The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 6, 1945 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 6, 1945
Page 2
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TELEGRAM SAYS P.O.W.CAMPTHRU While a telegram to the Algona Chamber of Commerce indicated that the German prisoner-of-war camp here was to be closed and declared surplus, as of Jan. 1, •1940, no official word had been received by camp officials here as of Wednesday. In fact, four new branch camps have been established just recently, and "work goes on as usual." The telegram, received Mon day by Leighton Misbach, cham toer secretary, read as follows "War Prisoners' camp declarec surplus by War Department ef fective Jan. 1, 1946. Surplus board will name disposa agency." The message came from George A. Wilson, United States Senator from Iowa. Lt. Col. A. T. Lobdell was out of the city, Wednesday. While about 2,000 prisoners were recently shipped back to Europe, the remaining 2,500 are being kept busy and providing help where needed in this area, other camp officers said. CLASSIFIED RATES Minimum charge 35c for 12 words or less. When paid with order, Sv per word; when charged, 4c p"cr word. No ag- ents' commission allowed. If advertising agents charge Ihcir clients 4c and send cash with order they receive Ic commission, blind ads 25c. For Sale FOR SALE: Out of state resident must sell, SO acres located :i miles N. E. of Algona. Bargain. Mickey McWhorler, Wellington Hotel, Omaha, Nebr 49-51* SMALL three quarter size piano, one midget and two Spinet pianos. AH like new and priced to sell. Write Armstrong P.arm Co., Spencer, Iowa. 49*-2'Jc FOR SALE: 100 White Rock pullets. % mile south of Sexton. M. H. Seller. 49* FOR SALE: Purebred fiuro boars. George Besch, West Bend _ 49 FOR SALE: Choice bred »flfd< Jersey gilts, weight up to SSO Mated to a sort «f Ortort Prince O. V. Marian, 6 miles west AlfrOna on Highway 18. 49-51 FOR SALE: Duroc boars, choice 225 to 270 Ibs. New stock for old customers. Matt Weydert, 4 ml straight west of LuVerne, % Livermore postofflce. 48-51* FOR SALE: Pure&red black Poland China winter and spring boars. John Bockes, LuVerne. 46-51* FOR SALE: Poland China boars, ready for service, cholera Immune. O. E. Ely, Titonka. 4C-49* FOR SALE: Purebred Duroc boars, thick, rugged, dark red. rarge group to select from; new jreeding for old customers, (Over 20 years a Duroc breeder). John F. Weber, 2 mi. east Irving- on. Algona phone 15-F22. 45-48* 'OR SALE: Purebred Hampshire boars, extra good. G. M. Will, 4 mi. east LuVerne. 45tf FOR SALE: 75 Leghorn pullets. Martin Greise, LSurt. 4lr- FOR SALE: 1 Red Pole and Z Herelord bulls, serviceable age. Phone Jl'll, VVhiitemore. 'iti-W- FOR SALE: Purebred Spotteu Poland China boars. Kenneth Branclow, 1 mi. west Algona. 4Sli FOR SALE: Purebred boars. Fall yearlings and spring Spotted Poland l.nina and IJuroc Jerseys. Joseph U. Miller, Wesley, 1 block r -uin of Main street. 49-bU FOR SALE: Regular Farma'.l rubber front, steel rear, anc cultivator. This tractor is com plciely remodeled, with nc\\ block, sleeves and pistons, ne\v crank shaft, main and rod, bearings and clutch. 1939 Oldsmobile "60" with radio and heater. Exceptionally good tires. OPA price plus accessories. Algona Implement Co. 49 FOR SALE: Used oil burner, office building size. P. O. Box 224. Spencer. 49 FOR SALE: Purebred Hampshire boars, also registered Shorthorn bull, dark roan color. Lawrence liansen, Wesley. 49* FOR SALE: Cowboy tank heaters, $7.50. Spilles Hardware. 49 FOR SALE: Popcorn, 4 used oak kitchen chairs, 1 South Bend kitchen range,»vvood and coal cir- cualfing heater, rocking chair, oak dining room table, duck feathers, 1000 Ib. scales, commode, anc other articles. H. W. Schmidt, 1 mile south '/-i mile west of Algona 41w49 FOR SALE: 50 head 150 Ib. Hatr shire feeding pigs, vaccinated and every one good. Carl Hutch ins, phone 24-F3. 18w49 FOR SALE: Choice Poland China boars; these boars have quality. Jess Dugan, four miles west, V\ mile south of Burt. 45-49* FOR SALE: Eagle water proof home insulation, "blown in." Expert inspection, estimating service. Cowan Bldg. Supply Co., phone H75, Algona. 20-3-8t: WANTED: To buy* doll Martin Mimbach, Sexton,'; 49 ^ttip^;^L^A;;i^jI^ i * *!(*"»*•* >*"** i ti 'eisi&S <a * '."'i' ''.'.'/ ^\j"' . ij '£ .^.-..c.^^ak^^;.^-^ WANT TO RENT-: House of apartment by 1st Of January. Inquire at flood's Super Valu, Algona> 16"w49 GBAVMftr todays ahd and lanes,^g.MulseftP^'SehobyV 815 E. iLticas, Algoftis, $Koftt. 21?*Ji ••':--•.'• .49* WANTED: Housekeeper tot' Seneca teacherage. Seneca Teacher^ age, Fenton, Iowa. 49 WANTED: Married man to work oh farm, good tenant house, top wages. E. K. Johnson, Fentbn, la. ,' • . 47tf HATCHING EGGS. Can use limited number of new flocks. Eggs to be delivered to the Kossuth Jounty Hatchery at Algona. Write SPENCER CHICK HATCHSRY, SPENCER, IOWA. 48-48 WANTED: Lady for general housework. Call 21-J3 or write Hancock Co. Farm, Garnur, Iowa. 46-50* HELP WANTED YOUR CHANCE to operate a congenial business that will yield i fine income and give you greater ndepenclence than most ordinary obs offer. You will be the boss nd have an opportunity to accumulate substantial savings. An uitomobile is the only investment. Vearby opening. For complete de- ails and without obligation write: The J. R. Watkins Company R169, kVinona, Minn. 47-49-" FOR SALE: Purebred Cheslci White boars. E. E. Brandow, -' miles west, I south on McGregor street road. 49-51 FOR SALE: Duroc Jersey boars. All'rorl Bierstedt, 6 mi. north, 1 west Whittemore. 49" FOR SALE: 75 ducks. Harley E. Hanson, 4 mi south Sexton, one rust. • 49* i'OR SALE: 150 bales red clover hay. James Brophy, 4M> miles north of Algona on 1G9. 49* FOR SALE: Oliver plow, A-! cnndilion; or will trade for 1HC Little Genius in same condition- would prefer slat bottom. John Schnakcnberg, 4 mi. east Irvington. 49* FOR SALE: 5-»allon and 8- gallon electric watercrs. Algona Flour & Feed Co. 49* FREE COBS at Leo McEnroe's, Algona. 49" : FOR SALE: Schneider Estate Farm, mile south of Fen ton Good soil, good improvements REA available; subject to 194b lease to be assigned to purchaser, best offer above $150 per acre buys it. See or write V'/m. J. McNamara, Adm., Emmetsburg, la. 49-5D FOR SALE: 16 Hampshire boars. Vern Hoppe, 6 miles north and •"M mile east of Whittemore. 49-51 FOR SALE: 1932 Chcv. car, 4-door sedan, GOOxlG tires. Good child's coaster wagon; medium size tricycle; child's auto, air tires, driven with Briggs & Stratton motor. Carpenter work bench, vise and anvil. Child's sled. Electric mixer (kitchen). Wm. E. Likes, on Kop- pcn farm, no phone, Lakota. 49" FOR SALE: Black Poland China boars, 1945 March and April farrow, one yearling immuned, the thick easy feeding kind. Free delivery for a short time. A. L. Gregory, Rutland, Iowa. 48-50'- J'OR SALE: Purebred Berkshire boars. Gco. Groin, St. Benedict. 48-50* FOR SALE: Registered Hampshire boars, both fall yearling; and spring. They are rugged, heavy-bone individuals. New stoc* for old customers. Joseph A Skow, Wesley. 39-50* Miscellaneous 4 MA*fAt}, FRIGIDAIRK AND NORGE AUTHORIZED DEALER Frlgidalre refrigerators, frigid* alre electric ranges, bottle gas ranges and watdr heaters. Maytag washers, Iowa cream separators^ Perfection pipeline. Clean Easy and Chore Boy milking machines. 1-6, 14 and 1*3 h. p. motors. Fluorescent "all metal desk lamps; fluorespent kitchen fixtures. . Used: 2 cream separators, Washing machines, heater, 2-V4 h. p. electric motors.' Wd repair all makes of washing machines and refrigerators, ahc have wringeif rolls for all makes of washing machines, Belts o all sizes. ALGONA MAlTTAG STORE Phone 399 Glenn Crllly 49 INLAID ^LWdLiStfM. ei iMa:^e*pi¥y i:. q%fj'. : < fittMdlfl phone 2?6; Algbm v 16*3*81 AbpiNti MAtJHWJB JRolitf tot gait ^at Uie Aigoha'.Upper Des Moihe> btfic*^ ftegula* stee, isd Mch, tot j&8c. Lafge 8i4e, 2Ue eacH, tfi LOST: Jftoute, salesbbok, 'Black c^Ver. >Kelurn or notify for re- Ward—DUane E. Jensen. 7-trp Ai- gbha Go. Phone 855. , 49* FLOOR SANDING and fleflnlsh- ing. Heavy commercial equipment. Portable power plant Cowan Bldg. Supply Co., phone 275J Algona. ' 17-3-8M Exchange Dent. Basement Good Used Furniture Dining room—Living room suites Breakfast sets, Buffets, Radios and Washers. BJUSTROM'S FURNITURE tf FOR SALE: Purebred Chester White boars. 1 mile west, '< miles south of Wesley. L. E Wingert. 46-50* FOR SALE: Purebred Poland China boars, '/j mi. south, ] /i mi. west Lone Rock. R. Bierle. 48-50* •'OR SALK: Purebred Duroc boars of outstanding quality. These boars are the best we have over raised. Farmer priced. New ilood for old customers. Also mine fine quality Kilts. A. H. Slreelcr, 4'/a N., 3 miles east Renwick. 47-50* .™ ! counters ' men ask for Wembley Ties more than for any other name in neckwear-. so we feature Murrytown Ties, made by Wembloy. designed by stylisfs who know what men Only $1 each, As Featured in LIFE Clothiers WILLIAMS COMPANY NEW HONEY for sale. 5 Ib. jar $1.00. Hoenk Motor Service West of Court House.' 37tf r-OR SALE: Jomis-Manville Type A Blown Home Insulation installed. For estimate call Ue Leanoagh, Phone 767, represent ing Wormhoudt Home Insulauoi Co. , 44ti Wanted WAITRESS WANTED- Cafe. Grotte's 49* WANTED: A farmer over 25 yeais of age that knows farming and livestock as a "FOXBILT FEEDS DEALER" in the Algona territory. Must have a car. "More Profit" and "Cheaper Gains" with Fox- centrate or your money back. See M- J. Hildman, Foxbilt Feeds Dealer, phone 3722, Wesley, I.a 47w49 WANT TO RENT: Modern house or apartment. Prefer one wi*v two bedrooms. The house; I live in was sold Dec. 1 and , notice . : was served on me to vacate Jan. 4, 1946. Leo J. Immerfall, Algona, phone 703-J. ' 37w49* HOLSTEIN BREEDERS: -A"new sire for your herds, purchased from Ronald Chappman. Good type, high production. JKossulh Artificial Breeders, phone 142, Algona. 49 SCOTCH TAPE for Christmas wrapping is now available at tha Upper DCS Moines office. Rolls arc; 1296 in. long. Bargain price 75c per roll. TOWN PROPERTY LOW INTEREST LOANS^. FHA and Vc!- erans "GT" Loans to purchnsr rcmndnl. Rcfinarr-o Home". A!- eona Federal Savings <k Loan. Algona, Iowa. 30: f WANTED: Automobile, any make moel or condition. .1 Raymond Nelson, ph. 3213, Lone Rock, 49' WANT TO BUY: Feeding corn. James Brophy, Burt. 49* WANTED: Girl for grocery "stp7e. Hood's Super Valu, Algona. 49 Order Your 1946 BABY CHICKS NOW U. S. Approved ••••«• U. S. Pollorum Tested Also TURKEY POULTS and DUCKLINGS. Early chicks make imncy. You can't fro wrong: on SWEA CITY II A T C II E K Y CHICKS. Fwrsd liatcli February 16th. '-'_•' / SWEA CITY HATCHERY SV/EA CITY, IOWA Phone 35 I SORENSEN'l SPECIALS Date Nut Spread Jb. jar Honey, strained qt. ja r Grapefruit Juice 46 oz can Pink Salmon Jb can Better Taste Pork & Beans No, 2 can , p f or Fancy Whoje Green Beans, No, 2 can Fancy Drisd Peaches Ib Staley's Golden Syrup 5 Ib jar Irish Cobbler Potatoes.... 100 Ib bag §2.35 One Pound Coffee FREE With Purchase of 49 Ib sack Pillsbury Flour Leave Your Order for Christmas Trees Cauliflower, Cabbage, Celery, Carrots, Head and Leaf Lettuce, Green Peppers, Green Onions, Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Yams, Rutabagas, Parsnips, Squash, Cocoanuts, Grapes, Apples, Oranges, Tangerines, Lemons, Regular and Ruby Red Grapefruit. HOME DRESSED CHICKENS Pork Loin Roasts, end cuts Jb Prime Rib Beef Roasts Ib Beef Hearts Ib Rib Boiling Beef Ib 20C Pure Ground Beef Ib 26c Leave Your Turkey Order Now For Better Selection. The Government Needs Waste Fat Bring yours fa. We pay 4c a pound. Sorensen Grocery Co Deliveries Tuesday and Friday Pfcowes J38-439 SEE ME FOR Real Bargains in farms, loans, drainage surveying and estimates on tile. Phil J. Kohlhaas, phone 22, Algona. tf SELL your late model car to me far the highest price. Free information on ceilings. Hoenk Motor Service, West of Court House. 36tf NEVV ELECTROLUX Cleaners will be available soon! For information see Don H. Hulchins, Couriiv" F.lrcfrnlux representative. 610.S. Jones, Algona, phone B32-J.,..' 46tf PHONOGRAPH RECORDS.— All the new releases. Needles, albums. Kossuth Radio & Electric, Algona, Iowa. 47tf j Lock Box 108 CARB OF THANKS We wish to thank all otir friends for ^thelr many, expressions of sVmtJJitHy and kindness, and for the 'beautiful floral .tributes sent at the time of our recent bereavement. Elliot SkiUlng and family, Mrs. O. .L. Miller, Fred Skilling and sonSj Mrs. Chas. Harvey, Mrs. Willard GregSon, Audrey and Ernest Ffye. . '44w49 \JCCO Mineral Compound contains essential minerals that help promote digestion and assimilation '_. .minerals that aid in building meat, bones, and health... minerals that are too often deficient in .today's homegrown feeds. Let me show you how inexpensive it is to use Occo Mineral Compound regularly apd what outstanding results it brings. .. A topc QUALITIT CHA^tM BtAUkE'r Is Ihe ffiaf, 1^ alWiiys appreciated. It cdV^rs the nip« rtniin price field nnrt no one! ovoif ever seoiris to Hive too many blatikcf^ W10J "jumbo'f sles ngitM iUtlo, yoti can; noW buy yi-c-war QUALITY AND nt rensortftljlc prices. tfQrtiiMatclyy Wo Imvo tt sbtk'of these superiblankcts. ('JPlijcre are no double or sheet biniikc^ avnllnblo «t this tlihc.) YOUR OCCQ SERVICE-MAN L. E. CARTWRIGHT Alsona The Answer To A Boy's PRAYER for Christmas Wairi|T His Body As Well As His Heart ... Beautiful Coats Fine shearling lined gabardine shells, Laskin lamb collars. Ages 8 to 20. 12M lo 22» Boy's and Child's Fingertips Coats in ! fleeces, wool. Some reversible collars, in cocoa, brown, teal. Ages 6 to 18. We arc fully stocked on the BIG FOUR CHATHAM blankets—big', fluffy, wnslwblo, durable. Ad-\ tfiffonitl colors arc ariifliiblo this year that we did not carry last •KCnson—pencil, cedar, and otliers. A fw MbitcH in the.bettei' qualities. ' f SI7TTOK—72x00—28% w >ol for only_^___L___$5.»5 MKIAnm— .72x90—75% wool for only __.____$7.»5 VVOOI SHm'i';~72.Y} / '«—all tot only.'L^.I. __$10.»5 LAMSDOWN—7a.\«0—all Virgin Wool for only $15.95 ?.r«lrU tins list; aiuainst your shopping: list and give your frkndfj the finest gift for the money.' Boy's and Children's ALL WOOL Mackinaws In plain colors bright cherry plaids. Ages 4 to 18. 6 60 Something Brand New in : Juvenile Garment* A two-tone leather jacket of §mQ9th casha lined, §i?es 3 to S, ARfl -- ............... U, ..... „.,,.„..,:....,,, ft 1111 •At The Clothiers Famous CHATHAM Blanks of 100% virgin wool Oood news for folks who like to s-t-r-e-t-c-h out luxuriously in bed! These new Chatham Blankets measure a full six inches longer than the .regular double-bed size. They're 100% virgin wool—fluffy and deep-napped— with the warmtlivplus-lightness feature for which this 'maker is famous. In a wide rango of paste) colors,' with marching rayon satin binding* ? v •'.'•--. ;'. 5.95 to PASSENGER . TRUCK < St Sj~ CERTIFICATE NECESSARY T:

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