The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 8, 1946 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 8, 1946
Page 8
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• ALGONA llllw=iifflpliing season oil flli i?, 'beaterg cfoass- ..-. ifclnfl Jbdlbvv tha£ dfti ye'a'r m : .6S5.MO fur3 'valued at ftWt million dollars \yere' By fa^m boys and jsrofes* ffap'pew, *h6 tctlfie; how- r r ISiexfrected to be well above mmlori dollar average of the ' Several years and will pfob* 'hL & million and a Half. cfease In fuf^bearing an- attributed to the relative Mffclty of mxiskrats and to the eiflf>tsfl»n'efit of the muskrat and J&pon, which lasted only 3ft SBmjt>nred to CO the> previous Is -also expected that the of several common furs reflected in numbers tnk- s^ except muskral and mltik, Which -must have been disposed of t># peceni'ber 20. may bo held uh- tlPsiahtiary 20, 1946, or Upon application to the State Cdnserva- ifoW Commission a cost free per- rhlt to held them ibevonrl this per- itfdj rti&y be secured. No person except, a licensed fur dealer may Ship 6'r transport furs out of the state; without - first obtaining a special permit tag from the Con- serVatlbn' Gommssion authorising sifch ^Shipment. Bdde, bee. /; Boder i'uneral services; f or Rf rt. WfiliaW Rossini were held in the Bftde (Lutheran church conducted byS.Rev. Martin Trygstadi fhurs- day-. .afternoon, , Dec. 27. She died' at : 'tie> Home Eriday morning, Dec. ' '''' , - . • her husband she' Is suf- vfye'd' by three children: Rev. Olaf R%lng or/Cloquet, I/linn., Rev. EWirig Rdssing.of Gae'tsert, S. D., an'd/MrS. MarVin Peterson, Ox- fo'm, Ohio, all of. whom had visV ifed-.'.her during her illness which f Atfaused by a stroke. VetV Goinij to AmCs— '.SW'ri^ .returned ..veteran's from ETO',',William Mitsveri son of >Mr. an'd Mrs. Lars Mitsverv and Roger Opheim son of Mr. and Mrs. Bernold Qpheim left Thursday for Ames where they have entered as MS MOtNis, ALGONA SfiMentS'-'ltt- the erigln- arid MfS;' Art Hanson oft'd attentieti tf .family Christ^ riia'S' d'i/ifte'r at tfte h'om'e of His pa- 1 rents Mr, arid Mrs, John Hanson ibri highway 169. ' Pvt, Ernest Bratla'rid IS spend- ift'g day furlbugih from train- Ing at Camp tFriderwood, Mb., arid is speridlng the holiday vacation at the h'orrie of his parents. Mr. and Mrs. Lefh Gangestad arid datlght6rs Rebeda and Rttchael left for Yanktori, S, D., Friday morning to spend the week end at the'"G6orge Bauer's home. Pvt. G'ebrge 'GUlllj{son of Los Angeles,, Calif., Spent 'the Christmas holiday at the home of Verri- ofi Schfnldt, who is 'home from a training cnmp' in' GKlahortia. Three ex-service men from Chicago. spent the .Holidays at (he P. 'O. Esmay home. Rlfchard Esrnay who had just recently arrived frotri France, received his honorable Camp Grant, 111. Thad Neimire and Ray Bryndson went on to Omahn, returning here, whew nil three" returned to Chicago Friday* WKpMORE Stanley Brogan and Robert Gengler are both .employed in the pool hall until some latter date, . .)> J. Rpsendahl accompanied by Mrs. Arthur Heideriwith were Algona'.-visitors Friday afternoon. Ross Vaux and daughter Mrs. Ellsworth Heldenwith, West Bend, were' in; Whittemore Wednesday everting' visiting'-at the Arthur Heidenwlth and J., J. Rosendahl homes. ! • ... Vincent, Salz, 'Werner Braate. Paul KolIa'sCh arid Roy Graham are home'and discharged from the army.y. . • '• ' Eddie Schumacher, S 1-c, son of Mr. arid Mrs. Peter Schumacher, is home from Schumacher, CSlif., on leave.. Gertrude Meyer resumed her duties at the Geelan store Friday morning after being confined to her: home With the flu a week. Mr.-and Mrs. L. W. Swanson and son spent Christmas with Mrs. Swarison's parents Mr. and Mrs. Vern Shinri at Mason City. MING HOLIDAYS AT LAKOTA HOMES Lakotn: Among those home t# spend the holidays with tfteit 1 fe- : spective parents are: CatherFh'e Powers, employed in Washing* ton, D. C.; Bob Powers, who: attends school in Ames; J6fin Steenhard, who atfdn'dg bttsiWegs school -at Fort Dodge; Dorothy Ukena, who attends fiuftucjUe university; Vefha Kloelfs, Vvho is employed in Dubuotie; Ii'vtn Weaver on furlough from the navy. School A Christmas program was presenter at the school auditoriam 'last week Wednesday evening by the grade children to a large crowd: 1st and 2nd grades, feci- talion, Robert Smith, Lamont Junkermcicr and Richard Mjt- tng; play, Rewards for the Rag Dolls, entire room; recitation, Sherry Clabaugh, 3rd and 4th' grades; recitation, Christmas Shopping; Christmas at the, Holly's, play; a lunch for Santa, play; recitation, Playing Sartta Glaus, 5th and' 6th; Musical play, The Christmas Snowman, 7 tit and 8th; Christ is Born, in' tableau and song, with John Bbehm as render. . ^ .Infant Baptised Allen Raye, little son , of Mr. and Mrs. Russel O. Benson, of Humboldt, la., was baptized at the .Lutheran parsonage recently with Mr. and Mrs. M. Mehl of Albert Lea, Minn 1 ., were sponsors. Mrs. Beeson is the twin sister of Mrs. P'. C. Geilehfel'dt here, : To buy or sell,' read the want ads first. '' ./ Christmas Tragedy The little black and white v bull dog owned by Dick a'nd Allen Smith was killed by a 'car on main street Friday and real grief* ran riot in the Smith home. He was raised by the 'boys and has been , their constant Companion for six years. Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Schissel and chidlren were Minneapolis visitors Thursday. Dan O'Keefe, who suffered with an infection in one hand for Mo enf. is improved at pres- Mrs; Amrt Smith, fort Dodge, came 1 S.uftd&y t'6 spend Christfti'as with he# Sister and family Mr. atM Mfs.' W. E. Ley. the coVh'muiYity club artd <business rn'efi gave a free Christrn'aS movie, find treats to the children heff Saturday afternoori. •Mr; and Mrs. Harold Koppen ehiertairied Mfs. Koppeh's par- entSj Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Low- cry, of Elrnore, Minn., Sunday, Dec'. 16, a't their home east of town. Ernest Trasamar, called "Ofandpa" Trasamar by the school children, celebrated a birthday last week Wednesday and served "n oyster supper to all the 'Children and their fam- ifieS that evening. fir. R. L. Williams and wife came last week Wednesday from •the Great Lakes Training Center arid the DOctof has again taken up his work here as Lakota's physician, which was terminated When he enlisted in the navy. Mr", arid Mrs. Alrec Boeckhoit, Harriet and Nancy and Anton artd David were pre^Christmas dinner guests at the J. H. War- burtons,' Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. F. G. Torine were also guests for dinner and the Warburtons were Christmas eve guests at the Tor- iries. Mrs. Jerry Heetland and son ;K6'n£rt'd drove to Port Dodge Fri;day, taking Mrs. Larry Stafford there to. catch a train to Galena, 111.,- where she will spend Christ- m'as With her husband and his parents, then they will-return to Indianapolis, where Larry is stationed. Mrs. Stafford has been visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Heetland. Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Ley were hosts to a few friends at their home Sunday at a pre-Christmas party and Santa Claus visited the children there, David Ley, Joe Schissel and Sue Schissel. Guests were Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Ley, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Mussman, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Warburton, Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Schissel and Ubbe Dreesman arid Mrs. Albert Smith, Fort Dodge. Francis Flatt Out . iFrarieis W. Platt, of Algona, ! aviation machinist's mate first 'class, was recently discharged ; from the Navy at Boston. Qf*i/bM-MrfS/Ir»*M/I^ n'••'"' Haying decided to quit farming and move to town, I will sell at public auction oil the farm located 3."miles^nprth of Fento^fOur^ilcs enst an^two^ni|es,.s.outh of Ringed; twojniles west ajftd ftvo rp^es „,;, Tuesday, Jan. 15 Sale Starts At 12:30 aa -.;• "Hiad of Cattle i ", m • '• i f .'"'•:''.'••'.- ' . . ' ' 10 cows; 1 ste'er; 1 Herefordibull| 4,heifers; 11 head yearlings, white face' 6 calves. - , ,-. , MiM&. "bf Feeding; i^%s .•.'^J:.- : ^ ^ ;JarmMacBinery * 1940 Model DC Case tractor o^^bber \yith starter and lights; Case tractor cultivators and tractor chains 11x36; hay rack and 'yunhln^ejBrjlpp'bugg'y;'. 2 single row cultivators; 10-ft.discj 1 tandem disc; gang plow; sulky plow; John IDeere 999 corn planner with 80. rods wire; McCormicfe-Deering corn binder; ipCprmick-Deerhig 6-ft, niq^^Ejtersotfhay^ loader; 4-wheelrubte? t^di trailer; fanning mill; 2-*6w c^ltiyators^ J^hjj D^re; J-h^ corn grade^: I0»|t, hay rakei 2 r »4i n g saddles; canvas, 10x14. '• •'.;'" _ .. ; ' : - . , . :'..-, „,. • ,' . • •'• ' ' , • HOUJ5E,HOLPGQQP!^^>&^ coffee table; 1 pedestal; ^na cupboar^; froiit;roop,fpite : » >W$$ "^l^'^^MM S desk and typjewritef; 4 rockers; J| bedij I Dresser; t: flak ' : fr#; ^^pjj^i^^ 1 ? 5 ^°Wtk fend Malleable range with .water jfifortt; .sausage il)^tep i'>:' f .V V:'' ,U," -•;-;• SifcOrtli/^'Kard^c^al> jnti ^elect^ E««hf 50V *?a^Wlty, 0fli*> items too mention;; i-rs>$'|^^pH.4«>..;;:^^i:t.;i;^, ,; *-;'-.-i-.r.•;,.-.,v-^.^ '•:•-;••> ,-.^ :; -'^-- •• ,••'«/^.-p•7'''';;';' ; : . ,- ^Ilif^'l^^^i^;^^ . f ;f ftetlllilw^ ; ri_.fe^-_ ;.'' ' : ". ;.*,/._ A;',-.'.';- '„'..-,'-, ^\".',»• ''"-''•--• r .y -'•'• •?.'' ''*' ':'" V-' ! ': J-'«!' /'.'.::-' : --'-'-.' ;%-'---' -'-V^S- ; *-vS . s*KJjjSi~'' • - •-* -'' ' "-'--•" ,. i ,..x^,,,^,-,,, ; ,^, i ; ' i ^ ! -^, i ^;,:^,,.,,: '^^|^ Cedar Falls F'olks Vfsit Ldtts Creek Home In Holidays Lotts Creek: The W. A. Ruseh family, of Cedar Falls, and Mr. and Mrs. Martin Meyer from 1 here, were last Sunday evening dinner guests, Dec 30, at the Nick Gengler home. Other evening guests were Mr. and Mrs. Art Rusch and Franklin, and Mr. nnd Mrs. Otto, Ruhnke arid Edward. The Rusch's returned to Cedar Falls on New Year's after visiting with friends and relatives in Whittemore. Gertrude Meyer, Whittemore, spent New Year's day at the Otto Ruhnke home. Mr. and Mrs. Win, Zimmerman were NeW Year's afternoon, callers at the W. A. home. Mr. and Mrs. Otto Wichtendahl spent Wednesday at the Chris Meyer home at Whittemore. Mrs. Lydia Wetzel and family were Thursday evening dinner guests at the Mrs. Clara Pornpe home. Mr. arid Mrs. Arthur Lusmann ynd parlctio ^,pent New Year's evening at the IT. F. Mueller home, Carl and Lorenz P'ijahn re- ttfrned Wednesday after a week's visit at the Jack Rifen home at BVa-iftefd, Mirifi. MY. and Mrs. Gerald Sprong and family, arid Wm. Bell, Marvin affd Wilfna, of West Bend, Were visitors at the home of Mr. arid Mrs. ETrrier Pijahri on New Year's afternoon. Sunday dinner guests Dec. 30 at the Art Rusch home were Mr. and Mrs, Frank Schallin of Algona and Mr. and- 7Vtrs Frank McFall, Je»nc-tte, an.-] MM. Wendell Rusch, Fonton. Mrs. Clara Poinpe and IVfr. arid Mrs. Reinhold Wetxol and family were dinner guests Wednesday, Jan. 2, at the Albert Kressin home, the occasion being Mrs. Kressin's 'birthday. John SpongSerg came down from Minneapolis for Christmas at the home of his father, City Mail Carried Harry Spongberg. John, who spent three years as a prisoner of war in Italj and Germany, and who has only recently been given an honorable discharge from army service, is taking a government course in mechanical engineering offered ex-service men. Towmend Flash 8y Mrs, A. tffc The ladieS of the; ToWfttend. organization the nation over .are to be honored during the* week of Jan. 6fh, for on Jah. 12' a special' edition of the ToWrtSehd National Weekly is especially dedicated W the women's auxiliary' gjfoups. Every honest man will admit that the ladies do moSt of the cooking, baking, and sewing that make Townsend activities possible. —Adv. Today, the Townsend organize- H. W. POST DRAY AND fftANSfBit STOKAGE OF ALL KINDS Long distance hauling. Every load insured against 'loss or damage. Equipped to^ do,'all kin/is of draying and hauling. (fort is re^esenfed by B be'r of the legislative'f Iddy is iff chafge of a'll wSfl w'gsterh state 1 , three serving as trustees 6f Foundation. As a geriieral' ri ladies are heads of the most actlil f clubs.. . . .••;•'•;•.•;|| Algona, la. — €ongratulati»( | are extended to all women WfjfK irf Algona Townsend Club No'. HAD BRICitt FOR Iff One man recent;y stated that f JO years he felt Iik6 he htid brick in his stomach. This fee ing Was due to the lump of, tf: digfesfed food he always had i: side 6f him. He was Weak, out, headachy, swollen Withi g arid terribly constipated. Ree'eY iy h6 started taking SYS-TO arid says the feeling Hk'tf a' Wi in his stomach disappeared t second day. Bowels are" regulij now, gas and headaches are' gdte arid he feels like a new m SYS-TONE contains 12 Herbs; they cleanse bowels, gas from stomach, act on sliii gish liver and kidneys. MiseraW people soon fefel different all oVej?' So don't go on suffering! Gff SYS-TONE. Lusby & Giossi'Drp Store. -P OUT SALE As I have rented my farm, I will hold a complete closing out sale at my farm 5Va miles north of Lu- Verne; or 6 miles east of Algona and 4% miles south on the Sexton-LuVerhe road, on Tuesday, January Sale Starts Promptly At 12 Noon Barnyard Lunch 95 Head of Livestock 95 Head of Horses One roaii team, marc and gelding, 5 and 8 years old, wt. 1700; one black mare, 9 years pld, wt. 1600;. one gray geldiri^ siftorfth IMOU^ ^ Head of 18 Three Hereford cows, 4 years old; 3 Hereford calves, wt. 500 Ibs.; 3 Shorthorn heifers with calves by side; 3 Hereford steers, wt. 800 Ibs.: 1 Quernsey milk cow, C years old, with calf by side; 1 white face bull coming 2 years old. . • 72 Hogs 72 Five yearling Ch^s'fe^ White sows, bred to farrow first^of April;;I5 Ghester White and Duroc crossed gifts, bred^ to farrow April ? 10;13 feeding shoatst 38 fall pig«: 1 good Dwroc boar. 75-^LAYING LEGHORN PULLETS^75 Farm Machinery, Etc* Minneapolis J tractor on rubber, with cultivator, power lift and power take-off, completely overhauled last spring; New Minneapolis 13-in. hammer mill, never been used} Minneapolis 2-1.4 plow; New Minneapolis 15-ft. disc; Kewanee 42-ft. elevator with hoist and speed jack; ne,w rubber tired trailer: 4' section flexible harrow folding draw bar; Case manure spreader; McGormick-Deerihg 2-row planter with 160 rods of wire; 8-ft. Minnesota power binder; John Deere endgate seeder: McCormick-Deering S-ft, mower; Deering 5-ft. mower; McCormick-Deering hammermili; McCormick-Deering spread'er; 2 s \yide tire wagons; new flared box: 2 triple wagon boxes; iron wheeled wagon with hay rack; feed wagon with 6x10 box; 2 rotary hog feeders? 2 small feeders: seeder cart, neiv pnlHype fime spreader' bob sled; 50-bu. hog feeder; electric chicken brooder, 600-size' chicken feeders; chicfcew waterers; 3 small hog tanks; Iowa cream separator; 2 50- gal, gas barrels: 8 50-gal. slop barrels; hand corn shelter; 3 good feed bunks; 2 sets breeching harness? tank heater: feed cooker; one set tractor chains, 900x36; otic single row culti» vator and one horse two-row cultivator; new 25-ft, hammermili belt; tools and other articles too numerous to mention. , - " 2'00 B'AtES 6T G6GB IBRtG&t Sf ffAW, BUItDlNGSj One riew 12x16^ Cozy brooder Jiow«;P HOUSEHOLD GOODS: Com¥tJattoiJ Sbelgas sto^-e; electric r^lrigerator: Maytag electric washing machine; electric cabinet radio; seven-way electric floor lamp; 5-piece breakfast set; new 8«piece Btm^Wl^^dl^^r^oTO «*>«* sttite; pJaifoUrt idcpf a^ ^to^a bedroom sifrtfe^ console table; cabinet smoM staph 9x}2 Atexander Smtfl* ^.^e^?#i^i^ Wigs' gf'wa*a«ib^8f i^n^spring sfttdio eoti civ with; nteple awm^cC!^^ ^i^^ '•••'•: : . ' v.''-l ; ;^'^ ^' v '-v-'^PH '"'"* '' ! ' ' SS;J?a II i^SvjSJ %fi|l illlf jjm m |^w^s'^4^ fiiiSSKSSxiy'

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