The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 8, 1946 · Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 8, 1946
Page 3
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' PAGE EIGHT. Classified Ads '' CLASSIFIED BATES ents* commission allowed. If Minimum Charge 35c for 12 advertising agents charge Words or less. When paid with their clients 4c and send cash order, Sc per word; when with order they receive Ic charged, 4c per word. No ag- commission. Blind ads 2Sc. For Sale FOR SALE: 100 lb. air pressure grease gun. Good shape. Archie and Ernie.Champlin Service. 1 FOR SALE: Spotted Poland China boar. James Brophy, 4'A miles north Algona on 169. 1* FOR SALE: Wood and coal circulating heater, like new. See P. E. McGinnis, Irvington. 1* FOR SALE: 7 acres close to Algona. Partly modern seven- room house, good barn, electric brooders, electric lights, running water to all buildings. Price $6,000 on good terms. C. W. Nicoulin, Algona. 1° FOR SALE: Kitchen range. Cheap. Call Mrs. Ted Larson, ph. 155, Algona. 1" FOR SALE: 1938 Chevrolet truck. Low mileage, 27,000. 7 good tires. OPA ceiling. Kirk Auto Cj. 1 FOR SALiE: 1941 Buick super convertible. Very clean. OPA ceiling. Kirk Auto Co. 1 FOR SALE: Cold Spot refrigerator. E. J. Widen, Corwith. !'•• FOR SALE: 7 room modern house with automatic water heater. Double garage. G. L. Olson, Wesley. " 1* FOR SALE: Small house and lot in Bancroft. Write James Henderson, Bancroft, Iowa, Box 75. 1* FOR SALE: New 4 wheel trailer and tank box with 4 good tiros. Melvin J. Fabcr.'Burt. 1-2- FOR SALE: Large, strong, light weight, wooden boxes. Ideal for pack'ng, storing or shipping. Algona Baking Co. 1* FOR SAiLE—Poland China gilts to farrow early. O. E. Ely, Titonka. 1-3* FOR SALE: 60 Head of black-faced breeding ewes. Lamb in April. Alfred Jergcnson, Algona. 1* .FOR SALE: Lot of plow work between now and March 1st. Bring in your dull lays while we're not so busy. Thorpe Wood and Iron Works, Algona. . 1" FOR SALE: Piano, good condition, mahogany. Willard Sanford, 413 ';W. College, Algona. 1* FOR SALE: Electric Gruno refrigerator. 430 While Rock hens and pullets, year old. David McGregor, Burt. 1* •FOR SALE: Modern 5-room bun' galow'. Sec Glee Bullock, Burt. FOR PAPER HANGING, painting, or wall cleaning sec Ira Bon: nettc, East North Street across the tracks. 1* 'FOR SALE: Hampshire boars, fall, yearling, and spring. Immune and eligible to registry. Guaranteed. New stock for old customers. Joseph Skow, Wesley. 1-3° FOR. SALE: 6 Holstein heifers, 2 trash, and one cow fresh. Amos Finncstad, 2',i miles cast of Fenton. 1* FOR SALE: 5 registered milking Shorthorn heifers. Bull of serviceable age and bull calves. W. G. Kading, Lone Rock, ph. 3501. 1-3* FOR SALE: 2-room house. Inquire Schultz Bros., Algona. 1 FOR SALE: 700 bales of bright straw. J. W. Scholtes, 701 E. Lucas St., Algona, ph. 038-W. 1* FOR SALE: 200 New Hampshire Red pullets. Charlie Wagner, Algpnn, 132 Putnam St. 1" FOR SALE: Baled alfalfa, also baled red clover hay. Priced reasonable. George Ferstl, St. Benedict. 1-2* FOR SALE: Purebred Swiss bull, real good individual, year old, papers furnished. Herman Pooch, Ottosen. 52-1* FCR SALE: Baled alfalfa, red clover and straw. Louis Schepp- mann, Irvington, Algona phone. 52-2* . ..N'UTJL'K UK SHKKIl'l'"ri .S.U.b:. . KOSSUTH C'oL'NTV, as. ItJsD:.' ST.ATI-: OK lo\V.\ Nutli'tt is luTuliy t'iVfii thai liy vlr- tuo of tipuL-jiil Kxci'Utiui: directed to me from Ihu C'k-rk of llio Disirld t.'uui't oC KtitfsuUi Cuuiu.v, tuwa, un a JuciymiMit rendered hi said C'yiirt on the 3wt day uf Ueeewber, IIH^. in fuvur of \V. S. Sl.uek'elfurd ua plaintiff, anil afjalnm Myrtle liva SeMm- Diol us uduifnistratrix of the estate of Join: WlllluiiiM. deeeased. and Myrtle liva Sflilmniel, indivldiiull..'. and John riehlnitnc-l, her hushand u^ defendants, for tlie siini ot Kurly- nlnu and' J-l/100 dollars (Jlil.lli Uullur^ and eostti, taxeil at Seven and seventy dollar.s (?7.7U) Dollars am) aeeruiny eosts, 1 ha\'e levied upon the following <ieseribed lical property at* Ihc ]>ropcrty of Ui>? s-uiil Al.\'rtlo l:3\'a Sehltninel as aijininisti\f- trlx of the estate of John Williams, deceased, and Myrtle Kva Sehiminel. Individually', and John Sehlmmel. In-r husband to satisfy saiJ cxeeutlm: to-ivll: Lots One, Two. Three and Four In Block Sixty-three (631, anil Lots One and Two In Hloek Sixty- two («:;>. Original Plat of AJgonu. fo\va, und 1 will proeeed to sell said uroyei'jy, or so much tLureof as may be uecewsary to satisfy said exteu- tlon. with costs and accruing eosts at public auction, to the hlfirlicsl bid- tler. for cash, in hand, on tlw Ifitli day of January, 19IU. at the east itour of (he L'ourt Housu in Aluuiia. In Ivossutlv County, Jowu, at the hour of 10 o'clock A. M.. of said day. when anil where due attendance will be elvim by the undersigned. T».ttteU tills 3rd day of December, 1845. A. ,T. fOOUKT. • Sheriff of Kossulli Countv, Towa. M. J. VAN NBSS. PaintUf's At- FOR SALE: .New building, built suitable for dwelling or for grain storage, and lined. All pre-war No. 1 lumber, 28 ft. square, 9 ft; sides, gable ends 20 ft. from sill to ridge. Leslie McEnroe, Algona. 1" WE ARE LEAVING ALGONA. Our home and apartment are for sale. Furnished or unfurnished. L. F. Rice. 403 W. McGregor, Algona. 52tf FOR SALE: Eagle water proof home insulation, "blown in." Expert inspection, estimating serv" ice. Cowan Bldg. Supply Co., phone 275, Algona. 20-3-Btt NEW HONEY for sale. 5 lb. jar $1.00. Hoenk Motor Service, West of Court House. 37tf FOR SALE: Poland China boars, ready for service, cholera immune. O. E. Ely, Titonka. 51-2* REGISTERED Spotted Poland China spring and tall boars for sale, at all times. The low-down, easy-feeding kind. Bert S Geerdes, 2>/2 south, 1 V> cast, Lakota . 50-P FOR SALE: Piano, all kinds of clothing, medium-sized cupboard. Call at 302 No. Blackford or phone 639-J, Algona. 1* FOR SALE: 3 purebred Holstein 'heifers, 3 purebred Holstein cows. Record from 400 to 500 Ibs. bulterfat. H. C. Jensen, Ringsted. 1-2* FCR SALE: Exceptionally good, cond'tioned 2-horsepowcr, single phase Century motor. Pratt Electric. Algona. 1 FOR SALE: Electric stock tank heater, 50 gal. capacity, thermostat, $27.50. Pratt Electric, Algona. 1 FOR SALE: Seven good bred gilts, Duroc Jerseys, farrow last of March. W. A. Meyer. 1 mi. S and 1 mi. W, phone 6135, Titonka. 1* FOR SALE: Model A truck, '31, Ion? wheel base; 2-wheeI trailer, 3 good tires. 12-gaugc Marlin repeater shot gun. August Hennings, 2 blks. south 'Milwaukee Depot, Algona. 1* Wanted WANTED TO RENT: Furnished apartment by returned veteran. No children. Phone 739-W, Algona. , 1* WANtfED ¥b v fit# 6ft ftfetftV A house by .Mafch Isfc Call 2&5> Algona. ""; : 1* WANTED: Ukelete.. Christensen's, ph. 325-J, WANTED: HdtisevMrk by girl of 17; near Catholic church If poS* stole. Phone 707*W. 1* WANTED: Two experienced Walt ressesj top wages; good working conditions, Haynes Cafe, Algona. WANT TO RENT in Algona" House or apartment by returned veteran and family. Leroy Graham, Whlttemore. !*• WANTED: Married mad to help on farm. House With electricity and running water. F. L. Ryerson, Burt. 1-2* WANT TO BUY: Young or old, dark-colored, goose. Lewis Brocsder, Irvington, Algona phone 12-F111. 1* WANTED: Married man year round job. Separate 3-room house. Frank RoUerman, Elmore, Minn. 1* WANTED: Full or part time help. Male or female at once. Algona .Laundry & Dry Cleaners. 15w51tf WANTED: Pups 4 months to one year old $2.00; delivered to our plant west of Fort Dodge from 8 a. m. to 5 p. m. Monday through Friday. Fort Dodge Serum Company. . .52ti! NERD SOME fleshy cattle. What have you? Don McCarthy, St. Benedict, ph. 6. 52-1* Lost LOST: Ladies Hamilton wrist watch. "H. M. B. 1939'! engraved. Call 75 or 398-J, Algona. Mrs. Scarborough. 1 Misceilaneou* HAVE YOU SEEN the Ncaly Hardware & Hatchery ad on page two? 1 Order Your 1946 BABY CHICKS NOW U. S. Approved V. S. Pollorum Tested Also TURKEY POULTS and DUCKLINGS. Early chicks make good money. You can't go wrong on SWEA CITY HATCHERY CHIC .'B. First hatch February 16th. SWEA CITY HATCHERY SWEA CITY, IOWA Phone 35 ' ft WAVW Reserve District No. 7 State No. 72 Report of Condition of SECURITY STATE BANK of AlRona, Iowa, at the close of business December 31st, 1945, a State banking: institution organized and operating under the banking laws of this State and a member of the Federal Reserve System. Published in accordance with a call made by the State Banking Authorities and by tile Federal Reserve Bank of this District. ASSETS 1. Loans and discounts (including $61.66 overdrafts) :....$ 478,220.07 2. United Slates Government obligations, direct ' ' and guaranteed 1,085,472.10 5. Corporate slocks (including $2,400.00 stock of Federal Reserve bank) 2,400.00 •1 Cash, balances with other banks, including reserve ' balance, and cash items in process of collection....... 848,779.17 7. Bank premises owned $12,000.00, furniture and fixtures $1,500.00 ... v . • 13,500.00 Total Assets $2,428,371.42 LIABILITIES Demand deposits of individuals, partnerships and corporations $1,908,737.79 Time deposits of individuals, partnerships and corporations 24,016.54 Deposits of States and political subdivisions 233,422.95 Deposits of banks 50,631.14 Other deposits (certified and officers' checks, etc.) 6,341.41 Total Deposits $2,333,149.83 Total Liabilities (not including subordinated obligations shown below) $2,333,149.83 CAPITAL ACCOUNTS Capital" $ 50,000.00 Surplus 42,500.00 Undivided profits 2,721.59 20. Total Capital Accounts 95,221.59 30. Total Liabilities and Capital Accounts $2,428,371.42 ' s This bank's capital consists of: Common stock wi'th total par value of $50,000.00 We, C. B. Murtagh, Pres., Frank Kohlhaas, Vice-P-res., E. A. Scheme!, Cashier, J. R. Murtagh, Ass't Cash., of the above-riiamed bank, hereby certify that the above stateent is true to the best of our knowl- jdgc and belief. C. B. MURTAGH, Pres. FRANK KOHLiHAAS, Vice-Pros. E. A. SCHEMEL, Cashier, J. R. MURTAGH, Ass't Cashier. Correct—Attest: A. L. RIST, E. J. HOUGH, T. C, HUTCHISON, D. C. HUTCHISON, GAYLORD D. SHUMWAY, M, G. BOURNE, J. W. HAGGARD, Directors. State of Iowa, County of Kossuth, ss: Sworn to and subscribed before me this 4tji day of January, J946. (SEAL) FLORA I. TISS, Notary Public. fills UP i Spoils Sleep Tonight Surprisingly fast, Vicks Va-tro-nol—a few drops up each nostril—works right I where trouble is to. open up your nose—relieve stuffy transient congestion that makes it hard to get to sleep. You'll like the way it brings relief. (NOTE: Va-tro-nol is also, grand for relieving sniffly, sneezy distress of head colds.) Follow directions in folder. VICKS ^|f flW!» W* ?WwWBr' ^IWH ^RF ^W A "^MI^^jii£ia^iL : .^^4 f HAVE purchased the <3hriS, aef W'itt the N.E. part * and <haV<s live stdek ef ail tlons for Sale. Kpfses,:catttej:; and hogs. Some Very'toM hftnd milk cows and .heifers. H/<M. Col* well.'Phone 448. ; 1* WILL Do general ifepalf wbrfc on cars and tractors. Bob Lewis, 1% blocks north of K & H> BUift. ME FOR Reai Bargains in farms, loans, drainage surveying and estimates oh tile. Phil J. Kohlhaas, phone 22, Algona, t'f BE SUEE TO READ the Nealy Hardware, aftd Hatchery (fiurt) ad on page two, today. - 1 NEW ELECTROLWX Cleaners Will be available soonl/For Information see Don H. Hutehifls, County Electrolux rep'fes^nla- tivc, 619 S. Jones, Algona, phone 832-J.< 46tr SPECIAL merchandise. Special prlcesl Listed 'in Wealy Hardware & Hatchery ad ,page two, 1 fefn&deV ! Bteflftah86 fetomesj Al' gena i Federal Savings & L6an, Aigbna, Iowa. ' 30tf PHONOGRAPH JtfiCbftBS '*- Aii 'the new releases, Needier, al bums. Kossuth Radio! & Electrici Algbnfl, loVVB. .•':•;.• , 4?tf SANiMNtJ aha RbflnisU Iftg. Heavy eofflrhercial etjuip meftt. Portable'••'< power plant Cowan Bldg. Supply Co., phatiii 27S, Algeria. lt'3?8tf SELL your late model car-to me for the highest price. Free In. formation on ceilings. Hoerik Mo tor Service, West of Court House; '•" Exchange flept. Basement Good Used furniture Dining room—'Living room suites Breakfast sets, Buffets, Radios and Washer's. FURNITURE: ift our re» ally's fernaift V Our , . . •'•'• Notlee'-^shereJiy given, of the annual mecOng of all members >of the Algona Federal Savings and 'Loan Association of Algeria: la,, to be held In accordance vwltty the charter and 'by*laws of the 4sso- clatioti, on January 16th, 194S at 2 p. fh., at the office of the association located at 206 Eagt State St., Algona, la., said meeting to' be held for the election of'directors, reading of reports and for the transaction of any other business of the association. C. R. LaBarre, 1 ' Sec'y-Treas. lififMtSfi, .. &.J A^goiia f : tfa^ini ine;fe«n¥-slha;i^f^ ^•:Jl*tt ^iMM|iB -^"'" ^"" ""Molhflftasj; k.'v-.v: ^i^&.'i&saiSflEn M!'?. • ;i1^!i)tJsiitii§ • :-.- OUf coisl IsiloJv-MMii- Mttpkie. ,,We can different |»l»ris of insuring. It costs nothing; to Wttd flut this before y«u renew or buy. •': •'•. - " ' ,' •":''• " ' Phone 103 ANNE SATURDAY, One^f 1946V BARGAIN TR6ATS . . ; . ;-|.'W* i ;; K : ' ',.%': ' ••:.••- of Algona for 'i? READ ANSIiX. e o There Will Be Extra Salesladies to Serve You FUR COAT SPECIAL Especially for this sale, we have purchased a limited quantity of STAY STRONG CONEY FUJI COATS TO 8KLL AT THIS 1'KICE. -Tlie coats are soft, mink dyed, very swagger, sizes only 14, 1« aud and they sell at this low price Plus 49.00 We will have other food fur coat bargains at plus federal t«x In sizes to 40. SPECIAL? WH1» the pureftftse of winter co«t> we will gjYH yow your choice of a HAT (new styles only) ^ISQMTEfcY yBEE, " strings, take your choice AJHT JfAT YOU WANT, y No TO SMITH€REENS Hero urc some of the greatest cout -i'LEMT. . OF 'LARGE SI/KS AX1) iiis .Yiir-four years. All ; jJW5i!S..",'. :;;'.;. .. ',, '- . , : V too- LOT-.l. About fifteen half-siz>) (tnerytallpi'ctl dress coat%(?5V:.?tb well made, warm, good material^*'"' ' • •'';•.,•-:••:.',•;=.:.'':•-^u'-^r,^-**. Vg offer your choice for LOT 2. The big surprise of the sale-— pydr 25; coats, (all this year's styles) . es, suedes, novelties, all sixes from 10 to 20r boV-aiid bbltc'd ; ; , '' models, blacks and colors — values; to JiiJp.OO fdrojijy L_^_>._^____ b.«Sl LOT 3. LOOK, YOU LARGER SIZED in half and extra sizes, with fine racoon anil: es ,to 45 (46) loose and semi-fitted, tha greatest' values for years up to '$55.00 and $08.00 rbtailers:__-_._ r .__-.._i^_,l-^SALE'PR.IGlG 03XTRA SPECIAL: Just six blacH pile fab'vie cpatSr-sizcs 16 to,'44 Alaskan Kurl—regular sold at $30.00 and $35.00—for this sale •geiiiiine $15.75 m,n;: This liiis Ijocn one of tho-greatest dress seasons in, years; IVoistore has hnil onoiigl) dresses. WeVoffiir for this 3ASUA11Y 8>VUjK, bver '. 100 ol' the |»e«t drcss-'iiiirgnins of the .season. /All Jslzos <oo, juniors, nvlKses, half sixes and regular large sljtek^—HYJ?^ DHKSS IN THli AAN15X GOKS INTO ONE OF THESK I^ICJ? ttBOUl'S, There Svlll lie drosses from the CHRISCHIbLKS STOllK TOO— values that will surprise you. Just look at these prices and ro- lueiiilKM- you can buy ANY DUKSS IN THK ANNEX AT 'ON-K ; OF THESE PJtlCJW. We have really .SLASH JKDORIQINAI, COSTS, Colors, hlacks, novelties—in short, you will he'alile to find anything you want here; IT'S a .chance you can't afford to Sulss, We'll ho ready for you with extra salesladies. . / Wool plaid skirts in all sizes — smart, attractive patterns .and values from $5.00 to $7.98 for thia sale special- two big lots " •':. $2*98 und $3.98 ' ' ' ' ' ' A /big lot of infants dreegep ers^ SJZQS 6 months iq ^, y 50. choice garments, very scarce A small lot of one dozen sorted el^es and colors — all $4,00 vajuee fpr only. in About 35 fimpcks, the sgarpest the ready to wear field— 8U Short styles— all pjain, O val\jef for from P to J cpJ<J anj ;. . ?rft»|'f ^^i^*Sf6Kiliii2*S«S!iS«^s

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