The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 29, 1945 · Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 29, 1945
Page 3
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, «av. s 8,1943; 6hn ,'Ledyard! Lois HhtefVOf Mr. aHd Mrs. BW sv«fr of Gushing, J6wa, was united M marriage to John William or |lck) Soft of Mr. and MrsVSIgUfd |»vlck of cLedyafdt'6iB Satufdn< eyehlng, Nbv. 24 at fl:3ft p.m. ft ttte• tolde's home. They were afl reftdetfby Miriam. Eller b.f.SldtiJi City, sister,of the bride,• Sfld.-S'Sirft O^Vlck of Ledyard, bijothfcf of me The ceremony iwtis .performed fey the Retr. tSStet WestlutJd -of Sioux City. ; ' . Preceding the cefemdny -Eunice Ohtjes, a college Wend of the ibrlde and a teacher at Apllngton sang, "I Love You Truly" and following the cerehiohy she sanr ",God Made You Mine." Lohen- Siren's bridal chorus was played by Helen Cody of Esthervllle, la Following the c.ereffiony dinner Was served at the bride's homo The. table wad decorated with y.el' ;lpw and white with a larfre we'd- ding take as centerpiece. The or- ttament on the .cake was, a bird •bearing 2 rings, which had bp*' used on her": mottier's .Wedclin.;- eake. The bride's i?a,rentk viferr also marries In-the'same room I.- which this ceremony was per formed. •;••••••• -.••;•; '•• •. ; • •. ' • • ,". Waitresses .were Dawn Compton of Ida Grove, Lilltah Kvahsv , pf Swea-.Cit:y. v 8ertha;Sojbei!<' of 'Ledvard > and Helen Cody" '.of Estherville. , '",•'•• ' "Other guests besides !• the ' ' >^b*.y. eucp^a ucaiuca.• tne or,ir"< and groom's parents were.'Mr..- Marvlh Kueck, Mr 1 ; and -MM J.. r. filler. William OrvicV. . Clpr^'nr Piter, Mr. nnd M/s. ,S. A;' Duine- Henry Henderson Sr. and Mr..'nnr Mr*. Rnv Beers and FIrtr»»nce Fair The brtrte F"-fiditatfid from Td Grove hieh schoof nnd att*>nd«v college at, Cedar Falls. She ftu<?h school near her home, nnd th's ' her second year a"! first grad teacher in Ledyard. . The groom attended sohoolin Ledyard and has since assisted father on the farm. After March 1st they will be at home on a farm .near Ledynrd Their many friends Wish' them much happiness and success. Mr .and Mrs. Charles Besendorf and family of Frost were Thanksgiving guests at the Henry Frye home. ' " ' Mr. and Mrs. Christy Henricksen. spent Sunday with Mrs. Hehricksen's: mother Mrs. J. R. Semser at Pilot Grove " "" Mrs. Paul .Henricksen and children of Blue Earth .spent several .days last week 'at the Christy Henricksen home. > ' Mr. •ari'd.-.MreV'sr; H. Welfare and Mr. and,Mrs. Eldon Bpnnicksen. «f Ringsted: spent Sunday and Monday in Cedar Rapids. • • . Mr. and Mrs/George Watts and family of Wellsi -Minn,, spent Sunday, with/ Mrs. .Watts' parents Mr. imd Mrfe'P.'C.i'Jofgenson. • ..;. ' teaches at " nKs-- Aifden Ojton and Ted Clark dm }h the latter's truck, were ijtiite sufprtsea Friday alternbdn- mile . driving , to ShenatidoaH .jack rabbit, bigger "than 'ey had seen, smashed head on into the truck tearing' the whole head light off and breaking sbme heavy casting. ..They were going to Shenah dpah to pick up some nursery trees for. the Ortoh .Tree Surgery G.bVand saw tho rabbit hopping acroSs the field.' They rerrarkei at. the.'.tifne how large the rabbit was, but never .thought that the nonstrous animal would try to tflckle the truck. ' OLD STLE TAKES Bud of the Pioneer Seed WHITTEMORE WINS FROMST. CECELIA QUINT, 55 TO 28 St. Cecelia's Academy dropped its, second basketball, game to Whittemore high, Tuesday nigh .Oft the'-Whittemore floor, 65 to 2(5 Whittemore rushed to an early lead and usitig Superior height to advantage, dominated both baskets throughout the game. Whittemore led at the half, 20 to 12 Wehrspan led the scoring with 20 points, and Winkel was high scorer for the losers with ;18. In a . preliminary game, St. Cecelia's secohd team succumbed to Whittemore, 55 to, 12. The meet Sacred Heart of Poeahoritas on the Acn- demy floor, Sunday afternoon, a! 2:30 o'clock, . and. Presentation Academy of Whiltemnre on the floor here Tuesday evening, a! 7:30 O'clock. Game summary: St. Cecelia (20) FO Winkel, f ....8 Srpelding, f 0 Veydert, c "...'....... 1 Winter, Bob. g 2 Winter, Dick, g 0 3elser .' '..../. 0 foltzbpuer 0 Weir..; 0 -•i '»•• •".•*••.• •••w«B*n^v**«B^«.lf K<at^y**Jrjr.^d^41U14n>t3~. 1 "giving vacation "withSHe'r' parents Mr. and.vMrsrL; ; c::"Strahd. • •' ' Genevleve Lebens. who attends Immaculate .Conception' Acadeiti at; Dubuque, came Thursday', I spend ThanksBivine vacation' wit her mother, Mrs. Clara Lebens. Constance Garry w.ho teaches a Canton, Minni, spent her Thanks Riving 'vpcaUpn with her mother Mrs. Allqe Garry. Oh Friday 'MrV Garry and family were 1 Algdn shpnpers.; '.,.;• Mrs. John Kammersmeier , re turned Sunday evening afte soending part of last week with their son Delmar at the Blanh Memorial .hospital .in Des Moines Delmar-'is improving slowly. • •'"' Mr. .and' Mrs. Eldon Borinicksen 6f>,RIngsted. visited over' ThanTiji- Riving at the parental J.' H. Welfare home. They and Mf- and Mrs Chris Gelhaus and'l 1 Dean w.ere guests for, dinner: - at/ the Ralpji Johnson'.home,' • .. /'.v' Mr. and Mrs. Aeilt Troff enterr talhed' tne 'following relatives ]tor ThariksalvJhg:-Mrs. Jerry Bapnes arid children of. Blffe Earth, 'Mr. an'd ; Mrst Wm. Barnes and dauah'- te, AlberJ.Barnes Jr., Mr; and Mrs; Ernest jfprgenson and family, all .pf Elmp're.; ' • '• ' ' ''.' .'. : ." ( -" Mrs, pdward Cass went,to Rp- «hester on Friday to see ;an uncle and 1 arjrtt. !' Mrs. Cass made' h^r 1 hoDte 'with this aunt 'and uncle wh.ffli,. she. .taught hear Rpckforcl, HUlHe^s now- in the hpspttal 'in; . ~i r^rec" "*• »•«- * luiicd otrcu JQWling .teath topped scorers in he Kossuth .League, this past V N eek at the Barry alleys, turning n a 223 total. Other 200 or bet- er. bowlers were Hutchinson and ilanchard of Lone Rock, Geilen- eld and Julius Baas Sr. of Old Style, Lichter and Davis of Burt, Blelch of Wesley, Becker and Furst pf Becker's, and Winkel of thelK, C; five, The; Old Style team moved up into third place this week. Team standings— Won Becker. Sports 28 Tanvilac .... 23 Old Style ~_~_24 Wesley Co-Op. .. 23 K. c. __:; 22 Burt :___ 22 Lone Rock '...21 Wesley Auto _ "19 Pioneer Seed 18 Council Oak _ ...15 Whittemore Hn Percival Motors "12 JayCees "10 Titonka ——_.—..._Il6 Barbers ;" .12 JCanawha ., ...III" 6 <*< 'Women's League bowlers who iurned in good totals were Doris FT 2 1 1 0 1 0 0 0 PF ] o 4 1 0 0 0 Lost 8 10 12 13 14 14 15 17 18 21 25 24 16 17 21 27 11 5 12 Whittemore (55) FO FT PF -ALGpNA New Book« Added ' To Lakota Library Lakota: The following! book were added to the Lakota librarj recently: "Over the Frontier trail, vv W i- land; "Yankee Stranger,". Shane "Pastoral," Shute; "Time of tfii Singing of Birds," Hilton; "GonS Guard Girl," Craig; "Papa Wns H Pfeaehei'i" Porter. 'ttAisty Wind for Carolina,' Fletcher- "I Ask You Ladies and Gentlemen," Zurmeliah; . "The Journey Home," Popkih; "Grea< Black Kamba," Little; "The World the Flesh and Father Smith, 1 Marshall. "Journey into Morning," Mayberry; "Now That-Aprils Here", Neuman; and also 13 children')! books. Maahs, f .'„ 0 Volgt. f : <) Wehrspan, c .....13 Weinhold, g ....:•! Rusch, g , 2 Braatz Schmeline.. Wlchtendahl Ouinn Vaudt ...: 0 .... n n .... 0 0 0 2 2 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 25 i .1 2 (I • 0 0 n ,2 ll FIRST HIGH SCHOOL GAME NEXT - - e»—• •*••- •^•vMAii »YCIC LJUi la Colberg, 197; K. Kelly, 197; Bea Rouie, 152; and A. Kelly, 166. Russian Book PJrjye Begins December 3 . The drive for collection of books leplcting.-the American way of ife and 'Anglo-American classics ?tf5fi lac f' ^. a , 2i d .estroyfld*RuSsian 'next KestejvV .Mrs, Cass, : retiirt}ed e Saturday evening. '••• ' ''• "•''•• T .Jr, an3- ; Mrs. Alvin Busck aW fan^ly, ;|Wr. la.nd Mrs. jtte Bvisch and Tonimy. Mr. .and John Majjthie and family and ,,«•.(, Fred Busch of Ledyard end >W> a ?t ^Vi^^ B^ty Wf XRWJJiy of Lyle; Minn,, were Thankselvlng day fiJMfStS at the Albert Kft hptne neap Wpden. '',/._ j .iifc -~~-"~V..- *• •»•••** «•«'*! Ill J1UC mtil,,; December : :12, ; :inclnsiva 3ooks may bereft at' the Library, Cumming's Variety Store or the .Call Theatre. The drive is being ^sponsored by the Soroptimist Club assisted-'by: the Bel Canto, Wa- Tan-Ye, Beta Sigma Phi, U. S. W. Acme 1 ;various chlirch groups and the Call Theatre. If you have books and ;are unable to 'deliver them'call Mrs. R. O. Bjustrom or J«h'e'Corey; ......... .Besides books written bv such American '/writers as Sinclair )Le\yls, 'and others gjven on page four, of'.'last week's Algona Upper Des Moines, books by the following , are wanted: Shakespeare, Dickens,' Chaucer, Milton, Swift IteEqe. Fielding, .Sterne, Thackeray, Goldsmith, Wordsworth, Ba- cpn, ., Coleridge, Shelly, . Keats, Spott, Eliot. Tennyson, Longfellow, Brawrijng, Wilde, Swinburne, Butler, - Stevenson, .Washington Irving, •Cooper, Franklin, Hawthorne. Ppe,;.Mev}lle, Whitman,- Service (Juest, jStowe, etc. ' ' : . V No;masazine^ or paper - cover b,ook8,, Bibles, text books, .dlctipn- >wes,, encyclopedias or bcjoksl of political .nature are wanted;*/nor a.ny foreign translation. ..Algona high school's basketball team will open its season, Friday evening, at Humboldt, in a game that is also the first conference tilt of the season.' Coach Gene Hertz is hopeful of avenging the recent, football defeat at the hands of Humboldt on the basketball court. First home game is next Tuesday night, asainst Emmetsburg high, on the local court. • Burt Man Is Sole Convention Delegate Dillman Schwietert, of Burt seems to have 'been about the only American Legion member from these parts who attended the. national convention in Chicago, last week. He is, at least so far as reports indicate. He witnessed all the spectacular program, and was named as an alternate for the Iowa delegation,.;' He is historian for,the Burt post; ; "• i **«-~~ "It was the most quiet and orderly convention I ever saw," he said. To which about all that can be added is to say, "wait uh til next year/' : .'•; NEW EQUIPMENT AT CREAMERY IN USE Following a talk by Alberi GranzoW and Mads Christiansen, at the Rotary meeting, Monday loon, about half of the club mem- 36rship took a lour of inspection! of the Aigona Cooperative Creamery plant, where some $80,000' vorth of Hew equipment is now 1 n operation. Chester Schoby introduced Mr: Granzow, Algonan who represents a creamery machinery manufacturing concern, and the latter gave a thumbnail sketch of the new equipment, and what it will do. At present the machinery' allows the local plant to produce powdered milk, but the setup is such that diversion of milk and cream into other types of saleable dairy products is also possible. At the creamery the '.Rotarians had the equipment, and step-by- step process explained by Granzow, Schoby, Christiansen and plant employees. i, ALGONA IOWA ^ MACHTSBNT 62 CARS TURKEYS Swea City: When It comes to turkeys, the Swea City area isn'l to be forgotten, as these statistics will show. SixtyHwb carloads of ' dressed rarkeys were shipped from the Forest City produce plant here, in the season from late July until a few days before 'Thanksgiv- •ing- ..:,;•. Jeff Hifiifoiji manager, says the'season; will probably extend until the Christmas holidays. Most shipments have been going for civil(a> uSe since the government slofcited buying for military use. j t;-' ; Some turkey sales were being made locally; for the first time n months".^ i The Swe-a .plant does not buy range turkeys but gets the hirdr from, producers in north Iowa and southern'" Minnesota. [CHURCH ESI ST. CECELIA'S CHURCH J. M. Mallirigcr, Pastor Masses at 7:30; 9:00; 10:30. CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH JTolui i>. Clyde, Minister Sunday .school at 10:00 a. m. Church service at 11:00 a. m Sermon theme, The Meaning of Advent for Our Day. Pilgrim Fellowship at 7 p. m. TRINITY LUTHERAN CHURCH Rev. L. II. Loescli Sunday school at 9:45 a. m. Divine service at 10:30 a. m. A cordial welcome awaits you. Phillips Slfot Deei' Mr. and Mrs,. Paul Phillips took heir niece;; Miss Alice Kirkwood, o. her home in V/indom, Minn., ist week. She had accompanied hem on their hunting trip in the mountains near Portland. The Phillips shot -a deer and a bear, and traveled .more than SCO miles up into the mountains to roach the hunting spot. tl. H. Cocrcrins is suffering an attack of arthritis and bus been onfined to his home several days. Mrs. John _ the members, ol'tier : brldjj club' meat department'Tt Tuesday evening, two t'tfles be- is at Rochester', for'I fWI ing in play. • -.-'*. , .| a checKup. VV.v - .'J- •:. - .-^j., f H. W. POST \HL\Y AM> TRANHFEH Storage of All Kinds Every loncl insured ,'ifiainst loss iitifl daniiiRe of ;ili kinds. iV.MMin,., r ] t 0 ,\ r , .,i| hauling and draying. v; .<bd Algona, la. MODERN WAY TO RELIEVE DISTRESS fir CHILDftE^S COLDS ; Has Special PtnetrtAto Stlttmfates Into ilpper brohchlf I chest and back Sur- «J55iS rt f Pl!".^'' ';«*».*, l»ie-« nice, medidi/ial tfapoia warmfng poultice Warming, soothing Vicb VapoRub is the best• known home remedy, you can use to Relieve miseries of ch&t colds. Rub it well on throat, chest nnd back at bedtime. 1t3 special penetrating- .stimu|aiing| action starts rifiht to work—and .keeps on working for houcs—to ; bring graiid relief, invites restful sleep,, too. Try it 'tonight: Swea City Girl A 'Guest At Shower Swea City: Miss Gertrude Uhr was honoree at a shower held at Luther hall Nov. 13. Hostesses were Mesdames Roy Valvick, Marvin Uhr, E. S. Bergeson, and E. E. Berggren. ' Eclw. C. Cook Discharged Pfc. Edward C. Cook came home recently after receiving his discharge from the army at Ft. Sheridan, 111. He had served two years in China and two months in the China-Burma area. He is at present visiting his sister Edith in Des Moines. He is the eldest son of Mrs. Henry Cook. Jay Larson of Seattle, Wash., visited old friends here ' last week. A son was born Friday, Nov. 16, to Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Sanders. ' • . Lt. Robert Leland and wife came from Long Beach last-week, to spend Thanksgiving -with' his-' mother Mrs. Elfrieda Leland. Alice Uhr has returned: from Seattle, Wash., to spend the win- I ter with her mother, Mrs. A. K. ! Uhr. While in Washington she was in civil service employment. Phyllis Johnson left last week, for medical treatment at a Rpch- estei'' rh&spitelS- AH^'eftieinjency case, yet Phyllis was delayed, in obtaining medical attention due to the mobs ,of waiting people. ' /VThanks .to both our Customers mid Employees for our continued Growth.and Success. MASK'S COFFEE Attend Family Reunion Mr. and Mrs. Brail Wright and daughter spent the holiday week end at Shenandoah where they attended a family reunion at the riome of Mrs. Wright's sister, and Family Mr. and Mrs; ; Wilbur Tpay. There were 19 members of Mrs. Wright's family present for the fathering.. • '••••• HEAD THE WANT ADS Package .JEffective^Nov. 15, J9.45, parcels ' Episcopal Leader to tiw Robert G, Purrington, arch Iowa, and in Si, / f .-.T •••----»• ~T' ^T'TT !•*"* *»V*«* weighing up to 11 pounds^ may •v .sent to 1 army personnel over"-'.), Th,e :ar«cles in the pack"••"*' be requested by the ad. ,—jid the package must not Q, oyer 42 inches ift' length or 2yin,,in length and girth com' bitter, 'The lujvy packages are stillvfivejpounds or under and undep 15-'inches in length and 36 Jnches: in length and girth .cpnv Ryje,^ The n.9vy'-o«e08-. no re- qy.est from the addressee. . . , .. _ i _- , Lt, Moulton Here; ' For Your Wife Now The Ring You Promised Mwg Ago " . -10-o«. •* •&&.{ Fkff. * •• V- 'MBY^MREAL • ^ 15c . BREAKFAST CEItEAt ' ': Cream of Wheat %?• 22c GOLD ifEDAt. ! WHEATIES .--. . ^ 15c Grapefruit JUICE D EL ICIO U $ APPLES ••.&'!&*•• Hershey's COCOA WASH. D ANJOU PEARS WASH., DELICIOUS FLAVOR Chot, Syriip .. CBANBl.ATEb' SUGAR c,.;.l GOLDEN "C" \ ••• BROWN SUGAR *n± 27 C i.ib. &C HEALTHFUL DRINK OKANOE 4. Blended Juice 4 ^ A lIEAf.THfUI, DRINK Tomato Juice . <£?• DCFEV-MOWg > " APPLE CIDER VfSttl OALIMVRNA / ^" Ul 'FIGS --r"•'. • lz -° it ' "'•••'••• WASH.—For Balilns, Oooklnx, Eatlnir ROME APPLES 2 Ibi 27c FKESH—TEXAS ' ~ RADISHES ... BBnch Sc OAH P.—WOND EB Green Peppers IA 19c I-HKSH. TBNIIKU Green Onions 2 Bchl . 17c MINN. GROWN, WAXKD RUTABAGAS .3 ui>I3c. Colorado Jonathan SJIUER KRAUT ,1 Ib 12. Can Grap 70 80 SIZE TEXAS MARSH SEEDLESS, 96 Size & Smaller Lbs. -»»j NATIONAL. '"•'•:'" , JAN ROLLS .. DONALD. IJnCK ' Peanut. Butter PBAf»DT,BB*TE« , Peanut Crunch . SPANISH •••'•»>.,?!;/,; : Salted Peanuts 6C. ii?v38c tb.' Prunes NATIONAL'S FRESH MEATS CITRUS Mormealade ~"".~W T >' *^™™..ffT T '''. **• t-v.** T TF. TT?» fT' m '^Bfrafl^tt efnte&| w& -^ W ianl-ap f.-g§tinr^»^«g: " Jg - -,,-.;x.t,i-$.:^ • •-• ••• _}''4-'-':•'•-'• •_ •• -•*:: 'i~W- • lmoj|lfl* how thrilled tW\l b« : wrpfy? her wfth' 51 Keepsake Dignt«od '''' mm*mmmm*$m» «MH»JN» yogf J«w ^^^tW^igi^l «i*s'ra^iwit«* Fruit Cake Mix Lb 28c SDNJIAIP—BLACK ZANTE' CURRANTS ., VC 20c DBO)fBDAnV * CITH0N PEEL ^°*' 12c DROrenABS—OBANQE /" tEpNlEEL, & 9c Sliced l eaches Pork Chops BEST CENTER Lb. CUTS Around Beef *»•••«•• • • fl^^ • " ' ••• - : '^—' — • .' .-j-'- < 2 i *** SCULLY'S Seedless Raisins ~ • • ' WATT .'. ,' -. UgMBHlbsn^eJ^ilc LAUNDBV STARCH .'''' '*~ -;-,-; ?.-'-. I IIIIT ' . U-Ofi'' : .4'A'^> Llnll ,,,,.., .fit*. .AVC VA8TEB, EASIER CLEAKINO •' ' ' II PURE POINT FREE tpf^pwii . . !MBJ*i>>f.5W« Wfc : «*^!« aK^:^g*i ,'••«», ;,f?|i • ;i? ; *fl sntLoiiv &*: r &*. . o" BOLOQNA ;.;.. SKINLESS .: •';./. •*:{ WIENERS ...,, sown P SUPER "WiK^" mm •-^^l^f^-,'Wi^^^^^^ffi^^ : &

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