The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 27, 1945 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 27, 1945
Page 2
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PAGE 'TWO. Pioneer \femttn B^ntiit Is Dead at Bode; Rites Today Mrs. W.illiam Rossing passed away^ at her home Friday morning, Dee. 21, following a stroke-, three: weeks ago. She came .here:in , 18§7 as Dr. Anna ;Kirk-> •tterg, from Chicago and for three years wet'ked at her profession as a dentist, and .\vas one of >the first women dentists in the state. She later was married to William Rossing, who with two sons arc both ministers, and a daughter, Mrs: Marvin Peterson, of Oxford, Ohio, survive. Funeral services .will be held Thursday afternoon, Dec. 27, at 2 o'clock in the Bpde Lutheran church with : Rev. Martin Tygstad in charge of services. Mr. and Mrs. Leon Gaijgstad and family, Mrs. L. B. Gangstad, and Mrs. T. T. Thompson and son Elwood were in Algona last Thursday* night and visited the prisoner of war camp to see the Nativity Scene. Friday evening Mrs. T. T. Thompson gave a 6:30 dinner at her home in honor of her son Elwood's 12th birthday. Mrs. Robert Benbow spent last Tuesday shopping in Algona. Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Norman entertained- a party of relatives at their home Christmas eve. The same parties were entertained the Christmas holiday with friends in Ochcyednn. Leslie Havcr.stein and Carman Holland accompanied Elmo Barber to Chicago one day last week when he drove in there with n car of cattle from the Leo Rol- lanrl farm. Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Hanson and family and Miss Minnie Hanson spent Friday in Des Moincs. Eldon Brownings Of Lotts Creek Move To Home In Fenton Lotts Creek: Mr. and Mrs. Eldon Browning and family moved to Fenton this week. Mr. Browning works at the Hantelman garage in Fenton. Caroline Hint/, entertained several young; people at a Christmas party Wednesday evening. Games were played and a delicious lunch was served by her mother. Mrs. Wm. Lauck anrl Albert Lauck went to Crystal Lake, Minn., Wednesday, having received word of the death of a former neighbor, Ewold Rhode. Funeral services were held at the Whittemore Lutheran church Thursday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Pijahn were Friday evening callers in West Bend. , Dunne Metxger, son of,Mr. and Mrs. Albert Molzger, arrived home Thursday on a furlough. Quite a number of school children have been missing school because of the flu. Mrs. Lusmann, the lower grades teacher, also has been sick with the flu since Tuesday. Carl and Lorcn?. Pi.iahn drove to i Brainerd, Minn., Saturday morning to visit at the home of Jftck Rifcn. IRVINGTON GIRLS i CLUB HAS XMAS PROGRAM Irvington: The Irvington I's 4-H girls entertained at a Christmas party last Monday evening, Dec. 17, at the local Presbyterian church for their friends and families. A program which was conducted 'and put on by the members consisted of readings, instrumental music, plays and group singing of Chrislmas^car- ols. A grab bug served for the gift exchange. •-. In appreciation of the work done for 'the club by Mrs. Ras- mie Hansfin and Mrs. E. O. Chamberlain, club loaders, each was presented with a luncheon set. The leaders also presented the girls with cards and sifts. Late' in the evening the girls served ice cream and cake lo 1 heir'guests. Possibly tho nictst uart of the entire party was the foods of V'liriou;; kind brought by each ""member for a Chilstmiis basket to'be given to sonic needy family. • ' t Eugene Cqlwell Home Eugene Goiwe'll, machinist mate 1-c, arrived home last Tuesday for. the holiday season with his parents Mr. and-Mrs. Lee Colwell. The Colwells entertained at a family gathering on Christmas day for dinner. Other guest:; besides the immediate family .were 'Mr. rind Mrs. Harold Col well and family, Mr. and Mrs. Burcie' Davis and children and Claude Fowler from Minnesota, I the latter being a brother of Mrs Lee Colwell. Mr. . . and childfeh Pa$ $f. aM jDlifpl Ann left Saturday mornlhd;-'for Butler and Karis&s Gltyj'Po-t ^P 1 ' a week with relatives and friends. • Bernard Frankl has .arrived from Washington, D. Ci, to spend, the holiday season and will remain until after the .first of the year before returning. The Bernard .Frankls were Christmas, day dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Frankl. Christmas guests of Mr. and Mrs. Hal Skilling are Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Fremml.'Mrs. Fremmel being the former Roberta Skilling and Marguerite Skilling. Mr. Fremmel has recently been discharged from the service and they arc planning to remain in Iowa. The Misses -Ruth and Evelyn Black has arrived at the parental Paul Black home .'for the holiday season. Miss Camilla Frankl arrived arrived from Des Moines to spend Christmas with her family. Paul Egel has gone to Flint, Mich., to spend the holidays with his brother Lewis and family and his sister Mrs. Everett VanSten- berg. ; s6fittp' a has se6ft r'eB.l'aStiofl, ; ^ Mr. and M|s^ ; W,prttnan , a|a John 1 drove ,',Uf ; - SrpPKirtis^Si W. Saturday to bring hpnle the oth» er son, Don, .who also, enlisted when he graduated, Jast SHrtjroe and is ; stationed at BrqpklngS where he is attending:. >lehPPl Don has been • hdsplt'all cpuld not corhe.hpme Idays and-to se&>h unless he-waS-br car so the farrtily ,w*ent And the. ^family was' under the hoitie : rooftree d ay night. • , Wortman Son Home From Army, Lafcota Lakota: Mr. and Mrs. I. E. Wortman drove to Mason City Friday to meet their son John, who was discharged from the army at'Fort Leavenworlh earlier in the week. John, has been in service 28 months and in the Southwest Pacific and the Philippine area for two years. He was in the 37th infantry division. John enlisted when he graduated B d Lyle •Hirner, son of, :Mrs. George ftirjner landed '.pnJ the east, ; fweek' ,cm ;ithe ; Admiral C'appjs. Lyjfe. ; h4id: jbeeh in service ,37 months,- jWithi', 18 months in ,the .European; \yap. zone. ;Hle suffered a bullet wound .in--his shoulder in October, 1944. He'.arrived in Wesley Saturday, . . Missipnary Society Mrs> George jKemper and; Lawrence 'Smith 'were "hostesses to the, Catholic Missionary society Tuesday'afternoon, December 19th. The next-meeting will,be January 2. '••'•• , , Early Chrlslmas. ; for SaUp.'r" i : Pat Ramussen,, of the navy, left for the,East coast Tuesday night of last'week. He .had spent a furlough at his , ;A Home Project 1 meeting will be-fheld at -the>hoWie-6i-jMt8.~L6,U Ga'uge Tuesday; ijJanuary 8. v lt will be an ali*ftay.<me6ti?ig,,w .aT'^vered.idiihfl^n^eon^setV. 'at ftooh, The lessdh Will tie i Oft ; ft 'here , atiit er'>r; :^v;;] ternal grti bet!i: : jyiatqi- 'atives. ' ' litatt HiWrn^fty retarded. ;! h.otiM! Thursday frpfa./:§t ( ..iffaw, ; s. •Where lie had.^yjsitediihis:. t,«;pvfiis- lers /and; th"ek> families, rriftn' Lyons ja^d^e-dJ^l rrVerenirigs . •jjqrU iv(<ffyfje mar reced the: army; ji V 'Mrs! ytp'i II iEiffiiSifil *.'• .•••••. . ;."fHj»'"jRvwr •'•-;,.:.; -..•• 5'.til* * - •'v-'.?:. : .'-'"'i5 • ?-w-p. • -' New Modern Hotel f ^''V.' i>iai;' f y^ i;fl*|§!$tf^h^ f ;. t M^f^^.^^j))f^t ! 6ait 'W!M:^^iCI,^lM'< fe;-^s ri.--^ •••' v v* - nget personal : hefo with their, qnj^lqr-ypur-niPney when ypu^ ' fler,100 tiiliflATCH» 's~,->~m- '•-^'.'•"'•%• '•$zM*kfa$- m !£.>3 a K «.-'•'•; 'i.- COLWELL BEOS. AUCTIONEERS SALE DATES Dec. 27—Clias. GeilenfeltU Jan. 8—Thilffes Estate r) ec . 28 Tom Wiggins •'•' Jail. 9—Emmctsburg.Salcs Co. Jan. 2—-Emmetsburs Sales Co. Jan. 10-r-Ray Hauseii Jan. 3—Pete Kohlasch -Tan. 15—Lewis Wildln. Jan.' 4—Luther Fairbanks Jan. 1C—Emmctsburg Sales Co. Jan. 5—Harry Von Droska Jan. 17—Elmer Zang Jan. 7—Mary I-cHtseh Jan. 18—Frank Sanforil : PHONE 445 •: • ! PUBLIC I will sell the following property at my farm located 3 miles west of Algona on McGregor Street road; second farm west of Hobartdn on south side of road, Monday, Jan. 7th Sale will start at 12:30 ^Mg^^^^HMMMMMMMBMtf Head of Horses ^ <! 6 - Head of Cattle One heifer, 2 yrs. old; one bull, 3 ye,ars old. Head of Hogs 200— WHITE ROCK PULLETS— 200 Farm Machinery H Farmall and cultivator; John Deere 3-14-in. plow; Johri Deere 18 ,-• « plow; John Deere oats seeder, 2 yrs. old; corn planter, John Deere 999with W rods 94 wire; John Deere disc, 1 yr. old; 2-sec. spring tooth harrow, 4 yrs. old; manure spreader, McCormick; 4-sec. drag; hay rake, McCormjck; 2-Sec. drag; McCormick hay mower; hand corn she Her; wood elevator and hoist. Massey Harris corn binder; Booster buck and manure loader; John Ueere 10-in. Hammermijl with 4 screens; wagon with hay rack wagon with box; 5U«tt. endless belt; set of harness; number of collars; 5-ft. hog feeder; 4 * hole hog feeder; 3 steel hog troughs; tank heater; cream separator; John Deere pump jack; cooling tank. . . , . 2 500,chick size brooder stoves; 10x14 ft. brooder houseJ chicken ffB«4er» and founts; No. 20 John Deere corn picker; McDeering ® yl /J^J. *y n ^ eUer| Rock Island manure spreader. STAClv OF HAY MISCELLANEOUS—Gas barrels and other small articles? Warm .Morning coal heater. TERMS—Cash, or make arrangements, Mrs. Mary Lentech Tr w^*.««» * r^m A HV9W m A ^fl COJ.WJEU. BROS, A«st», JOWA S1WIW E4NK, ^1^ ( ^ V ^ B ^y iil ^g^^^ ';;'«*.! Mnvthe aniiy,l,airi^disposing Q^ " :: "'"' ^^Qi!i7rof,-aiu!?t*-orW „> •<•'.•• ON AT X of Cattle : i.l ' Boy": Sire,''Maiden's Majesty Boft^m, M^^ *'•-»• - 1 ' 1 - . ••' . • - • • ' ' •»»' ' •-•* - • ••» •^ii—•« j. — i _JC"'"'" 4 *>«*tl •-•(!•• • ftftlii- - ~ i './!•_. I ll«--i?.v'-s of S. S."j--Slr«, IlUhi J>onb;le /Nellie Boy,; ?• Sire, Brown Ink,w'yU Dam, Jane of We.siey;-..camiw^uij^Bty^"^.,-^.f."v.-.;?--!V.^;.v[|i|fgs."^ f,S.,SiaiMiare«n ; Farin.Bp<<y lloy-fltlij-calved '^^i^^^^^ 1 ^^:':^^.^ •-- •- ...... » -flg:|st4irf|d^i^m'^'nd;'Bro>yn.^wJss^..^ ,•.-.«•'.-:-:..,' •.'-,- - . • ' ' _. SHORTHORNS JtttiM hetid otlieUfir calves, coming S-year-olds, duo <<vh,iiyc their f^t c»J^ ; ^ m.'Koar small heifers. All of. these cattle are in good shape. '$\%\*&. ^C 30 H'E^II) QP Y13JR-V GOO,D PUJIOC ClGKENS ^|^iSi^^«i^nM[ •'Ix.-'. ' * ,'-• "-ir*. ; TV*>^* '* *•• --L-~, '' 'w— — •- . -' • ;-' : ', F .T ( '^"=^'?I Si: Head of fodditoii ferm Machinery : Mc-P. tractqr, f-W, all ,P,n ruU!»or, extra Ret «teel wJ»*^t. »a^ ( tor; M«€«»,ti)ottoi W plow; McOP. «-ft. mower, McC-D. com Banter; riiS^(>IK mw mU-^l M«C,I>, cr C(l! u^immt«^ ^ Jal S M. t. aisc; John Beore new 42-ff. ^^ r ^^^ t ^^^ S^M^rory^^rako, fl«xlW« A-nec, tmwW Mt«<* ^*** *>*** wlieel;; a««ln* w»gon,iiftx; flare wagon box, 45 Im, (nll^rner); '.bog waterer (3 Iftrn . ,,»„._,_,„•. ••ija* i **KV:i : i~\-:'*„ ,tfV./-?';;-S l^fi M^^^^ft^piTOMf WfeS fflPA^vn^ f , :rtwj-r- r -*-'f « » "Ti v.f SBvr'- '-•' -•-,••••• :.-,*.- <-*f-rf -^.-r.-.-,•"" >T "A.™ "• ) '"''?, Jf' ' - '-Jfi • ! m '' "' '" " •- ^'-"' »> ' :> ''-" I large j %ww.Wr^^U^Wiifrf*^^ "'".. 'V * , , ' .' '" ''•*•-» -"v : -; V -;v !'v--V " r V'""4 '•', ' f. ' "'' '"*'."' ''"'' • '.'"X^-'f-l -* •* " •'• " '' '""''^^W^J^CtH ' ' ' A«' ! VK| ~.^-!wiiJL3^ • -.^n.SV^w^^^'V^&^'jfe//-; -'v*/vVv ; ^-''^3i 11

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