The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 29, 1945 · Page 1
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 29, 1945
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Be a Moinee,' Iowa D 1865 a Si - ' '•Si Alven a BerniftgHftUs, & WOMBS Bachman, ia,illa Mar- VIn Bachman 23. BdeM " wag .out of the ear; was th k 6' girls .were badly brii suffered from shock,. and Rjley was alAO injured. The 2augg m§* chine Was. thrown 232'W into thei Jos. Becker- field east of the highway; - Mf, and Mrs.: R. A. Johhston, Algona, and Mr, Decker, brought the injured '.to' Algbna, whgre it was .discovered ' that Zaugg was dead. Funeral services werb held Sunday afterripotf at the Apostlic church, Gfirfleld two.; for Zaugg, .who was a .World War & Veteran recently discharged, fle is survived by his parents; and brothers and sisters. . . . DOROTHY DREYER, FENT0N suffered three .broken ribs,' centiy,:when she ^as run over t a tractor at the preyer place, miles southeast of 'Fentpti. '' Meyer, a neighbor;-;fOiind the and she was-fushed td ; Alg6ritf-for medical and • hospital ' 'She Js a daughter 'of Dreyer. ' •.*••:>• - : -.v -., ,{ .-, : .',/*;•• .?,;r;, */':..•;.••< -. ••• - REV. EMEL BENZON, Dawson, .Minn.,- was' voted'a'call to the paStorate: of the First ^Lutheran church,; here, following a -meeting of the congregation. :/; -•','•,:-': • •• *'•.' *•••••*•-• ."•.•: .-.- . •_' ' 5THIEVES AT LONE ROCK got . away with $1,100 worth Of Stamps, bonds and. cash • from •'the post- office there sometime Sunday' night. At the same time,.evidently the; same operators got into the Blanchard lumber yard office. A piece of glass was broken but of the fpostoffice door, and the door .then unlocked from the. Inside John Dixon discovered the door ajar about 8 a. m., Monday and notlfjed Mrs. Evelyn Earing', postmistress, who in turn" notified authorities. Similar robberies at Mallard and Woden led' officials to the three towns Were raided .by.the Same gang:' '• ' <•-„... ;- . -. • , IOWA, THURSDAY, MRS. fl. E. RIST DIK SUDDENLY; SERICIMTURDAY Sixteen Pages VOL. 80--N0. 48) j Mrs, ,K, E. Rist died Wednesday moming about 7:30 at the Kossuth hospital Where she had been a patient only a day. News of her death was a distinct shoe \ o her rn6ny friends although they.. kne,w ; she had not been in the best of health th-» past two years. Kowever, until abbut three >weeks ago she had been able to Christmas Season Hew; Santa In Algona Dec. 7 CONSIDER PLAN TO 'WINTERIZE'HERE • : ru c "j 1 s0 sne naa Deen able to I IT /iAfT»THtr»»r m *m iSltend to her household duties. AT fOHNTPY C\ flR afer sister'.Mrs, Lou Quinlan of m vUUHlAI LLUD g %M^^£^SS£« .°K '..^SgSLw^Lkstool* S.' ° "" nMze ""*> """ 1 " ! A 'Myrtle Nicoulin was born t F adopted, the plan would mkin April 27, 1873, in Algona, the i afn . th t clubhouse in operatic daughter of Frank and Olivia dur '"e the winter months, as we] ,Nicoulin. She attended the local asTthe . su , mm er ones, schools, graduated from the hieh J," stud y, ln g the proposal, clu school; and/then took a business ?,?t eni sa j d that wintcr s P° rts course at Appleton, Wis. She re- wnmH a h S ing and , iob °8e*ni ne turned to Algona and was bonk w d be e r coura g ed a "d the club keeper in her fathers Office for ^ouse would furnish a convenien several years. Iamers °" lce «« Place for warming up. it migh On "OMftV,^ 10 inn-i , also be possible, then, to have oth- marriedlrt W ^'oV? 4 ' S 5 e was ° r SOC , al a «airs there in winter married to H. E. Rist and they as well as summer. Aleona M^P^ malTied life in Wlnter R °a d Chief Problem. To the Ri«t a ,,,».o u , u° ad Irom highway 18 to the club- daughters, Mrs. T F " n ~ * WO ' °- U - S ° ° Peh in Wlnter Eugenia^ of Des' Mo'ihes, HughMO'Rourke, Alice, of Royal | a new committee, named J^R. AND MRS. FRED PLUMB, west of Algona; Deceived aij dffl- cialjNavy departmehOcomJnurii- cation; last week,''saylngtha,'t their *•"--—«--"--- — ••••••• son|OH^er clared nil . result of L-..., iaphed ;to;va '3 ^fliatfatf ' "-' NEW SPEAKERS AT LEGION MEET, BURT Doris Sankey Holding Down Real Job At Myrtle, Minn. Doris Sankey, daughter of Mrs. C Sankey, «t WSa.TSSS?' ^ e ,S' s" M^" *'^ .TG.&S; , speaker, at, the annual county iheeting of The American Legion, ^-'---'"—''-" ' w?as, £ t .B urt ' nex t Tuesday' 'evening,' 2 '2^49;48|,as,'k--v r • ??eciife, Merrltt, coUhty r ' l cpniV ^•iti^^sA''Af^' :! ^^^^^jK^j^'^,,^y^ne^ffy- ; mat latrol bomber Maurice -Kinnev-'an^i^rflWlr T.n'riH ;ja.cneg : ;ip,' a Wayyv.Hatrpt •bomber 1 ^flurIce--Kinney- ! -ana' s 'i i Va'nk- Lurid '*§^fc$t$^l^ , ''*.''^^••^nm >i 'r^n^ia^^i'^'.( i^i^ : ^'^ ; '^^^iW*'iund:-ii- !8l*oiiMty'offi- E. V, Kempley, Ibuiife'^&lrrtian; Eugene - Murtaghl^lCef chairman; »»,„-- n n "-'"- « J - Ji , secretary' Mrs; C. C. Smith, and \ Mrs. J; p.? y treasurer. . ; ', : •'\' 1 . ' ' Algona', FrilST LETTERS WITH Christmas Seals .were ihaijeo; put this 'week by the County.,Tuberculosis Committee. They wil(".be handled as in former years,-, .with jrioney for the' seals lorwarded to the county fund as explained in letters enclosed with the seals. •'.' • v. -.'• ••:•- * '.*' •••.,-' . : A BOY SCOUT OO,URT OF HQNOR will .be held Friday even- Doris attended high school in Algona, graduating in 1943. She enrolled as; a student in an elec- trohic!, institute, Omaha, in De- cenitoer,;: 1943^/wHere she studied .teletypej *'<.|e|egifaphy, /; railroad theory ; . ; Snd Xrailrp'af • Eftterihg'Illinois vice .iniFebruacv; lB44,'ia_s'"a stii- Doris was jlater, ;; :appoirtted relief Operator, serving in seven stations .bn the Illinois Central. Sho waJVprptnpted-, to agent-operator at Myrtle, Minn.," in July, 1944. Mrs- Sankey has a son Bert who is also making a name for himself at Coe college. Bert has been alternating at the fullback slot this past football season. • Sankey played three years on the Algona high school'tearn'i and got into the lineup in all of doe's games this fall, in his first year there. :Another daughter of Mrs. Sa»key, LaVonne, ' ' - The latest townships ,to" pass I Sesday Evening' their quotas are Ccesco. PI im :»-nv,_l "v .._ enlnfi - ing. Nov. 30, a^the :Algdpa high school auditorium.. W.' p.' Officer .. . . of Hurt, and,E.VC. McMahqn of ' Algona, are serving 'as chairman and program •chairman.' lively. John Tweeteh, troop, has completed Jin the' riatioSal/defense; council pjf the Legfo'n. / ; '.Annual election of county Le 1 . gion officers will take place and a,luncheon will be served by the Auxiliary, following the program in the Burt school gym. 3 AUTO CRASHES PAST FEW DAYS A Cowan Building Supply !>anel truck was badly wrecked, Key. L,avonnp i<s mnrri^i f,, i~', -,- "" .....w.. »«,= 1C - y^jj^^.^i^y^^W^&^fi " •"'-•• - - T<" ? «~?4»« S^t» s ."'Th 5 g« n ' h ad G s;,: ¥2 a Oat' 'Mi«k »nu '! . «uy«i " new uuimmuee, named as a ihiMr^ A e A e , Tare two S r and- planning board, would act as an wie YVD' i n Halre and Den - advlsor y group to coordinate plans nis UKourke. Beside her hus- for expansion or development of band and children Mrs. Rist is the club. fi'.'v.ved hy'two brothers, C. W. •' Joe. Lowe was named as chair- S'-Ti ?f A lgona and Claude man of this committee, with Mel X. Nicoulin of Everett, Wash Griff 'n. Don Smith and R. H. and her sister, Mrs. Lou Quinlan' Mi]ler as other members. A. sister, Mrs. Anna Randall of Other Committees. City, died ^ several _years | Other committees named for the LETS NQT.KEEPTH'NEIGHBOGS AWAKE WIGHT-TUEYVE GOT A LOT ON THEIR MINDS-ONLV MORE SHOPPING DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS' COUNTYBONDSALE NOW$400,OOOSHY •• Bond purchases in Kossuth county have passed half a miU lion dollars in the Victory t Loan Drive. This leaves $400,000 'in' bonds to be purchased, before the county will have met its shar^ of the national .quota. ; . '." Eight out of 12 towns and nine out of 23 townships have' theif quotas pledged £»t the present time. The most recent towns '''' ^ass 'their : 'qUptas" are Bancrp,, 'Fenton^'and^^Titonka. -iiiToWi* which^li^iulf^n^fe _ _ . j • • * r - ——•*••»-». j^aio ago, as did a brother of Frank Nicoulin. •''.. Lived Active Life ,,^ r f w istTliv ,f d an acti ve and useful life. In her .younger years she devoted much time to church and .social affairs and was a life long ^member of. the Congregational .church. Her home wts the gathering place for all her fam- ' " . a j?& a y : wer . e . welcome. She . f . u11 °/ vitality and had nev- . - er had a sick day until about two fJP'Rourke ^arrived Sunday ' years ago; coming year, following a meeting of the directors, Friday night, are as follows: Executive committee — Joe Lowe and Fred Timm. Greens committee — W. A. Vigars, chairman, Albert Granzow and W. P. French. House committee — F. B. Timm, chairman, Jim Pool and Jim Murtagh. Tournament committee — Allen Buchanan, chairman. Clayton Perclval and Bob Williams. Membership committee — Ralph Dieckmari, chairman, Wm. Barry,' Jr., W. E. .Hawcott and W. W, Sul- VETS AH) CONTACT OFFICE OPEN HERE NM C ENROEBLDG. A Veterans Administration ontact office is now set up and n operation in Algona, to serve cterans and their dependents in us area. The office, with Alvin J. Ehrardt in charge, is in the McEnroe bldg., next to the Selective Service office on second floor of the building. The telephone number is 18. Ehrhardt served three years in the medical corps during World war II, is a former resident of Elkader, and before entering the army was an employe of the state social service welfare department. He was director of relief at Manchester, la., for a number of years, also. Office Open Daily o .£ he contact office is open from 8:30 a . m. to 5 p. m. daily, except Saturday, when it closes at- n- m.''' ' ' '. • v .~ ; •••"'•' Veterans \ may change FREE MOVIE NEXT WEEK FOR GRADE SCHOOL AGE KIDS Santa Claus will officially come to Algona, Friday, Dec. 7, and will bring with him not only candy for all the kids he sees, but offers a free movie as (well. ; Free movies will start at 11 a., m. at the Iowa theatre, and continue until 6 p. m. without charge to youngsters of grade School age. However,, all children must have tickets. The tickets are being mailed this •week to all rural schools In the county. Anyone not : getting tickets should apply at the theatre. Judy Canova 'in "Hit the Hay" s the feature, and there' will be an assortment of-short subjects as ' ' w.bui- present, national, service life in- l,5Ur*ince>.iOOJioieB-: tf>-ia.,r>of'mn»,QWt Evergreen Decorations Due Algona's .Christmas season decoration program 'hit several snags n the past week', but Leighton Misbach, secretary of the Chamber f Commerce, says he thinks things will iron themselves out. " Purchase of evergreen decorations and wreaths for the city's streets was made in northern WH- consin, but at,the time of shipment, that section of the country was in the middle of a truck strike. An offer to send a truck from Algona for the decorations brought word that visiting truckers were being badly treated—and not, at all in a Christmas spirit. Finally, the Chamber ordered' the evergreens sent Via Railway Express, but had some trouble in V getting that message through, too, as a telephone strike was then in progress. , : ; ,/ A "Victory. Christmas" ; The decorations will be'in prewar fashion, with business places and street crossings to present ait ' array of gsgprted Ughts and ever- : green streamers; and wreaths. : • "• Mri -H i. j •v 410 -'. ,"»i* ipjjisisie.-.ineir ,d R. I: teL^lW ° r cKange';their have and she was hospital The O'Haires and arrived quotas are Ccesco, .._,... Creek, Riverdale, and Whittemore. Townships which previously had passed their quotas are Irvington, Seneca, Springfield, Union, and Wesley. Prospects look very, favorable in Burt, German, and Sv/ea townships. Townships which have re- Saturday evening near Squeeze Field, on Highway 169. Turning out to avoid a car , jffS tlng the road, the panel truck s'i ing it back n rut !threw the ma- e into a skid and it short talk, and a movie 1 program are included * on the schedule. There are 14 scout tropps in the county. .. . '- Tuesday morning in Lincoln twp., a car driven by Everett Rippemtrop of Buffalo, Center collided with a car parked on a Algona P-O-W; camp;, NEWCQURgERM; £ O^nn^cr^^ fenlllv T./mA-BnXir'i.Mk.u* 1 **-. * ra P "He at the time, and Rin, • '%«**-t**.« vxvt**!«*) iJ«(44L.I. Wl-Vf f*I(M Lewis Reilly, Lone Rpck, >ere : re elected directors of the Rossut Agricultural Ass'n (fair bpard), a the annual meeting, Monday. Julie Chritchillef On Leave From N»yy - Julie, youngest of three sons P Mr, and Mrs. Th«P ChrischiUes arrived home Thanksgiving day on leave frpnv the Navy. .Hi ship, a new ^(fstrpyeri recently dPcked at the Brooklyn Navy yard. f Julie lost no Jime, :in catching up bn peacetime pursuits, ah^^t» tended the Minnesota-wigi -'football game gsturday, in neappijs, However, he iy npt put .service, WiilSwJW return tP ' Pf his pentrpp over a rise and was unable to stop. About $200 damage was done to the .letter's car, Nobody was injured, however. After nearly five years in the army, Sgt, Russell Tjossem of Bode, returned home only to be seriously injured in an auto accident, two milesi west of Gil more City. Saturday a machine he was driving crashed into a parked car occupied by three men, standing pn the highway. He was taken to a Fort-.Dpdge hospital. Harry Ward Back From Alaskan J0]b Harry E, Ward returned FrU day afterigDmpnth^'}] " " lonttis pn-the 1 Alcan „._.. ., i the .cjanaaian bepder f'wrhanks, ana |5 mpnthf " pvil &u$tj? m9 * * \"• One^ djvori'e was granted, Mon }§. 9f.--i.the ,,No r?district'! cour veniber ter ' *rr»**- .*.» V V» , B ,. ... , p,. T , , w* auwkftMH r VVMA here, a new^ divorce action wa' filed, and a fine assessed b 1 Judge Fred M. Hudson, presid ing. < Today / the grand jury was ordered to convene for the •first time this year. County Attorney; H. W. Miller had several cases Ip ;present to that body. >;: Hazel M, ;, Sehgbusch was granted a divorce ifrom George W. Sengbusch, ••and, awarded qus- tody of two chjjdrqn by a former marriage, in a matter settled Monday. She charged cruel and inhuman treatment., Marcella Irene Wegterlund, of Lakota, asked "a /divorce from Merrill I. Westerluhd, and also V writ of attachment which was granted,. She charges desertion, stating her hupEjand 'is now/ in Canada,' -..TheywSvere married in equity was filed Hebron'. $1400 short, and Lotts Creek $4000 short., Reports from other townships are so incomplete, it >. is 'difficult- to forecast what the results will be. ' Algona is still considerably short of its goal for individual subscriptions but only about two- thirds ; of the town has been canvassed up to date, "••' The quota in the Victory Loan for Algona is less than one-third of the total purchases for Algona in the 7th War Loan Drive. All workers in Algona are urged, to. complete their calls as soon as possible. CORWrTHFARMER BADLYMANGLED Harold Oxley, Corwith farmer, suffered a crushed elbow, jroken shoulder and internal in- uries of a- serious nature, a week ago Wednesday, when a ractor he was cranking started, an over him, and pinned him gainst a corn crib. He was taken to Mercy hos- >ital, Mason City, where he is lot at present allowed isitors. - • " ' --,--— services -will be held Saturday'evening at the Congregational church at 2 o'clock with the Rev. John P. Clyde officiating. Burial will be made in Riverview. PaUbearers -. will be K n James, Chas. La Barre, G. D' Shumway, W. E. McDonald and &. J. Van Ness. " , to see Mrs. Oxley and three children re at home, and kind neighbors ame to her . assistance, ' picking "™ °" A MARIE SKILLING, 44, SUCCUMBS TUESDAY Mrs. Elliott Skilling died Tuesday morning at her home following an illness since last June with ». heart ailment, which became more serious last Sen- tember. y M Ma u iea ?^ die Frye was born March 6. 1901, in Hardin Co. to the late Mr. and Mrs. R. G. Frye Her earlier years were spent there and in Warren and Kossuth counties. On July 5, 1924 she married Elliott Skilling at Milo, Iowa, and they moved to Algona three years later, Beside her husband three children survive, Elizabeth Ann, Darold Dean and Sandra Sue. Another son d ' e d at birth. Also surviving are the following brothers and sisters.^ Mrs. O. L, Miller, Liver- Willard Gregson, Audrey and Ernest Frye.^ A sister, Mrs. Fred Skilling, died about a year ago. Mrs. Skilling was a devoted wife and mother and had NEW OWNERSHIP IN CREDIT BUREAU Norman R. Best of Estherville is the new owner and operator of the Algona Credit Bureau, operated for the past six years by Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Pittman. Mr. Best will> the Credit Bureau in Offices i-. the Heise building, North Dodge street. Mr. and Mrs. Pittman will continue to operate their finance business and farm management as in the past. The new manager has had five years of credit bureau experience and collection work. At present there are 94 members of the Algona Credit Bureau, which issues a confidential weekly bulletin to members. Mr. Best and his wife are at present living in the Hotel Algona, until they can find more permanent quarters. application for education or , u - cauonal training in schools or on the job," all through the lo- of m'erchandise-if orC'the :phi-istmaS ^ Q PfigS^^P4P^tooh. : :>S\>S may make vo- cal office. Applications for disability. pensions, information on loans, hospital care, outpatient care, mustering out pay, etc., will also be handled. ( . Dependents of deceased veterans can apply for insurance benefits, pensions, burial allowances head stones, etc., Ehrhardt stat- "I will be glad to discuss prob- ferlng ~ .early' part pf -J rifefct'^fesi; : -it 'isl'ex pec:ted i that' Melyes ' dejfjleted • b ' by Chfistmas-b'uying'wlll begin to receive prbcfucts\in -an', increasing. stream, with reconversion nearly completed in ; manufacturing centers. ' ' ••'-;.•.,. ••..'. :;•-.': , ' ed. lems concerning veterans with many , Funeral services will be held Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the MethPdist church pf which WHITE CHRISTMAS SAYS WEATHERMAN Unless Kossuth gets warmer weather, it looks like a "White Christmas." Over three inches of snow fell here Monday and Tuesday, Weatherman Harry Nolle stated Wednesday. High Low Nov. 22 , - 22 Nov. 23 "33 Nov. 25 . 35 Nov. 26 (2,flj in, snow)._33 Nov. 27 (,8 in. snow-,.32 24 Nov. 28 -,.,.,,,.,_...36 8 11 20 20 veterans or their dependents at any time," Mr. Ehrhardt-said. Nugent is-State Head W. B. Nugent, formerly of Algona and head of the Veterans Hospital in Des Moines, is state head of this type of work. Gen. Omar Bradley is the new head of the Veterans Administration, by recent appointment of President Truman, and has been backing the establishment of these contact offices. .Until this fall, veterans had to write or go to Des Mooines to apply for benefits. Now offices are being set up throughout the states to care for these problems and to offer assistance. Veterans Administration figures show that at present some one million veterans of this war who incurred physical disabilities are receiving pensions from the government, and 98,000 dependents of men who gave their lives 8re receiving monthly pension cnccics* TENiS|SUPlN J.P.iURTSHERE Ten cases were brought before justice and mayor:; court hearings during the..-past week. Mayor /Frank KohUiaas heard two pleas of, guilty to charges of drunkenness; VMonday. . Emory Chapin and. Bud Relmers, both of Algona, were each fined $10 and COSts. • . . -•. - : ..' ' . . * • , {:,. Three cases of issuing checks without sufficient funds were settled before .J. B. Johnston, justice of the peace. The trio, Merle V. Opheim, ; Humbpldt county, Tulius Juchem °f Wesley, and Clinton Foster, Algona, each settled the checks and paid costs of the action, Other pases before Justice Johnston were: Chas, Smith, Mason City, failure to stop at arterial, $2.50 and costs. .»?•";; ; •• - • ---.i ;'••'• Robert ,F, Lewis, Burt, operating a motor vehicle with defective brakes and no chauffeur's license, $5 »and costs. n Dean . .Shigene Bilyeu, Lotts Creek, charged with carrying a loaded gun in-a car and attempt? Anderson Home Lyle Rjchard Anderson T-5 was discharged from Ft. Leavenworth and got home ing to shpbt same from car dow, fined $25 and costs, with $15 suspended* Paul Wille, eus» todian at Call State park, filed the complaint., .-.'.:• H Murl JffUmphrey, Algona youth; iharged, • •li a , j •'ehicle t alpne highway and leav t Jng it, had the .matter cpntinued years m service ,and 29 months Forecast was for temperatures . ntil .&»turda}r, ; He said: the ca? , in the Ceptral Pacific area. Lylt a member and interment of freezing or below today and . is a son of Mr; and Mrs. O, A benjsde at Riverview ceme- ' «n4 he had np pay the hylthe Farrnerg;^,Traders bank Frank and defendants, on a prproi^sory nqte, . gef, p, .'Hajjle,;, Algona, was $3QP and, sp'stjr' on a .plea IP :a.;Qhargf c| operating orn, and aiding in r ays. ; i I Anderson here. tery, ' The Rev. N. A, Price will . , nave .charge Pf the services. New Polio Case I n Dr. Kenefick Now A Your Subscription Bert Baldwin. Rufu? Lind- The Copley Family fjn, pptter, Russ pppk.and rfti ^ Helen • Copley, Bancroft, who had been v|si$jpg at Iowa City where Patricia Coeley, daughter broke Q«t: in jerd Q City, ^ John N, eneip ha? been promoted ,t<j the riSnfe p| * commander in . the navy iand. js pecteei to- arriyie in Wash., DecemPW t<? Tofeyp, onSi wrote Hawse Sold water and rail. \9rne. he .went BWQSS th§ of Mr, and. ?ifr§. Tom Cogley, js The?; John Kennedy house which takmg treatments for polio, to Mr. Ken, palled tP the. fact tfta| , was sold the first «. J; presthys. gena. newspapers mjtteid into Audit $«r?ttt oj * ' Mfes OP Cogley Algona. sjster of Tpm pf M ,r- ;'1P,4 Mrs. ipresthua W }U Mercjj i, Mr, te AiSo from gt, Paw ittirsiiW^m ' ' ' '

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