The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 6, 1945 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 6, 1945
Page 1
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S13L Board Proceedings Auditor's Office, Algolin, lown, ^ November I, 10-15. S:ffl) O'clock A. M. .The Bonrd of Supervisors of Kos- smh County, Iowa, ntct In regular BeSslon porsunht tt> ndjouftimpnt with th'e following mpm.hprs present: ,1. H. Frhser, \V. K. McDonnld, W. A. Sflmntn, J, F. Qnlnn, and M. L. John- ei>h , Motion made by MhDonnld nnd seconded by Johnson thrtt the follnwItiK resolution be adopted: I lurry itnhlln dlnd Fi'lXPil of ,l,ols 1.1 anil 11 of Block .1, ('lark's Addition to SWPII 1'lly. lown, which said propprty Is unimproved mid which dons mil exceed I lie sum of fr.fifl.00 In value nnil Is tin- only propprty which was owned by snlil ilr^pilent, and U'llK'lilOAK, snlil real estate was Fold and conveyi'il by the le-^al heirs of Marry Uohlln, dpcea«ei|, I'nr the piini of, which money was IIKIM! to, pay the exprnses of Insl illness and burial of K\|I! decedent, and WIllKiP.KAS. Amy II. llohlln was olie of the lei^nl heirs of snlil deee- dent, shi- hnvinn lieenme tile le^nl owner nf nil undivided line-eighth (T/M interest in said real estate subject ti» tin- debts ut wild deeedent. and. \Vn.ran.RAH, Kossnth cminty, Iowa, hols a claim a.milnst Amy II. Ftohlln in the total sum of $2.:i7.s.o< which refii-esents her care and support in the Stale 'Hospital at Clu-mkee, lo'wn. and in the Insane Ward jit the KHsisuth County I lump, Altiona, lown. M. part nf said claim lieiny a Men np- nrt tier interest in the alim'e desci'ibed propprty, nnd •WllKllKAS, Kossiilh County, lown.. hjis been relieved of the expense of last illness and burial uf s.'ild decedent. .'..VOW. THIRrtKIFOR'K, H Is liereby resolved by the Hoard of Supervisors of,lvOHHUth C'ount\". IOWM, tlial Kos-- sulh County release and discharge Its lien against the real estate here- In'above described and the County A'uditor of Kossnth County, Iowa, is hereby directed to release said lien of record. The vote therenn resulted as folIOWH: A\ - es—^Supervisors, J. T1. Fra.- ser, W. !•:. McDonald. \\'. .V Scliram. Al. L. Johnson, and .1. F. Qninn. •Those voting XM.V were: None. .The foregoing- Itesiilutlun was tlicre upon deelared .mlopted l, y the Chair- mhn of Hie Board of Supervisors of Kossnth County. Iowa. i>n this 1st day of November, t'.i-in. .Motion made !»>• Johnson and seconded -by McDonald that HIP salary of Fidelia. 10. Sknw. Deputy siiperin- tendpnt of Schools. Kossuth I'minty, Iowa, lie raised in JMMKI p,-r month beginning as of August 1st, 1015, as recommended and passed on by Mm County Hoard of Kdiicatinn. Ayes- All. Nays: None. Motion hy Kraser and seconded by Scliram that the following resolution be adopted: nKSOM'TION WHIRRRAS, tlie Hoard of Supervisors of Kossnth 'County. Iowa, did on the 1lth day of June, I!M5, nppoint .T, P. Qulnn, Chnlrmnn of the Hoard of SnperVtsrffs,' to execute nnd acknowledge for nnfl on behnlf of Kos- siith County, Toton, a Special Wnr- rn'nty Deed con*eylnK 'Lot 3 of Hloek 7, Original Toxvn Pint, Hi Verne, Kossuth County, town, to Ouy Trau- Ber, nnd iWIHTJRRAfl,- pursunnt to the snld appointment the snld J. V. Qulnn did on the 11th day of June, 104S, execute apd acknowledge for and on behnlf of 'Kossuth County, lofan, the snld Special Wnrrnrity Deed conveylnR the said described lot lo tile snld Uuy TrniiKcr. NOW TT-LKiniraWmri), T»R IT H.R- rXA'K'D by the Bonrd of Supervisors thnt pursunnt to the prrivlslons nf Chalpter 44!), l^odp of town, the snld MpHil as executed and acknowledged 'te ab the snrtip .Is, bet-eby nfiproved. The 'vole thereon r'esultlnK/ns follows; Ayes: Supervisors ,1. 11. Frns- er, \V. 10. Mellnnndl, W. A. Schram, .M. 1.. Johnson nnd J. F. Qulnn. Those voting nny were: None. Tho foreftblng lipsolulion was thereupon declared ,nrlnptec1 by (he Chnlrmnn rif the Hoard of Supervisors of Kossuth county. Town, on this 1st day of November, l!ll."». Motion mnde by McT>otmld nnd seconded by Schrnni Hint the following resolution be ndopted: nrSROf/tlTION \VT1irartR.\M, KnSstith County, lown, Is by virtue of n tnx deed the owner nf Lots 1 nnd 2, lilock .1, OrlRlnal Town Pint, Fontnn, Kossillh County, town, nnd \VM KiRK-AS. Clarence C,. TrlRRs hns mnde a written offer to purchase the •aid described lots for the sum of 77.S1', which amount Is e<|U»! to the. 'ounty's bid at Tax Snle plus accru- d and unpaid Keneral taxes. wow THKTucForire, rac IT ni'i- lOLVFJD liy the Hoard of 'Supervls- jrs of Kossuth County, lown. that pursuant lo authority (granted by Chapter 4I!>, Code nf Iowa, the said offer be accepted and that J. K. Qulnn. Chairman of the snld Hoard of Supervlrtirs, lip. and be Is hereby appointed to execute and acknowledge for anil on behalf of Kossuth County, Iowa, a Quit Claim Deed conveying the snld described lots to the said Clarence (1. TriHKs for the sum of $77.82. The vole thereon resulting as follows: Ayes: Supervisors ,I. II. Fraser, \V. K. .McDonald. \v. A. Sclii-am, M. L. Johnson and J. .K. Qulnn. Those. votliiK nay 'were: None. The foresolns nesolutlou was thereupon declared adopted by the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors of Kossuth County, Iowa, on this 1st day of November, 1MV Million made by Johnson and seconded by Frnser that the following final estimates for maintenance Kra.velinif of the Mauley -Construction Co.. be approved: No. 5. No. (i, Nn. II anil No. 12. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion made by Kraser and seconded by .Scliram that the Hoard of Supervisors approve the abatement and cancellnllon of the I'.HI taxes cbai'Ked against the Kast ISO feet uf Lot 10. Block 1', Knell's 2nd Add. to I.Uii-t, Iowa, as nuthorlaed and provided for in Sections WMI.2 and 7110 of the Code, of Iowa, on account of same he'lntf properly of the Hurt Ind. School District: Ayes: All. 'Nn,vs None. Motion mhile 1 hy Sch'rnm nnd sec bnded by Johnson thaf> the Board of suphrvlsors npprove thp bond bf C. C. Scharlach, oonstruqtlon Rnglheer bn Dralnas-e District No. 17S. Ayes; All. Nays: None. Motion made by Frnser rind Soeohrt' ed lij' Johnson that MoDohhld he; hp- pointed lo make necessniy repnlrs on DrnlnR'ge District No. 01. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion made by Fraser find see' J onded by ,n>hnson thnt Sehrnm be appointed to mnke necessary repnlrs on Drnlnnge District Nn. DO. Ayes: All. 'Nhys: None. Motion rhnde by Jiihnson nnd seconded by Schrnin that Qulnn he nil- pointed to make nei'pirpftry repnlrs oh the follnWIiiR drainage districts: No. CO nnd P. A. K. No. 1. A.VCH: All. Nnys: None Motion nmdo by Scbrnni nnd seconded by Kraser that. Johnson lie nfJ- pointed to mnke neci ssiiry repairs on (he following drnlnnpc dlstrlclui No. I, No. 00. No. 121, and Sub I of No. i:». Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion made by Johnson and seconded by Sehrnm thnt the Bonril ot Supervisors chga.Ue the Midwest Bindery and Supply i 'o. of Minneapolis, Minn., lo repair and reblnd varl- ius Kossiuth County repord imtiks. A.VPS: All. Nnys: None. Motion made by McDonald and seconded by p'raser that Hie Board df Supervisors approve policy ,\o 'F 4W2 wrltlPii by The -Fidelity nnd Casualty. Company of Now York. A.VPS: .All. Nays: None. Motion made by McDonadl nnd seconded by il-Ynser that n refund In the amount of $_.M be made to '!'. K. Anderson of Algona, lown, because he paid his HIM taxes twice, as per Rx- aminers Hem No. ;:!!.'. Ayes: All. Nays: None. Motion made by l-Ya^er and seconded by JobnsKiii tint a rel'mul in the amount of $M.u5 he made to Gilbert rinrgreaves of Creseo Township, lie- Cause iie paid bis lull persona Hnxes twice, tis per Kxamlners Item No. Ki:i. Ayesi: All. 'Na>-s: .None. . Motion mane liy Sciiram nnd sec- (inded by Johnson thnt a refund In the amount nf JJO.OO be made to Folkert SteckiM 1 - (>f Herman To\vnship, because said amount Is a long collection on bis taxes', as per Kxaminers Item No. TO. Ayes: All. -Nny.m: None. Motion made by Johnson mill sec- ()nded by McDonald that n refund in the amount of $:l.-l!) be made to Ole lloalson because said amount is a long collection on bis taxes, ns per Kxumlnprs Item No. (11. Ayes: All. Nays: None. 2:00 o'clock P. M. be:ng the time set by the Hoard of Supervisors of Kossuth County, lown. for the opening of the bids for th- labor In the construction of Drainage District No. 170, and HIP Hoard proceeded to open said bldM. The following bid for labor was filed: Joe Needles, labor, $IO,5.-11.50. certified check. JIH.O.WI. Ilids for tile were opened by the Hoard October 10. 101,",. and the awarding of (he contracts for same \vrre continued until tills time. The bids for tile were as follows: Concrete Products Corporation, tile $1.7?). 12 delivered, certified cheek, $2(!5.(iO; Rhnore Cement * Tile Co., tile $I,45!I.SS deliv- efre'rt. certified ehec*$2&,'0fi. it..; then tttoWH ny-Wetibith rind *fefta bV MoDbniim thAt .lofc. >Neeitle8 ; v tm, nWi-ded th6 contract for Inlior find the EltflbK! CeHtfcrit * Tile Cd.i ft* UWniMfeH tHe cohtrtiH ftff ftlMtBfinl ' ht' ,tlis figures bf their bids. Ay 1 '*!' AH, Nnys: Notip. (St*c Kocbrd for Heisot' ' :!:'«> o'ciftcU P. M. l)elhS lh° tlmii (ttet! h.v thfe TioWM tlf 8>i|1*!'VlSbl'» rif Ktffti slith County, t.»\vi, for the openlim. lilda for the mitterlnl ,nntl labor tot re.Mtfidhh tAfp>nt 4 am t\ «f .'pfttlfti n'K» WaWct No. ft, Hhd f Inn. 1JoiiW : proceertpil to <Speh snld Hlfls, THe. f61- lowlns bids were' filed: Concrete I'roiidtft Corptfrallbh, .tile,.$~5tftt.l)b {1e- liwrert, fet-tirled chortk f\\t,.m; AcVMm Ihcn moved hy .iFVrtsPr rtnrt sMorid^tl by ,lohn«)n lHat Ailnin lleldersoheldt be nwanicd the. confract for labor nnil the CnncHpt'e I'mdncts CMfpol'rt' tlnn'hc nivnHlprl the cohlract for mrt' tcrlal at ( thrt figures of ,their bids. Nays: N'one. (See ihecord for Ilcso- luiloh). ; On motion ttti'rt'WI p'Nieeoded lo niid- it rthd nllbW claims us )iel' "Scliedillo of Claims" hereinafter wHllen, CO'HNTY PIINI) ' \V. W. Sullivan, 1'iostiiKn. to inwa sintp nTfnir.wiribeliiTnii • N. AV. ITeTf T^letmrmV'ST.TTe'i' erv. _. ...a.. 01.10 W W. Sullivan, postage to Co. Clerk i... 2101 Clly of AlKdfm, IlKht nnd-wat- er sorv. M _. ^ .. '^j..±_ SM.W \V. W. Sullivan, postage to O. A. A. office '..... ,'lB.On Stntn Treasurer, use tnx 0.0-' "'ileanor Kollnsch, nsslst. Co. And. ....: Dnrotliy Mermen, assist. Co, Auditor 79.011 Mar.iorlc J. Weber, nsslst. Co. frena. ....^..1 L -BI.M Mnry Ann Mersen, nsslst. Co. Uecorder ' ^_. 111.SO J. II. Kniser, comm. nnd SCK- sions ..1 ..:.: , 232.S1 W. K. McDonald, comm. nnd sessions -_..i.:' 200.71 \V. A. .Scliram. cornm. nnd... sessions - • ..__.:" 2.1JL55 J. F. Qulnn, comm. and 1 sessions '. „„.,. 253.SO .M. \j. Johnson, comm, ; [Mm'•}-••''.' sessions ^.u'.'.-i-.'"' 241.10 A. il. CoRlcy, .mllenBe aiid Invest, fees ___„_ 140.08 A. J. Cog-Icy, , hoarding and' lodKlnK prisoners _1 :n.20 A. 15. lyauritzen, mlleaBe 00.30 Ardls Hoawortlf, assist. C6. ', Supt. * ' 31.00 Louise Sorensen, n. sslst. Co. 'Supt. . '_' 33.50 L'lfim .rtulinke. assist. Co. Supt. '12.SO I'vlsie L. l^irsen, .awsisl. Co. Snpt. . ; S.OO M'jH Helen Huber, assist. Co. 'Supt. ; 4.00 Joanne Kuchynka, assist. Co. Supt. 4.00 ri. W. Allller. office expense.. 07.DG The 'Bancroft Uculster, board proceedings 21S.1S- Advance Pif1)llshlns Co., •board proeecdlncs 337.7S Al^ona 1'pper Des Moincs, board proc. and prlntnlK 33S.B7 Pldlnr & Chnmbcrs Co., sup._ 22.21 y KJnSfi; SSvpn., CltT^H"nryTl;ii"l«lT"'<irt5l<'' lA'ilKQnit.. .Sriecfl-iK-'i'iprTlIiiZri-i Koiilhnns Md\V., sup. «.__.,.....; .K.'.p. '.Inlriefl, slip, ^^^...ii^: Wrntl Klcctrlc Co., to\if». rthd fixtures . i.iij..-.^.,...*..^ lM\fitt ft Mncltcy, rejis. ^^..^^ Iftink k Dclm, fftlih. .^..^^j. Hofsford btnbr Co., sup, ^..^ It, A. Knrtpp, office Mrilllp, b. W. 7 / enrs"(Ti7,""l i"lf?,"rid" bly.i ("to. _.^i_» .. ...i, ;Duano t'Hrlst, bty. ...<i». l.^red Dutton, J I 1 ,, UkVcst. m:- cldent j . riella Weller, ,). I'. f.Vs A. J. CoBley, nherlff fees Ai Kossillh t,'o. Fill-in llureaii, np- , prop. _. . ...^.j Ilennnn \V. Ifilrms, weerl cmiMttlsnliiilnr, Gnffleld twp. Henry (iettinan, wei.n commissioner _. u... _;.-..-_ 1.. I 1 ;. \Vortnnin, local ri>KiK- -trnr j._.-w._ 0. 1). Cilrlls. Itionl reKlstrnr II. II. Di'eyw-, local i-pRlstrnr. \Villlnm lloykert, locn.l registrar ' fi. il. Kmilell, .lifeiti i-eKisthii 1 . Florence! llof, local reKlslral'_ Fl-ed nieckmnn, local regls- trnr Mnv Mm; l/nttimer, locnl reM- Istrni- Adn.h Cnrlson, local reslHti'nr^ A1ma C. Junkermeler, nttend- IIIK, School of Instruction Mary K. frSands, nttcndliiK School of Instruction „ II. .1. Itraley. Hoard of i';dnc. mttt. etc. :1<rtssuth Co. Win- Act. Cumin., office exp. , \V11ina Strayer, rent of truck. The. Tlloilkh. Topic, pu. Notice, Of. <I.ettliiR 1'r. IX No. 17!)... Ai'dis llosworlh, .'iSf^stlnK <"o. -'Supt. . ; Gaylord D. Sbumway, iu-e. •UralnnKC'exp. on :Dr. No. '.17!) .._,.. _»_„•__• ; PhllllpH School- SiM-vide, sup.. Pratt T' i ,|)any', sup, Northwe^l f era'-, Duplicator Co.,' , su|i. l^-'-Sri-- Kiipto Ij6()se";V;Leitf- Company, SU|). ;.Vi V^j; ^_1 '_•; Lorlns .-f^jppt,v., C!oui|iiviiy, ,aup. Kiipto LooSe<. t.ejif Company, books ^-1- -_-. How, Pct<jSon >t Conipnny, : ibooks ££i "^ , ," The M(i'emlllnh Company, books ' .. _ • JtcCormick-Mrttliers Pub. (.'.(,., books ' t: i___: : ; Kami Mc-Nally & Conipnny, . hooks 1_ American Hook Company, books , ; ^ The A. N. Palmer Company, .books '._ Charles Re.rlhnei-'s Son. 0 , hooka Follelt Publishing Co., books. •L>'ons tt Carnahan, books. ^ Cliiin and company, books Sfoft, Forcsiniin & Company, BCt.col books ', .Pnwyers. work books M-cCormlck-Mnthers Pul). CM., .-work books *_ , 17* s.hfl 'i!.7M M 1.30 ;sri •I'.WI)' lW.54' 1.2T. fl.7n 2l,«i) n.i5 n.tft 22.S5 fi.25 1B..I2. 23.80 3.1.00 S.15 50.14 243.S5 23.33 12.10 102.01 S4.01 2SS.77 20S.1G 2,",. 02 S7.13 105.03 35.08 .W..10 5S7.0J fi60.!)S 2.112 37.01 : jW(irK f VTOUh»..'.'jjai.«ii'iiis«iiiiiW' Hw, ; Pewftson St. Cofflrintiyi ' - i.: f^-^ ' M, hipfitnentt CaWpdltiy', JKAmr ' U AM^ft' • • ...... i • - TTOrK • OOOK8 .ii'^.ji.i-i.'iiiuWkii'L^i " . f ? yd;H* ... "CafnViHall, mm* ijit.^i.uiikit-ii' fl,. clerftriH '& Gt)rtlpHny> j wbrk bnoks Ttidi, bnoks i i aiisia.»»iisi-i.i MHt>min v ah Oiiftlphfiy, .'i'i.wUii^i.-iij'. dafnahilni. Wttflt •.J,: J? Op KB , i -«i'i «, iiji' j *. fc't"!* b A - &> & i i f IMt-CprmfcfcMathers ipiBVllfth- Ihff Co., worlt books ...«. i I'irtiltuHiHrt (*bhi(t«nyi t*1t boftlfs ..a^, «*.... puWlshliif? Company, Sflt' firtoks „' ___ .....^..^ ofrlVa Hit's ftrllff Stol-e, Whfk fiailfel BttoK CdttthAnyt .Work ' ... ---- r,yons £ Crtrnnhan, work boblt'S _ ;'ii.«i-i._i.«4'.»..» Seritt, Nf-eSrhah fc t.MhtprtMy, wtifk. llpoks i-i4.jii.iii.iii.. Tlip, .ItnrHfbh PiilrtlshlHK iCo,, work liooya ... __ . ____ .... . . . MHtthe'w C: DflfC, coilM reporter i.i..ii..Lj:-i'.-i- — Stale TYeriaiirer, "BO Wit re- .tlint . . i.i....i.-.i _____ -i— The i, Mncfnlllmi Crimtiany, bool<s ... __ „._ __ * ___ ...I.i. the Mncmlllnn . Cbmprtny, ___i_._— — .— _.i_. The MnciMlUnn .Company, .books ... __ ___ ^i ____ , _____ Doilbledny, Dorah & Coiniirihy JHo., httbks ....... _____ .... Jjyoris & Ctifnnhnni books ; ___ The L. W.. Singer Company, books ... _________ ;._ ------ Glitn and Company, book's ... kaldlnw Bi'btliers, bqoks ; ____ Scott, Va resin ah '& Company, , boBka »•..'».. .—••',;---; ____ :— . The University Publishing Co., . ibooks .'•• _..j _____ .1 ___________ The Bbbbs'MerHH Coiilhiiny, • bobks ___ :__ ____ i ___ L ____ •_. . Chnrles Scribncr'S &OIIIK, iiooks The John C. Winston Co;, book's' _________ ; ______ . ____ Rand McNnlly & CdWiiwiiiy, boukn .i __ j ______ '.Li-i^i.-i Jtivfn, Stnte . Teachers College,, Iwok's __ i ____ i. ____ ^ _______ : Allyn and Bacon, 'bboks _____ Phillips School Service, books W'pbster PubllshlhK C6n1|inny, books ... ___ i _____ ... ___ . __ R. M. Male & Company, books Bow, Petei-sbn & Company, books v ___ ____________ :._• — Tfoup-hto'h Mifflln Company, books __________ , — ; -------News Mop Of The Week Inr., subscription ______________ Iowa Puplld 1 -RcnillnK Circle, 'books ___ ; _______ x -------D, C. Ileiith & Company, books ____________________ Cdrwlth Consolidated School, altproprlntlbn _.' ___ _ ----- ;-'West Beiid Co n s o llilated School, appropriation _____ ;_ COUNTY FA I R FI TNI3 KoBsuth County Fair and 4-11, (UW 7,11 B.i'ii Isfi.SI n.iis '1(!.?(1 " 2.32 B8.Sfi n7.oo 4D.7I , 32.77 31.82 17,11 3.2S B.O!) 0.92 108.00 42.OT 01.05 '7.67 22.'8U 20.S3 17.51 41. tfl 78.77 27.44 15.00 •I 02.65 11. SB' 10.12 17.10 :'m;'*mmmmmmmsmw ^Jm-m MSTratif a iMHSPm, aa < f,-;-' : , i 1 •W. » McC^llaUBlfiJMWttifflWS^; :; ;,^.; ; AIC. *aWtom Dfsb l Mflltefs attd Cj*cam Manure Loatlci-s and Stackers Stock Tattks, Steel ailtf Wood for A. ;C 4) 1^ M^aii|;6i!V^r Corn l»iekers Wood and SJteel TaWk Wagon Boxes Oil and Grease Used Machinery ,,..-','- '. • • N • ' • 2 wagons, good shape. Victor endgate seeder. 3 section springtooth harrow. 1 pair 11x25x30 tractor tire chains; 1937 Va-ton Chevrolet pick-up truck for trade on row crop tractor. Hammermills. Air Compressor. • r * . i have complete service for Allis-Clmlmers, Oliver, New Idea, Massey-Harris and Firestone. "Firestone" Tires "Tractolube" oh BRADLEY BROS. Phone 714 Algona, Iowa "Hydraulic Farm Hand" Stacker Loaders Shorts and Undershirts Wrisley Soap Boxed $1.00 Shirts, size 40-46. Shorts, size 30-40. Machine Gun Bath Set ..................... .....98c TBody Powder .................. 39c Bath Salts ........ ...... :....:39c Cologne... ............. 25c-$1.00 With clicker in axel. Standard model size. Submachine size with clicker nttnchment. DOLLS Valor Brand Ties Boxed Stationery nd white. Good . ' 35 c SI. 49 Steel Repeating Cannon With shbt. Pastel and white. Good quality paper. . '• <. •• A big selection in all sizes, all kinds and' all prices. Games Finance Table Tennis Bingo Football Lotto Baseball Raffles Party Games Bean Bag Horse Shoe Old Maid Anagrams Soldier Set Chinese Checkers Pirate Island Strategy Yankee Trader Fountain Pens Si.OQtoS2.75 Conib, Brush and Mirror Set Military Brush Set Artificial Xmas Tree 30 inch 36 inch Shaving Mug With soap. I5c 49c to sf. 49 Pictures Scenic and religious. 89c to$5.95 Jewelry JJarrings ..... ........... ,.i(jc<49c Brooches, Pins....29c-i$1.89 Necklaces ........... ;69c-$2.49 Children's Bracelet 29c 59c Woodbury Shaving Lotion Christmas Corsage 29c Xmas Candles Fancy designs. Lunch Cloths SI.49 Plastic Novelty 25c-98c • Cribbage Board 29c SI. 19 Better grades with all nriund zipper and photo compartment, coin purse attached. Lamp Shades 98c S4.79 SI.29 S3.50 18 in. Tapers ................ 12 in. Tapers ................. Books — Fiction 49c SI. 00 And Many More to Select From Pottery Vases 89c Xmas Wreaths Be 29c Cocktail Set Perfume Sets 59c Double Holster Set SI.98toS3.49 End Tables S3.89 Hohter Set 98c 8 glasses, shaker and tray Doll Ciit Book Hc Shaving Sets Rocking Horse ............ $4.95 Stuffed Dolls. ............. $1.29 Pyrex Oven Waire Makes a very usefiil gift. Toy Brooms .................. 50c Color Books. ....... :,.., lOc Shag Hags Ash Tray Stand Ornamental All Steel Containing lotion, talc, tonic, soap, shave cream. Wheel. Barrow 98c to si.69 Plastic Tea Set 29c 50c PyrtX Crf fe* Maker S2.79 $2,98 Range Set Berry Jug Syrup pitcher Clown Cookie jfw^ J|i,01) Elephant Cookie Jar $g, Pounding Table $1.49-2.49 Mitt MM Model Airplanes.. ..15c-25c Nurse Sets... ..... ,... t .50c-98c Socks All rayon, fancy design. Boxed. 39c pair i Jig Saw Puzz]es....25c-49c Doctor Sets Pounding Tables 1.49-2.49 Belts Elastic Garters Blocks ............ ..... .-39C'98c Glaes Tea Set 25c 98c Doll Beds........ ......... .....$1.98 Black Boards $1.5043.95 Children's Books ........ 75c CANDY Dart Box With steel darts. SI.50 MANY NEW THINGS Many new toys are coming in all the time. here for the newest toys. Chocolates Candy Filled Novelties IVa Ib. Glass Filled Candy Dish Sant« Clans Box Xinais Tree Box.. Glass Telephone-Glass Tank Glass Car Children's Candy Boxes VA Ib Ice Box Dish i Purses ^-~^-mwmm.-^-*>. ~mg~^^ *BB~V STORE 1 Ib Hob Nail Dish Xmas Gift Boxes I0-l6-20q Af. l^flgmack, Esther I* Langmack

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