The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 8, 1946 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 8, 1946
Page 1
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f»!»l«ri&nt «.d; Mrs. j. ftfilhbd a-firpup of friends a ' ' par^ Friday '-; evening score for \^ome'n W6ftb to r JphniSlmon and^for tneftsto Kohl, Low, ; nSrsv.wcre Mr. arid Mrs. August ' ' , JofttiSori; aHd ? '. Rev. th er , ih'elr- «iPttgi i atu .. iSveftlhi t» latkfns airid-ltd ALGONA IOWA. 3ight Seeks" met Vaughan'for .cards Friday, evening, Mrs. Glara Pratt Won the high score prize and •Mrs.; Milton Dahl W6rt#ho;tfavol , ^ . . .. , A Isife Aftlerlcan ; , 4 Legion Auxiliary mftfets Monday .oveiilngi January 14;. at ;the.,vl4gioh hall. .T5i*re, W|ill be an,;4ftlflali6n of 25 ne^ membei?sV: Mrs:-Affiilrt' OgTen •attd^ Mifs. MafUn Jehsen have «hfifg6 : -b<, tlj« program and re' Mrs. P. O. Dorweiler of. West •iBend cntertaimid'at a New Years' eve party for herMece Miss Hfjr-. Wet Brown. Guests 1 from A^oW were Miss Meredith Raney, Miss Rosalie S\yanson,v William ^Guen* . ther'and/Jdrry Grpnwall- \".y Rosalie Swanson To Wed— '.;?,, Mrs, H.v'M.vSmithv;and Mrs. Dick Co^an v ehtcrtained. . 2j> guests at a pre-nuptial miscellaneous, sbowcr for Miss -.Rosalie . \vh,os6 f cnfagement 'to Grbhwall; >has been ah\ A Birthday-Pariy^ ..,'.,-' "'.,..• . ... Mrsl'Joe/ Bradley entertained a grotlp of neighborhood children at. a Christmas, party for her, son -Joseph and ;daughter Mnry a week ago Saturday. !'Th6sd;pies- : cnt .were Lynne and. Dirk Hart* sen. Maryjane Williams, Marlon : Miller, Janet Cogleyi Denny Jcf- 'genson, Mary Jean Horid, • Mary. Ann Bradley and David and Robbie Hutchins. -.-:•' Laf-A-Loi Bridge Qlub~- Mrs. George 'Mahoncy' entertained the "Laff-a-Lot" ..bridge », AV-Vigars was hostess e mfcrnbrfrs ,'of. .'her -bridge ... Wednesday /afternoon. The _,ub:,consists v of eight members. Monday,'o'clock the ladies .enjoyed luncheon at George's •ptttte, the low' score f our being hostess, to.thp high score four. It/was announced that the next cflPdfiarty would be at the hall 6n' Thursday- evening, January 10th., ' --':•> •' ' • After the, ; fegular business meeting. Ih'c group enjoyed "500." High store went to Duncan Fraser, loty to Martin Kruse, door to Chester Willey, travel 'to' Leo Bellock, and'chair to Mrs. Martin Kruse. \ Modern Cleaners' Party— Owners and employes of the tfoderli Dry,'Cleaners & Tailors icld a post-season party Thursday evening with a dinner in the jrivate' dinihg room 'at George's 2afe,-followed by an evening of ;ards at the' home of Tom rlolmcs. There were 12 atlerid- ng/ . . Surprise Birthday Parly— A surprise 'birthday, party was jld Thursday evening for Ward Winkle at his home. Ten guests Were present. • at Lett* Hock • * : ... A 'famt^y .rbUpittn and 'dinner, fifS; Held -recehtly at the home of Mr.' and Mrt: ''Andrew Thomsen. •Attending. ;werc iltfr;,: Thpmsen's .rj Mrsi Gerta,Th6mseri, Mr. "and' Utrs.'j'. Her ma'n.j^Madsen and ioft W(. MlltoK, AftM Ringsted, Mf. a»d MrS;';Jph;n jho.mse'n .and Pfiyl|Ia''> aKd^jRorttildi; of Royall If red • Thpinsc/ri' o* -,<3r'ahk • .F6rks, .WiiliJ;yMr'J.- and:- Mrs'.' Andrew An- dersdn ,.of . Lakota,:lfit ,Lt: Harold '(5arcei'o''n,'''Afr, and iMrs.'- Glen Yoxid.' of •.Spenie'r; N and .Mrs. Elea- rior >yaiidey .of DCS Moines. • 20' t «)('' ; Uji torfj 6tub S»i»l on— '" ; ,'Tne" Union , 'Township Mothers ajid; 'DftUifhter* club met in Al- gpria i for ;-it^" r December /meeting ,at'tne-'h6me*.of vMary vLichter, 4Vlf|i 'Cora, iBacoh assistaijt .'host- .?ss. Tv^erity 'rnembers and guests '' ' ' club Wednesday afternoon. High i wpre,'present score went to Mrs. Clara Sankey) - ; Mgfy'Lichter, gave a Italk .on and low score went to Mrs. Bert "CwlStrtias.'Cards,'and .a! surprise Cronan. - •• ; ;'.;.•':- ['niimber waa i: a,isohsc toy .-Rachel Gisch.,' ..Cora':, Reid read two clist church '•• will .o'clock luncheon W. S. C. S. Meets Thursday-.." The W. S. G. S, of:tlie"Metho-; have a:.brie and meeting Thursday, Jan. 10. Mrs. R. W. Andersbn is chairjfi^h. and.'MrSj B. 'A..Galbraith? is. -assistant..-De;i votions wil be led by Mrs. A. R. 'Cruikshank and the lesson 1 .will be given by Mrs. R. A.-Davidson.; Congregational Society— /'{'"•' .;-.•• The Woman's Society . of 'the Gdngrcgatipnal church met : for.a one o'clock luncheon Thursday '; afternoon with Mrs.; Ted Larson ; as chairman. Mrs. Hortense Fer-< gusbjt wave the^; devotions and ;:.Mlss iAntoinctta •ily:" Family Dinner—-V i.....': ' A dinner was giyeri'Sunday at , .the F. J. Willrett home .celebrating the birthdays of Mrs. Fred Willrett'and Duane-Willrett, tw.o> year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. RU- ;dolph Willrett of Burt- and tfie; .return of Frederick Willrett, son of Mr. and Mrs. Homer:.Wlllrett .of Burt, who has be'pn disphar 'from "service in the South'.PacTfl^' and arrived home Saturday;:OthV crs at the gathering were Eric ;'Willrett and son'Dean-Richard; 'Mr. and Mrs. Herman .Willrett arid daughter Donna Jean, q? ;-,'Burt,- Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Willfctt •"and daughters Lbrraine 1 and Katherlne of Fenton, ^Mr." i " .Slipis'tmas .^tbr.ies. . BerthaJ ,S'archet .gave a report ol\;a'recent';home project rhect- rtgsat;thc:;Waltcr.Weisbrpd home. "' "" "'"'e •project 'meeting home of Roy Sar- 'Anybne Ipterested ~"~ a^ covered-dish ,rhe, ' Vjli;:be ,. \nd 'sandwiches ' and disfies. ,,-,The.;ifiext', '"Union " Uyp. club ri(Setln> gtyill "be .Jain'. 10 at the >K>me Of' ^va Gisch, witH Frances assistant -hostess. A'lgpnaH'Tpwnsend .cliib No. 1 •.iT.6'\vns'e'nd-. hall tonvMpn- '.; December j31;;4>and Tiet .„. :Andjcrs'on>! opened ri by ^ reading- -.some After council roll 'for'the New Year . ,Lednai SMcMur- day read, a bulletin' In r regard to •Tpwnsend; • Koundstiqis; -.Funds ;Kruse.vTead}a bulle- ;Year's J ;'member' •'•* --- '•''• , eHlp » the, . /ch^ ,_,.. that'lhe Aux- i, 'Mrs.' Geace CCar- •111'* an -•••• to, ..,.-... „ Jiei-group hpr. a,' potted 'plant. , . . FTieda'^iUey ;, Was nom- ected as second: vice ,'the.Miib. ' , ; feadlflg";; TJu District No, 7 Report of tJii« of Alfonrf,'Io\va; 'at the cloge Institution organized and Stat« and a member of the ?K r ^ e M ,'» h '* ^ ll i w (he Federal Reserve BitukpfthU pl>1r|ct. .bahklnf I»wa,>pf- this "'"' Tubllshipd in ao ,";.• = •'.-•'••-;•-. • .'•';-•;•;--• ;A^Ers;v-v : v^'.:v,;-,..-. \:.^, x ;-1. Loans^d discounts (including .W:30iB.5,3ovefdrafts);.:.?''aio.psi.fiC ,8,,Unlted States .Government qblUfaOphsj direct' ; v -.' a »••"..;.-• . and guaranteed ;..."./..i.",..Vi..';.,, rt ;-.i;,cl^L..v > .V..... r .v...'; . . a.aSS'eBSOC 1 ?•. Corporate stocks (including ?3,ppQ;00;Stocks -.;• • -' .. of Federal Reserve bank),.^;<.',...i,,:..;.^..,.-;.';ih...,....,l...>:.:.... ; J3 000.00 C. Cash, balances with other banks,-'jMludJnSregerve', ,1 •• , ". 'balance, andxash. items in,prbc0sito^ collection^..,;...., 1.47$;233,8 : 7, Bank premises owned ,$I3,000.(n);^urntture"and ., /' $1,000*00 ."-"a»,""."^«.. r ,,f'',.*V.:...;.:;v.r.,»",.....","" ' Total • .... .. . ' •-'- : - • • •.'• :':- -.MAPlWljIlfftF-;--- "-;•• IS. pemand deposits of indlvidijalS ip^rtnersjhlps' |g:ftJ4. Time deposjts if j^^ii|p^^i^v^Ji}jpsJ ^Sllgt^e'p^its' 1 "117; Depoislta i ^;.?^w*;o»^to-of.iwpjM:,^:-t:^:'.^ P-^ Jg* ^? depwH* (c?rttfifd 8nfl-ollJ^ r ^ra|V;^' ?', & OQ7 jjjii^i^ix^^ :i.^''^MKe^W : ^l .* " : -'.i'•:•• ';- : : •;-':. nim^^AT^ ! A^M^*ft|jTO ; ;i; ; iv|,^:;v•^ -:.; ;_!|'.V;*\'-,i :; ^ ^,^4r»w.vfcSrf. ri^^i^ •^^SgsKj-'fiS-.'A-iSJj"' "S™ Si : ??™™)W* :W»'»?f "if' WSPl'. V"--i ^3|l|P|iS?^^te^tt^|^|;||^ *ite.«:y"J)" : 'ft>i : -fS i S- A .'?••'•-'••:;'•'. •'•? '''.-.'i-?!-'.,*.,';-.-"' •••,-. «i '^^IfSatS »v*»« «34G-i-^^iC*^A^.W^»*j*««.a^^iS^»%m«^t,ri,^^«a John kohfhasses Enicriain— Mr. and Mrs. John Kohlhaas entertained 24 guests Wednesday, December 20, in, honor of their «on and wife, Mr. and Mrs. John Kohlhaas Jr, The Kohlhaas families from here and the Kennedy fShiily from Bancroft were guests. Anita Rose Kohlhaas from Sioux Falls, S, D., and Maxine Kennedy from Iowa City were'also-present. Rbyal Neighbor Installation— The Royal Neighbor lodge will meet Thursday evening, January 10, at the V. F. W. hall at 8:00 o'clock for installation of officers. Robekkh Lodge Installation— 'The Rebekah lodge Will meet this evening (Tuesday) for i stallation of tofficers. ' PRAIRIEPA4 MET AT CARMEN'S Wesley: Hie Prtirlc Pajs 4-tf club held their Christmas party at the home of Rita Qafftiian Saturday afternoon, £>ec. 29. Nine members' answered foil /C'ftlL 1 ' A new" member, ; Mary Joan Locbig, ,was present. Aftfek"'. the business meeting the leader Mrs, Lou Wingert gave a demQfistra*, lion on pillow coversValid- decor* alive covers. Rose Mary Studor gave a talk. Games we're played, gifts ivxchanged and lunch' was served. . ' ''. ." The next meeting will be Saturday, Jan. 12, with Miss Jeanette Hall. Enrolls at Ames John Froelich left Friday for, Ames where he is-enrolled and will take a refresher' course/,- He. was in the army about nine 1 years with about four years Of 6ver- seas service and was captain' in the ordnance department. He will receive his discharge January 16. He spent the holidays here with his parents, the Giles. Froelichs. Francis: Gisch Wods— Pfc. Francis B. Gisch, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Giscti of north Of Algona, was married November 24, 1945, in Nancy, France, to Irene Klein, a French girl whom ho met while stationed with Patton's third army in France. Pfc. Gisch'is now on his way home after-serving in the armed forces for over l-v/o years. His wife will wait in -France for transportation to the United States. WILBUR A. GERDES, army private, son of Mr. and Mrs. John Gcrdes, Swea..City,'was declared dead in Korea from illness, in a communication received by. his parents two days after Christmas. Mr. Gcrdes is an implement deal- T in Swea City. He entered the service in February 1945. A sister and three brothers also survive. Tuesday and Wednesday, January 8-9 Dorothy Lamoiir ; • in "A MEDAL FOB BENNY" •"i —Co-Hit—. Benny Goodman's Band '-: ,..'-'. " •••'.'. in v •" ; "SWEET AND LOW DOWN" Thursday, Friday^ Saturday, r January 10-11-12 BANDIT TERROR SCOURCES THE WEST! A MASKED RIDER ROCKETS ACROSS HE RANGE! 'hot (in th* trail «f dfoth>d«alin9 dtipftodaiil ..",.v, C. D. A. Met Jan. 2 The C. D. of A. held its regular meeting Wednesday evening last week. Following the business meeting bridge < and 600 Were played. Mrs. J. 'L. Hayerly and Mrs. Roman Wilholflii "won high and low in bridge; -'Mrs. August Seimer and Mrs. Tillk-, Hildtnan won in 500. '.•••".- ' ^ Brother Passes Away • Peter Kerber; brother of M.-s. Charles Froelich, . died at his home in Blooming'toft, 111., Friday, Dec. 28, and was'buried the following Monday. ,'.. •...;"'. tt. Robert fee Grott, Lt. Jerry Aldrfcjl' and Ray Erdman landed in th6,^tates from the war zone last week. Plari Party, Sunday The Catholic Missionary society are sponsoring a party in the parish hall Sunday evening, Jan. 13. A .quilt will be given away, A committee meeting was held at the home of Mrs. Ed. Mild- matt Friday afternoon. Others ort the committee are the Mes- dame's Lou Goetz, R. C. Bauer, Albert*-Ne'uroth, Victor Loebtg, Nick-i Weber, Viola Studer, L. Amdorfer and Nell Frimml. 'the. Vegular meeting of the U. S. W. will,-be 'held Thursday cvenlngi' January 10 V Mrs. 'J. M. Kunz substituted for Mi's* V. Kleinpeter as teacher ihHtglv's'phool Friday. '' ,, The 'Freshman class of the public' school 'enjoyed a theater party at Algona Saturday night. Ralph Hedges was sponsor. Marvin Cletus and Vincent, son of J. Pi Studcr, returned to Mt. Calvary, Wis., {o resume their classes\at St. Laurence college. Mrs..-Agatha Haverly received word last week that her sister Mrs. Lydia Igou, past 88 years of age, Mason City, had suffered a stroke. • J. B. Meuhe spent several days ove'r the holidays in Albert Lea visiting his children, Ruth, /John and.-Mrs. Albert Dirksen and .-family. Mr$;. L. W. Hauptman and Mrs. Jas. Haverly were hostesses to .thii Catholic Missionary society' at -their meeting Wednes- day-afternoon'in the parish hall. The 'sophomore and senior .classes of the public school enjoyed a vtheater party at Algona Wednesday night. Supt. Mullin and Mrs.' V. Kleinpeter arc their sponsors. .. &taff Sgt, Bernard tlrdman and wife visited' last' • Week at his parental Paul Erdnian home and with other relatives.' He will attend the' University of Iowa for the second semester. Mrs. Sain. Alne left Sunday for Washington, D. C., to visit her son Lt. (j. g.).Leonard Alne, his wife and now baby daughter Karen Lee, born Dec. 22. Leonard has feenlisted-ln the navy. Mrs. John Sheppard went to Mason City'Monday 6f last week Where she met her husband who arrived there from the -west coast with his discharge, from the army, Mrs. Sheppard and young ON THE HEITCX IA«" Jlcwetiet JULETTE ORIGINALS .Fabric beauty in famous Bloomsberg care- rayon crepe free style, grqce- restrained "simplicity v7'".. 7 and the touch of genius in design that makes Julette Originals ,\ such, favorites .'.'':!"' in misses' 1 sizes 10 to 20 " " :SS*«*SS' ; &*j!"'"' " ' " ^;;f«i^if«i»r : #fe ; ^* ; «(S^^^^^fei^i®i^^^^fe^:l^^^'' ; ^il^ mfm^iifklKiKm^^^" ISwiH* fi ' •JI^BRsiHKBa! ;: sHI ; '- j ^^^^^^.f^^A^^^^MSlSKm^,^!'>?.'^^-,'--,'-' -"- •- fhi«iril,chickis!A:8weel.ple«ted ikirt tlutVfl«t>Tcr your hip» to give yoii ; the :li;tp-o-o-t-h-« ; >-t •line.eye'rr Tbe eitr«^*iJe waist- ,bn"d--'.*co!nitu«te8 'l'e' /negative waUtline, «ize» soft have been at H"«* iplrefital Lawreftee Wing&rt ' MATtMBW KfStiii*?; * 6V Thursday, Dec. -2,7, at ih£ ndifnft of his daughter, Mr's.>#a*v|yJohn* son, St. Benedict. Funeral serviced were held Monday ollast week at Mth ' f ate St. Benedict's Catholic chiirch, - sons, LuVerne; KRCSENSKY'S Maurice, fulsa ' Hollywood; a'fl Johnson ,.-at-.St» Johnson of Ajgofia, MAKE YOUfc I)0tLAR GO FUEtHER. ADVANTAGE OF;'THteSE BARGAINS IN ABLE WEARING APPAREL. OlflDTC A doz^n wool mixture, plaid JlUlVld and plain skirts, reduced All Wool siceyelessj short ^a a few lorig sleeve CO sweaters on sale...:. ...... -W4i ' ' ' ' ' ' FDR COATS-.5 P atent .» simulated leath. Keduced. .1..... „. . . , /' .' t . , .,-• ( " •••.. .•'..., ' r./ fy^j,".- wiuskrat dyed coneyAJ* lanibj.reverse'cfliriey,-' on sale 'at.....;.^ v/ -J4—••••••- CLOTH COATS ."."• SUITS Lovely chesterfield coats, ohly • •••', A • -*.;--. *..••'-;, Rack of ladies "dresses J_ one and two -piece styles 2 A fc^ salts on sale plain-and checks.... • \? '';•>'-'-.••.•'' ' .:",-''•'•' . 'A Late winter hats. ; J_ Black an|J fcplors.....:.^....::.;. 2 Smart dresses for casual wear.:.... $25 339 DRESSES FUR TRIM COATS tarlrim . S7J)5 Reduced Ladies rayon mesh hose. Reg. $1.25 valiie:.,.;;:,:..; Children's ^now siu^' Very niiCe garments BEJpUCEpiO TO 25% ni AITCrC Ladles' blouses, white and DLUU JEO co^rs. ^aMijtitics; liniited. I7ITD TA ATQ r UA tU/i I & and loiig stles, ' IP il ~"; ;trfe»v Is m Begitilifiig em •' ,.-•-- : : 1 will buy " ' ' • ' and ^I^P^ ' ?BB"'^HB^' ~/^pP wpp^^B^.^^HT J: ",v.c?d^^^^^^^'i^^^^^ffliffi' •'.- : ? -r- : . ; :--. ; -;ir-- s ' ! .-.-"''-. ! "."SS^ySrW^S-B:^ f^ 1 *-' -,,^."-' r '•"•'.";',"'»J .r.v'-'j'.'-/,**^ • -fy«S*- 1: . -''.-.•" -.--:,'-- l ••-''*!;£ *?-'°''?' : ''-~fyC''*'--''&^~$?.'i .''.''• .'- -x" 1 '' ''' • *v' *-''?';y- •*, '(. , .. *-'•'"*'••.':".- ,'..•• " •"• ,"' - "•;£'!'» * 1I '"li"*^;-??^-i.j^'fi'jT&^S-'J

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