The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 6, 1945 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 6, 1945
Page 7
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SisgiHft If BE& |l)R| FOLKS AT BAWrTWilXG A number 6f Burl people; at* l i R n dd t 'toe. wadding of Lois Webei» and Jae Miner at the Bancrbft Catholic church Saturday m6fh «ifig at 6:30. A Wedding breakfast E»S served at the Marvin Hotel nfre..,THe bride, who is a dal»gh« Y.tet 6f Mr. an'd Mrs.'Dave Webef^ Is,a 1945 graduate of the Burt ' high school. ' , : Calls from California— , w ;;: fcjlee Bullock called,;;nfsV, •from Richmond, Calif,, Sunday By; enlng, He will receiite his -dlS* 1 charge from the navy .•bef6r> .r'eA '.'turning home and e*p«ted to be 1 home within a iev^days/v'W',•• '.• : -,,:, '] Home from •'Nayy-*V'-: v ; : '.' •-'•.•V-,v-,v ;>•;'; S2c Charles ?A. Curtis Wtisdls- ; charged from' th& service at Great Lakes.-'111.,' November 29. His wife Imd: children have been .,,living her;e with 'his .parents, Mr; and MrsY Harry" Curtis, "while hd' •has been'3h the navy. : A Surprise Vlsit^- '• HAlc,,Kent Ryerson arrived ; Sunday from Coronado, Calif., to. spend a couple of weeks lea\>a ; with ; his parents, Mr. and Mrs.• F. L. Ryerson. He and a friend from Illinois hitch-hiked. His arrival was a surprise to his family. •Happy Birthday Club— The Happy Birthday club of Algona met Saturday afternoon With '.•Mrs. P. L. Dremmel to celebrate 1 the birthdays 1 of Mrs. Uremmel and Mrs. M. L. Vmaas. A Christmas gift exchange was also a feature of the afternoon. Mariners' Club— , The Presbyterian Mariners' club met .Wednesday evening in .the church parlors with Mr. and .Mrs. OR. J. Nealy as hosts. It was a Christmas party. ' . . Margaret Officer was on the, sick? . list the first of the week. Mrs. G. H. McMullen is confined to her home by a severe attack of the flu. "; The W. J. Lockwoods were •Sunday dinner guests at the J. L. . Miller home. . Little Virginia Ann Loppe, who '. was seriously ill last week, ,is : much improved. . Beverly arid Rhoda Bussie -have. '•been confined to their home with 'flu :for several days, -....-••' Donna, daughter', of Mr. and: ..Mrs. Cloyd Moore, underwent ah: operation for appendicitis at' the. Kossuth hospital Monday morning; ' SKlc Robert Moore returned from .Minneapolis Friday where j- he had visited since Monday wit(i friends. He is spending a furlough;], at home. • • ,, , Mr. an'd Mrs. Clinton Henderson and daughter, Lone^ Rock, spenj •Sunday with Mrs/Henderson's parents, Mr.-•• and Mrs. Herman •f Mr. AitkeH. city T ol h'elf way to, Call- ;.ivhVfe^ with Mrs'. /" husband, whr« ,/lorida'.. 1 Mitchell and Nella Mitchell: Mrs. Ben Bask r ' Hville. spent Sunday a'.• t Mitchell home. They a ivlitchell's brother's /nother and an aunt. ;\ Sweat-pity:.' .fThis remainihg '. schedufeVof SweaVplty high school .'basketball games 1 is as,follows: ' v ' Dec;; J~Thpmpson, there. ' . Dec, 1.1—Buffalo Center, ther». ;S.Dec. W—Ledyard, there. -- t ','••, Jan. 1—Grant, here. Jan. 4—Burt, here. ".' " ( Jan. 11—Ledyard there. ::' Jan, 15—Lakota, here. *. Jan. 18—^Thompson, there. : ' • ,; Jan, 22—Algona, here. • • f > Jan. 31-Ofeb; 1 and 2 — South :-'Kossuth Tournament. ' ;i> Feb. 5—Armstrong, there. x ', ; Feb. 19™Rolfe, there, ... • . '.'•; Feb. 22~Burt, there, k . . Lutheran AW Meeting—• Luther ladies aid is scheduled i for ^hursday afternoon, Dec. 6, '• Hostesses iare Mesdames DaVid ''Anderson, Ole.; 'Peterson, John. 'Drew, Lloyd Thoreson, John A. .Anderson, August Robison, and 'Annie Larson, Program topic, : Christmas Songs and Carols, lead- ep Mrs, Robert Pehrson, At 8 ,; Thursday evening the League will meet, Jphn. and Jphn Tweeten are hos.ts, Francis gevoid began his worH bulk stolon msn for the phil«' js S'69" -at 'Estheryille last weeK> leSevolds expect to move tot as spon es Hviof quar« 8rft.ftV«U8We,;^i'b-sr-;^.•;•' '' Marvin IOWA Marvin M. Eischen, son of Mr. afid Mrs. Alex Eischen, south of Sejttoft, left Thursday, Nov. 29, «i> r l, 10 "^ vlisit with friends in Washington, D. C.. '• He ,was : recently discharged from service after toeing in the army 41 months of which 29 were in the Pacific^ .theatre a't Port Moresby, - Hbllan'dia,' Biak, Mortla, Luzon and Okinawa. SEXTON Mr. and Mrs. Oscar near Doan, visited MpndflV, gfaridtri6iH6f ' '' , npon with their Mrs. Sarah Wise., , . Mr. aiid Mfis..Ohet Hokum of Kanawha were Sunday vlsRdfs at the home of Mf. arid Mrs. film Bemis and family. ' , Mr and 'JMte. Everett : -St.eveft and two children Were Sunday Visitors at the home of hefpBi 1 * ents Mr. and Mrs. Albert <3t!n> oi.'-JWr(S.' fella Hartley returned Saturday mprning t6 Britt,where she makes her hame, after visiting several days at the Soren Dldriksen home, Mr, arid • Mrs. Adani Azarski and children and George Beukema of Kaftawhd brought their mother, Mrs. Pearl Beukema, home after she had visited there for a few .days. ar- r a few days. , Mr. arid. Mite. Roland Bode „,rived Saturday from Ventura, Cajif,, ;wtefe he recently receiv- £d his .discharge from the navy. They arts Visiting with their parents now>'.$he Harry Bode's and Varsity "C'» Bert Sankey, son of Mrs. Clara Sankey, 121 East Lucas St., has been awarded a varsity "C" at Coe College, Cedar Rapids. He alternated at the .fullback slot, and played in every game on the schedule. Enlists Iti Afttiy Gaylen L. Crail, son of Mr. and Mrs. Will E. Crail, 307 W. North St., Algona,, departed from the Army recruiting station, Mason City, for Des Moines last week, for. a physical examination prior to enlistment In the u. S. Army. Iowa produces any other state. "OpPICIAt,U.S.NAVY PHOTOGRAPH" • VICTORY BOND DIGEST i: 'Why should I buy Bonds now that the War is over? .i/.A.gpod question with many answers. Buy them Sjf6rJ;ithe;sake of.our boys ... the millions still in 1 uniform... the hundreds of thousands on the way home.-To help bind the wounds of the suffering, • To'nelp them start life anew. •' •"•"'-.• ''The shooting has stopped, but fis not all; over , y6ty *-. not till the last man is back can we on the home front consider, our obligations met. ObligaK tibnsjwe owe to every man who'served in the causg" • ; ;of.(ijbe?ty4 It's''a costly undertaking, a responsi- .Hility/we.must not neglect. That's why our Gov<;, erhment needs Eleven Billion Dollars invested in Victojcy Bonds, Could there be a better reason? - • • - ». • • . ., Remembet? How can isye ever forget?' Disaster and death' ' '•'-•'' •• ':•'-'. • ' "', •,•?'*;• '•'''•- •;•.-,' - -. .-'• " •',,' _ ' .'.-. .-''' ; i?,f the clear blue sky to strike like a thunderbolt! guard :dpwn. We're going, to. make sure it wqa!t happen again by backing bur words with action. Action that will make Ppst-war America strong. That means a solid economy •,'". I without inflation.^at mea^ giving the boys who did the fighting a break • •• -backing up the (j.^I. pill of Rights. The best way to do it... Buy Victory Bonds. The best time.. ;i right now., .December 7th., .a DARK day ir ; .'V ,. ' - ••"• •. - ' ;; '; ' - . • ' '• ' • /'••• • ' • • '' ' ' * America's past, a great day to reaffirm your faith in America's future, Algona Bakery.. K Algona Coffee Shop Algona Co-Operative This Space is Contributed to OiirCouteybyi .'••".••,'; * : ' ' ' .' , .1 •" -. '(i ' .' ' • • • ' Mgf' ' ^ BW /^u_i._i.jii t ' ' . ' •- . ^._ . • " • •nMfei- Creamery ,.. -•• :• .- • •.,-,. .,'•-. : , . Federa) Savings 8c ' ' . . Algona Flour & Feed Cp. Algona Greenhouses , Algona Haidwaare, Q. 7, Peterson Chrischiljes' Christen«en's Chrome Service & Cafe Clement & Briggs Barber Shop Coast to Coast Store Consumers Wholesale : Council Oak Store Cowan Building Supply Co. Pr. C, H, Crelimeyer Garage and Bcdy Shop , of ' Hub Clolhlers H;- D, Hutchins, Farm Sales Hutchison & Hutchison „;•..'.' Huxtable Home and Auto Supply Iowa State Bank' r K,D. Jame»/Drugs • > Dyane Jensen, 7-Up n Kent Motor'COf \ p's Service Station Hardware , Ko*»ulh County .Cojinty .. County Implement Store ' . .SJe§oers Sf Fujrjriert H«Je}, R, r, :''./••'• •: ' f w yjc«i 4 Jffi - •--• " . Foster Furniture Store Winkej, :;: ; ;r|iJW^il 9FFISB:ilWIf.l : |||iti»8 7S.,r;!.i~-J'-,----^ ! -;'\- : r i '-'' --' •• National Tea Co. James Neville Shoe Store F, S. Norton & Son ' .' Norton Machine Works Ohnesorge Drug Store O, K. Rubber Welders Percival Motors Garage Pioneer HiBred Seed Corn Co. Ppiter Locker* Prajt Electric Store Key's *«* Sprja Store Richardson Furniture Roscoe'g Market S 8? L Store Sargept it Co, • Dr, F. e, Sawyer Security State Be SWl5 ? J«IS§W ; i8^$iwi Shuwway, •:" ^" " ' SHyer -*- : ent SALE As I am moving to Algotia, I will sell tM following described property at my place 3 miles east on the McGregor St» road, two south, and ty oast of Algona, or 4% miles west of St, Benedict, on Mori. Dec. 10 STARTING AT IP. M. TERMS, CASH. Jolin Deere '8-ft. binder, John Deere spreader, 3 years old; new McConriick-iDcering; planter;, 2 wagons ;one drag nnd car; one mower; 10-ft. discj seeder; liny rack; new, JOO-lb. capacity separator; cultivator^ two plows; eveners." Two New 10x12 Brooder Houses New feeder and watercr; new brooder house; wire; bunk; Jlirce troughs; 8 barrel and 'hog water- «rs; harncHs; electric fence;.2 log chains; sledge hammer; 2 axes; one cross-lcut saw; hay knife; 3 pitch forks; one scoop shovel; one long-fharidle, shovel; one snade: one wire stretchers one scythe; lantern; 2 saw horses; one scoop board; 2 stoves." 800 BUSHELS OF SEED OATS, CONTROLLED COLWELL BROS;, Aucts. , IOWA S'£ATE BANK;, Clerk. '' '""'• •'' • ' in tile Arifiy! v- ....'* THERE ARE PLENTY OF REASONS AND HERE THEY ARE!" 1 "First, I keep my present grade, '' That 'means a lot. 0 "By reenlisting for 3 years I ' can pick my own branch of service in the Air, "Ground or Service Forces, and can go to any overseas theater I wish.'s ojf * ~ ' ^ 0 "I get my mustering-out pay, ** even though I'm reenlisting, Also, I get $50 a year re^nlistment bonus for each year I've been in the Army. My dependents receive family allowances for the full term of my enlistment. Ancl 111 be eligible for CI Bill of Rights benefits when I get out of the Army. 4 "My food, clothes, quarters, medical and dental care are all supplied to me. And I CAnvkarn any of, 200 skills or tr*je8 %nbe Army schopla. " '". ^v • C "AH of us who pre,|nlS|ing V are going tp hsve 90 days' furJoughvM ; lull pay and our tra.vej ways. A»d we'll hsv? • lough every yea :• ENLISTED MIN C "Any time after 20 years :1 «* can retire at half pay increasing year by year to three-quarters retirement pay after 30 years of service;-And the time I've already served in active military or naval service 'counts toward my retirement time. Added up—reerilwt" ment seems pretty sound to me!'' to JANUARY 31,1946 AN IMPOKTANT DAT! FOR MIN IN THI AJIMY MEN now In Army ywho r««nll«t befon Fttruqry I'VtU ^•Tf**n> Illttd in>pr*i(int Brqcl*. MI ji honorably dl(chor()fd ((in riwnllll • . wllhln JO day« aflff d!«char«* \n «r^i{ R h*ld al Mm* Rf dl(. (N'Sf^'lw^Wtd »htx liinllft " I . %ss W* 1 ' .i" ;: ^ : & : «?%1MlWSiSsSii}S8i^ iif

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