The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 27, 1945 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 27, 1945
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l ••'.'• 'y^''V "VMV-V'' .!•'•.-:":':•' /''"ft •''.': fies biixZ^, ,,. 24, a stfldy, ,.„. to retard last,ftiinutfe fcT.-j-y-—, shopper/ in' Alpha. totllV-4 "*>. m. the local starts Sx* a rush of customers, twilight .began to sittie, ...,-- r - if by magic, out-of-town Jidents departed, as ; the ' Christmas tree, lights eame M, '-tflnkilfte a final farewell' for Ihrisftmas, 1945. Ctolstmas Day was a rough day ,, or.-those single individuals who |jJ»ad;ho place to'eat except the reg« Stuar. eating places In the business -sectidn, , Practically all of thefti jweris closed, and at the European iHptel-alonfr, some 25 oj 28 folks live there and wptk in AI* _ na. were still pondering what to tdo, Christmas eve, for a Christmas ; dlnrterl .Suggestion! that the ;,Champfer of Commerce H*i the fU- ; lure call restaurant men- together, l and ; drftw; lots, or work ;out 'a rp- •jtatitfn plan for slmllar.'days when Nil ^>ift to. oiose.;-.i. : ';,. ;>,;,••., v :':••:',-r: of-llhe celebrating. In one ' Case, ratter than make an arrest, ft city officer pulled-att , over-rite celcttrator from a local Uvcrn and forced him to go home with a small son, who •was Waiting for him. The officer then drove the man's car ;' home .for : him, a wise move. and onb thai the inebriate should .appreciate. . "•••.-''••'•;'.' '.'. jj-Th* .' city - ! 'sno*y ''i>16\y. went, 1 into faction, 1 early ClvrlstmfiS morning, Fcleafftng.local streets.;Snow all of 'Monday,-.eased-off until!Christmas Bfterhdoril'LWhen it began falllflg gain,;The^ity plow boys missed tsorrie. Christhips, but performed ,a {necessary job that was of no small "importance. ; -'Local; offIces, Wednesday, were fall-short of help..Many girls em- |ployed in Algona live '.In neighbor- ling towns, and-We're unable to get ftp Algona after jthe .snpAy. 'j '' Barbara Haggard, daughter ;bf'Atn ^arid Mi$ M»:.:P. Hag; 'arrived \ home Monday -..-, 1 moriilng for a •Tlslt.'jbtit not vwithobt a .struggle •/> In the , nioii Station, Chicago. She y'vWas, left at the gate/ Saturday • 'iirilglitj being unable to get bit uthJeVSIoiix. ''•. -She' inianagcd 'to <catcl» ; ithe;flame train the next ^Ighti^hbweyer. ; ;'- .. •"/.. l)t & . - •- . . EffiEABLISHBD 188S , THURSDAY DECEMBER 27, 1945~ ~~-~»—«: " - -• ' ' ' Eight Pages VOL. 9 INCH SNOWFALL IN COUNTY Madison here,' ; on theSMilwaukee; She andfsald hedito tbe;rbbfs. , af tenio'ph; - .county ,drly- 'None ! 8l|theldrivers hadSretUrried 'by the .,^tu..... %,; t h' e ^fte^.pbni"jn.dicating w/ere;fflnding; the going .,$'.00(1 and 6.000 persons .Scene at the . ^^prKptter-pf-war camp.'of-Mj&aid yesterday.' A registra- f|pppk ;kepti but' hundreds durin3;rush per- app,' at one: time. Cpa.t;kpd in the park, ijamp- officers: said. The "'• '• ' " vl far ex- 1944 a^; hjpfpKal where was Jie liad^^poveT, pre- ail- BAR ASS'N MAILS (pTAXEORlttS iMMERSHERE In" preparation for a rush of Income tax work, the Kossuth County Bar Ass'n this past week mailed 3,000 forms, two pages to a form, to Kossuth farmers, to sim* plify the farmer's Work in 'arriving at the proper tax figures. . The* forms, all tabular,: allow ? farmer tb summarize in a simple form his expenditures, incottw. and also to set, up a proper -Schedule' of; depreciation. : ( r Provides Good Record.- When the 'for'ms are filled out; if an attorney is employed, 'a check sheet is made readily available for the attorney's use. The sheets :are also valuable in the future.; , If any question should come Up from the state or , federal departments an .attorney can, take this form from his file to .verify statements made ili the return. ; In the past, attorneys here state many farmers failedHo list all allowable items of expenditure and depreciation. . The forms provide a check list to show that nothing is overlooked which is legally de- ductable. Warning was also issued that the setting up of a proper depreciation schedule is now absolutely necessary for 'farmers. It is K years since the state income tax Went into effect, and in some cases farmers' have been deducting 10 percent flat depreciation. : Tax Official Warning. State income- tax off icials, declare '.that this deduction is now ;oing to be checked closely and n !armer : ' must have proof of deprecation claimed. J ..;"., . "State and Federal tax officers, are ';not going -to accept -.claimed depreciation .^figures' blindly in the future,',' ' one' -'attorney said," "and the forms, ^vve are supplying shoujd be .a :; reai«;ib|lp: In substantiating" depreciatlbhfcJatms," ' '' Jnnvfary 1 5 : -Js Academy Cheer Leaders Give Uam Inspiration '•";' -'.•*-'.'.-.'""..-;"•'.'. ",f-i'fi.. '••:, .'-.•••'•• :':•'•• ' i' '•• •. '•'' "• '•'•»•• •••.'''",!& ••'•.•- •.-.'.-• , '• ^ppihtcd out? •March 15', 1946, is the la T st day for official \fil!ria of 'final' returns for v .thp year 1945. ' ! '•-.; . At, least one/other loeni' business man i also 'has summary forms, fox 1 . farmers income tax u«e. and 'there, may be others that. this newspaper does not know about. ' • DiyORCES (MTED WTWOWOMENs ?. Two .divorces .-vyore 'granted in Kossuth district court here, ih'tho past week.- ' '. •'•''..' ' ' : ,''-v' '-' ' 0'.- v ,Dcc. 21, • before Judge 0. W. Stillman, a divorce was granted. tu 'Betty. Tordoff from Luvernci'TOr- doff, both of,:.Algona; The. cpuble were marriect herb AUB. 1 0, v 1 0'lO, 'and llvpd- tosether ;:untll Septem- ber.iie^,' Y The pjalntiff ch^gc^ cruel' and .inhuman' treatment," She was* granted custody, of a son' of the coiiple, $1.100 in cash, $$8&><ri \\jar-borids, and a'.settlement pf $30 per 'ihontti until .the child ijs ..18 years;, of : i8ge. ; ; "'. ," '" '• '•' 'V ,""•:[ ;,-A divprce was also granted, Dec 28i 1 to Ertnddine Runge.; f vom- Will ...'.It. wijl hot< be- the fault of -the* cheerleaders at. . ,- •' ' .. .•'-.._•;..'.>'. .:, '.i-li . .- ' '• :• ..-.. • • ,. St. Cecelia's 'Academy If - basketball 'pames ' doh't turn out In favor, of the local quint; ,,Thc quartette' pidtured above, 'left to. rUfliti are NaricyV Hutchison, Barbara Elscnbarth, Beverly.-. Wllhelml and Ruth Forsbcrg and,they can really make the rafters ring. Cut courtesy of Academy Ripples. The next game of the Acadehl.v, nuint -is Jan.. 6, against Corpus Christ! of Fort>Dod|re,' there. CONTRACTSp Seneca Girl, Red <l3ro»i Overseas Worker, Visits Here ( totaling?,' $189,378 ; were ! opened' arid•" contracts awarded ' Dec.'!? ""'- : istratioh 'geri|i;ipiting:*' . , . Electrical — Geo.' 'Schugmanni -"•'• '' '' ' ., .. . Transformers— JJelavan- Co., $4,808. : : '••••'"''•.>" . Well & Well Uump - L'ayne' J. Wostern CO., $3j2W. ;-> ;-.,-.;'. -,- ; • Work is:. scheduled 'to itart h soph* as- weatheiV;;.in i-'the ,- spring breaks, Raymprid'i.B,-'Dodds, 'iriah- of .-theV •'Epc'ahpntas: BEA- . planjt stated. It ,w.8(i- bpiiey.c.d 'that this Imfght be . by .the Jat'ter '-"part of M£rch, L 6r. :th^-;:|Jpa^,, part; ,pf " ''''''" fred Runge, ^jfprmer repaiT man^iipw at; Clear \ .Lake. Tfte; plaintiff .''w'ai granted eUsto of , three minor childveifi and ;$8Q- month for support qf; the/children until they are J 8 years of age,, One new case was filed, thai pf Homer Enterlinie • against' Inmar a petition jn equity; t'J ' ' ' quiet a Five, licenseg to wedChave beiln issued' in W>e past -., week county clerk; ttf 'qourt'? showed, ss fpllows: Dec. SOr-Herman Bobo, , han», Minn., and Marce}lai Jpyec, '€Blmar, IyW»,: = They, were § «a'm« day by -» ;Bev. , Pr|qe7;;jpc|l SALES LISTED IN COUNTY IIEXT^DAYS S gtve'-fajrtn-"sales are listed in to!day f s ;Algona' Upper Des Moines, ndi ; one'date also for a mid-Jan- evept. The dates are given i ; :an"d further Information ')dut each sale may be'found else- here in-the paper;- ','/A. ;> ,: rS-r-JR. F. Elvidge.:at jfarm ,. r thi;ee : v miles /^ortheast (of xia yon Madden/ apoye, daughter of Mr.: and Mrs. Joe '/Madden;' Of Fenton,' was an Algona .; "visitbr,; last- week: ""'' •' ' ' ''' J>re-holiday ceiebratprs got into several court tangles;- the .past •week;-' '-;.',• .-.'.,f .:••:'?':/,'.- ':.•.':""'% -f'Beforo Mayor Fr§ftk.|Cohlhaas, Sunday morning; Robert •; Walqptt, '' Lakota; was ,a .charge of drunkenness, He had been arrested "the- ^rewipus even' ' ' ' Ing by. city police, '•.. <A row that took place at the ' (if, .the night>pfil)cp % . 19,-'re? ;'ln charges^.-agajnst. two men before the; Mayor here. - 1 --' 1 Crail,: 1 '^-'" ' '-' ' Wayne Qllom, di|ti»rblng ,lhe 'and^us|ns .v.,W«,;Jriejnid; charged, with :ore . Justicpl I, i QrviJle, Pritchara ,pf wMflnea $2-50 '8lg«t: hV his Staffer, Algona, Johnston, tt 'Dodge 'or not in Robt; •. . , . has been, doing. i-ecreaUonal work; -with the ''"pied .Cross for rth^ past"' 1 0 monthsj'i in* Ijtaly -rand At ri-f cai/'' :: '; 'V: •; ."'_ ,''j;!r.-;'"'".''->,'-, f ;'^.'Vi '< , ,A ,y'qar- ago this • Ghristnias,-;;.gqc '•W. as' 1 in; ; Or an , ''Ntth^ A^ricav ,;;' s Sh e ' . ; had ''charge of - : the^tfa,ck' bap 'iif the recreational club '' which , served as' h'fgh? r a's '10,000 J men -a day. ,,;, •'.;».'., ^vv^i'-.'.i ^S;.-/ ; ' v ' v.'iT'"- '. '' f V. ^' •>--*' .'••^M-.'-i •' ,',-«^,'j.,., :• . ' ''The " regularS'anhual meeting and, "flection, of Vofficers ; of: the jKossu(th' Rifle > Pistol club 5 took place; Dec. 18, following a •dinner at^GeprgeV Cafe,; _- iEleyen wives''attended, i,t.; ; CoLand Mrs, A. and- thei.i; Lobdell were -' special guest? of honor, e former presenting inefy by members. made/ to Harry George- ^6ryey ; Larsoiji Archie Oo'd^s, Herman Dreesntiarj and W.- K. QJawSon; : ; A ,'plBQUe was alsq wpn by, the pistol $i* "'''" ' '' '' .. .... ; ,• the -annual "• election, : man , r?reesm»n ; 9f Titojika president. 'Albert was '>8(\ed\ vice Burt's iindepei\denj; aw playqd MadJard, Saturday evening. ;••'''•••••• ; ./• ".'.•'• "•-•. •: ,-. . for no| having^ driver's ' ' ' Swiea Qlty wUl spipn haye, ^ 'f;4— ^Cpl.?iLuth'er . •Fairbanks 'farni near; Burt will sell a registered Brown i'Swi|S;'cattle 'and (some ; Sho thorns; as an unusually good line aqhinery; . . > '•:•; /.'_'•• ; -i)'.' Ni-'Gcjrber is quitting farming ; apd' will, sell 75 head -of cattle'; and|.two '•;' horses, ' also 'farm machineryi'j-it his farm 5 miles south, 4^, miles east .of .Algona. '•Jan.' ! 7— -Mrs. Mary -Lentsch is selling; "oiitajt the farmv located 3 miles, west, of Algona on the McGregor Street road, and is; offering 2- head .'Of ^Worses, "6 ,head of cattle. andx6.head of hogs, also 200" White "pullets, and a line Of farm . , . . • 'Jan.'. : I'OT^Fjed-.Henken : will -hold n;.s8le;at';th(v : tarnv'7 miles cast and I railc north of Burt. He offers 70 head . of livestock which includes 38 head-pf ;hlgh grade Milking Shorthorns, a sorrel 'marc :team and 30 ; feeder pigs, machinery;--''- " ! • ' :'-' as 'well ^ as ' . Jan.-15-^Lewis,Wildin will hold a complete' 'closing out sale at the farm located ' 5 % miles north' of Lu Verne, : He has • a : full line o t livestock -and machinery. J. L. Miller Named! Club Leader Burt:; J. L. Miller was 1 named head of the Burt Community club, at its annual meeting ar$ ejection, .Thursday of last week, Allen Hinckley was elected vice president, , and John Scott, seeretaryrtrpasurer, ..--.-.:;, ...... The first 1 : event of the new officers was" the Santa Glaus Day, last Saturday, at which over 250 bags of candy were distributed, and .an all-day prpgram enjoyed by a large SWEACHY UPSETS ALGONA, 27-26. IN OVERTIME BA1TLE Swea City's basketball team handed Algona high school quint a surprise, Friday night of last week, in the Algona gym, by knocking off the favorites, 27 to 26, in an overtime game. The visitors were worthy successors to some of the Swca City teams of the past. Although they were not too rangy, and their past record included two defeats, they were never out of the ball game, and Algona's possible overcohfi- dence, coupled with some poor shooting, spelled . disaster to the Bulldogs. ' Algona Shooting Poor. Had Algona had belter results in the first half the locals would have had a sizeable -lead at half time. As It was, the Bulldogs had trouble finding the hoop, although not much trouble getting in for shots. They led at the half by a 17-14 tally. • Swca City bounced onto the floor in the second half and gave the Reel and Black all it could handle. The visitors took the lead and kept it most of the way. Butts of Algona had to leave the game on personals, taking away some advantage in height held by the home team. Tw'ceten of Swca City also went out on personals. At the end of the regular game excitement ran so'high that neither team heard the bell, and in the general confusion each team scored a basket after the bell. The officials, however, had not lost their heads, and the all-tied-up total at the finish'brough" on the overtime period. ; Overtime' Period. In the extra three minutes, with the score 25 all, Algona dropped in one free throw to go ahead by one pointi and missed'several other free trys. Swoa .City, with seconds remaining, tossed in the game-winning 'bucket, 1 and 'the fray/;was'' Memorial Rites at Whittemore Butts Allen ........ Kuhn .:.;.;... Stevenson Swca City (27) Saul « Lundquist ........; ; : Mortenson .-. Drew ...;.....: Tweeten Lobb .................. ;FT.•'.'' 1 -, 1 .2 5 0 PF •"'"1 2 5 3 '. ,4 1 7 FG ....4 ...A ..:.! ....1 ..-..I 12 FT 0 1 3 2 2 0 16 PF 3 4 2 4 5 M 10 19 coruAL's The annual, statoment of the Kossuth County. Mutual Fire In- sura'ifc'o Ass'n \yas issued .this Week, and announcement of -the annual. meeting, set for Jan, 8, at 10 a, ; m. in .-the., courthouse here, was also made. : S''; Receipts for the past fiscal year totaled $47,336.74 and disbursements totaled $48,738.16. The company's net resources as of Nov. 30 were $121,439.35. including U. S. bonds totaling $80,100 and cash in banks pf $22,406,90, as well as real estate holdings of $19,000. The audiilr»g committee of George Hagge, Kasper L. Kohlhaas and Lpla Scuffham prepared the repprt in conjunction with P. D, JPsxspn, secretary. , Fall and FIw Hit Whittemore Woman Whittemore: Mrs. Prank Schumacher had tt>e misfortune to fall dpwn the stsirf 8t her home an4 re Sunday of last ceived painful arms and legs, ,rTo top U »Uoff,sMh8d tack, of 4he flu,a to her be4 prior ' to-uises pn her *rtr Memorial services for Sgt, Wilmer J. Weber, above, son of Mr. and Mrs. Simon Weber of Whittemore, will be held next Thursday, an. 3, 194G, at St. Michael's Catnolic church, Whittemore, at 9:30 a. m. Father Wm. Veit will officiate in the ceremonies, sponsored in conjunction with Seeley- Walsh post of the American Legion. Honorary pallbearers will be Cletus Mullcr, Bernard Kajewski, Stanley Brogan, Bernard Freden,. Francis Priester and Morris Stcier. ' - Sgt. Weber gave his life Dec. ll, 1944, over Vienna, Austria. He was one of nine in a B-24 Liberator lost in • action. Sgt. Weber was turret gunner in the plane. . He was born Nov. 1, 1920, in AJgona. In addition <to his parents he is .survived . 'by 'three brothers, Roland of Morrison. . . . . * " TRAINS LATE AND ROADS BLOCKED IN YULE BLIZZARD It was a rugged Christmas! Snow of nearly four Inches, Sunday and Monday, was 'added to on Christmas day by another four inches, to bring 8.9 inches of snow here in the past five days'. '/Weatherman Harry Nolle stated that a tola! of 9.9 inches of Show was on the ground hero, -as df Wednesday aflernoon. ' - . V The Offciat Weather. :<l! As officially compiled by tlie local weather .bureau, , the v wdek's temperatures and snow fall follow: Date ,i Snow ' Hlgh'.Low ' '" " "' , Dec. 20' Deci 21 Dec. 22 Dec. 23 Dec. 24 Dec. 25 Dec. 26 ;J12 ..10 (1.8).. (2.9) (4.2).. ...20 ...22 ...26 ..23, 1 '-1 -1 3 17 20 12 — , hOnie, INCOOF AFRICAN AIR PORT Fortunately,, the snow for' the most part was'-'wet and heavy and considering the Amount that fell, drifting was. less than might be expected. ' -..-',-. AH Rail Lines Open. . Both the Milwaukee and'North- western railroads reported' tKc}r lines open in Kossuth county. : Neither line had to Use snow plows to keep traffic moving,-although trains on both lines .were running late. • '. . On the Milwaukee, the Siouxs were running from 1% to 3 hours late daily. Heavy passenger bUsi-" ness was also reported. "Every-? body was going',-some whore :•. and- they didn't care wherei"', said a Milwaukee agent. •" '.V., : .On the Northwestern, the gas- electrics were running fronv one to four hours late. The evening train due in at 9:52 p. m,'arrived here at 1:22 a. m. today. Passenger business was. not exceptionally heavy, .but freight; business has . 'been very much 1 so,- ro'ati ; bfficlalSL said.' .-; ' : -::..-,'-, -..-•.•..'•-••'^ ,' < /-/'; : ; ; r;"-' Buses were all Tunning, laic, i Seven state highway plows' and,' 1 crews battled;' state''"" ' " " " " ' section, during drifts, but plowedjppen ty when a'plpw reached th'e spot.'i i j : vCoUnty %pads Vwere •fn/many in-; sta^c l (^''''•\b'l'Q6R^•.V^?-:iCeunt^v^ : •^to!^ ,|^(is •expected .itq have" nibst-'plil- trhf'iblosed portions" open by'today,-" "ibwever.:. . : - ; . ..'•.'•. . : - *•'•'•..•.'•; : ~'-'. •.'•'•••': 1,300 LONG DISTANCE; v ,j; c CALLS HERE ' ; CinU[Si»|A8.. !;; .' :, ; ''.^' Algona-set-.a new ; :Tecord:iii'i'png; ; distance telephone ^traffic, ;;£3wteti> -, mas Day! ,'l-Wlth.a2 girls i; on!;'theff job, all :the force - that jcdvild J,be;fr- riifustered,; a total of - i^QO^'^lJis'''^' went through the, localoV'SwJtCT^fe;; board. This surpasses th high record of 1,100; ii day. -. - . • :- 'V'(..'i.i.:--,-:'>,.H-. First Lieutenant Robert Ste- britz. above, son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry W. .Stebrltz.- Algona, has been named as commanding officer of the U. S. army .air field at Accra,.-on the African Gold Coast. : . . Lt, Stebritz, who is only 21 years old, will have been in the army three years next February, and has been overseas 14 months. He was a C-47 transport pilot, and prior to his new appointment hat been operations officer at an air field in Tunis. He. \s married, and his wife \* living in Lubbock, Texas. he>; home, , ; • . -.-•'TIME MAHCHES ON;. To show you how fast the world moves, tht above story was written 18.4 week, Christmas night, Lt. Stebritz arrived.- here ^with; his ^vife from- Tejtaf. Unknown tp his parents heyyias prdtre^ wplf-to the* states flsw his own pliine to New York t«io^ S pompierelal airlines;t» fe x ' p,'|[pt h.,is wifie, ww drove to Al' gpna, all Iji theispflc«KQ,f si??; djayi; ppjnts 1 POSTOFF1CE CANCELLATION "Postmaster W.VW,, , gulfed vin :s.taUstics .regardiftg'ltlielfe' Christmas btisincss handled by,tHe}t°" j local p'ostoffice r '> ha'd reached; onc,j i definite figure, WedhesdajK^'On- Dec. 17 the/local offjce had; 23,630 cancellations, a new all-time high.' Total business receipts .may, ,"bei somewhat below 1 "!944, dueiSilefily to the fact that here was Jws s byerT seas mailing of said, ."--,'• Christrnas Wesley: The public > sqhioja 5 closed Friday, Pecember 21J fpK : the holiday yjitation. It'' yrW open Wednesday, January,?, ^; Christmas program was given ii\ the auditorium Friday; afterijpQn, by pupils ;'o( the iower; and the g|rl| sextette pf "I school. Miss Friday; . „ She teaches the 8-6*7tn * {

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