The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 29, 1949 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 29, 1949
Page 5
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WEDNESDAY, JUNK 29 BLYTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE FIVE I THE NATION TODAY Democrats in Congress Unable To Deliver on Promise Made to Labor to Kill Taft-Harttey Act WASHINGTON, June 39 WJ— Don't bet on what'a going to happen to the Tall-Hartley labor act In Congresa. That'i because things are scrambled there, where the Democrats are supposed to be in control because they have a majority, It's a rickety kind of control, as this will show. For a minute, Just fevlew a little history so that what's happening will be clear. ^ In 1935, when the Democrats had a majority in Congress and were really able to run the show, they passed the Wagner labor act. (The father of It was Robert F.+Wagner, New York Democrat who resigned from the Senate yesterday after 22'^ years there.) The Wagner act compelled a boss to bargain with a union representing; his employes. It put no restrictions on a union. Employers, who looked on this * a one-sided law, never got used to It. But is stayed on the books until 1947. In that year the Republicans got control of Congress with a majority and promptly tackled the Wagner act. They replaced it with the Taft- Kartley act. Now it v.'as the turn of the unions to scream because: While T-H put a few more restrictions on employers it put more restrictions on unions than they ever had be/ore in their long history. That was one of thR bis talking points for President Truman and his Democrats in last fall's elections. Promises Not Fulfilled They promised, backed by labor, that (f they won control of Congress they'd wipe out T-H and restore the old Wagner act. They won. So they started this 8Ist Con- firess in January with a majority, sid more promises of knocking T-H nto the bleachers. Hearings on a new labor bill went on for months. Finally the House, where the Demo era Is have & majority, ' ailed it up for action. But the Democrats—particularly the Southern Democrats—were not all willing to tag along with Mr. Truman's champaign promises. This wajs duck soup for the Republicans who wanted to keep TH. or as much' of it as they could, So the Truman Democrats weren't able to ram through the old Wagner act in place of T-H. Finally. . . . The bill was sent back to the House Labor Cimmittee lor further study. This prevented a final vote on the floor. And most times when n hill is called up on the floor, as this was, and then goes back to committee, that just about kills it for the rest of the year. At last. ,a couple of weeks ago, the Senate, where the Demos rats also have a majority, called up the lr.bor bill for action The Truman Democrats haven't been.,doing so well there either. For they always lack control when the Southern Democrats shift over to join hands with the Republicans. Southerners In (h« Saddle They've done that in the pinches, so the Southern Democrats Republicans gradually art shaping the kind of labor hill they want, not the kind the Truman- Ite.s promised. But— Maybe the Senate won't pass this . bill in the end. Maybe, it, too will Bend the whole business back lo committee. If so. that will kill any chance of a new labor law this session. Why should that happen? For one thing, the Republicans might vote for dom? that, tine* they want T-H to stand on the books anyway. And it will stand, If no new law la passed to change it. And the Trumanites might be willing to do that, also, since a new law anything like T-H would be a defeat for them. If they could put the whole business in mothballs now, they might be able to try again to get what they want next year. If they failed In that, they could make It a campaign Issue in the 1950 elections. Even If the Senate passes n bill it can't ,ccome law unless the House also approves and the president signs it. There's no assurance the House will resurrect the bill which it already has buried in its own committee. But— If (i olh houses should agree on a bill, and it looks anything like T-H. President Truman almost certainly will veto it. That would kill it unless both houses could re-pass it by a whopping two-thirds vote. HAL BOYLE'S COLUMN Hal Boyle Not Bashful With Advice ought by Just One June Bridegroom FOUND SLAIN—Mrs. Irma SI a hi hut (above). 22, was found tiacked to death in the b«er cooler of the tavern she and her husband ope rated in Morrison, la. Police holding Edward James (Buddy Beckwith, 21, in connection with the crime. (AP Wirephoto> Three Kentucky Men Sentenced far Burglary MARION. Ark., June 39. (AP)— Three Kentucky men each hav been sentenced to seven years i prison on pleas of guilty to charge of burglary. Court officials said the mci W-JOdrow W. Arnold, 32, Artell Ru pert Cornwell, 27, and Julius B«r LUXORA NEWS last weekend In St. Louts. Miss Frances Reid Bowen is o a three-week vacation trip to Co orado Springs. Colo., and Canad She was accompanied by three Blj theville teachers. , By Hal Boyle NEW YORK— Ifl'i— To (he poor lan's philosopher: 'Dear Sir, 'I am 25 years old, I will be- ome a June bridegroom the last, ay of the month. As this Is my rst marriage, I am anxious lo lake a good impression. Is there nything I ought to know? Should look (or a job now—or laler? Bashful." (Signed) son why it can't be fun for evcry- my boy, there are Your anxiety is quite natural, iashful. But you must calm your- elf, my boy. After all you soon ill be worrying for two, and that akes strength. You show a lot of character In our desire to make a good im- iression at your first wedding. So ilany boys these days EO Into mar- iaee thoughtlessly—they Just take t as another light-hearted adven- ure. Sometimes I wonder what the world is coming to, or has It? Yes there are many things you night to know. A wedding Is Indeed a serious matter, but it It Is irepared properly there Is no rea- bory. Naturally, few business details to be straightened they out. And it be arranged better that advance so there will be no hard feelings afterward. What (u Expect The first thing-, of course. Is Ihe dowry. You simply mustn't let anj affection for your bride Influence you in this Important mailer. More and more parents are finding themselves with daughters on their hands these day., and a good man is (ettlng harder to find. So drive a fair but sharp bargain. Many fathers-in-law still dislike making cash settlements, and It is perhaps wise to respect this old- fashioned prejudice. However. I your bride's dad Is any man a all he probably will be only too glad to present you and his tiaugh ter with a newly-furnished apart ment, rent-paid "%r Ihree year.s If he Isn't able to buy you a car, too, be big about il—take hi d car. Now there Is Ihe matter Iraiul Wyalt, 33, all of Paducah, admitted entering the Holland Implement Co., of West Memphis. June 4. The men were also accused of taking part in the $3.500 robbery of the A.' J. Batz Equipment Co.. of Pocahontas June 2. ASK FOR 666 WITH QUININE » Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Bradley returned home last week from three-week trip to Harmon, Ark., and Orange, Tex. }| Mrs. W. M. Alexander, and Mrs. J. M. Gardner, of Odessa, Tex., are visiting their mother, Mrs. W. A. Brantley. j | Miss Ann Ashley Rozelle Ls at- ' tending Dixie Camp for GirLs, In Clayton, Ga. j The Luxora Book Club held its monthly meeting last Tuesday night at the home of Mrs. Charles Howard. Seventeen members present heard Mrs. Lester Stevens review "The Chair" by Paul I. Wellman, after which the hostess served . a dessert course. s \ I Mrs. R. R. Nowlin, of Boonevllle, Ark., was the guest of her mother, Mrs. J. W. Lynch, and her sister, Mrs. Tom Callis, last week. Miss Janice Welch, of Memphis, is the house guest, of Mr. and Mrs. Lester Stevens this week. Mr. J. M. Majors is In Pascagoula, Miss., visiting his daughter, Mrs. J. A. Montgomery, and family. Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Smith, and Mr. and Mrs, C. P. Crawford spent LOOK!. Guaranteed F COAL SAVE ON FUEL 10 DAY SALE • Guaranteed First Line Coals Genuine Super Washed Zeig- ler Illinois. 6x3 £gg Lump Keg. $72.50 PER TON '995 For 70 Days Only Alabama Hume Stoker or Lump $12.50 per ton. All other grades and sizes similarly reduced. These are delivered prices; however, we must have your urder within leu dayi, with delivery to be made at your convenience between now and October 15th. Dry Wood $3.'J5 1'er Rank Highest Prices for Scrup Iron & Batteries BLYTHEVILLE SCRAP METAL & COAL CO. PHONE 6372 wedding ilwlf. Too much stress has been laid on the Importance of lie ring. After all II Is only a >yinbol. Buy a simple ring. Just ie sure lUe gold won't wear olf t, until at least three days after .he ceremony. Wlint to wear? My boy, they probably wouldn't notice what you were wearing If you showed up In buttling trunks. Don't do It. however—even as a gag, Better arrive in a neat blue serge, freshly pressed if possible. And It Is Mill in good taste—no matter how hot the day— to wear a necktie, preferably one with no hula girls painted on It. Salvage Pair of Old Shoe* Authorities differ as lo whether you should invite your old girl friends to the ceremony. For my part I believe you should. The sight of. say. half a dozen of your ex-flames weeping In despair will give your bride a feeling of quiet victory. And, after all, she Is the one you want to make happy. -and keep right on chirp- the rlc« ing. There Is one last thing, my boy—, that mailer of a Job. Just before you drive off in your fatlicr-in- law's car, it might-be wise to suggest that he start looking at once for employment for you. It is a sad time for fathers when they lose their daughters, and this task will reassure the old man there Is still something for him lo do in the world—while you're i enjoying your honeymoon, u * I June bridegroom should. And take your bride alon*. too, my boy. Shell be grateful for*v*r for this mile touch of thoughtful- But one* she his said "I do" you must begin at once leaching her how two can live as cheaply as —two. Qlve her a little lesson In thrift, When Ihe guests shower yon with old shoes, pick up a~ pair and murmur, hmmmm. my size.' And scrape up a lev handfuLs of lice from the pavement and stuff them in your pockets. If she's real- of the ly your little canary, she'll cook 'Shep Fields At Claridge In Memphis' 4tu.OlcH.rt' JQLT in— |01T Ittt T Uth-llJLT lift Fin* food . . . famous muiic and cooling breeze! from the Mi«it«ipp! River »r» trie perfect ingredient for gloriout evening* rhii lummer—in Memphii at Hotel Claridge. You'll dine and dance with Hie imarrett crowdt. in an ahno*. pdere deiigrted for romance on rhe beautiful Magnolia Roof- Delicioui Table d'Hote Oinnert ire reasonably priced and you can remain to dance at no exfra colt, any night ««cept Saturday night. Plan your parties and come to Memphis—and Hotel Claridge for memorable evenings under the ttartl Sertoui larti are revealed by recent •epo;U. Oae out of every tnree. person! *•- Amlaed was a victim of Pia-Worroj ... otlrn without •UApeelinjr It. Aod this ujtly infection iprraib raplojy throuth whole lamillte, CAB UIJM teHou* trouble If MtcUeted. Witch lor warnln* rfco»—«Bperi&Uy the a«cr»virtor rectal Itch. G«t feyne/i p.w Vi.-l*.!.. niht a«ay. r-Wi vlti'' »124» ADAMS APPLIANCE CO. killa Pin-worm* and remove* them from the body. Tbe imal], •aay-la-takc P-W tablet* were pttlected by the famou. Jayne Co., ipe- -'-" - ID worm ceraediee. for over 100 yeara. ' P-W 18 hr Pi*-W«iMl PIANO TUNING The world's finest — done with the famous STROBO CONN and EXCI.HS1VK t« fhis territory. Enjoy a perfectly luned piano once. RADIO REPAIR on every make and moder done bv a GOVERNiMKN'l LICENSED radio-telephone operator with every job GUARANTEED RIGHT. MUSIC SUPPLIES Everything from the fines! pianos to the smallest part? RADIOS —SHEET MUSK —RECORDS—JUST ANY THING IN MUSIC. BROOKS Music Store 107 E. Main T«l. 811 4-daar sedan now only See how much more your money buys in a Kaiser I puce Kaiser >1995.00 car 2 car 3 2140.50 car 4 ?i57.oo car 5 2135.00 cir 6 2213.00 In every way, you gel a bigger, better car for less money in a new, 1919 Kaiser! Look at llie figures yourself (sec cliarl al righl). And then lake « ride in a Kaiser and find oul how much more n really modern car gives you in all ihc ihings you and your family want mosl! You wanl and deserve ihc prestige of big car ownership ...and you get it in a Kaiser. You wanl the luxury of more u?ablc sealing space lhan any older caroti the road. ..and you get it in n Kaiter. You want an end lo 'sliorl car fatigue'. ..llie real comfort of a big,(/ you gel it in a Kaiser, r'in.illy, you wanl llie power, flexibility and gasoline economy of a modern, 1919 engine., .and you get it in ihc Kaiser nitiitlcrrtcad, with ils 7.3-10-! compression ratio...higher than any slanilard car within *!rnoal $700.00 of Kaiser's low price! So why arcn'l you driving a Kaiser? Any way 3011 figure il, you get more for your money! Set your nrnrrnt Kaitpr-Frnicr rlmlr-r! * I',,,,,, ^,l„tt,j, inrlaiti f,i<r,»l tax. Ml rquifmmt. .Vmtin/r m«f lo or,,. Onl, IrinjporKmon, iWI toit. (il my I nMilioW. fftirc ttdmaU li,fl fl/lOKn al,,,) opItonW al ili.Vlj incrtnW COM. Kaiser... world's i car 7 2?u.oo car 8 nnm tar 9 2175.00 Car 10 235300 Car II 2383.00 II9'// ^ • 9'10'V 7.25-101 j 120- 8'lOy/ 7.0-to-l 1 m .' 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