The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 8, 1946 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 8, 1946
Page 9
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mm 1 S13L r : .';'.' ;','.. \''. ,•''*•'.• ', - ;• -'-.,•,,!. 'yj "y^i'flj. i/J 1 #!''•." ) ; r'''^'^;'' 1 -'-^ : v.>^'f. ; ^"Vv^:'' '"M.T^V"-'^ )itt»^MISil tNY YOUNGSTERS TAKE PART SUNDAY LEDYARD CHRISTMAS PRESENTATION ,i 't<6dyard: A Christmas program Si/as given Sunday evening at the P#0thodist church here. Rev. Cass i iffered a prayer and Christmas I Meetings were presented by the ieginner and primary departments J ifith Peggy Mayer, Bobby Pingel, Roseboro, Thomas Bashara, Burrow, Melvin Went| ^prth, Sharon Koestler, Janice i Jountryman, Gretchen Looft, ! Rickey Miller, Judy Herzag, Pris- billa Miller, Deanna Wiemer, Tcr- •y Roseboro, Rosalyn Bashara, "'alvln Strand, Lawrence Zulskc, ,oy Her/.ag, Donna Zulskc, John 'arpentcr, Larry Koestler, Roger rock and Craig Wiemer. . "The Candle of Love" was offered by Audrey and Allan Lpucks, "What the Candles Say" by John LooH, Larry Pingel, Marlyn Koestler, Eugene Jacobs, and Bobby Spcicher; "There's a Song in the Air", solo, Melva Burrows; bantominc, Natalie Hardt; "Love Lights the Way", Dclorcs Zielskc; j'Thc Star of Bethlehem," Marjorie Countryman. ; Announcements by Mrs. H. Hezag, Sunday school superintendent- solo, Marjorie Mayer. Christmas story in carols and scripture by the intermediate department; Barbara Mayer, Gerald Manther, Vivian Wenlworth, Beverly Bashara, Daryl Spcicher, Maurice Pingel, Jack Countryman, Donald Wenlworth. Betty Zulski, John Koestler, Dallas Arrasmith arid Delbert Wentvvorth. The program was under the direction of Mrs. Wilson Brock assisted by Mrs. Glenn Burrows at the piano and the various Sunday school teachers. N- 'wlyweds on Visit— Pvt. and Mrs. Arden Anderson came Thursday from Fort Benning, Georgia, to spend a 10 day furlough with relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Anderson were recently married at Fort Benning and this is their first furlough home. "Andy" is in the parachute troops school there. He is the youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. Louie Anderson. Dcloris is the niece of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kelly. J!phn Lullcr Dies— The community was saddened last week to learn of the death of John Luttcr of Fairmont. Mr. Lutter is the father of Reuben Luttcr and Mrs. Henry Seebcrg of this community. The Lutters liv^S in this vicinity for many years before moving to Fairmont pnd he leaves many friends to mourn his passing. Paul Garry is home on furlough also Orville Brandt and Howard Klinksiek. Many others are expected. Mrs. Kenneth Busch and small daughter Caroline Marie arrived home from the Blue Earth hospital last Wednesday. Leonard and Avery Bonnstcdt of. Graetlinger came Sunday to spend Christmas at the honi'o .of their sister Mrs. Clayton Roseboro. Mrs. Lydia Brandt and daughter Ruth of Hubbard are visiting her mother Mrs. August Knoncr and other relatives over Christmas. Connie Garry and Phyllis Strand who are teaching in Minnesota came home Saturday to • spend Christmas vacations with their folks. Catherine Sullivan who attends St. Theresa college at Winona, Minn., came Friday to spend Christmas vacation with her parents. Glenn Dyrc, who is n student at the state university, arrived home Friday to spend Christmas with his parents Mr. and Mrs. Henry Dyer. Mrs. Gust Anderson receivpd s bushel of oranges and grapefruit from her oldest son George, who with his family is spending the winter in Florida. Beverly Koestler who is taking nurses training in Minneapolis came home Friday for a two weeks vacation with her parents Mr. and Mrs. E. V. Koestler. Mr. and Mrs. George Thompson went' to Sioux City Monday to spend Christmas at the home of their oldest son Milton, who has recently been discharged from the navy. Marjorie Mayer of St. Louis, who is visiting her parents, Mrs. Tilmer Halvorson who is visiting her parents in Elmore and Mrs. L. W. Wiemer were dinner guests Wednesday evening at the E. T. Halvorson home. Mrs. Tilmer Halvorson who is visiting her parents in Elmore spent several days last week visiting at the parental E. T. Halvorson home. She expects to leave next week to join Tilmer in Birmingham, Alabama. Howard Nitz who has been overseas for over three years arrived home Saturday. This is Howard's first time at home since he went into the army. He was a staff sergeant and he has now received his discharge and is home to stay. Mrs. Elmer Williams went as far as St. Joseph, Mo., last Wednesday when Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Yahnkc left for a month's visit with their daughters in California. •Mrs. Williams visited her father who is 91 years of age New Itoitttri* Frank 6. 'LaW^ofi, StdHn Lake, has helped to solve theV'hduaihg shortage in Stortri Lake, He has purchased some 160 frame grain bins which were originally biillt about six years ago by the federal government in connection with Us surplus grain program. All bins are constructed of cured pre-war lumber. At the prsent time, Mr. Lawson is building a duplex by using three of the larger sized bins. Board Proceedings Auditor's Office, AlBona, town, November 0, 1916. 'J:nu o'clock A. M. The Hoard of Supervisors 'of Kos- sut County, town, met In regular session pursuHiit to adjournment with the following members iirexcnt: &u- Hervlsors J. If. Fraser, W. E. JIc- Ooiiald, \V. A. .Sehram, J. F. Qulnn, and M. I/. Johimm. Motion made by Schram nnd seconded by McDonald that Olaf Funne- nuirk, Win. J. Frlnuul and C. C. Scharlach, Knslncer, be and are In-rdiy appointed as commissioners 1<J assess benefits on 'llnilmiKe iDlstrk't No. 17:V Said commisloiiers to report mi or before iJccoiubor 1. 1945. (See Iti'i'ord for Kes'olutlon.) 'Ayes: All. Nnvs: None. i)n motiun lion] adj'jnrn.'d "Sine DU-." J. K. QL'I'NN, Chairman Board of Supervisors. ATTBST: I.. .1. IM'MKTIIFAI.L. County Auditor. Auditor's OCflc •. AlKonn, Iowa, November 1-, 1913. O'fkll'l; A. .M. liin bc-lnif the datf fixed \i>- la\v the regular November session of Hoard of Supervisors.. This day nif a. Ic^nl holiday nnd no ouorum im: iin.'si'iit as iwr Section BUS of IMS Code of Iowa, meeting la c'iy adjourned to 9:00 o'clock a. November 13, 19 1.1. .1. V. QUIXN. Chairman, Hoard of Supervisors. TKST: 1,. J. IMMBKtFAiUU County Auditor. MlnutxH of last regular .session and all adjourned .sessions were approved nnd read. J. F. QUI'NN. Chairman, •Hoard oC Supervisors. ATTEST: I,. .1. I, \IMICilLl-\\Lr., County Auditor. Auditor's office, AlKOIIH, UlW'll, Novomliur 13, li'15. I":") O'clock A. M. The Hoard of Supjervisurs of Kos-' suth County, Iowa, met In reaular M'ftlun as per :idjournnienl with thu fullo\vin'< nicmber.s present: Super- viM>is ,1. II. I'Vaser, \\'. 10. MdDon- ald, \V. A. .Schram. J. I?. Qulnn and M. 1,. .luhnson. Motion madu uy Juluison HTU! scc- omli'd by r'rascr Hint the Seerctarj' read the minute." of the bift regular si'ssoln and nil adjourned sessions. Ayes: All. Ntiys: None. 'Motion made .by Mc-Donnlil and soe- onded b>- Johnson that . Secondary liond Pctlllun No. 1,12 bo placed on file. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion mndu by McDonald and sec- thfc . &«/& w by: tVnsGf thai ba.fjefwd oft. ._ jyefSotis'. DU6 .... Stf. rth<l Mrs. J. IS. _.,-„. family, Oeorfo 'Nutt. And, family Ruuy Le 'Brgri ; and children: Aye's; All. Kity»: None. • . '' : . Motion, mhde 'by >8chram and sfepr, onded by Johnson that the Official Bond of 'Lloyd H. Bahlclt, ffoWnshlp Clerk for Portland TowtishlP, Iri tha amount of^JSOO.OO bo approved Aftd placed ori flic. Ayes: All. X&y.'tV Noho. '• • •-:... Motion made by MoDonahl, and seis* ondfcd by Eraser that the followltt'ff ncsolutlon lx> adopted: tlKSOIiUTlpN WIIi!!ftl5iA£, Kossuth"'CO'unty, -_, ... Is the owner In fee simple Of certain real estate located. . \n !, "Oi-wii'^oovl Township, Kossiith' County, lowft,' dtt- sciibed as all o( the paflof the NfJW of tho NAV'Vi of Section Li, Township 9$, iRaHgo ~A) bbnhfied?- and described as follows: BefflnnltiB'at a point 2810 feel West nnd SI'fc*t South of th'e corner stone a,t the Mputhwcst cornet of Section 18, Township S8, .Rani^e :*i, thoicc west -I IS feet; south; lflq'feetj cast, 311 feet: .n'6rth •!-' desrfees and 4 minutes east a.tilstaljce'of ;291 feet, to the point of beginning, containing 4-7-I acres, nnd which said title: was acquired by virtue of a Warranty Deed dated Mny ISth,' 1932. .find recorded Mh tho office of the Kossuth : t'oUnty Ilecorder on Juno Sth, 1032, In Book 7,1, on Pajre 9, Which deed was made, ex<- c<-ulcd nh<1 delivered to Kossuth County, Iowa, by KtlUh O'Neill, . a wlilow. tuid ' . VVU'BIlBAfl, wild real esluto was purchased by Ko.isuth County, Iow.a, for the gravel and roud material contained In said trnct, and Vi° HiHRiKA S. Kossuth County, loW>, had the sole use of said real estate until said gravel Innd road mnterhi.1 Is uxhaiKstcd. and when the gravel a'rivj road mnterla.1 contained In «ild tract Is exhausted It Is to revert to th'e original subdivision from whence'It was taken na per agreement at tltilft paid tract was purchased by sftld County. ' . ./;;'. 'NOW THEiKTCiFORE, OK. IT R.K- SOtiVKD, by the .Board-' of 'Supervisors of Kossuth County, Ipwa,. that after havln.v Inspected the saltf premises, the said Board of Supervisors, find that the (Travel pit has'now bc'en abandoned, there being no Ii10£# snivel a.nd road material to bo tukorr from Mime. ,' ' .,': tBtH IT nuRTinun nKsopvi^f). that J. F. Qulnn, Chairman of tftil Board of Stii)ervlsors wf., U'ct^spth County, Iowa, sliti.ll he nrirt'l.'j hrruij.v authorlzud to'executv, slsn Ihei a Quit Claim De.v] '.co.ivi vSJiK I he siild dcHCflhcd real cstitt. 1 to .Mur- Jorlr l-Mltli O'Neill 1{auoriirc1<!, ni>W the owner of tho iv:il estate contain- In^ the parcel of hind described herti-. In. Tho vote thereon rosulUnj? as fol- ; lows- 1 : .Ayc-s: Supervisors '.I. 11. Kras'« cr. Vf. K MrOoniUd,- IV. A. Sfhrami M. U Johnson and J. !•". Qulnn. ThoHo votln? nny' were: None. •;'. The fot'i'ifuliif; (Ttesolutlon w«s there? upon declared adopted by the Chali!man of tho Board of .Supervisors b/ KoMSiilh County, low.i, on this Wth day of November, ISIS. ' : Motion madi- by Johnson and fc-oo'- onded by Schram that the 1 following llcsolutlon be adopted: , : .':•' IlKHOLi;.TtON. ••';•. MM f ERICAS, the Boa Id of .Sm'crvfH' ors of Ivossuth County, .'Jowa. did oh tho 1st cluy of November, lft(5 appoint J. I*. Qulnn, .Chairman of Uie Hoard of ..Supervisors, to execute' and ao- knowledffe for and on hehiilf of Ivds" suth County. Iowa, • a Quit ClaTttV I will sell the following described property at the farm located '/a mile south of Lotts Creek; or 5 miles west, 1 mile north, l.milc, west and 3V:> miles north of Algona; or 3 miles cast and 4Mj miles south of Fenton, on ^Thursday, January 17th Sale To Begin At 12:00 Noon 85 HEAD OF LIVESTOCK 85 24 Head of Cattle 24 14 head of high producing grade Holstein milk cows, of which 13 arc milking now, 1 to freshen within a month of sale day; 1 registered purebred Holstein bull, 2 years old, bought of Ralph Walker's herd at Swea City; 3 head of yearling Holstein heifers: 6 head of fall heifer calves. T. B. tested. Bangs accredited and vaccinated. 60 ' Head of Hogs - 60 10 purebred Duroc brood sows; 50 head of late summer pigs. Hogs arc vaccinated. Horse 1 marc riding pony, 4 years old. i Farm Machinery Oliver 70 tractor with starter, lights, power lift and cultivator; John Pcerc No. 6 combine; 15-ft. McCormick-Deering disc; 8-ft. Kover spring tooth barrow; McCorniick'Deering corn planter with ferr tilizcr attachment and tractor hitch; Allis-Chalmers cultivator aud power lift to fit W-C' JVfcCorniiek- Deering grass mower; McCormick-Deering side delivery rake; McCormick-Deering hay loader; Mont, gomcry Ward 14-in. hammermill with traveling feed table, new last summer; David Bradley 42-ft, all steel portable grain elevator with speed jack and wagon hoist; John Deere 8-ft. grain binder' 3-sectipn drag; hay rack and wagon; 4-wheeled trailer; 2-wheeled trailer; wagon and box: McCormick-Deering double unit milking machine; McCormick-Deering gas engine and milker pump with generator and Bat* teries used for barn light; 2 Hinman milking machine buckets; miscellaneous small articles. BUILDINGS—One 12x24 two-room brooder house; one 6*pen farrowing house: 2 individual farrow* ing houses; some hog feeders, troughs and watcrers; 14-ft. feed bunk. FEED—50 bales of second cutting alfalfa; 200 bales of flax straw, . ' ----- TERMS—Cash, or see clerk before sale. .^ ^W ^B ^|^ ^^^PW^^ ^j^BBBB MJ ^PUB ^^pBB IPPr'^i ^p^^^^B^P^P.;^P^B Fred Flaig, Auctioneer «*"ii» • •• ,,..««.*iu a'6^ftjW«i, • .; t« . the ., aolntmfeflt tho SWTd, J , $V .tjillrth on: We 1st day *t t*6yomt*f, 194B. eoiild n,nd ftckonwiedifr .rof ahd baliiUf of kossttth Couhty, 16Wft,'tho said. Quit Claim tfecrt oonveylnjj Jiie ddfloHbcd lots 'ib th* sUld Olar* ' '' ' . Oh ence IT by the 'BoJird Of SupcrVlS- that puMuunt 'id the provisions ot Chapter 119, Code of loWft;, the sftld deed as • c.tccUtedi anil aiktip^JcdSed bfe'aml tho satrio Is hereby «pptov«l, T'hd \-uto thefcoii resuttlnBf 'tt» follows! Ay'jWt- SuporvlaorS J. .11, ••'Pttt** 6r,, W. K. McDonald, W: A. Sehf Am, M. U Johiison" fcnfl J. R Qulrih.: '.Those Voting", nay ' Wdrc: 'None, 'Mie fqfcgoln* 'ilsBoliitlon was thefa* upon declared adopted by fh<!" Chairman of tho Board of supcfvlnbr« ur Kdssuth County, .'lp«('fl b oh this 13th day of November, 'l»)6r • . : J. ; P. Qulhn, C'hali-man . of tho Board of'-jjupervlsor's- 0f KoSauth CtjUnly, \owri, appolhetd ;W. T. Jlc- Donald and \V, Ai tjchram to preside bvef tho dcalroylng and : burning of tho 1?H General' Klcclloii : Ballots us provided for '"In 'Section'. 852) Code of KWrt 'Olift.mbfefS, ffht*. ^^^ A. Mnfii'i ttittf, .i'-i^i*. v mt# M^MimmmeiM^md'ff t!-"tlicn,ce No«»;:*JiS afstttncc, 6f,011.0- ttW\ a«*r,-W wtiKt A 16 to:pdlnt 'of s U.&3 tictc*. to, law pu>mwtjt thft "ealdliJ. i*\ . . Motion made l>y Frascr aiid sec- omlo by Hohrain that tha Hoard of Supervisors approve the of. the taxes of Old Atfo 1 ' Asalstnnco recipients aa certified to :by the Kof- suth County Department of .Social Wtlfarcv iNovemibor 10, 19IS, and No- vern.ber 13, 10IS. Ayes', All. Naya: Ndnc. •..''••• '. •'.:.' .Motion .made by Fraflcr and seconded/by Schram that the Board of Supervisors approve the petition filed by Glenn B. GabrlcteoW: 1 g.t a|< -.'for, repair; Improvement a.!wl reconstruction of.'n portion of exlKtlns Drainage District N<S. 103, and'tt)at H. M. Smith, a com- pelent cnglnoer, be and Is hereby appointed Uhffjhccr to. yxamlne " anil mftk* 1 Biirvcy and report on the COIIT dltlori of said • drainage.* district and' prencfit his findings thereof .to the' itoard of SupeirVlsoM at tho earliest possible date. Ayes: All. Nays: XOiie: T;T; '•.-••'; '•'•'. Alotlon niudt- by Ji.)hnrfon r.hd ROC? oliileil by -Wifliratn that th.v lJj:ird of .SUpurvlsorw approve the petition filed by V>avkl«9;"l'atter»:ii> it Hi fur clean- out of ojicn dllith and removal of csfeary trees on DralrinR*! lll?tflot No. K! and that H. M. Smith, a coihpulent Hiiiilneer, be^jind Is hci't/by appolnte<l l'in!?lnoer.^q": examine and msxkt,.. »ur-' vty and rejidrt on thy eon'lltUMi ol sa,id open TqStcli 'an.! present his flnil- Inss thereof to the 'Board ot. Silpti- vlsorri utv..Uie . povslblu. ilatii. .Vy-es: All,. Nays:- None. ".Vlotlon mane . by HK-Mirmn und. .'•'ec- ortUeU by -McDo'nalJ' that J. P. Qulhii,' Chairman of tho Hoard of .Stipcrvju- ors. be authorized to sl.mi contract to purchase two 1-0 International Industrial Tractors from the Herman M. Brown Co.," DCS Motnes, town, for the iipproxlmato sum : of J37I6.-II. Ayes: All. Xays: None. ' On motion Board proceeded to audit anil allow claims as per ".Schedule of l. alms" hereinafter .w rlttch. .. COUNiTT. FUND Imva .Htate, IBank, withheld taxes ,._ 4 ..^.- ______ L.j... ^^.^ IteVnadlne Alahoncy, assist. Co. .Supt.. ...'_...... .....!._' 2S.CO Birna.OInu Mohoncy, assist. |.'o. Suptr ....'..,..... ..... a.''0 Dr. It. A.' Evans, coroner fees' '• 15.SW Prank ICphlhhas. mayor fees. S.C<> A. J. Cos'ey. sheriff fees.-... -SC Itpberl Ivruste, .mtg. _________ 2.00 Jcllin Cordes, mt^. __________ ZOO SreJ DeVrles, mtg. _______ '..• L'.00 Mbyd It. Baftlflttv. mlB. ~ AV/ ! OlhffMch,' :^eetf ••"••" wet*:,-m .. «*«»,, Uoyd It, BKHIiHt; tftfcil fest*iv In , Yatea, ... crtli y^."-, . t^osc hettf Co., Siif.ii Mfcll Patrott '& Softs .<:*).. «lit>. ,.IS.W 12:12 (£8.41 Iowa 'Slfttfi .B«nl(, Withheld tnjtos .i-.i«».*ij.^»»i»-ii.i»' 31.™ \BANO' 9 ULSliASli t'"U!NlD* Ifcrtnan VrlU, Indcin, tuttlc.i 'Ilj.60 Edmunil C. Vasko, Indcift; <iattlo .-^...^...ut—i S7-5* tt ; -M. smith, salary ^......^ SOJ.80 Ibwd. Stale. Bunk, wilnnu-td taJtcrt ii*.i.iiiii^i...*» 6S.BO Stale Bafik, Withhold taxes " ^—.—.u '„__.•*- 8«?»0 Bagfey ' Construction Co., .loading and haullna gravel. -lllCLOO Iowa Public Scrvlcu Co., elcc. Bcrv. .w.^.i.......— 1.02 Central Stales Tlw;, Co.. ulcv. . scrv. '.^t^ii.^.* .. l Intel-slim' Kuwor Uo, electric service ._.,_.. ;•_. 1.35 BaKley ConMrtnctlon Co., loadlnff and hauling gravel. lOTfll.M Abo A. Carter,, laying two .cul-\ .verts l.....i..^..—t 28.CO AlKdna Mnohino, Simp, repairs Bradley HroR, "up, . :» Jjutoh's super ..Service, sup. Kent Motor Co., sup. _,„ ... Tire nu-Ciippers \<Jo., rcpolrs. •Pqwer Co., clcolrlti Schonck, pumping Intcrstato • eervlco Jcrald IT. water ". :..' POOR J«'lJ.V>D Iowa .State iBank, .withheld^ Dr, c. I'. CreUtncyer, offclo wills and med, ...;.'. . ' Dr. -Pierre Sartor, med. aid ' Dr. P. V. Jan*;," med. nld f..:M S2.91 JMO £00 '1.02 a .30 12.00 11.00 11.50 MoCulloush's Funeral Chape!, (burial exp. :.;.-- 82.U). TJr. C. II. Cretzmcyer, medicine . l.Op BW FT UlSSObVilSD: That the County Auditor- Is hereby authorized and directed to Issue warrants for all claims* allowed at this mcotltiK as shown by the "Scliedure of Claims' Iteretoforu written: Oh motion njournmunt was taken until 9:00 o'clock a. in,, November 'M, 19 IS. .* J. I'V QU1.VN. Clinlrmiiii, : Hoard of .Supervisors. ATTEST: • I,. J. niMl!)ItiFA,UU County Auditor. . .-.uaitor'H orflce, \ AlnOiia. luwa,; November :«, 111 13. 0:00 O'clock A. M. The "Buur'd of Supervisors ot Kos- Mitli County, .town, ..met In rusuliiv se.sHlon purBiiant to udjuurmncnt with the followlnb' riiembcrs present: Supervisors J. II.'KniKcr, AV. 1C. McDonald, W. AJ fc'chram, J. l f . fjulmi and Jr. 1,. Johnson. Motion made 'by! and seconded bj- Johnson thai the Hoard of WSSt co 1 Hi! of •as a«B<"'ffi' wfest . fe«tt thdnea Sputli ,. —-,..., distance 'of '-tS5,:4 ifeeli-tpfi 2Stl.a feet, tlicftW !|«i].l!> 4 *i K'ast ft i)fsta:nci$ Jof • I8Ji9 ife,— _, N'ortlt 75 deft us-~Jkst-ttidist4nc*;.sf ftlS.i feiStj tltehee Ni5tfh''0. -d«tiT w \Vcst ft distance 'ot -waa; f««tfunfcttci Nor t h SI dejc, ar.; Wf^t a dlst«|tice o; KW.O fe«t,y tH(Sft'<ie , Nbrth '11 U6^ 28 \Veut A. distanitt of silty faetf tn'«nois Kouth 8ft deft, 'IB', wcKt,a..dletatic6 Of •K.n feet! thenco ^Vortli, 11 \deif. BS' \Vcst a dlstanjo-of :a«'<cot: thence South S9-deft 16' •ff9*( a dl«»t'tve of 412.0 f6e't to the pblnt bf. '.beitt^niric, con'lnlnliiff M.W acre* and,,'whlcn' 8afd title Was. aoqttffcd by- virtue . t)f • a \Vafrani.v Weed ^^letl'.Stititehibdr" 1ft ISM, ; and renordcd "In, l|i«' plflc* 6t the KoHsuth'County Jleoofderidn Sfl'plem- bcr 12, IlKB, In H6UU' 11, CiB'fe/«, which deed '.Was nia.d#, exocutj^[,- &ia jlqUV*' Bred :ta K'osstith Ootinty," ,iow'a, ,«y; HCIIo ttnhn, and; "."'/•:',•",';:'...:-'.•".• •".'.'; •\\Tl.IBinii!!i<\^, said real, "estate ' Was purc.hftscd by:-Kosypth 'County, ,Iown,' for the erayel and, road matcvlal'con- talncfl. In said tract, arid '•; .-,. \ WtJWKRA.S, • Kossuth' CoHntyV Iowa, •lind the'sole u«o of .said heal cs'taAci until' suld -gnive! and.'roavl: ,inat<ir)al Is .exhausted, nnd -WUcll.. tlie ' Rra}'cl and road' material la; cVhaustaa; ,iind .when the uravcl and-.'ixiw!:•''; contrtillcd In' said, tract* It Is to ruVert Id the Original vision fronv ^-hetica •lii.ijvaft''taken 'as' liqr aj«re*ineiit at the-,tl>noj (|B,J4 .tract wiis iJtirchaeed by said : Cotipty. ;• '„:'*'•, NOAV "*PM:l5R01^OiRtd,' : ' jBEl' IT IBjliV: by tho 'BIJAM oflSupArvls- , or» of 'i Koaauth' CoUtttiY- Iowa, -.'that' after luivlntf InsiJtected.thA ^af4 ;Pwm- Isos • the ;»ald -Board of' Supervisors find that the ffraVel and rotld. ^later^ lal contained • in" sittd^ tract ''lajsrac- 'tlcally- exhausted, tlierft 'ronialnlhi? oivly a llmtted''BU'pply of v travel' ^.nd 'road material to be 1 ta'lten frpm said gravel pit. , , . , ; ' , , /" t " B13 I.Fb'nmilBR^rtBS.OmVOSp, .That J. F. Qulnn, Chatrlnan of the. Board of Supervisors of Kiissiith ; County, Iowa, dinll-be and. Is hereby-author^ Ized to execute, *lsn .aiid, deliver a Quit Claim Deed cd^vcylnB the* said described real estate- to'.lillo ? Rahn under cortttlii iiscecment for- the' re? r movti.r.of .balance' of. gTOyel contalnea In siild tracl. 3:Utl. •grahtea Is .the owner of the real "estate- contalh'lnw the parcel of land described 'herViln. The vote thereon resuHinff as* follows: A yen:- SuperylsoCH ,J, H.-:Kraser, \V. .K AleDojiald, 'W:' A. ..(iehram,, M. Ij. Johnson ii |u l' J-v'l'. •tjulan.' • Tlioso voting hay. wcroi.None. ,. •'. Tho forcgol.ns' IRcwlutloii' ..was. I hereupon 'declared . ad.optcd 'by'.the Chairman of the Uoard Of-'Supervisors o/ Kossuth County, 'Jo.wa,' on' this. 10th day Of November, 1 361.1. .-:.V-.';;.;-.' Motion nmdo by Johnsoh and TSec- ondfd by . I'r.aacr that-; the, fc-Uowlng, Resolution he adopted: •' ..'.-. '•.,-'• . . . •• 'Wl I'lOiWEAi.-), lh« .Board 'Of Suporyld- . n ;dh-t ^li'.rfSy- of NOvemljar, l%,- Rhd ftok'ttOWlwMrt for ind ; f:JI behftlf of Ko'sWtli t.'punty, 16 »8.ld Q«ll Claim DAM ; ««n'vpy 11 «nld; deEOHbt'd tfact fo'llio :f«l(:. ..It'tthh; driller i-uft'iln .nfei-oonient tlii'remuvftJ of baliinee of gravel 'tallied 'Iri wild trHtt. , . . : U ,.^'s,; ' ! | 'KfJVf 'ttttEtRBrXfRM, .filfl IT ,Ufei;. BCrtA'BD by the hodfd .Of BtlpBKVWjt oW that ' j)\irsiiBiit to the tirovlmonfeii of .dlmpter' •!!'», Codo of loWO.' tit* hJtlij: il dee<l us executed and aokno'wledg*"-, be an' tha same IM herebV Ajipf oV*9, .v Thtf vot« .thereon resulting ftS.<Wl;,; lOviri:' Ayes'i '''Supervisors .Ti -Hf '. lTraa i .'.'- l » eft W, '18. Mctoonhld, \V, "A. HksiitAjiiiVS M, 1<. Johnson and J. P. •.QUlnti.,,, '%:.! Those ' votlHg hay were: . Non^./v ;•- Tlin toregolnft rtesolutlon was Mici;^ > ' upoti de^mrdd'LadODloil fcy tho-Clmlfr ; man ofv tho 'Board of iSuporvlsor» v otr. , Kossutrt County, ' Jowa; on , this ZOtlii ^ day of KoveiTIMr, iWp. • , , : , ;:, ^ Motion niftdo 'by Schrum, and sed*--i dhiltd by. :*Ya9er that tho followlnit" dralhaite asaessmcnts bo levied, on tfla; S following dralnase' districts, and f that same'b? sprgad on the' tax llsts- collection.. With tho 3M5 'taxes to •• ' . psil -with 1st ahd:''2tid half'of taxc? In ' '" ' ' '' ,, , . -. ' l»of cent;.;;;'. .- Orlsliial-Aiism't 7— "th Aasessmcht^.w-lBf* ft-i-lOth Assc»sm'eht..lO% ' DIstrtetH ." •Drain No. Braln. ^'o. Drain Na. Oral n No. Drain No. nfaJri ; X6. I>ralr» No. TJraln 'No. Drain .NO. Drain Drain . Si- 2nd Assessment.. 2?^ 33t-10th ^VsacBimentj^ C% &rr-0th Assessment.. 6% &S— 6th AsHeitfrm6nt...10%' 77— 4th AsMpjifmient.. i% St— 8th A'sesamunt.. •!*!>', .S»r-(ith Awpswrjent.,.,''.^, 88— oth AsscasmenC. 3% 87— 6th' A«acaamcnt..lO% Drain, No. 126— Sth 'AHMessm'eilt. 'i "«,' Dnaln No. 180— 2nd As9fissmcnt.^.a% Drain No. 1«5— 4tli AsHesament..- Sjjj Dfaln No; liiM-^Cth A3KL'ssninnt._ 2% ••• . (Kce ilipOrd for tttosolulloii) ; ?• Ayfc.i! All.' Nays; Noii*. : . : Motlph 'fnatlc> by v.Kn»:i;r' nnd' rt-fe-'/ onded bf •McDonald tnnt^ft l)on-i ; «U« . rfciit rt6t)ot: be 'Kcrvpd on V'my Hilling aiid "famllyr'aiid Mr. nn'i]: 'Mra. W. 1:1. > iRcmors a lid /family. Ayi:!i: .Ml,' ' 'Npho;'::" '•;•' '.' " ' ' '" ,'Oif motion .,... , . adjournment f was! I'Blwti '• , until S:0(J p'cjoek A. < Jl.;>-Dcccinbcr-.U,' ' "'' ' " ' 1915.'' -•;;'• ' • '?'< " , ATTKST: ffi-U'-J. ,''-'i"f" - ; .. „ . .. ..• ; J.- tf, i5l,'J.\*N,"Clialrimui,> ; ' .Board of SuprrvliJorsC'' ' ' ' . ! Coiinly Auditor, •^f^^U^^'^^U^- &ttfl As I am quitting farming I will *ell the foll<r>Wing f farm located 2 miles south and 2 miles east of Sexton J .or 1 ^ ^i^n^rth ; afid 1 mile east of St. Benedict; or 3 miles wes t and 2 miles south of Wesley, oh • ay A Jan Sale to begin at 12 o'clock noon on ground* 32 - Head of Livestock 6 Head of Cattle Four milk cows, 1 White Face bull, 1 steer. Horses Black team, smooth mouth, 24 ; Head of Feeding Hogs V Ij " • ' ''Farm Machinery.'•••-.-;-'-- : -:;' :; v-V?.' : : : .?''''i'. : .:S Dcero Model A Iructor on rublwrj John'Moore ^fofjel 1> tT»^i«*^f r 'tKj^^V0er0^^fii\i>|v^ir|'9ffl|ji^' Mecre it-row corn plaoter, new Just yonrr BfcCoriiUck.Weerlng IMt. |>|!|^efit ^*l« ^^ff'^^^?^ ii'l ft»ft, 3IcCormlck-H)eer|ner Bi'cro s!4e Uellveq r rjl||isv|'^«'^ re 15-ft. fllsc} New Wea m»i|urc sjtroudcrj John Duorv liauiiiior^iU' : ^|ii|.,i^rf:;0|(|>|$ff|«|f.;!:^;;;;,".,.;?,:^-' : John Ueere stalk cutter, new last smuiuur} 4 seotlun Urugj K»ripiif|| ^!j^if^i^^ f^l^ ^|1^^r ftijii »t» 55 flare wwgon Uoxesi, new i»tit ^riugj 8 g««4 wajfuiysj gooit .^«j^Rvif^;^^^ uagon bo*} 4'w;nee! Irnllerj set of Jmrnoss; Jio{?^ .bunfcg ii^^ house, 10x550! ]tfcC'ormkk.l»«erIng cream scjmratorj some tuoN! vbiekeu fe«4vfrQV^«^ too numerous to iwpntlon, , ' ': .-• . ^*\/ ; ' - ;: ",-. O;.*;-^/-: : -;. ; - ; --' ; .M'-f;' ..^^ ! 'l/f-:;;l : ' ; oy' iQ.torif .,...•. - .-.. . .;.. ' wftfii». : fc^i*bSi£''^wf'- ::i ^fe^%lu'W?fef SSiSlli K|5j:';Sii BAN r-TU-^VhCl^M jSflgpSSS sssysg-isMti

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