The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 13, 1945 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 13, 1945
Page 5
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St. Benedict Minus Operator, thane Service For A Month V St. Benedict telephone ftUtyntt were ; ardfefllt? th«s rcittfH, this tt«ifc,.of Mrs; SlftidH Iflfifterv •:•;:;;: Fdr almost a month, ttd\V, St. Bchcaict Ii4« Ju pJione service. The reMoH.i'Mr*. Mlrnci* went to Caftfarlifa <>« a visit, she had been opccatlnff the St. Bettcdtfct SWltch- board. and no one Was fotrml t« substitute fdr hetv itltMifeh her plans had been niade for Sonic time ahead and a replace- merit sought without success. •-.;•••' . . -There are about 36 patrons on the St. Benedict'eXchan#t, .Which connects with tnalti (nink lines via Wesley. ' J "We have to go miles for a telephone call," said one St. Benedict resident in the Upper Des Molrtes office, Saturda*, "and If tlici'C Is anyone who can Handle the switchboard, fdf;« few da^s, we'd like >to hear from tft,em." > r ; Morions Entertain— / ,,.';•';.;.' >: -Mr. and Mrs. Richard Noribrf entertained their bridge club • at dlrther at the Boswell .cafe; : fol-. lowing this' the 'group We"tft to the Norton home where-Bridge <vas played. Mr. and Mrs, f). Y p. Qreer.-were giiests,' Mr, and Mrs. Eiflile -Sirrlon won the high jscOi'e couple prize, Robert Williams Won the' lbw;Seore prize''for rrieft and Mrs. .Norton Was low.i score pri^e.winner'for the women. Into le*arKer'ous A ' * *S9'- :*3a»!»J : im- S8^M;>£^3S^2ss .iV-igffi-T.SjI.'V "™?Ki?ff- f-'-.ftSSp «'s?s r : w^ ^i^S^P^wffii^^w^i^F^a^^^sstep* « ^ 6htl*hnt» Parly Today— . Circle No, 5 of the Methodist chUrch' 1! having a Christmas party at the hbfrie of Mrs. L. J. Malueg today, It was a pot-luck luncheon,-a'nd gifts were ex* changed, Each member brought a guest. f'M, M." Club Patty— The ladies of the "M. M." bridge club entertained their husbands at a Christmas party Sunday'evening at the home of Mf. and Mrs. John Weydert. MM* Presfon Hostess— Circle 9 of the Methodist church met this afternoon at the home of Mrs. L. D. Preston, for the . annual Christmas party. Gifts were exchanged and a politick' lunch served. Wednesday Luncheon— Mrs. Fred Bartholomew entertained the members". of her "Bridgcttc" club Wednesday at a one o'clock luncheon. Two tables were in play. Following the luncheon Christmas gifts were exchanged. Bel Canto, Party— The Bel Canto . club had a Christmas party at the Algona hotel, Tuesday evening. A ceven o'clbck dinner was served to members of/the club and then- husbands and friends. After "a musical program the entire group went to the'P. W. camp to See the nativity scene.. D. A. R. .Luncheon— __'. -'•' The D. A. R. met at Mrs. W. K. Ferguson's Tuesday for luncheon at orje o'clock. The program "consisted of a talk on "The Origin of Christmas Cards" by Mrs. Glee Pitcher and "The Origin of the Tuberculosis Seals" by Mrs. W. G. McCullough. A Birthday Surprise- Mrs. Alfred Peterson was given ,a pleasant birthday surprise last Friday evening. Guests were Mr. and Mrs. John Gerber, Mr. and Mrs., G. C. Stewart and Mr. and 'Mrs. John Simon. The evening' was spent playing cards. Naomi. Christmas Party— The Christmas party of the Na- omi'Circle will be held at the home .of Myrtle Turnbaugh Friday, December 14. Assisting hostesses will be Mcsdames Hugh Post, J. P. Smith, Alma Nelson, ; Henry Aman, Henry Steinman, Meda Redfield, and John Storm. Donald Skilling Honor**— Mr. and Mrs. Oswald Lu Verne, entertained at a day dinner party at their hprfie in honor of Donald Skilling of Algona who just recently arrived from India after, spending nearly three years there. Also Jibfttfijiad Were Mrs. Robert Spurgeon aftd two daughters, Thelrria arid Bafv bara, of Banners Ferry, IdattOi Mrs. Spurgeon is a sister of Ddft-, aid and both are cousins of'Mr'S.' Thilges, Other guests were Mr, and Mrs. Frank Skilling of Al» gona, Mrs. Mary Dole and vel of Irvington and Mr. and Aitefdale Frteftdly Club— The Riverdale Friendly club had its annual Christmas banquet in the Annex of the Irving- ingtoh church with their families last week Wednesday evening. Guests who attended were Mr. and Mrs. Bob Casey and sons. Mrs. Bob Skilling, Mrs. Howard Schoby and children, Mtjs. Victor Faulstich and daughter, Wilfred Schneider and Maxine Vaudt. Following the dinner a musical program was presented by Helen Becker, Wanda Steele, Maxine Vaudt; Gloria Steele, Mrs. Julius Capesius, Mrs. Ray Fitch, Mary Joyce'Capesius, Jimmy Capesius, and William Boldrldge Jr. ' Everyone .exchanged gifts and 1 light lunch. The next club,,ttifegtljlg will be at the home Boldridge Sr., on Livermore. Parly Wednesday Night- Mr, and Mrs. H. L. Gilmorc, and Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Mcidke, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Morck, Mr. and Mrs. Wendell French, Mr. and Mrs. Karl Hoffman, Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Hawcott and Mrs. Rose Scanlan entertained at a dancing party Wednesday evening at the officers club at, the P. W. camp. Out bf town guests Were Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Saundcrs of F6rt Dodge and Mr. and Mrs. Richard Foutz of Mason City, who were house , guests of Mr. and Mrs. Gilm6re. Mrs. Pollartt Hostess— Mrs.'JC4 U. .'Pollard entertained the mernbers; of her knitting club at a pot4uck luncheon Tuesday afternoon/ It was a Christmas parly and;, there was a gift exchange. $v .. •„ . U. S. W.W Meeting— The U..S. W. A. will moot Monday evening, December 17, at 8 o'clock at the Legion hall. There has been a- program prepared; and a lunch will 'be served by Circle 7 with Mrs. W. J. Payne, chairman; and Mrs. Oryille Bakken assisting. Please 'attend. Mrs. C. Prater A baby showei 1 was held Friday night at the'Robert Sperry home honoring the daughter, Mrs. Carroll Fraser. Twelve guests attended. "Five hundred" was played with Edna Youngwirth receiving high score and Norma >' Reynolds, low. Prizes were awarded, and a light lunch was Served. Church Class Parly— The Bible Searchers class of the Methodist church held a Christmas party . in the church dining room Tuesday afternoon. The following program was given: Singing and music-Devotions, "The Good Shepherd," by Mrs. Lolla Ladendorff; Christmas scripture reading and lesson, Mrs. Sylvia Martin; prayer, Miss Agnes Bilsborough; Christmas Greetings, Mrs. Margaret Finley; selection read by Mrs. Cora Martin; violin solo, Jacqueline Low- man, accompanied fey,. Harriet Viniflg. Christmas .|ift3 we^e' exchanged after which light I** freshmcnts were servedJ, -V The tables were decorated with, candles and Christmas^ffreertety; and decorations amn.get°airtd'd*6- nated by Mrs. Raymond; jjleid*. Hostesses were Mrs. .Lbila'j Ladendorff, Mrs. Sylvia^ Martin, Mrs. Margaret Finley, Mis. 'Scott Noland, and Mrs. W, H. jBrandow. New officers for 1946 are.Mrs; Mary Miller, president; Mrs, Lbl- la Ladendorff, secretary; Mrs. Lena Dietrich, treasurer; Mrs. Matilda Ingersoll, class teacher. A Farewell Party A farewell party was given last week Wednesday at the Townscnd hall for Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hurd who left Monday for California where they will spend the winter with the lat-ter's daughter Mrs. Violet Green.' •'< Circle 1 of the church met today at f<4f dessert Ittfikhepn with J6hn Clyde, Circles 3 and 4 he! a joint meeting at the church and tied quilt^ tot the Redf <3^bs1j ; : Light fefreshmehts will be self V* ed. Mrs. M, J. MeCall is chaifM man of ^ Circle I and Mrs, Afl5$rt Orahzo^r and Mrs. W,. B. Fteh$i are bhairmen of Chicles 3 -ahd ,4 ' Mr*, C. Johnion , Mrs. Cliff John'son . en ter|aine% at a turkey dinner Sunday in hori* or of her husband's birthday, JMV. and Mrs. John Deim and Frattk Guerdette were guests, ; -.•{.. trinity Lutheran Aid---, ,. r Mrs. Albert Hagg, assisted by Mrs. Raymond Funk, entertained the Ladies Aid of the Trinity Lutheran church Thursday^ afternoon. . ; v/ Don 1 ! Pay Rent! Own A Home Our home loan plan is tailor-made to fit the needs of each borrower. ASK ABOUT IT. Algona Federal Savings & Loan . • . ' '^ •... .. , •...-.. . :. C ^%:'A-"Pi ; & A B JP OAT SALE "iEyery coat in ihis sale is .-an -a'dvojice fashion. Entire stock of winter coats reduced in time, for Christmas -.'i_- -."'. •'."'""• : "nl.''. • ' *' shopping;; -..'f;,':'', '^^v • ' Bu^^ciWK Coot Now at these Bargain Prices Values up to Every coai 1$ Iheso .groups from our r'e ,uler stocks. 22*95 values Values up to 24:95 Regular botfer se»s. LOUISE, HOW oo YOU FOLKS STAND THE COLD V/EATHER LIKE YOU DO? YOUR , FAMILY HEVe« HAS COLDS L1«EM>NE DOES-- JT WELL, BETH ,1'LLTtLL^f i YOU WHAT I THINK HAS A > LOT TO DO WITH IT/ I FEED MY FAMILY IOTS OF A\EAT IN COLO WEATHER/ IT 5TEPJ UP THE VITALITY WHEN THE MERCURY IS DOWN/ -AND THEY HAVE SUCH tOVIiy MtATS WHERE I TRADE -THAT WINTER SHOPPING IS REALLY A 1 HORMELSALLMEATROASTED PORK LITTLE PIG SPARE RIBS £ CENTER CUT PORK CHOPS | PORK ROAST OYSTERS . lb. ib. lb. 19c Lolll End Culs .. fe White, Solid Pack MINCED BOLOGNA Sliced or Piece .. lb. 23c T II R K F Y S Arc ^ ery scarcc- Put i 1 U 11 la. AJ 1 J n j cc se | cc tj OD O f f anc y young . We , Ducks and Geese. FANCY 2 491 Fancy Box Assorted Cookiesi;.:....... lb. 43c Ghow Mien Noodles... 2 for 29b Chun King Bean Sprouts.. ..... .2 cans 39C Richelieu . Soy Sauce ;. .....'. IOe . . . . • , • ••. •"», Better Taste : ' -. ' Stuffed Olives No. 10 jar 39 C Glazed Fruits. .^.8 oz. jar 39c Jack' Sprat Cake Flour .44 oz. pkg. |9c Baking Powder Calumet.. 16 oz. can |5c 26 oz. pkg. 2 for I5C Cheerioats 2. 7-oz. pkgs. 25c Chocolate Cream Coffee.... ..... ...2 Mb bags 5| C Jack Sprat Plain or Iodized Salt Sp*«t..,;v;•„...^'j :;.;!;'- : /.. ,J,•-'•)"•;.•'-,t^--- Tomato duicc.^::.;,46 'pz. -can^i j'c •Jack, Sprat -•.-\.i : \... • '•>',' ,.','• !,i!'".'v. '• ''", ' ^'\'v'«u'/'- Grapefruit Jiiice,;4o.-CM&; cin^.jjjip Adams-.. Richelieu . ,,.,•.. -Jack Sprat" ; tV'^ ;.' ; ; ; ' : ,-'; •: : , ' -.•?;. Enriched ;Milk:~.-.. ... 3 Hershey .' •" " : ' ;' ; Cocoa.'..,.. .,v- . -2 ; Jack Sprat Quick.orRernlai' v >s' l v Oats:.-.i^;--^--,- ...... 48 oz ' - " ' " ' s - ; -, ' ..v. *'•''' '< -*A Kellogg's P#p......8 bz. "pkg. • • • ' ' . , - ",'•-' '*'. '' '"'v " --'- i . ls ', Jack Sprat Enriched --v • . * v Flour, 25 lb bag 1.39 50 lb 2.49 NEW CROP Pitted Dates, lb.. 49c Fraits and Vegetables HEAD LETTUCE ORANGES 1 Wf^F?pW! ! l»wpl^a?®^ ; "^S*^^ i >S3?3'i 3 F-^^^ ii^^^^piiiiiii^ll^ Cftlif. Navel, Medium Size ^,,,..'^-,.,, EXTRA FANCY DELICIOUS APPLES 10 AHO RUSSETS; - FAMTEMSOWP^^ '•••' :: ••. ffi 'i"S:«i^£»;UfeBS5SSSgSS»SiSSSa

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