The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 1, 1930 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 1, 1930
Page 4
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FRIDAY, AUGUST •!,' 1930 BLYTIIEVILLK, (AUK.) COURIER NKWS 'PAGE-SEVEN CLASSIFIED ADS Two oenu » word tor firtt In- Krtlon tnd CM cent a word for ewh lubMqufel in**r- Uon. NO ndfWttNawnttakca tor leas thin We. Count th* wordi and §«n<l UM ewb. FOR 8ALB FOR BAliE—Baby Chicks. Oiutom hatching esoli wert from nowon. Marilyn Hatchery. Wclt-« 6y NtA SERVICE/rtc: Extraordinary Used Car Sale For Housewives, business ind Professional Women or Men, who can spare jusl a bit each week from income. All makes and models to from. 1933 Mcdtl Ford Coupe 5203 1930 Model Tudor Sedan .... 5)95 192G Model Bukk Sedan 5175 1929 Model Ford Stand. Coupe $135 1928 Model Ford Sport Coupe $355 1MB Model Chrjiler 6 Sedan J375 1U29 Model Tudor Sedan ... $350 193D .Model Fcrd Stand. Coupe ?3I5 1928 Mod. Ford Business Coupe 5295 1936 Model Dodje Panel Truck $ 95 1328 Model Ford Tudor Sedan SW5 1926 Model Chevrolet Coup* 5 91 Investigate our New $5.00 Down and 55.00 Weekly Plan, covering every Used Car In stock. Used Car Dept, PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Authorized Ford Dealers I'HONE 811 TODAY .NOW FOR KEN! FOR RENT— Aucusl 1st, one of- ilt-c, Ingram Building. Inquire j Parklnirst. Company. 9c-tf. FOR RENT—Two or more [urnlsll-1 ccl rooms, OH Hcarn St. 30pk4] FOR RENT—5 rcoiu bungalow, hot, and cokl water attachments, newly palnled. 115 Dougan, apply Ike Miller, rhonc 869. 28C-U. FOR RENT—Two' modern stucco residences, 512 North First anil 201 Missouri. Also frame residence on Chlckasawba, Dr. Saliba, phone 410. 31ckO FOR RENT—Three room furnished apartment, bath and garage. McBride Apartments. Ipk5| FOR RENT—Four rcom bungalow.] Apply 305 Dougan. Ipk7i WANTED ! WANTED TO RENT—Sinall tarin, close in, equipped for cows and poultry. Address P. O. Box 321. Blytlwville, Ark- 31pk2 IIBUIN HBHB TODAY DAN HOB1MBR, (orw«r. Xtw Vntk *rnipli|wr «»". ">><> • •«" n riling «cr»«rlo» <«T C<mtl«e»lul l>Iclure» In UullrtTcntl. KCU a Icl- t«r Irom «« «H '''""I I" •">'«« Vork. JtlfidT VOUSn. irlllnic kin - lm>k un n Elrl niiinul ARM 1 - •"•13II. Ifkii h«" '•»"" '"."" OUlll,, t" ''crM»h Ifcc l"lo luri'M." Dim rinulillri rHiK-lnully. p» kr l> dl»lru»trul >'t £lm>. I'".' *"»J hnd flat' r*l>crl«»ft!—In «ti>cl< i»i]>|iui<li.ii. »kkk Din trill kvr l« Ihi- li«»l foundation for MH MCTH 11, him'. Amir Krt1hcr« thnt tit I" u Illllr dUtnlUrlrd "Hh |MUK« ill rnnlliirntnl. Kor im* Imnif, *« llilnkn lln-y knit mine-nil ikr «l»r u hum lln-y .rkfl lu nlujr In Ikt plcturr chat IK l(i IK iniide frnM n »tf>ry hi- Imd nrlllc" liffurc cow- Itorlmer lrlln Anne nluiul KI me ol Ihv dl>raiim»lnR I' nf rxlrii ivork, uot kt n'nUjr »*- lli'vrft n^f irlll ^Hinkt llic BrRde. nnj hi' thiln BKBUrva fctr. TNfJ Ko Iti Ike lluim-vrH llolrl In dnniT. mid linn, lirfnit Ike erc- nluir u nr-r. <» nulle •mluen itlili her. i n.< ivri'ii Tin: STIIIIY CHAI'TBH IV IT was Monday morulus, Be*- hcarsals «cro to slart Hint day for "Uriiii Holiday." Hau Horimer, Ecllliug down at llio desk hi Ills tiny office. auO staring out ot HIP wtmlmv al a drizzle ol rain, looltcil back on two weeks ot Idleness nini [fvveiilly hoped there would bo work for lihu In llio forthcoming production. Even it a lot of changes In tlio script were necessary, lie wouldn't mini!— not unless ttiey changed Hie framework ot bin alory. ' It would at least make liin) led like au essential part ot llic machinery of llils organization In- slead of a luiinan fitlb wheel, tor- sollen in n liltle coop of au office iviili a typewriter, a desk and a couplc^f chairs, aud a window lliat looked out upon numerous parked aulomoulles. Wlien Continental r let u res! uouglit tils plory Hie execulive al tlie New York once liad li;turme<l lilm lliat ilia slndlo contemplated ininicuialc production. lloriuicr liad Uiouglit ••Iniuiediale produc lion" ineaiu just lhat, and wna sur- iniseil (o lind ou his arrival thai notliina Moll been done beyond Hie lireiiaratton ol the scenario. He • liiiil read that, liad been iniprcsseil tjy ii3 Iccliulcal craltsmansliip. Looking back over those two weeks. Rorimer smiled a little bli- tcrly at tiie recollection of his re- .ceptiou al Hie Continental lot. he bad been Introduced to the producer. 11? less, and lliat Iraporiant anil busy individual had ordered llial norimer be shown the sights. /> V-xC'Vx* v^ gy ERNEST LYN,N/ B\> ;ijM-a/lci;w<m Rciiwcr had reason la ihinl; c\cn more highly oj Collins' afcilifu. Collins s«W liu believed In lone ml thorough loheursalu. "I*, cute own tho retnkca," ho explained, lio ulilcil hlniscK a llltlo on his repu- atluii for quick proihiclions, Dan niaiio Ills cliuuge.i rlghl on ho scls. Colllin. rcmnrkhig tliat o was quick mid intelligent and .vile, once voiced Ills approval. "Vuu ^ccin lo kntiw wliiil ll'a all bout." ho FiUd, "Good dltiloKiio's lio tiling, tvcr wrllii niiylhluK (or he stage?" "Tho Blafo ilnesn'l know II yd," -.111 smiled, "[ \vrou a play, 1ml hut's as f:;r na II tot." Collins noddeil. "Mns'bo It helped )'o'i wore than you know," When Dan inci Frcdcrlch At wood, llio famous screen Idol en lively disarniutl llorlmor with tlio warnitb of Ms BieclliiK. 11" i hands cordially, siilil lie hull ... Hormicr'a elory, "Orlni llollihy,' anil likcit U. "(iooJ btory. Gooil wrllUig." Ill worila wcru clinpedi precise, his ccnl Uilllbh. llovlitier (ell a Illllo nshaiiu-il; lull, aluilylin; tho nluiobl furalnlno bi-nuty nl Alwoocl's ported ('.'auires, ycl [leralslod In Iho coinktlun Ihut tbc man liad been uilscast. lio went back lo Ills hoU'l lhat cveuiiiK, tiled but elated. He luidn'l ri-;ilUcil llic tension he hail been wurklflE uuclcr until lie was drlvnm back tn bla car. Now ho lay blruiehcil out on bis bed. vclailnfi uuijicd muscles, retreltinc tlio urs;c iiiimbcr of clgarcta bo lind consiiineil. They liad dulled bis liuiclltc—and Paul Collier would bo calling (or him ol seven lo tako ilin to llio Wainpns ..dinner down- sULis. lio nnillcd, Ililnklnt; ot tlio plcasui'o ho would take In idling Collier ubonl Anne Winter, "bo you wero out of town In caso sue had a fiiciul, eh7" IJnt Anno illiln't bavo a friend; tho llvcil alone. Tills lio BOARDING HOUSE jcoltl llgUt now. they perlect It. Tills uiorning I was slioolins n resttiuraut scene. and an extra girl playius a waitress was supposed to come on aud pick ind _, a tray. Well, tho table been iindtr the lieuls for o up . „ sew, vJHeM M WELL WCKIHU.Y, PAUS AT CMCS CLUB SAID -fl-leV'P QQ ALoMG viiM oid -fH 1 HOUSE- IF °UP BAIL U ; HE'LL J f olHeR ' :m$ l \.v^>m i iKk, 0 V^-V v.' : -'..^ >>v ,M••,.;% c^lsP%/' ! '-', It'll be great It your story. Mayho I doii'l need lo ' .ell you llml." "I hope not," EaiJ Horimer. "Well, iiM not prelly lo wrlle a nice magazine story, or a book, and hare somebody kick U all aronud for you. Uut try to remember lhat Ilia production of a talking picture Is an expensive proposition: this . bad learned upon taking her homo Saturday nlshl. and imchccrful Sho hail a tiny upiirlinenl— one loom :nul kilchcnct — and wa3 dls- sulisllcd wtlb I:.. Klie wnnleil sioiins tliius belter but couldu'l afford II BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES A HEAL HREAK By Martin alone; stie l sooner or lalcr lllllc while— and did she drop ihe li-ny! 11 was holler liian lire. Bhe said a few thlngf. loo." What caused Dan norimer to smtlc now was Ihc fact that after three or four days of being trealeil: like a visiting celebrity he had _ been abruptly (ornotlcn. .The Ece-l n - a3 n le director who Imd _een so one will run more tliau ?BOOO a day -and it'll probably exceed Us budget at that, director." heard." said Dan. Collhu . Collins is the chief, sliowins little office, bad said. him to the "Well. Horl ! Continental. DEALERS WANTED—REAL BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY. We can place seversl live wide awake men in a profitable business selling di- rccl lo consumers in your nome county. Write quickly for free catalogue. O. C. HEBERL1NG COMPANY Dcpt. 27, Bloomington. 111. 31ck4 Tbe studio manager had him to lunch. Introduced him to mer. this is yours. .I'm sending In a buucU of. scripts; you can slinly them Ic sec how It's done. We'll ba making you work pretty BOOH—and this Is a tine liltle place lo sweat,' . Uorlmor m>w looked iibout bim I pleasant to him his livst day 1 Contiii "Wheu .li-j makes a sii£i;cslion." Gregg said, "it'a usually a sound |. WANTED — Family Washings. Washed and ironed by competent white woman. Mrs. Brown. 704 B. Lake St. 17ck-tf \ various directors and sccuailo writers at the table, who had greeted him pleasantly, pausing lon^ enough in tlielr'game ot throwing dice to sec who should bo stuck for Hie meal checks lo bid him welcom» to Hollywood. One of the directors Eahl, "If you're uot doing anything Ihh , afternoon, come over oil Stage Five. "We're shooting some> iateresllug stuff." « • • pHOTOGRAl'HV in ualural color. Standing beside the direclbr, "I've beard he's very good," said Dan. "I've got only one kick; A I'inc place to sweat! A fine place why—" lo sit and wonder if they ever ex- Gregg interrupt peeled lo use you! Four plain.walls, suillc. "Why di adorned with a few framed pictures of movie cclcbrllies. A door it one cud. a window at tbc other; someone now stuck hla bead In at Ihe door. It was Ui 1 egs,.tho see., uario chief. An instrument has been developed by the University of Iowa to Icsl angers' voices registering off- key notes. MULES For Sale C to 15 years olti, good i , I Rorlmer. who never had been in. ' fide a moving picture studio before, watched with keen interest and was Informed by the director lhat the lights used in color photography were several times as strong aa those (or blick and while. "Hotter than the very devil, loo. I understand they're working ou iplcd with a patient did they give your story to Atwooil? llclween the two of us. even Collins a lit- lio when Adamsou did that. Uut ijcslde the window, his desk. jAtwood's got a cosily contract, and we've got to keep him busy. He- sides, hi! won't bo as bad as you think; he's a trouper, whatever Ho said, "I suppose you're ready |«>ey say about_hlti,.'' to give 1bcm n hand—you knew niid-atternoon Rorlmer had reason lo think even more hlju- ly of Collins' ability.- Several times that Murray was sick?". "Yes." said Rorlmer. "I'm darned glad lo get to work." ,-, - -Gregg smiled, tic was Bray and during rehearsals Iho director bad well groomed, with a lined cbcok slopped everything and, turning to pnd a. perpetually worried look In Dan. had shown where the chang- his eyes, from frequent tilts wilb Ing of a line here and there would the studio manager. "You may gel I improve the dialogue. Once it had condition Phillips Motor Co. more than you're looking for," he said. "I just wanled to warn you about one thing; don't sect »or« II added a laugh to u scene In which a laugh was neeJcd greatly. It had relieved tho tension ut rt long they ask you to make changes lu |nerve-wracking sequence. lo llud a congenial girl I" share something ulcer v.'ith her. YESTEIll^v;—Horimer had Ink^- en her out driving Sunday after- U30II—she Imd confided that Blio expected to live, strictly wltbli limits of her own fund?. Ho leaincil that slic liad saved most ot her aliigc earnings ami theso wove her slake. 't'atlier lolil uic I'd lie writing home for him to pay the rein, bill. I told him lie didn't know his own daughter." Horimer. nropncil up on n pillow whence he could size out on a myriad o( yellow lights, was wllllnB o wager lliat .Mr. Winter not only incw liiii own daughter prelly well jut was proud of licr. He reached (or llio telephone. Anno Winter was one swell girl, IB thought, asking (or her number. Too tod she was up against such a .ough proposition; Just one In 20,000—or thereabouts, ho supposed —trying lo crash (he movies by tlio extra route. . . . Mnybe. Colllna ^ould do something for her. Collins was a good scout, and his stuff—maybe— "Jlello, Ibis Is Dan noriiner, Inquiring after your good licallh and (rame ot mind." Antic's voice tuiswcrcd: arc excellent, thank you. I never felt better, (ind—bin •urpriEu!—I go to work tomorrow." (To lie Continued) NOTICE From May 1 to September 1 5u r denial offices will toe closed tach Thursday atUirnoon. Dr. I> JI. Moore. Dr. II. A. Taylor, Dr. H. S. Davis- V. R, WASHAM—Trirufer Dally trips to Memphis, Will pick up and deliver freight and packages anywhere. Special riles on carload lols. Local Phone 851 Memphis Phone 3-8315 WERT i He Makes,'JEm Set' Closing Stock Prices A. T. and T 200 5-8 Aviation C 1-8 Cliryblcr Cities Service — Coca Cclti Fox General Electric . General Motois .. Grigsuy Grimow . I. T. and T Montgomery Ward Packard liadio Simmons United Gas U. S. Steel New York Cotton NEW YORK, Alls. I. lUPI— Cot- | ton closed steady. Open Hleli Low Close Oct. old 1261 1285 12GO 1285 Oct. new 1237 1260 1237 1260 Dec. Old 1283 130fi 1283 1303 Dec. new 12GO 1273 1260 1270 Jan. old 1293 1314 1293 1313 Jan. new 1270 1M7 1201 128(1 Msr 1293 130G 1288 1305 May .... 1311 1322 1306 1320 July .... 1313 1315 1313 .... Spots closed at 1280, up 25. FRECKl.KS AND HIS FRIENDS Royal C, Mills Public Accountant and Auditor Specializing In Iiicomt Tax," Bookkeeping Systems riione B2 Ingram Bldg. Biytiicvlllc, Art T14IS IS WpklM' OOT JOST IT WAS rAAOE TO ORO&Q.....IU A OP A l-^^^B'S TAIL I'LL A HEAP SIGHT RiC»£ 1 AW, RIGHT No\M !! COS-lt OVt-B HC.flC.VJm 1 N4D VJt'l-V- TO 1VIC TlM)lO - \ i SMC'S BE.CH \ FOR \ 1HM DQ& fsUU I •5HC WONT CM \ THING / New Orleanx Cotton NEW ORLEANS, An?. 1. (UP) — Open High Low Close Oct - . 1283 JS5J 1538 1201 Dec •- 1258 1281 1258 1280 Jan . 1266 128B 1260 12861) Mur' 12S6 1307 128fi 1307 May ... 131* '. 321 131i 1321 Spots closed quiet at 1"12. up 2-1. France is celebrating the lOOtli anniversary ot the Invention of the .sowing machine. It was In the winter of 1829-30 that Earth- cliny Thtmcnnier. a tailor living near Lyons, obtained n patent on the machine. U 1 MOOT ovs ~\m> 6ut*5 I'LX. voviow ,Vv 1 CMi ^ Wtri ftVW46 , ' tf^^liiS&zi OGfE 1 . "WKV VOO\i& ' W^\. CKIBH. OOT rt ft OWES- 'EvA- \KSTO COOVO OUST R THAT FaLA VJIOULON'T LOOK >JJHERS UfS 1HTO US THAT !.' A SUUUEN SUKI'UISK!

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