The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 29, 1945 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 29, 1945
Page 4
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frfttm. -.-...--r^-ifi-t tir.-.-g ...-^ ^-flt-fo*'!- Professional Advertisements A'iTORNEVS At LAW rt. ». (ilJAtlTON M. W. MJtLLKB ATTORNEYS AT LAW Office In Sawyer Building Office Phone 427 v ALGONA, IOWA "•A.'UJUNON & HUTCHISON" ATTORNEYS AT LAW A. Hutchison (1862-1938) Donald C. Hutchison . Theodore C. Hutchison -•jfciirity State Bank Building •rtiMip 261 Algona, Iowa H! .1 Vnn Ness Allen A. Brunsor VAN NESS & BRUNSON ATTORNEYS AT LAW Offices in new Helse Building r'htine 213 Algona, lawi iitvlnrd D. Shumway Edw. D. Kellj Hai-old F. Fristedt SUtmnVAV, KELLY & FRISTED1 ATTORNEYS AT LAW in Hutchison Bldg. Phone 68 ALGONA, IOWA JL1NNAN & LYNCH ATTORNEYS AT LAW .HIH Iowa Phone 201 IP over Kossilth Mut.' Ins. Bldg ALGONA, IOWA U A. UTNKEL ~~ . A'l-rORNBY AT LAW . i 'iiicr: in Hutchison Building ' ..IK- liiii Algona, Iowa iSi -iittft$ : ;^iiii:i^ J. D. LOWE Attorney at Law Ko-mis 212-214 First Nat'l Bk BIdgr. Phone 287 - Algona, Iowa Mr. *nd MM. Norman Crawford w^'ht to Spencer for Thanksgiving with the letter's parents. M*. and Mrs. Sid Spear spent Sunday In Lakota with the latter's mother. Mrs. Peter Hans. M*. and Mt*. C. G. Macumber spent Sunday at Lone Rock with Mr. and Mrs, W. R. O'Donnell. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Timm wdre ?hShksgivitt|;' day dinner guests if Mr. dnd Mrs. Ralph Meidke. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Reid intertaihed Mr. and Mrs. Harvey :leld at. dinner Sunday evening. Mr. and Mrs. 3. A. Raney spent Thanksgiving in'iWesley with Dr. nd Mrs. Height Raney and fam- Mrs. Leonard Maasdam went to Lu ' Verne, Tuesday, to visit her daughter, Mrs. Clinton Wid- ck. Frank Zander went to Sioux City, Thursday, to visit his laughter, Mrs. Paul Hamill and amily. Mrs. Ruby Johnson and chil- :-en spent Thanksgiving in Ban- oft with her brother, Leak 'ork, and family. v Mr. and Mrs. W. H. 1 Clawson went to Webster City, last Thursday s where they enjoyed a family .get-together. Mr. ajnd Mrs. Hanry McMurray went to Rochester last week where 'Mrs. McMurray is going through the clinic. James Reynolds, Captain of eastern air lines, Atlanta, Qa., spent last week with ,his sister, iwrs. C. D. Schaap. Mr. and Mrs. Sam Medln went to Whittemqre, Sunday, and spent the day with their son ixussell and family. Mr. and Mrs. Chris Johnson went to Rutland, Thanksgiving day, and were guests of Mr. and whs. Nels Nelson. ' L. L. Hiier went to Des Moines Tuesday to attend a state retail implement dealers convention being held there. Naomi Kenef ick of Eagle Grove spent Thursday and Friday her with her sister-in-law, Mrs. J. N. Kenefick. Mr. and Mr4. B. L. Palmer and Miss Lucia Wallace were guests of Mr. and Mrs. K. J. Smith rt Hurt, Thanksgiving. Miss Joan Linnan o: Maurice: spent from Sunday until Tuesday { at the home of her brother Luke jinnan and family, 'or a Seebee camp. Several relatives helped Earl Taylor celebrate a birthday anniversary last Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. K C. Hess of CJlenhnvan, Wis., visited the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hoffman over the week end. Mrs. Hess is a sister of Mr. Hoffman. Several friends surprised Elizabeth Dearchs Sunday evening when they came to help her cele- & birtday Mt. «*d M», M, v. and so« Terry/ of Spent Saturday &i. the'Elrl fay* lor hbjrhe. Mr, Slephehsbh cam6 for pheasant hunting. ...•',:•:,. Eugene eiemaiii, sett 6f JM«, John P. Clyde,; arri,veu.,hpmt Monday morning following 1 his discharge'from service at Minneapolis. With his mother he difoVe to Fayette to bring ba!ck -Miss Mancy Clement. They will all spend the Thanksgiving holidays here. Mr. and Mrs. John Spencer have rented a furnished heuse in Des Moines where Johft has a position with an accounting firm. He began his new work Monday. Mrs. Spencer and their son John joined him yesterday. They have Mr. and Mrs.' tmty fhligei 6f Tfiiey, Minn., are visiting with relatives in this vicinity. Mrs. Nick fhllites feturnect Wednesday from' Watertdwh, S. D., .where, she went to visit her parents Mr. and Mrs. Jakb Belief, Pvt; John Capesius left TMurS* day night from Fort Dodge for Camp Grant, 111., after spending four days with relatives and 'friends.. Mr. and Mrs. Henry BormanH. have received word that their sort Pvt. Rbbeft Bormattn has been transferred from Cfitnp Roblnsont Ark., to,Camp Picket!, Virginia. Darwin Hammer spent Thinks* giving and the week end with his been here, with John's mother, Barents Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Ham- Mrs. Emily Spencer, since theit arrival from Australia.' Mrs. D. H. Goeders writes from Moultrie, Ga., that she and Mr. Goeders are nicely located in an apartment there and will stay until after Christmas. Their daughter and husband, Mr. arid Mrs. Norman Walker live in Moultrie. Mr. Goeders has been in bed most of the time, but his doctor expects- him to soon, got out in the sun. The Goeders granddaughter, Linda Falkeii- hainer, who is in Chicago with her mother, has recently been seriously ill, but is reported better. Her father, Harold Falkeh- hainer, who is employed in Washington, D. C., flew to see her. E. J. VAN NESS , Law Offices I K. J. Van Ness Delia Welter 2nd floor New Ilcise Building Algona, Iowa PHYSICIANS & SUBGEONS cTlI. CKKTMTEYER, M. D. Phono 444-310 j SURGEON & PHYSICIAN i Office in John Galbraith Bldg. MBI.VTN Q. BOURNE PHYSICIAN & SURGEON I'hmtp—Office 197 Res. 1M Across from P. S. Norton & Son DENTISTS A. ,1. EASON, Dentist ~ ; Ot'fire over James Drug Store ' Phnhe Office 59 Residence 85J KARL B. HOFFMAN DENTIST Office in New Helse Bldg. Phone 44 Res. Phone llf DR. ERVIN J. ANDERSON j DENTIST 1 Office in McEnroe Building Of. Phone 572 Res. Phone 525-W DR. J. P. HERRIG Dentist ! Rooms 13 and 15 Haggard & Peterson Bldg. I Office Phone 19 Residence S69 DR. ROBERT \V. LEE Jrii.yRic'an and Surgeon Hutch'son Bldg: Office Phone 127 Res. 827 OPTOMETRIST A. W. Amunson Office—Borcnardt Bldg. Eyes Examined Res. Phone 436 MISCELLANEOUS ANTONE E. JOHNSON (Burpee Agency) District Agent •', Northwestern Mutual Life : " , Algona, Iowa Phone 656 Res. 173 EMMETSBURG PRODUCTION CREDIT ASSOCIATION Loans to Farmers and Stockmer with a sound basis for credit. •/•,' Rate 4%% Part time office, Friday 1 to 4 ;-p. m., National Farm Loan Ass'n Office Vi Block South of Council Oak Store. "BETTER QUAUTr •Quiocn SERVKT HEADQUARTERS For Stndf-to-Ordtr RUBBER STAMPS Your orders will be filled promptly and efficiently ORDER NOW! For Sale at The Algonn Upper Den Moine* ' North Dodge St ST. JOE FOLKS HELP N.J.WEYDERTS CELEBRATE 51YRS. DUCK PINS 98 C Lighter set, smaller size 49c Deluxe set $2.59 DART BOARD 75 C Comp»osition panel. Baseball game on one side; target on reverse side. 18 x 18 Dart Board, one cork face. Two games in ,one $1.29 OFFICIAL BINGO 89 C A game for grownups as well as youngsters. An old favorite. CHECKER SET 59 C Jig Saw Puzzles 29c Tiddledy Winks 49c Chinese ' Checkers... .95c Parchesi 98c Ring Toss 89c & $1^89 Bowling Alleys $1.79 & $2.69 Pool Tables $2.98 & $3.98 Quoits.......$1.69 Roller Target $1.79 Question Bee 95c Spell It $1.39 52 Game Chest . 95c Five Favorites. .$1.89 Bagatelle 95c & $1.29 Crasy Alley.... 29c Composition checkers omposton ce and 4 color board. "The Friendly Store" mer. Darwin is attending Loras college in Dubuque. Iowa's soil produces more wealth each year than all the gold mines of the world. Iowa has 43 daily and 441 weekly newspapers, Iowa has 25 radio broadcasting stations located in 18 different cities. ' MRS.F.I.TRIBON Will Sell the Furniture of IDA MINKLER , At Her Home 300 E. North St. on FRIDAY, NOV. 30 '""•''" at 1 p. in. Bingrcr sowing machine, circulat- St. Joe: Mr. and Mrs. Henry ''"& heater, walnut secretary, china Bormann, Mr.'and Mrs. Pete Bor- ;i os et, kitchen cabinet, heels com- mann, Mr. and Mrs. Mike Bor-1 .,•„•' .. , „ , . mann, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bor- ? lcl °' dresser, chairs, dishes, etc. WIIIIHIIIIH^^ SEE US FOR- Tractor Tire Chains .Tank Heaters Hydraulic Manure Scoops Empire Milkirg Machines Light Fixtures CREAM SEPARATORS Combination manual and electric. GENERAL ELECTRIC REFRIGERATOR SALE ON HOME INSULATION $2:20 Per Roll SEE US FOREARM WIRING * , Kassuth County implement Store John Deere Farm Implements General Electric Dealer , Phone 850 O. F. Drennan fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiifiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii THURSDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY. NOV. 29-30-DEC. 1 Tom Comvay, Buster Crabbe, Ann Rutherford in "TWO O'CLOCK COURAGE" Also "OATH OF VENGEANCE" and Serial "JUNGLE QUEEN" SUNDAY, MONDAY, TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, DEC. 2-3-4-5 fi?f5»»«^SMpi«ft^^^^^Pl ssf^aslliSSnSaljs^SiS^iSssai^^sr JOSEPH SCHILDKRAUT illio Burkt 'Eugano Pollttto Bob Ruth Torry Co-Hit Merle Oberon in "WUTHPUNG HEIGHTS" FRIDAY, DECEMBER 7 U O'clock to 7 p. m- Continuous ALGONA CHAMBER op COMMERCE SANTA CkAU& PART¥ Judy Canpvii in "WT THJp: !^?^^^ TIPS From the Store With the tock HARD-TO-GET Metal Book Ends In Silver and Gold, All New'Designs $5 to $8.50 Stationery Standard and Air-Mall Weights The widest selection; in ycai 4 ?. 79e to $2.25 Leather Goods Address Books ' Birthday Books , Autograph Albums Photograph Albums (Ideal for World War II Memories) $2.00 to D .0; B.A R R ¥ Sf T|ii;,.;.,;...i. Jl" 2 7S CARA ; NOME:SE|p: '±_^_ \™ CAM NOME MKE-lilTS HEENA RUBENSTEpfHEAVEN,'ffiNT AND "APPLE BLOSHI' * 'H '»x'•"• " ••• ! "•"*"• ....i.......... "',.,..•.,...,;.;..:....; «1'9 10 53 25 ; PERFUME ELECTRIC HEAT PADS AND UP •nt.l* ''-'I ""'I/'M •."!{'" 'ij">- ' •'.'.•"• Imported ^'English" TEA SETS 4 plates, 4 cups, 4 saucers in Vigo-Bermuda patterns; $6.50 , $8.00 Exquisite, Entirely New STEM WARE "Urban" and "Tropic Rose" patterns . . . salad plates, goblets, sherbets and wine glasses in wide assortment. Suggested Gifts For Men LEATHER FITTED BAGS '__ $$ $8.-10 "MEN" SETS ;.....;,.....; : 5|50 $3 $5 (Cologne, Talcum, Shaving Lotion, Shaving .Bowl) . "BAR WIC K " S E T S ;..... Sps $%& $425 (Matched Sets in Crockery of Lotion, Talcum, Etc.) "STAG" SETS Always Popular. $125 (o $300 FIGURINES, in gold and ivory for the table S2.00S4.25 LIQUOR-WINE SETS, six glasses and decanter per set 1.25 <. S8.50 DRESSESETS Xmas Cards A full selection, boxed 79c.» $1.00 Individual Cards 5<? up, Wide Selection. COCKTAIL GLASSES byLibby. RAINBOW-ARfCRYSTAL WARE Goblets, Sherb^isiiWinex Glasses, Console gets UP 1 •'*V OTHER GIFTS TOO NUMEROUS TO MENTION COME TO THE REXALt, STORE TO SHOP ' ""'

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