The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 27, 1945 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 27, 1945
Page 7
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mm* oEO Y 63-3 SCORE Joe journeyed to dlare night to defeat St, Mathewfi . At g.fiva.were utere ;Roniamfiares:8M<,il ! goals and ,tnftfle twq ..fred vs to l^ad J3t$ JQerttp <y' mahoe- of,.Qjttte .made ,the ,pftj Up goal fp,f-the ipsettf. ISt. Joe secpfl I score of ,13- Inter for tjie re8eB««9,"pjftve^Qn' : Re,first tearri ,b$qa,use of ;llujM8 I St. Joe's cenfa.rV^epnBfd-'Mfl' luire. [The score of ,th6 game w-as ,as ollpws: ,by? . , Joe (63) PO Jales, B. 0, Bormann „ 3 tales, R Ji lohlhaas, Richard '. .'4 [Sding 2 bhlhaas, RaJ|ph ... 4 S —..,4 0 •28 PP. 6 , •2 1 2 0, 1 0 ft ffr. and Mrs. Sjiepnan JRruitt Kansas City, Mp., are spen4Mg> Christmas holidays wlth' s the> er's mother, Mrs: -Jeter, fcnmit. ' . >/ .»,j/ dr. and Mrs. Frank RatMce, of limboldt are parents,,of i a 'Baby iy born Sunday, IXec. 16, 'a't tti$, bssuth hospital, Mrs. Bathke ',)s' ,e. former Elizabeth'.' fceitnet,* lughter of'M.att'Zeimet. - ' BDarwin Hammer, sgn ,of jlidays. I Christmas ,,«!«y <flueM» at, --,» t>me Of Mf. and, Mrs, 'L. fi. tin-, £m were Jo(m- 'Linn^n >'ahd aughter Jpan of -Maurice, Mr.- jid Mrs. Leo Fuchs and Florence" Baugherty of Cheyenne! - Wyo., Borothy Patricia Wa,ssenberg;of; Iinneapolis and Alveha Vjrasseri- I'rig pf Chicago. The latter is pending the week .at Linnan's. jlly. Daugherty, who is Stsiyihg, Pith the Linnans here, .retiJr.ned, 7 Maurice for a few days,-": '••'•, Mr. .and Mrs. Lloyd Hobinxon eturned. Friday- from;- Cfii&go- ihere- L,loyd .underwent.ten '.eipi-.' Brgency operation the':fo/e^part pf *the'.month j«vhile he 'and.' *£|rs> nobinson • were therexinibusinei Tmhtr%te«* ^6dlJ*upil«, nce Stephens day .afternoon fripp left ' southern deJVirtg word Sat- v, ,tt]a.t-, Mrs, Tripp's st|ffered,a.stroke. i •-i.U , Jerome JEisenbarih •lather.Mark Shaw, ayi H6 moved from y eari of Clear Lake iuS Friday night, at ihome, She will re- aftei*' CM^stmas. SarchieU Arrived home jgm froni ,Camp Mood, Vvlll reportfback Jan. 6. ,home'.he had been ... r . a -^eek with a ioni , - UPPER DES MO^NES, ALGONA IOWA Phyllis Rich who is a cadet nurse at Des Moines arrived honhe Saturday night for a jweeft's visit, Mr. and Mrs. Leo'-Ramus an f (i children were Wednesday * night supped guests at the Perry Ldw* man home near Sexton. > Mrs, Violet Walker and sons Vern and Merlin arid,Mr. and Mrs. John Sabin left Thursday morn-" Ing of last week for St. Cloud, .Mitm.i to visit relatjvesVth.ey ex<- pected to return ^horte- MQnday. Leo Blmore Is doing 1 'the" chores at the Sabin home. Mr. and Mrs, Louis Lpwman of Fenton spent 'Sunday ftt the Leo Ramus nome, Mrs. Ben Slotftr arid three, children of Troy Grove, 111., ar.rlve'-t by car Saturday night qUtfte E. C. Witl)0m home. They .expect to re* main until Ja,ti. 2. Mr. Sloter who has been in the service, re9eived his discharge in California, and had, expected to join the family, but will be Unab|e too due to the fact that he was in ,an accident and hurt several vetebraes in his back and is .now in a cast- from his fleck to his waist. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Raney spent Sunday at the 'Russel Walker home. Iowa has 1054 public ancj paf- ochial high schools, with an eri- rollmeht of over 85,000, stud.ents^ JIM f O O L iconsider, the -, |Ir jthere is ever a place where-a" nppby room can be usedvtb :< ad- Ivantage,,it Is in the':farnt.'home. *.Sucn a room may be a sirnRle'cor- ner ,in.the basement, .wherei a'vbdy : can have his lathe, a saw^or-' other bwood-y/orking tools; or it'canibe Ja large,?finished;rooni.^yhei:e4he children can have thejrtp'jhg pbjSg table;:where there is enOughispflnfe"' for, ; nieetings of .the 4-H..eiub,- t .tne J Future iTarmers,'' or 'just "TtJe. Gqhg.».-A hobby room saves wpfjc for 'Mother, it-is/-;a'nVtdeal plaqei •':fottv'6oca','«ntKBplH'cra r\f nviiiito v-tfj in.summer,' , coftfpfta'ble., relaxation ijfroni* '.ihe; , Jiea,t; ; .0r,' whe.r'e'ordlnary.'^'"" K. are;:sHialI, the h<>lib> poqn |t used as'a dining.n'pom fpf'j s threshing and snaei? criewA'' chiiircfi '-"" '"- ' the relatives, at Holiday ... ;Injprbvements t in< have -eliminated overhead piping, tiye hobby room practically any basement.' -v-Hrthe walls -of the basement are watertight -and dry, Plaster; makes a Jsh, :Ih additio pijoperities, Zonolife ^Plaster hr , fire-resistant and-has sound-deadr f ening ; val(ie. For greater" noise-reduction, Zonolite Acoustical Plastic on the ceiling gives. excellent results. Then there is, gypsum, board, which comes in a Variety of, wood finishes, or plain insula- tipn board. Knotty pine is nice, top. If the basement walla are not wjterjrtight, use cement plaster and a waterproof paint, If you arj? bjiilding a new walli, eight jBchjiiglazed tile«}nate8> J .SPP.d^ JqeMng, easily cleanefl interior, ; As jtp the floor; !f ygH Ijayf 4 cement floor andf t Cto^ J(v ttfld, ce ; over it a three inch slab of -dry ?onoUte InJatf Use SEVEN FORMER RESIDENT OfWHITTEMORE BURIED THURSDAY Funeral services a^id tylHal'for Ewald Rode, 59, a former resident of this community, who passed away DLC. lj tjt ttocl)ester, were held Thursday, Dpc, SO, at Whitto- niore, following services at Lake Crystal and Veinon Center, Burial was in the family lot in WhittemOre, following a short Mr. Rode Was born Nov. 24, 1886, in Russia. He came to the U. S and lived in Oklahoma for a time, moving to Iowa in 1014. While in this vicinity he lived for a number of years on the Wm. Betninghaus farm, east of here, ahcl then on the Wm. Fischer faim 111 the Fairville \-icinity.'in 19S6 he moved his family to Lnko Crystal, Minn. • Surviving him are his widow, ft' daughter Martha of Minneapo- ,li8j and six gnhs:..' Herman and Arthur of Chicago, Rudolph, John and'Arnold of Lake Crystal, and Albert in the army. Two sisters andi-a brother also survive.' ••,!-,»• .-, . Mrs. Rosa Barto, Algonn, was service at 2 p, m. at Whittemore. visiting relatives here Wednesday. A group gathered at the home of Mr. and' Mrs. Archie Voigt to help them celebrate their 15lh wedding anniversary last week. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Herman Voigt and daughter Evelyn and son Raymond, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Biersted, Mr. and Mrs. Louis Hackbarth, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Bell, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Lauck, Mr. and Mrs. Erwin Struecker, Mr. and Mrs. Waller Struecker, Mr. and Mrs. Reinhard Zumach, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Burke, and Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Mathers and daughter Irene. Mrs; Ida Kuecker and family, Lotts Creek, visited at the home of Mrs. Kitecker's mother and brother Mrs. Emilie Siems and son Erwin, Sunday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. J. J. R'osendahl and sons Ralph and Danny were Sunday evening dinner guests at the home of Mrs. Rbsendahl's *pa* rents Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Heifi- enwith. • Rosella Voigt and Delores Pqt- rat;i, Algona, spent the week end' with their parents. - ' Mr. and Mrs. John Struecker. Fenton, and Mr. and Mrs. Harold; Behnke, ftes Moines, spent the Week end with relatives Mr. and Mrs. Walter Vaudt and Mr. find Mrs. R. A. Behnke. Elmer Ruhnke arrived home from the Pacific area Saturday being discharged from the army. He Is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Otto Ruhnke. Gertrude Meyer spent the week end with Mr. and Mrs. Otto 1 , Lotts Creek. She return* home Sunday evening. * ( Wafit ads bring quick results,' at low cost. All Kinds of CARPENTER And REPAIR WORK See BtFD ROBINSON 801 South Jerome St. 52-1 -iris.-; I.rtr, COUNCIL OAK COUNCIL OAK COUNCIL OAK Happy New Year Wo'vo pifkod n four-leaf oloyer and we're passing it on to you! It's 1946 —a potnl for ovory .snnsofi, and evory sPnsftn promising ws good luck, good fo^hinc and good times. AVc'vo nil been, through a lot together, and .now we can look forward to-'slmring, in future years •that whichswill endow us all with the things we most desire and require. ^^j^^p from (gSJNCIL rtThl- Jftflt (1JW rft Is asphalt colors, which is in a variety wt davs?n in >». cyp* «(ihiSnldarPr«i»ur« , ,Qrd«r Swift's Seby pf'getting th« br««d wpnt.\ '.>' i r bwylqf,eblski« It msy be fm CALIFORNIA "Hydrated" T DATES Fancy, new crop California: Dates with a fla-' vor that surpasses anything you ever tasted in an imported date . . . The, finest,of all dates for •stuffing and for cooking recipes. \ Half-Pound Cello, Bag. MARSH SEEDLESS TEXAS GRAPEFRUIT EAT IT? J IT! :,•- SJmUe.4 InglHh «*A , - 1 WALNUTS, 4-oz, bag29f Fresh, ..Crisp, Shelled AA _, PECANS, 4-oz, bag 330 Cal B»T Seedless V - '.A>A , RAISINS, 2 Ib, bag. 240 '" " ' Eai plenty of Texas Marsh Seedless Grapefruit ,..,. .Make .Its Vitamin ' "C"v,,yoUr •bodyguard!: It will help fortify you against colds, against 'fatigue.' For red-blqo4e(l .vigor and .health . ...Eat it! .'. i Drink it ... , Every day. .' 10 POUNDS 49 C FOR Johnny the Spud Says: Eat plenty of potatoes. They are an -important contribution to a well-balanced diet. *, ^""'S^^^^^^VWX/VSA^ PRICES FOR DEC. 28 29, 31. All Items Subject to Stock fffht Netted Gem All Purpose Potatoes 10 Lbs. for 39c Red, River Triumph Potatoes 10 Lfas. for .... 31 c GENUINE PORTO RICAN Sweet Potatoes 3 Pounds 29c FIRM GREEN Salad Cabbage Pound 4c WASHED & WA;XED RUTABAGAS NORTHERN SWEET VARIETY Pound 5c - . . i Imported Hallow tMi»' ; ; NQW'S THE TIME TO ENJOY WINESAP APPLES FROM WASHINGTON STATE • -, ; , Popping Crisp! -W* . • 4'A-f v '' tPaCkfid'witrHealtlr!-M-|\||||^l I «• fi Sllceil Jt Hulves Jr °- sw : ' : f K>-Nr«*:: •• ; . '*.'-..- : : ,-:•• .^fi-'i JSpjecl), IVIiole firnln . ' '^''; " "niH^-'Z-: a mi5il*H.'iMi. : :. m POUND .25c MAJTETTE Wrapped and -Sized 1 When Spirits Are Gay! TREAT YOUR GUESTS TO EXCITING SANDWICHES Your favorite sandwich fillings are mouth-watering combinations, made better when they are ' between slices of our wholesome nutritious variety breads. GREEN TYPE PASCAL CELERY For the New Year's Srtack Session serve Celery Sticks stuffed with Cream Cheese. J^RGE « Q STALK .. . D9G •ii ^^ pl * vvvv% ^ ww ^^^V^^^^>WW^XWW AJLQQJJA CREAMERY 5 WJTTER Ib. 48c M-: ^ NANCY ANN "Enriched" White BREAD 24-oz, Loaf .. 12c NANCY ANN Light Eye BREAD 16-oz. Loaf . .Jpc ; Blue Ribbon Black •MISSION FIGS l;fcoz, Pkg, ..J6c Obuncil Oajc Meat Man One of These,Juicy Succulent Boasts! SHOULDER ROAST ... 25c FANCY, WHITE HEAD RICE POIWD U WASHBURN'S PEARL BARLEY Wfc-WI lie .•. Ib., found . ,,,,, ; IK A4 ./ GE, Ib,. 310 BEEF LIVER, Ib, 200 NECK BONES, Ib, /0 ^T^-^^^^w^^^^^Y^r Flavorful BEEF to BOIL Pound .17c EVERY BITE A TREAT' FRUIT CAKE One Pound In Pt- RQBB-RQSS PANCAKE.AND WAFFLE MIX Family Bag .. C Q White Loaf "The TMnty flour" QCAKAMTSBD rlOUB IRST PRIZE M d WAWAJtuni Ma .ajk SPAGHETTI, 2 Ib. bag 190 190 Oeuulue EGC NOODLES'„!: * ' Switch to TAC-CUT /A of *ff. I'* ^<

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