The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 13, 1945 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 13, 1945
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT, CLASSIFIED Minimum charge 3So fof 12 words or less. When paid with order, 3c iier word; when charged, 4c per word, too ag- ents* commission nHbwedY tf advertising agents charge their clients 4c and send cash with order they receive lo commission. Blind ads 2Sc. For Sale FOR SALE; Out o£ state resident must sell, 80 acres located 3 miles N. E. of Algeria. Bargain. Mickey McWhorter, Wellington Hotel, Omaha, Nebr 49-51* FOR SALE: 1 Red Pole and 2 Hereford bulls, serviceable age. Phone 3141, Whittcmore. 40-50* FOR SALE—REMINGTON RE- peating rifle, .22; 1 pair ice skates, size 10.—Roger Didrikscn, phone 73W. 17gl4 FOR SALE: Purebred Spotted Poland China boars. Kenneth Brandow, 1 mi. west Algona. 48tf FOR SALE: Purebred boars. Fall yearlings and spring Spotted Poland China and Duroc Jerseys. Joseph G. Miller, Wesley, 1 block r-?ulh of Main street. 49-50 FOR SALE: Purebred Chester White boars. E. E. Brandow, 4 miles west, 1 south on McGregor street road. 49-51* FOR SALE: Schneider Estate Farm, mile south of Fenton. Good soil, good improvements, REA available; subject to 1946 lease to be assigned to purchaser, best offer above SI50 per acre buys it. See or write Wm. J. McNamaru, Adm., Emmetsburg, la. 49-50 FOR SALE: 16 Hampshire boars. Vcrn Hoppc, 6 miles north and •"i mile east of Whittemore. 49-51* FOR SALE: Black Poland China boars, 1945 March and April farrow, one yearling immuned, the thick easy feeding kind. Free delivery for a short time. A. L. Gregory, Rutland, Iowa. 48-50 !; FOR SALE: Purebred Berkshire boars. Gco. Grein, St. Benedict. 48-50* FOR SALE: Purebred Poland China boars. \-> mi. south, V\ mi. west Lone Rock. R. Bierle. 48-50* FOR SALE: Purebred Duroc boars of outstanding quality. These boars arc the best we have ever raised. Farmer priced. New blood for old customers. Also some fine quality gilts. A. H. Streetcr, 4 1 /- N., 3 miles east Renwick. 47-50* FOR SALE: Choice bred Duroc Jersey eilts, weight up to 350. Mated to a son of Orion Prince- O. V. Harlan, 5 miles west Alsona on Highway 18. 49-51° FOR SALE: Duroc boars, choice 225 to 270 Ibs. New stock for old customers. Matt Weydert, 4 mi. straight west of LuVerne, % Liv- crmorc postoffice. 48-51" FOR SALE: Puruurecl black Poland China winter and spring boars. John Bockes, LuVcrnc. 46-51* FOR SALE: Purebred Duroc boars, thick, rugged, dark red. Large group to select from; new breeding for old customers. (Over 20 years a Duroc breeder). John F. Weber, 2 mi. east Irvington. Algona phone 15-F22. 45-48* FOR SALE: Purebred Hampshire boars, extra good. G. M. Will, 4 mi. east LuVerne. 45tf FOR SALE: Purebred Chester White boars. 1 mile west, 2 miles south of Wesley. L. E. Wingert. 46-50* NEW HONEY lor sale. 5 Ib. jar $1.00. 'Hocnk Motor Service. West of Court House. 37lf MOTOR an. FLO-E-Z 59« PER 9ALLON Flows at 30 degroci b*> low zero to give instant trouble fr«« lubrication. No parraffin or wax to congeal. Chang* now to FLO-E-Z. STORAGE BATTERY a ntw. ptvtflul, l9jjf-lil» batttiy- t«day. 12 mo. 15 plate Hl-Capaclty $5,95 $6.95 $7.95 exch. JOE BLOOM FOJR SALE: Eagle water ptoot home Insulation, "blown in." Expert Inspection, estimating serv ce. Cowan Bldg. Supply Co., phone 275, Algona. 20-3-Htt FOR SALE—UPRIGHT STORY & Clark piano, with bench.— Mrs. Anton Didrikscn, 522 S. Jones, phone 73-W. g!4 FOR SALE: Guernsey heifer calves, 8 to 12 wks. old, purebred. Several Guernsey cows, fresh soon. John Voss, Jr., SVi mi. NE LuVerne 50-51* FOR SALE: Big pair blue-roan geldings. S. E. Noland, Algono. 50' FOR SALE: 1942 Plymouth, special deluxe, 4-door sedan, with Heater, extra good, with good tires. Guaranteed all nt OPA prices. Hoenk Motor. Service, West or Courthouse. 26w50 FOR SALE or trade: Set of new harness, never been used. Inquire Upper Des Moines office. 50* BEAUTIFUL three-quarter site piano, can be seen in near vicinity. Priced quick resale Write Armstrong Piano Co.. Spencer, Iowa. 50 5 FOR SALE: 2-holc corn sheller and hammermill John Deere No. 10. complete and with belt. Henry Tjaden, Burt 50- FOR SALE: 100 Hampshire pullets. Garel Leek, Algona, ph 24-F4. 50-* 100 A. uhlrnpf6ved..;;....$165 per A. 120 A. Improved... $190 per A. 320 A improved..... $145 per Ai 80 A.'imprbved ......$180 per A. Possession cafi be given on 80 A. farm March 1, 1946. See M. P. Haggard & Son, ph. 249; Algona, Iowa. 38w60 FOR SALE: Oil heater, been used 2 years, good, condition". E M, Christensen, Burt. . 50* FOR SALE: Two Duroc boars, $40 and $50 each. ' Also two- .year Hereford bull. A. C. Carlisle, Whittemore. ,. 50" FOR SALE: 6-room modern house, has 1 bedroom and bath- downi stairs, good location, possession in 2 weeks. $4200. See Joel M Herbt, Real Estate & Ins. 50 FOR SALE: 36-foOt wooden Sandwich elevator and hoist, good shape. Ubbc Meyer, % mi. west 6 north Wesley. 50* FOR SALE: Miscellaneous furniture, less than one year old. Mathes, Biustrom Apts.-C, over Lusby & Giossl Drug Store. 50* FOR SALE: 12x18 brooder house, 4-pcn hog house, good condition. Also kitchen range, \Mhile enamel. Clarence 'Donovan, Lonr Rock. 50* FOR SALE: 80 A. land, 4 .miles west 5 miles north, well-improved, house insulated and weather-stripped, close tri school Clarence Donovan, Lone Rock. 50- : ' FOR SALE: Toy Manchester puppies and also Shetland ponv colts. Ideal Christ mb* presents J O. Downs, St. Benedict. 50* FOR SALE: Heater, coal and wood. Louis Fuhrmann, ph. 24-F14, Algdna. .--• , 50* FARMS FOR SALE: Possession and occupancy March 1, -1946 Improved 240 A., • well located. R.E.A. Improved 180 A., close to town, R.E.A. available. I E. Wortman, Lakota, Iowa. 24w50-51 FOR SALE: B-John Deere tractor, on rubber; for ceiling price. Raymond Kramer, 1W mi. south Cresco church, Algona. ^v^'-y^ ' ' • i ' '' •.''*'• " • • ' • " ')"""• 4i-i* ' »"'-•"*'!. ' * '" •*-'• i^-'iJi''** 1 !.' - -'" •'' ' • -''•<- '''.' hn'l '- '' '. : -'-'/'- '. '""''-'v''V •'••i*f' : ; '~.','*'i ' ~"^ ! ?~ £'**••'•''- '"''•s'V'"*-^ 1 ™' "' ' : ''''*'~ •'•'^'•ff^''.'•"''• **" "V 1 ':.'.,,''^ '•\^ : \ ; '- .-'.'•' '• "•"'.'' .-.' '• -^^^Pi^ SALfe: l^iid M&iiMijsp, ^.'Stv-Sfenedl^'lf^' radio aftd Heater, Within OPA, K; FOR SALE: , i80*a*fe farm, elec. aWt>fti|tic wafer system* ort pavlrtj(.Scl4Je te- towjH. Farm has some light Soil, has pqs,* slbllltles tb • opeW. edmtftefijlal gravel fittj considerably good 66,11; priced $100, Mthj^fisMbn. EdM Capesius, Algoha'; oowa. , 50* FOR SALE: JrteglaterWd and grade Hereford bulls; iSjSrylceable age. Joseph A. Skowv WSsley/ '80*Jfl* * ', , "i ' '. j-.-j.t. i ...j..'.-f ... ._-«-__..:- '•£^-^_. FOR SALE: Freem'titi duplex f north .Jones 'sthset,!' Mafch 5.1 possession Nevada, Iowa. ;*'fV'V; /^ 50' ---•^:- ^ ait ' FOR .SALEf M' &$ **••' $ years. AJ,*yi3^f.;',bank,;)?tJ' f ice or - theatre, ^^v,.- 'v'f ,80-§ 1 * FOR SAliE: „,.„„,.. , pack radlbV? "Usfed^slx rtjonth*. Norbert,Hllbert,'Wesley. 50* FOR SALE: "Registered Hampshire boars, both' fall, 'yearjlrigs and spring. -They, are rugged, heavy-bone individuals. New stock for old customers. .Joseph A. Skow, Wesley. \ 50-52* FOR SALE: My entire herd of \Z high grade Holstefn cows; .alsO^a National milker.. ' Henry Mertjz. Wesley. ' •.:•;, - ; 50-51 REGISTERED Spotted Poland China spring and fall boars lor sale, at a % times.-The low-dowt), easy-feeding ' kind:'••• Bert --S; Geerdes, 2 ^ . south, 1 Ms east, tar kota • ; ' ' 50-1* HENRY SPRING WHEAT X •We can still accept a fe<v orders (10 bushel limit) for Wisconsin's new wonder wheat'(35 to 50 .bli-. shels yields).', $5.00 per- bushel, Vicland Oats availoble .•at','-.$li60: F.CXB'. Sunnys{de'Seed ; Farms. ,9.3.7 Waban Hill, Madison; Wisconsin. ' . ,- . ;t50 .CLOSING OUT SALE . . Wednesday, Dec..19, 1? noon. 4'Xj mi. north Algona or'4% mi. south Burt on 169. 12 good Guernsey Every Year Algona's Most Beautiful Christmas Tree is at J ^ 2|=zi 134 ChHsc EVERY CHRISTMAS Algona's most beautiful Christmas tree is ij»Jhe ready to wear department of our store. This year's tree is simply breathtaking. You must see it. We cordially invite you to come THE CHRISCHILLES STORE and catch a little of the true Christmas spirit. Sit down and relax in our comfortable second fJpqy-^-you. won't regret it. • No. __..,_. „ 5*18 AllllfilGnfillttfef^ pI6W> <2»14 Littte WeMdef pl«wj i6*ft,/"JoM Jeere dlscy llKe h^Vi Mdllfte. Sltife lellvery My Ifakej 4-wHeel tfHief ph gobd Wbbe'f.'flOOXlB Ur6S; Ne* Idea mantlre Spreadefj flafS wi* gon botfj cylinder : corK ' s' with Wiagoh 'elevator 1 ;\ ; afid stacker? Gorge 2*lm|t *lee> 4ng machine, .used 4 itto.V*. jack runs i Ih oil; new;' e^ddle! ; bridle 'Full line of ma<sh!hei i #a'nd 'other Items too numerous t&'meti* lion. Terms. Farmer* & .-Traders Savings Batik, Bancroft,'; • cleric) Charlie Qulnn, Bancroft, auction' ecr. GEO. w. FANOMANY : ,.•.• . I28w50 . for Christmas is flow available at tha teihes office, ftolw are •Ini-.long. Bargain price 75e Bifff>tS, If WANTED: Carried maK to V on farm, good tertan't hOuso> top wages. E. K.. Johnson, Fcn'tph, la. " ' ' '' HELP :WANTED; ^.4 girls for cleaning and'.sorting eggs. Apply S\vift & Co., Algona. • . ' ' ,50-51 WANT TO RENT: Up\to 240 A. farm. Full Hue 6f' power rii'ach.- cry. Can furnish, references. Kenneth McCoy, Bode, 7 *n"es south p'f Algona,. , . , • ". ,..''.. 5d"? WANTED: phore w6rk, ohffarta :''•• for Winter. Inquire.Upper Des VJI/\\nt*<>'" ' '• ' ' ,•-. • " ' '-. .'' : ' , 50* OH burner for -home, •);. •Henry,:-.-. Eisenbarth, ; 'LuVerne; CjVa E.,8,3,,3.. Algona'. vC ,. : , ;.,50? ... • ' .i. > _^._ .\; '_:.: :. Some 'one- to 'CUt wood , on sritire basis. , J. Av Haggard, phi 249/;Algona. ... ••',|3\V50 UTO'BUY: An'Oi S. E. Nola'nd, Algona. .50* useo ;.. t , LAKOl'Ai 1A. For sate: 1958 Chev. coach; 1935 Fdrd sedan; 1933 Chev coach. 60 ' A gift that . ..„ At your bank, post office or'theatre. •, 50*81* CARD PARTY at St ; Benedict sch6ol, December 16th, at 8 p t Lunch-served Sponsored toy Mrs, A. T. Lolller and Mrs. Art 17w50 NEWS' ELECTROLUX Cleahers , .yirlll be available soon! For in* formation see Don H. Hutchlns, County ElectroluJt representative, 619 S. Jones, Algona, phone FRtGIDAIRE AUTHORIZED DEALER Frlgldalre refrigerators, Frigid- alro .electric -.ranges, .bottle gas ranges an<i water, heaters, Maytag washers, ^lo'wa cream seperators, Pel'fecHOYi, p'lpelltie. Clean Easy •dnd'Cnpre JJby milking machines. l-8;l V4 • and '.'• 1^3 h. p. t motors. FlUOrestfent 'all. metal desk lamps, flubrezcertt kitchen fixtures. ? tfsedi' 5 3 : cream separators, wash- in^' machines, heater, 2- 1/4 h. p. electric" piotors. . ' 1 W.e"rSpair all makes of washing machines C&nd refrigerators, and Have . yjringer 'rolls for all makes • of .'wa&King \machincs. Belts of '-'ALGONA MAYTAG STORE Photie 399, Glenn Crilly 50 SBM Mfi: £5tt fteat l^atialfts Ift farmsj I6ahSj dfalnage sufVeyiflg ^hd. estimate oti UleV: iPHfl ; Ji Kohihaas, phofte 22, Algoaa.^ .if BUtiGtlLY REPRItlERAtlON Household 4 C^itUiiiei'Ciiai Service'.' :.-: .\'.',''\ Guaranteed SefVlce / • 000 Kofth Minn; i, ; Ph; *1S"W ' Algofta 80* TOWN PROPERTY _ : EST LOANS. FMA attd ^Veterans "ol" Loans to feurehase, remodel, Retlnance Homel A.1* goria' Federal Savhlgs' '& ''toari. Algona, Iowa.. ' • : 30tf ]^'*i®iM bufflS.^KdBufl AlgemaY'Wftif ttooit •••• i ihg. Heavy j 6bttm6t8iaii«iai| *te :l«ttllmoicl ••l^Ulto formation, OH cen»iS8.^Jri.uc;wv »i« tor SerVIee, West of Courl Hdu • - ; -. .. •,••:•. •; -..vAr.*-.-•'• i'<'-fn: ;Si IMLAiD-'LtNOtiEUM, : tile, laid by ekperts.. wotk. Cowan Bulldlhg (if Co,, 'phorte 278j Aigoha^ ;g^3f|^ SANTY KNOWS/ OJC. Tread welds aid safe, and deftendobte for MORE iniles hard servipe. GIVE O.K. RECAP CERTtFiCAfEStot CHRISTMAS YOUR O.K, DEALER HAS THEM READY LESTER DEBOLmi m-- . J%.' ' •>.'•'' '••' '(fit' ..'M-'> .'".. "' '• Sanio Says -- » . ^F.-GIVE HER A MAJESTIC For More ,thwv, 3 QencraUpps jWajostJc Ranges Have Always BeeiiTws in And Now, It > Back! The Genwine Pre-war f ' ' • Majestic Stylined Range PYRIX FLAMIWARC for all hef 'Wji-of-Move cooking! She can watdi fcxxls cook. ; Tv,x> sparkling saucepans (1 qt. and 1 J^ flt- >'?<•). and handy glass, sltiljeti Qlns handle fit* all 3;, — » detachable for serving and ' • .":' *n j p storage. The 4 piecet . . . : .....'Only 7Ai49 ;• MAK( IT A RID UTTIR DAT with thil ea»y-to- readPyrex measure! Lifetime red mwldngs on, clear Eyrex brand glasj that rejutt heat and acids. 1 pt. ........,.' .only MANY OTHER LOVILY rVIIX OIFTS , Flavor-Saver pie plate ...,.'..'......,.. 43« Pyrcx Bowl Set (3 bowls) , . . '. V .'.:., .'. . 93c Pyiex Double Duty Cacseroln. . .SO* to 95c Tfyrex Loaf Pans ......... ;.', 4Sc«i\«l65« Pyrex Utility Dishes ... ...... SOt «n(l 65* Tpys are still arriving, See them in owe basement. n Cwving Sets with genuine buckhorn handles, Pre-war quality, $6,25 and $3.00 ' Genuine Walnut Wpoden Waye Waterproof Flash Ughts, Kits and and ^JM*

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