The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 13, 1945 · Page 13
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 13

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 13, 1945
Page 13
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, DEC. 13, ALGONA UPPER DES MOtttES, ALGONA IOWA. A* ~~*v*~4t+*~v**~4f*~^f. NG OUT SALE As 1 have sold my farfn and ivlll move to Port Dodge* I will sell the following described property at the old Jimmie Neville farm at the north edge of Algona on Highway No. 18, oil ••> Saturday, December 22 SALE TO BEGIN AT 1 O'CLOCK P. M. 23 - Head of Cattle 23 X 5 milch cows—Holstein cow, fresh four \vceks; Holstein-Hercford cross, fresh three weeks; Holstein cow, Will be fresh about sale day; Holstein heifer, milking now; Holstein cow, will be fresh in about 60 days. These" cows are ;< , all rijjfht in every way. 11 head of open heifersi'S white face, 2 red, wt. about "• 800 iflbs. each; blue roan steer; black whiteface steer; 1 roan heifer; small calf; polled Hereford bull, about 9 months old, good one. 2 Horses 2 Team of bay mares, 9 and 10 years old, Well matched and well broke, wt. 3500. Red Rock Chickens . ' . • ! 80 Red Rock pullets, laying; 85 Red Rock yearling hens, laying. Machinery New Idea manure spreader, in good condition; 5-ft. John Deere mower; single row cultivator; hand corn sheller; sc't of breeching harness; 3 horse collars, 2-23 in., 1-24 in.; other small items. ''• FEED—About 100 bales of tame hay, mostly alfalfa; 50 bales of straw baled from stack; about 700 bu. Of good corn in crib. HOUSEHOLD GOODS—Davenport and chair; 7Vax9 wool rug; some small rugs; 2 rocking chairs; dresser; bed; spring and mattress; table; 3 kitchen chairs; writing desk; floor lamp; curtains and drapes; other items. >, ; TERMS; Cash, or if time is wanted, please see the clerk at the sale or be- \fore4hc sale. No property to be .removed.until-settled for. J. H. Lage, Owner : Colwell Bros., Auctioneers Iowa State Bank, Clerk Brother, here's a gasoline that's quick-on-the-trigger no matter how cold It gets!* And that isn't all, The first,time you* toe touches the accelerator you can M> pect new powef *™iifW picJk'UpT»#w pepVlfQW^e^^PJiUipf^}': •: - ; This isn't Vcjaim sod it isn't a boast \ y; J41 up wttb PWlUps sod Hit;-, «n -% -, nu^ie wef in »»4 puf pf cjjfjr i i i ©an! you'U knew vfty tb« *. ^M^^H ~~ "'>; j *."•'"- v . •.^^^^•''M'^B' '' ,'•;.- ^|M'' '•' •' ' -" : ''*''''.', K -'4' r '-'-, i ^ '* ••' • 'V •.'".'"." .\,'. IH^^>' ^B' -;'; s '-A"-, '>::''* s|tan$Ssfflliillli^WlW f:>t.j. :/--. /•.'".';f.''. •--' !: 'V;V-^yj/'-'-'\-fi'^i>jJ-* f :^^s\^j5v\;.^ i ?;ife^'"'i>™^^^ ^V'it;".r':JiCljr^'A"t!"t _--l'J ( ; T_'^1>^ -;.-. <^W^jyW»rt ^i«M^Miip fe ws |^^l|s3^|^l|i|!pgp^gl|^^^0§^ ! ?^"^ : :^& : 'ffK^ ST.MCAGERS DOWN RUTLAND BY 48-16, THURSDAY St, Joe: Donald Reding, St. Joe's guard, sank 11 points to lead the team to a 48-16 victory over Rutland Thursday night at St. Joe. Rutland took an eatly lead and at the quarter led 8^4, but were overtaken by 'St Joe at the half 18-8. St. Joe held the lead the remainder of the gnwe. Chapman of Rutland held high iicbring' honors for their team with ten points. In a preliminary game St. Joe's seventh and eighth grades defeated Rutland's seventh and eighth by a score of 18-5. These eames were scheduled for Nov. 27, but could not toe played because of illness on 'the Rutland team. The scoring of the game was as follows: St. Joe (48) FG FT '"'ales, E. ••_ 4 2 Bormann, M. 1 0 McGuire 3 2 Kohlhaas, Richard - 1 0 Reding 5 1 Gales, R. „. 3 1 Kohlhaas, Ralph —.3 0 Borman, R. 0 • 0 Thilges 1 0 Hlg 0 0 Bormann, H. 0 0 PF 1 2 3 1 0 1 0 2 1 I) 1 Rutland 06) 21 G 12 FG -FT PF Braby Oil Madsen :.. 1 1 1 Chapman 4 •'2 2 Gregory . 003, George ______ 02 3 Have „ 0 0 3 Paulson 000 Larsen 00 0 56 13 St. Joe plavs Corpus Christ! of Fort Dodge Tuesday night there and Friday night they journey to Whittemore to play the Academy quintet. Coaching Cage Team Rev. Father Geb. J. Theobald is coaching the St. Joe quint again this year. The squad consists of Donald Reding, Maurice Bormann, Ernest and Roman Gples. Leonard McGuire, Richard and Ralph Kohlhaas, Henry Thilges, Eldon and Merlyn Altman, Francis Illg, Roger, Howard, James, and Herbert Bormann, Michael Platt, and Richard Foth. orter Mas Bad Chest Cold Portland: Ray S. McWhorter is slowly-recovering from a severe chest cold and will remain in bed another week. Patricia Wolf is now recovered from an attack of flu. Mrs. Emil Eimers and t>arlene are new flu victims it$''.Oils vicinity. Seaman,Paul Miller is expcct- ed home for Christmas. His ship was in the fleet at the big Navy Day celebration, recently. Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Young attended a bingo and card party at the P.lum Creek Center School Friday evening of last week. Mrs. Gertrude Wiemer returned Sunday evening from a 10 day visit at the home of her brother John J. Tillmoney at Ames and with Mrs 'Lydia Anderson at Radcliffe.' MINK SKUNK MUSKRATS CIVET '••'"'"•" Wanted Now By CLAGGHIDE&FURCO. (Now under new management) Bring or ship in a lot and we will convince you that our prices cannot be beat anywhere. Our price and fair dealing will make you a regular customer. REMEMBER The best place to sell furs is the CLAGG HIDE & FUR CO. 301 Central Ave., Port Dodge, Iowa ' i. . Same location for 50 years (Do npt confuse us with any firm of similar name) Marcella Thilges and Clarence Smith are visiting the letter's relatives in Wcsterville, Neb. Pvt. Silvin Zeimet is spending a furlough with his uncle Peter Zeimet. Pvt. Zeimet is in -Washington, D. C. "-. ..;'.. : :,;.:. •• Mr. and Mrs. John Borniaiuv left Friday to visit with rela ' 'at Dell Rapids, ^flPar tercy, Minn. .,; 7 Peter N. Thilges and family and Wilfred Schneider .were Tuesday evening supper guests at the Ted ' Mori 'home in Fort Dodge. . Wilfred Schrieider arrived Sat-? urday from his home in Watkins, Minn., to visit with friends here. Wilfred was discharged from the armv at Camp McCoy, Wis., recently. • , Pvt. John Capesius spent Friday and- Saturday with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Julius Capc- sjus and relatives and : friends. Pvt. Capesius is stationed at Camp Grant, Illinois. Mr, and Mrs. Harold Reding took their daughter Sheryl Joan, to Des Moincs, Wednesday, to consult a doctor. Mrs. Fred Illg and' Maurice Bormann attended -to the duties at the Reding home during their absence. PROGRAM AND BOX SOCIAL PLUM CREEK CENTER SCHOOL Thursday, Dec. 20 8 P. M, ~ Virginia Zciglcr, Teacher A private' sewage $ystc? Your Thjnji; what this means! Th» ojnipn of a ropdern home brought every mfipber 9^ tb§ iwtty, e§Uh an4 hspRjness ivith ihe tmost in sanitation! nqw is peg* ib}? through the iiuttaJiaUon at rWAMPfTO SRANO '-ggf^Ki ANK. And the cost Ifrso ggwli. " * s.-.~^. .- t > : .cV^i ' v;^; ; .-^; -^c : .^ ±:^*^:.?.Z*^^?^^-t^t^*^£?^^^;^ : ^j^^;ft^-^^^--^i. K. D. JAM€S, Algona COLWELL BROS. AUCTIONEERS Having sold the sale barn here in Algona, we will have more time to devote to farm sales. At; present we have a good many sales already booked. If our auction work meets your approval, and you are having an auction sale, we will be glad to sell your property. Graduates of Jones National Auctioneering School, Chicago, 111., class of 1913. Sold sales every yearsince. PHONE 445 •'.'•• 44tf Closing-Out Sale As I havo decided 1o quit'funning and leaving the county. I will hold a complete closing out sale at (he-farm located 1}£ miles cast and .'{ miles south of IJurt and 2 miles east and'5 miles north of Algona. . , ' x ••'•••',-.. -'...''' Tuesday, December 18 SALE HTAKTS PROMPTLY AT 12 O'CLOCK SOUS Lunch will bo served by Episcopal Church ladies 132 Head of Livestock 132 8 Head of Horses 8 One mulched team, blue roan marcs, S and 5) yrs. old, ivt* about 2400 Ibs.; one good sorrel gelding 10 yrs. old. wt. 1600; one strawberry roan marc 4 yrs. old, wt. 1050: one bay,marc, smooth mouth, wt. 15MM); black gelding 8 yrs. old, axfc ItiOttjrsflddWhorsojsblncktwith white ifacc and^ feet,-3 -ymi old: saddle liinpfl. rnlnr- I.uv «-f 1(I(U> ll, u rj "* *"** *' • - " -*< *'" ' -"' v - V-*- ,•- ,'-.. :.i ',- VI. >. ••'"'• •;;,, .'-"..-..> v .••••:-•:;--•*. m«re, color bay, wt. 1000 Ibs. 25 Head of Cattle This offwring consists of four good Hereford cows from 4 to 6 yrs. old, fresh in about six weeks; 2 (J'Hernscy cows, 6 yrs. old, one w^ith twin calves by side, other fresh in about 60 days; Brown' Swiss cows, fresh in about 80 days; 2 purebred Holstein cov/s wilh papers, fresh in about 2 months; 2 grade Ifolstein cows to freshen in about 60 days; 7 head (if good Hereford calves, wt. 400 Ibs.; 3 head of yearling cattle; one purebred Hereford bull with papers from Mike Loss & Son herd, weight 1500 Ibs., 2 yrs. old. All cattle T. H. and Bangs tested. 60 Head of Hogs 60 ?iino head purebred Hampshire yearling sows lp farrow about March 15, wt. 400;Ibs.; 10 heisd of Hampshire gilts, bred to farrow March 20, wt. about 200 Ibs.; 10 head good Hampshire feeders, wt. 150 to 160 Ibs.; 1 good Duroc Jersey boar, wt. about 250 l!»s. '%-• 40 Head of Sheep 40 })!) head good black face ewes to lamb in March, consisting of Suffoclc and .Shropshire; 1 purebred Suffock buck, 2 yrs. old, papers furnished from M. K. Kraft herd at Buffalo Center. Machinery McDeering .Farmall on new 12x«6 rubber, completely overhauled; MeDcerijJg 61 combine with all attachments with flax and bean selves; 21ft. McDeering tractor disc; 1 J-ft. tractor disc; > T ew Jackhawlt combination stacker aod buck, never been used; McOecring end gate seeder on rubber, with special at- tachnu'nt for rubber tired wagon; McDeering rubber v tired wagon with good rubber; New Idea grain elevator, 38.ft., cojnpfoto with wide wngon hoist and spertd jack, a yrs. old; 2 h. p. electric motor and jack, new; 8^ft v McCormick windrower; 5-ft, Deering horse mower; 6-ft. McCormick mower. One riding cultivator; iron wheel wagon with hay rack; 12-ft. McDeering tractor; spring tootil harrow, nearly new; 24-ft. McDeering steel tractor drag; 2 new flared wagon boxes; one triple box; Me-., '. Dcering Little Genius 2-bottom plow; McDeering roughage mill, in good shape; McDeering 10-ln. Iwrr grinder; McDeering manure spreader; one 10-fft. dis«; John Deere corn sheller; fanning mill; seed corn grinder; wheel barrow; 2 50-bu. hog feeders and several small feeders; slop cart, Xew post drill; electric chicken waterer; tractor jack; wheel cleaners for Farmall tractor; wie- chanta's work bench; new hog waterer; hay slings; feed cooker; ladder; wire cribbing; 2 electric jno> .tors; John Deere potato plow; bob sled; 2 stub tongues for picker; electric grinder; wheel weights lor H or M tractor; set J 1x40 eriss cross tractor chains; new cooling tank; tank heater, ' \ew 25-ft. haminermni belt; 8 sets brltchen harness; pony saddle; 5 gal, |^n^ 10 other grease guns, large and small; gas and oil barrels; stone bpatj new feed bun|t; board; tools of »11 kinds; and other articles too numerous to 'mention. ', , SEED-50 Bushels of Earlyana Soybeans BUILDINGS OHO-new brooder, house Ope ot;l!.er gpp4 broqder |iouse 10x16. One sjx pott bj-oQder hop house. One 5x7 slop pjp feed JtQuse. One A type liog house, HOUSEHM6t»pll Teu'lpiece walnut dining rot lt«; new•' golden oak dinette Jtl wJift r^fl lefttlie^ ^pt|"; Aladdin I»m|i? library Wble} 0^9 Sinunons jgi ' "" bed and springs desk; otlier odd :>

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