The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 13, 1945 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 13, 1945
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l^^?fSSIl®^^ JDea Molnea,' r,".>ny ••-•••v.i* chflifmah' of the Kos- •.jsuth AAA coihmittee, at the an- Juiil; Meeting of township com* Mttefcmeny held Saturday, Erwin /stems,' WTiittemore^ and Herman ; Dttj6sn\an, Tltonka, were alsp Mflieti t$ the county committee Thomson'Succeeds Robert M. Loss . jmd[ i IJreesman replaces (Jarre Titonka, - ..••'•• | ; . » *.-» ., ; : > '•,'.: m .yctc'r'ans have already availej: th*«wcives: of the facilities of .the VetefcifiS Administration branch :6ffice'> here, A. 3. Ehrhardt, in .cha'fie,-states.' ,- .-'.'••"'; -,.'".•"" , ;THE "-.*• DECEMBER ,, DENTAI SurVey . magazine, professiona m.B^aiine "for dentists, carried a ,6tory/by fir, Karl R. Hoffman of Algona, in the subject of treatment I of. dry sockets. /'•" . • '• - * -. *v»:,,•;• ,CO«JNTV AUDITOR LE0 IM- nverfaU has felt the pressure .Of the housing sitUatlprt. The auditor }3 homelessi'.-ag of Jan. 10, unless he.iflrtds A place' lh..the meantime 4phh>pelmi'i i ecently returned !ahd ^fnbrfe.{recently, married war veter- ah.'pastpurchfised the homo pn ,S Ha'rla'^ ; .5t..ribw..occupied by the ImtnvTfalls aii.d yHH'live there af- ter.,Jfa"h'.' : 1'0,'' ; v ''• "i ••.• • '..-,- '•• . WBES j OC0WIED THE aHmeiit? the' past .week. tnat.calught fire «t:.C!het's rtS yard last iTuesday. was ' c'ohti;6l' by the '.time 'the icks; ' arrived, '•• ' ; (Rudolph Elbert 'ferl^d sdhie burns; jn; putting out el '.ffte. At^the •home of Mrs. F. Wlfham, JSuriday night, sparks 'tlie roof '-ablaze, but damage '' -Confined ^tp a .three foot area. '' • •• • ' IV JlEN 8TUDER, WESLEY, SOLD to head of cattle at the Chicago .JnbrtHorn 'Brefcders' Ass'n .exhibi- ftop lafet wieek; fpi; a total of $4,100. pne •anlmar'brought $1550. >«nftoi : "'' ipQR »(RSi ELLEN Hanna w'ere;held Tuesday after- hooh I at" the Burt .-.Methodist church,"Rev. R.. D.'Kltterman of Gpo'd jlope officiated. Mrs. Hanna, 'longtime' KossuthC resident, died last Siweek in-Minneapolis at the n'pmP'Pf ; her 1 daughter,,Mrs. Robert 'tiprrieSop.' Ai.'son,' Ben,"Shindlcr, S.*x,D,,ta w nd-v a>--brother,', Jonathpn Hurlbfcrt, "Gliadth, lalso survivo. .-•->-•"•>.'• .>•, " ; **u/f'•.',*..':•; '••; ' .^-^E!lAJ/'.'-'K.OB8TI.iER,Sy: BURT, isefgeant'in the'WAG; received her discharge recently', She is a daugh- -ter pf Mr.' and Mrs. John" Koestler. 'i"'..•'S'.'iii. 1 '-' '-'••'.* • A • ;«'.' •'•••"• -. ;1 J " 'for service t' pi'Opcuj {They^ are To Been? ;. ifrlhg- w'lth.; eight': points, • Hp]mof( 'HI; X^ who "• impted. to-qhjeroperator in ial .telephone: offico,: fo)low- arViage of'lUtm.a. 1 Lea Deal, ';held*that-/positioni ;V.-,-•';*.••>, ' j •-;• •'-. '. ••• • • "^A^S: : HAVF ^tafts tppraani^e a-pp^' sD^faV'slgned/UPV.^^ anpli- ' P»,43cenvinadp..fpr. a - u — -... --'GrAHA^, 77. ; ,at' Ft. bodce, service's ''were 1 . Ji(sl4' at St ; jJos^s chur%'v ;Weflev, last : Thursday. ,SurviyinB'',arft .-Mr. Ga- S inj three "sons ^a.ricl--lpiir":.dan'$rtv» tell frank and^ <}qorg« pf Wes- ,*ley!:Mr8, Andrew 'Yetmati of Clsrer Gahari of Garner; M,rs. ahue' 'Clave- 'Mrs: BJmer n; Brltt; and Joseph, De' FOR MRS, AfcEX <efii 79. were held tost Fridfl" a't" 1 ' at!' Michael's 'Catholic cburcH Whittemore. Father Wm Volt o'f,- fJoW«h^. Mrs^ nnrweller, died in Sanf sjiFe,. Nev 'Mexien* Th B - f anv ' In Whittemore ESTABLISHED 1m , IOWA, THURSDAY, DECJEMBER 13, 1945" Sixteen Pages VOL, •-4. *'* .•*.;"»• • •.. ..-..;..,;-. -......=.. .;•...../;. . ...-..•. •. •. ...- ,.;.?. ...-j,. ....... : ,. ...*•.. '.-.'.. .•. ! . . ..•_.:.. ....:.'-:./:.... ....i^Vf?-?-^/."'!—r,.',^,,,,-^,. •'•:,, „, , ., , , , -. , —•- • —, i. . . i —— > —-—— •'. ... • \ •'-••t*''""' pake T^^ and Here's Why! '.Let's keep this- Victory .Christmas as happy -as. it should be!; ... 'Pictured here are,-what'Can happen. The above xvrecked- cars were but - •one};' Week's®: JecffmUliitlon arpUnd. the corner tiff 'Sduth 'Dodge and 'Nebraska 'Stredtsy^here, wh.ere they'were'waiting-. f;6r repairs or junkiMgV ,.-, , , .-, -,. ,.-,,..-..-:-,-,:i ?In..the -picture, at theJeft-.R'the car .pfsAdolph .Mprtenspn.vStyejf ahd Nick -Krieps; Algona. }p the center photo, -left to rignc. are 'other wrecked machines, one belonging to Dahiel Zaugg of West Bond,'who was killed in an acci- dent, when the machine next to it,, driven by Duane Riley of Algona, ploughed into it At night. The pickup truck of the Cowan Build- ing Supply is the other wrecked machine. In the picture at the right, the wrecked machine of Wilbur Monson of Wesley is shown. <yiMm LuVerne Man Who Was Elected Head Of County Legion above, - ; t.u' Walte'rP^En^bl. rnbj i, jvvas : elected: ,—,—;,..—. the "•county, -A^drf can Legion.:DQC. 4, at the -ahnUal county meeting .held :Bit Buiii,Hb, s -also commander of s -thc ErjVe'st Mer,kle Post 664.'at,.Lu Vcrne./Hp sucfceeds' Leon Merritt -of 'Algona.. Cottimander 'Engel has ; been very- active, in: '.the,'Legion, and las been head of .thij'Lu 'Vprhe jps't'since 1943. The. post now las 60' members. Engel' is pm- ?loyed in office-- work'" : ,at Prisphcr-pf-War camp in, AlfioHn, s married, and has. one .daughter, fjc served in World War .1.;. ATTORNEY ASISSEWEPAS HABITUAL pMINAL Donald E. Taylor; 42,,who completed a 30-day jail sentence hero Ifst wrok'on ,a nlinor charge of embczElement, 'vvas . rcarrcsted and bound -over to the. grand jury, Saturday, on 'a charge ' of fernbezzlement 'of articles' valued at.more than $20. , " , At tho snmn time; County At^- 'tor'noy H. -W. Miller rcVcalcd that Taylor, wlin'i.<! tho '-Rnrfjcp.nt Q'- T.porv" of 1042 fame,'has a string of .aliases fit. l^ast 14 deep,' and-a record, in FBI files, dating since 1914.'i ' : .. . . ;-.: V'-.' .,, Taylor hap 'sorvpd' time'.in Al- Rearrested , . >tpn6,. v.Minrii,'.'Jpdpral.^. periiten- tlaries, a ; nd;xha's'^t>leXsfe"i2 r pr : ''-' ••••"- J in wing away )n ^05 : q|Wden, l 4or whom '.over ""• NEW LIONS CLUB;* SWEACITY,ttEGll Swea City: • The newly-organized Lions club ,elected officers with 1 Dr. J. R. Forbes 'namedi as president. Ed-Peterson-is ifli-st vice president, Cecil Thpresprt-is second vice president and Arnold Anderson -thir.d. vice, president;" A, G. Eggers was named secre- ary. and : treasurer, 'and ' Paul 3ecker<received,.the honor b>fhg named tail twister, 'R,'D..Smith is the,official lion tamer, Named to the board of directors :w.eti.p A. H. Schuler, Dr. J. A, Santtneri 1 Lynp Pulver and Ray, Sperbeck. .Afyrpn ^Johnson was elected head pf tlip cjB'nstflutipn end. b'y- Jav^s; committee, Clayton Roalspn was named finance officer, pnd Win, Guyer heads the member- shio •committee,- ' .,v..,/: The first .meeting ^was iiheid Thursday, Dec. ; 6, and the organ- isation has '33"charter menipers : } ''Vhteb.'' i .rheets. m iua|^, -he••wpuldi.vaste th;e court .fbr;a'.cpnyictmh uh^^r ihe habit- uaj;criminal','act,:!w^io|i'has tho pbwer/.o'f sentence' 'up; -tp; 40 years in;thei'.Rpriltentiarj|.: ; f;' ;; ;: : 1 '' %'•;.-? ,--.New".developmeht'siin:' the case arose- from two factSi« ; one, .that' •Additional complaints 1 "pf-'imissing radios '.were 'recpiveii. .-after.. tlje original .sentence,' a'rid'-some, were for over $20.' whi(jh.;iTiakeS (.he matter,- a district.•cpur^, and 'not justice': >fcY .mayor's -court matter, Rhd .•'secondly, thpt!.Taylor's ,fec- ,0»'d ..was uncovered' [thrpuffh finger prirttsfsentlini liom here;:', " > Taylor,,- came .to^Aigona "some nipnthslagp and; 6ppnpd : a Yadib repair 1 shop.,' He did ••%• good business;; but Customers failed "to get .radio's hack, and 1 charges- were eventually filed.tsTh,Q-defendant .is alleged to have spld some pf the...radios, and,,a ; $ptec(?d those missing with others7 Brought in -fpr'-'repairs. •' • • • w?::,[[ .;'.';";-' , '/. ; : ,Jh;l942 Taylor.'pp^jp^as VSer- geant p'Leary,"^8n.i:to the Eldora itrajning schpp}. .tiilked, authorities -intp giving him va bus loqd of boys, and ''tppk;" them to Des Moines for a prdsilmt-d Vn-' listntjent,..' .;.. .,.": -,,'.'',,::.. ',. . -,'-. J^is experience, ''.with Eldora {laies, back-tp 1P14, when he firgt serviJd a.-term' theVp, arid again in 1018J 1 when he served tims, there Sailor Fined For ;': Hit-Run Charge ; : ';-'. •.. In Justice Court : w Doyle K ,Johnson, sailor homo on leave,-was charged.with hit-a'rtd run driving, Wednesday';-, in ..the. justice'court of..I. B. j6hnston.,He wfas fined i?25 nnd cost£ With $20 of the fine suspended as.lie had -to return, to' his statJofi- today. ; He promised-'to pay tor-damages 'done, lo "thS mabhirie 'of ,.MrS. Myi-tle' Schatfer put,of his Navy .pay. All paKics were from Algon^. ,'Cit.y police filed the. charge.. - •" , : Erwin . Sch i wete.rf, : Hurt, i Was flnqd '$2:50 .•and.-costs' .on a charge, of failure to stop fpr an ''arterial D; S. Hutchinson, state .patrolman, tiled the ^charge. ' ., . '•,.'• •-;• Another $2.50 fine w^-s- as?cssetl against prval J, PrltclTard of4Fprl Do.dge, '-fpr faiilure to have proper registration .card .in his car.;•"•.-'-.-! .. . . .., 1 ;A,tnong other " ,%'d^e'ritures in is v career, he was dqpojcted from .Canada after severaj.' encounters' w}tK, Canadian to : f The , will be use4 jn court voMrtg a r>^p:J»elQnf ing UlCe,rs, , rAlgpna, up missinf ;'a^flys at ppr $20, / .The ewlier concerned a rad,io Ipwnei hy: C. eOURT APPEAL -•,- * •••? i-i i- •'• • j' °-^'' ..- s * •-,-- • ,, > ; Ipvya's -State ''Supremco,Cp'ui:t. Wpdnesday,'upheld;' the v .dLstrjcf cbO|rt,- decision re'^ardmg'.cpivjptn- natipn -jprppeedIngs of the GHpr'idc .quart'fer:'section of lan^sputhwos 1 of A'Sona,'-.which'-^fie-'cjly' desired to aicpprt.slte. 'V!-. This'means -that the Jc^hdchina- tipn matter, may noW;prbceid: and th'e' report of•;: the .:ap"praisers -will f^dpn be.filed'wlth the cpiinty sherr iff and a'Adeppsit for thV arhpunf of'raisemoat'v»lso• 'made with tMe;$|hpriff.•'•"•-:•.•>;.• t •»..• '.,'•• •'. ' riaye..pne Last Chance. '• , If -the owners .are not - satisfied with, the -appraisement' figure : they have a right to appeal to the district-court and have the amount determined by a jury trial, City Attorney J. D. Lowe stated. -'The case originated last!summer when the city councjl and 'airport commission sought without, ..success to purchasb the lan'd'; •'Con^ damnation was reported to. The owners then IWed suit in district court seeking an injuncr tion 'to' restrain the' city . Jrom further proceedings, ,..''., One Point In Questton; Grpunds for this; action were (U that the service pf certain nor tices 'was .defective, and. (2). that Thomas Bcstenlehner ai)4 WiHiarn Bestenlehner. who were among the land owners, were in military service and the m.attigr sjiould'be held up until the boys return, The inat- ,ter pf service of netices .was corrected,, levying pply th'pri-Second matter-|pr' the court tp decide. Judge Harry Npr^y' found for the city, arid 1 'the estate then pealed to the'stftte IffiS. W. PRESNEU WES WEDNESDAY, FUNEKAL FRIDAY .Mrs. 'W. T. Presneli died Wecl- no'sday morning at the General hospital-Whcre.ivhc had been a patient since Friday. She had been in declining health for several months, but was able to be about the house until recently. '• Shc-and Mr. Presnell celebrated their ;'60th wedding anniversary October 28 with their three chil- dren.home fnr !he occasion for the first, time i.a-sixteen years, an;> they had the turkey dinner whirV) had become traditional for the Presnell annivcrsnries. Ada-B. Specnburg v.-as born.-a 1 . PolOj III.-, on February 15, 1061, the/daughter of Mr. and-Mrs. Peter :Speenburg, «Her,;'mpther died' when '•----•'-"-'-- three .and from'that ,„ formal education contiittied her 'profession for n lim''; after-hpr.marriage/ . Mr.fiand: Mrs, Presnell were married '^October 28, 1885, at Bopneridge, .'Hancock Co.. near .Wesley, by, the Rev. G. W. Robinson. They farmed until 1893 when Mr. Presnell went into the implement: business in which he re- 'mained until-two years ago Part Of that time the family lived at Wesley,'but in June, 1906, they moved to Algona Which has since been their home, '' . The Presnells have three children, " Delia, Mrs^ A. M. Lanphear, Spokane, Wash.; Dr. W. H. Presnell, Charlotte, Iowa; arid Eve. Algona , photpgrapher, . who has devotedly cared for her parents during: the years they have made their home with her. . There are seven surviving grandchildren, the four sons 'of Mrs Lanphear and Dr. Presnell's three, children. There are also two great-'grandchildren. Mrs. Lanphear visited here several,; weeks this fall with her parents and sister returning to her home afte'r Thanksgiving. Funeral services for Mrs. Presnell will, be field Friday afternoon at <he Baptist church "at 2 o'cloc'' with the Rev. R. F. Kittrell officiating, '•* Visit Turns Into Tragedy At Lakota As Disease Strikes Lakota: A visit turned into tragedy here, last week, as the son of an lov/a Falls couple was stricken with spinal meningitis thai, proved fatal. Mrs. Matt Walsh :ind her three children came hore the fore: part of last week to visit her sister and family, the Don Sticklers On Thursday morning the youngest child, 2 year-old Michael Paul, was stricken.. He was taken immediately to a hospital in Dos Moines for treatment, but died at nor"i ihn next day. Funeral .services were held at Owieola, Iowa. .Mr. and Mrs. Stickler 'took Mrs. Wp)Kh and tho children. : to, Dei Moincs,. whore- -Mr. -Walsh joined them. ;.;'.-• . . .-:.; •- - >; .''. Thp Walsh familyiU'yed IIj Geishecker, St. Joe, Burned Jn Explosion St.. Joe:; John Geishecker had tlie misfortune, last Wednesday, to have, a lamp from a kerosene.tank heater explode in his face. He was rushed toMhe Lutheran hospital. -Fprt Podge, for medical treatment, . • His condition was reported as painful, but not serious, AGADiMYQillNT LOSES SUNDAY BY 52 TO 29 SCORE - St. Cecelia's Academy cagers were defeated,.Sunday, by the Emmetsburg Catholic high quint, 52 to 29, on the Emmetsburg floor. ,' •'•'.-'• Despite, the final score, the •game was close, with a half-time score of 24 to 17, and 34 to 27 at tho-third quarter. The locals played without the services of Richard Winter, regular guard,-who was down with the flu. The game was''the third defeat in four starts for the Algona five. Winkel tallied 18 points for the Aleona five, while Neary with 16 Points led the losers. The box score; Si. Cecelia's (29) FG Bjeser ,- , 0 Winkel ,..,., 8 Weydert ..•_„...,-_ 2 Winter, B. „.,„... 2 Erpelding ,._.. 0 Holtzbauer .., 0 ALGONA GOES TO TOP IN LOOP BY CLARION WIN, 41-19 Alpona high school took first place in the North Central Conference basketball race, Tuesday nieht, by defeating Clarion handily, 41 to 19. . For the locals, it was en easy victory. Clarion failed to score a field goal until well into the third quarter. Bui f>ide,y nioht's game yi31 be loucfher. Algpna will play host to '• 'Webster City, f.lso und|e|e*fed. pn the,, local , .;• defeat •of;'-Maspn'-' 1 Ci:ty'.recenl- ly';-mBjde ..,i6arv A I.ynx': ;a v .top FT 0 2 0 3 0 0 PF 0 1 4 2 1 4 12 5 12 Emmetsburg (52) FG FT PF Carpenter . — -' ---- , 21 3 Shimon - ____ ..... - 5 14 Neary ----- ...',_,-, 722 Ayland -,,..„— ,^ 11 3 Ryan ------ — ,-,— 1 1 2 Grace , ---- „ ---- _i 1 1 0 Mylehn ----- ,._„__„ '4 1 "0 Loners .--„_-.„. 020 21 10 14 , . , be one of -the-classic games of. the. season. ••;. • •'".; : , '' ••• :.;;'/'' '•" • .Iron Clad Defense Score at the end of the first quarter, Tuesday night, was 16 to 0, and at the half, 23 to 1. With an offensive trio pf Crapser, Carney 'and Allen hitting the rim with regularity, aided greatly by Butts' fine play around the basket, and Kuhn's sterling work on defense, Clarion was helpless. Not until well into the second half did the visitors begin to click, and' then, after replacements had been made in the Bulldog lineup. The substitutes, however, gave a good account of themselves, also. Conference Standings .The conference standings at present aro as follows: Team. Won Lost Algona _•„„_'_ 3 0 Clear Lake. __2 0 Webster City ...........2 0 Hampton-, __-_„ ....1 1 Eagle Grove __ 0 1 Iowa Falls ,.„., ,,._0 1 Humboldt 0 2 Clarion . _ _..., 0 3 Coach Gene/Hertz, after the game, said that he believed his boys had great possibilities, "i: they don't let down or get too cocky, and continue to work as a team," Box score: Algona (4,1) FG FT PF Crapser _„ 4 Carney —, „ 4 Butts '.,., 3 Allen —, ,.-.. 3 l^Uhn .._'_ 1. 3 Stephenson , 0 Waldron ,... 0 Johnson ,. 0 Skiiling .-..,„_,. 0 Dutton —, 'i.L. 0 Potter ,... r ... 0 ADMITTED THEFT OF EAGLE GROVE CAR IN GRILLING Two' escaped inmates' ,of the Eldora Training School for boy? were apprehended near Fenton. last .Friday, admitted theft of £ car stolen several nights 'earlier at Eagle Grove, and Were being questioned with regard to several recent break-ins in this vicinity. The pair, Carl Kennedy, 18, of Council Bluffs, and Billy Rockwell, 15, of Oskaloosa, were walking along highway 44 near Fenton, when reports of their suspicious actions were turned in to Sheriff Art Cogley and; Marshall Arnold Hainzinger of, Fentpn, after John- Schallin,' Lotts'Creek, had told them how to reach Fenton. Officers Find Car Joining forces, .the two officers located the boys and took them into custody. • • ; : A short distance south of Fenton, an abandoned car was found, which had been stolen Dec. 6 from R. A. Caquelin of Eagle Grove. That same night several robberies were reported from Eagle Grove. Brinring the pair to the Kossuth jail, they at first gave fictitious names, but finally broke down, gave their real-names., and admitted theft of the .car. They offered 'no resistance and were .carrying 'no weapons, but were wearing some, of the Eldora garments. ; • Taken io Clarion , Sheriff Cogley turned ' the boys over to the Wrieht county; sheriff at Clarion, and they Were bt*ing held there Tuesday pending action in the cage.' • : '•':• It is likely that, the older youth, if convicted .of/the auto theft, will be sent to' Anainosa instead .of :Eldpra.. Definite information as to .when they :U>fty?l-i dora was not .available, as es- ; rapes and change of: supervision . there, has been-so frequent that:' .. men who rp"bSe4 ^ei.Lone jRbck postoffice several weeks ";ago was ,' made this w'e'ek. ' They : ire, ; the same pair thatfwith a womaii companion recently kidnaped - a' state highway patrolmen at Denison. . , ^. '••'"." .-"'.• _ '. • ..-.-•.'•' ;- .; They are: '•'.' ••'. .'•"' .;•''•' Felix W. Korgol, .alias Wayne Korgol,. 29, Chicago. ' .' Robert L. R&bertson,. alias' Robert Lee Johnson; ,St. Eoufs. . The latter is wanted'at present on a murder charge in 5t,;X.ouis, and both have lonjg FBI/records, Sheriff Art Cpgley stated. ':r'' Traveling with them is'Robcrt- son's wife.'-.-; ., ? ,..- '.'.."•';','; '.''^-'. 'f Santa Clous Greets Tiny is : holding:^ miles east pf C>«rion (18) Pre,ul BjrdsaU had 64% ;of jte quoW iiii the the dose:, of Pencroft _____ ..... o o ..... ______ -• •..-, Old Man winter folks a heavy, , ; beating ':ihp rpast : week as the temperature : :drppped to 5 below pn Tuesday-M^ib'f f this week. ' '..' . ,••': ' ' ••.t?--', ? 8^'w;;";i-i' '? ' The week's temperatures arefollows: • . ' -"•" ' ! /,-^:->. •*,-]'; '<". '' „. -.Dec. 6 .. Dec. 7 Dec, 8 .. Dec. 9 .: Dec. 10 Dec. 11 Dec, ,12 5fl " .,13 "30 28 28 :>";& .'-..8- ' "5- Five Farm Salef ' Three farm, sales ^;re ''4ate'cj-fpr nej?t week, and advertised in ,thjs : issue of The. Algona Upper Reg Moines ".-. ..;.'' •';.;- '•'.- •"v,--:>->ri::'-; ''' , - ,

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