vfhe::;bjagt.knQcke(J out 4 corner of ; the t»ui}oUng and h.w of one w3Ui Wgfiewrti Sricta were thrown clear .awbsg highway -#n4 telgBfione'^grJV 6 ^ broken along the highway, Switch Ownership $1,000 ty for I%w4 wftt,jn V iPltx. Wwits, PSBri-lWilft^f'l^K^h'ift pfMlAltei'M W^?n*-fc$hjfeitt] *.£.?'-,'; i •• « .- *T«*«. '•.r.T'l /^*««' - T- ^:»I*»«*m m^m.wmmmm ;p»pHp &ey ? liiiWf ,w; w^S*v*»- ••&'•' 8®' puff; te povte/ C:,';. •? 'iS' : * H':4^ : .; ir>d sri, W, ^ m"'- ft sw* Mrs. p. V nmw^,w«!m!^-i#$m^W$* i^V'^ /-':f v- f v --: _ ^;..' Y ^3e^l' r --:sA'-.y- ta-A Jl. -•. '.c-j-- .--''. >>•.• •; -»-.;.',"' ..>"-"i'?. v¥?-SlSi;;->-' ";-•/:. _ lgfRBfSX:'-S*rf«t l^agiipiii^Bp;'^! ^il&iMb^iS5s6* i WESLEYAN FINED $500 IN COURT Martin Monson, Wesley, was fined $500 and costs, last Thursday in district court here, on a plea of guilty to a second charge of operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated. His • driver's license was ordered suspended for six months. Judge G. W. Stillman Jicard the case. One new district court case was filed, that of Mildred E. Bruns against Darrol W, Bruns, is a divorce action. The couple were' married June 4, 1940, at Fairmont. They now have two children. The plaintiff charges cruel and inhuman treatment, and asks custody of the two children. Coin collecting is educational, and sometimes also profitable. That is the belief of Louis Ferguson, son of Mrs. W. K. Ferguson, recently released .from the army. Recently he showed part of his collection of 2,000 coins and paper money to 'the Algona Rotary club, and told some of his experiences during 20 years of eoin collecting. His oldest coin is 450 BC, from Athens, Greece, and he thinks probably his most valuable one is a lump of silver stamped with an official government seal, which he ALGONAQl IN Sigsbees To Open A Plumbing Shop Here W; J. Sigsbee and his son, Harlan, .are planning on establishing a plumbing fnd heating business in -the Sigsbee Building, now occupied by JW.Jfichpls Sooe Repair shop. They plan to open about the first of yebpuary. Both are experienced men, W. J, Sigsbee had a shop here for several 'years before moving to Fort Podge, where he was engaged in the same type fit work, , Harte4j Sigsbee'has been employed at both Laing & Mvsekey and Funk fe DeJsv plTObjps and heating .con-i. cernj oer^r 4urin| the past sev* '' ... A $10,000 .suii.':forv:'daihages::was' filed in the Webstcr'.'cpunty district court last week by Mrs. Hattie Phillips, former Algona resident. The suit was filed as an aftermath of a fatal automobile crash on Oct. 9. 1943, .in whcih Donna Jean Phillips, 16, was fatally injured. Suit was filed by Mrs. Phillips against Vincent Sheker, father of the young man driving the death car. The son 'and, another girl in the car. were also killed. Case Up iii January Term J The case will be tri*d during the January term of qourt at Webster City, which opens next week. Mrs. Phillips was employed here for some tort.' years at the Elite Hat SHop and was well known, as were her two daughters, Donna Jeanne, dead, and Irma Dee, now married and living in Los Angeles. Shortly before-the fatal accident, Mrs, Phillip? had moved to Fort Dodge where she had accepted another position. Crash Cause -Not Clear The tragic accident occurred at 2:30 a. m. as the two girls and two boys were returning from Waterloo, where they attended a football game between Fort Dodge and West Waterloo. In the other car was a paratrooper home on furlough, who was injured but not fatally. Full details of how; the accident occurred were never made clear but will evidently be brought out folly in court, Donna Jeanne would have been 17 the day after she was killed. She was a senior at Fort Dodge high, but had attended Algona high for the preceding three years. City's Per Cost Shows Increase The 'sverage/^er'pergon .cost P? operating the Pity of Aigona in 1945 was slightly Above the state average for cities o,f 5,000 oy less population, statistics of the Iowa Taxpayers' As^'n revealed UUs week, v : < ;:v ;/ Algona's per nerson cost^ averr Sged $8.86 for |ft4§i as compare;* wilK $?-Ql IPT 1844. The state average was. f&jjtv-'ll) 1945. —Upper Des Moincs F'lasht'oto pickc;! up in China during tha war. He esUmatcs this solid chunk is from $50 to $75. He has an interesting addition to his collection in a war series, wh'ch includes all of the African gold seal series, the Hawaii overprint, series following Pearl Harbor, invasion currency from other sources, and Korean pnd Okinawa currency. Me is shown above with this invasion money of both U. S. and Japanese origin. > Speaking of the slang word "two bits", he declared that it originated in early American history when the ,old money available for 25 cent denominations was old Spanish dollars, -large enough in size sp that they. cou|d toe- cut into pieces,',or -"bits'"; Two : of vthem were valued at;25;cents.;. ; , , 'er- TO RECEIVE BIDS FOR MERCHANDISE IN NEAR FUTURE Preparations were being' made; this week for the sale of surplus, : government property at the'AT' >. gona prisoner of War camp. ' ; With regard to the pending sales Lt. Col. A. T. Lobdell. command-^ ing officer, had 'the following in- : > formation to disclose. .:. : .•'••-.--.- " ; ./r^ Surplus usiid Quartermaster;;; supplies estimated at a value" of i four thousand dollajfi, will be • available to "the public for inspec- ' tion beginning on Tuesday, January 15, 1946, for a two Weeks period, in Building TT104 at the Algona Prisoner of War Camp,' These include chinawarc, cooking utensils, and a few items such BS . six Singer foot-operating sewing machines, horse blankets, and covers, etc. Anyone interested will be asked to submit a sealed bid for each. v group prior to 10, A. M. January . 30, 1946, on forms to be obtained on request from the Post Salva'gn Officer, Lt. Donald P. Copper. PW Camp Algona Iowa; There will be ' a detailed'listing of these items on the Post Office Bulletin Boards in' Lhis area. The dale for opening: bids will be 10 A. M. January 30. ; JB46. The successful; bidder will-.';; then be notified, arid he milst: re- , move .his purchases^ Within fiyc, .'.. days. ' ' -.''• ••.."-' :'.;,-•''.: '''••••' ' ; .:; ; : ;'.;| Some Auto Suppires. ; ;:^,: A sma.ll quantity" of automobile^ 5 , supplies head -gaskets,/assemblies and. radiator .hose: is' available.;'':'' •.;"••-'•.•-.-•.;-,;.-' ',;••";. ; -' ; ;; ;?. Within/^bput a items willjbe;Vmade 'inspection i,conslistjjig ,. , arid contractors -suppli^ i.iricluding'; pipe .fittirigsV; "'-'"' '"' ^^^-^ torial ,bac>er*<iind to in his:.coiJecUon. i : •«;:, ,, His plans, for the future ;arc.not- definite. He was connected with the srate forest' service before entering the army. CLOTHES TO NEEDY NOW POURING IN A good response to the call for old clothing to be sent to the suf- cring people all over the world through the UNRRA, has resulted, members of the United. Service Women of America declare. They arc sponsoring the collection, and anyone with old clothes should bring the garments to the Allen Motor Co. display room, which is being used as a collection depot. The drive will continue until Jan. 31. Mrs. Sam Medin is chairman of the local US. W. A. committee, assisted by Mrs. W. G. Combs, Mrs. A. W. Amunson, Mrs. W. G. Curtis, Mrs. ohn McEnroe, with Lcighton Misbach, chamber of commerce secretary, assisting, and also volunteer church groups. , FIVE FARM SALES IN NEWEST USTING Five farm sales arc in this week's listing of coming events. They are as follows: Thursday, Jan. 17 — Reuben Fuerstenau sale, 5 Mi miles northwest of Algona, ad in today's Upper DCS Moines. Friday, Jan. 18—Frank Sanford, ,g miles north of Lu Verne, or 6 south of Sextan; ad in today's .Upper Des Moines. Monday, Jan, ?8^John Maahs, Ms mile south and Ms west of Whittempre, ad to run next weejt, Cqiwell Bros,, auctipneevs; Farmers State Bank, Whittemore, clerk. , ;•> Tuesday, Feb. 5-^Mrs. EinUie and Srwin Siems, 2 miles west of , jnclyding 55 head of wi large, line of ^avjn ! ad to rim in future Cplwell B/6s., auctiojv eersj FftTJtiers State Batik, WWt- temore, c}epk, Monday, Fefe. 18 ^-John F, r, ? jniles m<-Q(. jrvi to ^clwdi J7§ hjj|4 o| I- he was ,.,,.. sWp butoMffca^tteil as,, elf«ft»ft*jgti5ifj| ! *' ;; Jf ; ^• ! '-"~^i m crew; v . arniy.. ' tain ^ army proVierty, :i t>i)t which•^iS, used in the Post Exchange''and''in'c the Prisoner of War actiyitiesj ; at ' an estimated value of about twen- > ty-two thousand .dollars, .oh which prices will be; marked: The sale of:; '•h's material will'be- open to the ', following in February—first,, to tax supported organizations and institutions, second, to veterans who are in position to furnish certificate of proof, frm 'the chairman of the Local Veterans Committee; and third, seated bids offered by the public. -From" experience in' other army campsi it is estimated that there will,be very.little which •; will come in thfe third Category for, items included in -this paragraph.:, To Be Advertised, ;: Persons interested in any equips! ment will watch the newspapers" for advertisements and., will also: > watch the bulletin bpards in the post offices in ; this-area, 1 ; ' ' •'.'•'In reply to questions as to the • sale of the camp itself , and the stocks of army ' equipment and supplies used by. the camp, it is believed that the camp ,and. its., equipment will be turned over to the Reconstruction Finance Corporation, 2805 Walnut Street, Kansas City. Missouri, to whom all such inquiries should be sent.' Anyone interested is invited to come to the Poat any day from 8 A. M. to 5 iP, M. except Sunday, where he will receive detailed information. Those desiring to phone will contact 14, .Donald P. Copper, phone Algona, P9Q, Extension 25, 81 Algona Men Buy i Grocery In Taroa | D, L Copper and iDurwood; Potter have purchased a igrc and meat stars |n Tama 9»4 >; possession " er has b« Champlin Potter has

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