The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 27, 1945 · Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 27, 1945
Page 3
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.ALGONA tfi*P£ft BES ALGONA IOWA. t i*iHh- flne'fihflstmas program-, wai" ! t, the-Presbyterian ehttraH, ' evening and: in ,spite' ofi We church was filledit" The program was as foK fa: : Organ, .prelude,- Mrs>. Free" ilggl. Professional sung toy!" the Sir, "O Come All Ye Faithful" t.lo worship, Keith Strayer; twi, Rfeers by:the choir- -solo -bj' rjorle Meyer. '•'.'' • >* fhe devotiohal part wasjollow- ;fay songs' 1 from the- bettginner. partment, Mrs,. E. G. 'Lee ,ant te.,W. A.'Hardy in charge; sonev Jithe primary department Uhde'- vs. -Edna iMItchell,. Mrs. Ivai- nig and Mrs. Oran Httds'on-; in > Imetilale department under Mr. r gfelia Sitow, Mrs. Lena Tammcn. re.-'Helen Brown and Keit:-layer. The program closed wit) litp singing of carols and tlv. IribuUon of gifts from SanU- Ris. itsend Auxiliary |he Women's auxiliary Vgrbxm of Algona Townsencl Club'hav.e 9e plans for 'a benefit ''SfJO? Si-party on Thursday ember .27, at O'.OO p'. ' £>! -Diana . Members . at 'the • first' gradfe wh'tf ',' pieces '-were- Kathy Det-- ent WePB-Mf. and Mrs. Ernest An- llkeri MK and Mrs. Rttssell McDanel and family, Mr. and Mrs. Roger Munnsleyv Mr. and Mrs. Everett' Lee,- Mi's. Newton Scott, and Mrs. Nellie .Pettit and nephew Clair Pettlt of De8 Moines, , it>arleHe Skogstrom and -fariet> Galtffaith.' A pagearit 'Christmas' Is 1 for Every- Orie" slbseds the program and. boxes' of •andy. were .given. by, Santa :Claus ; p .each boy and 'girl, . -. : and- Mrs. ftaymohd flcid eh^ •ertalned at a 1 pot luck Christmas -lintierr Saturday eyeMiftg/ Gtiests 't/6te 'i'memberS' of- their birthday HluB, MesBer'^ and Mcsdarrte^'A. D. '.ayman, Hftrvey Jergensoh, Don ^parkfl^, • Uloyd Stebbins. H. O. Dalns and. Joe fitisher. Mrs. Raymond Reid entertained members if: her Sunday* school '.class Wecl- •''eSdaV after. school, with fourteen present. A Christmas story wn«; •<"ld. by Mrs, .Lolta Ladondorf C, "If ts' \vere. eScchangcd and refresh- Vnenls \Verc served, "at nsehd '' ball, 108 So. Hall . St. |fe will be.a. Christmas-tree 'and flange oC gifts. Townsehd 'dub feers,.wiil- be especially hbn'dftjd ^'' ' '' • : '* hodist Prbgranir-, •, ?•"•* ,..,, he following- program was giv* Sunday- evening -at the, Methq.- ; church';.! PfelUde; 'Ruth'., Ann ent~at the organ; "A 'Boy Allen' Jrries /Reid; "A Lutheran titji) Dinner — the "Seventy-Five Club" of the First Lutheran church enjoyed tiihnec at 1 George's Cafe Friday '•«\/ening' after : which the ten .'couples went tp,'th£.hbme of Mv. Slid -Mrs. -Vernpn Jensen where fl {Christmas p'ahy was held with' aii I'fckchange of gifts. ' 45-.l r 6ars^-"':' ' • •:'''•'• ,, in - ? celebration of : their Xorty- 'jifth' "'^yedding. anniversary, Wed!day,^Pec.'J&,.';Mr.' and Mrs;-:C. ,u. M6Da'ne>i.were' given, a dinner *at '-"the home-' of tHeir son Mr. and •" ' ' ' McDanel. Those pres of 'friends federitly at dinner at- George's Cafe. 'Later the" group re» turned to the ^Humway fesldeftee where they- .play.iSd gin- rummiyi Mrs. M. G. Bourne and June Corey won prizes for high score.' Mh and Mrs.- Wade Ball enter* tained thfr Paul Lindholni an& Ray •Plttman: families' and Mf*S. Kiathryn' Parks at a 'Chfistmaa party Wednesday- evening. Carol Lindholm sangc several songs an.1 there was a stocking -hung by the fireplace for 'each of the gtiesls. OAK employees of the Council store enjoyed a Christmas Wednesday evening at the of Manager Chris WSIlukaU. was an exchange of giftj arid the evening was spent/playing cards. Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Patterson of Algona have announced the engagement of their daughter, Lt. Arlene Patterson, above, of the army nurse corps; and Captain Thomas P. Bowles of Richmond,' Vn. Both Lt. Patterson and Cap,- tain Bowles are stationed in Germany at present. Dinner . Mrs. G. D. 1 Shumway and. Mrs. I-I.'F. Friestedt entertained a group Christmas Mri and Mrs. Stewart Barnes of Des- Mpjnes and Mr. and,. Mrs. Herbert ' French of Forest City came Tuesday .for Christmas dinner at th& home of MTS. S. B. French 'and Mrs. Cldney •: Laird. They: were jbined 'by Mr«:,and Mrs: Howard French of Titonka, Mr. and Mrs. Lyle iMathes and famtl.V: and Mr. and Mrs. Wendell Frtti'nh and son, 1 Mf; and 'Mrs. Kay. SeU chell and family.' Betty WitlluteUt -.Hostess^ i Miss Betty Wallukart Was hostess to several • f rlcrids- Triur.sday evenlhg'at' a : slx*thirty dinner; Those enjoying the courtesy were the Misses Ardies Walbu'tfg; Barbara Harvey, Dorothy Miller, Lorna Hunger Barbara Scobee .and Marjorie Mitchell. / Dr. Woodwards Kitterlaifi — : Dr. and - Mrs..- H, 'K. Woodward of 'Whittemore entertained several Algorta couples at a cos'tume party Sunday evehirig. Following- the six-thirty 'dinner there was art 'eit- change'of gif,ts. ' '; ' ' til. Mary McSvoyv above, Who has been in service in the E. T. p., arrived Sunday and will visit with her mother, Mrs. Kath- ertoe McEvoy, until; the last .of Jililltary, at which time she will report at Fort 'Sheridan. She does not'know whether she will be reassigned or discharged from service., ' ' ., ': frnficft of flirtftAtw oi.' tvif,?/ STATR OF JOVVA KnRRUth, flR. TN UIStUlCT COUItT NOVKMnRlt , TUllM. 19)5. NO; TM05. Tf) A.l.t/' WFIflM IT-M-AV CONCRTIN! YOil AI5M HRIIKHY NoTIKtl?!). Tlinrnti Insit-limcnl of wt'ltltiK |nir- porting lo IIP Urn Insl Will nnil TMlBtnonl of O^orB-B A. CrAWfonl. Dpopftspil. dftlpd pphrimry R. 191), ImvlrtK UoMi:;H-.W"i1rt.y fltert.• hppnort nncl cnhil, Moiulny llif* 7lh ilny of Townsend'- Flaith By Mhi. A. M.' Anderson Whenever we-hear: that word "inflation" we ought; to counter the fear it inspires by uttering another, word "deflation". W6 should immediately say: "Don't.mind inflation. Look out; for deflation. Thai's the thing that really can hurt,us—the common'people." When deflation is brought on % vr and money get* tight- the banks and insurance concerns can foreclose on our"' farms,' our homes and ouv: busirtessea. If deflation sends--prices drtwA, then the-fafnier can-pet very, little for. his-produce. When deflation hits, then .buyers of food bn- conie scarcet F/tod rots in t he fieldSi .factories close, .workers are idle. He volt'breeds i(i -the breasts of men :by;a ; consuming hatred of the system- which drives them frorr> job: to job. and deprives them--of a means of .a decent •livin". ,: The Townsend Plan- \vill sto" allthis by/keeping. a' an even keel our buying and selling-.—^Adv. 'Jan. 8—Complete closing out sale, MrsVH.'N. Thilges. nimry. 1!)46, Is oor. of snnip nt ld<« Crtnrt H<Slffte In AlRonn, lo.wn, linfnro Illc UlRtHol Court or snlil Coitr.ty. or the Clerk>of lfl Court; nhfl at. If) o'niock'A; M.. of ilii> iln.v almvY> m'pntlon*i1 (ill J*pf- sons Inlprexlpri ni-e lierpns*' nollflpil nnd rpi|iili'pcl to nntiffir. finil dlinw WHIP?, .if nny tlipy 1-nvp. wliy'BnM not •ftn'fl rtlVdWefi AS (tnHfli'fhi-' onrt Toatdnieivt of An|<l , t)n.t*d nf. : ' ha . att WJtt Clerk of Ulxlrlpl. Co '.l. VAN NRflS;'; Allnt-hpy," f Imvfl, • . , . S * L't OREAf MOMEV^SAVING tVENT m B«S f mm IWTS • CHESTERFIELD! ' r • BOY CJ3ATS • GOOD'SELECTION OF COLORS • ALL-WOOL-FACE FLEECES • PILE FABRIC COATS • "TEDDY BEAR" COATS CLEAR At4CEI ODD ! LOT itylei Blackiartd • Popular heel-«»yle'i While:ihey li'ill • REINFORCED KNEES )>^A'sttA_ w , ( .'."^ ^tylef): warnjlv" •'•;"•; lin*d;--*9{<V.I|e«ce;'.some, with ••. J»i,..!„•£. •:Cl^ai'^)-'»X.V,y. • --'r,-'- • lose Sleek, bliefc, ,curI.%Cafa«ul type lut- type fur-fabric coat fabric. Looks like wear site*; 46 to ,,. Warrn,»nd «r. J r«;ai fur. Guafio- ; 521 C«r«cu|.typ« yic«»We«'!tnlfur,''tii;ed-twoi'Y«it«' fur-fabric coati, . ' . "wkafi"'' .! 2-year guarantee, ' ' ' v - • ..;• •' ".•'•• mei 4* t9 JS. 31st CLEARANCEIf AM. WOOL p Koss ^* 'S t f '.•'.;' '.',;"- ',-.', III 1H! ,-,^ *3*?'' • -'*'" -- 4 *?*«*?''/' -Si"-^*Ti*-' ••'' ~--' \~ ••''' l»4&sSSSSKS ! lMl!f»iili

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