The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 13, 1945 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 13, 1945
Page 2
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PAGE TWO. $%. '£&n : %w&%m&-$i >;. ; ^*!'V : j:".-n.^j'-S'vi>^.s-ff ';'' -''vf;;./-' ; ^;;?^>.;"v!f' ! •:?'.'/'' 50 AT SHOWER, WHITTEMORE, FOR MRS. BERT SEELY Whittemore: About 50 ladies attended the post nuptial shower of Mrs nert Seoly, Sunday afternoon in tho nurlltorium of the l.uthoran schoul. Hunco and SOO W,CTO phiyad, Mrs. Hugo Meyer winning high and Mrs. William Meyer Jr. low in Hunco. Tn 500, Mrs. Martin Oslwnld was high. Mrs. Herman Zumacli low, and Mrs. Oeorgo Frost won the chair prixe. Mrs. Seely recoivc-d many uso- J'ul and, jjresenls A lunch was served, by the hostesses following thft unwrapping of the gifts. ' Store Clerk Change— Louis Bvaatz who lias been a capable clerk in the H. R. Zumach Market, resigned his position at Hint place Saturday night. Mr IJraatx. filled the vacancy of Merlyn Wogcnor who was inducted into the army four years ago and was recently discharged and look his old position Monday morning Mr. Wagoner was recently marred in Canada, and will move to Whittemore as soon as suitable living quarters can be found. Mr. IJnuilx will retire as he has been a prominent clerk the past 4i! years in the John Leibenslein and IT. W. Cieelan stores. Neighborly Club Meets— The Neighborly club met Wednesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Mike Bauman. 500 was played and gifts were exchanged. Mrs. Hugh Carney won high, Mrs. Mary Kleinl'ehn low and Mrs. Leo Elbert travel and Mrs. Charles Salx the door pri/.e. Guests were M.y. Stephan Bauman, Mrs. Mary Klein fehn, Mrs. Mike Thul and Mrs. Luella'FriSby. Mr. nnd Mrs. Everett Slgler arrived here from the west coast Wednesday to the home of Mis. Slgler's parents Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Bell. Mr nnd Mrs. Herman Rosen* dnhl, Fort Dodge, spent Friday and Saturady at the home of the former's nephew Mr. and Mrs. .1. .1. Rosendahl. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Brnatz ancl daughter Ruth nnd Mr. and Mrs Clyde Ginerich were Thursday evening dinner guests with Mr. and Mrs. J. ,). Rosen'dahl. Miss Rosella Voigt and Delores Polratx, Algona, spent the week end with their respective parents Mr and Mrs. Herman Voigl nnd Mr. and Mrs. Richard Potratz. Lou Ann, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Meyer, was bap- tised in the Lutheran church Sunday forenoon. Sponsors were Miss Luanna Dau and Edwin Greinert. Mrs Henry Kueck and son Pfc. Melvin Kucck spent Thursday afternoon and evening with Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Heidenwilh. Melvin was stationed at Camp Robin.?on, Ark. Mr and Mrs. HoSs Vaux and daughter Mrs. Ellsworth Heiclen- with, West Rend, and Mr. and Mi.<, George Meyer were Thursday evening visitors with Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Heidenwilh. Harold Zimmerman arrived in Mason City Monday, having received his honorable discharge from the army. He wtis met by his wife and son, who accompanied him to Whillemore in the evening. Bert Seely arrived in Fort Dodge Thursday morning arriving home from the southwest Pacific. He was met. by his wife Mrs. Ber' Seely and hi.3 parents Mr. and Mrs Harry Seely who went to Fort Dodge to get him. Mr. and Mrs George Meyer Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Greinert and daughter Verdell, Mr. and Mrs. Pyrex Ware is always a welcome gift for any housewife's kitchen. Pick out several items. We have many others beside those pictured. GETvTHESE MODERN GLASS UTENSILS NEW 2 1 /2 QT. PYREX MATCHED MIXING BOWIS By popular request—mixing bowls that you can use for mixing, baking, and serving. Designed to fit your hand, easy to hold, fine for electric mixer. A set of three- nested together only 95c r/ 2 QT. 1QT. PYREX LOAF DISH This good looking dish has a dozen uses. Bakes delicious hread, fish, meat, desseris. Can he used to serve ihem piping hoc at ihc ta.We. 9</ g "si2e PYREX FUMEWARE SAUCEPAN. It's new and smart— the latest tiling! You'll want all 3 sizes. Wide Mat bottoms., liasy-pouring spouts. You can see food cook! 1 qt. size only GIVE A CORY COFFEE MAKE We have them in several sizes. Other Gift Suggestions Aluminum Ware Cutlery Electric Hot Plates Gillette and Gem Safety Razors Plate Glass Mirrors Bill Folds and'Purses .Kohlhaas Hardware. Erwiin'Bruhn and family, M? jthd Mrs. Bert Seely and Mr. aHd Mrs. Harry Seely were Sunday evening visitors with Mr. nnd Mrs William Ostwald. Mr. and Mrs Herman Voigt and daughter Evelyn and Mrs. Arthur Heldenwith were'Fort Dodge Call" ers Thursday. Others from here who were in Fort Dodge Thursday were Mrs. Ruth Schultz and son Norman, Mr. ahd Mrs. Hugo Mey-* er and Mr. and Mrs. Victor Dau. , Those who helped Leonard Meyer celebrate his birthday Thursday night were Mr and Mrs. Albert Meyer, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Meyer, Mr. and Mrs. Hugo Meyer, Mr. and Mrs. Willam Meyer Jr., Mr. and Mrs. William Meyer'St- and son Alvjn, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Lauck and Mrs. . Herman Behnke and daughter Marjorie. A number of relatives gathered at the William Meyer Sr. home Friday evening to celebrate the birthday of Alvin Meyer, son of Mr. and Mrs. Meyer. Present were Mr. and Mrs. Albert Meyer and family, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Lieta and family, Lotls Creek; Mr and Mrs. Hugo Meyer^Mr, and Mrs. Alfred Meyer and Oayle, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Meyer and family, Mr. and Mrs. William Meyer Jr. and family, Mrs. Herman Behnke nnd daughter Marjorie, and Leona K InnItz. Home Prom Korea Bode: Capt LeRoy Enger has returned to the U S. from Korea on November 1G, after 26 months in the Pacific. He entered army service in June 1941 and went into officers training in June 1942. He went overseas in Seplember 1043. While overseas was in Ihe Hawaiian Islands, New Guinea, I This week's high^seofe honors went to Chris WalliiksH of the Council .Oak teami who tallied n score of 227. . . , Other, high point men wefffi Dalley (2G2),. Towne (2I2)> -aHa Johnnnfien- (220), tit -the BeekBr Sparling Goods team; H. GeU6ti* feld (222), and Lynki $65.), of«M6 Old Style Lager team; Bfltl (SU) and Cotton (206), qfc.Mhe iiotte Rock team; £d Thave's f203)'.of,the Algotta Barbers team; W, Jetgeft* son (210) and Wltlkopf (214.) of the Pioneer, team; and Relkens. (214) of the Kanawha team. Team standings to/date: Beckers '..'. 33- 9 'Old Style ...' .........29-13 Tanvllac ...'.27-12 Burl :.,....;..2&-17 Wesley Co-op ...24«<t8 K. of C ...........124-18 Lone Rock :..: .23*10 Barbe?S . Jaycees . 12.30 l i.....,:i....:. i ..;:;;..d2»2 l ? In the ladies* league Kay Kellej* ,(bok the 'high^ieote^ith i sd^tot ' mm. allied fpr the Mb'M4rH"l->ry 6r8. : mcid^ltiy, t)le -Mbder Is 'oii 'lm ^KttoW;iKaw Ho it .with' tHdf^vMfeh Sebfes?) 'Othef'to^' ^6dwfS were! > 081), Marring®**: (1 50) , Md Llchty (187770^ the Penney team; 'Colberg (170) fbt Lvisby & Oi6ssli Carney '(IflO)i Bulls (188), and Paulstiek 4176) Wor 'the Multial team. fir. ft. A. ^vahs "has 'bieen eb«' fined to hls'bed ilnee-Suwday-wlth :the flu. tte e»geicts ; to be Our cost Isl6\v—dui- eovM-ase complete. We can offer you.4 different plans of insuring. It Costs nothing t6 fihd diit about this'before .you;WnewKor, ; liuy* '' Phone 103 Over S & I* Store ifta , ,whd iuffeted it siroke tsleH^ffeetfea ..he t side, FfettalHrfitebul 1 the ' i wte IS'-B- ideal '-hsa :b^t,«t^ Jfefi*:!: aft' in hef WSUHI g^a^faHli. .'Kefi'aaughtsp, ;MfS,': Fifed Kid* t IdkMi; bf- ttuttib&ldtj ? fitfs been **° tt^jlwg to cite for-: Her at the .' L.r'Tflbbrt hdWie^ ^hefei-Mi-s^ jjijkiHsoft had an ;fpmtasiit;\sh'd edhesdsy morMhg ;the othfei? daughter* , Elizabeth,.-.Mrs. ..Ray WHitrtey, came frortv her home < . ihff help' Haves iiwtr me-this part star's in War , OP.V1$WA sl^ m art . left Will e- M. to of i _.. Doceflsed, -dated-- —, —. 'Haying ,been-this day filed opdned ; l$ftjo£lpbk'A; M.; fit thUday.abBVe^ , .b«' iSftjbfSted raWd for ••••Ihfc ilast Wilt of ' ciierk .of '.District/-. , ....... AtiMA-'PtfAf , t WfOHlSON & " - ' '- - • - •*•:•• .:<5Q At present low prices, more people everjTday are finding it more convenient to buy light bultys "by the bag." Itrgives you a,comforta,ble feeling to know you are stocked with spares for an, emergency. Save time and temper 'by buying a bag of 6, rather than just one. .' Mazda Fluorescent Lamps 15 Watt, White, 18'..".. B7c 15 Watt, Daylight, 18'. .57c 20 Watt, White, 24"....70c 20 Watt, DayUght, 24". .70c 30 Watt, White, 36".... 70c 30 Watt, Daylight, 36". .70c 40 Watt, White, 48".... 95c 40 Watt, Daylight, 48". .95c 100 Watt, White, 60". .$2.15 100 Watt, Daylight, $2.15 Mazda jHtrase, Lamps 15 Watt ..'.... .10c 25 Watt lOc 40 Watt 10q 60 Watt ...lOc 100 Watt. .,^..:l5c 75 Watt............. ..15c 150 Watt .-.20c • 200 Watt...... ,27c 60" Mazda Ceramic House Lamps White, 120V. 25 Watt.. 15c White, 120 V. 60 Watt. .15c White, 30V, 25 Watt...25c "A ny item in thit ad offered in a amtlina- tion deal ii available to purchtuer sttpa- rately and individually at applicable ceiling price. The Friendly Store Pr!ce« <&to£k<Al stdfes>'i»e>W!t yflil'W^uS ; -Hrt: Be^t! 1 tttt«S M 8avi6i tWSiMbSt/' ','; . ,i Ma|k% ^oiifc lierSdnnl isSlldtlon • HWoifn brands J/XMI ;kfl*Kv With 'otii^ "i^Outtt'iBntee ',$>( IComirtete.' satlsfac- PKG. lie PKG. lOc PKG. "lie if; Sun ripened 'Oitrua frtilta 'brin^ you an abundance of nature's /^rb/ teetive Vitamins -att'd-Iftinerals . . i For maximum enjoyment df the Holiday Season it is ;well to keep- the family generously; supplied With oranges. :. • :"•'*' ..' : ,-.'•--'••'• Assorted Sizes. PER POUND -..•,- ORANGES RUBY RED M ± m |0i IU« ',:. •:'•, '•' GRAPEFRUIT WAXED PARSNIPS round PORTO JUCAN ! SWEET POTATOES, lb, 1II-C01.0K WINESAP APPLES, lib.. RED TRIUMPH POTATOES) 1^0 JrMi" d jiam EMPEROR -pfto. PKG. 12e Large Pkgr. I9c GREAT VALUE PEACHES Sliced and Halves Large **No. 2i/> can fcfw SUPERB BRAND SAUERKRAUT Silver Thread OEL1CIOUS CORN To one cup -Robb-Ross Pancake Flour ;you odd 1 ^heaping 'Table-j spoon corn meal and f fdllow .the di* ! reotions on ^the -bdg . . .'You will enjoy corn cakes 'for a change., . JtoniMlOSa W^AFPIjE 'UWd ' PANCAKE IFLOUR QUALITY RAISINS Thompson Seedless, . 25c 2 -Pound .bag SWEET PRUNES •'. Medium Size l-Pouiii] Ooimrlr Onk Hot-Meat DISH • of HIP WEEK PORK SAUSAGE and Corn Casserole SERVE WltH Baked Tomatoe* 1 lb. pork MUteige t cup diluted p«ui« J , evaporated millc 3 ublnpooiu butter 1 cup fine cracker 3 ublupoon* flour crumbt ' 2 cupi canned corn Fry porlc-tiAusage-patties until lightly brown. -Make a white sauce by melting the butter, adding the flour and stirring in the milk. Stir until the sauce thickens. In an oiled baking dish arrange layers* of crumbs, corn, sausage patties and white sauce. Top with buttered crumbs and a few pork sausage patties, and bake 30 minutes in :'a moderate oven. BULK PORK SAUSAGE, lb. 33c BOILING BEEF, pound ,.. BULK MINCEMEAT, pound ....... RINC LIVER SAUSAGE, pound SLICED BEEF LIVER, pound .: .. MACARONI & CHEESE LOAF, pound PICKLE & PIMENTO LOAF, pound . SUMMER SAUSAGE, pound ...... , PORK BACK BONES Per Lb. .... 5c PORK NECK BONES Per . 7^ Lb, ......../C FRESH PORK fEET RIB ROASTS LB. 33cto 29c These tender, Juicy steaks be-,cut- to j(be desired thickness ; t?,'..-. Bapet'/'Wltli'. your preferred method of cooklnf, 'Mdkll'm^Mt '••'.- -.• i,«»« TO ... SWMHN I'OtJfni; 4«ie;T<>.... SHORT CUTS - •- ~f\ 3Z0 LEAMON'S.I-O- One Pound V9W. A Richer, Finer Wend FOB A SETTER BREAKFAST DRIP AND REJGULAK. n| •POVND JAR '...,.,,,.,,,..,.,.,,..jil OBI$p; LIOHTEV ' « Z Qb. box 27c I test) J t IttklBlf Mix /A 4 , STURDMNIX ^.; 1W 111 ,. MEALY BEANS, /A AI.UEN HINCEHEAT"" J»r. ... ; piii|r -Relisti Creum, ^bt^^pjejlp^p, OJive Pimento KWWT ••• , tic mm fIfsttf l*rf«rtB In Med^ "1'fOlKO IN tfHIC*1P8> 10 lor lMODfS$-...DfODOBAI«l SOLAR •tf^'> J ff a % f •;«••'-.'• ; - ; K ; {f} . V €1' - •• ta-is - • '.•

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