The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 29, 1945 · Page 16
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 16

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 29, 1945
Page 16
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WHffiBHMARMY NURSE HONORED AT DINNER PARTY Whlttemore:' Mrs.- < Herman Gade had as dinner guests at her home Monday evening in honor Of her daughter First Lieut. Meta Gade, who returned from the Southwest Pacific Monday morning, Mr. ind Mrs. William Gade and family, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Meier and family, Mr. and Mrs. Lorenz Gade and family. Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Gade and daughter Nelda and son, S -lei Wayne Gade, and Mr. and Mrs; Arthur Gade and family. Birthdays Calibrated A' number of relatives gathered at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Henry SchUltz Sunday evening to help Mrs. Schultz and her two daughters, Mrs. Ernest Meyer, and Mrs. Herbert Potratz, celebrate their birthdays, which were Monday, Nov. 26. New Hardware Clerk Kenneth Hoicomb is the new clerk in'the Fleming Hardware store. He started his new position Monday morning. RUPTURED? Well known truss expert to demonstrate marvelous new! Howard truss. No leg straps to gauld, no knobs to enlarge! opening. Has flat sponge rubber pads designed to hold like pair of hands. It's sanitary. Can be washed. Do yon wear a truss that don't hold you and is letting you gradually get worse? Protect your health. If you can't be helped you , will be told so frankly. CAUTION: If neglected, rupture may cause pains or j nervousness. Please come early. Wives invited. Call for; evening appointment. Has brought correction and new com-j fort to thousands. No obligation. No treatment. C. D. SMITH WILL BE AT ALGONA WEDNESDAY. DECEMBER Sth ALGONA HOTEL' HOURS 9 A. M. TO 12 FARM SALE Friday, December 7 LAURENS, IOWA 12 O'CLOCK NOON Lunch Wagon on Grounds , 33 Head Holstein Dairy Cattle 33 Outstanding herd; heavy, young producers; Herd headed by registered sires for many years. 15 cows now milking.or hravy springrrs; registered Jierd bull- registered bull calf; other young stock. T. B. and Bangs tested. Part of herd calfhood vaccinated. Cattle sold Indoors in case of bad weather. GOOD DAIRY EQUIPMENT FULL LINE FARM MACHINERY POTATO FARMING EQUIPMENT Special Items as: Electric motors •4 to 10 h. 11. 700 ft. li/i Iron pipe Contractor's slush pump. Dynamiting equipment. DAN FELSING & SONS Shop Equipment As: Large post drill. Battery charger, commercial size. Two chain hoists. Delta 14" floor drill. Oxweld welding outfit, . complete. HAY MAGNESS, Auctioneer, 'Laurcns, Iowa DON'T DELAY. . . REPAIR AND RECAP TODAY! LESTER DeBOLT Phone 308 118 N. Thorington Place Your Orders NOW for GREAT HEART AND SUPERIOR BLOCK COAL THEBK ARP SJBV1IIAI. CARS OF THIS EXCELLENT COAL IN TRANSIT. F. S. NORTON & SON PHONE 229 f>ftufhi«r , A daughter w*s fioftt at the McGreetJr hospital 16 Mf. aftd Mrs. Eldon Hatvtelmqrt Thursday. Mr. and Mrs, J6hh ^ Baas Vis ited with relatives; ih HUdsoh, Wis., a Week.' Prof. H. W. fiehnke attended a board of directors meeting held at Port Dodge Monday. Mrs. Clara Anderson, Algona, visited at the home of the Gilbert Benschoters Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Ross Medin visited with Mr. arid Mrs. Walter Ble'ich in Algona, Thursday. C, L. Cavartaugh attended the funeral of a , cousin, Mrs. Tim Hood at Etarnum Friday morning. Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Biersted visited with Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Funk, Sunday at Cylinder. Miss Emma Roeber underwent nn appendicitis operation' at the Kossuth hospital at Algona, Sunday night. Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Cavanaugh ent Thanksgiving day with Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Cavanaugh .t Clarion. Mr. and Mrs. George Urich of Garner visited with Mr. and Mrs. Paul Urich, Sunday. Tftie men arc brothers. Miss Margaret Fandel and Mrs. H. W. Gcelen were Sunday dinner guests with Mr. and Mrs. James B. Geelan. Geraldine Rooney returned to Des Mpines Tuesday after spending a week here with her mother, Mrs.. John - Waldron. Raymond Heller received his honorable, 1 discharge from the army and- is Visiting with his mother IflTS.'! Fred Biersted v . Mr. 'and Mrs. , Clayton Crook and son,' visited with Mr. and Mrs. Ollie RoUpe : over the weekend, the Crpoks live at .Fort Dodge. • : Mr. and .Mrs. Jerry. Sullivan and family, Ledyard, : were Thanksgiving'day'guests at the parental home of Mrs. Henry Felder. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kuecker spent from Tuesday of last week till Saturday at the home of their son Mr. and Mrs. Erwin Kuecker, Ames. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Hoi- comb and fmaily spent Sunday visiting with Mr. Holcomb's parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Hoicomb of Spencer. Bonnie Brogan, Algona, and Mrs. TKeresa Schmitt were Thanksgiving day dinner guests at the hpme of Mr. and • Mrs. A. D. Brogan. Henry Behnke returned from West gate, Wednesday, where he has been for three weeks helping Mrs. Anna Behnke get moved into her home. • i Mrs. Cletus Reding and family returned to he,r home in St. Paul, nfter spending; fiver weeks with: her husband's parents, Mr. and , Mrs. Nick Reding. Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Swanson i and son L. W. Jr. were in Mason City with .Mrs; Swanson's par-1 onts, .Mr. and Mrs. Vern Shinn, ' Thanksgiving day. Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Rosendahl and sons Danny and. Ralph, were Thanksgiving day dinner guests nt the parental home of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Heidcnwith. Mr. and Mrs; Pat-. Farrell and son of Richmond; Calif., are visiting at the home of Mr. Farrel's mother, Mrs. Nell Parrel, and other relatives for several weeks. *ALddNA fcprothy Braatji sfceftt frtti Wednesday until Sunday at paretal home of iMrV arid Lbuis Braat*. She Jfelufn&d to Westgate Sunday, where she is teaching. Billy"Johnson, Rolfe, visited his uhcle and aunt, Mr. arid Mrs, Herman Voigt, from Tuesday until Sunday. His parents, Mf. and Mrs. Jack Jbhnson, spent the afternoon with the Vbigts and/little Billy returned home with ; them. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Besch entertained a number of guests Thursday evenihg. Thbse present were Mr. arid Mrs, Joe Montag, Mr. and Mrjf. Walter Fandel, Dora Besch, Raymond Mdntag, ilopn Laubenthal, and Adeline Faber. Thanksgiving day dinner guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. August Vaudt Sr., Were Mrs. Anna Behtike and daughter Elaine and son Edwiri, Westgate, and Mr. and Mrs. Edward Butler and family, Fort Dodge, Miss Clara Vaudt, Estherville. . Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Meyer and son Gayle, the Rudolph HanoV- ers, the Herman Meyers, the Erwin Bruhns,, and the ' Henry Bruhns were Sunday Vvehing visitors at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Bruhn, it being the wedding anniversary of the latter. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Ostwald had as guests Thanksgiving day .'.: '• . :„-:-• , - ,i- M'-. ','-5* : ^.::i,'.j*' W' : ''•^v^-i' 1 " man, St. Paul, Minn.., Mr. and Mrs. Micheal Zimmerman, Mr. and Mrs. William Zimmerman, Algona, Mr. and Mrs. Willard VIentz and son, Fenton, Mr. and Mrs. William Hanson, Sexton, and Mr. * and Mrs. Martin Zimmerman, of here. Mr. and Mrs. James Besch entertained a number 6f relatives at their home Thanksgiving day ! or dinner. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Mike Br?<-"h Sr. -™'l daughter Dora, Mr.' nnd Mrs. Willam Besch and family, Mr. and VIrs. Edward Besch and family, Leslie Higley, and Bernard Kisch, and Mr. and Mrs. Mike Besch Jr. and family of Whitte- nore, and Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Besch, Algona. Straightens Record In a story clipped from the Le- cionaire, featuring the late Col. R. H. Spencer and his two pair of twins' remarkable record, the Advance made the statement that the -first Mrs. Spencer died childless. In order to keep history straight, it may be stated that the first. Mrs. Spencer and Col. Spencer had one daughter, Marian. She was a beautiful eli;l and popular with everyone. She graduated from the Algona high -.chool and later married Frahk Hedrick, son of R. F. Hedrick, well known pioneer C. M. & St. Paul depot agent at Alcona. After only a few years of married life, Marian died in Houston, Tex... and; her husband. passeditQn. some years later. H. -i$J/;(; ! j Dinner Hoat* Four Corners: Stilt^y/ noon and supper (juisli^ai' tfee Harvey Braadweli hom£ r weife Mr; and Mrs. Ted StrulhefS .akift' c'amlly. of Ottosen arid' MrV, Struther's .brother Howard, Who 1 was recently discharged frpfh Service, and Mr. BroadwelTS brother Johnnie Goldtfap,; who is enjoying a 15-day furlough,: Mr. and Mrs. W. Ray Smith and Walter were Sunday dlnfter guests at Tom Treriary's, SUrt.. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Miller and children and Mildred Robinson were dinner guests Thanksgiving evening at the C. N. , Robinsdn home. : Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Hbldren and Mrs. Arlene Gross and son Jackie were dinner and supper Guests Sunday at the Orville Holdren home. . . ^ Thanksgiving day guests at the Leo Ramus home Were Mrs. Ramus's parents Mr. and Mrs. HoW- ard Witham and grandmother Mrs. Jessie Royce, . .,, , Thanksgiving dinner guests at Mrs. Violet Walker's were the following families: the Orville Holdrens, Lewis Broesders, t Cecil Bjustroms, Ed Rich's, John Sa'* bins, Mrs. Edith Rich .-and/Mrs." Rex, Swansdn. and daughter'. Nancy. ." •'..;.", Mr. and'Mrs. Leo Ramus, Mr. and Mrs. Louis 'Lpwman, Delpha. Sengbusph, Algona,' and Don. Ramus and Mrs.. Ed Moore''of Al- tnona, enjoyed a supper Saturday night at SelzCr'sl 1 . /It , was. Mrs. Rnmus and Mr. Lbwman's, 'birthdays. • ...• '• .'. • The Arie Dittmer family : arid Q. A. Bjustrom family and.Mrs, Jessie. Mitchell gathered at;, the Edmund Larsen home riear Burt,' Saturday evening for a ,w,affle supper, to help Mrs. Larsen "celebrate her birthday,' .which i.was that day. - ' .;• ••'': .;. Thanksgiving dinner guests 'at Q. A. Bjustrom's were Mr. and Mrs. Otto Harlan-" and. fami'ly; Mrs. Jessie Mitchell, . Mr. and Mrs. Arie Dittmer and : family, and Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Bjustrom. The family enjoyed an oyster supper in the' evening. Betty Marlow, who teaches at Malcom, la.; spent the weekend at the W. Ray Smith home, Fri- , and 1 Howard 1&Wmftfi T sV ftfloWK; attfi i thr LttW»aft Wallace' ' a birthday Sunday 1 at tMe m & Wltham home 1 ih hdttbf ef Mfs, Lfeb Ra- fftus and LdUls' LttwffiafiV of Feri- tort; ••;• ••: Others attending - 'besides thi' httnfirees Wer% lv J. LoWmaflt m ! a«a Mrs, Howard WithamV Mh ajftd tAfS> Pete Helrhers, Leb Ramus. and children and Mrs. Lbuli LfeWman find ehlldten, ,' Th^re Was : a •> surprise party Sunday evening at the Louis Lowman home near Fertton oh Mr. Lawmanv THpse attending .were MK 'and; 'Mrfii Att Alexander and farnily, Mr. arid. Mrs. Order Ydtir 1046 BABY CHICkS NOW r i U. S. Approved U. S. follorum Tested Also TURKE* POULTS and DUCKLINGS. chicks make good money. You can't go wrong on .SWfcA CITY HATCHERY CHICKS, first hatch February 16th, ' _ •.• ' CITY HATCHERY SWEA CITY, IOWA • '."-:••• Phono 35 ' ' . | Bed Cross $ (laicndar ^OFFICE^ HOURS, 9-12; 1-5 . •' •'. Office oyar S & L Store. After hours erriergehcy — Call -; Mri.^W.'V. Komplcy. Coun; i • ' Chairman, phono 801; "Paul Seelcy, home, service chuinnan, • p.iune 828-J; Mrs. H. W. Milior, home service corps chairmen, phone 700. '• All emprgency furloughs or .extensions of furloughs niust. be verified'^ by ih'e Kossulh Bed Cross. Seo your local chairman or Red Cross representative, or call one of the •above. 7tf Nurse On Furlough 't Ledyard: Lieut. Audrey Lm-; derkofler, who is spending a ^5- rtay furlough with relatives ,j3t Bancroft, and her aunt,,-Mrs. L'ilr lian Dcvine, spent Friday at tlie Jack McDonald home. j LEAVES UNIVERSITY. La Vonne Eailoy has tempor- i arily discontinued her work as; a student at the University Of: Minnesota and will stay at home and help care for her mother | who is not enjoying the best of health at all times. J for Aii Old Fashioned Christmas /' ^S^ltil^V^^f- AM CHRISTMAS CARDS Send holiday greetings by these cheery messengers , . . embossed |7 / designs, silver foil, S/ / sparkling snow, and beaded decorations. Other 21-card boxes 39cto98c.. Thf Friendly Store PLASIK JEEP Our Rig:'llbw Price 35c Thtillins cdion '<>» l"«l 4 it,, long. To be mire of bulging stockings and bright-eyed happiness on Christmas morning visit GAMBLE'S. .. you'll find toys galore to fulfill the fondest wishes of all well-behaved children. Plastic Truck Fine for "Hauling Trips" . . . iuat like w. long; Plastic Planes A boiful of excitement! 5 plane models For Josn'a or "impor, tant" iilwi ii Mfijbc* fwirtt, ^t6el ieWi ^ndflui- tlvatof. Tjils^ira^6* is doljiipietcly; tettiodclietl, %itll new black sleeves and pistons^ new wank sliaft, '•' ' ' '- -""• :• •'*, ''"-', ''•'• .'.'*.. " : - -, .''" "- -''. ',,.".*''' " '' ' I ' : ~'main and rod, bearings hnd clutch, Cream separator. I NEW MACHINES 'ji'-" -,.•'',' - '. ; .7 ' '' '' ' ' •'./.''••: '- • '* ' Tank heaters. Adjustable wagott hounds. Tractor Avlicel Weights. Hydraulic tractor slaW, Electric ; mUk cooler, cream separator and ihilker.\ Adjustable front wheels for H and M tractors. \ Rubber :•'••••'.'' . • . s I \ v * ' rolls for corn pickers. Tractor chains, praetor magnetos. Firestone tires. Farm-oyl lubricants. PONTIAC SALES AN0 SERVICE A lend lenient McCotmick Dccring Sales aritl Service i > Phone 52 State and Jtjnes W« take the town BY STORM with of tht n.w wtather-flflhtlnj AH E HI IEX • A jacket in the true Canadian with * warm wopl.ftce pile lining an4 «n outer *MW 01! a great new A>IER1TEJC FABRIC to giYf yW ,perft)fti^[ in protection,,. a fabric that bear* the ''fwi»<|Mf :Qppw(j*..' tested Oreen yght seaJt and i* staltA ioa against jnoij and rain with Norane dwable jww'f epeWeiiti fronc, knit cuffs and bottoms, • ^ ^ | "' '• * , ... . . y : . V

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