The Sydney Morning Herald from Sydney, New South Wales on December 5, 1985 · Page 12
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The Sydney Morning Herald from Sydney, New South Wales · Page 12

Sydney, New South Wales
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 5, 1985
Page 12
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I I Page 12 The Sydney Morning Herald, Thursday, December 5, 1985 WORLD HEWS Sakharov 'was force-fed while on hunger strike Soviets drop toy bombs on Afghans NEW YORK, Wednesday: Violations of human rights have become widespread in Afghanistan since Soviet forces joined the flghting there nearly six years ago, according to a report presented on Monday to the United Nations. The report, prepared for the UN Commission on Human Triple pay to Bhopal gas workers ' BHOPAL, Wednesday: Union Carbide's Indian subsidiary has agreed to pay nearly three times the legal compensation to workers who lost their jobs when its Bhopal factory closed after poison gas leaked and killed 2,500 people. The settlement between the 627 workers and the subsidiary ended a sit-in by the workers at the pesticide plant in central India and was the first sign of compromise on compensation issues. A joint statement made yesterday said the workers would get a total of 22.4 million rupees Rights, says violations include indiscriminate mass bombings and killings of civilians; mutila tions and routine torture; the imprisonment without trial of tens f' Mr Semyonov also' said video film which reached the West during Dr Sakharov's fast showing him looking healthy had actually been taken much earlier. Bonner, 62, flew from Moscow to Rome yesterday in a blaze of publicity, but disappointed reporters by refusing to discuss her husband's health or their life in Gorky, in case the Soviet authorities barred her from returning. Bonner spent her first full day in Rome yesterday resting from her trip and from a reunion with her relatives that stretched into the small hours of the morning. She will go to Siena for treatment of her eyes this week, and then fly to Boston for heart treatment Mr Yankelevich said she had to rest frequently because of her weak heart and that she had aged since he last saw her in 1979, "but psychologically she has not changed". He said Bonner sent a telegram to her husband on Monday during a stopover in Milan, saying, "the three of us are drinking coffee in Milan". Reuter, The New York Tunes him 10 days ago it had recovered to 74 kilograms. During a shorter hunger strike last year, Dr Sakharov suffered a minor stroke, which has left him with a twitching lower jaw. "This time he was on strike for nearly six months; his condition is certainly very precarious, though no further stroke has occurred," Mr Semyonov said. "His heart condition has deteriorated. Nevertheless, he says he feels good, he does exercises every day and has resumed his scientific work," he said. During the hunger strike both Dr Sakharov and Bonner, who is also exiled to Gorky, made attempts to tell friends in Moscow of the situation, including sending telegrams, Mr Semyonov said. "None of the cables reached the people they were intended for in the original form on the contrary each of them was changed or forged to give the impression that all was going well in Gorky," he said. This even happened to "foto-cables" where the original writing was transmitted. ROME, Wednesday: Relatives , of Soviet dissident physicist Dr Andrei Sakharov said today he had staged a hunger strike for nearly six months this year while Soviet authorities doctored his messages to friends to hide the fact Dr Sakharov's stepson, Mr Alexei Semyonov, and stepson-in-law, Mr Yefrem Yankelevich, who had both travelled from the United States to meet Dr Sakharov's wife, Yelena Bonner, on her arrival from Moscow, told a news conference in Rome they had learned this through recent telephone conversations with him. They said Bonner had corrected some details of what they had previously learned. But she had added nothing of substance, they said, and in their opinion had not broken the agreement she made with Soviet authorities not to talk to the Western media during her trip. Mr Semyonov and Mr Yankelevich, both Soviet emigres, said Dr Sakharov told them he began bis hunger strike on April IS to push the demand that Bonner be Dr Sakharov ... force-fed. of thousands of political prisoners and religious intolerance. The report by Austrian law professor, Mr Felix Ermacora, was based on two visits to Pakistan. He says toy bombs shaped like pens, birds, harmonicas, radios or matchboxes were being dropped from helicopters to maim children. 0 Radio Kabul, monitored in Islamabad, said today 3S9 Muslim rebels from the Jamiat-i-Islami Party had defected to the Soviet-backed Government near the western city of Herat. Reuter, The New York Times allowed abroad for treatment Dr Sakharov has been living in internal exile in Gorky since 1980. Apart from a break from July 1 1 to 25, he continued his hunger strike until October 23, when he was told Bonner could go, they said. During the fast, he was force-fed in hospital in Gorky, 400 kilometres east of Moscow. Mr Semyonov said the physicist's weight had fallen from 82 kilograms to 62 kilograms over the six months, but when Bonner left ($A2.68 million) for compensation, wages and gratuities due to them since authorities officially shut the plant on July 11. The statement said that under the settlement, the workers agreed to end all "intimidation and demonstrations". Gas leaking from the Shriram foods and fertiliser plant, which produces sulphuric acid, triggered panic and injured more than 250 people today in north Delhi. Choking white fumes engulfed the bazaar districts where about 200,000 people live and work. PTI said fumes escaped for 90 minutes after a 40-tonne tank containing oleum overflowed and collapsed. The oleum flowed into the drains and formed gas on contact with water. Three company officials were arrested on charges of negligence, the agency said. The Delhi Lieutenant-Governor, Mr H.L. Kapoor, ordered an inquiry and the factory was closed until further notice. At least 250 people were treated in hospital for breathlessness, violent coughing and sore eyes. Fourteen were in a serious condition, a hospital spokesman said. Renter Thousands of torch-bearing protesters in Bhopal bear an effigy of Union Carbide head, Mr Warren Anderson, to be burned, a year after the gas leak. Investors need time to regain confidence j&-ys&e yw&i ' ::?:Y:'Wi".' 'niwtorW k:-i Head of UN and Fretilin leader may hold talks LISBON, Wednesday: A leader of a separatist group fighting Indonesian rule in East Timor has said he is willing to meet the head of the United Nations to discuss the future of the disputed territory, a spokesman for the group said today. Mr Olimpio Branco, spokesman in Lisbon for the Revolutionary Front for an Independent East Timor (Fretilin), said Mr Xanana Gusmao, Fretilin's military commander, was ready to meet the UN Secretary-General, Mr Javier Perez de Cuellar, in East Timor or elsewhere. Mr Branco said Mr Gusmao's initiative was in response to a campaign by the president of the Human Rights Committee of the British Parliament, Lord Avebury, to help achieve a negotiated end to the conflict in East Timor, a Portuguese South-East Asian colony annexed by Indonesia in 1976. An unemployed Indonesian has been jailed for 10 years for his part in three Jakarta bomb attacks last year which killed two people, the official news agency Antara said today. Muhammad Umar Alkatiri, 34, procured and helped assemble the timer and remote control device used in the Chinatown bombings in October, the judge said. A Muslim extremist who admitted masterminding the bombings has already been jailed for life, and eight other people have been sentenced to terms from 10 to 19 years. Reuter shares, but gave no details. , r-A key element in the new measures is an agreement by four major local banks to lend SSI 80 million (SA121.4 million) to bail out stockbrokers hit by the crisis. The SES would guarantee- the loan and its disbursement. The managing director of the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), Mr J.Y.Pillay, said last, night that new laws would be" introduced early next year for a "fairly radical revamp" of the securities industry. He gave no details, but said the planned legislation would not affect traditional close links between the SES and the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange (K.LSE) in neighbouring Malaysia. Mr Pillay said the crisis had affected Singapore's status as a financial centre but the new-measures would avert future turmoil. The stock exchange would be supervised by a new body comprising members of the four banks arranging the financial facility for cash-strapped brokers. Industry sources said this would mean brokers would no longer run the exchange themselves, as they had done since it was formed. Mr Pillay said financial institutions, both foreign and local, would be allowed to own ordinary shares in broking firms which so far had remained a closed industry. The MAS, however, offered no new rescue plan for Pan-Electric, which has 68 subsidiaries worldwide in shipping, property and electrical manufacturing. Reuter By FRANCIS DANIEL SINGAPORE, Wednesday: Bankers and stockbrokers, expressing relief at Singapore's decision to resume share trading after a record three-day halt, said today it would take some time for investors to recover confidence in the stock market. The resumption of trading tomorrow follows a package of measures aimed at restoring public and business trust in the Stock Exchange of Singapore (SES). The closure followed the announcement that the industrial conglomerate, Pan-Electric Industries, had been put into receivership with debts of SS390 million (SA289 million). "The market is not expected to return to normalcy for some time. Many investors just want to get out at least for the short term," a share analyst at a major broking firm said. Brokers said one measure, a ban on buy-now, pay-later arrangements, would drastically cut trading volume on the SES. "Everyone has accepted the curb at this stage. But over the long term, speculation is a necessary part of any healthy market Let us hope the authorities will stop here and not go overboard," one senior broker said. Pan-Electric's problems included forward share purchases amounting to SS2S0 million (SA169 million) by some of its subsidiaries, sources said. The Commercial Affairs Investigation Department today said it was looking into the possibility of insider trading dealing in stocks on the basis of privileged information of the company's car manufacturer has been more committed to quality control and reliability Every new Jaguar is covered by Mastercare, a comprehensive warranty and maintenance programme that is unmatched by any other car manufacturer. The Mastercare warranty is valid for two years or 40,000 km, whichever comes first. Jaguar also undertakes to pay labour and genuine Jaguar replacement part costs of regular maintenance, as set out in the owners handbook, for three years or 40,000 km, whichever comes first With protection like this, probably the most difficult decision you now face is simply selecting one of the Jaguar models available. Whichever you choose, you wont be disappointed. All have outstanding track records. Korean dissident confined Shuttle mission a success When Jaguar came first and third outright at Bathurst in 1985, history was made. Jaguar became the first , European car manufacturer to win the James Hardie 1000. For anyone considering the purchase of a prestige car, the victory was a very pointed demonstration. The change in regulations governing the James Hardie 1000 in 1985 meant that all the competing cars were mechanically a lot closer to road-going cars than ever before. This gave Jaguar an obvious head start over every other car competing in the race. After all, sophisticated engineering dynamics are standard to Jaguar. Slip behind the wheel of a Jaguar Saloon or an X J-S V12 Coupe and you will soon understand, for instance, why the winning Bathurst Jaguar handled the top of the mountain with such agility Jaguars double wishbone front suspension gives the car tenacious roadholding. But the really remarkable thing is the sports car-like handling is not achieved at the expense of ride or passenger comfort. Indeed, most motoring correspondents are happy to concede that Jaguars ride is the best in the world. The performance provided by a Jaguar engine is, of course, legendary. But should you ever need convincing, just apply your foot firmly to the accelerator. Yet superior roadholding and performance are not the only impressive assets of a Jaguar. No car manufacturer is more committed to providing comfort and luxury which puts you at ease in any conditions. Whether you are confronting mountain peaks or peak hour traffic And since John Egan took over as Chairman and Chief Executive of Jaguar, no other EDWARDS AIR BASE (California), Wednesday: The seven-member crew of the space shuttle Atlantis jubilantly declared their week-long flight and construction experiment a success after landing smoothly on a concrete runway in the rain-soaked Mojave Desert today. "It's great when you can go up and fly a spacecraft and never have to get the malfunction book out of its locker," mission commander Brewster Shaw said. Reuter SEOUL, Wednesday: Dissident leader Kim Dae-jung, 59, who is barred from politics by a 20-year suspended sentence for sedition, was confined to his house by South Korean police today to stop him attending political and church meetings, his aides said. The restriction followed a five-day sit-in at Parliament by about 100 MPs of the New Korea Democratic Party (NKDP) demanding direct presidential elections. Reuter. Israelis move to outlaw pork . Francis charffed JERUSALEM. Wednesdav: A controversial bill Unie TranClS CnaTgCQ JERUSALEM, Wednesday: A controversial bill ATLANTA, Wednesday: Singer Connie Francis, who was charged with trespassing and assault after she refused to put out a cigarette while on board a Delta aircraft, was released from custody today, police said. They were called when the singer refused to put out her cigarette while a Nassau to Los Angeles flight was being refuelled, despite a personal request from the captain, and she refused to leave the plane. AP that would make a biblical injunction against swine a law in Israel passed its first reading in the Israeli parliament, the Knesset, yesterday by 44-22 with one abstention. The move to outlaw the sale of pork in all but non-Jewish areas was proposed by Rabbi MPs of small but powerful religious parties. Opponents said the bill would affect the livelihood of thousands of families, including a kibbutz which earns $7 million from pork annually. Reuter Pakistan crackdown on tribes Wheelchair robbers grab cash COPENHAGEN, Wednesday: A man in a .wheelchair, pushed by a companion, today carried off one of the biggest robberies in Danish history a sack containing 70 million kroner ($ A 11.89 million). The robbers "collided" with a security guard as he was leaving a bank in Herlev, a Copenhagen suburb. The guard was about to put the sack into his truck. The bandits hit him over the head with an iron bar and fled, abandoning the wheelchair. AFP JAGUAR ISLAMABAD, Wednesday: Pakistani troops bulldozed the houses of at least two dissident tribal leaders in the Khyber Pass as part of a crackdown on communist influence there, officials said today. Fourteen of the 16 leaders -refused to surrender despite an ultimatum. The Government wants the chiefs to surrender about 1,000 Kalashnikov assault rifles sent from Kabul and respect its policies against drug smuggling and in favour of Afghan rebels and refugees. Reuter US birth rate drops WASHINGTON, Wednesday: Chifdbearing has dropped to its lowest level in this decade in America, despite a fertility increase among women in their early 30s, the Census Bureau said today. The nation's birth rate was 65.8 births per 1,000 women aged 18 to 44 in the year ending June 1984, the Census Bureau said, less than the previous lowest level of 71.1 births per 1,000 in 1980. - AP ARNCLIFFE- Purnell Motors. 59 0241. ARTARMON: New Rowley Motors Pty Ltd. 43 0231. BROOKVALE: Brookvale Prestige Cars. 938 2022. CITY: City Automobiles. 33 0678. , GOSFORD: Regal Motors Gosford. (043) 25 0238. NEWCASTLE: Newcastle Jaguar Rover. (049) 43 3233. PARRAMATTA: Ron Hodgson Auto. 637 7000. PYMBLE: ; Graeme Furness Pymble Prestige Cars, 449 3222. WOLLONGONG: Wollongong Prestige Cars. (042) 29 2388. For the name of your nearest rural Jaguar dealer contact: Mr. M. Nunn. ; lUrtor .IDA Care. DO R 59 I ivprnor.1 NSW 97C 6000022. Lange to visit Indonesia WELLINGTON, Wednesday: New Zealand Prime Minister Mr David Lange will make official' visits to China and Indonesia next March. Mr Lange will visit Indonesia from March 17-20 and China from March 22-29. "It is important to New Zealand both politically and economically and presents exciting opportunities for New Zealand commercial interests," he said. NZPA L J8A d29l NSW fortel Atacie Hansen

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